[Ocfs-users] OCFS filesystem used 7%

Jeremy Schneider jer1887 at asugroup.com
Wed Mar 10 12:49:31 CST 2004

Of course 1MB is allocated for the DirFile and 128K for the
DirBitMapFile right away at the first mount (even though none of it is
used initially except for the root directory).

So yeah, DirNode slots in the DirFile get used up as you create more
directories and when you create more than 254 files in a single
directory (and those slots are freed when you remove directories)... but
technically, this shouldn't affect the free space reported by the file
system until you use up the entire 1MB allocated for the DirFile (8
DirNodes) - and then I assume it allocates at least another 1M for the
DirFile (8 more directory slots before you lose any more space on your

Yeah, I'm being a bit anal about the technicalities here...  but do I
understand this correctly?  :)


>>> Wim Coekaerts <wim.coekaerts at oracle.com> 03/09/2004 2:44:04 AM >>>
> yes every directory is 128kb, which can hold 254 files, when you add
> more files it keeps allocating in 128kb chunks
> i suggest you go to oss.oracle.com and go to the documentation
> of ocfs, there are a bunch of presentations documents etc
> remember, if you have serious problems call support even tho we hang
> around here, when things are busy this is not priority
> Wim


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