[El-errata] ELBA-2021-0863 Oracle Linux 7 lvm2 bug fix and enhancement update (aarch64)

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Wed Mar 17 20:58:59 PDT 2021

Oracle Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2021-0863


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 7 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- Add Oracle Linux Boom profile [Orabug: 31603021]
- Enable cluster support on aarch64 [Orabug:28712283] [Orabug: 
28785446](petr.benes at oracle.com)
- Reduce delay in case of lvmetad update (ritika.srivastava at oracle.com)

- Fix fsadm behavior with missing parameters.

- Fix lvresize handling of fsck exit code 1 - FS errors corrected.

- Fix dmeventd crash with modified reserved_stack configuration option.
- Fix lvm crashing when .cache file is changed by external tools.

- Fix conversion to mirrored mirror log with larger regionsize.

- Fix pvs/lvs/vgs failing due empty VG spotted in metadata when under load.

- Update boom to bug fix release 1.2.

- boom: Fix traceback in error path.
- boom: Improve error path handling with --debug.

- Add allow_mixed_block_sizes into lvm.conf.
- Update boom to version 1.1.

- No validation for thin pools not used by lvm,
- Add support for VDO in blkdeactivate script.

- Bug fix release.
- See WHATS_NEW file for details.

- Fix failing pvs with locking_type 4.

- More limited prohibition of raid reshapes.

- Fix bug where headers of incorrect device could be overwritten.

- Prevent reshape of stacked LVs.

- Fix dmeventd failing to resize thin pool stacked on top of raid LVs.

- Fix lvmetad shutdown and avoid lenghty timeouts when rebooting system.
- Change allow_mixed_block_sizes default to 1.

- Prevent creating VGs with PVs with different logical block sizes.
- Pvmove runs in exlusively activating mode for exclusively active LVs.
- Activate thin-pool layered volume as 'read-only' device.
- Enhance validation for thin and cache pool conversion and swapping.

- Improve removal of cached devices.
- Synchronize with udev when dropping snapshot.
- Add missing device synchronization point before removing pvmove node.
- Correctly set read_ahead for LVs when pvmove is finished.
- Fix metadata writes from corrupting with large physical block size.

- Fix cluster conversions from linear to mirror.
- Report no_discard_passdown for cache LVs with lvs -o+kernel_discards.
- Prevent shared active mirror LVs with lvmlockd.
- Parsing of cache status understand no_discard_passdown.

- Fix change of monitoring in clustered volumes.
- Improve -lXXX%VG modifier which improves cache segment estimation.
- Add synchronization with udev before removing cached devices.
- Fix missing growth of _pmspare volume when extending _tmeta volume.
- Automatically grow thin metadata, when thin data gets too big.

- Fix shutdown of deamons.

- Add support for vgsplit with cached devices.
- Fix conversion of cache pool to RAID1 (2.02.184).
- Fix signal delivery checking race in libdaemon (lvmetad).
- Add missing Before=shutdown.target to LVM2 services to fix shutdown 

- See WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM in the documentation directory for details.

- boom: Bump release.

- Apply obtain_device_list_from_udev to all libudev calls.

- Fix component detection for MD RAID version 1.0 and 0.90.
- Use sync io if async io_setup fails, or when use_aio=0 is set in config.
- Fix dmstats report printing no output.

- Fix possible write beyond metadata area.

- Fix clustered mirror repair.

- Fix lvconvert striped/raid0/raid0_meta to raid6 regression.

- Fix ordering of lvm2 activation and rbdmap services.
- Fix to avoid locking collisions when monitoring thin-pools.

- Fix direct RAID0 to striped conversion.

- Fix direct RAID0 to striped conversion.

- Fix lvconvert --splitmirror for mirror type (2.02.178).
- Do not pair cache policy and cache metadata format.
- Fix mirrors honoring read_only_volume_list.
- Fix vgcreate with sanlock when PVs are created automatically.

- Add vdo plugin for monitoring VDO devices.
- Reject conversions on raid1 LVs with split tracked SubLVs.
- Reject conversions on raid1 split tracked SubLVs.
- Fix dmstats list failing when no regions exist.
- Reject conversions of LVs under snapshot.
- Limit suggested options on incorrect option for lvconvert subcommand.

- Never send any discard ioctl with test mode.
- Fix thin-pool alloc which needs same PV for data and metadata.
- Enhance vgcfgrestore to check for active LVs in restored VG.
- Cache can use metadata format 2 with cleaner policy.
- Fix lvmetad hanging on shutdown.
- Fix check if resized PV can also fit metadata area.

- Rebuild man pages and config file (make generate.)

- Add convenient conversions between stripe and linear.
- Fix snapshot hanging on shutdown.
- Fix internal error in lvs while pvmove in progress.
- Fix more coverity issues.
- Improve message for pvresize.

- Fix issue caused by udev considering device open in RW mode a change.
- Fix leaks and buffer overflow.
- boom: Update to new minor release.

- Fixing known problems with cache and lvmlockd.

- Rework disk scanning and when it is used.
- Add new io layer using libaio for faster scanning.
- Support activation of component LVs in read-only mode.
- Avoid non-exclusive activation of exclusive segment types.
- Restore pvmove support for clusterwide active volumes (2.02.177).
- Add prioritized_section() to restore cookie boundaries (2.02.177).
- Again accept striped LV as COW LV with lvconvert -s (2.02.169).
- Restore usability of thin LV to be again external origin for another 
thin (2.02.169).
- See WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM in the documentation directory for more.

- pvmove enhance accepted states of active LVs.
- boom: Remove debug output.

- boom: Handle LVs passed in --root-device.
- boom: Allow /dev/VG/LV notation for --root-lv.
- boom: Detection of invalid root devices.
- boom: Support long options without dash separator.
- Add deprecation warning for mirrored mirror log.

- boom: Better error handling.
- boom: Warn user when grub2 integration is missing.
- Reenable clustered pvmove.

- boom: Add missing profiles
- Avoid non-exclusive activation of exclusive segment types.
- Fix trimming sibling PVs when doing a pvmove of raid subLVs.
- Preserve exclusive activation during thin snaphost merge.
- Check array boundaries in allocation tag processing.
- When writing metadata, consistently skip mdas marked as failed.
- Reduce checks for active LVs in vgchange before background polling.
- Ensure _node_send_message always uses clean status of thin pool.
- Activation tree of thin pool skips duplicated check of pool status.

- boom: Update man page.
- boom: Allow users to disable grub2 configuration.
- boom: Do not add snapshots submenu unless entries exist.
- boom: Use fdatasync() for profile and entry files.
- Fix lvmlockd to use pool lock when accessing _tmeta volume.
- Report expected sanlock_convert errors only when retries fail.
- Avoid blocking in sanlock_convert on SH to EX lock conversion.
- Deactivate missing raid LV legs (_rimage_X-missing_Y_Z) on decativation.
- Allow extending of raid LVs created with --nosync after a failed repair.
- Merge adjacent segments when pvmove is finished.
- Ensure very large numbers used as arguments are not casted to lower 
- Enhance reading and validation of options stripes and stripes_size.
- Fix printing of default stripe size when user is not using stripes.
- Activation code for pvmove automatically discovers holding LVs for resume.
- Make a pvmove LV locking holder.
- Enhance activation code to automatically suspend pvmove participants.
- Prevent conversion of thin volumes to snapshot origin when lvmlockd is 
- Correct the steps to change lock type in lvmlockd man page.
- Retry lock acquisition on recognized sanlock errors.
- Fix lock manager error codes in lvmlockd.
- Check raid reshape flags in vg_validate().
- Add support for pvmove of cache and snapshot origins.
- Ehnance pvmove locking.
- Deactivate activated LVs on error path when pvmove activation fails.

- Avoid importing persistent filter in vgscan/pvscan/vgrename.
- Fix memleak of string buffer when vgcfgbackup runs in secure mode.
- Do not print error when clvmd cannot find running clvmd.
- Prevent start of new merge of snapshot if origin is already being merged.
- Suppress integrity encryption keys in 'table' output unless --showkeys 
- Fix offered type for raid6_n_6 to raid5 conversion (raid5_n).
- Deactivate sub LVs when removing unused cache-pool.
- Do not take backup with suspended devices.
- Avoid RAID4 activation on incompatible kernels under all circumstances.
- Reject conversion request to striped/raid0 on 2-legged raid4/5.

- Disable boom package build on s390x.

- Add "boom" boot manager.

- Fix segfault in lvm_pv_remove in liblvm. (2.02.173)
- Do not allow storing VG metadata with LV without any segment.
- Fix printed message when thin snapshot was already merged.
- Remove created spare LV when creation of thin-pool failed.
- Avoid reading ignored metadata when MDA gets used again.
- Fix detection of moved PVs in vgsplit. (2.02.175)
- Ignore --stripes/--stripesize on RAID takeover
- Disallow creation of snapshot of mirror/raid subLV (was never supported).
- Keep Install section only in *.socket systemd units.
- Improve used paths for generated systemd units and init shells.

- Fix regression in more advanced vgname extraction in lvconvert (2.02.169).
- Allow lvcreate to be used for caching of _tdata LV.
- Avoid internal error when resizing cache type _tdata LV (not yet 
- Show original converted names when lvconverting LV to pool volume.
- Distinguish between device not found and excluded by filter.
- Monitor external origin LVs.
- Remove unused replicator code, including configure --with-replicators.

- Allow lvcreate --type mirror to work with 100%FREE.
- Improve selection of resource name for complex volume activation lock.
- Avoid cutting first character of resource name for activation lock.
- Support for encrypted devices in fsadm.
- Improve thin pool overprovisioning and repair warning messages.
- Fix incorrect adjustment of region size on striped RaidLVs.

- Update to latest upstream release with various fixes and
enhancements documented in WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM file.

- Fix reusing of dm_task structure for status reading (used by dmeventd).

- Fix a segfault in RAID.

- Reenable conversion of data and metadata thin-pool volumes to raid.
- Improve handling of RAID status in lvs.
- Disable RAID reshape/take-over in a cluster or when snapshot exists.

- Improve lvcreate --cachepool arg validation.
- Limit maximal size of thin-pool for specific chunk size.
- Accept truncated files in calls to dm_stats_update_regions_from_fd().

- Converting linear to raid1 using "recover" not "resync".
- Print a warning about in-use PVs with no VG using them.
- Disable automatic clearing of PVs that look like in-use orphans.

- Converting linear to raid1 using "recover" not "resync".
- Print a warning about in-use PVs with no VG using them.
- Disable automatic clearing of PVs that look like in-use orphans.

- Cache format2 flag is now using segment name type field compatible with
previous versions.

- Stop using '--yes' mode when fsadm runs without terminal.
- Extend validation of filesystems resized by fsadm.
- Enhance lvconvert automatic settings of possible (raid) LV types.
- Allow lvchange to change properties on a thin pool data sub LV.
- Fix lvcreate extent percentage calculation for mirrors.
- Don't reinstate still-missing devices when correcting inconsistent 
- Properly handle subshell return codes in fsadm.
- Disallow cachepool creation with policy cleaner and mode writeback.

- Fix dmstats and dmfilemapd permissions.
- Fix memory warnings by using mempools for command definition processing.
- Fix running commands from a script file.
- Adjust pvresize/pvcreate messages and prompt if underlying device size
- Preserve region size on raid1 image count changes.
- Handle insufficient space on RAID takeover.
- Raise mirror/raid default regionsize to 2MiB.

- Fix RPM build - missing upstrem and sources.

- Introduce global/fsadm_executable to make fsadm path configurable.
- Look for limited thin pool metadata size when using 16G metadata.
- Fix missing lvmlockd LV locks in lvchange and lvconvert.
- Allow valid lvconvert --regionsize change.
- Handle insufficient PVs on lvconvert takeover.
- Fix SIGINT blocking to prevent corrupted metadata.
- Fix systemd unit existence check for lvmconf --services 

- Fix dmfilemapd's Makefile.
- Update dependencies.

- Enable dmfilemapd.

- Update to latest upstream release with various fixes and
enhancements documented in WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM file.

- Add clustered ppc64le support to build.

- Fix segfault in lvmetad from missing NULL in daemon_reply_simple.

- Prevent raid4 creation/conversion on non-supporting kernels
- Add direct striped -> raid4 conversion
- Fix raid4 parity image pair position on conversions from striped/raid0*

- Fix lvconvert to allow repair for cache raid LVs.
- Fix time when dmeventd is reloaded on package upgrade to start using 
new code.
- Fix libdm versioning for dm_tree_node_size_changed symbol.

- Disable lvconvert of thin pool to raid while active.
- Use dm_config_parse_without_dup_node_check() to speedup metadata reading.
- Fix lvm2-activation-generator to read all LVM2 config sources. (2.02.155)
- Fix man entry for dmsetup status.
- Introduce new dm_config_parse_without_dup_node_check().

- Revert lvconvert --repair fix for RAID LVs.

- Fix lvchange --discard|--zero for active thin-pool.
- Fix lvconvert --repair regression for RAID LVs.
- Always specify snapshot cow LV for monitoring not internal LV. (2.02.165)
- Ensure memory allocated internally for --filemap histogram bounds are 
- Fix missing display of last created dmstats file map.
- Use --alloc normal for mirror logs even if the mimages were stricter.
- Fix reported origin lv field for cache volumes. (2.02.133)
- Fix lock-holder device for thin pool with inactive thin volumes.
- Enforce 4MiB or 25% metadata free space for thin pool operations.
- Fix lvmetad metadata validation when rescanning VG.

- Fix possible NULL pointer dereference when checking for monitoring.
- Add lvmreport(7) man page.
- Report 0% as dirty (copy%) for cache without any used block.
- Fix lvm2api reporting of cache data and metadata percent.
- Restore reporting of metadata usage for cache volumes (2.02.155).

- Support raid scrubbing on cache origin LV.
- Add lvmraid(7) man page.
- Use udev db to check for mpath components before running pvscan for 
- Improve explanation of udev fallback in libdevmapper.h.

- Use udev db to check for mpath components before running pvscan for 
- Use devices/allow_changes_with_duplicate_pvs=1 by default.

- Use lsblk -s and lsblk -O in lvmdump only if these options are supported.
- Fix typo in report/columns_as_rows config option name recognition 
- Do not monitor cache-pool metadata when LV is just being cleared.
- Add allocation/cache_pool_max_chunks to prevent misuse of cache target.
- Fix number of stripes shown in lvcreate raid10 message when too many.
- Give error not segfault in lvconvert --splitmirrors when PV lies 
outside LV.
- Avoid PV tags when checking allocation against parallel PVs.

- Disallow segtype and mirror conversions of raid10 volumes.
- Fix dmeventd unmonitoring when segment type (and dso) changes.
- Don't allow lvconvert --repair on raid0 devices or attempt to monitor 
- No longer adjust incorrect number of raid stripes supplied to lvcreate.
- Move lcm and gcd to lib/misc.
- Suppress some unnecessary --stripesize parameter warnings.
- Fix 'pvmove -n name ...' to prohibit collocation of RAID SubLVs

- Suppress some unnecessary --stripesize parameter warnings.
- Fix selection of PVs when allocating raid0_meta.
- Specify max stripes for raid LV types: raid0:64; 1:10; 4,5:63; 6:62; 
- Avoid double suffix when naming _rmeta LV paired with _rimage LV.

- Add profile for lvmdbusd which uses lvm shell json report output.
- Restrict in-command modification of some parms in lvm shell.
- Apply LVM_COMMAND_PROFILE early for lvm shell.
- Refactor reporting so lvm shell log report collects whole of cmd 
- Support LVM_*_FD envvars to redirect output to file descriptors.
- Limit use of --corelog and --mirrorlog to mirrors in lvconvert.
- Reject --nosync option for RAID6 LVs in lvcreate.
- Do not refresh whole cmd context if profile dropped after processing 
LVM cmd.
- Support straightforward lvconvert between striped and raid4 LVs.
- Support straightforward lvconvert between raid1 and mirror LVs.
- Report supported conversions when asked for unsupported raid lvconvert.
- Add "--rebuild PV" option to lvchange to allow for PV selective rebuilds.
- Preserve existing mirror region size when using --repair.
- Forbid stripe parameters with lvconvert --repair.
- Unify stripe size validation into get_stripe_params to catch missing 
- Further lvconvert validation logic refactoring.
- Add "lvm fullreport" man page.
- Add dm_report_destroy_rows/dm_report_group_output_and_pop_all for lvm 
- Adjust group handling and json production for lvm shell.

- Extend vg_validate also to check raid configurations thoroughly.
- Support lvconvert -Zn also when doing full cache pool conversion.
- Suppress not zeroing warn when converting to thin LV for non-zeroing 
- Fix automatic updates of PV extension headers to newest version.
- Improve lvconvert --trackchanges validation to require --splitmirrors 1.
- Add note about lastlog built-in command to lvm man page.
- Fix unrecognised segtype flag message.
- lvconvert not clears cache pool metadata ONLY with -Zn.
- Add allocation/raid_stripe_all_devices to reinstate previous behaviour.
- Create raid stripes across fixed small numbers of PVs instead of all PVs.
- Disallow lvconvert --replace with raid0* LVs.
- Fix some lvmetad changed VG metadata notifications that sent 
uncommitted data.
- Fix json reporting to escape '"' character that may appear in reported 

- Improve lvmlockd message for lock-start.
- Improve lvmlockd activation locking error message.
- Improve lvmlockd error message about missing global lock.
- Allow lvconvert with implied cache pool.
- Fix vgsplit with external origin LV. (2.02.161)

- Fix output redirection while executing blkdeactivate -m disablequeueing.

- Update to latest upstream release with various fixes and
enhancements documented in WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM file.

- Minor fixes from coverity.
- vgimportclone is now a symlink.

- Update to latest upstream release with various fixes and
enhancements documented in WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM file.

- Update to latest upstream release with various fixes and
enhancements documented in WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM file.

- Update to latest upstream release with various fixes and
enhancements documented in WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM file.

- Fixup /etc/lvm/archive ownership.

- Reinstate /etc/lvm dir content permissions after change in defaults.

- Enforce writethrough mode for cleaner policy.
- Check for enough space in thin-pool in command before creating new thin.

- Fix vgimportclone cache_dir path name (2.02.115).
- Disallow usage of --stripe and --stripesize when creating cache pool.
- Swapping of LV identifiers handles more complex LVs.
- Fix VG metadata comparison failure while scanning the VG for lvmetad.
- Ignore persistent cache if configuration changed. (2.02.127)
- Do not check for full thin pool when activating without messages 

- Fix use of uninitialized device status if reading outdated .cache record.
- Restore support for --monitor option in lvcreate (2.02.112).
- Read thin-pool data and metadata percent without flush.
- Detect blocked thin-pool and avoid scanning their thin volumes.
- Check if dm device is usable before checking its size (2.02.116).
- Extend parsing of cache_check version in configure.
- Make lvpoll error messages visible in lvmpolld's stderr and in syslog.
- Add 'make install_full_man' to install all man pages regardless of config.
- Parse thin-pool status with one single routine internally.
- Add --histogram to select default histogram fields for list and report.
- Add report fields for displaying latency histogram configuration and data.
- Add dmstats --bounds to specify histogram boundaries for a new region.
- Add dm_histogram_to_string() to format histogram data in string form.
- Add public methods to libdm to access numerical histogram config and data.
- Parse and store histogram data in dm_stats_list() and dm_stats_populate().
- Add an argument to specify histogram bounds to dm_stats_create_region().
- Add dm_histogram_bounds_from_{string,uint64_t}() to parse histogram 
- Add dm_histogram handle type to represent a latency histogram and its 

- Reinstate dm_task_get_info at Base to libdevmapper exports. (1.02.106)

- Drop error message when vgdisplay encounters an exported VG. (2.02.27)
- Fix shared library generation to stop exporting internal 
- Accept --cachemode with lvconvert.
- Fix and improve reporting properties of cache-pool.
- Enable usage of --cachepolicy and --cachesetting with lvconvert.
- Don't allow to reduce size of thin-pool metadata.
- Fix debug buffer overflows in cmirrord logging.
- Add --foreground and --help to cmirrord.
- Add 'precise' column to statistics reports.
- Add --precise switch to 'dmstats create' to request nanosecond counters.
- Add precise argument to dm_stats_create_region().
- Add support to libdm-stats for precise_timestamps
- Fix devmapper.pc pkgconfig file to declare -lrt dependency properly.

- Allocation setting cache_pool_cachemode is replaced by cache_mode.
- Don't attempt to close config file that couldn't be opened.
- Check for valid cache mode in validation of cache segment.
- Change internal interface handling cache mode and policy.
- When no cache policy specified, prefer smq (if available) over mq.
- Add demo cache-mq and cache-smq profiles.
- Add cmd profilable allocation/cache_policy,cache_settings,cache_mode.
- Require cache_check 0.5.4 for use of --clear-needs-check-flag.
- Fix lvmetad udev rules to not override SYSTEMD_WANTS, add the service 
- Fix 'dmstats list -o all' segfault.
- Separate dmstats statistics fields from region information fields.
- Add interval and interval_ns fields to dmstats reports.
- Do not include internal glibc headers in libdm-timestamp.c (1.02.104)
- Exit immediately if no device is supplied to dmsetup wipe_table.
- Suppress dmsetup report headings when no data is output. (1.02.104)
- Adjust dmsetup usage/help output selection to match command invoked.
- Fix dmsetup -o all to select correct fields in splitname report.
- Restructure internal dmsetup argument handling across all commands.
- Add dm_report_is_empty() to indicate there is no data awaiting output.
- Add more arg validation for dm_tree_node_add_cache_target().
- Add --alldevices switch to replace use of --force for stats create / 

- Do not init filters, locking, lvmetad, lvmpolld if command doesn't use it.
- Order fields in struct cmd_context more logically.
- Add lock_type to lvmcache VG summary and info structs.
- Fix regression in cache causing some PVs to bypass filters (2.02.105).
- Make configure --enable-realtime the default now.
- Add dmstats.8 man page.
- Add dmstats --segments switch to create one region per device segment.
- Add dmstats --regionid, --allregions to specify a single / all stats 
- Add dmstats --allprograms for stats commands that filter by program ID.
- Add dmstats --auxdata and --programid args to specify aux data and 
program ID.
- Add report stats sub-command to provide repeating stats reports.
- Add clear, delete, list, and print stats sub-commands.
- Add create stats sub-command and --start, --length, --areas and 
- Recognize 'dmstats' as an alias for 'dmsetup stats' when run with this 
- Add a 'stats' command to dmsetup to configure, manage and report stats 
- Add statistics fields to dmsetup -o.
- Add libdm-stats library to allow management of device-mapper statistics.
- Add --nosuffix to suppress dmsetup unit suffixes in report output.
- Add --units to control dmsetup report field output units.
- Add support to redisplay column headings for repeating column reports.
- Fix report header and row resource leaks.
- Report timestamps of ioctls with dmsetup -vvv.
- Recognize report field name variants without any underscores too.
- Add dmsetup --interval and --count to repeat reports at specified 
- Add dm_timestamp functions to libdevmapper.
- Recognise vg/lv name format in dmsetup.
- Move size display code to libdevmapper as dm_size_to_string.

- Fix long option hyphen removal. (2.02.122)
- Fix clvmd freeze if client disappears without first releasing its locks.
- Fix lvconvert segfaults while performing snapshots merge.
- Ignore errors during detection if use_blkid_wiping=1 and --force is used.
- Recognise DM_ABORT_ON_INTERNAL_ERRORS env var override in lvm logging fn.
- Fix alloc segfault when extending LV with fewer stripes than in first seg.
- Fix handling of cache policy name.
- Set cache policy before with the first lvm2 cache pool metadata commit.
- Fix detection of thin-pool overprovisioning (2.02.124).
- Fix lvmpolld segfaults on 32 bit architectures.
- Add lvmlockd lock_args validation to vg_validate.
- Fix ignored --startstopservices option if running lvmconf with systemd.
- Hide sanlock LVs when processing LVs in VG unless named or --all used.
- Introduce libdevmapper wrappers for all malloc-related functions.

- lvm2-lockd subpackage requires dlm-lib or sanlock-lib or both
based on which support is compiled in.
- lvm2-lockd subpackage requires dlm-lib instead of former dlm
for lvmlockd daemon with dlm support.

- Fix getline memory usage in lvmpolld.
- Add support --clear-needs-check-flag for cache_check of cache pool 
- Add lvmetactl for developer use only.
- Rename global/lock_retries to lvmlockd_retries.
- Replace --enable-lvmlockd by --enable-lockd-sanlock and 

- Add lvm2-lockd subpackage with technical preview of lvm locking daemon.
- Update to latest upstream release with various fixes and
enhancements documented in WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM file.

- Preserve chunk size with repair and metadata swap of a thin pool.
- Fix raid --splitmirror 1 functionality (2.02.112).
- Fix tree preload to handle splitting raid images.

- Remove rules from 10-dm.rules which handle multipath, rules for handling
multipath devices are directly part of device-mapper-multipath package.

- Report segment types without monitoring support as undefined.
- Support lvchange --errorwhenfull for thin pools.
- Improve the processing and reporting of duplicate PVs.
- Add support for lvcreate --errorwhenfull y|n for thin pools
- Fix lvconvert --repair to honour resilience requirement for segmented 
- Also call lvscan --cache in dmeventd for mirror device update in lvmetad.
- Filter out partitioned device-mapper devices as unsuitable for use as PVs.
- Also notify lvmetad about filtered device if using pvscan --cache 
- Add report/compact_output to lvm.conf to enable/disable compact report 
- Rename lv_error_when_full reporting field to lv_when_full.
- Reduce severity of ioctl error message when dmeventd waitevent is 
- Report 'unknown version' when incompatible version numbers were not 
- Add dm_report_compact_fields to remove empty fields from report output.
- Add BuildRequires: device-mapper-persistent-data for proper thin_check 

- Report lv_health_status and health attribute also for thin pool.
- Add lv_error_when_full reporting field.
- Add support for lvcreate --errorwhenfull y|n for thin pools.
- Report more info from thin pool status (out of data, metadata-ro, fail).
- Support error_if_no_space for thin pool target.
- Do not filter out snapshot origin LVs as unusable devices for an LVM 
- Fix process_each_pv to match item by device not by its PV device name 

- Fix incorrect rimage names when converting from mirror to raid1 LV 
- Avoid excessive re-reading of metadata and related error messages in 
- Check for cmirror availability during cluster mirror creation and 
- Fix possible segfault when using cache_policy and cache_settings fields.
- Fix reserved values recognition for cache_policy and cache_settings 

- Add cache_policy and cache_settings reporting fields.
- Add missing recognition for --binary option with {pv,vg,lv}display -C.
- Fix vgimportclone to notify lvmetad about changes done if lvmetad is used.
- Fix vgimportclone to properly override config if it is missing in 
- Fix automatic use of configure --enable-udev-systemd-background-jobs.
- Correctly rename active split LV with -splitmirrors for raid1.
- Still restrict mirror region size to power of 2 when VG extent size is 
- Fix segfault while using selection with regex and unbuffered reporting.
- Remove unimplemented dm_report_set_output_selection from libdevmapper.h.

- Release socket in daemon_close and protocol string in daemon_open 
error path.
- Add --cachepolicy and --cachesettings to lvcreate.
- Fix regression when parsing /dev/mapper dir (2.02.112).
- Fix typo in clvmd initscript causing CLVMD_STOP_TIMEOUT var to be ignored.

- Fix missing rounding to 64KB when estimating optimal thin pool chunk size.
- Fix size in pvresize "Resizing to ..." verbose msg to show proper 
result size.
- Add --cachepolicy and --cachesettings options to lvchange.
- Validate that converted volume and specified pool volume differ in 
- Fix regression in vgscan --mknodes usage (2.02.112).
- Respect --prefix when setting CLMVD_PATH configure (2.02.89).
- Default to configure --enable-udev-systemd-background-jobs for 
- Fix ignore_vg() to properly react on various vg_read errors (2.02.112).
- Failed recovery returns FAILED_RECOVERY status flag for vg_read().
- Exit with non-zero status code when pvck encounters a problem.
- Fix clean_tree after activation/resume for cache target (2.02.112).
- Fix memory corruption with sorting empty string lists (1.02.86).
- Fix man dmsetup.8 syntax warning of Groff
- Accept unquoted strings and / in place of {} when parsing configs.

- Update to latest upstream release with various fixes and
enhancements documented in WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM file.

- Update to latest upstream release with various fixes and
enhancements documented in WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM file.

- Increase wait time for finishing initial lvmetad scan that's run in 
- Reinitialise lvmcache properly on fork to fix polldaemon exiting 
- Add more cleanup for stray "cpg_dispatch_failed" cmirror messages.

- Use VG read lock during 'pvscan --cache -aay' autoactivation.
- Issue a VG refresh before autoactivation only if the PV has changed/is 
- Add flag to lvmetad protocol to indicate the PV scanned has changed/is 
- Also add vgname to lvmetad protocol when referencing VGs for PVs scanned.
- Use correct PATH_MAX for locking dir path.

- Do not try to check empty pool with scheduled messages.
- Fix return value in pool_has_message() when quering for any message.
- Fix dmeventd logging with parallel wait event processing.

- Cleanup stray "cpg_dispatch failed: CS_ERR_BAD_HANDLE" messages for 

- Fix cache consistency in lvmetad when PV moves around.
- Fix memleak when lvmetad discovers PV to appear on another device.
- Fix invalid memory read in lvmetad that could cause a deadlock.

- Use configure --with-cache=internal to enable cache support code.

- Fix incorrect calculation of snapshot cow size.

- Fix previous build that reinstated obsoleted multipath rule in 

- Add initial support for LVM cache and cachepool segment types.
- Include various bug fixes from upcoming lvm2 v2.02.106 release
detailed in WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM file.

- Avoid a PV label scan while in a critical section.
- Add Requires: resource-agents to lvm2-cluster and cmirror subpackage.
- Add new lvm2-cluster-standalone and cmirror-standalone subpackages.
- Add systemd native service for clvmd, cmirrord and clustered LV 
- Move obsolete clvmd/cmirrord initscripts to lvm2-sysvinit subpackage.
- Use --ignoreskippedcluster in lvm2-monitor initscript/systemd unit.
- Use --ignoreskippedcluster in activation systemd units if use_lvmetad=0.

- Fix unwanted drop of hold flocks on forked children.
- Fix merging of old snapshot into thin volume origin.
- Exit dmeventd with pidfile cleanup instead of raising SIGKILL on DIE 
- Add new DM_EVENT_GET_PARAMETERS request to dmeventd protocol.
- Do not use systemd's reload for dmeventd restart, use dmeventd -R instead.

- Drop obsolete multipath rules from 10-dm.rules.
- Drop cryptsetup rules from 10-dm.rules - cryptsetup >= 1.1.3 sets them.
- Avoid trying to convert single to thin pool and volume at the same time.
- Detect thin feature external_origin_extend and limit extend when missing.

- Mass rebuild 2014-01-24

- Online thin pool metadata resize requires 1.10 kernel thin pool target.
- Fix thin LV flagging for udev to skip scanning only if the LV is wiped.
- Replace use of xfs_check with xfs_repair in fsadm.
- Mark lvm1 format metadata as FMT_OBSOLETE. Do not use it with lvmetad.
- Invalidate cached VG struct after a PV in it gets orphaned. (2.02.87)
- Mark pool format metadata as FMT_OBSOLETE.
- Syntax and spelling fixes in some man pages.
- Dependency scan counts with snapshots and external origins.
- Make sure VG extent size is always greater or equal to PV phys. block 
- Optimize double call of stat() for cached devices.
- Enable support for thin provisioning for default configuration.
- Return success when inserting dirs and links into device cache.
- Test for remote exclusive activation after activation fails.
- Support lvconvert --merge for thin snapshots.
- Add support to read thin device id from table line entry.
- Extend lv_remove_single() to not print info about removed LV.
- Replace open_count check with lv_check_not_in_use() for snapshot open 
- Add error messages with LV names for failing lv refresh.
- Add --splitsnapshot to lvconvert to separate out cow LV.
- Reinstate origin reload to complete lvconvert -s with active LVs. 
- Select only active volume groups if vgdisplay -A is used.
- Add -p and LVM_LVMETAD_PID env var to lvmetad to change pid file.
- Allow lvmetad to reuse stale socket.
- Only unlink lvmetad socket on error if created by the same process.
- Append missing newline to lvmetad missing socket path error message.
- Check for non-zero aligment in _text_pv_add_metadata_area() to not div 
by 0.
- Add allocation/use_blkid_wiping to lvm.conf to enable blkid wiping.
- Enable blkid_wiping by default if the blkid library is present.
- Add configure --disable-blkid_wiping to disable libblkid signature 
- Add -W/--wipesignatures lvcreate option to support wiping on new LVs.
- Add allocation/wipe_signatures_when_zeroing_new_lvs to lvm.conf.
- Do not connect to lvmetad on vg/lvchange --sysinit -aay and socket absent.
- Use lv_check_not_in_use() when testing device in use before merging.
- Check for failure of lvmcache_add_mda() when writing pv.
- Check for failure of dev_get_size() when reporting device size.
- Drop extra unneeded '/' when scanning sysfs directory.
- Fix undef value if skipped clustered VG ignored for toollib PV seg. 
- Support validation of VG/LV names in liblvm/python.
- Allow creation of PVs with arguments to liblvm/python.
- Ensure sufficient metadata copies retained in liblvm/python vgreduce.
- Fix installation of profiles from conf subdir when not building in srcdir.
- Show UUIDs for missing PVs in reports.
- Add reporting of thin_id device id for thin volumes.
- Fix reporting of empty numerical values for recently-added fields.
- Use _field_set_percent/value in reporting code.
- Return success when LV cannot be activated because of volume_list filter.
- Return proper error state for remote exclusive activation.
- Fix clvmd message verification to not reject REMOTE flag. (2.02.100)
- Compare equality of double values with DBL_EPSILON predefined constant.
- Use additional gcc warning flags by default.
- Add ignore_lvm_mirrors to config file to read/ignore labels on mirrors.
- Fix endless loop in blkdeactivate <device>... if unable to 
- Remove 2>/dev/null from three lvm commands executed by vgimportclone.
- Check for open count with a timeout before removal/deactivation of an LV.
- Report RAID images split with tracking as out-of-sync ("I").
- Add workaround for deactivation problem of opened virtual snapshot.
- Disable unsupported merge for virtual snapshot.
- Revert activation of activated nodes if a node preload callback fails.
- Avoid busy looping on CPU when dmeventd reads event DM_WAIT_RETRY.
- Ensure global mutex is held when working with dmeventd thread.
- Drop taking timeout mutex for un/registering dmeventd monitor.
- Allow section names in config file data to be quoted strings.
- Close fifos before exiting in dmeventd restart() error path.
- Catch invalid use of string sort values when reporting numerical fields.
- Consistently report on stderr when device is not found for dmsetup info.
- Skip race errors when non-udev dmsetup build runs on udev-enabled system.
- Skip error message when holders are not present in sysfs.
- Require libpthread to build now.
- Add BuildRequires: libblkid-devel for blkid wiping functionality.

- Do not drop SYSTEMD_READY for non-activating events (LVM on MD or loop).
- Add missing AC_TRY_CCFLAG defined in acinclude.m4 for configuration 

- Properly apply RELRO and PIE compiler and linker options.

- Consolidate file permissions for all packaged files.

- Use major:minor in lvm2-pvscan at .service for proper global_filter 
- Fix SYSTEMD_READY assignment for foreign devices in lvmetad udev rules.
- Handle failures in temporary mirror used when adding images to mirrors.
- Compile/link executables with new RELRO and PIE options (non-static 
- Replace hardcoded sbin dir value with rpm variable for clvmd and cmirrord.
- Install all binary executables with 0555 permissions.
- Configure with --enable-write_install for writeable executables
during rpm processing of debug info.

- Mass rebuild 2013-12-27

- Do not fail the whole autoactivation if the VG refresh done before fails.

- Fix missing lvmetad scan for PVs found on MD partitions.
- Add internal flag for temporary LVs to properly direct udev to not 
- Respect DM_UDEV_DISABLE_OTHER_RULES_FLAG in lvmetad udev rules.
- Workaround VG refresh race during autoactivation by retrying the refresh.

- Add dev-block-<major>:<minor>.device systemd alias for complete PV 
- Use major:minor as short form of --major and --minor arg for pvscan 
- Fix lvconvert swap of poolmetadata volume for active thin pool.

- Add configure --enable-udev-systemd-background-jobs.
- Add lvm2-pvscan at .service to run pvscan as a service for 

- Fix LV_NOSCAN flag so it's properly recognized as internal LV flag.

- Fix possible race during daemon worker thread creation (lvmetad).
- Fix possible deadlock while clearing lvmetad cache for full rescan.
- Fix possible race while creating/destroying memory pools.
- Fix failing metadata repair when lvmetad is used.
- Fix incorrect memory handling when reading messages from lvmetad.
- Fix locking in lvmetad when handling the PV which is gone.
- Run full scan before vgrename operation to avoid any cache name collision.
- Recognize new flag to skip udev scanning in udev rules and act 
- Add support for flagging an LV to skip udev scanning during activation.
- Improve message when unable to change discards setting on active thin 
- Fix lvconvert when converting to a thin pool and thin LV at once.
- Ensure vgid matches before removing vgname entry from lvmetad cache.
- Add --ignoreskippedcluster for exit status success when clustered VGs 
- Fix 3 minute udev timeout so that it is applied for all LVM volumes.
- Fix thin/raid & activation config defaults with configure 
- Fix RAID calculation for sufficient allocatable space.
- lvconvert from linear to mirror or RAID1 now honors 
- Add thin-performance configuration profile.
- Add lvm.conf allocation/thin_pool_chunk_size_policy option.
- Fix contiguous & cling allocation policies for parity RAID. (2.02.100)
- Have lvmconf --enable/disable-cluster reset/set use_lvmetad.
- Add seg_size_pe field to reports.
- Support start+length notation with command line PE ranges.
- Exit cleanly with message when pvmove cannot restart because LV is 
- Define symbolic names for subsystem udev flags in libdevmapper for 
easier use.
- Make subsystem udev rules responsible for importing 
- Start using a distinct Epoch number in pkg version for major RHEL release.

- Fix missing build dependency for scripts subdir in Makefile.
- Fix node up/down handling in clvmd corosync module.
- Fix 3-thread clvmd deadlock triggered by cleanup on EOF from client.
- Remove VG from lvmetad before restoring it with vgcfgrestore.
- Add devtypes report command to display built-in recognised block 
device types.
- Fix CC Makefile override which had reverted to using built-in value. 
- Recognise bcache block devices in filter (experimental).
- Run lvm2-activation-net after lvm2-activation service to prevent 
parallel run.
- Add man page entries for lvmdump's -u and -l options.
- Fix lvm2app segfault while using lvm_list_pvs_free fn if there are no PVs.
- Improve of clvmd singlenode locking simulation.
- lvconvert no longer converts LVs of "mirror" segment type to thinpool.
- lvconvert no longer converts thinpool sub-LVs to "mirror" segment type.
- Direct udev to use 3min timeout for LVM devices. Recent udev has 
default 30s.
- Do not scan multipath or RAID components and avoid incorrect 
- Fix MD/loop udev handling to fire autoactivation after setup or 
coldplug only.
- Make RAID capable of single-machine exclusive operations in a cluster.
- Drop calculation of read ahead for deactivated volume.
- Check for exactly one lv segment in validation of thin pools and volumes.
- Fix dmeventd unmonitoring of thin pools.
- Fix lvresize for stacked thin pool volumes (i.e. mirrors).
- Write Completed debug message before reinstating log defaults after 
- Refresh existing VG before autoactivation (event retrigger/device 
- Use pvscan -b in udev rules to avoid a deadlock on udev process count 
- Add pvscan -b/--background for the command to be processed in the 
- Don't assume stdin file descriptor is readable.
- Avoid unlimited recursion when creating dtree containing inactive 
pvmove LV.
- Require exactly 3 arguments for lvm2-activation-generator. Remove 
- Inform lvmetad about any lost PV label to make it in sync with system 
- Support most of lvchange operations on stacked thin pool meta/data LVs.
- Enable non-clustered pvmove of snapshots and snapshot origins.
- Add ability to pvmove non-clustered RAID, mirror, and thin volumes.
- Make lvm2-activation-generator silent unless it's in error state.
- Remove "mpath major is not dm major" msg for mpath component scan 
- Prevent cluster mirror logs from being corrupted by redundant checkpoints.
- Fix ignored lvmetad update on loop device configuration (2.02.99).
- Use LVM_PATH instead of hardcoded value in lvm2 activation systemd 
- Fix vgck to notice on-disk corruption even if lvmetad is used.
- Move mpath device filter before partitioned filter (which opens devices).
- Require confirmation for vgchange -c when no VGs listed explicitly.
- Also skip /var and /var/log by default in blkdeactivate when unmounting.
- Add support for bind mounts in blkdeactivate.
- Add blkdeactivate -v/--verbose for debug output from external tools used.
- Add blkdeactivate -e/--errors for error messages from external tools used.
- Suppress messages from external tools called in blkdeactivate by default.
- Fix inability to remove a VG's cluster flag if it contains a mirror.
- Fix bug making lvchange unable to change recovery rate for RAID.
- Prohibit conversion of thin pool to external origin.
- Workaround gcc v4.8 -O2 bug causing failures if config/checks=1 (32bit 
- Verify clvmd message validity before processing and log error if 
- When creating PV on existing LV don't forbid reserved LV names on LVs 
- When converting mirrors, default segtype should be the same unless 
- Make "raid1" the default mirror segment type.
- Fix clogd descriptor leak when daemonizing.
- Fix clvmd descriptor leak on restart.
- Add pipe_open/close() to use instead of less efficient/secure popen().
- Inherit and apply any profile attached to a VG if creating new thin pool.
- Ignore previous LV seg with alloc contiguous & cling when num stripes 
- Set use_lvmetad=0 on lvmconf --enable-cluster, reset to default on 
- Tidy dmeventd fifo initialisation.
- Detect invalid sector supplied to 'dmsetup message'.
- Free any previously-set string if a dm_task_set_* function is called 
- Do not allow passing empty new name for dmsetup rename.
- Display any output returned by 'dmsetup message'.
- Add dm_task_get_message_response to libdevmapper.
- Create dmeventd timeout threads as "detached" so exit status is freed.
- Add DM_ABORT_ON_INTERNAL_ERRORS env var support to abort on internal 

- o Features/Extensions/Additions:
- Add initial support thin pool lvconvert --repair.
- Add support for poolmetadataspare LV, that will be used for pool recovery.
- Improve activation order when creating thin pools in non-clustered VG.
- Add lvm2-activation-net systemd unit to activate LVs on net-attached 
- Automatically flag thin snapshots to be skipped during activation.
- Add support for persistent flagging of LVs to be skipped during 
- Make selected thinp settings customizable by a profile.
- Support storing profile name in metadata for both VGs and LVs.
- Add support for configuration profiles.
- Add support for thin volumes in vgsplit.
- Add lvresize support for online thin pool metadata volume resize.
- Add detection for thin pool metadata resize kernel support.
- Add vg->vg_ondisk / lv_ondisk() holding committed metadata.
- Add detection of mounted fs also for vgchange deactivation.
- Avoid a global lock in pvs when lvmetad is in use.
- Detect maximum usable size for snapshot for lvresize.
- Improve RAID kernel status retrieval to include sync_action/mismatch_cnt.
- Add external origin support for lvcreate.
- Support automatic config validation.
- Add PV header extension: extension version, flags and bootloader areas.
- Initial support for lvconvert of thin external origin.
- Improve activation code for better support of stacked devices.
- vgimport '--force' now allows import of VGs with missing PVs.
- Allow removal or replacement of RAID LV components that are error 
- Make 'vgreduce --removemissing' able to handle RAID LVs with missing PVs.
- Add lvconvert support to swap thin pool metadata volume.
- Allow vgcfgrestore of lvm2 metadata with thin volumes if --force is used.
- Give precedence to EMC power2 devices with duplicate PVIDs.
- Recognise Storage Class Memory (IBM S/390) devices in filter.
- Recognise STEC skd devices in filter.
- Recognise Violin Memory vtms devices in filter.
- Support discards for non-power-of-2 thin pool chunks.
- Automatically restore MISSING PVs with no MDAs.
- Support allocation of pool metadata with lvconvert command.
- Detect mounted fs also via reading /proc/self/mountinfo.
- o Command Interface/Options:
- Support ARG_GROUPABLE with merge_synonym (for --raidwritemostly).
- Add --ignoreactivationskip to lvcreate/vgchange/lvchange to ignore 
skip flag.
- Add --setactivationskip to lvcreate/lvchange to set activation skip flag.
- Add --type profilable to lvm dumpconfig to show profilable config 
- Add --mergedconfig to lvm dumpconfig for merged 
- Support changing VG/LV profiles: vgchange/lvchange 
- Add new --profile command line arg to select a configuration profile 
for use.
- For creation of snapshot require size for at least 3 chunks.
- Do not accept size parameters bigger then 16EiB.
- Accept --yes in all commands so test scripts can be simpler.
- Add lvcreate/lvchange --[raid]{min|max}recoveryrate for raid LVs.
- Add lvchange --[raid]writemostly/writebehind support for RAID1
- Add lvchange --[raid]syncaction for scrubbing of RAID LVs.
- Add --validate option to lvm dumpconfig to validate current config on 
- Add --ignoreadvanced and --ignoreunsupported switch to lvm dumpconfig.
- Add --withcomments and --withversions switch to lvm dumpconfig.
- Add --type {current|default|missing|new} and --atversion to lvm 
- Add --bootloaderareasize to pvcreate and vgconvert to create 
bootloader area.
- Do not take a free lv name argument for lvconvert --thinpool option.
- Allow lvconvert --stripes/stripesize only with 
- Do not ignore -f in lvconvert --repair -y -f for mirror and raid volumes.
- Support use of option --yes for lvchange --persistent.
- Fix clvmd support for option -d and properly use its argument.
- o Reporting:
- Issue an error msg if lvconvert --type used incorrectly with other 
- Use LOG_DEBUG/ERR msg severity instead default for 
- Add LV report fields: 
- Add LV reporting fields raid_min_recovery_rate, raid_max_recovery_rate.
- Add sync_percent as alias for copy_percent LV reporting field.
- Add lv_ prefix to modules reporting field.
- Use units B or b (never E) with no decimal places when displaying 
sizes < 1k.
- List thin-pool and thin modules for thin volumes.
- Add 's(k)ip activation' bit to lvs -o lv_attr to indicate skip flag 
- Improve error loging when user tries to interrupt commands.
- Add vgs/lvs -o vg_profile/lv_profile to report profiles attached to VG/LV.
- Report lvs volume type 'e' with higher priority.
- Report lvs volume type 'o' also for external origin volumes.
- Report lvs target type 't' only for thin pools and thin volumes.
- Add "active" LV reporting field to show activation state.
- Add "monitor" segment reporting field to show dmevent monitoring status.
- Add explicit message about unsupported pvmove for thin/thinpool volumes.
- Add pvs -o pv_ba_start,pv_ba_size to report bootloader area start and 
- Fix pvs -o pv_free reporting for PVs with zero PE count.
- Report blank origin_size field if the LV doesn't have an origin 
instead of 0.
- Report partial and in-sync RAID attribute based on kernel status
- Log output also to syslog when abort_on_internal_error is set.
- Change lvs heading Copy% to Cpy%Sync and print RAID4/5/6 sync% there too.
- Report error for nonexisting devices in dmeventd communication.
- Reduce some log_error messages to log_warn where we don't fail.
- o Configuration:
- Add lvm.conf thin_repair/dump_executable and thin_repair_options.
- Add activation/auto_set_activation_skip to control activation skip 
- Add default.profile configuration profile and install it on make install.
- Add config/profile_dir to set working directory to load profiles from.
- Use mirror_segtype_default if type not specified for linear->mirror 
- Refine lvm.conf and man page documentation for autoactivation feature.
- Override system's global_filter settings for vgimportclone.
- Find newest timestamp of merged config files.
- Add 'config' section to lvm.conf to set the way the LVM configuration 
is handled.
- Add global/raid10_segtype_default to lvm.conf.
- Accept activation/raid_region_size in preference to mirror_region_size 
- Add log/debug_classes to lvm.conf to control debug log messages.
- Allow empty activation/{auto_activation|read_only|}_volume_list config 
- Add lvm.conf option global/thin_disabled_features.
- Add lvm.conf thin pool allocation settings 
- Relax ignore_suspended_devices to read from mirrors that don't have a 
device marked failed.
- o Documentation:
- Add man page entries for profile configuration and related options.
- Document lvextend --use-policies option in man.
- Improve lvcreate, lvconvert and lvm man pages.
- o API/interfaces:
- liblvm/python API: Additions: PV create/removal/resize/listing
- liblvm/python API: Additions: LV attr/origin/Thin pool/Thin LV creation
- Fix exported symbols regex for non-GNU busybox sed.
- Add LV snapshot support to liblvm and python-lvm.
- Fix lvm2app to return all property sizes in bytes (not sectors).
- Fix lvm2app and return lvseg discards property as string.
- Remove python liblvm object. systemdir can only be changed using env 
var now.
- Add DM_DISABLE_UDEV environment variable to manage dev nodes by libdm 
- Add dm_get_status_snapshot() for parsing snapshot status.
- Append discards and read-only fields to exported struct 
- Validate passed params to dm_get_status_raid/thin/thin_pool().
- Fix dm_task_set_cookie to properly process udev flags if udev_sync 
- Add dm_mountinfo_read() for parsing /proc/self/mountinfo.
- Add dm_config_write_{node_out/one_node_out} for enhanced config output.
- Add dm_config_value_is_bool to check for boolean value in supported 
- Add DM_ARRAY_SIZE public macro.
- Add DM_TO_STRING public macro.
- Implement ref-counting for parents in python lib.
- o Fixes (general)
- Do not zero init 4KB of thin snapshot for non-zeroing thin pool (2.02.94).
- Correct thin creation error paths.
- Add whole log_lv and metadata_lv sub volumes when creating partial tree.
- Properly use snapshot layer for origin which is also thin volume.
- Avoid generating metadata backup when calling update_pool_lv().
- Send thin messages also for active thin pool and inactive thin volume.
- Avoid creation of multiple archives for one command.
- Avoid flushing thin pool when just requesting transaction_id.
- Fix use of too big chunks of memory when communication with lvmetad.
- Also filter partitions on mpath components if 
- Do not use persistent filter with lvmetad.
- Move syslog code out of signal handle in dmeventd.
- Fix lvresize --use-policies of VALID but 100% full snapshot.
- Skip monitoring of snapshots that are already bigger then origin.
- Refuse to init a snapshot merge in lvconvert if there's no kernel support.
- Fix alignment of PV data area if detected alignment less than 1 MB 
- Fix premature DM version checking which caused useless mapper/control 
- Fix creation and removal of clustered snapshot.
- Fix clvmd caching of metadata when suspending inactive volumes.
- Fix lvmetad error path in lvmetad_vg_lookup() for null vgname.
- Fix clvmd _cluster_request() return code in memory fail path.
- Fix vgextend to not allow a PV with 0 MDAs to be used while already in 
a VG.
- Fix PV alignment to incorporate alignment offset if the PV has zero MDAs.
- Fix missing cleanup of flags when the LV is detached from pool.
- Fix check for some forbidden discards conversion of thin pools.
- Fix blkdeactivate to handle nested mountpoints and mangled mount paths.
- Synchronize with udev in pvscan --cache and fix dangling udev_sync 
- Fix autoactivation to not autoactivate VG/LV on each change of the PVs 
- Limit RAID device replacement to repair only if LV is not in-sync.
- Disallow RAID device replacement or repair on inactive LVs.
- Unlock vg mutex in error path when lvmetad tries to lock_vg.
- Detect key string duplication failure in config_make_nodes_v in libdaemon.
- Disallow pvmove on RAID LVs until they are addressed properly
- Recognize DM_DISABLE_UDEV environment variable for a complete fallback.
- Do not verify udev operations if --noudevsync command option is used.
- When no --stripes argument is given when creating a RAID10 volume, 
default to 2 stripes.
- Do not allow lvconvert --splitmirrors on RAID10 logical volumes.
- Skip mlocking [vectors] on arm architecture.
- Repair a mirrored log before the mirror itself when both fail.
- Don't use lvmetad in lvm2-monitor.service ExecStop to avoid a systemd 
- Avoid trying to read a mirror that has a failed device in its mirrored 
- Fix 'dmsetup splitname -o' to not fail if used without '-c' switch 
- Fix segfault for truncated string token in config file after the first 
- Fix config node lookup inside empty sections to not return the section 
- Fix parsing of 64bit snapshot status in dmeventd snapshot plugin.
- Always return success on dmeventd -V command call.
- o Fixes (segfaults/crashes/deadlocks/races):
- Fix segfault if devices/global_filter is not specified correctly.
- Fix segfault when reporting raid_syncaction for older kernels.
- Fix vgcfgrestore crash when specified incorrect vg name.
- Avoid crash-inducing race in lvmetad when VG disappears during rename.
- Fix possible race while removing metadata from lvmetad.
- Fix possible deadlock when querying and updating lvmetad at the same time.
- Check for memory failure of dm_config_write_node() in lvmetad.
- Fix crash in pvscan --cache -aay triggered by non-mda PV.
- Prevent double free error after dmeventd call of _fill_device_data().
- o Fixes (resource leaks/memleaks):
- Release memory allocated with _cached_info().
- Release memory and unblock signals in lock_vol error path.
- Fix memory resource leak in memlocking error path.
- Fix memleak in dmeventd thin plugin in device list obtaining err path.
- Fix socket leak on error path in lvmetad's handle_connect.
- Fix memleak on error path for lvmetad's pv_found.
- Fix memleak in device_is_usable mirror testing function.
- Fix memory leak on error path for pvcreate with invalid uuid.
- Fix resource leak in error path of dmeventd's umount of thin volume.
- Close open dmeventd FIFO file descriptors on exec (FD_CLOEXEC).
- o Testing:
- Fix test for active snapshot in cluster before resizing it.
- Add python-lvm unit test case
- o Other:
- Add --with-thin-repair and --with-thin-dump configure options.
- Require 1.9 thin pool target version for online thin pool metadata resize.
- Use local activation for clearing snapshot COW device.
- Add configure --with-default-profile-subdir to select dir to keep 
profiles in.
- Creation of snapshot takes at most 100% origin coverage.
- Use LC_ALL to set locale in daemons and fsadm instead of lower 
priority LANG.
- Remove dependency on fedora-storage-init.service in lvm2 systemd units.
- Depend on lvm2-lvmetad.socket in lvm2-monitor.service systemd unit.
- Optimize out setting the same value of read_ahead.
- Automatically deactivate failed preloaded dm tree node.
- Process thin messages once to active thin pool target for dm_tree.
- Move common functionality for thin lvcreate and lvconvert to toollib.
- o Packaging:
- Add /etc/lvm/profile dir and /etc/lvm/profile/default.profile to lvm2 
- Do not include /lib/udev and /lib/udev/rules.d in device-mapper package.
- Fix spec file's util-linux version definition for proper expansion 
when used.
- Fix some incorrect changelog dates.

- Add pidfile reference to clvmd and cmirrord initscript for systemd
to not assume RemainAfterExit=yes which would end up with inconsistent
state for these services if daemon is killed.

- Add lvm2-activation-generator systemd generator to automatically generate
systemd units to activate LVM2 volumes even if lvmetad is not used.
This replaces lvm activation part of the former fedora-storage-init
script that was included in the initscripts package before.

- Apply the patch for pvscan --cache exit if cluster locking used or 
lvmetad not used.

- Incorporate former python-lvm package in lvm2 as lvm2-python-libs 
- Do not use lvmetad by default if lvm.conf missing or use_lvmetad not 
- Exit pvscan --cache immediately if cluster locking used or lvmetad not 

- Fix ExecStop line in lvm2-monitor.service systemd unit - remove quotes.

- Don't use lvmetad in lvm2-monitor.service ExecStop to avoid a systemd 
- Depend on lvm2-lvmetad.socket in lvm2-monitor.service systemd unit.
- Init lvmetad lazily to avoid early socket access on config overrides.
- Hardcode use_lvmetad=0 if cluster locking used and issue a warning msg.
- Fix dm_task_set_cookie to properly process udev flags if udev_sync 
- Don't try to issue discards to a missing PV to avoid segfault.
- Fix vgchange -aay not to activate non-matching LVs that follow a 
matching LV.
- Fix lvchange --resync for RAID LVs which had no effect.
- Add RAID10 support (--type raid10).
- Introduce blkdeactivate script to deactivate block devs with dependencies.
- Apply 'dmsetup mangle' for dm UUIDs besides dm names.
- Use -q as short form of --quiet.
- Suppress non-essential stdout with -qq.
- Add log/silent to lvm.conf equivalent to -qq.
- Add (p)artial attribute to lvs.
- Implement devices/global_filter to hide devices from lvmetad.
- Add lvmdump -l, to collect a state dump from lvmetad.
- Add --discards to lvconvert.
- Add support for lvcreate --discards.
- Add --poolmetadata to lvconvert and support thin meta/data dev stacking.
- Support creation of read-only thin volumes (lvcreate -p r).
- Support changes of permissions for thin snapshot volumes.
- Make lvremove ask before discarding data areas.
- Prohibit not yet supported change of thin-pool to read-only.
- Using autoextend percent 0 for thin pool fails 'lvextend --use-policies'.
- Make vgscan --cache an alias for pvscan --cache.
- Clear lvmetad metadata/PV cache before a rescan.
- Fix a segmentation fault upon receiving a corrupt lvmetad response.
- Give inconsistent metadata warnings in pvscan --cache.
- Avoid overlapping locks that could cause a deadlock in lvmetad.
- Fix memory leaks in libdaemon and lvmetad.
- Optimize libdaemon logging for a fast no-output path.
- Only create lvmetad pidfile when running as a daemon (no -f).
- Warn if lvmetad is running but disabled.
- Warn about running lvmetad with use_lvmetad = 0 in example.conf.
- Update lvmetad help output (flags and their meaning).
- Make pvscan --cache read metadata from LVM1 PVs.
- Make libdaemon buffer handling asymptotically more efficient.
- Make --sysinit suppress lvmetad connection failure warnings.
- Prohibit usage of lvcreate --thinpool with --mirrors.
- Fix lvm2api origin reporting for thin snapshot volume.
- Add implementation of lvm2api function lvm_percent_to_float.
- Allow non power of 2 thin chunk sizes if thin pool driver supports that.
- Allow limited metadata changes when PVs are missing via [vg|lv]change.
- Do not start dmeventd for lvchange --resync when monitoring is off.
- Remove pvscan --cache from lvm2-lvmetad init script.
- Remove ExecStartPost with pvscan --cache from lvm2-lvmetad.service.
- Report invalid percentage for property snap_percent of non-snaphot LVs.
- Disallow conversion of thin LVs to mirrors.
- Fix lvm2api data_percent reporting for thin volumes.
- Do not allow RAID LVs in a clustered volume group.
- Enhance insert_layer_for_lv() with recursive rename for _tdata LVs.
- Skip building dm tree for thin pool when called with origin_only flag.
- Ensure descriptors 0,1,2 are always available, using /dev/null if 
- Use /proc/self/fd when available for closing opened descriptors 
- Fix inability to create, extend or convert to a large (> 1TiB) RAID LV.
- Update lvmetad communications to cope with clients using different 
- Clear LV_NOSYNCED flag when a RAID1 LV is converted to a linear LV.
- Disallow RAID1 upconvert if the LV was created with --nosync.
- Depend on systemd-udev-settle in units generated by activation generator.
- Disallow addition of RAID images until the array is in-sync.
- Fix RAID LV creation with '--test' so valid commands do not fail.
- Add lvm_lv_rename() to lvm2api.
- Fix setvbuf code by closing and reopening stream before changing buffer.
- Disable private buffering when using liblvm.
- When private stdin/stdout buffering is not used always use silent mode.
- Fix 32-bit device size arithmetic needing 64-bit casting throughout tree.
- Fix dereference of NULL in lvmetad error path logging.
- Fix buffer memory leak in lvmetad logging.
- Correct the discards field in the lvs manpage (2.02.97).
- Use proper condition to check for discards settings unsupported by kernel.
- Reinstate correct default to ignore discards for thin metadata from 
old tools.
- Issue error message when -i and -m args do not match specified RAID type.
- Change lvmetad logging syntax from -ddd to -l {all|wire|debug}.
- Add new libdaemon logging infrastructure.
- Support unmount of thin volumes from pool above thin pool threshold.
- Update man page to reflect that dm UUIDs are being mangled as well.
- Add 'mangled_uuid' and 'unmangled_uuid' fields to dmsetup info -c -o.
- Mangle device UUID on dm_task_set_uuid/newuuid call if necessary.
- Add dm_task_get_uuid_mangled/unmangled to libdevmapper.
- Always reset delay_resume_if_new flag when stacking thin pool over 
- Don't create value for dm_config_node and require 
dm_config_create_value call.
- Check for existing new_name for dmsetup rename.
- Fix memory leak in dmsetup _get_split_name() error path.
- Clean up spec file and keep support only for Fedora 18 upwards.
- Use systemd macros in rpm scriptlets to set up systemd units.
- Add Requires: bash >= 4.0 for blkdeactivate script.

- Improve documention of allocation policies in lvm.8.
- Increase limit for major:minor to 4095:1048575 when using -My option.
- Add generator for lvm2 activation systemd units.
- Add lvm_config_find_bool lvm2app fn to retrieve bool value from config 
- Respect --test when using lvmetad.
- No longer capitalise first LV attribute char for invalid snapshots.
- Allow vgextend to add PVs to a VG that is missing PVs.
- Recognise Micron PCIe SSDs in filter and move array out to device-types.h.
- Fix dumpconfig <node> to print only <node> without its siblings. (2.02.89)
- Do not issue "Failed to handle a client connection" error if lvmetad 
- Support lvchange --discards and -Z with thin pools.
- Add discard LV segment field to reports.
- Add --discards to lvcreate --thin.
- Set discard and external snapshot features if thin pool target is vsn 
- Count percentage of completeness upwards not downwards when merging 
- Skip activation when using vg/lvchange --sysinit -a ay and lvmetad is 
- Fix extending RAID 4/5/6 logical volumes
- Fix test for PV with unknown VG in process_each_pv to ignore ignored mdas.
- Fix _alloc_parallel_area to avoid picking already-full areas for raid 
- Never issue discards when LV extents are being reconfigured, not deleted.
- Allow release_lv_segment_area to fail as functions it calls can fail.
- Fix missing sync of filesystem when creating thin volume snapshot.
- Allow --noflush with dmsetup status and wait (for thin target).
- Add dm_config_write_one_node to libdevmapper.
- Add dm_vasprintf to libdevmapper.
- Support thin pool message release/reserve_metadata_snap in libdevmapper.
- Support thin pool discards and external origin features in libdevmapper.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_18_Mass_Rebuild

- Use configure --with-default-pid-dir=/run.
- Use globally set prefix for udev rules path.

- Compile with lvmetad support enabled.
- Add support for volume autoactivation using lvmetad.
- Update man pages with --activate ay option and 
- Use vgchange -aay instead of vgchange -ay in clmvd init script.
- Add activation/auto_activation_volume_list to lvm.conf.
- Add --activate ay to lvcreate, lvchange, pvscan and vgchange.
- Add --activate synonym for --available arg and prefer --activate.
- Open device read-only to obtain readahead value.
- Add configure --enable-udev-rule-exec-detection to detect exec path in 
- Use sbindir in udev rules by default and remove executable path detection.
- Remove hard-coded paths for dmeventd fifos and use default-dm-run-dir.
- Add configure --with-lvmetad-pidfile to remove hard-coded value.
- Add configure --with-default-pid-dir for common directory with pid files.
- Add configure --with-default-dm-run-dir to set run directory for dm tools.
- Add documentation references in systemd units.
- Clean up spec file and keep support only for Fedora 17 upwards.

- Require device-mapper-persistent-data package for thin provisioning.
- Set delay_resume_if_new on deptree snapshot origin.
- Log value chosen in _find_config_bool like other variable types do.
- Wait for dmeventd to exit after sending it DM_EVENT_CMD_DIE when 
- Append 'Used' to {Blk}DevNames/DevNos dmsetup report headers for clarity.
- Remove dmeventd fifos on exit if they are not managed by systemd.
- Use SD_ACTIVATION environment variable in systemd units to detect systemd.
- Only start a new dmeventd instance on restart if one was already running.
- Extend the time waited for input from dmeventd fifo to 5 secs. (1.02.73)
- Fix error paths for regex filter initialization.
- Re-enable partial activation of non-thin LVs until it can be fixed. 
- Fix alloc cling to cling to PVs already found with contiguous policy.
- Fix cling policy not to behave like normal policy if no previous LV seg.
- Fix allocation loop not to use later policies when --alloc cling 
without tags.
- Fix division by zero if PV with zero PE count is used during vgcfgrestore.
- Add initial support for thin pool lvconvert.
- Fix lvrename for thin volumes (regression in for_each_sub_lv). (2.02.89)
- Fix up-convert when mirror activation is controlled by volume_list and 
- Warn of deadlock risk when using snapshots of mirror segment type.
- Fix bug in cmirror that caused incorrect status info to print on some 
- Remove statement that snapshots cannot be tagged from lvm man page.
- Disallow changing cluster attribute of VG while RAID LVs are active.
- Fix lvconvert error message for non-mergeable volumes.
- Allow subset of failed devices to be replaced in RAID LVs.
- Prevent resume from creating error devices that already exist from 
- Update and correct lvs man page with supported column names.
- Handle replacement of an active device that goes missing with an error 
- Change change raid1 segtype always to request a flush when suspending.
- Add udev info and context to lvmdump.
- Add lvmetad man page.
- Fix RAID device replacement code so that it works under snapshot.
- Fix inability to split RAID1 image while specifying a particular PV.
- Update man pages to give them all the same look&feel.
- Fix lvresize of thin pool for striped devices.
- For lvresize round upward when specifying number of extents.
- For lvcreate with %FREE support rounding downward stripe alignment.
- Change message severity to log_very_verbose for missing dev info in 
udev db.
- Fix lvconvert when specifying removal of a RAID device other than last 
- Fix ability to handle failures in mirrored log in dmeventd plugin. 
- Fix unlocking volume group in vgreduce in error path.
- Cope when VG name is part of the supplied name in lvconvert 
--splitmirrors -n.
- Fix exclusive lvchange running from other node. (2.02.89)
- Add 'vgscan --cache' functionality for consistency with 'pvscan --cache'.
- Keep exclusive activation in pvmove if LV is already active.
- Disallow exclusive pvmove if some affected LVs are not exclusively 
- Remove unused and wrongly set cluster VG flag from clvmd lock query 
- Fix pvmove for exclusively activated LV pvmove in clustered VG. (2.02.86)
- Update and fix monitoring of thin pool devices.
- Check hash insert success in lock_vg in clvmd.
- Check for buffer overwrite in get_cluster_type() in clvmd.
- Fix global/detect_internal_vg_cache_corruption config check.
- Fix initializiation of thin monitoring. (2.02.92)
- Cope with improperly formatted device numbers in /proc/devices. (2.02.91)
- Exit if LISTEN_PID environment variable incorrect in lvmetad systemd 
- Fix fsadm propagation of -e option.
- Fix fsadm parsing of /proc/mounts files (don't check for substrings).
- Fix fsadm usage of arguments with space.
- Fix arg_int_value alongside ARG_GROUPABLE --major/--minor for 
- Fix name conflicts that prevent down-converting RAID1 when specifying 
a device
- Improve thin_check option passing and use configured path.
- Add --with-thin-check configure option for path to thin_check.
- Fix error message when pvmove LV activation fails with name already in 
- Better structure layout for device_info in dev_subsystem_name().
- Change message severity for creation of VG over uninitialised devices.
- Fix error path for failed toolcontext creation.
- Don't unlink socket on lvmetad shutdown if instantiated from systemd.
- Restart lvmetad automatically from systemd if it exits from uncaught 
- Fix warn msg for thin pool chunk size and update man for chunksize. 

* Thu Jun 07 2012 Kay Sievers - 2.02.95-8
- Remove explicit Requires: libudev, rpm takes care of that:
$ rpm -q --requires device-mapper | grep udev

- Use BuildRequires: systemd-devel instead of BuildRequires: libudev-devel.
- Remove unsupported udev_get_dev_path libudev call used for checking 
udev dir.

- BuildRequires and Requires on newer version of corosync and dlm.
- Restart clvmd on upgrades.

- Do not strictly require openais for cmirror subpackage.

- Reinstate cmirror support.
- Detect lvm binary path in lvmetad udev rules.
- Use pvscan --cache instead of vgscan in systemd units/init scripts.

- Rebuild against new corosync (soname change).
- BuildRequires and Requires on newer version of corosync.

- Reload dm-event systemd service on upgrade.

- If unspecified, adjust thin pool metadata and chunk size to fit into 
- Deactivation of failed thin check on thin pool returns success.
- Check for multiply-mangled names in auto mangling mode.
- Fix dm_task_get_name_unmangled to not unmangle already unmangled name.
- Check whether device names are properly mangled on ioctl return.

- Add support to execute thin_check with each de/active of thin pool.
- Fix automatic estimation of metadata device size for thin pool.
- Wipe initial 4KiB of non zeroed thin volumes.
- Update code-base to incorporate new metadata daemon. (Not used in 
Fedora yet.)
- Numerous minor cleanups across the code-base.
- Fix dmsetup / dm_task_set_name to properly resolve path to dm name. 

- Moved systemd tmpfiles installation upstream for lvm2 lock and run dirs.
- Require number of stripes to be greater than parity devices in higher 
- Fix allocation code to allow replacement of single RAID 4/5/6 device.
- Check all tags and LV names are in a valid form before writing any 
- Allow 'lvconvert --repair' to operate on RAID 4/5/6.
- Fix build_parallel_areas_from_lv to account correctly for raid parity 
- Print message when faulty raid devices have been replaced.

- Read dmeventd monitoring config settings for every lvm command.
- For thin devices, initialize monitoring only for thin pools not thin 
- Make conversion from a synced 'mirror' to 'raid1' not cause a full resync.
- Add clvmd init dependency on dlm service when running with new corosync.
- Switch to using built-in blkid in 13-dm-disk.rules.
- Add "watch" rule to 13-dm-disk.rules.
- Detect failing fifo and skip 20s retry communication period.
- Replace any '\' char with '\\' in dm table specification on input.
- New 'mangle' options in dmsetup/libdevmapper for transparent reversible
encoding of characters that udev forbids in device names.
- Add --manglename option to dmsetup to select the name mangling mode.
- Add mangle command to dmsetup to provide renaming to correct mangled form.
- Add 'mangled_name' and 'unmangled_name' fields to dmsetup info -c -o.
- Mangle device name on dm_task_set_name/newname call if necessary.
- Add dm_task_get_name_mangled/unmangled to libdevmapper.
- Add dm_set/get_name_mangling_mode to set/get name mangling in 

- Add configure --with-systemdsystemunitdir.

- New upstream with trivial fixes and refactoring of some lvmcache and 
orphan code.

- Drop support for cman, openais and cmirror for f17. Require dlm not 
- Automatically detect whether corosync clvmd needs to use confdb or cmap.
- Disable partial activation for thin LVs and LVs with all missing segments.
- sync_local_dev_names before (re)activating mirror log for initialisation.
- Do not print warning for pv_min_size between 512KB and 2MB.
- Clean up systemd unit ordering and requirements.
- Allow ALLOC_NORMAL to track reserved extents for log and data on same PV.
- Fix data% report for thin volume used as origin for non-thin snapshot.

- New upstream release with experimental support for thinly-provisioned 
- The changelog for this release is quite long and contained in
WHATS_NEW and WHATS_NEW_DM in the documentation directory.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_17_Mass_Rebuild

- update util-linux-ng -> util-linux dependency as it changed long ago.

- Remove incorrect 'Breaking' error message from allocation code. (2.02.87)
- Add lvconvert --merge support for raid1 devices split with --trackchanges.
- Add --trackchanges support to lvconvert --splitmirrors option for raid1.
- Add dm_tree_node_add_null_area for temporarily-missing raid devs tracked.
- Support lvconvert of -m1 raid1 devices to a higher number.
- Support splitting off a single raid1 rimage in lvconvert --splitmirrors.
- Add -V as short form of --virtualsize in lvcreate.

- Cache and share generated VG structs to improve performance.
- Suppress locking error messages in monitoring init scripts.
- Add global/detect_internal_vg_cache_corruption to lvm.conf.
- If pipe in clvmd fails return busy instead of using uninitialised 
- Initialise clvmd locks before lvm context to avoid open descriptor leaks.
- Suppress low-level locking errors and warnings while using --sysinit.
- Add test for fcntl error in singlenode client code.
- Compare file size (as well as timestamp) to detect changed config file.
- Change DEFAULT_UDEV_SYNC to 1 so udev_sync is used if there is no 
config file.
- Update udev rules to skip DM flags decoding for removed devices.
- Remove device name prefix from dmsetup line output if -j & -m or -u 
- Add new segtype 'raid' for MD RAID 1/4/5/6 support with dmeventd plugin.
- Add ability to reduce the number of mirrors in raid1 arrays to lvconvert.
- Add support for systemd file descriptor handover in dmeventd.
- Add systemd unit file to provide lvm2 monitoring.
- Add systemd unit files for dmeventd.
- Use new oom killer adjustment interface (oom_score_adj) when available.
- Fix read-only identical table reload supression.
- Remove --force option from lvrename manpage.

- Change DEFAULT_UDEV_SYNC to 1 so udev_sync is used even without any 

- Add support for systemd file descriptor handover to dmeventd.
- Add support for new oom killer adjustment interface (oom_score_adj).

- Fix broken lvm2-sysinit Requires: lvm2 dependency.

- Add dm-event and lvm2-monitor unit files for use with systemd.
- Add sysvinit subpackage for legacy SysV init script support.

- Fix activation sequences to avoid trapped I/O with multiple LVs.
- Fix activation sequences to avoid allocating tables while devs suspended.
- Remove unnecessary warning in pvcreate for MD linear devices.
- Add activation/checks to lvm.conf to perform additional ioctl validation.
- Append 'm' attribute to pv_attr for missing PVs.
- Fix to preserve exclusive activation of mirror while up-converting.
- Reject allocation if number of extents is not divisible by area count.
- Fix cluster mirror creation to work with new mirror allocation algorithm.
- Ignore activation/verify_udev_operations if dm kernel driver vsn < 4.18.
- Add activation/verify_udev_operations to lvm.conf, disabled by default.
- Ignore inconsistent pre-commit metadata on MISSING_PV devs while 
- Add proper udev library context initialization and finalization to liblvm.
- Downgrade critical_section errors to debug level until it is moved to 
- Fix ignored background polling default in vgchange -ay.
- Fix reduction of mirrors with striped segments to always align to 
stripe size.
- Validate mirror segments size.
- Fix extent rounding for striped volumes never to reduce more than 
- Fix create_temp_name to replace any '/' found in the hostname with '?'.
- Always use append to file in lvmdump. selinux policy may ban file 
- Propagate test mode to clvmd to skip activation and changes to held locks.
- Permit --available with lvcreate so non-snapshot LVs need not be 
- Clarify error message when unable to convert an LV into a snapshot of 
an LV.
- Do not issue an error message when unable to remove .cache on 
read-only fs.
- Avoid memlock size mismatch by preallocating stdio line buffers.
- Report internal error if suspending a device using an 
already-suspended dev.
- Report internal error if any table is loaded while any dev is known 
- Report error if a table load requiring target parameters has none 
- Add dmsetup --checks and dm_task_enable_checks framework to validate 
- Add age_in_minutes parameter to dmsetup udevcomplete_all.
- Disable udev fallback by default and add --verifyudev option to dmsetup.
- Add dm_get_suspended_counter() for number of devs in suspended state 
by lib.
- Fix "all" report field prefix matching to include label fields with 
- Delay resuming new preloaded mirror devices with core logs in deptree 

- Updated uname string test.

- Accept kernel 3.0 uname string in libdevmapper initialization.
- Make systemd initscripts configurable.

- Fix big-endian CRC32 checksumming broken since 2.02.75. If affected,
ensure metadata backups in /etc/lvm/backup are up-to-date (vgcfgbackup)
then after updating to 2.02.84 restore metadata from them (using pvcreate
with -Zn --restorefile and -u if PVs can no longer be seen, then
vgcfgrestore -f).
- Reinstate libdevmapper DEBUG_MEM support. (Removed in 1.02.62.)

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_15_Mass_Rebuild

- Allow exclusive activation of snapshots in a cluster.
- Don't lose LV exclusive lock state when suspending clustered devices.
- Fix fs operation stack handling when multiple operations on same device.
- Increase hash table sizes to 1024 LV names and 64 PV uuids.
- When setting up mda wipe first 4k of it as was intended.
- Remove unneeded checks for open_count in lv_info().
- Synchronize with udev before checking open_count in lv_info().
- Add "dmsetup ls --tree" output to lvmdump.
- Fix udev synchronization with no-locking --sysinit (2.02.80).
- Improve man page style consistency for pvcreate, pvremove, pvresize, 
- Avoid rebuilding of uuid validation table.
- Improve lvcreate error text from insufficient "extents" to "free space".
- Always use O_DIRECT when opening block devices to check for partitioning.
- Move creation of device nodes from 'create' to 'resume'.
- Add --addnodeonresume and --addnodeoncreate options to dmsetup.
- Add dm_task_set_add_node to libdevmapper to control dev node creation 
- Add dm_task_secure_data to libdevmapper to wipe ioctl buffers in kernel.
- Log debug message when expected uevent is not generated.
- Set DM_UDEV_DISABLE_OTHER_RULES_FLAG for suspended DM devices in udev 
- Begin a new pool object for each row in _output_as_rows() correctly.

- Bring lvscan man page up-to-date.
- Fix lvchange --test to exit cleanly.
- Add change_tag to toollib.
- Allow multiple pvchange command line options to be specified together.
- Do not fail pvmove polling if another process cleaned up first.
- Avoid clvmd incrementing dlm lockspace reference count more than once.
- Add -f (don't fork) option to clvmd and fix clvmd -d<num> description.

- Add disk to allowed mirrored log type conversions.
- Accept fusion fio in device type filter.
- Speed up command processing by caching resolved config tree.
- Use same dm cookie for consecutive dm ops in same VG to reduce udev waits.
- Do not scan devices in dev_reset_error_count() when forking.
- Skip unnecessary LOCK_NULL unlock call during volume deactivation.
- Skip fs_unlock when calling exec_cmd within activation code (for 
- Replace fs_unlock by sync_local_dev_names to notify local clvmd. (2.02.80)
- Fix wrongly paired unlocking of VG_GLOBAL in pvchange. (2.02.66)
- Return 0 from cmirrord initscript 'start' if daemon is already running.
- Add DM_COOKIE_AUTO_CREATE to libdevmapper.h.
- Improve general lvconvert man page description.
- Detect NULL handle in get_property().
- Fix memory leak in persistent filter creation error path.
- Check for errors setting up dm_task struct in _setup_task().
- Fail polldaemon creation when lvmcache_init() fails.
- Return PERCENT_INVALID for errors in _copy_percent() and _snap_percent().
- Detect errors from dm_task_set calls in _get_device_info (dmeventd).
- Fix memory leak in debug mode of restart_clvmd() error path.
- Log error message for pthread_join() failure in clvmd.
- Use tmpfiles.d/lvm2.conf to create /var/lock/lvm and /var/run/lvm at boot.
- Require initscripts for tmpfiles.d/lvm2.conf.

- Create /var/run/lvm directory during clvmd initialisation if missing.
- Avoid revalidating the label cache immediately after scanning.
- Support scanning for a single VG in independent mdas.
- Don't skip full scan when independent mdas are present even if memlock 
is set.
- Add copy_percent and snap_percent to liblvm.
- Add new dm_prepare_selinux_context fn to libdevmapper and use it 
- Enhance vg_validate to ensure integrity of LV and PV structs referenced.
- Enhance vg_validate to check composition of pvmove LVs.
- Avoid writing to freed memory in vg_release. (2.02.78)
- Add missing test for reallocation error in _find_parallel_space().
- Add checks for allocation errors in config node cloning.
- Fix error path if regex engine cannot be created in _build_matcher().
- Check read() and close() results in _get_cmdline().
- Fix NULL pointer check in error path in clvmd do_command(). (2.02.78)
- Check for unlink failure in remove_lockfile() in dmeventd.
- Use dm_free for dm_malloc-ed areas in _clog_ctr/_clog_dtr in cmirrord.
- Change dm_regex_create() API to accept const char * const *patterns.

- Miscellaneous error path corrections and minor leaks fixed.
- Avoid misleading PV missing warnings in vgextend --restoremissing.
- Ignore unrecognised allocation policy found in metadata instead of 
- Disallow lvconvert ops that both allocate & free supplied PEs in a 
single cmd.
- Fix liblvm seg_size to give bytes not sectors.
- Add functions to look up LV/PV by name/uuid to liblvm.
- Suppress 'No PV label' message when removing several PVs without mdas.
- Fix default /etc/lvm permissions to be 0755. (2.02.66)

- Add PV and LV segment types and functions to liblvm.
- Add set_property functions to liblvm.
- Remove tag length restriction and allow / = ! : # & characters.
- Support repetition of --addtag and --deltag arguments.
- Add infrastructure for specific cmdline arguments to be repeated in 
- Fix fsadm no longer to require '-f' to resize an unmounted filesystem.
- Fix fsadm to detect mounted filesystems on older systems. (2.0.75)
- Extend cling allocation policy to recognise PV tags (cling_by_tags).
- Add allocation/cling_tag_list to lvm.conf.

- Clarify error messages when activation fails due to activation filter use.
- Fix handling of online filesystem resize (using new fsadm return code).
- Modify fsadm to return different status code for check of mounted 
- Add DIAGNOSTICS section to fsadm man page.
- Update VG metadata only once in vgchange when making multiple changes.
- Allow independent vgchange arguments to be used together.
- Fix vgchange to process -a, --refresh, --monitor and --poll like lvchange.
- Add dmeventd -R to restart dmeventd without losing monitoring state. 
- Automatically unmount invalidated snapshots in dmeventd.
- Add lvm2app functions to query any pv, vg, or lv property / report field.
- Fix a deadlock caused by double close in clvmd.
- Fix NULL pointer dereference on too-large MDA error path in 
- Fix regex optimiser not to ignore RHS of OR nodes in 
- Fix memory leak of field_id in _output_field function.
- Allocate buffer for reporting functions dynamically to support long 

- Fix pthread mutex usage deadlock in clvmd.
- Avoid segfault by limiting partial mode for lvm1 metadata. (2.02.74)
- Skip dm devices in scan if they contain only error targets or are empty.
- Don't take write lock in vgchange --refresh, --poll or --monitor.
- Fix hang when repairing a mirrored-log that had both devs fail.
- Speed up unquoting of quoted double quotes and backslashes.
- Speed up CRC32 calculations by using a larger lookup table.
- Implement dmeventd -R to restart without state loss.
- Add --setuuid to dmsetup rename.
- Add global/metadata_read_only to use unrepaired metadata in read-only 
- Automatically extend snapshots with dmeventd according to policy in 
- Add activation/snapshot_autoextend_threshold/percent to lvm.conf.
- Add devices/disable_after_error_count config to limit access to 
failing devs.
- Implement vgextend --restoremissing to reinstate missing devs that return.
- Read whole /proc/self/maps file before working with maps entries.
- Convey need for snapshot-merge target in lvconvert error message and 
man page.
- Give correct error message when creating a too-small snapshot.
- Make lvconvert respect --yes and --force when converting an inactive log.
- Better support of noninteractive shell execution of fsadm.
- Fix usage of --yes flag for ReiserFS resize in fsadm.
- Fix detection of mounted filesystems for fsadm when udev is used.
- Fix assignment of default value to LVM variable in fsadm.
- Fix support for --yes flag for fsadm.
- Do not execute lvresize from fsadm --dry-run.
- Fix fsadm return error code from user's break action.
- Return const pointer from dm_basename() in libdevmapper.
- Add dm_zalloc and use it and dm_pool_zalloc throughout.
- Add dm_task_set_newuuid to set uuid of mapped device post-creation.
- Fix missing variable initialization in cluster_send() function from 
- Fix pointer for VG name in _pv_resize_single error code path.
- Fix vg_read memory leak with directory-based metadata.
- Fix memory leak of config_tree in reinitialization code path.
- Fix pool destruction order in dmeventd_lvm2_exit() to avoid leak debug 
- Remove dependency on libm by replacing floor() by an integer-based 
- Refactor and add 'get' functions for pv, vg and lv properties/fields.
- Add pv_get_property and create generic internal _get_property function.
- Make generic GET_*_PROPERTY_FN macros with secondary macro for vg, pv 
& lv.

- Add --setuuid to dmsetup rename.
- Add dm_task_set_newuuid to set uuid of mapped device post-creation.

* Wed Sep 29 2010 jkeating - 2.02.74-2
- Rebuilt for gcc bug 634757

- Fix the way regions are marked complete to avoid slow --nosync cmirror 
- Add DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE_ID_LEN to libdevmapper.h.
- Allow : and @ to be escaped with \ in device names of PVs.
- Avoid stack corruption when reading in large metadata.
- Fix partial mode operations for lvm1 metadata format.
- Track recursive filter iteration to avoid refreshing while in use. 
- Allocate buffer for metadata tags dynamically to remove 4k limit.
- Add random suffix to archive file names to prevent races when being 
- Reinitialize archive and backup handling on toolcontext refresh.
- Make poll_mirror_progress report PROGRESS_CHECK_FAILED if LV is not a 
- Like mirrors, don't scan origins if ignore_suspended_devices() is set.
- Automatically generate tailored LSB Requires-Start for clvmd init script.
- Fix return code of pvmove --abort PV.
- Fix pvmove --abort to remove even for empty pvmove LV.
- Add implementation for simple numeric 'get' property functions.
- Simplify MD/swap signature detection in pvcreate and allow aborting.
- Allow --yes to be used without --force mode.
- Fix file descriptor leak in swap signature detection error path.
- Detect and allow abort in pvcreate if LUKS signature is detected.

- Add configure --with-default-data-alignment.
- Update heuristic used for default and detected data alignment.
- Add "devices/default_data_alignment" to lvm.conf.

- Change default alignment of data extents to 1MB.
- Add --norestorefile option to pvcreate.
- Require --restorefile when using pvcreate --uuid.
- Fix potential for corruption during cluster mirror device failure.
- Ignore snapshots when performing mirror recovery beneath an origin.
- Monitor origin -real device below snapshot instead of overlay device.
- Don't really change monitoring status when in test mode.
- Fix some exit statuses when starting/stopping monitoring fails.
- Enable snapshot monitoring by default when dmeventd is enabled.
- Fix 'lvconvert --splitmirrors' in cluster operation.
- Fix clvmd init script exit code to return 4 when executed as non-root 
- Recognise and give preference to md device partitions (blkext major).
- Never scan internal LVM devices.
- Don't ignore user-specified PVs in split-mirror operations. (2.02.71)
- Fix data corruption bug in cluster mirrors.
- Require logical volume(s) to be explicitly named for lvconvert --merge.
- Avoid changing aligned pe_start as a side-effect of a log message.
- Use built-in rule for device aliases: block/ < dm- < disk/ < mapper/ < 
- Handle failure of all mirrored log devices and all but one mirror leg.
- Disallow 'mirrored' log type for cluster mirrors.
- Fix configure to supply DEFAULT_RUN_DIR to Makefiles.
- Fix allocation of wrong number of mirror logs with 'remove' fault policy.
- Add dmeventd/executable to lvm.conf to test alternative dmeventd.
- Fix udev rules to support udev database content generated by older rules.
- Reinstate detection of inappropriate uevent with DISK_RO set and 
suppress it.
- Fix regex ttree off-by-one error.
- Fix segfault in regex matcher with characters of ordinal value > 127.
- Wait for node creation before displaying debug info in dmsetup.
- Fix return status 0 for "dmsetup info -c -o help".

- Make udev configurable and merge with f12.

- Merge f13, f14 and rawhide spec files.

- Address lvm2-cluster security flaw CVE-2010-2526.
- Change clvmd to communicate with lvm2 via a socket in /var/run/lvm.
- Return controlled error if clvmd is run by non-root user.
- Never use clvmd singlenode unless explicitly requested with -Isinglenode.
- Fix exported_symbols generation to use standard compiler arguments.
- Use #include <> not "" in lvm2app.h which gets installed on the system.
- Make liblvm.device-mapper wait for include file generation.
- Fix configure to supply DEFAULT_RUN_DIR to Makefiles.
- Fix wrong number of mirror log at allocate policy

- Make vgck warn about missing PVs.
- Revert failed table load preparation after "create, load and resume".
- Check if cluster log daemon is running before allowing cmirror create.
- Add dm_create_lockfile to libdm and use for pidfiles for all daemons.
- Correct LV list order used by lvconvert when splitting a mirror.
- Check if LV with specified name already exists when splitting a mirror.
- Fix suspend/resume logic for LVs resulting from splitting a mirror.
- Fix possible hang when all mirror images of a mirrored log fail.
- Adjust auto-metadata repair and caching logic to try to cope with 
empty mdas.
- Update pvcreate, {pv|vg}change, and lvm.conf man pages about 
- Prompt if metadataignore with vgextend or pvchange would adjust 
- Adjust vg_mda_copies if metadataignore given with vgextend or pvchange.
- Speed up the regex matcher.
- Use "nowatch" udev rule for inappropriate devices.
- Document LVM fault handling in lvm_fault_handling.txt.
- Clarify help text for vg_mda_count.
- Add more verbose messages while checking volume_list and hosttags 
- Add log_error when strdup fails in {vg|lv}_change_tag().
- Do not log backtrace in valid _lv_resume() code path.

- Remove log directly if all mirror images of a mirrored log fail.
- Randomly select which mdas to use or ignore.
- Add printf format attributes to yes_no_prompt and fix a caller.
- Always pass unsuspended dm devices through persistent filter to other 
- Move test for suspended dm devices ahead of other filters.
- Fix another segfault in clvmd -R if no response from daemon received. 
- Remove superfluous suspended device counter from clvmd.
- Fix lvm shell crash when input is entirely whitespace.
- Update partial mode warning message.
- Preserve memlock balance in clvmd when activation triggers a resume.
- Restore the removemissing behaviour of lvconvert --repair --use-policies.

- Fix vgremove to allow removal of VG with missing PVs. (2.02.52)
- Add metadata/vgmetadatacopies to lvm.conf.
- Add --metadataignore to pvcreate and vgextend.
- Add vg_mda_copies, pv_mda_used_count and vg_mda_used_count to reports.
- Describe --vgmetadatacopies in lvm.conf and other man pages.
- Add --[vg]metadatacopies to select number of mdas to use in a VG.
- Make the metadata ignore bit control read/write metadata areas in a PV.
- Add pvchange --metadataignore to set or clear a metadata ignore bit.
- Refactor metadata code to prepare for --metadataignore / 
- Ensure region_size of mirrored log does not exceed its full size.
- Preload libc locale messages to prevent reading it in memory locked state.
- Fix handling of simultaneous mirror image and mirrored log image failure.

- Fix udev rules to handle spurious events properly.
- Add Requires: udev >= 158-1 (needed for the change in udev rules).

- Have device-mapper-libs require device-mapper (circular) for udev rules.
- Clear exec_prefix.
- Use early udev synchronisation and update of dev nodes for clustered 
- Add lv_path to reports to offer full /dev pathname.
- Avoid abort when generating cmirror status.
- Fix clvmd initscript status to print only active clustered LVs.
- Fix segfault in clvmd -R if no response from daemon received.
- Honour log argument when down-converting stacked mirror.
- Sleep to workaround clvmd -S race: socket closed early and server 
drops cmd.
- Exit successfully when using -o help (but not -o +help) with LVM reports.
- Add man pages for lvmconf, dmeventd and non-existent lvmsadc and 
lvmsar tools.
- Add --force, --nofsck and --resizefs to lvresize/extend/reduce man pages.
- Fix lvm2cmd example in documentation.
- Fix typo in warning message about missing device with allocated data 
- Add device name and offset to raw_read_mda_header error messages.
- Allow use of lvm2app and lvm2cmd headers in C++ code.

- Require partial option in lvchange --refresh for partial LVs.
- Don't merge unchanged persistent cache file before dumping if tool 
- Avoid selecting names under /dev/block if there is an alternative.
- Fix semctl parameter (union) to avoid misaligned parameter on some arches.
- Fix clvmd initscript restart command to start clvmd if not yet running.
- Handle failed restart of clvmd using -S switch properly.
- Use built-in absolute paths in clvmd (clvmd restart and PV and LV 
- Consistently return ECMD_FAILED if interrupted processing multiple LVs.
- Add --type parameter description to the lvcreate man page.
- Document 'clear' in dmsetup man page.
- Replace strncmp kernel version number checks with proper ones.
- Update clustered log kernel module name to log-userspace for 2.6.31 
- Support autoloading of dm-mod module for kernels from 2.6.35.
- Add dm_tree_node_set_presuspend_node() to presuspend child when 
- Do not fail lvm_init() if init_logging() or _init_rand() generates an 
- Fix incorrect memory pool deallocation while using vg_read for files.

- Simplify and fix Requires package headers.
- If unable to obtain snapshot percentage leave value blank on reports.
- Use new install_system_dirs and install_initscripts makefile targets.
- Add lvm2app functions to lookup a vgname from a pvid and pvname.
- Change internal processing of PVs in pvchange.
- Validate internal lock ordering of orphan and VG_GLOBAL locks.

- Disallow vgchange --clustered if there are active mirrors or snapshots.
- Fix truncated total size displayed by pvscan.
- Skip internal lvm devices in scan if ignore_suspended_devices is set.
- Do not merge old device cache after we run full scan. (2.02.56)
- Add new --sysinit compound option to vgchange and lvchange.
- Fix clvmd init script never to deactivate non-clustered volume groups.
- Drop duplicate errors for read failures and missing devices to verbose 
- Do not print encryption key in message debug output (cryptsetup 
- Use -d to control level of messages sent to syslog by dmeventd.
- Change -d to -f to run dmeventd in foreground.
- Fix udev flags on remove in create_and_load error path.
- Add dm_list_splice() function to join two lists together.
- Use /bin/bash for scripts with bashisms.
- Switch Libs.private to Requires.private in devmapper.pc and lvm2app.pc.
- Use pkgconfig Requires.private for devmapper-event.pc.

- Avoid pointless initialisation when the 'version' command is run directly.
- Fix memory leak for invalid regex pattern input.
- Display invalid regex pattern for filter configuration in case of error.
- Fix -M and --type to use strings, not pointers that change on config 
- Fix lvconvert error message when existing mirrored LV is not found.
- Set appropriate udev flags for reserved LVs.
- Disallow the direct removal of a merging snapshot.
- Don't preload the origin when removing a snapshot whose merge is pending.
- Disallow the addition of mirror images while a conversion is happening.
- Disallow primary mirror image removal when mirror is not in-sync.
- Remove obsolete --name parameter from vgcfgrestore.
- Add -S command to clvmd to restart the daemon preserving exclusive locks.
- Increment lvm2app version from 1 to 2 (memory allocation changes).
- Change lvm2app memory alloc/free for pv/vg/lv properties.
- Change daemon lock filename from lvm2_monitor to lvm2-monitor for 
- Add support for new IMPORT{db} udev rule.
- Add DM_UDEV_PRIMARY_SOURCE_FLAG udev flag to recognize proper DM events.
- Also include udev libs in libdevmapper.pc.
- Cache bitset locations to speed up _calc_states.
- Add a regex optimisation pass for shared prefixes and suffixes.
- Add dm_bit_and and dm_bitset_equal to libdevmapper.
- Speed up dm_bit_get_next with ffs().

- Remove 'lvmconf --lockinglibdir' from cluster post: locking is now 
- Move libdevmapper-event-lvm2.so to devel package.
- Explicitly specify libdevmapper-event.so* attributes.
- Drop support for upgrades from very old versions that used lvm not lvm2.
- Move libdevmapper-event plug-in libraries into new device-mapper 
- Don't verify lvm.conf contents when using rpm --verify.

- Move development links to shared objects to /usr (hard-coded temporarily).
- Change libdevmapper deactivation to fail if device is open.
- Wipe memory buffers for libdevmapper dm-ioctl parameters before releasing.
- Strictly require libudev if udev_sync is used.
- Add support for ioctl's DM_UEVENT_GENERATED_FLAG.
- Allow incomplete mirror restore in lvconvert --repair upon 
insufficient space.
- Do not reset position in metadata ring buffer on vgrename and 
- Allow VGs with active LVs to be renamed.
- Only pass visible LVs to tools in cmdline VG name/tag expansions 
without -a.
- Use C locale and mlockall in clvmd and dmeventd.
- Mask LCK_HOLD in cluster VG locks for upgrade compatibility with older 
- Add activation/polling_interval to lvm.conf as --interval default.
- Don't ignore error if resuming any LV fails when resuming groups of LVs.
- Skip closing persistent filter cache file if open failed.
- Permit mimage LVs to be striped in lvcreate, lvresize and lvconvert.
- Fix pvmove allocation to take existing parallel stripes into account.
- Fix incorrect removal of symlinks after LV deactivation fails.
- Fix is_partitioned_dev not to attempt to reopen device.
- Fix another thread race in clvmd.
- Improve vg_validate to detect some loops in lists.
- Change most remaining log_error WARNING messages to log_warn.
- Always use blocking lock for VGs and orphan locks.
- Allocate all memory for segments from private VG mempool.
- Optimise searching PV segments for seeking the most recently-added.
- Remove duplicated vg_validate checks when parsing cached metadata.
- Use hash table of LVs to speed up parsing of text metadata with many LVs.
- Fix two vg_validate messages, adding whitespace and parentheses.
- When dmeventd is not forking because of -d flag, don't kill parent 
- Fix dso resource leak in error path of dmeventd.
- Fix --alloc contiguous policy only to allocate one set of parallel areas.
- Do not allow {vg|lv}change --ignoremonitoring if on clustered VG.
- Add ability to create mirrored logs for mirror LVs.
- Fix clvmd cluster propagation of dmeventd monitoring mode.
- Allow ALLOC_ANYWHERE to split contiguous areas.
- Add some assertions to allocation code.
- Introduce pv_area_used into allocation algorithm and add debug messages.
- Add activation/monitoring to lvm.conf.
- Add --monitor and --ignoremonitoring to lvcreate.
- Don't allow resizing of internal logical volumes.
- Fix libdevmapper-event pkgconfig version string to match libdevmapper.
- Avoid scanning all pvs in the system if operating on a device with mdas.
- Disable long living process flag in lvm2app library.
- Fix pvcreate device md filter check.
- Suppress repeated errors about the same missing PV uuids.
- Bypass full device scans when using internally-cached VG metadata.
- Only do one full device scan during each read of text format metadata.
- Look up missing PVs by uuid not dev_name in pvs to avoid invalid stat.

- Rewrite clvmd init script.
- Add default alternative to mlockall using mlock to reduce pinned 
memory size.
- Add use_mlockall and mlock_filter to activation section of lvm.conf.
- Handle misaligned devices that report alignment_offset of -1.
- Extend core allocation code in preparation for mirrored log areas.
- No longer fall back to looking up active devices by name if uuid not 
- Don't touch /dev in vgmknodes if activation is disabled.
- Add --showkeys parameter description to dmsetup man page.
- Add --help option as synonym for help command.
- Add lvm2app functions lvm_{vg|lv}_{get|add|remove}_tag() functions.
- Refactor snapshot-merge deptree and device removal to support 

- Change spec file to support excluding cluster components from the build.

- Add %ORIGIN support to lv{create,extend,reduce,resize} --extents.
- Accept a list of LVs with 'lvconvert --merge @tag' using process_each_lv.
- Remove false "failed to find tree node" error when activating merging 
- Exit with success when lvconvert --repair --use-policies performs no 
- Avoid unnecessary second resync when adding mimage to core-logged mirror.
- Make clvmd -V return status zero.
- Fix cmirrord segfault in clog_cpg list processing when converting 
mirror log.
- Deactivate temporary pvmove mirror cluster-wide when activating it fails.
- Add missing metadata vg_reverts in pvmove error paths.
- Unlock shared lock in clvmd if activation calls fail.
- Add lvm_pv_get_size, lvm_pv_get_free and lvm_pv_get_dev_size to lvm2app.
- Change lvm2app to return all sizes in bytes as documented (not sectors).
- Exclude internal VG names and uuids from lists returned through lvm2app.
- Add DM_UDEV_DISABLE_LIBRARY_FALLBACK udev flag to rely on udev only.
- Remove hard-coding that skipped _mimage devices from 11-dm-lvm.rules.
- Export dm_udev_create_cookie function to create new cookies on demand.
- Add --udevcookie, udevcreatecookie and udevreleasecookie to dmsetup.
- Set udev state automatically instead of using DM_UDEV_DISABLE_CHECKING.
- Set udev state automatically instead of using LVM_UDEV_DISABLE_CHECKING.
- Remove pointless versioned symlinks to dmeventd plugin libraries.

- Replace spaces with tabs in a couple of places in spec file.

- Extend cmirrord man page.
- Sleep before first progress check iff pvmove/lvconvert interval has 
prefix '+'.
- Fix cmirror initscript syntax problems.
- Fix first syslog message prefix for dmeventd plugins.
- Make failed locking initialisation messages more descriptive.

- Fix dmeventd lvm2 wrapper (plug-ins unusable in last build).
- Make failed locking initialisation messages more descriptive.

- Drop duplicated BuildRequires on openaislib-devel.
- Drop Requires on clusterlib for cmirror subpackage.
- clvmd subpackage should Requires cman (#506592).

- Add cmirror subpackage for clustered mirrors.
- Set 'preferred_names' in default lvm.conf.
- Add libdevmapper-event-lvm2.so to serialise dmeventd plugin liblvm2cmd 
- Stop dmeventd trying to access already-removed snapshots.
- Fix clvmd to never scan suspended devices.
- Fix detection of completed snapshot merge.
- Improve snapshot merge metadata import validation.

- Fix clvmd automatic target module loading crash.
- Fix allocation code not to stop at the first area of a PV that fits.
- Add support for the "snapshot-merge" kernel target (2.6.33-rc1).
- Add --merge to lvconvert to merge a snapshot into its origin.

- Add --splitmirrors to lvconvert to split off part of a mirror.
- Allow vgremove to remove a VG with PVs missing after a prompt.
- Add activation/udev_rules config option in lvm.conf.
- Add --poll flag to vgchange and lvchange to control background daemon 
- Impose limit of 8 mirror images to match the in-kernel kcopyd restriction.
- Log failure type and recognise type 'F' (flush) in dmeventd mirror plugin.
- Add --noudevrules option for dmsetup to disable /dev node management 
by udev.
- Fix 'dmsetup info -c -o all' to show all fields.
- Fix coredump and memory leak for 'dmsetup help -c'.
- Rename mirror_device_fault_policy to mirror_image_fault policy.
- Use extended status of new kernel snapshot target 1.8.0 to detect when 
- Allow use of precommitted metadata when a PV is missing.
- Add global/abort_on_internal_errors to lvm.conf to assist testing.
- If aborting due to internal error, always send that message to stderr.
- Keep log type consistent when changing mirror image count.
- Exit with success in lvconvert --repair --use-policies on failed 
- Ensure any background daemon exits without duplicating parent's 
- Change background daemon process names to "(lvm2)".
- Fix internal lock state after forking.
- Remove empty PV devices if lvconvert --repair is using defined policies.
- Use fixed buffer to prevent stack overflow in persistent filter dump.
- Propagate metadata commit and revert notifications to other cluster nodes.
- Fix metadata caching and lock state propagation to remote nodes in clvmd.
- Properly decode all flags in clvmd messages including VG locks.
- Drop cached metadata after device was auto-repaired and removed from VG.
- Clear MISSING_PV flag if PV reappeared and is empty.
- Fix removal of multiple devices from a mirror.
- Also clean up PVs flagged as missing in vgreduce --removemissing --force.
- Fix some pvresize and toollib error paths with missing VG 
- Explicitly call suspend for temporary mirror layer.
- Add memlock information to do_lock_lv debug output.
- Always bypass calls to remote cluster nodes for non-clustered VGs.
- Permit implicit cluster lock conversion in pre/post callbacks on local 
- Permit implicit cluster lock conversion to the lock mode already held.
- Fix lock flag masking in clvmd so intended code paths get invoked.
- Remove newly-created mirror log from metadata if initial deactivation 
- Improve pvmove error message when all source LVs are skipped.
- Fix memlock imbalance in lv_suspend if already suspended.
- Fix pvmove test mode not to poll (and fail).
- Fix vgcreate error message if VG already exists.
- Fix tools to use log_error when aborted due to user response to prompt.
- Fix ignored readahead setting in lvcreate --readahead.
- Fix clvmd memory leak in lv_info_by_lvid by calling release_vg.
- If LVM_UDEV_DISABLE_CHECKING is set in environment, disable udev warnings.
- If DM_UDEV_DISABLE_CHECKING is set in environment, disable udev warnings.
- Always set environment variables for an LVM2 device in 11-dm-lvm.rules.
- Disable udev rules for change events with DISK_RO set.
- Add dm_tree_add_dev_with_udev_flags to provide wider support for udev 
- Correct activated or deactivated text in vgchange summary message.
- Fix fsadm man page typo (fsdam).

- Revert vg_read_internal change as clvmd was not ready for vg_read. 
- Fix unbalanced memory locking when deactivating LVs.
- Add missing vg_release to pvs and pvdisplay to fix memory leak.
- Do not try to unlock VG which is not locked when processing a VG.
- Update .cache file after every full device rescan in clvmd.
- Refresh all device filters (including sysfs) before each full device 
- Return error status if vgchange fails to activate any volume.

- Fix deadlock when changing mirrors due to unpaired memlock refcount 
- Fix pvmove region_size overflow for very large PVs.
- Fix lvcreate and lvresize %PVS argument always to use sensible total size.
- Directly restrict vgchange to activating visible LVs.
- Fix hash lookup segfault when keys compared are different lengths.
- Flush stdout after yes/no prompt.
- Recognise DRBD devices and handle them like md devices.
- Add dmsetup --inactive support (requires kernel support targetted for 

- Support udev flags even when udev_sync is disabled.
- Remove last_rule from udev_rules.
- Udev rules cleanup.

- Enable udev synchronisation code.
- Install default udev rules for device-mapper and LVM2.
- Add BuildRequires: libudev-devel.
- Add Requires: libudev (to check udev is running).
- Add Requires: util-linux-ng (blkid used in udev rules).
- Add Conflicts: dracut < 002-18 (for dracut to install required udev rules)

- Add implict pvcreate support to vgcreate and vgextend.
- Add --pvmetadatacopies for pvcreate, vgcreate, vgextend, vgconvert.
- Distinguish between powers of 1000 and powers of 1024 in unit suffixes.
- Restart lvconverts in vgchange.
- Don't attempt to deactivate an LV if any of its snapshots are in use.
- Return error if lv_deactivate fails to remove device from kernel.
- Treat input units of both 's' and 'S' as 512-byte sectors. (2.02.49)
- Use standard output units for 'PE Size' and 'Stripe size' in pv/lvdisplay.
- Add global/si_unit_consistency to enable cleaned-up use of units in 
- Only do lock conversions in clvmd if we are explicitly asked for one.
- Fix clvmd segfault when refresh_toolcontext fails.
- Cleanup mimagetmp LV if allocation fails for new lvconvert mimage.
- Handle metadata with unknown segment types more gracefully.
- Make clvmd return 0 on success rather than 1.
- Correct example.conf to indicate that lvm2 not lvm1 is the default format.
- Delay announcing mirror monitoring to syslog until initialisation 
- Update lvcreate/lvconvert man pages to explain PhysicalVolume parameter.
- Document --all option in man pages and cleanup {pv|vg|lv}{s|display} 

- Enable openais support in clvmd.

- Reissued tarball to fix compilation warning from lvm2_log_fn prototype.

- Create any directories in /dev with umask 022. (#507397)
- Handle paths supplied to dm_task_set_name by getting name from 
- Add splitname and --yes to dmsetup man page.

- Disable udev synchronisation code (revert previous build).

- Enable udev synchronisation code.
- Install default udev rules for device-mapper and LVM2.
- Add BuildRequires: libudev-devel.
- Add Requires: libudev (to check udev is running).
- Add Requires: util-linux-ng (blkid used in udev rules).

- Build dmeventd and place into a separate set of subpackages.
- Remove no-longer-needed BuildRoot tag and buildroot emptying at install.

- Prioritise write locks over read locks by default for file locking.
- Add local lock files with suffix ':aux' to serialise locking requests.
- Fix readonly locking to permit writeable global locks (for vgscan). 
- Make readonly locking available as locking type 4.
- Fix global locking in PV reporting commands (2.02.49).
- Make lvchange --refresh only take a read lock on volume group.
- Fix race where non-blocking file locks could be granted in error.
- Fix pvcreate string termination in duplicate uuid warning message.
- Don't loop reading sysfs with pvcreate on a non-blkext partition 
- Fix vgcfgrestore error paths when locking fails (2.02.49).
- Make clvmd check corosync to see what cluster interface it should use.
- Fix vgextend error path - if ORPHAN lock fails, unlock / release vg 
- Clarify use of PE ranges in lv{convert|create|extend|resize} man pages.
- Restore umask when device node creation fails.
- Check kernel vsn to use 'block_on_error' or 'handle_errors' in mirror 

- Fix global locking in PV reporting commands (2.02.49).
- Fix pvcreate on a partition (2.02.51).
- Build clvmd with both cman and corosync support.

- Fix clvmd locking broken in 2.02.50-1.
- Only change LV /dev symlinks on ACTIVATE not PRELOAD (so not done twice).
- Make lvconvert honour log mirror options combined with downconversion.
- Add devices/data_alignment_detection to lvm.conf.
- Add devices/data_alignment_offset_detection to lvm.conf.
- Add --dataalignmentoffset to pvcreate to shift start of aligned data area.
- Update synopsis in lvconvert manpage to mention --repair.
- Document -I option of clvmd in the man page.

- lvm2-devel requires device-mapper-devel.
- Fix lvm2app.pc filename.

- Add libs and devel subpackages to include shared libraries for 
N.B. The liblvm2app API is not frozen yet and may still be changed
Send any feedback to the mailing list lvm-devel at redhat.com.
- Remove obsolete --with-dmdir from configure.
- Add global/wait_for_locks to lvm.conf so blocking for locks can be 
- Fix race condition with vgcreate and vgextend on same device since 
- Add an API version number, LVM_LIBAPI, to the VERSION string.
- Return EINVALID_CMD_LINE not success when invalid VG name format is used.
- Remove unnecessary messages after vgcreate/vgsplit code change in 2.02.49.
- Store any errno and error messages issued while processing each command.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Mass_Rebuild

- Exclude VG_GLOBAL from vg_write_lock_held so scans open devs read-only 
- Fix dev name mismatch in vgcreate man page example.
- Check md devices for a partition table during device scan.
- Add extended device (blkext) and md partition (mdp) types to filters.
- Make text metadata read errors for segment areas more precise.
- Fix text segment metadata read errors to mention correct segment name.
- Include segment and LV names in text segment import error messages.
- Fix memory leak in vgsplit when re-reading the vg.
- Permit several segment types to be registered by a single shared object.
- Update the man pages to document size units uniformly.
- Allow commandline sizes to be specified in terms of bytes and sectors.
- Update 'md_chunk_alignment' to use stripe-width to align PV data area.
- Fix segfault in vg_release when vg->cmd is NULL.
- Add dm_log_with_errno and dm_log_with_errno_init, deprecating the old fns.
- Fix whitespace in linear target line to fix identical table line 
- Add device number to more log messages during activation.

- BuildRequires and Requires on stable versions of both corosync-lib 
and cluster-lib (3.0.0-20).

- Abort if automatic metadata correction fails when reading VG to update it.
- Don't fallback to default major number in libdm: use 
- Explicitly request fallback to default major number in device mapper.
- Ignore suspended devices during repair.
- Suggest using lvchange --resync when adding leg to not-yet-synced mirror.
- Destroy toolcontext on clvmd exit to avoid memory pool leaks.
- Fix lvconvert not to poll mirror if no conversion in progress.
- Fix memory leaks in toolcontext error path.
- Reinstate partial activation support in clustered mode.
- Allow metadata correction even when PVs are missing.
- Use 'lvm lvresize' instead of 'lvresize' in fsadm.
- Do not use '-n' realine option in fsadm for rescue disk compatiblity.
- Round up requested readahead to at least one page and print warning.
- Try to repair vg before actual vgremove when force flag provided.
- Unify error messages when processing inconsistent volume group.
- Introduce lvconvert --use_policies (repair policy according to lvm.conf).
- Fix rename of active snapshot with virtual origin.
- Fix convert polling to ignore LV with different UUID.
- Cache underlying device readahead only before activation calls.
- Fix segfault when calculating readahead on missing device in vgreduce.
- Remove verbose 'visited' messages.
- Handle multi-extent mirror log allocation when smallest PV has only 1 
- Add LSB standard headers and functions (incl. reload) to clvmd initscript.
- When creating new LV, double-check that name is not already in use.
- Remove /dev/vgname/lvname symlink automatically if LV is no longer 
- Rename internal vorigin LV to match visible LV.
- Suppress 'removed' messages displayed when internal LVs are removed.
- Fix lvchange -a and -p for sparse LVs.
- Fix lvcreate --virtualsize to activate the new device immediately.
- Make --snapshot optional with lvcreate --virtualsize.
- Generalise --virtualoriginsize to --virtualsize.
- Skip virtual origins in process_each_lv_in_vg() without --all.
- Fix counting of virtual origin LVs in vg_validate.
- Attempt to load dm-zero module if zero target needed but not present.
- Add crypt target handling to libdevmapper tree nodes.
- Add splitname command to dmsetup.
- Add subsystem, vg_name, lv_name, lv_layer fields to dmsetup reports.
- Make mempool optional in dm_split_lvm_name() in libdevmapper.

- BuildRequire newer version of corosynclib (0.97-1) to link against
latest libraries version (soname 4.0.0).
- Add lvm2-2_02_48-cluster-cpg-new-api.patch to port clvmd-corosync
to new corosync cpg API.

- Inherit readahead setting from underlying devices during activation.
- Detect LVs active on remote nodes by querying locks if supported.
- Enable online resizing of mirrors.
- Use suspend with flush when device size was changed during table preload.
- Implement query_resource_fn for cluster_locking.
- Support query_resource_fn in locking modules.
- Fix pvmove to revert operation if temporary mirror creation fails.
- Fix metadata export for VG with missing PVs.
- Add vgimportclone and install it and the man page by default.
- Force max_lv restriction only for newly created LV.
- Do not query nonexistent devices for readahead.
- Reject missing PVs from allocation in toollib.
- Fix PV datalignment for values starting prior to MDA area. (2.02.45)
- Add sparse devices: lvcreate -s --virtualoriginsize (hidden zero origin).
- Fix minimum width of devices column in reports.
- Add lvs origin_size field.
- Implement lvconvert --repair for repairing partially-failed mirrors.
- Fix vgreduce --removemissing failure exit code.
- Fix remote metadata backup for clvmd.
- Fix metadata backup to run after vg_commit always.
- Fix pvs report for orphan PVs when segment attributes are requested.
- Fix pvs -a output to not read volume groups from non-PV devices.
- Introduce memory pools per volume group (to reduce memory for large VGs).
- Always return exit error status when locking of volume group fails.
- Fix mirror log convert validation question.
- Enable use of cached metadata for pvs and pvdisplay commands.
- Fix memory leak in mirror allocation code.
- Save and restore the previous logging level when log level is changed.
- Fix error message when archive initialization fails.
- Make sure clvmd-corosync releases the lockspace when it exits.
- Fix segfault for vgcfgrestore on VG with missing PVs.
- Block SIGTERM & SIGINT in clvmd subthreads.
- Detect and conditionally wipe swapspace signatures in pvcreate.
- Fix maximal volume count check for snapshots if max_lv set for volume 
- Fix lvcreate to remove unused cow volume if the snapshot creation fails.
- Fix error messages when PV uuid or pe_start reading fails.
- Flush memory pool and fix locking in clvmd refresh and backup command.
- Fix unlocks in clvmd-corosync. (2.02.45)
- Fix error message when adding metadata directory to internal list fails.
- Fix size and error message of memory allocation at backup initialization.
- Remove old metadata backup file after renaming VG.
- Restore log_suppress state when metadata backup file is up-to-date.
- Export dm_tree_node_size_changed() from libdevmapper.
- Fix segfault when getopt processes dmsetup -U, -G and -M options.
- Add _smp_mflags to compilation and remove DESTDIR.

- Add MMC (mmcblk) device type to filters. (483686)

- Add FTP server location to Source0.

- BuildRequires a newer version of corosync (0.95-2) to fix linking.

- Update clusterlib and corosync dependencies.
- Attempt proper clean up in child before executing fsadm or modprobe.
- Do not scan devices if reporting only attributes from PV label.
- Use pkgconfig to obtain corosync library details during configuration.
- Fix error returns in clvmd-corosync interface to DLM.
- Add --refresh to vgchange and vgmknodes man pages.
- Pass --test from lvresize to fsadm as --dry-run.
- Prevent fsadm from checking mounted filesystems.
- No longer treats any other key as 'no' when prompting in fsadm.
- Add --dataalignment to pvcreate to specify alignment of data area.
- Fix unblocking of interrupts after several commands.
- Provide da and mda locations in debug message when writing text format 
- Mention the restriction on file descriptors at invocation on the lvm 
man page.
- Index cached vgmetadata by vgid not vgname to cope with duplicate vgnames.
- No longer require kernel and metadata major numbers to match.
- If kernel supports only one dm major number, use in place of any supplied.
- Add option to /etc/sysconfig/cluster to select cluster type for clvmd.
- Allow clvmd to start up if its lockspace already exists.
- Separate PV label attributes which do not need parse metadata when 
- Remove external dependency on the 'cut' command from fsadm.
- Fix pvs segfault when pv mda attributes requested for unavailable PV.
- Add fsadm support for reszing ext4 filesysystems.
- Change lvm2-cluster to corosync instead of cman.
- Fix some old changelog typos in email addresses.

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_11_Mass_Rebuild

- Add --nameprefixes, --unquoted, --rows to pvs, vgs, lvs man pages.
- Fix lvresize size conversion for fsadm when block size is not 1K.
- Fix pvs segfault when run with orphan PV and some VG fields.
- Display a 'dev_size' of zero for missing devices in reports.
- Add pv_mda_size to pvs and vg_mda_size to vgs.
- Fix lvmdump /sys listing to include virtual devices directory.
- Add "--refresh" functionality to vgchange and vgmknodes.
- Avoid exceeding LV size when wiping device.
- Calculate mirror log size instead of using 1 extent.
- Ensure requested device number is available before activating with it.
- Fix incorrect exit status from 'help <command>'.
- Fix vgrename using UUID if there are VGs with identical names.
- Fix segfault when invalid field given in reporting commands.
- Use better random seed value in temp file creation.
- Add read_urandom to read /dev/urandom. Use in uuid calculation.
- Fix race in vgcreate that would result in second caller overwriting first.
- Fix uninitialised lv_count in vgdisplay -c.
- Don't skip updating pvid hash when lvmcache_info struct got swapped.
- Fix startup race in clvmd.
- Cope with snapshot dependencies when removing a whole VG with lvremove.
- Make man pages and tool help text consistent using | for alternative 
- Add "all" field to reports expanding to all fields of report type.
- Enforce device name length and character limitations in libdm.

- Upstream merge of device-mapper and lvm2 source.
- Correct prototype for --permission on lvchange and lvcreate man pages.
- Exit with non-zero status from vgdisplay if couldn't show any 
requested VG.
- libdevmapper.pc: Use simplified x.y.z version number.
- Accept locking fallback_to_* options in the global section as documented.
- Several fixes to lvconvert involving mirrors.
- Avoid overwriting in-use on-disk text metadata when metadataarea fills up.
- Generate man pages from templates and include version.
- Fix misleading error message when there are no allocatable extents in VG.
- Fix handling of PVs which reappeared with old metadata version.
- Fix validation of --minor and --major in lvcreate to require -My always.
- Allow lvremove to remove LVs from VGs with missing PVs.
- In VG with PVs missing, by default allow activation of LVs that are 
- Require --force with --removemissing in vgreduce to remove partial LVs.
- No longer write out PARTIAL flag into metadata backups.
- Treat new default activation/missing_stripe_filler "error" as an error 
- Add devices/md_chunk_alignment to lvm.conf.
- Pass struct physical_volume to pe_align and adjust for md chunk size.
- Avoid shuffling remaining mirror images when removing one, retaining 
- Prevent resizing an LV while lvconvert is using it.
- Avoid repeatedly wiping cache while VG_GLOBAL is held in vgscan & pvscan.
- Fix pvresize to not allow resize if PV has two metadata areas.
- Fix setting of volume limit count if converting to lvm1 format.
- Fix vgconvert logical volume id metadata validation.
- Fix lvmdump metadata gather option (-m) to work correctly.
- Fix allocation bug in text metadata format write error path.
- Fix vgcfgbackup to properly check filename if template is used.
- vgremove tries to remove lv snapshot first.
- Improve file descriptor leak detection to display likely culprit and 
- Avoid looping forever in _pv_analyze_mda_raw used by pvck.
- Change lvchange exit status to indicate if any part of the operation 
- Fix pvchange and pvremove to handle PVs without mdas.
- Fix pvchange -M1 -u to preserve existing extent locations when there's 
a VG.
- Cease recognising snapshot-in-use percentages returned by early devt 
- Add backward-compatible flags field to on-disk format_text metadata.
- libdevmapper: Only resume devices in dm_tree_preload_children if size 
- libdevmapper: Extend deptree buffers so the largest possible device 
numbers fit.
- libdevmapper: Underline longer report help text headings.

- Only set exec_prefix once and configure explicit directories to work with
new version of rpm.

- Add BuildRequires on cmanlib-devel. This is required after libcman split
from cman and cman-devel into cmanlib and cmanlib-devel.
- Make versioned BuildRequires on cman-devel and cmanlib-devel more strict
to guarantee to get the right version.

- Add versioned BuildRequires on new cman-devel.

- Change %patch to %patch0 to match Patch0 as required by RPM package 

- Fix license tag.

- Fix up cache for PVs without mdas after consistent VG metadata is 
- Update validation of safe mirror log type conversions in lvconvert.
- Fix lvconvert to disallow snapshot and mirror combinations.
- Fix reporting of LV fields alongside unallocated PV segments.
- Add --unquoted and --rows to reporting tools.
- Avoid undefined status code after _memlock commands in lvm shell.
- Fix and improve readahead 'auto' calculation for stripe_size.
- Fix lvchange output for -r auto setting if auto is already set.
- Fix add_mirror_images not to dereference uninitialized log_lv upon 
- Add --force to lvextend and lvresize.
- Fix vgchange to not activate component mirror volumes directly.

- dmsetup: Add --unquoted and --rows to 'info -c' command.
- libdevmapper: Fix inverted no_flush debug message.

- libdevmapper: Make dm_hash_iter safe against deletion.
- libdevmapper: Accept a NULL pointer to dm_free silently.
- libdevmapper: Calculate string size within dm_pool_grow_object.
- libdevmapper: Send reporting field help text to stderr not stdout.

- dmsetup: Add tables_loaded, readonly and suspended columns to reports.
- dmsetup: Add --nameprefixes for new report output format FIELD=VALUE.

- Add --nameprefixes to reporting tools for field name prefix output format.
- Fix return values for reporting commands when run with no PVs, LVs, or 
- Add omitted unlock_vg() call when sigint_caught() during vg processing.
- Fix free_count when reading pool metadata.
- Fix segfault when using pvcreate on a device containing pool metadata.
- In script-processing mode, stop if any command fails.
- Warn if command exits with non-zero status code without a prior log_error.
- Correct config file line numbers in messages when parsing comments.
- Add missing deactivation after activation failure in lvcreate -Zy.
- When removing LV symlinks, skip any where the VG name is not determined.
- Fix vgsplit internal counting of snapshot LVs.
- Update vgsplit to only restrict split with active LVs involved in split.
- Fix vgsplit to only move hidden 'snapshotN' LVs when necessary.
- Update vgsplit man page to reflect lvnames on the cmdline.
- Update vgsplit to take "-n LogicalVolumeName" on the cmdline.
- Fix vgsplit error paths to release vg_to lock.
- Avoid spurious duplicate VG messages referring to VGs that are gone.
- Drop dev_name_confirmed error message to debug level.
- Fix setpriority error message to signed int.
- Add assertions to trap deprecated P_ and V_ lock usage.
- Avoid using DLM locks with LCK_CACHE type P_ lock requests.
- Don't touch /dev in vgrename if activation is disabled.
- Exclude VG_GLOBAL from internal concurrent VG lock counter.
- Fix vgmerge snapshot_count when source VG contains snapshots.
- Fix internal LV counter when a snapshot is removed.
- Fix metadata corruption writing lvm1-formatted metadata with snapshots.
- Fix lvconvert -m0 allocatable space check.
- Don't attempt remote metadata backups of non-clustered VGs.
- Improve preferred_names lvm.conf example.
- Fix vgdisplay 'Cur LV' field to match lvdisplay output.
- Fix lv_count report field to exclude hidden LVs.
- Fix some pvmove error status codes.
- Indicate whether or not VG is clustered in vgcreate log message.
- Mention default --clustered setting in vgcreate man page.
- Fix vgreduce to use vg_split_mdas to check sufficient mdas remain.
- Update lvmcache VG lock state for all locking types now.
- Fix output if overriding command_names on cmdline.
- Add check to vg_commit() ensuring VG lock held before writing new VG 
- Add validation of LV name to pvmove -n.
- Add some basic internal VG lock validation.
- Fix vgsplit internal counting of snapshot LVs.
- Update vgsplit to only restrict split with active LVs involved in split.
- Fix vgsplit to only move hidden 'snapshotN' LVs when necessary.
- Update vgsplit man page to reflect lvnames on the cmdline.
- Update vgsplit to take "-n LogicalVolumeName" on the cmdline.
- Fix vgsplit error paths to release vg_to lock.
- Fix vgsplit locking of new VG.
- Avoid erroneous vgsplit error message for new VG.
- Suppress duplicate message when lvresize fails because of invalid vgname.
- Cache VG metadata internally while VG lock is held.
- Fix redundant lvresize message if vg doesn't exist.
- Make clvmd-cman use a hash rather than an array for node updown info.
- Decode numbers in clvmd debugging output.
- Fix uninitialised mutex in clvmd if all daemons are not running at 
- Add config file overrides to clvmd when it reads the active LVs list.
- Make clvmd refresh the context correctly when lvm.conf is updated.
- Fix another allocation bug with clvmd and large node IDs.
- Fix uninitialised variable in clvmd that could cause odd hangs.
- Correct command name in lvmdiskscan man page.
- clvmd no longer crashes if it sees nodeids over 50.
- Fix potential deadlock in clvmd thread handling.
- Update usage message for clvmd.
- Fix clvmd man page not to print <br> and clarified debug options.
- Escape double quotes and backslashes in external metadata and config data.
- Correct a function name typo in _line_append error message.
- Fix resetting of MIRROR_IMAGE and VISIBLE_LV after removal of LV.
- Fix remove_layer_from_lv to empty the LV before removing it.
- Add missing no-longer-used segs_using_this_lv test to check_lv_segments.
- Fix lvconvert detection of mirror conversion in progress.
- Avoid automatic lvconvert polldaemon invocation when -R specified.
- Fix 'pvs -a' to detect VGs of PVs without metadata areas.
- Divide up internal orphan volume group by format type.
- Fix lvresize to support /dev/mapper prefix in the LV name.
- Fix lvresize to pass new size to fsadm when extending device.
- Fix unfilled parameter passed to fsadm from lvresize.
- Update fsadm to call lvresize if the partition size differs (with 
option -l).
- Fix fsadm to support VG/LV names.

- Adjust for new name for vio disks (from danpb)
- And fix the build (also from danpb)

- recognize vio disks

- Improve internal label caching performance while locks are held.
- Fix mirror log name construction during lvconvert.

- Fix pvs, vgs, lvs error exit status on some error paths.
- Fix new parameter validation in vgsplit and test mode.
- Fix internal metadata corruption in lvchange --resync.

- Avoid readahead error message when using default setting of lvcreate -M1.
- Fix lvcreate --nosync not to wait for non-happening sync.
- Add very_verbose lvconvert messages.

- Remove static libraries and binaries and move most binaries out of /usr.
- Fix a segfault if using pvs with --all argument.
- Fix vgreduce PV list processing not to process every PV in the VG.
- Reinstate VG extent size and stripe size defaults (halved).
- Set default readahead to twice maximium stripe size.
- Detect non-orphans without MDAs correctly.
- Prevent pvcreate from overwriting MDA-less PVs belonging to active VGs.
- Don't use block_on_error with mirror targets version 1.12 and above.
- Change vgsplit -l (for unimplemented --list) into --maxlogicalvolumes.
- Update vgsplit to accept vgcreate options when new VG is destination.
- Update vgsplit to accept existing VG as destination.
- Major restructuring of pvmove and lvconvert code, adding stacking support.
- Add new convert_lv field to lvs output.
- Permit LV segment fields with PV segment reports.
- Extend lvconvert to use polldaemon and wait for completion of initial 
- Add seg_start_pe and seg_pe_ranges to reports.
- Add fsadm interface to filesystem resizing tools.
- Update --uuid argument description in man pages.
- Print warning when lvm tools are running as non-root.

- Fix libdevmapper readahead processing with snapshots (for example).

- Add missing lvm2 build & runtime dependencies on module-init-tools 

- fix requirements

- Fold device-mapper build into this lvm2 spec file.

- Make clvmd backup vg metadata on remote nodes.
- Decode cluster locking state in log message.
- Change file locking state messages from debug to very verbose.
- Fix --addtag to drop @ prefix from name.
- Stop clvmd going haywire if a pre_function fails.
- Avoid nested vg_reads when processing PVs in VGs and fix associated 
- Attempt to remove incomplete LVs with lvcreate zeroing/activation 
- Add full read_ahead support.
- Add lv_read_ahead and lv_kernel_read_ahead fields to reports and 
- Prevent lvconvert -s from using same LV as origin and snapshot.
- Fix human-readable output of odd numbers of sectors.
- Add pv_mda_free and vg_mda_free fields to reports for raw text format.
- Add LVM2 version to 'Generated by' comment in metadata.
- Show 'not usable' space when PV is too large for device in pvdisplay.
- Ignore and fix up any excessive device size found in metadata.
- Fix error message when fixing up PV size in lvm2 metadata (2.02.11).
- Fix orphan-related locking in pvdisplay and pvs.
- Fix missing VG unlocks in some pvchange error paths.
- Add some missing validation of VG names.
- Detect md superblocks version 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.
- Add some pv-related error paths.
- Handle future sysfs subsystem/block/devices directory structure.
- Fix a bug in lvm_dump.sh checks for lvm/dmsetup binaries.
- Fix underquotations in lvm_dump.sh.
- Print --help output to stdout, not stderr.
- After a cmdline processing error, don't print help text but suggest 
- Add %PVS extents option to lvresize, lvextend, and lvcreate.
- Remove no-longer-correct restrictions on PV arg count with 
- Fix strdup memory leak in str_list_dup().
- Link with -lpthread when static SELinux libraries require that.
- Detect command line PE values that exceed their 32-bit range.
- Include strerror string in dev_open_flags' stat failure message.
- Avoid error when --corelog is provided without --mirrorlog. (2.02.28)
- Correct --mirrorlog argument name in man pages (not --log).
- Clear MIRROR_NOTSYNCED LV flag when converting from mirror to linear.
- Modify lvremove to prompt for removal if LV active on other cluster nodes.
- Add '-f' to vgremove to force removal of VG even if LVs exist.

- vgscan and pvscan now trigger clvmd -R, which should now work.
- Fix clvmd logging so you can get lvm-level debugging out of it.
- Allow clvmd debug to be turned on in a running daemon using clvmd -d [-C].
- Add more cluster info to lvmdump.
- Fix lvdisplay man page to say LV size is reported in sectors, not KB.
- Fix loading of persistent cache if cache_dir is used.
- Only permit --force, --verbose and --debug arguments to be repeated.
- Add support for renaming mirrored LVs.
- Add --mirrorlog argument to specify log type for mirrors.
- Don't leak a file descriptor if flock or fcntl fails.
- Detect stream write failure reliably.
- Reduce severity of lstat error messages to very_verbose.
- Update to use autoconf 2.61, while still supporting 2.57.

- Clarify GPL licence as being version 2.

- Add SUN's LDOM virtual block device (vdisk) and ps3disk to filters.

- Add -f to vgcfgrestore to list metadata backup files.
- Add pvdisplay --maps implementation.
- Add devices/preferred_names config regex list for displayed device names.
- Add vg_mda_count and pv_mda_count columns to reports.
- Change cling alloc policy attribute character from 'C' to l'.
- Print warnings to stderr instead of stdout.
- Fix snapshot cow area deactivation if origin is not active.
- Reinitialise internal lvmdiskscan variables when called repeatedly.
- Allow keyboard interrupt during user prompts when appropriate.
- Fix deactivation code to follow dependencies and remove symlinks.
- Fix a segfault in device_is_usable() if a device has no table.
- Fix creation and conversion of mirrors with tags.
- Add command stub for pvck.
- Handle vgsplit of an entire VG as a vgrename.
- Fix vgsplit for lvm1 format (set and validate VG name in PVs metadata).
- Split metadata areas in vgsplit properly.
- Fix and clarify vgsplit error messages.
- Update lists of attribute characters in man pages.
- Remove unsupported LVM1 options from vgcfgrestore man page.
- Update vgcfgrestore man page to show mandatory VG name.
- Update vgrename man page to include UUID and be consistent with lvrename.
- Add some more debug messages to clvmd startup.
- Fix thread race in clvmd.
- Make clvmd cope with quorum devices.
- Add extra internal error checking to clvmd.
- Fix missing lvm_shell symbol in lvm2cmd library.
- Move regex functions into libdevmapper.
- Add kernel and device-mapper targets versions to lvmdump.
- Add /sys/block listings to lvmdump.
- Make lvmdump list /dev recursively.
- Mark /etc/lvm subdirectories as directories in spec file.

- Add BuildRequires readline-static until makefiles get fixed.
- Fix processing of exit status in init scripts
- Fix vgremove to require at least one vg argument.
- Fix reading of striped LVs in LVM1 format.
- Flag nolocking as clustered so clvmd startup sees clustered LVs.
- Add a few missing pieces of vgname command line validation.
- Support the /dev/mapper prefix on most command lines.

- Fix vgrename active LV check to ignore differing vgids.
- Fix two more segfaults if an empty config file section encountered.
- Fix a leak in a reporting error path.
- Add devices/cache_dir & devices/cache_file_prefix, deprecating 

- Move .cache file to /etc/lvm/cache.

- Rebuild after device-mapper package split.

- Add ncurses-static BuildRequires after package split.
- Fix loading of segment_libraries.
- If a PV reappears after it was removed from its VG, make it an orphan.
- Don't update metadata automatically if VGIDs don't match.
- Fix some vgreduce --removemissing command line validation.
- Trivial man page corrections (-b and -P).
- Add global/units to example.conf.
- Remove readline support from lvm.static.

- Remove file wildcards and unintentional lvmconf installation.

- Add build dependency on new device-mapper-devel package.

- Remove superfluous execute perm from .cache data file.

- Fix vgsplit to handle mirrors.
- Reorder fields in reporting field definitions.
- Fix vgs to treat args as VGs even when PV fields are displayed.
- Fix md signature check to handle both endiannesses.

- Fix exit statuses of reporting tools.
- Add some missing close() and fclose() return code checks.
- Add devices/ignore_suspended_devices to ignore suspended dm devices.
- Fix refresh_toolcontext() always to wipe persistent device filter cache.
- Long-lived processes write out persistent dev cache in 
- Streamline dm_report_field_* interface.
- Update reporting man pages.
- Add --clustered to man pages.
- Add field definitions to report help text.

- Remove BuildRequires libtermcap-devel
Resolves: #223766

- Fix a segfault if an empty config file section encountered.
- Fix partition table processing after sparc changes.
- Fix cmdline PE range processing segfault.
- Move basic reporting functions into libdevmapper.

- Rebuild.

- Use CFLAGS when linking so mixed sparc builds can supply -m64.
- Prevent permission changes on active mirrors.
- Print warning instead of error message if lvconvert cannot zero volume.
- Add snapshot options to lvconvert man page.
- dumpconfig accepts a list of configuration variables to display.
- Change dumpconfig to use --file to redirect output to a file.
- Avoid vgreduce error when mirror code removes the log LV.
- Fix ambiguous vgsplit error message for split LV.
- Fix lvextend man page typo.
- Use no flush suspending for mirrors.
- Fix create mirror with name longer than 22 chars.

- Add missing pvremove error message when device doesn't exist.
- When lvconvert allocates a mirror log, respect parallel area constraints.
- Check for failure to allocate just the mirror log.
- Support mirror log allocation when there is only one PV: area_count now 0.
- Fix detection of smallest area in _alloc_parallel_area() for cling policy.
- Add manpage entry for clvmd -T
- Fix hang in clvmd if a pre-command failed.

- Fix VG clustered read locks to use PR not CR.
- Adjust some alignments for ia64/sparc.
- Fix mirror segment removal to use temporary error segment.
- Always compile debug logging into clvmd.
- Add startup timeout to clvmd startup script.
- Add -T (startup timeout) switch to clvmd.
- Improve lvm_dump.sh robustness.

- Fix clvmd init script line truncation.

- Fix lvm.conf segfault.

- New upstream - see WHATS_NEW.

- New upstream - see WHATS_NEW.

- Fix high-level free-space check on partial allocation.
Resolves: #212774

- New upstream - see WHATS_NEW.
Resolves: #205818

- Remove no-longer-used ldconfig from lvm2-cluster and fix lvmconf
to cope without the shared library.

- New upstream.

- Incorporate lvm2-cluster as a subpackage.

- Install lvmdump script.

- Build in cluster locking with fallback if external locking fails to load.

- Drop .0 suffix from release.

- Append distribution to release.

- New upstream with numerous fixes and small enhancements.
(See the WHATS_NEW documentation file for complete upstream changelog.)

- Fix metadata and map alignment problems on ppc64 (#206202)

- require new libselinux to avoid segfaults on xen (#200783)

- free trip through the buildsystem

- rebuild

- Rebuild to pick up new nosegneg libc.a for lvm.static

- Reinstate archs now build system is back.
- BuildRequires libsepol-devel.

- New upstream release.

- Exclude archs that aren't building.

- Fix VG uuid comparisons.

- New release upstream, including better handling of duplicated VG names.

- bump again for double-long bug on ppc(64)

- rebuilt for new gcc4.1 snapshot and glibc changes

* Fri Dec 09 2005 Jesse Keating <jkeating at redhat.com>
- rebuilt

- update to 2.02.01

- add patch for xen block devices

* Sat Oct 15 2005 Florian La Roche <laroche at redhat.com>
- add -lselinux -lsepol to the static linking -ldevice-mapper requires it

- the distro doesn't really work without a 2.6 kernel, so no need to 
require it

- And a few more bugs fixes.

- Fix several bugs discovered in the last release.

- New version upstream with a lot of fixes and enhancements.

- Add /etc/lvm

- No longer abort read operations if archive/backup directories aren't 
- Add runtime directories and file to the package.

- Improve detection of external changes affecting internal cache.
- Add clustered VG attribute.
- Suppress rmdir opendir error message.


- Suppress some new compiler messages.

- Remove build directory from built-in path.
- Extra /dev scanning required for clustered operation.

- Allow anaconda to suppress warning messages.

- Upstream changes not affecting Fedora.

- Offset pool minors; lvm2cmd.so skips open fd check; pvmove -f gone.

- Fix snapshot device size & 64-bit display output.

- Minor fixes.

- Update vgcreate man page. Preparation for snapshot origin extension fix.

- Fix metadata auto-correction. Only request open_count when needed.

- Rebuilt for new readline.

- pvcreate wipes ext label
- several clvm fixes

- Remove temporary /sbin symlinks no longer needed.
- Include read-only pool support in the build.

- More fixes (143501).

- Fix pvcreate install issues.

- Additional debugging code.
- Some trivial man page corrections.

- Reinstate all archs.

- Try excluding more archs.

- Exclude s390x which fails.

- Fix last fix.

- Endian fix to partition/md signature detection.

- Fix partition table detection & an out of memory segfault.

- Several installation-related fixes & man page updates.

- Fix 2.6 kernel requirement

- Fix vgmknodes return code & vgremove locking.

- Obsolete old lvm1 packages; refuse install if running kernel 2.4. [bz 

- More upstream fixes. (Always check WHATS_NEW file for details.)
- Add requested BuildRequires. [bz 124916, 132408]

- Various minor upstream fixes.

- Permission fix included upstream; use different endian conversion macros.

- fix permissions on vg dirs

- New upstream release incorporating fixes plus minor enhancements.

- add patch for iSeries viodasd support
- add patch to check file type using stat(2) if d_type == DT_UNKNOWN 

- New upstream release fixes 2.6 kernel device numbers.

- Latest upstream release. Lots of changes (see WHATS_NEW).

- rebuilt

- clone %description from LVM rpm

- vgscan shouldn't return error status when no VGs present

- i2o patch from Markus Lidel

- handle disabled SELinux correctly, so that LVMs can be detected in a
non-SELinux context

- Fix non-root build with current version of 'install'.

- Use 64-bit file offsets.

- Avoid scanning devices containing md superblocks.
- Integrate ENOTSUP patch.

- don't die if we get ENOTSUP setting selinux contexts

- Add temporary pvscan symlink for LVM1 until mkinitrd gets updated.

- Mark config file noreplace.

- Install default /etc/lvm/lvm.conf.
- Move non-static binaries to /usr/sbin.
- Add temporary links in /sbin to lvm.static until rc.sysinit gets updated.

- Fallback to using LVM1 tools when using a 2.4 kernel without 

- Install the full toolset, not just 'lvm'.

- Update to version 2.00.10, which incorporates the RH-specific patches
and includes various fixes and enhancements detailed in WHATS_NEW.

- Fix sysfs patch to find sysfs
- Take patch from dwalsh and tweak a little for setting SELinux contexts on
device node creation and also do it on the symlink creation. Part of 
this should probably be pushed down to device-mapper instead

- Add sysfs filter patch
- Allow non-root users to build RPM

* Fri Feb 13 2004 Elliot Lee <sopwith at redhat.com>
- rebuilt

- add static lvm binary

* Tue Dec 02 2003 Jeremy Katz <katzj at redhat.com>
- Initial build.

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