[El-errata] ELSA-2021-9285 Important: Oracle Linux 7 qemu security update (aarch64)

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Mon Jun 7 09:46:46 PDT 2021

Oracle Linux Security Advisory ELSA-2021-9285


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 7 have been uploaded to the Unbreakable Linux Network:



Related CVEs:


Description of changes:

- Revert "oslib-posix: refactor memory prealloc threads" (Mark Kanda)  [Orabug: 32903662]
- Revert "oslib-posix: initialize backend memory objects in parallel" (Mark Kanda)  [Orabug: 32903662]

- i386/pc: let iterator handle regions below 4G (Joao Martins)

- arm/virt: Add memory hot remove support (Mihai Carabas)  [Orabug: 32643506]
- i386/pc: consolidate usable iova iteration (Joao Martins)
- i386/acpi: fix SRAT ranges in accordance to usable IOVA (Joao Martins)
- migration: increase listening socket backlog (Elena Ufimtseva)  [Orabug: 32792545]
- multifd: Make multifd_save_setup() get an Error parameter (Juan Quintela)
- multifd: Make multifd_load_setup() get an Error parameter (Juan Quintela)
- migration: fix maybe-uninitialized warning (Marc-André Lureau)
- migration: Fix the re-run check of the migrate-incoming command (Yury Kotov)
- multifd: Initialize local variable (Juan Quintela)
- multifd: Be consistent about using uint64_t (Juan Quintela)
- Bug #1829242 correction. (Alexey Romko)
- migration/multifd: fix destroyed mutex access in terminating multifd threads (Jiahui Cen)
- migration/multifd: fix nullptr access in terminating multifd threads (Jiahui Cen)
- migration/multifd: not use multifd during postcopy (Wei Yang)
- migration/multifd: clean pages after filling packet (Wei Yang)
- migration: Make sure that we don't call write() in case of error (Juan Quintela)
- migration: fix multifd_send_pages() next channel (Laurent Vivier)
- migration/multifd: bypass uuid check for initial packet (Elena Ufimtseva)  [Orabug: 32610480]
- migration/tls: add error handling in multifd_tls_handshake_thread (Hao Wang)
- migration/tls: fix inverted semantics in multifd_channel_connect (Hao Wang)
- migration/multifd: do not access uninitialized multifd_recv_state (Elena Ufimtseva)  [Orabug: 32795384]
- io/channel-tls.c: make qio_channel_tls_shutdown thread-safe (Lukas Straub)
- qemu.spec: Enable qemu-guest-agent RPM for OL7 (Karl Heubaum)  [Orabug: 32415543]
- virtio-net: Set mac address to hardware if the peer is vdpa (Cindy Lu)
- net: Add vhost-vdpa in show_netdevs() (Cindy Lu)
- vhost-vdpa: Add qemu_close in vhost_vdpa_cleanup (Cindy Lu)
- hw/virtio/vhost-vdpa: Fix Coverity CID 1432864 (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
- vhost-vdpa: negotiate VIRTIO_NET_F_STATUS with driver (Si-Wei Liu)
- configure: Fix build dependencies with vhost-vdpa. (Laurent Vivier)
- configure: simplify vhost condition with Kconfig (Marc-André Lureau)
- vhost-vdpa: add trace-events (Laurent Vivier)
- dma/pl330: Fix qemu_hexdump() usage in pl330.c (Mark Kanda)
- util/hexdump: introduce qemu_hexdump_line() (Laurent Vivier)
- util/hexdump: Reorder qemu_hexdump() arguments (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
- util/hexdump: Convert to take a void pointer argument (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
- net/colo-compare.c: Only hexdump packets if tracing is enabled (Lukas Straub)
- vhost-vdpa: batch updating IOTLB mappings (Jason Wang)
- vhost: switch to use IOTLB v2 format (Jason Wang)
- vhost-vdpa: remove useless variable (Laurent Vivier)
- virtio: vdpa: omit check return of g_malloc (Li Qiang)
- vhost-vdpa: fix indentation in vdpa_ops (Stefano Garzarella)
- virtio-net: check the existence of peer before accessing vDPA config (Jason Wang)
- virtio-pci: fix wrong index in virtio_pci_queue_enabled (Yuri Benditovich)
- virtio-pci: fix virtio_pci_queue_enabled() (Laurent Vivier)
- vhost-vdpa :Fix Coverity CID 1430270 / CID 1420267 (Cindy Lu)
- vhost-vdpa: fix the compile issue without kvm (Cindy Lu)
- vhost-vdpa: introduce vhost-vdpa net client (Cindy Lu)
- vhost-vdpa: introduce vhost-vdpa backend (Cindy Lu)
- linux headers: sync to 5.9-rc4 (Jason Wang)
- Linux headers: update (Cornelia Huck)
- virtio-net: fix rsc_ext compat handling (Cornelia Huck)
- linux-headers: update against Linux 5.7-rc3 (Cornelia Huck)
- virtiofsd: Pull in kernel's fuse.h (Dr. David Alan Gilbert)
- linux-headers: Update (Bharata B Rao)
- vhost_net: introduce set_config & get_config (Cindy Lu)
- vhost: implement vhost_force_iommu method (Cindy Lu)
- vhost: introduce new VhostOps vhost_force_iommu (Cindy Lu)
- vhost: implement vhost_vq_get_addr method (Cindy Lu)
- vhost: introduce new VhostOps vhost_vq_get_addr (Cindy Lu)
- vhost: implement vhost_dev_start method (Cindy Lu)
- vhost: introduce new VhostOps vhost_dev_start (Cindy Lu)
- vhost: check the existence of vhost_set_iotlb_callback (Jason Wang)
- virtio-pci: implement queue_enabled method (Jason Wang)
- virtio-bus: introduce queue_enabled method (Jason Wang)
- vhost_net: use the function qemu_get_peer (Cindy Lu)
- net: introduce qemu_get_peer (Cindy Lu)
- vhost: correctly turn on VIRTIO_F_IOMMU_PLATFORM (Jason Wang)
- imx7-ccm: add digprog mmio write method (Prasad J Pandit)  [Orabug: 31576552]  {CVE-2020-15469}
- tz-ppc: add dummy read/write methods (Prasad J Pandit)  [Orabug: 31576552]  {CVE-2020-15469}
- spapr_pci: add spapr msi read method (Prasad J Pandit)  [Orabug: 31576552]  {CVE-2020-15469}
- nvram: add nrf51_soc flash read method (Prasad J Pandit)  [Orabug: 31576552]  {CVE-2020-15469}
- prep: add ppc-parity write method (Prasad J Pandit)  [Orabug: 31576552]  {CVE-2020-15469}
- vfio: add quirk device write method (Prasad J Pandit)  [Orabug: 31576552]  {CVE-2020-15469}
- pci-host: designware: add pcie-msi read method (Prasad J Pandit)  [Orabug: 31576552]  {CVE-2020-15469}
- hw/pci-host: add pci-intack write method (Prasad J Pandit)  [Orabug: 31576552]  {CVE-2020-15469}
- oslib-posix: initialize backend memory objects in parallel (Mark Kanda)  [Orabug: 32555402]
- oslib-posix: refactor memory prealloc threads (Mark Kanda)  [Orabug: 32555402]
- oslib-posix: take lock before qemu_cond_broadcast (Bauerchen)  [Orabug: 32555402]
- oslib-posix: initialize mutex and condition variable (Paolo Bonzini)  [Orabug: 32555402]
- mem-prealloc: optimize large guest startup (bauerchen)  [Orabug: 32555402]
- i386: Add the support for AMD EPYC 3rd generation processors (Babu Moger)
- acpi: cpuhp: document CPHP_GET_CPU_ID_CMD command (Igor Mammedov)
- acpi: cpuhp: add CPHP_GET_CPU_ID_CMD command (Igor Mammedov)
- acpi: cpuhp: spec: add typical usecases (Igor Mammedov)
- acpi: cpuhp: spec: clarify store into 'Command data' when 'Command field' == 0 (Igor Mammedov)
- acpi: cpuhp: spec: fix 'Command data' description (Igor Mammedov)
- acpi: cpuhp: spec: clarify 'CPU selector' register usage and endianness (Igor Mammedov)
- acpi: cpuhp: introduce 'Command data 2' field (Igor Mammedov)
- x86: ich9: let firmware negotiate 'CPU hot-unplug with SMI' feature (Igor Mammedov)
- x86: ich9: factor out "guest_cpu_hotplug_features" (Igor Mammedov)
- x86: acpi: let the firmware handle pending "CPU remove" events in SMM (Igor Mammedov)
- x86: acpi: introduce AcpiPmInfo::smi_on_cpu_unplug (Igor Mammedov)
- acpi: cpuhp: introduce 'firmware performs eject' status/control bits (Igor Mammedov)
- x68: acpi: trigger SMI before sending hotplug Notify event to OSPM (Igor Mammedov)
- x86: acpi: introduce the PCI0.SMI0 ACPI device (Igor Mammedov)
- x86: acpi: introduce AcpiPmInfo::smi_on_cpuhp (Igor Mammedov)
- x86: ich9: expose "smi_negotiated_features" as a QOM property (Igor Mammedov)
- tests: acpi: mark to be changed tables in bios-tables-test-allowed-diff (Igor Mammedov)
- acpi: add aml_land() and aml_break() primitives (Igor Mammedov)
- x86: cpuhp: refuse cpu hot-unplug request earlier if not supported (Igor Mammedov)
- x86: cpuhp: prevent guest crash on CPU hotplug when broadcast SMI is in use (Igor Mammedov)
- x86: lpc9: let firmware negotiate 'CPU hotplug with SMI' features (Igor Mammedov)
- q35: implement 128K SMRAM at default SMBASE address (Igor Mammedov)
- hw/intc/arm_gic: Fix interrupt ID in GICD_SGIR register (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)  [Orabug: 32470471]  {CVE-2021-20221}
- memory: clamp cached translation in case it points to an MMIO region (Paolo Bonzini)  [Orabug: 32252673]  {CVE-2020-27821}
- hw/sd/sdhci: Fix DMA Transfer Block Size field (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)  [Orabug: 32613470]  {CVE-2021-3409}

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