[El-errata] ELSA-2021-9175 Important: Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment 1.1 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel-container security update

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Tue Apr 13 07:14:56 PDT 2021

Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment Security Advisory ELSA-2021-9175


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment 1.1 
have been uploaded to the Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- Revert "rds: ib: Remove two ib_modify_qp() calls" (Sharath Srinivasan) 
[Orabug: 32715567]
- uek-rpm: Update SecureBoot Digicert 2021 certificates (Somasundaram 
Krishnasamy) [Orabug: 32532514]

- video: hyperv_fb: Fix the mmap() regression for v5.4.y and older 
(Dexuan Cui) [Orabug: 32620797]
- video: hyperv_fb: Fix the cache type when mapping the VRAM (Dexuan 
Cui) [Orabug: 32620797]
- RDMA/core: Fix corrupted SL on passive side (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 

- EDAC: skx_common: downgrade message importance on missing PCI device 
(Aristeu Rozanski) [Orabug: 32651294]
- Xen/gnttab: handle p2m update errors on a per-slot basis (Jan Beulich) 
[Orabug: 32651477] {CVE-2021-28038}
- KVM: kvmclock: Fix vCPUs > 64 can't be online/hotpluged (Wanpeng Li) 
[Orabug: 32633928]
- xen/netback: avoid race in xenvif_rx_ring_slots_available() (Juergen 
Gross) [Orabug: 32640132]

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