[El-errata] ELBA-2021-9284 Oracle Linux 7 libvirt bug fix update

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Mon Jun 7 09:46:37 PDT 2021

Oracle Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2021-9284


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 7 have been uploaded to the Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- qemu_capabilities: Rework domain caps cache (Michal Prívozník)  [Orabug: 32664432]
- tests: fix virArchFromHost() redefine error (Joe Jin)  [Orabug: 32664432]
- qemu: cache host arch separately from virCapsPtr (Daniel P. Berrangé)  [Orabug: 32664432]
- cpu.c: Check properly for virCapabilitiesGetNodeInfo() retval (Michal Prívozník)  [Orabug: 32664432]
- virStorageSourceParseBackingJSONRaw: Parse 'offset' and 'size' attributes (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: qemu: Add test data for the new <slice> element (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Add support for slices of type 'storage' (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: qemublock: Add cases for creating image overlays on top of disks with <slice> (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: block: Properly format storage slice into backing store strings (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: domain: Store nodenames of slice in status XML (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: Implement support for <slices> of disk source (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- docs: Document the new <slices> sub-element of disk's <source> (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: block: forbid creation of storage sources with <slice> (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemuDomainValidateStorageSource: Reject unsupported slices (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemuBlockStorageSourceGetFormatRawProps: format 'offset' and 'size' for slice (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- util: virstoragefile: Add data structure for storing storage source slices (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: virstorage: Add test data for json specified raw image with offset/size (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- docs: formatdomain: Close <source> on one of disk examples (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: domain: Refactor formatting of node names into status XML (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: virstorage: Add test cases for "json:" pseudo-URI without 'file' wrapper (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- virStorageSourceParseBackingJSON: Prevent arbitrary nesting with format drivers (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- virStorageSourceParseBackingJSON: Allow 'json:' pseudo URIs without 'file' wrapper (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- virStorageSourceJSONDriverParser: annotate 'format' drivers (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- virStorageSourceParseBackingJSON: Move deflattening of json: URIs out of recursion (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- virStorageSourceParseBackingJSON: Pass around original backing file string (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: enable blockdev support (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Instantiate pflash via -machine when using blockdev (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: command: Build the 'pflash' drives via -machine (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: command: Build -blockdev-s for backing of pflash (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: domain: Introduce helper to convert <loader> into virStorageSource (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: domain: Store virStorageSources representing pflash backing (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: command: Extract formatting of -drive for pflash (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: capabilities: Add detection of the 'savevm' fix for -blockdev (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: qapi: Add support for command features (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: caps: Add capability for dynamic 'auto-read-only' support for files (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: qemucapabilities: Refresh data for unreleased qemu-4.2 on x86_64 (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: caps: Base support of 'backingStoreInput' domain feature on QEMU_CAPS_BLOCKDEV (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- docs: Document support for obeying <backingStore> of <disk> on input (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: domcaps: Add 'backingStoreInput' domain capability (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: domcaps: Simplify adding new domaincaps based on qemu caps (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- domaincaps: Store domain capability features in an array (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: domcaps: Initialize all features (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- domcaps: Add function for initializing domain caps as unsupported (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: domaincaps: Use virXMLFormatElement in virDomainCapsFormatFeatures (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: domaincaps: Extract formatting of the <features> subelement (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: domaincaps: Replace FORMAT_SINGLE macro by a function (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: capabilities: Modernize virCapabilitiesFormatMemoryBandwidth (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: caps: Modernize virCapabilitiesFormatCaches (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: turn virDomainMemtuneFormat void (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: domain: Split up formatting of <memtune> and <memoryBacking> (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: Rename virDomainCapsFeature to virDomainProcessCapsFeature (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: storagecaps: Fix broken attempt at being const-correct (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: domaincaps: Fix broken attempt at being const-correct (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: caps: Make capability filler functions void (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- util: buffer: Add init macro for automatically setting child XML indent (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: snapshot: Fix inactive external snapshots when backing chain is present (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: blockjob: Transfer 'readonly' state of images after active layer block commit (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: command: Use XML based disk bus convertor in error message (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Fill in meta->externalDataStore (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Add externalDataStore member (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Split out virStorageSourceNewFromChild (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Don't access backingStoreRaw directly in FromBackingRelative (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Fill in meta->externalDataStoreRaw (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Add externalDataStoreRaw member (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Fix backing format \0 check (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Rename qcow2GetExtensions 'format' argument (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Rename qcow2GetBackingStoreFormat (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Push extension_end calc to qcow2GetBackingStoreFormat (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Push 'start' into qcow2GetBackingStoreFormat (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Use qcowXGetBackingStore directly (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Drop now unused isQCow2 argument (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: Check version to determine if qcow2 or not (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: qcow1: Let qcowXGetBackingStore fill in format (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: qcow1: Fix check for empty backing file (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- storagefile: qcow1: Check for BACKING_STORE_OK (Cole Robinson)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: snapshot: Don't update current snapshot until we're done (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: block: Replace snapshot transaction action generator (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: qemumonitor: Add testing for the 'transaction' command and generators (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: monitor: Add transaction generators for snapshot APIs (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: monitor: Add transaction generators for dirty bitmap APIs (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: qemucapabilities: fix 4.2.0 qemucapabilities (Joe Jin)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: checkpoint: Do ACL check prior to snapshot interlocking (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: driver: Remove misplaced qemuDomainObjEndJob in qemuDomainCheckpointGetXMLDesc (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: Drop pointless 'domain' argument from virDomainSnapshotRedefinePrep (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- conf: Drop pointless 'domain' argument from virDomainCheckpointRedefinePrep (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: qemucapabilities: Update caps of qemu-4.1 to released version (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: add qemu capabilities data for qemu 4.2 (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- lxc: fix compile error (Joe Jin)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: driver: Remove QEMU_ADD_BLOCK_PARAM_LL macro (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: driver: Don't return anything from qemuDomainBlockStatsGatherTotals (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: driver: Remove pointless macro QEMU_BLOCK_STAT_TOTAL (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: monitor: Change fields in qemuBlockStats to 'unsigned' (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: monitor: Refactor cleanup in qemuMonitorJSONGetAllBlockStatsInfo (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: monitor: Refactor cleanup in qemuMonitorJSONGetOneBlockStatsInfo (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: monitor: Refactor cleanup in qemuMonitorJSONBlockStatsCollectData (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Remove stale comment for qemuDomainBlockStats (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu_blockjob: Remove secdriver metadata for whole backing chain on job completion (Michal Prívozník)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: hotplug: Use VIR_AUTOFREE() instead VIR_FREE for strings (Daniel Henrique Barboza)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: snapshot: Do ACL check prior to checkpoint interlocking (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemuCheckDiskConfigAgainstDomain: Validate disk's SCSI address iff disk is SCSI (Xu Yandong)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemuSharedDeviceEntryRemove: Free domain name before VIR_DELETE_ELEMENT (Xu Yandong)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu_capabilities: Temporarily disable dbus-vmstate capability (Michal Prívozník)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- Revert "qemu: add socket datagram capability" (Michal Prívozník)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: qemustatusxml2xml: Fix disk target mess (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- snapshot: Store both config and live XML in the snapshot domain (Maxiwell S. Garcia)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: formatting XML from domain def choosing the root name (Maxiwell S. Garcia)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Don't leak domain def when RevertToSnapshot fails (Jiri Denemark)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Fix regression in snapshot-revert (Eric Blake)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- lib: Define and use autofree for virConfPtr (Michal Prívozník)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu_conf: Use more of VIR_AUTOUNREF() (Michal Prívozník)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu_conf: Use more of VIR_AUTOFREE() (Michal Prívozník)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu_conf: Drop a pair of needless 'cleanup' labels (Michal Prívozník)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- virhostdev: Don't unref @pcidevs twice (Michal Prívozník)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu_conf.c: introduce qemuAddRemoveSharedDeviceInternal (Daniel Henrique Barboza)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu_conf.c: introduce qemuAddRemoveSharedDiskInternal (Daniel Henrique Barboza)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu_conf.c: introduce qemuAddRemoveSharedHostdevInternal (Daniel Henrique Barboza)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- remote: fix UNIX socket path being incorrectly built for libvirtd (eater)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- lib: Grab write lock when modifying list of domains (Michal Prívozník)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: reset VM id after external devices stop (Marc-André Lureau)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: add dbus-vmstate capability (Marc-André Lureau)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: fix xml2xml tpm-emulator.xml test (Marc-André Lureau)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: migration: Switch to blockdev mode for non-shared storage migration (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: migration: Refactor cleanup in qemuMigrationSrcNBDStorageCopy (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: migration: Refactor cleanup in qemuMigrationSrcNBDStorageCopyBlockdev (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Defer support checks for external active snapshots to blockdev code or qemu (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Add -blockdev support for external snapshots (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: snapshot: Skip overlay file creation/interogation if unsupported (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Merge use of 'reuse' flag in qemuDomainSnapshotDiskPrepareOne (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Disband qemuDomainSnapshotCreateSingleDiskActive (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: snapshot: Rename external disk snapshot handling functions (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: snapshot: Move error preservation to qemuDomainSnapshotDiskDataCleanup (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: snapshot: Save status and config XMLs only on success (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: snapshot: Fix image lock handling when taking a snapshot (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: driver: Fix shallow non-reuse block copy (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Explicitly pass backing store to qemuBuildStorageSourceChainAttachPrepareBlockdevTop (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: block: explicitly pass backing store to qemuBlockStorageSourceAttachPrepareBlockdev (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: command: Refactor qemuBuildStorageSourceChainAttachPrepareBlockdevInternal (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: block: Explicitly specify backingStore when creating format layer props (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: block: Unify conditions to format backing store of format node definition (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Prevent storage causing too much nested XML (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: domain: Refactor cleanup in qemuDomainDetermineDiskChain (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: hotplug: Setup disk throttling with blockdev (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: hotplug: Use VIR_AUTOFREE in qemuDomainAttachDiskGeneric (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: hotplug: Simplify cleanup in qemuDomainChangeMediaLegacy (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: Fix qemuDomainObjTaint with virtlogd (Jiri Denemark)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: monitor: Fix formatting of 'offset' in qemuMonitorJSONSaveMemory (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- tests: qemublock: Use bigger numbers as dummy capacity/physical (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- qemu: block: Use correct type when creating image size JSON entries (Peter Krempa)  [Orabug: 32164351]
- Exadata: protect vNUMA/SMT from artificially injected faults (Wim ten Have)  [Orabug: 32708041]
- virnetserver: fix some memory leaks in virNetTLSContextReloadForServer (Jin Yan)
- virt-admin: Introduce command srv-update-tls (Zhang Bo)  [Orabug: 32768102]
- admin: Introduce virAdmServerUpdateTlsFiles (Zhang Bo)  [Orabug: 32768102]
- tls: Add a mutex lock on 'tlsCtxt' (Zhang Bo)  [Orabug: 32768102]
- virnetserver: Introduce virNetServerUpdateTlsFiles (Zhang Bo)  [Orabug: 32768102]

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