[El-errata] ELBA-2021-9334 Oracle Linux 8 binutils bug fix update

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Mon Jun 28 21:02:42 PDT 2021

Oracle Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2021-9334


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 8 have been uploaded to the Unbreakable Linux Network:




Description of changes:

- Backport the fully-functional CTF deduplicator.  The spurious conflicts
  in the previous version are gone; ambiguously-defined types and those
  depending on them are properly shuffled into per-CU dicts; the
  share-duplicated link mode used by ctfarchive where types only used in
  one CU end up in a per-CU dict is fully implemented.  This is the
  version that is upstream.
  The linker is much faster, uses much less memory, and generates much
  smaller CTF output (usually better than dwarf2ctf despite emitting
  function types where dwarf2ctf did not) and is much more robust and
  more heavily tested.
- Remove the nondeduplicating CTF linker, and dead code supporting
  impossible things unnamed typedefs and basic types
- Backport the new ld-ctf and libctf testsuites
- New linker options --ctf-variables (off by default), --ctf-share-types
- func info / data object support (needs compiler changes for
  working func info support, but all the code is there in binutils now);
  new API functions to add symbols to a dict, look them up, and iterate over
  them: ctf_symbol_next, ctf_add_objt_sym, ctf_add_func_sym,
  ctf_link_add_linker_symbol, ctf_arc_lookup_symbol, ctf_lookup_by_symbol_name,
- Backport numerous bugfixes: fix handling of function types' arglists,
  allow ctf_type_reference of dynamic slices; prevent some causes of
  munmap()s of random chunks of memory; improved handling of corrupted
  dicts; improve dump output some more; fix some error handling bugs;
  fix opening CTF in binaries with a strtab but no symtab; use a more reliable
  method to ensure the output has exactly one .ctf section; use the dynamic
  sections for strings and symbols so that CTF is not corrupted by strip(1);
  improve the CTF dumper; support unnamed structure members better; fix a
  theoretical buffer overrun when looking up symbols by name; improve
  pointer lookup by name in dicts with parents; don't lose types or corrupt
  the dict when looking up or adding more types in writable dicts after
  serializing the dict
- more armoring against invalid CTF and prevention of wrong results when
  asking for things like the size of opaque forwards or the encoding of enums
- gettextization
- New public API also used by the deduplicator: improved error reporting and
  assertion failures; improved _next iterators with most _iter iterators
  reimplemented using them, new API functions *_next, ctf_type_name_raw,
  ctf_type_kind_forwarded, ctf_ref, ctf_member_count, ctf_archive_count,
  ctf_arc_flush_caches, ctf_getsymsect, ctf_getstrsect, ctf_symsect_endianness,
  ctf_arc_symsect_endianness, ctf_add_unknown; add ctf_dict_t as a recommended
  new typename for the deprecated ctf_file_t, and new functions with _dict in
  the name; add the ability to filter out variables from the link
- New internal infrastructure: new internal dynhash functions and a new dynset
  type; higher-efficiency dynhashes; removal of unnecessary duplication in
  type lookup paths; add optional lazy loading of CTF >at link time (not used
  by ld); make cu-mapping links (as used by ctfarchive) take much less memory
- Run make check in libctf too.
- Reviewed-by: David Faust <david.faust at oracle.com>

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