[El-errata] ELBA-2021-9548 Oracle Linux 7 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel bug fix update

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Thu Nov 11 11:26:30 PST 2021

Oracle Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2021-9548


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 7 have been uploaded to the Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- xfs: punch out data fork delalloc blocks on COW writeback failure (Brian Foster)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: fix reflink source file racing with directio writes (Darrick J. Wong)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: split up the xfs_reflink_end_cow work into smaller transactions (Darrick J. Wong)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: flush removing page cache in xfs_reflink_remap_prep (Dave Chinner)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: fix shared extent data corruption due to missing cow reservation (Brian Foster)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: fix pagecache truncation prior to reflink (Darrick J. Wong)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: fix fork selection in xfs_find_trim_cow_extent (Christoph Hellwig)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: remove the unused trimmed argument from xfs_reflink_trim_around_shared (Christoph Hellwig)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: skip delalloc COW blocks in xfs_reflink_end_cow (Christoph Hellwig)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: fix transaction leak in xfs_reflink_allocate_cow() (Dave Chinner)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: cow unwritten conversion uses uninitialized dfops (Brian Foster)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: fix double ijoin in xfs_reflink_clear_inode_flag() (Dave Chinner)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: fix double ijoin in xfs_reflink_cancel_cow_range (Dave Chinner)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: minor cleanup for xfs_reflink_end_cow (Christoph Hellwig)  [Orabug: 33557611]
- xfs: fix transaction allocation deadlock in IO path (Dave Chinner)  [Orabug: 33557611]

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