[Ocfs-users] Follow up on async I/O question

Derek Suzuki DSuzuki at ZipRealty.com
Wed Mar 24 17:54:13 CST 2004

	Okay, thanks for the update.  We'll probably stay in sync mode for
now because the system is still way faster than our old platform.  I'm
setting up a test cluster that we can use to try out the newer OCFS releases
and perform some testing with async mode.

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> Subject: Re: [Ocfs-users] Follow up on async I/O question
> no that hasn't been solved yet.
> I am not sure why we ar still seeing some problems, actually, haven't
> had time to look at some of the later reported issues. normally the
> 1.0.9-x and 1.0.10/11 should work fine. as long as the 
> redologilfes are
> created in 1 chunk. there is absolutely no reason why anything else
> would fail. but I still have to double check.

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