[Ksplice-Fedora-26-updates] New Ksplice updates for Fedora 26 (FEDORA-2017-7ba1f5a232)

Oracle Ksplice ksplice-support_ww at oracle.com
Mon Dec 18 11:21:47 PST 2017

Synopsis: FEDORA-2017-7ba1f5a232 can now be patched using Ksplice

Systems running Fedora 26 can now use Ksplice to patch against the
latest Fedora kernel update, FEDORA-2017-7ba1f5a232.


We recommend that all users of Ksplice Uptrack running Fedora 26
install these updates.

On systems that have "autoinstall = yes" in /etc/uptrack/uptrack.conf,
these updates will be installed automatically and you do not need to
take any action.

Alternatively, you can install these updates by running:

# /usr/sbin/uptrack-upgrade -y


* NULL pointer dereference in IIO multiplexer when configuring channels.

A missing check in the IIO multiplexer code could lead to a NULL
pointer dereference when setting up channels.  A malicious user
could use this to cause a denial-of-service.

* Kernel panic in USB xhci removal.

A missing check in the USB xhci code could cause a kernel panic
if remove is called shortly after a probe.  A malicious user could
exploit this to cause a denial-of-service.

* Denial-of-service in USB filesystem.

A missing check in the USB fs code could allow a malicious
user to send in invalid flags causing a denial-of-service.


Ksplice support is available at ksplice-support_ww at oracle.com.

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