[Ocfs-users] copy error + control file corruption in ocfs 1.1 0

Bryce philip.copeland at oracle.com
Fri Mar 12 14:12:30 CST 2004

Yes,.. when you do the cp --o_direct ../a2/control02.ctl ./control01.ctl
can you run an md5sum on both files?

ie run the command
md5sum ./a2/control02.ctl ./control01.ctl

*IF* the md5sums match then we can be sure that the file indeed was
copied over correctly and that the original ./a2/control02.ctl file was
already corrupted.. (that or theres another file that is supposed to go
along with it, I don't do much oracle db work myself)
If the md5sums do NOT match then it's a cp issue and I need more
beatings. If thats the case can you give me an ls -l listng of the two
files (it'll give me an idea as to if there is a short write going on)


On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 08:22, Robert Blok wrote:
> Ok Philip,
> the copy errors where my fault. I didn't install the latest version of the
> fileutils package (fileutils-4.1-10.19.i386.rpm).
> The second problem is still there:
> - Make the first control file corrupt.
> The database has crashed now.
> - Copy the second controlfile over the first controlfile:
> cp --o_direct ../a2/control02.ctl ./control01.ctl
> - Restart the database:
> [oracle at prac01 a1]$ srvctl start database -d test
> PRKP-1005 : Failed to start up cluster database test
> ORA-00227: corrupt block detected in controlfile: (block 315, # blocks 1)
> ORA-00202: controlfile: '/oradata/test/a1/control01.ctl'
> Any ideas?
> Kind regards,
> Robert.

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