[Ocfs-users] Sharing a SAN

Mark Harrington oracle01 at meharrington.com
Fri Mar 12 14:04:56 CST 2004

Hi All,

We are in the early stages of an Oracle E-Business Suite implementation
running RHEL and are looking at different storage options.  For production
we are looking at a 4-Node RAC/10-Node Application tier and a 2-Node
RAC/2-Node App tier for test.  We would like to use OCFS for both RACs and
shared APPL_TOPs (an E-Business features that lets you share a single copy
of application code across multiple app servers) for the Applications Tier.

Can anyone see any issues related to OCFS or RAC (or anything else) if we
had both TEST & PROD on one SAN segmented into 4 hard zones (PROD DB, PROD
App, Test DB, Test App) all accessing a single disk array?

Is anyone else running a configuration similar to this?


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