[El-errata] ELSA-2020-5913 Important: Oracle Linux 7 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update (aarch64)

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Tue Nov 10 20:42:49 PST 2020

Oracle Linux Security Advisory ELSA-2020-5913


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 7 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- powercap: restrict energy meter to root access (Kanth Ghatraju) 
[Orabug: 32040805] {CVE-2020-8694} {CVE-2020-8695}

- ocfs2: fix remounting needed after setfacl command (Gang He) - Fix 
multiple variable definition with syzkaller (Hans Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 
32008770] - drm/vmwgfx: Use the dma scatter-gather iterator to get dma 
addresses (Thomas Hellstrom) [Orabug: 32010349] - i40e: Corrects 
i40e_setup_tc and i40e_xdp defined but not used warnings (John Donnelly) 
[Orabug: 32034050] - bnxt: Corrects warning: 'struct 
tc_cls_flower_offload' (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 32041757] - SCSI: 
Corrects 'ret' not used warning (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 32041763] - 
IB/mlx4: disable CQ time stamping (aru kolappan) [Orabug: 32042520] - 
qed: Corrects warning: 'qed_iwarp_ll2_slowpath' defined but not used 
(John Donnelly) [Orabug: 32052276]

- configfs: make ci_type field, some pointers and function arguments 
const (Bhumika Goyal) [Orabug: 32022427] - IB/ipoib: Arm "send_cq" to 
process completions in due time (Gerd Rausch) [Orabug: 31596798] - 
hdlc_ppp: add range checks in ppp_cp_parse_cr() (Dan Carpenter) [Orabug: 
31989189] {CVE-2020-25643}
- uek-rpm: Create initramfs at postinstall stage also. (Somasundaram 
Krishnasamy) [Orabug: 32010303] - SUNRPC: Remove xprt_connect_status() 
again (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 32010341] - geneve: add transport ports 
in route lookup for geneve (Mark Gray) [Orabug: 32014099] {CVE-2020-25645}
- nvme-fc: fix double-free scenarios on hw queues (James Smart) [Orabug: 
32019898] - xfs: fix warning: unused variable 'sb' (John Donnelly) 
[Orabug: 32010343] - nvme-pci: remove queue_count_ops for write_queues 
and poll_queues (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 32010357] - nvme: Corrects warning: 
unused variable 'startka' (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 32010357] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded add fast_kexec (Henry Willard) [Orabug: 
32010273] - arm64: kexec: Add optional fast shutdown for kexec (Henry 
Willard) [Orabug: 32010273] - ocfs2: remove unused 
ocfs2_prepare_inode_for_refcount() (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 32007790] - 
rds: fixes warning: unused variable 'cache_sz_k' (John Donnelly) 
[Orabug: 32008320] - panic: move disabling iommu to after dump_stack() 
(John Donnelly) [Orabug: 32009003] - uek-rpm: Add old OL keys to the 
default .blacklist keyring (Eric Snowberg) [Orabug: 31961118] - certs: 
Add ability to preload revocation certs (Eric Snowberg) [Orabug: 
31961118] - certs: Move load_system_certificate_list to a common 
function (Eric Snowberg) [Orabug: 31961118] - certs: Add 
EFI_CERT_X509_GUID support for dbx entries (Eric Snowberg) [Orabug: 
31961118] {CVE-2020-26541}
- Revert "l2tp: initialise PPP sessions before registering them" (George 
Kennedy) [Orabug: 31906205] - btrfs: Don't submit any btree write bio if 
the fs has errors (Qu Wenruo) [Orabug: 31265337] {CVE-2019-19377} 
{CVE-2019-19377} {CVE-2019-19377}
- btrfs: only search for left_info if there is no right_info in 
try_merge_free_space (Josef Bacik) [Orabug: 31351023] {CVE-2019-19448} 
- xfs: fix boundary test in xfs_attr_shortform_verify (Eric Sandeen) 
[Orabug: 31895824] {CVE-2020-14385}
- net: add high_order_alloc_disable sysctl (Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 
31907603] - mm, page_alloc: double zone's batchsize (Aaron Lu) [Orabug: 
31907603] - mm/free_pcppages_bulk: prefetch buddy while not holding lock 
(Aaron Lu) [Orabug: 31907603] - mm/free_pcppages_bulk: do not hold lock 
when picking pages to free (Aaron Lu) [Orabug: 31907603] - ghes: 
Corrects: warning: unused variable 'vaddr' [-Wunused-variable] (John 
Donnelly) [Orabug: 31995830] - ACPI: properties: Implement 
get_match_data() callback (Sinan Kaya) [Orabug: 31995830] - blk-mq: 
warning: unused variable 'ctx' (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 31996284] - 
x86/mitigations: Restore paranoid checks for int3 handling (Boris 
Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 31999336]

- nbd_genl_status: null check for nla_nest_start (Navid Emamdoost) 
[Orabug: 31351789] {CVE-2019-16089}
- efi/x86/Add missing error handling to old_memmap 1:1 mapping code (Gen 
Zhang) [Orabug: 31351924] {CVE-2019-12380}
- RDS: add module parameter to allow module unload or not (Hans 
Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 31503865] - rds: Revert "Disable module unload by 
default" (Hans Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 31503865] - rds/tcp: Enhance stats 
maintained by rds (Rao Shoaib) [Orabug: 31521372] - EDAC/i10nm: Update 
driver to support different bus number config register offsets (Qiuxu 
Zhuo) [Orabug: 31645136] - EDAC, {skx,i10nm}: Make some configurations 
CPU model specific (Qiuxu Zhuo) [Orabug: 31645136] - mstflint_access: 
Update driver code to v4.15.0-1 from Github (Itay Avraham) [Orabug: 
31682346] - KVM: x86: minor code refactor and comments fixup around 
dirty logging (Anthony Yznaga) [Orabug: 31722765] - KVM: x86: Manually 
flush collapsible SPTEs only when toggling flags (Sean Christopherson) 
[Orabug: 31722765] - KVM: x86: avoid unnecessary rmap walks when 
creating/moving slots (Anthony Yznaga) [Orabug: 31722765] - KVM: x86: 
remove unnecessary rmap walk of read-only memslots (Anthony Yznaga) 
[Orabug: 31722765] - cgroup: fix cgroup_sk_alloc() for sk_clone_lock() 
(Cong Wang) [Orabug: 31779798] {CVE-2020-14356}
- bpf: ensure helper ids match between UEK5, UEK6 and upstream (Alan 
Maguire) [Orabug: 31860453] - netfilter: ctnetlink: add a range check 
for l3/l4 protonum (Will McVicker) [Orabug: 31872862] {CVE-2020-25211}
- vgacon: remove software scrollback support (Linus Torvalds) [Orabug: 
31914690] {CVE-2020-14390}
- fbcon: remove soft scrollback code (Linus Torvalds) [Orabug: 31914690] 
- KVM: nVMX: do not use dangling shadow VMCS after guest reset (Paolo 
Bonzini) [Orabug: 31941096] - Revert "usb: xhci: do not create and 
register shared_hcd when USB3.0 is disabled" (Thomas Tai) [Orabug: 
31943628] - uek-rpm: Use oracle-armset-1 to build uekemb2 (Dave 
Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31950869] - block: allow for_each_bvec to support 
zero len bvec (Ming Lei) [Orabug: 31955141] {CVE-2020-25641}
- uek-rpm: Update secure boot UEK signing certificates (Brian Maly) 
[Orabug: 31979628]

- KVM: x86: always expose VIRT_SSBD to guests (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 

- iommu/amd: Restore IRTE.RemapEn bit after programming IRTE (Suravee 
Suthikulpanit) [Orabug: 31931371] - oracleasm: Access d_bdev before 
dropping inode (Stephen Brennan) [Orabug: 31901948] - net: Correct 
warning: label 'drop' defined but not used. (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 
31916130] - KVM: Corrects build warnings for 
emulator_get_fpu/emulator_put_fpu (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 31907286] - 
ext4: fix potential negative array index in do_split() (Eric Sandeen) 
[Orabug: 31895330] {CVE-2020-14314}
- net/rds: Extract dest qp num for displaying in rds-info (Praveen Kumar 
Kannoju) [Orabug: 31880143] - bpf: Fix bpf_event_output re-entry issue 
(Allan Zhang) [Orabug: 31865842] - bpf: fix nested bpf tracepoints with 
per-cpu data (Matt Mullins) [Orabug: 31865842] - uek-rpm: Turn on module 
signing for embedded2 kernel (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31895264] - 
uek-rpm: Clean up config-aarch64-embedded2 (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 

- mm/hugetlb: fix a race between hugetlb sysctl handlers (Muchun Song) 
[Orabug: 31884238] {CVE-2020-25285}
- rbd: require global CAP_SYS_ADMIN for mapping and unmapping (Ilya 
Dryomov) [Orabug: 31884165] {CVE-2020-25284}
- nfs: Fix getxattr kernel panic and memory overflow (Jeffrey Mitchell) 
[Orabug: 31872904] {CVE-2020-25212}
- IB/mlx5: Fix MR registration flow to use UMR properly (Guy Levi) 
[Orabug: 31631231] - IB/mlx5: Prevent concurrent MR updates during 
invalidation (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 31631231] - IB/mlx5: Replace kfree 
with kvfree (Chuhong Yuan) [Orabug: 31631231] - RDMA/odp: Do not leak 
dma maps when working with huge pages (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 
31631231] - IB/mlx5: Respect new UMR capabilities (Majd Dibbiny) 
[Orabug: 31631231] - RDMA/mlx5: Unify error flows in rereg MR failure 
paths (Leon Romanovsky) [Orabug: 31631231] - IB/mlx5: Maintain a single 
emergency page (Ilya Lesokhin) [Orabug: 31631231] - genirq/irqdomain: 
Make sure all irq domain flags are distinct (Zenghui Yu) [Orabug: 
31885236] - irq/msi: Direct update affinity if irq is for msix or, 
maskable (Joe Jin) [Orabug: 31885236] - x86/apic/msi: Plug non-maskable 
MSI affinity race (Joe Jin) [Orabug: 31885236] - mm: memcg: Optimize 
cgroup traversal in memory.stat read (Tom Hromatka) [Orabug: 31849182] - 
SUNRPC: Fix disconnection races (Trond Myklebust) [Orabug: 31796863] - 
SUNRPC: Add a helper to wake up a sleeping rpc_task and set its status 
(Trond Myklebust) [Orabug: 31796863] - dmaengine: ioatdma: Add Snow 
Ridge ioatdma device id (Dave Jiang) [Orabug: 31669166]

- PCI: Probe bridge window attributes once at enumeration-time (Bjorn 
Helgaas) [Orabug: 31867576] - net/packet: fix overflow in tpacket_rcv 
(Or Cohen) [Orabug: 31866489] {CVE-2020-14386} {CVE-2020-14386}
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix login timeout (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31860034] - 
block: better deal with the delayed not supported case in 
blk_cloned_rq_check_limits (Ritika Srivastava) [Orabug: 31850343] - 
block: Return blk_status_t instead of errno codes (Ritika Srivastava) 
[Orabug: 31850343] - block: print offending values when cloned rq limits 
are exceeded (John Pittman) [Orabug: 31850343] - iommu/amd: Use 
cmpxchg_double() when updating 128-bit IRTE (Suravee Suthikulpanit) 
[Orabug: 31849532]

- Pensando: kernel config changes for kdump (Rob Gardner) [Orabug: 
31821490] - Pensando: Enable iScsi in kernel config (Rob Gardner) 
[Orabug: 31821490] - sample-trace-array: Fix timer definition in 
samples/ftrace/sample-trace-array.c (Aruna Ramakrishna) [Orabug: 
31845460] - IB/mlx5: Expose RoCE accelerator counters (Avihai Horon) 
[Orabug: 31621816] - net/mlx5: Add RoCE accelerator counters (Leon 
Romanovsky) [Orabug: 31621816] - lib: Reduce user_access_begin() 
boundaries in strncpy_from_user() and strnlen_user() (Christophe Leroy) 
[Orabug: 29623005] {CVE-2018-20669}
- x86: uaccess: Inhibit speculation past access_ok() in 
user_access_begin() (Will Deacon) [Orabug: 29623005] {CVE-2018-20669}
- arch/openrisc: Fix issues with access_ok() (Stafford Horne) [Orabug: 
29623005] {CVE-2018-20669}
- Fix 'acccess_ok()' on alpha and SH (Linus Torvalds) [Orabug: 29623005] 
- make 'user_access_begin()' do 'access_ok()' (Linus Torvalds) [Orabug: 
29623005] {CVE-2018-20669}
- kabi fix for reparent slab memory on cgroup removal patchset (Tom 
Hromatka) [Orabug: 31746022] - mm/memcontrol.c: add missed css_put() 
(Muchun Song) [Orabug: 31746022] - mm: memcg/slab: reparent memcg 
kmem_caches on cgroup removal (Roman Gushchin) [Orabug: 31746022] - mm: 
memcg/slab: stop setting page->mem_cgroup pointer for slab pages (Roman 
Gushchin) [Orabug: 31746022] - mm: memcg/slab: rework non-root 
kmem_cache lifecycle management (Roman Gushchin) [Orabug: 31746022] - 
mm: memcg/slab: synchronize access to kmem_cache dying flag using a 
spinlock (Roman Gushchin) [Orabug: 31746022] - mm: memcg/slab: don't 
check the dying flag on kmem_cache creation (Roman Gushchin) [Orabug: 
31746022] - mm: memcg/slab: unify SLAB and SLUB page accounting (Roman 
Gushchin) [Orabug: 31746022] - mm: memcg/slab: introduce 
__memcg_kmem_uncharge_memcg() (Roman Gushchin) [Orabug: 31746022] - mm: 
memcg/slab: generalize postponed non-root kmem_cache deactivation (Roman 
Gushchin) [Orabug: 31746022] - mm: memcg/slab: rename slab delayed 
deactivation functions and fields (Roman Gushchin) [Orabug: 31746022] - 
mm: memcg/slab: postpone kmem_cache memcg pointer initialization to 
memcg_link_cache() (Roman Gushchin) [Orabug: 31746022] - mm: introduce 
mem_cgroup_put() helper (Roman Gushchin) [Orabug: 31746022] - 
mm/memcontrol.c: export mem_cgroup_is_root() (Kirill Tkhai) [Orabug: 
31746022] - memcg: localize memcg_kmem_enabled() check (Shakeel Butt) 
[Orabug: 31746022] - mm: fix race between kmem_cache destroy, create and 
deactivate (Shakeel Butt) [Orabug: 31746022] - uek-rpm: Sync up aarch64 
config files with latest Marvell patches (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 
31838205] - drivers: marvell: otx2-sdei-ghes: correct issues with 
crashdump kernel (Rick Farrington) [Orabug: 31838205] - drivers: mtd: 
spi-nor: Add MX66L2G45GXRI00 macronix flash (Selvam Venkatachalam) 
[Orabug: 31838205] - irqchip/gic-v3: Add workaround for interrupt loss 
on IPI (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 31838205] - octeontx2-af: fix Extended 
DSA and eDSA parsing (Satha Rao) [Orabug: 31838205] - drivers: gicv3: 
Adds workaround for Marvell erratum 38545 (Bhaskara Budiredla) [Orabug: 
31838205] - octeontx2-af: reset HWS group mask during FLR (Michal Mazur) 
[Orabug: 31838205] - drivers: marvell: otx2: sdei-ghes: add BERT support 
for RAS errors (Rick Farrington) [Orabug: 31838205] - ACPI: APEI: BERT: 
support BERT in non-ACPI systems (Rick Farrington) [Orabug: 31838205] - 
Documentation: dt: edac: update sdei-ghes/bed-bert settings (Rick 
Farrington) [Orabug: 31838205] - btrfs: merge btrfs_find_device and 
find_device (Anand Jain) [Orabug: 31351744] {CVE-2019-18885}
- sctp: implement memory accounting on tx path (Xin Long) [Orabug: 
31351958] {CVE-2019-3874}
- Revert "zram: convert remaining CLASS_ATTR() to CLASS_ATTR_RO()" (Wade 
Mealing) [Orabug: 31510723] {CVE-2020-10781}
- sample-trace-array: Fix sleeping function called from invalid context 
(Kefeng Wang) [Orabug: 31543030] - sample-trace-array: Remove 
trace_array 'sample-instance' (Kefeng Wang) [Orabug: 31543030] - 
tracing: Sample module to demonstrate kernel access to Ftrace instances. 
(Divya Indi) [Orabug: 31543030] - tracing: Adding new functions for 
kernel access to Ftrace instances (Aruna Ramakrishna) [Orabug: 31543030] 
- tracing: Adding NULL checks for trace_array descriptor pointer (Divya 
Indi) [Orabug: 31543030] - tracing: Verify if trace array exists before 
destroying it. (Divya Indi) [Orabug: 31543030] - tracing: Declare newly 
exported APIs in include/linux/trace.h (Divya Indi) [Orabug: 31543030] - 
tracing: Kernel access to Ftrace instances (Divya Indi) [Orabug: 
31543030] - x86/speculation: Avoid force-disabling IBPB based on STIBP 
and enhanced IBRS. (Anthony Steinhauser) [Orabug: 31557803] {CVE-2020-10767}
- md: get sysfs entry after redundancy attr group create (Junxiao Bi) 
[Orabug: 31682037] - md: fix deadlock causing by sysfs_notify (Junxiao 
Bi) [Orabug: 31682037] - random32: update the net random state on 
interrupt and activity (Willy Tarreau) [Orabug: 31698082] {CVE-2020-16166}
- vgacon: Fix for missing check in scrollback handling (Yunhai Zhang) 
[Orabug: 31705119] {CVE-2020-14331} {CVE-2020-14331}
- KVM: x86: take as_id into account when checking PGD (Vitaly Kuznetsov) 
[Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: X86: Fix MSR range of APIC registers in X2APIC 
mode (Xiaoyao Li) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: nVMX: Report NMIs as allowed 
when in L2 and Exit-on-NMI is set (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
31722725] - KVM: nVMX: Remove non-functional "support" for CR3 target 
values (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: x86/mmu: Avoid an 
extra memslot lookup in try_async_pf() for L2 (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 
31722725] - KVM: x86: Adjust counter sample period after a wrmsr (Eric 
Hankland) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: nVMX: Handle pending #DB when 
injecting INIT VM-exit (Oliver Upton) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: x86: Fix 
perfctr WRMSR for running counters (Eric Hankland) [Orabug: 31722725] - 
KVM: nVMX: Check GUEST_DR7 on vmentry of nested guests (Krish Sadhukhan) 
[Orabug: 31722725] - perf/core: Provide a kernel-internal interface to 
recalibrate event period (Like Xu) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: VMX: 
Consume pending LAPIC INIT event when exit on INIT_SIGNAL (Liran Alon) 
[Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: nVMX: cleanup and fix host 64-bit mode checks 
(Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: nVMX: Check Host Address Space 
Size on vmentry of nested guests (Krish Sadhukhan) [Orabug: 31722725] - 
KVM: hyperv: Fix Direct Synthetic timers assert an interrupt w/o 
lapic_in_kernel (Wanpeng Li) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: x86: Fix INIT 
signal handling in various CPU states (Liran Alon) [Orabug: 31722725] - 
KVM: VMX: Introduce exit reason for receiving INIT signal on guest-mode 
(Liran Alon) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: nVMX: add tracepoint for failed 
nested VM-Enter (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: nVMX: 
Ignore segment base for VMX memory operand when segment not FS or GS 
(Liran Alon) [Orabug: 31722725] - kvm: LAPIC: write down valid APIC 
registers (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: LAPIC: ARBPRI is a 
reserved register for x2APIC (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM 
nVMX: Check Host Segment Registers and Descriptor Tables on vmentry of 
nested guests (Krish Sadhukhan) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM/nVMX: Use 
kvm_vcpu_map for accessing the shadow VMCS (KarimAllah Ahmed) [Orabug: 
31722725] - KVM/nVMX: Use kvm_vcpu_map when mapping the virtual APIC 
page (KarimAllah Ahmed) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: nVMX: Return -EINVAL 
when signaling failure in VM-Entry helpers (Sean Christopherson) 
[Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: nVMX: Move guest non-reg state checks to 
VM-Exit path (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 31722725] - kvm: nVMX: Check 
"load IA32_PAT" VM-entry control on vmentry (Krish Sadhukhan) [Orabug: 
31722725] - kvm: nVMX: Check "load IA32_PAT" VM-exit control on vmentry 
(Krish Sadhukhan) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: x86: optimize check for 
valid PAT value (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: nVMX: allow 
tests to use bad virtual-APIC page address (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 
31722725] - x86/kvm/hyper-v: avoid spurious pending stimer on vCPU init 
(Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 31722725] - kvm: nVMX: Add a vmentry check 
for HOST_SYSENTER_ESP and HOST_SYSENTER_EIP fields (Krish Sadhukhan) 
[Orabug: 31722725] - KVM: nVMX: Apply addr size mask to effective 
address for VMX instructions (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 31722725] - 
Reverts "rds: avoid unnecessary cong_update in loop transport" (Iraimani 
Pavadai) [Orabug: 31741323] - net/mlx5e: Poll event queue upon TX 
timeout before performing full channels recovery (Eran Ben Elisha) 
[Orabug: 31753101] - net/rds: Incorrect pointer used in rds_getname() 
(Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 31755754] - nfsd: apply umask on fs without 
ACL support (J. Bruce Fields) [Orabug: 31779886] {CVE-2020-24394}
- RDMA/mlx5: Fix Shared PD prefetch of ODP memory region (Mark Haywood) 
[Orabug: 31688621] - uek-rpm: aarch64: build embedded kernel for 
Pensando (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31627078] - Make low-speed APB bus 
accesses single threaded (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31627078] - Add 
/dev/capmem driver for Pensando (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - 
Kconfig option to disable outer-cache-allocate for Pensando (David 
Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Provide for precise control of pgprot for 
Pensando (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Add Pensando Capri board 
.dts files and default configs (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Add 
/proc/xmaps (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - 
mtd/spi-nor/cadence-quadspi.c: Speed up reads. (David Clear) [Orabug: 
31627078] - Add mnic nodes to the Pensando devicetree (David Clear) 
[Orabug: 31627078] - Pensando Boot State Machine (BSM) integration. 
(David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Pensando crash dump driver (David 
Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Pensando/Capri PCIE panic handler. (David 
Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Add uio support for Capri PCIE and Link 
interrupts (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Interrupt domain 
controllers for Capri ASIC. (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Capri SPI 
driver (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Add Capri EMMC phy and 
instantiate the driver in the dts (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - 
Initial Pensando Capri SoC declaration (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] 
- New quirk for Pensando QSPI controller (David Clear) [Orabug: 
31627078] - Add pensando,cpld device tree compat entry (David Clear) 
[Orabug: 31627078] - add support for NXP PCF85363/PCF85263 real-time 
clock (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Support the reset pulse width 
from the device-tree. (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Attempt to 
recover from a stuck SDA line (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - Add 
driver for the TI TPS53659 (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - support 
spi-rx-bus-width property on subnodes (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] - 
Support for SPI_NOR_DUAL_READ on Micron (David Clear) [Orabug: 31627078] 
- mtd: spi-nor: cadence-quadspi: fix spelling mistake: "Couldnt't" -> 
"Couldn't" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 31627078] - mtd: spi-nor: 
cadence-quadspi: Add support for Octal SPI controller (Vignesh R) 
[Orabug: 31627078] - mtd: spi-nor: Add Micron MT25QU02 support (Thor 
Thayer) [Orabug: 31627078] - arm64: tlb: Ensure we execute an ISB 
following walk cache invalidation (Will Deacon) [Orabug: 31627078] - 
arm64: mm: Add ISB instruction to set_pgd() (Will Deacon) [Orabug: 
31627078] - mtd: spi-nor: Allow Cadence QSPI support for ARM64 (Thor 
Thayer) [Orabug: 31627078] - irqchip/gic-v3: Add workaround for 
Synquacer pre-ITS (Ard Biesheuvel) [Orabug: 31627078] - irqchip/gic: 
Make quirks matching conditional on init return value (Ard Biesheuvel) 
[Orabug: 31627078] - irqchip/gic-v3: Probe device ID space before quirks 
handling (Ard Biesheuvel) [Orabug: 31627078] - rename kABI whitelists to 
lockedlists (Dan Duval) [Orabug: 31783149]

- rds: Test parameter in rds_ib_recv_cache_put (Hans Westgaard Ry) 
[Orabug: 31737041] - net/rds: rds_ib_remove_one() needs to wait 
(Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 31777364] - RDMA/cm: Fix missing 
RDMA_CM_EVENT_REJECTED event after receiving REJ message (Leon 
Romanovsky) [Orabug: 31784658] - RDMA/cm: Protect access to 
remote_sidr_table (Maor Gottlieb) [Orabug: 31784891] - tcp: add sanity 
tests in tcp_add_backlog() (Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 31780103]

- Revert "bnxt_en: Remove the setting of dev_port." (Somasundaram 
Krishnasamy) [Orabug: 31703319] - genirq/proc: Return proper error code 
when irq_set_affinity() fails (Wen Yaxng) [Orabug: 31723448] - 
x86/reboot: Move up iommu_shutdown() before stop_other_cpus() (Saeed 
Mirzamohammadi) [Orabug: 31710910] - Revert "net/mlx4_core: Add masking 
for a few queries on HCA caps" (Sharath Srinivasan) [Orabug: 31620920] - 
rds: ib: Revert "net/rds: Avoid stalled connection due to CM REQ 
retries" (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 31648140] - rds: Clear reconnect pending 
bit (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 31648140] - delayacct: fix crash in 
delayacct_blkio_end() after delayacct init failure (Tejun Heo) [Orabug: 
31516715] - x86/speculation: Fix missing enumeration value warnings 
(Patrick Colp) [Orabug: 30833548] - bcache: fix potential deadlock 
problem in btree_gc_coalesce (Zhiqiang Liu) [Orabug: 31350644] 
- ath9k: release allocated buffer if timed out (Navid Emamdoost) 
[Orabug: 31351557] {CVE-2019-19074}
- ath9k_htc: release allocated buffer if timed out (Navid Emamdoost) 
[Orabug: 31351570] {CVE-2019-19073}
- KVM: nVMX: include conditional controls in /dev/kvm KVM_GET_MSRS 
(Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 31699255] - net/rds: Incorrect WARN_ON() 
(Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 31703346] - net/rds: rds_ib_remove_one() 
should not call rds_ib_dev_free_dev() (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 31703346]

- kvm: Increase KVM_USER_MEM_SLOTS for dense memory hotplug (Eric 
DeVolder) [Orabug: 31694368] - iommu/amd: Fix incorrect PASID decoding 
from event log (Suthikulpanit, Suravee) [Orabug: 31693603] - misc: 
pvpanic: add crash loaded event (zhenwei pi) [Orabug: 31677098] - 
bnxt_en: fix NULL dereference in case SR-IOV configuration fails (Davide 
Caratti) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: allow firmware to disable VLAN 
offloads (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: clean up VLAN 
feature bit handling (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: 
Implement ethtool -X to set indirection table. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
31600665] - bnxt_en: Return correct RSS indirection table entries to 
ethtool -x. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Fill HW RSS 
table from the RSS logical indirection table. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
31600665] - bnxt_en: Add helper function to return the number of RSS 
contexts. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Add logical RSS 
indirection table structure. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - 
bnxt_en: Fix up bnxt_get_rxfh_indir_size(). (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
31600665] - bnxt_en: Set up the chip specific RSS table size. (Michael 
Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Fix statistics counters issue during 
ifdown with older firmware. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: 
Do not enable legacy TX push on older firmware. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
31600665] - bnxt_en: Store the running firmware version code. (Michael 
Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: fix firmware message length 
endianness (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - net: bnxt: Remove 
Comparison to bool in bnxt_ethtool.c (Jason Yan) [Orabug: 31600665] - 
bnxt_en: show only relevant ethtool stats for a TX or RX ring (Rajesh 
Ravi) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Split HW ring statistics strings 
into RX and TX parts. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: 
Refactor the software ring counters. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - 
bnxt_en: Do not include ETH_FCS_LEN in the max packet length sent to fw. 
(Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Improve TQM ring 
context memory sizing formulas. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - 
bnxt_en: Allocate TQM ring context memory according to fw specification. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Update firmware spec. to (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Return error 
when allocating zero size context memory. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
31600665] - bnxt_en: Reset rings if ring reservation fails during open() 
(Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Free context memory 
after disabling PCI in probe error path. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
31600665] - bnxt_en: Return error if bnxt_alloc_ctx_mem() fails. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Fix Priority Bytes and 
Packets counters in ethtool -S. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - 
bnxt_en: Process the NQ under NAPI continuous polling. (Michael Chan) 
[Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Simplify __bnxt_poll_cqs_done(). (Michael 
Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Handle all NQ notifications in 
bnxt_poll_p5(). (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Disable 
workaround for lost interrupts on 575XX B0 and newer chips. (Michael 
Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Periodically check and remove 
aged-out ntuple filters (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Do 
not accept fragments for aRFS flow steering. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
31600665] - bnxt_en: Support UDP RSS hashing on 575XX chips. (Michael 
Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Remove the setting of dev_port. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Improve link up detection. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Fix NTUPLE firmware command 
failures. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt: apply computed clamp 
value for coalece parameter (Jonathan Lemon) [Orabug: 31600665] - 
bnxt_en: Fix MSIX request logic for RDMA driver. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
31600665] - bnxt_en: Allow PHY settings on multi-function or NPAR PFs if 
allowed by FW. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Add async. 
event logic for PHY configuration changes. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
31600665] - bnxt_en: Refactor the initialization of the ethtool link 
settings. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Skip disabling 
autoneg before PHY loopback when appropriate. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
31600665] - bnxt_en: Assign more RSS context resources to the VFs. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Initialize context memory 
to the value specified by firmware. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - 
bnxt_en: Fix suspend/resume path on 57500 chips (Vasundhara Volam) 
[Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Send FUNC_RESOURCE_QCAPS command in 
bnxt_resume() (Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Combine 2 
functions calling the same HWRM_DRV_RGTR fw command. (Michael Chan) 
[Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Do driver unregister cleanup in 
bnxt_init_one() failure path. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - 
bnxt_en: Disable/enable Bus master during suspend/resume. (Michael Chan) 
[Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Add chip IDs for 57452 and 57454 chips. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Improve RX buffer error 
handling. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Update firmware 
interface spec to (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665] - 
bnxt_en: Call bnxt_ulp_stop()/bnxt_ulp_start() during suspend/resume. 
(Pavan Chebbi) [Orabug: 31600665] - bnxt_en: Improve 
bnxt_ulp_stop()/bnxt_ulp_start() call sequence. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
31600665] - bnxt_en: Update firmware interface spec. to 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 31600665]

- PCI: vmd: Filter resource type bits from shadow register (Jon Derrick) 
[Orabug: 31688061] - PCI: vmd: Add device id for VMD device 8086:9A0B 
(Jon Derrick) [Orabug: 31688061] - PCI: vmd: Fix shadow offsets to 
reflect spec changes (Jon Derrick) [Orabug: 31688061] - PCI: vmd: Fix 
config addressing when using bus offsets (Jon Derrick) [Orabug: 
31688061] - PCI/VMD: Configure MPS settings before adding devices (Jon 
Derrick) [Orabug: 31688061] - PCI: vmd: Add an additional VMD device id 
to driver device id table (Jon Derrick) [Orabug: 31688061] - PCI: vmd: 
Add offset to bus numbers if necessary (Jon Derrick) [Orabug: 31688061] 
- PCI: vmd: Assign membar addresses from shadow registers (Jon Derrick) 
[Orabug: 31688061] - PCI: Add Intel VMD devices to pci ids (Jon Derrick) 
[Orabug: 31688061] - Revert "uek-rpm: Move grub boot menu update to 
posttrans stage." (Somasundaram Krishnasamy) [Orabug: 31358098] - certs: 
Remove Oracle cert compiled into the kernel (Eric Snowberg) [Orabug: 
31555616] - net: dsa: Do not leave DSA master with NULL netdev_ops 
(Allen Pais) [Orabug: 31658286] - uek-rpm: disable 
CONFIG_CRYPTO_DEV_CAVIUM_ZIP (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 29251777] - 
vfio-pci: protect remap_pfn_range() from simultaneous calls (Ankur 
Arora) [Orabug: 31663630] {CVE-2020-12888} {CVE-2020-12888}
- rds/ib: Make i_{recv,send}_hdrs non-contigious (Hans Westgaard Ry) 
[Orabug: 31648240] - octeontx2-serdes: Fix compile error (Dave Kleikamp) 
[Orabug: 31649691] - uek-rpm: config updates for SDK- kernel 
patches (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31649691] - hwrng: cavium: Check health 
status while reading random data (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 31649691] - 
octeontx2-af: Debugfs entry to show mapping btw CGX, NIX and a PF. 
(Rakesh Babu) [Orabug: 31649691] - octeontx2-serdes: Fix prbs error 
reporting (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 31649691] - drivers:cpt - add 
support for CPT1 in VF driver (Srujana Challa) [Orabug: 31649691] - 
octeontx2-af: Add support for CPT1 in debugfs (Srujana Challa) [Orabug: 
31649691] - drivers: cpt - add support for microcode load on CPT1 
(Srujana Challa) [Orabug: 31649691] - octeontx2-af: Mbox changes for 
98xx CPT block (Srujana Challa) [Orabug: 31649691] - octeontx2-af: Fix 
REE error handling (Smadar Fuks) [Orabug: 31649691] - octeontx2-af: 
Update SDP AF driver to handle multiple SDP blocks (Radha Mohan 
Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 31649691] - soc: octeontx2: Add SDP PF driver 
(Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 31649691] - octeontx2: marvell: Add 
driver support for LLC lock and unlock (Bhaskara Budiredla) [Orabug: 
31649691] - octeontx2-af: fix DMAC filter table corruption (Sunil Kumar 
Kori) [Orabug: 31649691] - octeontx2-af: Add new Mbox messages and 
handlers for new REE blocks (Smadar Fuks) [Orabug: 31649691] - 
octeontx2-af: Introducing REE block for 98xx (Smadar Fuks) [Orabug: 
31649691] - octeontx2-af: Enable PF BCAST entry for packet replication 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31649691] - octeontx2-serdes: Update PRBS 
APIs to start/stop per QLM lane (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 31649691] 
- CIFS: dump IPC tcon in debug proc file (Aurelien Aptel) [Orabug: 
31540174] - CIFS: use tcon_ipc instead of use_ipc parameter of 
SMB2_ioctl (Aurelien Aptel) [Orabug: 31540174] - CIFS: make IPC a 
regular tcon (Aurelien Aptel) [Orabug: 31540174] - CIFS: don't log 
STATUS_NOT_FOUND errors for DFS (Aurelien Aptel) [Orabug: 31540174] - 
efi: Restrict efivar_ssdt_load when the kernel is locked down (Matthew 
Garrett) [Orabug: 31643407] {CVE-2019-20908}
- uek-rpm: drivers: enable VMD PCIe controller (Todd Vierling) [Orabug: 
30647041] - IB/sa: Resolv use-after-free in ib_nl_make_request() (Divya 
Indi) [Orabug: 31631530] - uek-rpm: Disable secureboot signing for OL7 
aarch64 (Somasundaram Krishnasamy) [Orabug: 31644908] - Revert 
"mm/vmscan.c: prevent useless kswapd loops" (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 

- ocfs2: change slot number type s16 to u16 (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 
31480604] - ocfs2: fix value of OCFS2_INVALID_SLOT (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 
31480604] - ocfs2: fix panic on nfs server over ocfs2 (Junxiao Bi) 
[Orabug: 31480604] - ocfs2: load global_inode_alloc (Junxiao Bi) 
[Orabug: 31480604] - ocfs2: avoid inode removal while nfsd is accessing 
it (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 31480604] - dm cache: submit writethrough 
writes in parallel to origin and cache (Mike Snitzer) [Orabug: 31397438] 
- nvme: Assign subsys instance from first ctrl (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 
31315361] - kvm/vmx: Add dy_apicv_has_pending_interrupt op. (Boris 
Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 31602225] - x86/{mce,mm}: Unmap the entire page if 
the whole page is affected and poisoned (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 31606253] - 
qla2xxx: Pick up missing hunk from original patch (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
31607567] - byteorder: Move {cpu_to_be32, be32_to_cpu}_array() from 
Thunderbolt to core (Mika Westerberg) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix a condition in qla2x00_find_all_fabric_devs() (Dan 
Carpenter) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Keep initiator ports 
after RSCN (Roman Bolshakov) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Set 
NVMe status code for failed NVMe FCP request (Daniel Wagner) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove return value from qla_nvme_ls() 
(Daniel Wagner) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove an unused 
function (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
endianness annotations in source files (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix endianness annotations in header files 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use make_handle() 
instead of open-coding it (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Cast explicitly to uint16_t / uint32_t (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Change {RD,WRT}_REG_*() function 
names from upper case into lower case (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix the code that reads from mailbox 
registers (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use 
register names instead of register offsets (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Change two hardcoded constants into 
offsetof() / sizeof() expressions (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Increase the size of struct qla_fcp_prio_cfg to 
FCP_PRIO_CFG_SIZE (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Make a gap in struct qla2xxx_offld_chain explicit (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add more BUILD_BUG_ON() statements 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Sort 
BUILD_BUG_ON() statements alphabetically (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Simplify the functions for dumping firmware 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix spelling of a 
variable name (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Make 
qlafx00_process_aen() return void (Jason Yan) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Use true, false for ha->fw_dumped (Jason Yan) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use true, false for need_mpi_reset (Jason 
Yan) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Make qla_set_ini_mode() return 
void (Jason Yan) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix failure message 
in qlt_disable_vha() (Viacheslav Dubeyko) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: make 1-bit bit-fields unsigned int (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix MPI failure AEN (8200) handling (Arun 
Easi) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use ARRAY_SIZE() instead of 
open-coding it (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Split qla2x00_configure_local_loop() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix regression warnings (Nilesh Javali) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove non functional code (Daniel 
Wagner) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix I/Os being passed down 
when FC device is being deleted (Arun Easi) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: add ring buffer for tracing debug logs (Rajan Shanmugavelu) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Update driver version to (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Set 
Nport ID for N2N (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Handle 
NVME status iocb correctly (Arun Easi) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Remove restriction of FC T10-PI and FC-NVMe (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Serialize fc_port alloc in N2N 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NPIV instantiation 
after FW dump (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix RDP 
respond data format (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Force semaphore on flash validation failure (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: add more FW debug information (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Update BPM enablement semantics. 
(Andrew Vasquez) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: fix FW resource 
count values (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use a 
dedicated interrupt handler for 'handshake-required' ISPs (Andrew 
Vasquez) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Return appropriate failure 
through BSG Interface (Michael Hernandez) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Improved secure flash support messages (Michael Hernandez) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix FCP-SCSI FC4 flag passing error 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use FC generic update 
firmware options routine for ISP27xx (Giridhar Malavali) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Avoid setting firmware options twice in 
24xx_update_fw_options. (Giridhar Malavali) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Add 16.0GT for PCI String (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] 
- scsi: qla2xxx: Convert MAKE_HANDLE() from a define into an inline 
function (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
sparse warnings triggered by the PCI state checking code (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Suppress endianness 
complaints in qla2x00_configure_local_loop() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Simplify the code for aborting SCSI commands 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix sparse warning 
reported by kbuild bot (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Update driver version to (Himanshu Madhani) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use QLA_FW_STOPPED macro to 
propagate flag (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Add fixes for mailbox command (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix control flags for login/logout IOCB (Himanshu 
Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Save rscn_gen for new 
fcport (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use 
correct ISP28xx active FW region (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Print portname for logging in qla24xx_logio_entry() (Joe 
Carnuccio) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix qla2x00_echo_test() 
based on ISP type (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Correction to selection of loopback/echo test (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use endian macros to assign static fields in 
fwdump header (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
RDP response size (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Handle cases for limiting RDP response payload length (Joe Carnuccio) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add deferred queue for processing 
ABTS and RDP (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Cleanup 
ELS/PUREX iocb fields (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Show correct port speed capabilities for RDP command (Himanshu 
Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Display message for FCE 
enabled (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add 
vendor extended FDMI commands (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Add ql2xrdpenable module parameter for RDP (Joe Carnuccio) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add vendor extended RDP additions 
and amendments (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add 
changes in preparation for vendor extended FDMI/RDP (Joe Carnuccio) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add endianizer macro calls to fc 
host stats (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add sysfs 
node for D-Port Diagnostics AEN data (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 31607567] 
- scsi: qla2xxx: Add beacon LED config sysfs interface (Joe Carnuccio) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Check locking assumptions at runtime 
in qla2x00_abort_srb() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix a NULL pointer dereference in an error path (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix fw options handle 
eh_bus_reset() (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use 
correct number of vectors for online CPUs (Ming Lei) [Orabug: 31607567] 
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stalled relogin (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix kernel crash due to late workqueue 
allocation (himanshu.madhani at cavium.com) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix warning after FC target reset (Viacheslav Dubeyko) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix issue with adapter's stopping state 
(Viacheslav Dubeyko) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Do not log 
message when reading port speed via sysfs (Ewan D. Milne) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Delete all sessions before unregister local 
nvme port (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: check 
UNLOADING before posting async work (Martin Wilck) [Orabug: 31607567] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: set UNLOADING before waiting for session deletion (Martin 
Wilck) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Move free of fcport out of 
interrupt context (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Use get_unaligned_*() instead of open-coding these functions (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Improve readability of the 
code that handles qla_flt_header (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stuck session in GNL (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] 
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix RIDA Format-2 (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Consolidate fabric scan (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Correct fcport flags handling (Shyam Sundar) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stuck login session using prli_pend_timer 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 31607567] - qla2xxx: Update driver version to (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Use common routine to free fcport struct (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add D-Port Diagnostic reason explanation logs 
(Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix update_fcport 
for current_topology (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Cleanup unused async_logout_done (Shyam Sundar) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add a shadow variable to hold disc_state 
history of fcport (Shyam Sundar) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add 
debug dump of LOGO payload and ELS IOCB (Roman Bolshakov) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Allow PLOGI in target mode (Roman Bolshakov) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Change discovery state before PLOGI 
(Roman Bolshakov) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Ignore PORT UPDATE 
after N2N PLOGI (Roman Bolshakov) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Don't defer relogin unconditonally (Roman Bolshakov) [Orabug: 31607567] 
- scsi: qla2xxx: Send Notify ACK after N2N PLOGI (Roman Bolshakov) 
[Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Configure local loop for N2N target 
(Roman Bolshakov) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix PLOGI payload 
and ELS IOCB dump length (Roman Bolshakov) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Use explicit LOGO in target mode (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Change discovery state before PLOGI (Roman 
Bolshakov) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Initialize free_work 
before flushing it (Roman Bolshakov) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Ignore NULL pointer in tcm_qla2xxx_free_mcmd (Roman Bolshakov) [Orabug: 
31607567] - Revert "scsi: qla2xxx: Fix memory leak when sending I/O 
fails" (Martin K. Petersen) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
memory leak when sending I/O fails (Arun Easi) [Orabug: 31607567] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Modify NVMe include directives (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Reduce the scope of three local variables in 
qla2xxx_queuecommand() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Change a stack variable into a static const variable (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NULL pointer crash due 
to stale CPUID (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 31607567] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Fix panic from use after free in qla2x00_async_tm_cmd (Bill Kuzeja) 
[Orabug: 31607567]

- psi: Fix double free (Tom Hromatka) [Orabug: 31595120] - tools/power 
turbostat: Support Ice Lake server (Thomas Tai) [Orabug: 31543222] - 
uek-rpm: config updates for SDK- kernel patches (Dave 
Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31590716] - uek-rpm: Update aarch64 UEK5 config files 
with "make olddefconfig" (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-af: Add CUSTOM0 to flow keyx algo (Kiran Kumar K) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Stop tx queues in case of subsequent calls 
failure (Hariprasad Kelam) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Increase 
mbox response timeout to 3 seconds (Hariprasad Kelam) [Orabug: 31590716] 
- octeontx2-af: Fix nix_inline_ipsec_cfg mailbox (Subbaraya Sundeep) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Update CPT_LF_ALLOC mbox (Srujana 
Challa) [Orabug: 31590716] - drivers: cpt - remove notify_group_change 
(Srujana Challa) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Fix reading 
SSOW_LF_GWS_TAG after rvu_poll_reg() (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-af: Do not change maximum NPC interfaces 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Calculate LBK 
link correctly (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: 
Display NIX1 also in debugfs (Rakesh Babu) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-af: Add NIX1 interfaces to NPC (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-af: Get block address from slot number (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Mbox changes for 98xx 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Assign NIX block 
addresses (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Add new 
REE blocks to AF (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2: 
gti: Fix task stack pointer corruption (Bharat Bhushan) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-af: Fix cpt_rd_wr_register mailbox (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Fix TCP/UDP checksum offload 
for IPv6 pkts (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Add 
ntuple filter support for FDSA (Hariprasad Kelam) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-af: Add flow steering support for FDSA tag (Hariprasad Kelam) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Make SSO/SSOW LF teardown less CPU 
intensive (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2: 
gti: restore gpr x29 for kernel context (Bharat Bhushan) [Orabug: 
31590716] - drivers: spi: octeontx2: Add 95MM LOKI 98xx in supported 
SUBSID (Suneel Garapati) [Orabug: 31590716] - drivers: spi: Use 
rcvd_present instead of MIDR check (Suneel Garapati) [Orabug: 31590716] 
- octeontx2: gti: fix return to ATF after handling nmi (Bharat Bhushan) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Fix MSIX handler mailbox (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Setup MCE context for 
assigned NIX (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Map 
NIX block from CGX connection (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-af: Return assigned NIX/CPT block address (Subbaraya Sundeep) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Initialize NIX1 block (Rakesh Babu) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Add support for NIX1, CPT1 and 
NDC_NIX1 (Rakesh Babu) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Update 
get_rsrc_map for new blocks (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
drivers: marvell: otx2-sdei-ghes: Set GHES block_status correctly. (Rick 
Farrington) [Orabug: 31590716] - drivers: marvell: otx2-sdei-ghes: Add 
misc documentation. (Rick Farrington) [Orabug: 31590716] - crypto: cpt - 
fixed build issue with cpt driver as module (Srujana Challa) [Orabug: 
31590716] - arm64: enable workaround for Marvell erratum 37119 in 
Kconfig (Naveen Mamindlapalli) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-rm: remove 
unused cpt_cur (Stefan Chulski) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: 
Reduce dependency on firmware command interface version (Linu Cherian) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Synchronize mcam rule list ops 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Add XDP support 
to RVU PF driver (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: 
Disable default NPC entries properly (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 
31590716] - crypto:cpt - get HW capabilities using LOAD_FVC op 
(SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: support for custom L2 
header (Satheesh Paul A) [Orabug: 31590716] - gpio: thunderx: Configure 
pin function at probe (Michal Mazur) [Orabug: 31590716] - gpio: 
thunderx: avoid potential deadlock (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
fs: pstore: ram: WriteBack cache before reset (Lukasz Majczak) [Orabug: 
31590716] - crypto:cpt - rename ucode tarfile names as per cpt revision 
(SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 31590716] - crypto: cpt - remove verification 
of PCI subsystem ID (SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 31590716] - crypto:cpt - 
fixed DMA fault with kernel crypto tests (SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 
31590716] - crypto:cpt - fixed cleanup for inline IPsec RX LF cfg 
(SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 31590716] - marvell/zip : OcteonTX and 
OcteonTX2 ZIP Virtual Function driver (Akash Saxena) [Orabug: 31590716] 
- pci: octeontx2: Limit config space writes errata workaround to older 
silicons (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 31590716] - drivers: spi: octeontx2: 
Add fix for hw issue (Suneel Garapati) [Orabug: 31590716] - drivers: 
spi: octeontx2: use read after write for MPI_CFG (Suneel Garapati) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - drivers: spi: octeontx2: set tritx in config 
register (Suneel Garapati) [Orabug: 31590716] - spi-nor: Enable 4B 
opcodes for various flashes (Guo Yi) [Orabug: 31590716] - drivers: mtd: 
spi-nor: update 4B_OPCODES flag for n25q00 and mx66l1g45g (Suneel 
Garapati) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: add parser support for 
Forward DSA (Hariprasad Kelam) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: wait 
for tx link idle for credits change (Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-af: clear sw xoff before flush (Nithin Dabilpuram) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: enable tx shaping feature for 96xx C0 
(Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Disable SMQ 
sticky mode to avoid NIX PSE deadlock (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-af: Setup edge used for GPIO timing (Michal Mazur) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Update NIX_TXSCHQ_CONFIG mbox to 
handle read request (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: 
Do not allow VFs to overwrite PKIND config (Hariprasad Kelam) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Fix memory double free in otx2_aura_pool_free 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Update dmac field 
in vf vlan rule (Hariprasad Kelam) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: 
Remove unnecessary mbox request in unbind (Hariprasad Kelam) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-af: Simplify npc_set_pkind mbox handler 
(Hariprasad Kelam) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Reset HW config 
done to parse switch headers in FLR (Hariprasad Kelam) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-af: modify default cpt limits (SrujanaChalla) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Update tx parse nibble config 
(Hariprasad Kelam) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: fix compilation 
warning (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: add 
support for custom KPU entries (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-af: prepare for custom KPU profiles (Stanislaw Kardach) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: fix memory leaks on probe failure 
(Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: fix LD CUSTOM 
LTYPE aliasing (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: 
Don't configure RSS context when interface is down (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Set SMQ MAXLEN to max hardware 
supported value (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: fix 
detection of IP layer (Michal Mazur) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: 
Fix flow control support for LBK devices (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Implement cgx stat rst (Revital Regev) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Allow to configure flow tag LSB byte 
as RSS adder (Jerin Jacob) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: fix 
missing blocks quota validation (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-af: Fix rvu_reg_poll() to poll reg atleast twice (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 31590716] - crypto: cpt - allow cpt_af_lfx_ctl2 
register access to vf (Tejasree Kondoj) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-af: Cleanup nixlf and blkaddr retrieval logic (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Restore RSS and pause frame config 
settings (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Fix netdev 
watchdog timeout value (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-af: extend RSS supported offload types (Kiran Kumar K) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Update HW workarounds for 96xx C0, 
98xx and F95xx B0 chips (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-af: Put CGX LMAC also in Higig2 mode (hariprasad) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Reset HW config for HIGIG/EDSA in driver 
unbind (hariprasad) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Remove 
multisegment RX_SG processing logic (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-pf: Allocate receive buffers of MTU size (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Add support for VF VLAN configuration 
via PF (Naveen Mamindlapalli) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Add 
support for VF VLAN configuration via PF (Naveen Mamindlapalli) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Do not set num_msgs in mbox header (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Use mutex for mbox locking 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Dereference only 
a valid pointer (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: 
update vlan offload rule (hariprasad) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: 
Handle pfvf mac address changes (hariprasad) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-pf: Set default RR_QUANTUM for transmit scheduling levels 
(Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Adjust pause frame 
time and interval (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: 
Skip dma map and unmap when IOMMU is bypassed (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Use likely and unlikely (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Process CQE_TX first and then CQE_RX 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: Discover NIX block 
address from RVUM (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-pf: 
Flush pending SQE on teardown (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-pf: Remove warning messages in fast path (Geetha sowjanya) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-af: Undo PTP NPC config in FLR (Harman 
Kalra) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-rm: remove CPT LF resource 
management (Vidya Velumuri) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-serdes: Add 
gserr and gserc eye display (Tomasz Michalec) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-serdes: Add CONFIG_OCTEONTX_SERDES (Tomasz Michalec) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-dpi: Add MRRS and MPS configuration to dpi driver. 
(Subrahmanyam Nilla) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2: gti: Enable GTI 
wdog for non-VHE Linux (Bharat Bhushan) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-serdes: Check SVC UUID on module init (Tomasz Michalec) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - edac: octeontx2: RAS error-injection (Rick 
Farrington) [Orabug: 31590716] - drivers: marvell: octeontx2: add 
support for GHES (Rick Farrington) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-serdes: Implement PRBS command (Tomasz Michalec) [Orabug: 
31590716] - octeontx2-dpi: fix compilation warnings (Stanislaw Kardach) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-rm: fix compilation warning (Stanislaw 
Kardach) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2-serdes: Handle not implemented 
SMC (Tomasz Michalec) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2: PCI Console 
driver: fix initialization WARNing (Rick Farrington) [Orabug: 31590716] 
- octeontx2-serdes: Fix settings write return code (Tomasz Michalec) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2: fixup PCI Remote Console driver shutdown 
function (Dave Aldridge) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2: add OcteonTX2 
PCI Console driver (Rick Farrington) [Orabug: 31590716] - Revert 
"octeontx2: add OcteonTX2 PCI Remote Console driver" (Dave Kleikamp) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - Revert "octeontx2: fixup PCI Remote Console driver 
shutdown function" (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31590716] - octeontx2: gti: 
Start wdog timer on online cpus (Bharat Bhushan) [Orabug: 31590716] - 
octeontx2-serdes: Add serdes diagnostic commands (Tomasz Michalec) 
[Orabug: 31590716] - proc: publish no of macs in octeontx_info node 
(Sujeet Baranwal) [Orabug: 31590716] - arm64: Disable 
UNMAP_KERNEL_AT_EL0 when enable GTI WDOG (Bharat Bhushan) [Orabug: 
31590716] - arm64: Add workaround for Marvell erratum 37119 (Andrew 
Pinski) [Orabug: 31590716] - x86/speculation: Prevent rogue 
cross-process SSBD shutdown (Anthony Steinhauser) [Orabug: 31557901] 

- vfio/pci: Fix SR-IOV VF handling with MMIO blocking (Alex Williamson) 
[Orabug: 31439669] {CVE-2020-12888}
- vfio-pci: Invalidate mmaps and block MMIO access on disabled memory 
(Alex Williamson) [Orabug: 31439669] {CVE-2020-12888} {CVE-2020-12888}
- vfio/pci: Pull BAR mapping setup from read-write path (Alex 
Williamson) [Orabug: 31439669] {CVE-2020-12888}
- vfio-pci: Fault mmaps to enable vma tracking (Alex Williamson) 
[Orabug: 31439669] {CVE-2020-12888}
- vfio/type1: Support faulting PFNMAP vmas (Alex Williamson) [Orabug: 
31439669] {CVE-2020-12888}
- scsi: smartpqi: Use scnprintf() for avoiding potential buffer overflow 
(Takashi Iwai) [Orabug: 31526089] - thermal: support for Marvell Octeon 
TX SoC temperature sensors (Eric Saint-Etienne) [Orabug: 31564727] - 
thermal: support for Marvell Octeon TX2 SoC temperature sensors (Eric 
Saint-Etienne) [Orabug: 31564727] - dtrace: ensure that fatal signals 
trigger signal-handle probes (Kris Van Hees) [Orabug: 31398827] [Orabug: 
31562416] - x86/mitigations: reset default value for srbds_mitigation 
(Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 31515070] - x86/cpu: clear X86_BUG_SRBDS before 
late loading (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 31515070] - x86/mitigations: 
update MSRs on all CPUs for SRBDS (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 31515070] - 
KVM: arm/arm64: Fixup the kvm_exit tracepoint (Christoffer Dall) 
[Orabug: 31510089] - acpi: disallow loading configfs acpi tables when 
locked down (Jason A. Donenfeld) [Orabug: 31493186] - tcp: implement 
coalescing on backlog queue (Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 31419400] - tcp: 
drop dst in tcp_add_backlog() (Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 31419400] - bpf: 
Fix up bpf_skb_adjust_room helper's skb csum setting (Daniel Borkmann) 
[Orabug: 31419400] - media: rc: prevent memory leak in cx23888_ir_probe 
(Navid Emamdoost) [Orabug: 31351670] {CVE-2019-19054}
- dtrace: recursion in dtrace_dynvar() can lead to out-of-stack crash 
(Kris Van Hees) [Orabug: 31481801]

- Linux 4.14.184 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - uprobes: ensure that 
uprobe->offset and ->ref_ctr_offset are properly aligned (Oleg Nesterov) 
- iio: vcnl4000: Fix i2c swapped word reading. (Mathieu Othacehe) - 
x86/speculation: Add Ivy Bridge to affected list (Josh Poimboeuf) - 
nvmem: qfprom: remove incorrect write support (Srinivas Kandagatla) - 
CDC-ACM: heed quirk also in error handling (Oliver Neukum) - staging: 
rtl8712: Fix IEEE80211_ADDBA_PARAM_BUF_SIZE_MASK (Pascal Terjan) - tty: 
hvc_console, fix crashes on parallel open/close (Jiri Slaby) - vt: 
keyboard: avoid signed integer overflow in k_ascii (Dmitry Torokhov) - 
usb: musb: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (Dinghao Liu) - usb: musb: 
start session in resume for host port (Bin Liu) - USB: serial: option: 
add Telit LE910C1-EUX compositions (Daniele Palmas) - USB: serial: 
usb_wwan: do not resubmit rx urb on fatal errors (Bin Liu) - USB: 
serial: qcserial: add DW5816e QDL support (Matt Jolly) - l2tp: add 
sk_family checks to l2tp_validate_socket (Eric Dumazet) - net: check 
untrusted gso_size at kernel entry (Willem de Bruijn) - vsock: fix 
timeout in vsock_accept() (Stefano Garzarella) - NFC: st21nfca: add 
missed kfree_skb() in an error path (Chuhong Yuan) - net: usb: qmi_wwan: 
add Telit LE910C1-EUX composition (Daniele Palmas) - l2tp: do not use 
inet_hash()/inet_unhash() (Eric Dumazet) - devinet: fix memleak in 
inetdev_init() (Yang Yingliang) - airo: Fix read overflows sending 
packets (Dan Carpenter) - scsi: ufs: Release clock if DMA map fails (Can 
Guo) - mmc: fix compilation of user API (Jérôme Pouiller) - 
kernel/relay.c: handle alloc_percpu returning NULL in relay_open (Daniel 
Axtens) - p54usb: add AirVasT USB stick device-id (Giuseppe Marco 
Randazzo) - HID: i2c-hid: add Schneider SCL142ALM to descriptor override 
(Julian Sax) - HID: sony: Fix for broken buttons on DS3 USB dongles 
(Scott Shumate) - net: smsc911x: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error 
(Dinghao Liu) - net: ethernet: stmmac: Enable interface clocks on probe 
for IPQ806x (Jonathan McDowell) - net/ethernet/freescale: rework 
quiesce/activate for ucc_geth (Valentin Longchamp) - net: bmac: Fix read 
of MAC address from ROM (Jeremy Kerr) - x86/mmiotrace: Use 
cpumask_available() for cpumask_var_t variables (Nathan Chancellor) - 
i2c: altera: Fix race between xfer_msg and isr thread (Atsushi Nemoto) - 
ARC: [plat-eznps]: Restrict to CONFIG_ISA_ARCOMPACT (Vineet Gupta) - 
ARC: Fix ICCM & DCCM runtime size checks (Eugeniy Paltsev) - pppoe: only 
process PADT targeted at local interfaces (Guillaume Nault) - 
s390/ftrace: save traced function caller (Vasily Gorbik) - spi: dw: use 
"smp_mb()" to avoid sending spi data error (Xinwei Kong) - scsi: 
hisi_sas: Check sas_port before using it (Xiang Chen) - libnvdimm: Fix 
endian conversion issues  (Aneesh Kumar K.V) - scsi: scsi_devinfo: fixup 
string compare (Hannes Reinecke) - Linux 4.14.183 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
scsi: zfcp: fix request object use-after-free in send path causing wrong 
traces (Benjamin Block) - genirq/generic_pending: Do not lose pending 
affinity update (Thomas Gleixner) - net: hns: Fixes the missing 
put_device in positive leg for roce reset (Salil Mehta) - net: hns: fix 
unsigned comparison to less than zero (Colin Ian King) - rxrpc: Fix 
transport sockopts to get IPv4 errors on an IPv6 socket (David Howells) 
- sc16is7xx: move label 'err_spi' to correct section (Guoqing Jiang) - 
mm/vmalloc.c: don't dereference possible NULL pointer in __vunmap() 
(Liviu Dudau) - netfilter: nf_conntrack_pptp: fix compilation warning 
with W=1 build (Pablo Neira Ayuso) - bonding: Fix reference count leak 
in bond_sysfs_slave_add. (Qiushi Wu) - qlcnic: fix missing release in 
qlcnic_83xx_interrupt_test. (Qiushi Wu) - esp6: get the right proto for 
transport mode in esp6_gso_encap (Xin Long) - netfilter: 
nf_conntrack_pptp: prevent buffer overflows in debug code (Pablo Neira 
Ayuso) - netfilter: nfnetlink_cthelper: unbreak userspace helper support 
(Pablo Neira Ayuso) - netfilter: ipset: Fix subcounter update skip (Phil 
Sutter) - netfilter: nft_reject_bridge: enable reject with bridge vlan 
(Michael Braun) - ip_vti: receive ipip packet by calling ip_tunnel_rcv 
(Xin Long) - vti4: eliminated some duplicate code. (Jeremy Sowden) - 
xfrm: fix error in comment (Antony Antony) - xfrm: fix a NULL-ptr deref 
in xfrm_local_error (Xin Long) - xfrm: fix a warning in 
xfrm_policy_insert_list (Xin Long) - xfrm: call xfrm_output_gso when 
inner_protocol is set in xfrm_output (Xin Long) - xfrm: allow to accept 
packets with ipv6 NEXTHDR_HOP in xfrm_input (Xin Long) - 
copy_xstate_to_kernel(): don't leave parts of destination uninitialized 
(Al Viro) - x86/dma: Fix max PFN arithmetic overflow on 32 bit systems 
(Alexander Dahl) - mac80211: mesh: fix discovery timer re-arming issue / 
crash (Linus Lüssing) - parisc: Fix kernel panic in mem_init() (Helge 
Deller) - iommu: Fix reference count leak in iommu_group_alloc. (Qiushi 
Wu) - include/asm-generic/topology.h: guard cpumask_of_node() macro 
argument (Arnd Bergmann) - fs/binfmt_elf.c: allocate initialized memory 
in fill_thread_core_info() (Alexander Potapenko) - mm: remove 
VM_BUG_ON(PageSlab()) from page_mapcount() (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - 
libceph: ignore pool overlay and cache logic on redirects (Jerry Lee) - 
ALSA: hda/realtek - Add new codec supported for ALC287 (Kailang Yang) - 
exec: Always set cap_ambient in cap_bprm_set_creds (Eric W. Biederman) - 
ALSA: usb-audio: mixer: volume quirk for ESS Technology Asus USB DAC 
(Chris Chiu) - ALSA: hwdep: fix a left shifting 1 by 31 UB bug 
(Changming Liu) - RDMA/pvrdma: Fix missing pci disable in 
pvrdma_pci_probe() (Qiushi Wu) - mmc: block: Fix use-after-free issue 
for rpmb (Peng Hao) - ARM: dts: bcm2835-rpi-zero-w: Fix led polarity 
(Vincent Stehlé) - ARM: dts/imx6q-bx50v3: Set display interface clock 
parents (Robert Beckett) - ARM: dts: imx6q-bx50v3: Add internal switch 
(Sebastian Reichel) - IB/qib: Call kobject_put() when 
kobject_init_and_add() fails (Kaike Wan) - gpio: exar: Fix bad handling 
for ida_simple_get error path (Takashi Iwai) - ARM: uaccess: fix DACR 
mismatch with nested exceptions (Russell King) - ARM: uaccess: integrate 
uaccess_save and uaccess_restore (Russell King) - ARM: uaccess: 
consolidate uaccess asm to asm/uaccess-asm.h (Russell King) - ARM: 
8843/1: use unified assembler in headers (Stefan Agner) - Input: 
synaptics-rmi4 - fix error return code in rmi_driver_probe() (Wei 
Yongjun) - Input: synaptics-rmi4 - really fix attn_data use-after-free 
(Evan Green) - Input: i8042 - add ThinkPad S230u to i8042 reset list 
(Kevin Locke) - Input: dlink-dir685-touchkeys - fix a typo in driver 
name (Christophe JAILLET) - Input: xpad - add custom init packet for 
Xbox One S controllers (Łukasz Patron) - Input: evdev - call 
input_flush_device() on release(), not flush() (Brendan Shanks) - Input: 
usbtouchscreen - add support for BonXeon TP (James Hilliard) - samples: 
bpf: Fix build error (Matteo Croce) - cifs: Fix null pointer check in 
cifs_read (Steve French) - net: freescale: select CONFIG_FIXED_PHY where 
needed (Arnd Bergmann) - usb: gadget: legacy: fix redundant 
initialization warnings (Masahiro Yamada) - cachefiles: Fix race between 
read_waiter and read_copier involving op->to_do (Lei Xue) - gfs2: move 
privileged user check to gfs2_quota_lock_check (Bob Peterson) - net: 
microchip: encx24j600: add missed kthread_stop (Chuhong Yuan) - gpio: 
tegra: mask GPIO IRQs during IRQ shutdown (Stephen Warren) - ARM: dts: 
rockchip: fix pinctrl sub nodename for spi in rk322x.dtsi (Johan Jonker) 
- arm64: dts: rockchip: swap interrupts interrupt-names rk3399 gpu node 
(Johan Jonker) - ARM: dts: rockchip: fix phy nodename for rk3228-evb 
(Johan Jonker) - net/mlx4_core: fix a memory leak bug. (Qiushi Wu) - 
net: sun: fix missing release regions in cas_init_one(). (Qiushi Wu) - 
net: qrtr: Fix passing invalid reference to qrtr_local_enqueue() 
(Manivannan Sadhasivam) - net/mlx5e: Update netdev txq on completions 
during closure (Moshe Shemesh) - sctp: Start shutdown on association 
restart if in SHUTDOWN-SENT state and socket is closed (Jere Leppänen) - 
r8152: support additional Microsoft Surface Ethernet Adapter variant 
(Marc Payne) - net sched: fix reporting the first-time use timestamp 
(Roman Mashak) - net: revert "net: get rid of an signed integer overflow 
in ip_idents_reserve()" (Yuqi Jin) - net/mlx5: Add command entry 
handling completion (Moshe Shemesh) - net: ipip: fix wrong address 
family in init error path (Vadim Fedorenko) - ax25: fix 
setsockopt(SO_BINDTODEVICE) (Eric Dumazet) - rds: Fix potential use 
after free in rds_ib_inc_free (Hans Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 31504053] - 
mm: Fix mremap not considering huge pmd devmap (Fan Yang) [Orabug: 
31452397] {CVE-2020-10757} {CVE-2020-10757}
- PCI/DPC: Add missing pci_dpc_init() to pci probe function (Thomas Tai) 
[Orabug: 31511974] - selftests/bpf: do not run test_kmod.sh for UEK5 
(Alan Maguire) [Orabug: 31357234] - bpf: do not allow root to mangle 
valid pointers (Alexei Starovoitov) [Orabug: 31357234] - selftests/bpf: 
fix invalid bit operation to verify tcpbpf events (Alan Maguire) 
[Orabug: 31357234] - net/rds: NULL pointer de-reference in 
rds_ib_add_one() (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 31501437] - RDMA/cm: Spurious 
WARNING triggered in cm_destroy_id() (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 31323839] 
- RDMA/cm: Make sure the cm_id is in the IB_CM_IDLE state in destroy 
(Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 31323839] - RDMA/cm: Allow 
ib_send_cm_sidr_rep() to be done under lock (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 
31323839] - RDMA/cm: Allow ib_send_cm_rej() to be done under lock (Jason 
Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 31323839] - RDMA/cm: Allow ib_send_cm_drep() to be 
done under lock (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 31323839] - RDMA/cm: Allow 
ib_send_cm_dreq() to be done under lock (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 
31323839] - RDMA/cm: Add some lockdep assertions for cm_id_priv->lock 
(Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 31323839] - RDMA/cm: Add missing locking 
around id.state in cm_dup_req_handler (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 
31323839] - RDMA/cm: Make the destroy_id flow more robust (Jason 
Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 31323839] - RDMA/cm: Remove a race freeing 
timewait_info (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 31323839] - RDMA/cm: Use 
refcount_t type for refcount variable (Danit Goldberg) [Orabug: 
31323839] - KVM: VMX: check descriptor table exits on instruction 
emulation (Oliver Upton) [Orabug: 31481335] - Revert "rds: Introduce 
rds_conn_to_path helper" (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 31476448] - Revert "rds: 
Do not cancel RDMAs that have been posted to the HCA" (Håkon Bugge) 
[Orabug: 31476448] - Revert "rds: Three cancel fixes" (Håkon Bugge) 
[Orabug: 31476448]

- scsi: megaraid_sas: Update driver version to 07.714.04.00-rc1 
(Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: TM command 
refire leads to controller firmware crash (Sumit Saxena) [Orabug: 
31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Replace undefined MFI_BIG_ENDIAN macro 
with __BIG_ENDIAN_BITFIELD macro (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 31454512] - 
scsi: megaraid_sas: Remove IO buffer hole detection logic (Sumit Saxena) 
[Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Limit device queue depth to 
controller queue depth (Kashyap Desai) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: 
megaraid: make two symbols static in megaraid_sas_base.c (Jason Yan) 
[Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: megaraid: make some symbols static in 
megaraid_sas_fusion.c (Jason Yan) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Use scnprintf() for avoiding potential buffer overflow 
(Takashi Iwai) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: silence a 
warning (Tomas Henzl) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: fix 
indentation issue (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: fixup MSIx interrupt setup during resume (Hannes Reinecke) 
[Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Update driver version to 
07.713.01.00-rc1 (Anand Lodnoor) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Limit the number of retries for the IOCTLs causing 
firmware fault (Anand Lodnoor) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: 
Re-Define enum DCMD_RETURN_STATUS (Anand Lodnoor) [Orabug: 31454512] - 
scsi: megaraid_sas: Do not set HBA Operational if FW is not in 
operational state (Anand Lodnoor) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Do not kill HBA if JBOD Seqence map or RAID map is 
disabled (Anand Lodnoor) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Do not 
kill host bus adapter, if adapter is already dead (Anand Lodnoor) 
[Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Update optimal queue depth for 
SAS and NVMe devices (Anand Lodnoor) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Set no_write_same only for Virtual Disk (Anand Lodnoor) 
[Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Reset adapter if FW is not in 
READY state after device resume (Anand Lodnoor) [Orabug: 31454512] - 
scsi: megaraid_sas: Make poll_aen_lock static (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 
31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: remove unused variables 
'debugBlk','fusion' (zhengbin) [Orabug: 31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: 
Unique names for MSI-X vectors (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 31454512] - 
scsi: megaraid_sas: Make some functions static (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 
31454512] - scsi: megaraid_sas: fix spelling mistake "megarid_sas" -> 
"megaraid_sas" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 31454512] - mm: change return 
type to vm_fault_t (Souptick Joarder) [Orabug: 30651584] - Revert "mm: 
change return type to vm_fault_t" (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 30651584] - 
rds: Deregister all FRWR mr with free_mr (Hans Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 
31473001] - x86/speculation: Add SRBDS vulnerability and mitigation 
documentation (Mark Gross) [Orabug: 31352780] {CVE-2020-0543}
- x86/speculation: Add Special Register Buffer Data Sampling (SRBDS) 
mitigation (Mark Gross) [Orabug: 31352780] {CVE-2020-0543}
- x86/cpu: Add 'table' argument to cpu_matches() (Mark Gross) [Orabug: 
31352780] {CVE-2020-0543}
- x86/cpu: Add a steppings field to struct x86_cpu_id (Mark Gross) 
[Orabug: 31352780] {CVE-2020-0543}
- netdev, octeon3-ethernet: move timecounter init to network driver 
probe() (Dave Aldridge) [Orabug: 31439218] - rds: Three cancel fixes 
(Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 31463013] - uek-rpm: disable CONFIG_IP_PNP 
(Anjali Kulkarni) [Orabug: 31454845] - Fix KABI breakage (Thomas Tai) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - uek-rpm: Enable CONFIG_PCIE_DPC and CONFIG_PCIE_EDR 
(Thomas Tai) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Add Error Disconnect Recover 
(EDR) support (Kuppuswamy Sathyanarayanan) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/ERR: 
Return status of pcie_do_recovery() (Kuppuswamy Sathyanarayanan) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/ERR: Remove service dependency in 
pcie_do_recovery() (Kuppuswamy Sathyanarayanan) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/ERR: Simplify broadcast callouts (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/ERR: Run error recovery callbacks for all affected devices (Keith 
Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - ACPICA: ACPI 6.3: add Error Disconnect 
Recover Notification value (Erik Schmauss) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: 
Expose dpc_process_error(), dpc_reset_link() for use by EDR (Kuppuswamy 
Sathyanarayanan) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Add 
pci_aer_raw_clear_status() to unconditionally clear Error Status 
(Kuppuswamy Sathyanarayanan) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Save AER 
Capability for suspend/resume (Patel, Mayurkumar) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/AER: Refactor error injection fallbacks (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/AER: Abstract AER interrupt handling (Keith Busch) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Reuse existing pcie_port_find_device() 
interface (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Cache DPC 
capabilities in pci_init_capabilities() (Kuppuswamy Sathyanarayanan) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Move DPC data into struct pci_dev (Bjorn 
Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Add "pcie_ports=dpc-native" to 
allow DPC without AER control (Olof Johansson) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/DPC: Log messages with pci_dev, not pcie_device (Frederick Lawler) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Fix print AER status in DPC event handling 
(Dongdong Liu) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI: Make link active reporting 
detection generic (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/ERR: Handle 
fatal error recovery (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Use 
managed resource allocations (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: 
Use threaded IRQ for bottom half (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/AER: Use kfifo_in_spinlocked() to insert locked elements (Keith 
Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Use kfifo for tracking events 
instead of reimplementing it (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: 
Remove error source from AER struct aer_rpc (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/AER: Remove unused aer_error_resume() (Keith Busch) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Remove duplicate PCI_EXP_AER_FLAGS 
definition (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Work around 
use-after-free in pcie_do_fatal_recovery() (Thomas Tai) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI: Simplify disconnected marking (Lukas Wunner) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI: hotplug: Drop checking of PCI_BRIDGE_CONTROL in 
*_unconfigure_device() (Mika Westerberg) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI: 
pciehp: Fix race condition handling surprise link down (Mika Westerberg) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI: Add for_each_pci_bridge() helper (Andy 
Shevchenko) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/ERR: Use slot reset if available 
(Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Don't read upstream ports 
below fatal errors (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Take 
reference on error devices (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI: Hide 
pci_reset_bridge_secondary_bus() from drivers (Sinan Kaya) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI: Handle error return from 
pci_reset_bridge_secondary_bus() (Sinan Kaya) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI: 
Add a return type for pci_reset_bridge_secondary_bus() (Sinan Kaya) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI: pciehp: Convert timers to use timer_setup() 
(Kees Cook) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Remove 
pcie_portdrv_err_handler.slot_reset (Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/AER: Don't clear AER bits if error handling is Firmware-First 
(Alexandru Gagniuc) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Clear device status 
bits during ERR_FATAL and ERR_NONFATAL (Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/AER: Clear device status bits during ERR_COR handling 
(Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Remove ERR_FATAL code from 
ERR_NONFATAL path (Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Factor 
out ERR_NONFATAL status bit clearing (Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 31318631] 
- PCI/AER: Clear only ERR_NONFATAL bits during non-fatal recovery (Oza 
Pawandeep) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Clear only ERR_FATAL status 
bits during fatal recovery (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: 
Save and restore config state (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI: 
Restore resized BAR state on resume (Christian König) [Orabug: 31318631] 
- PCI: portdrv: Initialize service drivers directly (Keith Busch) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI: Add resizable BAR infrastructure (Christian 
König) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Honor "pcie_ports=native" even if 
HEST sets FIRMWARE_FIRST (Alexandru Gagniuc) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/AER: Add sysfs attributes for rootport cumulative stats (Rajat Jain) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Add sysfs attributes to provide AER stats 
and breakdown (Rajat Jain) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Define 
aer_stats structure for AER capable devices (Rajat Jain) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/AER: Adopt lspci names for AER error decoding (Tyler 
Baicar) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Move internal declarations to 
drivers/pci/pci.h (Rajat Jain) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Expose 
internal API for obtaining AER information (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/DPC: Remove indirection waiting for inactive link (Keith 
Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Use threaded IRQ for bottom half 
handling (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Print AER status in 
DPC event handling (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Remove 
rp_pio_status from dpc struct (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/DPC: Defer event handling to work queue (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/DPC: Leave interrupts enabled while handling event 
(Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Use "PCI Express" 
consistently in Kconfig text (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/AER: Hoist aerdrv.c, aer_inject.c up to drivers/pci/pcie/ (Bjorn 
Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Squash Kconfig.debug into Kconfig 
(Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Move private AER things to 
aerdrv.c (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Move aer_irq() 
declaration to portdrv.h (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: 
Remove duplicate pcie_port_bus_type declaration (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/AER: Squash ecrc.c into aerdrv.c (Bjorn Helgaas) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Squash aerdrv_acpi.c into aerdrv.c (Bjorn 
Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Squash aerdrv_errprint.c into 
aerdrv.c (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Squash 
aerdrv_core.c into aerdrv.c (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/AER: Reorder code to group probe/remove stuff together (Bjorn 
Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Remove forward declarations 
(Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Remove 
aer_recover_work_func() forward declaration (Borislav Petkov) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/AER: Decode Error Source Requester ID (Bjorn Helgaas) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Move pcie_aer_get_firmware_first() to 
portdrv.h (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Use the generic 
pcie_do_fatal_recovery() path (Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/AER: Pass service type to pcie_do_fatal_recovery() (Oza Pawandeep) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Add generic pcie_port_find_device() 
(Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Add generic 
pcie_port_find_service() (Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: 
Factor out error reporting to drivers/pci/pcie/err.c (Oza Pawandeep) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Rename error recovery interfaces to 
generic PCI naming (Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Handle 
ERR_FATAL with removal and re-enumeration of devices (Oza Pawandeep) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Add TLP header information to tracepoint 
(Thomas Tai) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Remove unused 
pcie_port_acpi_setup() (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: 
Unify error bit printing for native and CPER reporting (Alexandru 
Gagniuc) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI: Add wrappers for dev_printk() 
(Frederick Lawler) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Replace struct 
pcie_device with pci_dev (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: 
Remove unused parameters (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: 
Disable ERR_NONFATAL handling by DPC (Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 31318631] 
- PCI: Add generic pcie_wait_for_link() interface (Oza Pawandeep) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/ASPM: Unexport internal ASPM interfaces (Bjorn 
Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Clear interrupt status in 
interrupt handler top half (Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: 
Rename from pcie-dpc.c to dpc.c (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/DPC: Do not enable DPC if AER control is not allowed by the BIOS 
(Mika Westerberg) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Use cached AER 
Capability offset (Frederick Lawler) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: 
Rename and reverse sense of pcie_ports_auto (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Encapsulate pcie_ports_auto inside the port 
driver (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Remove 
unnecessary "pcie_ports=auto" parameter (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Remove "pcie_hp=nomsi" kernel parameter (Bjorn 
Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/portdrv: Simplify PCIe feature permission checking (Bjorn Helgaas) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Remove unused PCIE_PORT_SERVICE_VC 
(Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Remove 
pcie_port_bus_type link order dependency (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Merge pcieport_if.h into portdrv.h (Bjorn 
Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Disable port driver in compat 
mode (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/PM: Move 
pcie_clear_root_pme_status() to core (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] 
- PCI/portdrv: Move pcieport_if.h to drivers/pci/pcie/ (Frederick 
Lawler) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: Move pci_uevent_ers() out of pci.h 
(Michael Ellerman) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI: Add SPDX GPL-2.0 to replace 
COPYING boilerplate (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Squash 
dpc_rp_pio_get_info() into dpc_process_rp_pio_error() (Bjorn Helgaas) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Remove unnecessary RP PIO register structs 
(Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Push dpc->rp_pio_status 
assignment into dpc_rp_pio_get_info() (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] 
- PCI/DPC: Squash dpc_rp_pio_print_error() into dpc_rp_pio_get_info() 
(Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Make RP PIO log size check 
more generic (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Rename local 
"status" to "dpc_status" (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: 
Squash dpc_rp_pio_print_tlp_header() into dpc_rp_pio_print_error() 
(Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Process RP PIO details 
only if RP PIO extensions supported (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - 
PCI/DPC: Read RP PIO Log Size once at probe (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/DPC: Rename struct dpc_dev.rp to rp_extensions (Bjorn 
Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Add local variable for DPC 
capability offset (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Rename 
interrupt_event_handler() to dpc_work() (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/DPC: Enable DPC only if AER is available (Keith Busch) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Fix interrupt message number print (Keith 
Busch) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Reformat DPC register definitions 
(Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Add and use DPC Status 
register field definitions (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/AER: 
Add uevents in AER and EEH error/resume (Bryant G. Ly) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/AER: Return error if AER is not supported (Keith Busch) 
[Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/DPC: Fix shared interrupt handling (Alex 
Williamson) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Turn off PCIe services 
during shutdown (Sinan Kaya) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Compute 
MSI/MSI-X IRQ vectors after final allocation (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 
31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Factor out Interrupt Message Number lookup 
(Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Consolidate comments 
(Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31318631] - PCI/portdrv: Add #defines for AER 
and DPC Interrupt Message Number masks (Dongdong Liu) [Orabug: 31318631] 
- PCI/AER: Skip recovery callbacks for correctable errors from ACPI APEI 
(Tyler Baicar) [Orabug: 31318631] - uek-rpm: use expand macro with 
kernel_reqprovconf (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31454071] - scsi: mpt3sas: 
Introduce module parameter to override queue depth (Sreekanth Reddy) 
[Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix memset() in non-RDPQ mode 
(Suganath Prabu S) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix reply queue 
count in non RDPQ mode (Suganath Prabu S) [Orabug: 31434583] (Samuel 
Zou) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix double free warnings 
(Suganath Prabu S) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Disable DIF when 
prot_mask set to zero (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: 
mpt3sas: Capture IOC data for debugging purposes (Suganath Prabu) 
[Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Use true, false for 
ioc->use_32bit_dma (Jason Yan) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: 
Remove NULL check before freeing function (Jason Yan) [Orabug: 31434583] 
- scsi: mpt3sas: Update mpt3sas version to (Suganath Prabu) 
[Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Handle RDPQ DMA allocation in same 
4G region (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Separate 
out RDPQ allocation to new function (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 31434583] 
- scsi: mpt3sas: Rename function name is_MSB_are_same (Suganath Prabu) 
[Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Don't change the DMA coherent mask 
after allocations (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: 
mpt3sas: use true,false for bool variables (Jason Yan) [Orabug: 
31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Update drive version to 
(Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Remove usage of 
device_busy counter (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: 
mpt3sas: Print function name in which cmd timed out (Sreekanth Reddy) 
[Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Optimize mpt3sas driver logging 
(Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: print in which 
path firmware fault occurred (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 31434583] - 
scsi: mpt3sas: Handle CoreDump state from watchdog thread (Sreekanth 
Reddy) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Add support IOCs new state 
named COREDUMP (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: 
renamed _base_after_reset_handler function (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 
31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Add support for NVMe shutdown (Sreekanth 
Reddy) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Update MPI Headers to 
v02.00.57 (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 31434583] - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix 
double free in attach error handling (Dan Carpenter) [Orabug: 31434583] 
- scsi: mpt3sas: change allocation option (Tomas Henzl) [Orabug: 
31434583] - xfs: fix freeze hung (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 31430851]

- Linux 4.14.182 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - iio: adc: stm32-adc: fix device 
used to request dma (Fabrice Gasnier) - iio: adc: stm32-adc: Use 
dma_request_chan() instead dma_request_slave_channel() (Peter Ujfalusi) 
- x86/unwind/orc: Fix unwind_get_return_address_ptr() for inactive tasks 
(Josh Poimboeuf) - rxrpc: Fix a memory leak in rxkad_verify_response() 
(Qiushi Wu) - rapidio: fix an error in get_user_pages_fast() error 
handling (John Hubbard) - mei: release me_cl object reference (Alexander 
Usyskin) - iio: dac: vf610: Fix an error handling path in 
'vf610_dac_probe()' (Christophe JAILLET) - iio: sca3000: Remove an 
erroneous 'get_device()' (Christophe JAILLET) - staging: greybus: Fix 
uninitialized scalar variable (Oscar Carter) - staging: iio: ad2s1210: 
Fix SPI reading (Dragos Bogdan) - Revert "gfs2: Don't demote a glock 
until its revokes are written" (Bob Peterson) - cxgb4/cxgb4vf: Fix 
mac_hlist initialization and free (Arjun Vynipadath) - cxgb4: free 
mac_hlist properly (Arjun Vynipadath) - media: fdp1: Fix R-Car M3-N 
naming in debug message (Geert Uytterhoeven) - ubsan: build ubsan.c more 
conservatively (Arnd Bergmann) - x86/uaccess, ubsan: Fix UBSAN vs. SMAP 
(Peter Zijlstra) - powerpc/64s: Disable STRICT_KERNEL_RWX (Michael 
Ellerman) - powerpc: Remove STRICT_KERNEL_RWX incompatibility with 
RELOCATABLE (Russell Currey) - powerpc: restore alphabetic order in 
Kconfig (Christophe Leroy) - dmaengine: tegra210-adma: Fix an error 
handling path in 'tegra_adma_probe()' (Christophe JAILLET) - apparmor: 
Fix aa_label refcnt leak in policy_update (Xiyu Yang) - ALSA: pcm: fix 
incorrect hw_base increase (Brent Lu) - ALSA: iec1712: Initialize 
STDSP24 properly when using the model=staudio option (Scott Bahling) - 
l2tp: initialise PPP sessions before registering them (Guillaume Nault) 
- l2tp: protect sock pointer of struct pppol2tp_session with RCU 
(Guillaume Nault) - l2tp: initialise l2tp_eth sessions before 
registering them (Guillaume Nault) - l2tp: don't register sessions in 
l2tp_session_create() (Guillaume Nault) - arm64: fix the 
flush_icache_range arguments in machine_kexec (Christoph Hellwig) - 
padata: purge get_cpu and reorder_via_wq from padata_do_serial (Daniel 
Jordan) - padata: initialize pd->cpu with effective cpumask (Daniel 
Jordan) - padata: Replace delayed timer with immediate workqueue in 
padata_reorder (Herbert Xu) - padata: set cpu_index of unused CPUs to -1 
(Mathias Krause) - ARM: futex: Address build warning (Thomas Gleixner) - 
platform/x86: asus-nb-wmi: Do not load on Asus T100TA and T200TA (Hans 
de Goede) - USB: core: Fix misleading driver bug report (Alan Stern) - 
ceph: fix double unlock in handle_cap_export() (Wu Bo) - gtp: set 
NLM_F_MULTI flag in gtp_genl_dump_pdp() (Yoshiyuki Kurauchi) - x86/apic: 
Move TSC deadline timer debug printk (Thomas Gleixner) - scsi: ibmvscsi: 
Fix WARN_ON during event pool release (Tyrel Datwyler) - component: 
Silence bind error on -EPROBE_DEFER (James Hilliard) - vhost/vsock: fix 
packet delivery order to monitoring devices (Stefano Garzarella) - 
configfs: fix config_item refcnt leak in configfs_rmdir() (Xiyu Yang) - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix hang when issuing nvme disconnect-all in NPIV (Arun 
Easi) - HID: multitouch: add eGalaxTouch P80H84 support (Sebastian 
Reichel) - gcc-common.h: Update for GCC 10 (Frédéric Pierret (fepitre)) 
- ubi: Fix seq_file usage in detailed_erase_block_info debugfs file 
(Richard Weinberger) - i2c: mux: demux-pinctrl: Fix an error handling 
path in 'i2c_demux_pinctrl_probe()' (Christophe JAILLET) - iommu/amd: 
Fix over-read of ACPI UID from IVRS table (Alexander Monakov) - fix 
multiplication overflow in copy_fdtable() (Al Viro) - ima: Fix return 
value of ima_write_policy() (Roberto Sassu) - evm: Check also if *tfm is 
an error pointer in init_desc() (Roberto Sassu) - ima: Set file->f_mode 
instead of file->f_flags in ima_calc_file_hash() (Roberto Sassu) - 
padata: ensure padata_do_serial() runs on the correct CPU (Mathias 
Krause) - padata: ensure the reorder timer callback runs on the correct 
CPU (Mathias Krause) - i2c: dev: Fix the race between the release of 
i2c_dev and cdev (Kevin Hao) - watchdog: Fix the race between the 
release of watchdog_core_data and cdev (Kevin Hao) - ext4: add 
cond_resched() to ext4_protect_reserved_inode (Shijie Luo) - Linux 
4.14.181 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - Makefile: disallow data races on gcc-10 
as well (Sergei Trofimovich) - KVM: x86: Fix off-by-one error in 
kvm_vcpu_ioctl_x86_setup_mce (Jim Mattson) - ARM: dts: r8a7740: Add 
missing extal2 to CPG node (Geert Uytterhoeven) - ARM: dts: r8a73a4: Add 
missing CMT1 interrupts (Geert Uytterhoeven) - arm64: dts: rockchip: 
Rename dwc3 device nodes on rk3399 to make dtc happy (Chen-Yu Tsai) - 
arm64: dts: rockchip: Replace RK805 PMIC node name with "pmic" on rk3328 
boards (Chen-Yu Tsai) - Revert "ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix pop noise on 
ALC225" (Kai-Heng Feng) - usb: gadget: legacy: fix error return code in 
cdc_bind() (Wei Yongjun) - usb: gadget: legacy: fix error return code in 
gncm_bind() (Wei Yongjun) - usb: gadget: audio: Fix a missing error 
return value in audio_bind() (Christophe JAILLET) - usb: gadget: 
net2272: Fix a memory leak in an error handling path in 
'net2272_plat_probe()' (Christophe JAILLET) - clk: rockchip: fix 
incorrect configuration of rk3228 aclk_gpu* clocks (Justin Swartz) - 
exec: Move would_dump into flush_old_exec (Eric W. Biederman) - 
x86/unwind/orc: Fix error handling in __unwind_start() (Josh Poimboeuf) 
- usb: xhci: Fix NULL pointer dereference when enqueuing trbs from urb 
sg list (Sriharsha Allenki) - USB: gadget: fix illegal array access in 
binding with UDC (Kyungtae Kim) - usb: host: xhci-plat: keep runtime 
active when removing host (Li Jun) - usb: core: hub: limit 
usb-audio: Add control message quirk delay for Kingston HyperX headset 
(Jesus Ramos) - x86: Fix early boot crash on gcc-10, third try (Borislav 
Petkov) - ARM: dts: imx27-phytec-phycard-s-rdk: Fix the I2C1 pinctrl 
entries (Fabio Estevam) - ARM: dts: dra7: Fix bus_dma_limit for PCIe 
(Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - ALSA: rawmidi: Fix racy buffer resize under 
concurrent accesses (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: rawmidi: Initialize allocated 
buffers (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Limit int mic boost for 
Thinkpad T530 (Takashi Iwai) - net: tcp: fix rx timestamp behavior for 
tcp_recvmsg (Kelly Littlepage) - netprio_cgroup: Fix unlimited memory 
leak of v2 cgroups (Zefan Li) - net: ipv4: really enforce backoff for 
redirects (Paolo Abeni) - net: dsa: loop: Add module soft dependency 
(Florian Fainelli) - hinic: fix a bug of ndo_stop (Luo bin) - Revert 
"ipv6: add mtu lock check in __ip6_rt_update_pmtu" (Maciej Żenczykowski) 
- net: phy: fix aneg restart in phy_ethtool_set_eee (Heiner Kallweit) - 
netlabel: cope with NULL catmap (Paolo Abeni) - net: fix a potential 
recursive NETDEV_FEAT_CHANGE (Cong Wang) - net: phy: micrel: Use 
strlcpy() for ethtool::get_strings (Florian Fainelli) - x86/asm: Add 
instruction suffixes to bitops (Jan Beulich) - gcc-10: avoid shadowing 
standard library 'free()' in crypto (Linus Torvalds) - gcc-10: disable 
'restrict' warning for now (Linus Torvalds) - gcc-10: disable 
'stringop-overflow' warning for now (Linus Torvalds) - gcc-10: disable 
'array-bounds' warning for now (Linus Torvalds) - gcc-10: disable 
'zero-length-bounds' warning for now (Linus Torvalds) - Stop the ad-hoc 
games with -Wno-maybe-initialized (Linus Torvalds) - kbuild: compute 
false-positive -Wmaybe-uninitialized cases in Kconfig (Masahiro Yamada) 
- pnp: Use list_for_each_entry() instead of open coding (Jason 
Gunthorpe) - hwmon: (da9052) Synchronize access with mfd (Samu Nuutamo) 
- IB/mlx4: Test return value of calls to ib_get_cached_pkey (Jack 
Morgenstein) - netfilter: conntrack: avoid gcc-10 zero-length-bounds 
warning (Arnd Bergmann) - i40iw: Fix error handling in 
i40iw_manage_arp_cache() (Dan Carpenter) - pinctrl: cherryview: Add 
missing spinlock usage in chv_gpio_irq_handler (Grace Kao) - pinctrl: 
baytrail: Enable pin configuration setting for GPIO chip (Andy 
Shevchenko) - x86/entry/64: Fix unwind hints in register clearing code 
(Josh Poimboeuf) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix S3 pop noise on Dell Wyse 
(Kai-Heng Feng) - ipc/util.c: sysvipc_find_ipc() incorrectly updates 
position index (Vasily Averin) - drm/qxl: lost qxl_bo_kunmap_atomic_page 
in qxl_image_init_helper() (Vasily Averin) - ALSA: hda/hdmi: fix race in 
monitor detection during probe (Kai Vehmanen) - cpufreq: intel_pstate: 
Only mention the BIOS disabling turbo mode once (Chris Wilson) - 
dmaengine: mmp_tdma: Reset channel error on release (Lubomir Rintel) - 
dmaengine: pch_dma.c: Avoid data race between probe and irq handler 
(Madhuparna Bhowmik) - scsi: sg: add sg_remove_request in sg_write (Wu 
Bo) - virtio-blk: handle block_device_operations callbacks after hot 
unplug (Stefan Hajnoczi) - drop_monitor: work around gcc-10 
stringop-overflow warning (Arnd Bergmann) - net: moxa: Fix a potential 
double 'free_irq()' (Christophe JAILLET) - net/sonic: Fix a resource 
leak in an error handling path in 'jazz_sonic_probe()' (Christophe 
JAILLET) - shmem: fix possible deadlocks on shmlock_user_lock (Hugh 
Dickins) - net: stmmac: Use mutex instead of spinlock (Thierry Reding) - 
f2fs: fix to avoid memory leakage in f2fs_listxattr (Randall Huang) - 
f2fs: fix to avoid accessing xattr across the boundary (Randall Huang) - 
f2fs: sanity check of xattr entry size (Jaegeuk Kim) - f2fs: introduce 
read_xattr_block (Chao Yu) - f2fs: introduce read_inline_xattr (Chao Yu) 
- blktrace: fix dereference after null check (Cengiz Can) - blktrace: 
fix trace mutex deadlock (Jens Axboe) - net: ipv6_stub: use 
ip6_dst_lookup_flow instead of ip6_dst_lookup (Sabrina Dubroca) - net: 
ipv6: add net argument to ip6_dst_lookup_flow (Sabrina Dubroca) - 
scripts/decodecode: fix trapping instruction formatting (Ivan Delalande) 
- objtool: Fix stack offset tracking for indirect CFAs (Josh Poimboeuf) 
- netfilter: nat: never update the UDP checksum when it's 0 (Guillaume 
Nault) - x86/unwind/orc: Fix error path for bad ORC entry type (Josh 
Poimboeuf) - x86/unwind/orc: Prevent unwinding before ORC initialization 
(Josh Poimboeuf) - x86/unwind/orc: Don't skip the first frame for 
inactive tasks (Miroslav Benes) - x86/entry/64: Fix unwind hints in 
rewind_stack_do_exit() (Jann Horn) - x86/entry/64: Fix unwind hints in 
kernel exit path (Josh Poimboeuf) - batman-adv: Fix refcnt leak in 
batadv_v_ogm_process (Xiyu Yang) - batman-adv: Fix refcnt leak in 
batadv_store_throughput_override (Xiyu Yang) - batman-adv: Fix refcnt 
leak in batadv_show_throughput_override (Xiyu Yang) - batman-adv: fix 
batadv_nc_random_weight_tq (George Spelvin) - coredump: fix crash when 
umh is disabled (Luis Chamberlain) - mm/page_alloc: fix watchdog soft 
lockups during set_zone_contiguous() (David Hildenbrand) - KVM: arm: 
vgic: Fix limit condition when writing to GICD_I[CS]ACTIVER (Marc 
Zyngier) - tracing: Add a vmalloc_sync_mappings() for safe measure 
(Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - USB: serial: garmin_gps: add sanity checking 
for data length (Oliver Neukum) - USB: uas: add quirk for LaCie 2Big 
Quadra (Oliver Neukum) - HID: usbhid: Fix race between usbhid_close() 
and usbhid_stop() (Alan Stern) - geneve: only configure or fill 
UDP_ZERO_CSUM6_RX/TX info when CONFIG_IPV6 (Hangbin Liu) - HID: wacom: 
Read HID_DG_CONTACTMAX directly for non-generic devices (Jason Gerecke) 
- ipv6: fix cleanup ordering for ip6_mr failure (Sabrina Dubroca) - net: 
stricter validation of untrusted gso packets (Willem de Bruijn) - 
bnxt_en: Fix VF anti-spoof filter setup. (Michael Chan) - bnxt_en: 
Improve AER slot reset. (Michael Chan) - net/mlx5: Fix command entry 
leak in Internal Error State (Moshe Shemesh) - net/mlx5: Fix forced 
completion access non initialized command entry (Moshe Shemesh) - 
bnxt_en: Fix VLAN acceleration handling in bnxt_fix_features(). (Michael 
Chan) - sch_sfq: validate silly quantum values (Eric Dumazet) - 
sch_choke: avoid potential panic in choke_reset() (Eric Dumazet) - net: 
usb: qmi_wwan: add support for DW5816e (Matt Jolly) - net/mlx4_core: Fix 
use of ENOSPC around mlx4_counter_alloc() (Tariq Toukan) - net: macsec: 
preserve ingress frame ordering (Scott Dial) - fq_codel: fix 
TCA_FQ_CODEL_DROP_BATCH_SIZE sanity checks (Eric Dumazet) - dp83640: 
reverse arguments to list_add_tail (Julia Lawall) - USB: serial: 
qcserial: Add DW5816e support (Matt Jolly) - xfs: add agf freeblocks 
verify in xfs_agf_verify (Zheng Bin) [Orabug: 31350921] {CVE-2020-12655}
- rds: Do not cancel RDMAs that have been posted to the HCA (Håkon 
Bugge) [Orabug: 31412731] - rds: Introduce rds_conn_to_path helper 
(Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 31412731] - bnxt_en: Fix accumulation of 
bp->net_stats_prev. (Vijayendra Suman) [Orabug: 31390688] - hrtimer: 
Annotate lockless access to timer->base (Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 
31380493] - nfs: initiate returning delegation when reclaiming one 
that's been recalled (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 31378833] - NFS: More 
excessive attribute revalidation in nfs_execute_ok() (Trond Myklebust) 
[Orabug: 31378833] - uek-rpm: Add support for building a kdump kernel on 
MIPS64 (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31373693] - uek-rpm: Add 
config-mips64-embedded-kdump (Henry Willard) [Orabug: 31373693] - 
uek-rpm: Don't build kernel-uek-tools or perf packages for mips64 (Dave 
Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31373693] - A/A Bonding: No need to call flush 
rdmaip_wq in rdmaip_cleanup() (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 30862932] - 
net/rds: suppress memory allocation failure reports (Manjunath Patil) 
[Orabug: 31398438]

- mips64/octeon: Initialize netdevice in octeon_pow struct (Vijay Kumar) 
[Orabug: 31388194] - uek-rpm/ol7/config-mips64: Disable IRQSOFF_TRACER 
(Henry Willard) [Orabug: 31387976] - xen/manage: enable C_A_D to force 
reboot (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 31387428] - ipv4: Remove extra 
tcp_min_snd_mss entry (Larry Bassel) [Orabug: 30556298] - Linux 4.14.180 
(Greg Kroah-Hartman) - cgroup, netclassid: remove double cond_resched 
(Jiri Slaby) - mac80211: add ieee80211_is_any_nullfunc() (Thomas 
Pedersen) - ALSA: hda: Match both PCI ID and SSID for driver blacklist 
(Takashi Iwai) - tracing: Reverse the order of trace_types_lock and 
event_mutex (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - sctp: Fix SHUTDOWN CTSN Ack in 
the peer restart case (Jere Leppänen) - net: systemport: suppress 
warnings on failed Rx SKB allocations (Doug Berger) - net: bcmgenet: 
suppress warnings on failed Rx SKB allocations (Doug Berger) - lib/mpi: 
Fix building for powerpc with clang (Nathan Chancellor) - net: dsa: b53: 
Rework ARL bin logic (Florian Fainelli) - scripts/config: allow colons 
in option strings for sed (Jeremie Francois (on alpha)) - s390/ftrace: 
fix potential crashes when switching tracers (Philipp Rudo) - cifs: 
protect updating server->dstaddr with a spinlock (Ronnie Sahlberg) - 
net: stmmac: Fix sub-second increment (Julien Beraud) - net: stmmac: fix 
enabling socfpga's ptp_ref_clock (Julien Beraud) - wimax/i2400m: Fix 
potential urb refcnt leak (Xiyu Yang) - ASoC: codecs: hdac_hdmi: Fix 
incorrect use of list_for_each_entry (Amadeusz Sławiński) - ASoC: rsnd: 
Fix HDMI channel mapping for multi-SSI mode (Matthias Blankertz) - ASoC: 
sgtl5000: Fix VAG power-on handling (Sebastian Reichel) - selftests/ipc: 
Fix test failure seen after initial test run (Tyler Hicks) - ASoC: 
topology: Check return value of pcm_new_ver (Amadeusz Sławiński) - 
powerpc/pci/of: Parse unassigned resources (Alexey Kardashevskiy) - 
vhost: vsock: kick send_pkt worker once device is started (Jia He) - 
Linux 4.14.179 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - selinux: properly handle multiple 
messages in selinux_netlink_send() (Paul Moore) - dmaengine: dmatest: 
Fix iteration non-stop logic (Andy Shevchenko) - nfs: Fix potential 
posix_acl refcnt leak in nfs3_set_acl (Andreas Gruenbacher) - ALSA: 
opti9xx: shut up gcc-10 range warning (Arnd Bergmann) - iommu/amd: Fix 
legacy interrupt remapping for x2APIC-enabled system (Suravee 
Suthikulpanit) - scsi: target/iblock: fix WRITE SAME zeroing (David 
Disseldorp) - iommu/qcom: Fix local_base status check (Tang Bin) - 
vfio/type1: Fix VA->PA translation for PFNMAP VMAs in vaddr_get_pfn() 
(Sean Christopherson) - vfio: avoid possible overflow in 
vfio_iommu_type1_pin_pages (Yan Zhao) - RDMA/mlx4: Initialize ib_spec on 
the stack (Alaa Hleihel) - RDMA/mlx5: Set GRH fields in query QP on RoCE 
(Aharon Landau) - dm verity fec: fix hash block number in 
verity_fec_decode (Sunwook Eom) - PM: hibernate: Freeze kernel threads 
in software_resume() (Dexuan Cui) - PM: ACPI: Output correct message on 
target power state (Kai-Heng Feng) - ALSA: pcm: oss: Place the plugin 
buffer overflow checks correctly (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: hda/hdmi: fix 
without unlocked before return (Wu Bo) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Two front 
mics on a Lenovo ThinkCenter (Hui Wang) - mmc: sdhci-pci: Fix eMMC 
driver strength for BYT-based controllers (Adrian Hunter) - mmc: 
sdhci-xenon: fix annoying 1.8V regulator warning (Marek Behún) - btrfs: 
fix partial loss of prealloc extent past i_size after fsync (Filipe 
Manana) - btrfs: fix block group leak when removing fails (Xiyu Yang) - 
drm/qxl: qxl_release use after free (Vasily Averin) - drm/qxl: 
qxl_release leak in qxl_hw_surface_alloc() (Vasily Averin) - drm/qxl: 
qxl_release leak in qxl_draw_dirty_fb() (Vasily Averin) - drm/edid: Fix 
off-by-one in DispID DTD pixel clock (Ville Syrjälä) - ext4: fix special 
inode number checks in __ext4_iget() (Theodore Ts'o) - Linux 4.14.178 
(Greg Kroah-Hartman) - propagate_one(): mnt_set_mountpoint() needs 
mount_lock (Al Viro) - ext4: check for non-zero journal inum in 
ext4_calculate_overhead (Ritesh Harjani) - qed: Fix use after free in 
qed_chain_free (Yuval Basson) - ext4: unsigned int compared against zero 
(Colin Ian King) - ext4: fix block validity checks for journal inodes 
using indirect blocks (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: don't perform block 
validity checks on the journal inode (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: protect 
journal inode's blocks using block_validity (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: 
avoid declaring fs inconsistent due to invalid file handles (Theodore 
Ts'o) - hwmon: (jc42) Fix name to have no illegal characters (Sascha 
Hauer) - ext4: convert BUG_ON's to WARN_ON's in mballoc.c (Theodore 
Ts'o) - ext4: increase wait time needed before reuse of deleted inode 
numbers (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: use matching invalidatepage in 
ext4_writepage (yangerkun) - arm64: Delete the space separator in 
__emit_inst (Fangrui Song) - xen/xenbus: ensure xenbus_map_ring_valloc() 
returns proper grant status (Juergen Gross) - objtool: Support Clang 
non-section symbols in ORC dump (Josh Poimboeuf) - objtool: Fix 
CONFIG_UBSAN_TRAP unreachable warnings (Josh Poimboeuf) - scsi: target: 
fix PR IN / READ FULL STATUS for FC (Bodo Stroesser) - xfs: fix 
partially uninitialized structure in xfs_reflink_remap_extent (Darrick 
J. Wong) - x86: hyperv: report value of misc_features (Olaf Hering) - 
bpf, x86: Fix encoding for lower 8-bit registers in BPF_STX BPF_B (Luke 
Nelson) - mm: shmem: disable interrupt when acquiring info->lock in 
userfaultfd_copy path (Yang Shi) - perf/core: fix parent pid/tid in task 
exit events (Ian Rogers) - ARM: dts: bcm283x: Disable dsi0 node (Nicolas 
Saenz Julienne) - net/cxgb4: Check the return from t4_query_params 
properly (Jason Gunthorpe) - i2c: altera: use proper variable to hold 
errno (Wolfram Sang) - nfsd: memory corruption in nfsd4_lock() (Vasily 
Averin) - iio:ad7797: Use correct attribute_group (YueHaibing) - usb: 
gadget: udc: bdc: Remove unnecessary NULL checks in bdc_req_complete 
(Nathan Chancellor) - usb: dwc3: gadget: Do link recovery for SS and SSP 
(Thinh Nguyen) - binder: take read mode of mmap_sem in 
binder_alloc_free_page() (Tyler Hicks) - include/uapi/linux/swab.h: fix 
userspace breakage, use __BITS_PER_LONG for swap (Christian Borntraeger) 
- mtd: cfi: fix deadloop in cfi_cmdset_0002.c do_write_buffer (Liu Jian) 
- remoteproc: Fix wrong rvring index computation (Clement Leger) - 
serial: sh-sci: Make sure status register SCxSR is read in correct 
sequence (Kazuhiro Fujita) - usb: f_fs: Clear OS Extended descriptor 
counts to zero in ffs_data_reset() (Udipto Goswami) - UAS: fix deadlock 
in error handling and PM flushing work (Oliver Neukum) - UAS: no use 
logging any details in case of ENODEV (Oliver Neukum) - cdc-acm: 
introduce a cool down (Oliver Neukum) - cdc-acm: close race betrween 
suspend() and acm_softint (Oliver Neukum) - staging: vt6656: Power save 
stop wake_up_count wrap around. (Malcolm Priestley) - staging: vt6656: 
Fix pairwise key entry save. (Malcolm Priestley) - staging: vt6656: Fix 
drivers TBTT timing counter. (Malcolm Priestley) - staging: vt6656: Fix 
calling conditions of vnt_set_bss_mode (Malcolm Priestley) - staging: 
vt6656: Don't set RCR_MULTICAST or RCR_BROADCAST by default. (Malcolm 
Priestley) - vt: don't hardcode the mem allocation upper bound (Nicolas 
Pitre) - staging: comedi: Fix comedi_device refcnt leak in comedi_open 
(Xiyu Yang) - staging: comedi: dt2815: fix writing hi byte of analog 
output (Ian Abbott) - powerpc/setup_64: Set cache-line-size based on 
cache-block-size (Chris Packham) - ARM: imx: provide v7_cpu_resume() 
only on ARM_CPU_SUSPEND=y (Ahmad Fatoum) - iwlwifi: pcie: actually 
release queue memory in TVQM (Johannes Berg) - ASoC: dapm: fixup dapm 
kcontrol widget (Gyeongtaek Lee) - audit: check the length of userspace 
generated audit records (Paul Moore) - usb-storage: Add unusual_devs 
entry for JMicron JMS566 (Alan Stern) - tty: rocket, avoid OOB access 
(Jiri Slaby) - tty: hvc: fix buffer overflow during hvc_alloc(). (Andrew 
Melnychenko) - KVM: VMX: Enable machine check support for 32bit targets 
(Uros Bizjak) - KVM: Check validity of resolved slot when searching 
memslots (Sean Christopherson) - tpm: ibmvtpm: retry on H_CLOSED in 
tpm_ibmvtpm_send() (George Wilson) - tpm/tpm_tis: Free IRQ if probing 
fails (Jarkko Sakkinen) - ALSA: usb-audio: Filter out unsupported sample 
rates on Focusrite devices (Alexander Tsoy) - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix usb 
audio refcnt leak when getting spdif (Xiyu Yang) - ALSA: hda/realtek - 
Add new codec supported for ALC245 (Kailang Yang) - ALSA: usx2y: Fix 
potential NULL dereference (Takashi Iwai) - tools/vm: fix cross-compile 
build (Lucas Stach) - mm/ksm: fix NULL pointer dereference when KSM zero 
page is enabled (Muchun Song) - mm/hugetlb: fix a addressing exception 
caused by huge_pte_offset (Longpeng) - vmalloc: fix 
remap_vmalloc_range() bounds checks (Jann Horn) - overflow.h: Add 
arithmetic shift helper (Jason Gunthorpe) - USB: hub: Fix handling of 
connect changes during sleep (Alan Stern) - USB: core: Fix 
free-while-in-use bug in the USB S-Glibrary (Alan Stern) - USB: early: 
Handle AMD's spec-compliant identifiers, too (Jann Horn) - USB: Add 
RAPIDFIRE (Jonathan Cox) - USB: sisusbvga: Change port variable from 
signed to unsigned (Changming Liu) - fs/namespace.c: fix mountpoint 
reference counter race (Piotr Krysiuk) {CVE-2020-12114}
- iio: xilinx-xadc: Fix sequencer configuration for aux channels in 
simultaneous mode (Lars-Peter Clausen) - iio: xilinx-xadc: Fix clearing 
interrupt when enabling trigger (Lars-Peter Clausen) - iio: xilinx-xadc: 
Fix ADC-B powerdown (Lars-Peter Clausen) - iio: adc: stm32-adc: fix 
sleep in atomic context (Olivier Moysan) - ALSA: hda: Remove ASUS ROG 
Zenith from the blacklist (Takashi Iwai) - KEYS: Avoid false positive 
ENOMEM error on key read (Waiman Long) - vrf: Check skb for 
XFRM_TRANSFORMED flag (David Ahern) - xfrm: Always set XFRM_TRANSFORMED 
in xfrm{4,6}_output_finish (David Ahern) - net: dsa: b53: Fix ARL 
register definitions (Florian Fainelli) - team: fix hang in 
team_mode_get() (Taehee Yoo) - tcp: cache line align MAX_TCP_HEADER 
(Eric Dumazet) - net/x25: Fix x25_neigh refcnt leak when receiving frame 
(Xiyu Yang) - net: netrom: Fix potential nr_neigh refcnt leak in 
nr_add_node (Xiyu Yang) - net: bcmgenet: correct per TX/RX ring 
statistics (Doug Berger) - macvlan: fix null dereference in 
macvlan_device_event() (Taehee Yoo) - macsec: avoid to set wrong mtu 
(Taehee Yoo) - cxgb4: fix large delays in PTP synchronization (Rahul 
Lakkireddy) - mm, slub: restore the original intention of 
prefetch_freepointer() (Vlastimil Babka) - PCI/ASPM: Allow re-enabling 
Clock PM (Heiner Kallweit) - perf/core: Disable page faults when getting 
phys address (Jiri Olsa) - pwm: bcm2835: Dynamically allocate base 
(Florian Fainelli) - pwm: renesas-tpu: Fix late Runtime PM enablement 
(Geert Uytterhoeven) - s390/cio: avoid duplicated 'ADD' uevents 
(Cornelia Huck) - ipc/util.c: sysvipc_find_ipc() should increase 
position index (Vasily Averin) - selftests: kmod: fix handling test 
numbers above 9 (Eric Biggers) - kernel/gcov/fs.c: gcov_seq_next() 
should increase position index (Vasily Averin) - ASoC: Intel: atom: Take 
the drv->lock mutex before calling sst_send_slot_map() (Hans de Goede) - 
scsi: iscsi: Report unbind session event when the target has been 
removed (Wu Bo) - pwm: rcar: Fix late Runtime PM enablement (Geert 
Uytterhoeven) - ceph: don't skip updating wanted caps when cap is stale 
(Yan, Zheng) - ceph: return ceph_mdsc_do_request() errors from 
__get_parent() (Qiujun Huang) - scsi: lpfc: Fix kasan slab-out-of-bounds 
error in lpfc_unreg_login (James Smart) - watchdog: reset 
last_hw_keepalive time at start (Tero Kristo) - vti4: removed duplicate 
log message. (Jeremy Sowden) - crypto: mxs-dcp - make symbols 
'sha1_null_hash' and 'sha256_null_hash' static (Wei Yongjun) - drm/msm: 
Use the correct dma_sync calls harder (Rob Clark) - keys: Fix the use of 
the C++ keyword "private" in uapi/linux/keyctl.h (David Howells) - net: 
ipv4: avoid unused variable warning for sysctl (Arnd Bergmann) - net: 
ipv4: emulate READ_ONCE() on ->hdrincl bit-field in raw_sendmsg() 
(Nicolai Stange) - ext4: fix extent_status fragmentation for plain files 
(Dmitry Monakhov) - Linux 4.14.177 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - KEYS: Don't 
write out to userspace while holding key semaphore (Waiman Long) - KEYS: 
Use individual pages in big_key for crypto buffers (David Howells) - 
mtd: phram: fix a double free issue in error path (Wen Yang) - mtd: 
lpddr: Fix a double free in probe() (Dan Carpenter) - locktorture: Print 
ratio of acquisitions, not failures (Paul E. McKenney) - tty: 
evh_bytechan: Fix out of bounds accesses (Stephen Rothwell) - fbdev: 
potential information leak in do_fb_ioctl() (Dan Carpenter) - net: dsa: 
bcm_sf2: Fix overflow checks (Florian Fainelli) - iommu/amd: Fix the 
configuration of GCR3 table root pointer (Adrian Huang) - libnvdimm: Out 
of bounds read in __nd_ioctl() (Dan Carpenter) - ext2: fix debug 
reference to ext2_xattr_cache (Jan Kara) - ext2: fix empty body warnings 
when -Wextra is used (Randy Dunlap) - iommu/vt-d: Fix mm reference leak 
(Jacob Pan) - NFS: Fix memory leaks in nfs_pageio_stop_mirroring() 
(Trond Myklebust) - drm/amdkfd: kfree the wrong pointer (Jack Zhang) - 
x86: ACPI: fix CPU hotplug deadlock (Qian Cai) - KVM: s390: vsie: Fix 
possible race when shadowing region 3 tables (David Hildenbrand) - 
compiler.h: fix error in BUILD_BUG_ON() reporting (Vegard Nossum) - 
percpu_counter: fix a data race at vm_committed_as (Qian Cai) - 
include/linux/swapops.h: correct guards for non_swap_entry() (Steven 
Price) - ext4: do not commit super on read-only bdev (Eric Sandeen) - 
powerpc/maple: Fix declaration made after definition (Nathan Chancellor) 
- s390/cpuinfo: fix wrong output when CPU0 is offline (Alexander 
Gordeev) - NFS: direct.c: Fix memory leak of dreq when 
nfs_get_lock_context fails (Misono Tomohiro) - NFSv4/pnfs: Return valid 
stateids in nfs_layout_find_inode_by_stateid() (Trond Myklebust) - rtc: 
88pm860x: fix possible race condition (Alexandre Belloni) - soc: imx: 
gpc: fix power up sequencing (Lucas Stach) - clk: tegra: Fix Tegra PMC 
clock out parents (Sowjanya Komatineni) - power: supply: 
bq27xxx_battery: Silence deferred-probe error (Dmitry Osipenko) - clk: 
at91: usb: continue if clk_hw_round_rate() return zero (Claudiu Beznea) 
- of: unittest: kmemleak in of_unittest_platform_populate() (Frank 
Rowand) - rbd: call rbd_dev_unprobe() after unwatching and flushing 
notifies (Ilya Dryomov) - rbd: avoid a deadlock on header_rwsem when 
flushing notifies (Ilya Dryomov) - of: fix missing kobject init for 
!SYSFS && OF_DYNAMIC config (Rob Herring) - soc: qcom: smem: Use 
le32_to_cpu for comparison (Chris Lew) - wil6210: abort properly in cfg 
suspend (Hamad Kadmany) - wil6210: fix length check in __wmi_send (Lior 
David) - wil6210: add block size checks during FW load (Lior David) - 
wil6210: fix PCIe bus mastering in case of interface down (Lazar Alexei) 
- rpmsg: glink: smem: Ensure ordering during tx (Bjorn Andersson) - 
rpmsg: glink: Fix missing mutex_init() in qcom_glink_alloc_channel() 
(Wei Yongjun) - rtc: pm8xxx: Fix issue in RTC write path (Mohit 
Aggarwal) - rpmsg: glink: use put_device() if device_register fail 
(Arvind Yadav) - wil6210: rate limit wil_rx_refill error (Dedy Lansky) - 
scsi: ufs: ufs-qcom: remove broken hci version quirk (Subhash Jadavani) 
- scsi: ufs: make sure all interrupts are processed (Venkat 
Gopalakrishnan) - wil6210: fix temperature debugfs (Dedy Lansky) - 
wil6210: increase firmware ready timeout (Hamad Kadmany) - 
arch_topology: Fix section miss match warning due to free_raw_capacity() 
(Prasad Sodagudi) - arm64: traps: Don't print stack or raw PC/LR values 
in backtraces (Will Deacon) - arm64: perf: remove unsupported events for 
Cortex-A73 (Xu YiPing) - Revert "gpio: set up initial state from 
.get_direction()" (Timur Tabi) - clk: Fix debugfs_create_*() usage 
(Geert Uytterhoeven) - video: fbdev: sis: Remove unnecessary parentheses 
and commented code (Nathan Chancellor) - lib/raid6: use vdupq_n_u8 to 
avoid endianness warnings (ndesaulniers at google.com) - ALSA: hda: Don't 
release card at firmware loading error (Takashi Iwai) - irqchip/mbigen: 
Free msi_desc on device teardown (Zenghui Yu) - netfilter: nf_tables: 
report EOPNOTSUPP on unsupported flags/object type (Pablo Neira Ayuso) - 
arm, bpf: Fix bugs with ALU64 {RSH, ARSH} BPF_K shift by 0 (Luke Nelson) 
- ext4: use non-movable memory for superblock readahead (Roman Gushchin) 
- scsi: sg: add sg_remove_request in sg_common_write (Li Bin) - objtool: 
Fix switch table detection in .text.unlikely (Josh Poimboeuf) - 
mm/vmalloc.c: move 'area->pages' after if statement (Austin Kim) - 
x86/resctrl: Fix invalid attempt at removing the default resource group 
(Reinette Chatre) - x86/resctrl: Preserve CDP enable over CPU hotplug 
(James Morse) - x86/intel_rdt: Enable L2 CDP in MSR IA32_L2_QOS_CFG 
(Fenghua Yu) - x86/intel_rdt: Add two new resources for L2 Code and Data 
Prioritization (CDP) (Fenghua Yu) - x86/intel_rdt: Enumerate L2 Code and 
Data Prioritization (CDP) feature (Fenghua Yu) - kvm: x86: Host feature 
SSBD doesn't imply guest feature SPEC_CTRL_SSBD (Jim Mattson) - dm 
flakey: check for null arg_name in parse_features() (Goldwyn Rodrigues) 
- ext4: do not zeroout extents beyond i_disksize (Jan Kara) - 
mac80211_hwsim: Use kstrndup() in place of kasprintf() (Tuomas 
Tynkkynen) - btrfs: check commit root generation in should_ignore_root 
(Josef Bacik) - tracing: Fix the race between registering 'snapshot' 
event trigger and triggering 'snapshot' operation (Xiao Yang) - ALSA: 
usb-audio: Don't override ignore_ctl_error value from the map (Takashi 
Iwai) - ASoC: Intel: mrfld: return error codes when an error occurs 
(Colin Ian King) - ASoC: Intel: mrfld: fix incorrect check on p->sink 
(Colin Ian King) - ext4: fix incorrect inodes per group in error message 
(Josh Triplett) - ext4: fix incorrect group count in ext4_fill_super 
error message (Josh Triplett) - pwm: pca9685: Fix PWM/GPIO 
inter-operation (Sven Van Asbroeck) - jbd2: improve comments about 
freeing data buffers whose page mapping is NULL (zhangyi (F)) - scsi: 
ufs: Fix ufshcd_hold() caused scheduling while atomic (Can Guo) - net: 
stmmac: dwmac-sunxi: Provide TX and RX fifo sizes (Florian Fainelli) - 
net: revert default NAPI poll timeout to 2 jiffies (Konstantin 
Khlebnikov) - net: qrtr: send msgs from local of same id as broadcast 
(Wang Wenhu) - net: ipv6: do not consider routes via gateways for 
anycast address check (Tim Stallard) - net: ipv4: devinet: Fix crash 
when add/del multicast IP with autojoin (Taras Chornyi) - hsr: check 
protocol version in hsr_newlink() (Taehee Yoo) - amd-xgbe: Use 
__napi_schedule() in BH context (Sebastian Andrzej Siewior) - mfd: dln2: 
Fix sanity checking for endpoints (Andy Shevchenko) - misc: echo: Remove 
unnecessary parentheses and simplify check for zero (Nathan Chancellor) 
- powerpc/fsl_booke: Avoid creating duplicate tlb1 entry (Laurentiu 
Tudor) - ipmi: fix hung processes in __get_guid() (Wen Yang) - 
ftrace/kprobe: Show the maxactive number on kprobe_events (Masami 
Hiramatsu) - drm: Remove PageReserved manipulation from drm_pci_alloc 
(Chris Wilson) - drm/dp_mst: Fix clearing payload state on topology 
disable (Lyude Paul) - crypto: caam - update xts sector size for large 
input length (Andrei Botila) - dm zoned: remove duplicate nr_rnd_zones 
increase in dmz_init_zone() (Bob Liu) - btrfs: use nofs allocations for 
running delayed items (Josef Bacik) - Btrfs: fix crash during unmount 
due to race with delayed inode workers (Filipe Manana) - powerpc: Make 
setjmp/longjmp signature standard (Clement Courbet) - powerpc: Add 
attributes for setjmp/longjmp (Segher Boessenkool) - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix 
kernel panic observed on soft HBA unplug (Sreekanth Reddy) - 
powerpc/kprobes: Ignore traps that happened in real mode (Christophe 
Leroy) - powerpc/xive: Use XIVE_BAD_IRQ instead of zero to catch non 
configured IPIs (Cédric Le Goater) - powerpc/hash64/devmap: Use 
H_PAGE_THP_HUGE when setting up huge devmap PTE entries (Aneesh Kumar 
K.V) - powerpc/64/tm: Don't let userspace set regs->trap via sigreturn 
(Michael Ellerman) - powerpc/powernv/idle: Restore AMR/UAMOR/AMOR after 
idle (Michael Ellerman) {CVE-2020-11669}
- libata: Return correct status in sata_pmp_eh_recover_pm() when 
ATA_DFLAG_DETACH is set (Kai-Heng Feng) - hfsplus: fix crash and 
filesystem corruption when deleting files (Simon Gander) - cpufreq: 
powernv: Fix use-after-free (Oliver O'Halloran) - kmod: make 
request_module() return an error when autoloading is disabled (Eric 
Biggers) - Input: i8042 - add Acer Aspire 5738z to nomux list (Hans de 
Goede) - s390/diag: fix display of diagnose call statistics (Michael 
Mueller) - perf tools: Support Python 3.8+ in Makefile (Sam Lunt) - 
ocfs2: no need try to truncate file beyond i_size (Changwei Ge) - 
fs/filesystems.c: downgrade user-reachable WARN_ONCE() to pr_warn_once() 
(Eric Biggers) - ext4: fix a data race at inode->i_blocks (Qian Cai) - 
NFS: Fix a page leak in nfs_destroy_unlinked_subrequests() (Trond 
Myklebust) - rtc: omap: Use define directive for PIN_CONFIG_ACTIVE_HIGH 
(Nathan Chancellor) - arm64: armv8_deprecated: Fix undef_hook mask for 
thumb setend (Fredrik Strupe) - scsi: zfcp: fix missing erp_lock in port 
recovery trigger for point-to-point (Steffen Maier) - dm verity fec: fix 
memory leak in verity_fec_dtr (Shetty, Harshini X (EXT-Sony Mobile)) - 
mm: Use fixed constant in page_frag_alloc instead of size + 1 (Alexander 
Duyck) - tools: gpio: Fix out-of-tree build regression (Anssi Hannula) - 
x86/speculation: Remove redundant arch_smt_update() invocation 
(Zhenzhong Duan) - powerpc/pseries: Drop pointless static qualifier in 
vpa_debugfs_init() (YueHaibing) - net: rtnl_configure_link: fix dev 
flags changes arg to __dev_notify_flags (Roopa Prabhu) - ALSA: hda: 
Initialize power_state field properly (Takashi Iwai) - crypto: mxs-dcp - 
fix scatterlist linearization for hash (Rosioru Dragos) - btrfs: drop 
block from cache on error in relocation (Josef Bacik) - CIFS: Fix bug 
which the return value by asynchronous read is error (Yilu Lin) - KVM: 
VMX: fix crash cleanup when KVM wasn't used (Vitaly Kuznetsov) - KVM: 
VMX: Always VMCLEAR in-use VMCSes during crash with kexec support (Sean 
Christopherson) - KVM: x86: Allocate new rmap and large page tracking 
when moving memslot (Sean Christopherson) - KVM: s390: vsie: Fix 
delivery of addressing exceptions (David Hildenbrand) - KVM: s390: vsie: 
Fix region 1 ASCE sanity shadow address checks (David Hildenbrand) - 
KVM: nVMX: Properly handle userspace interrupt window request (Sean 
Christopherson) - x86/entry/32: Add missing ASM_CLAC to 
general_protection entry (Thomas Gleixner) - ath9k: Handle txpower 
changes even when TPC is disabled (Remi Pommarel) - MIPS: OCTEON: irq: 
Fix potential NULL pointer dereference (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - 
irqchip/versatile-fpga: Apply clear-mask earlier (Sungbo Eo) - KEYS: 
reaching the keys quotas correctly (Yang Xu) - PCI: endpoint: Fix for 
concurrent memory allocation in OB address region (Kishon Vijay Abraham 
I) - PCI/ASPM: Clear the correct bits when enabling L1 substates (Yicong 
Yang) - nvme-fc: Revert "add module to ops template to allow module 
references" (James Smart) - thermal: devfreq_cooling: inline all stubs 
for CONFIG_DEVFREQ_THERMAL=n (Martin Blumenstingl) - acpi/x86: ignore 
unspecified bit positions in the ACPI global lock field (Jan Engelhardt) 
- media: ti-vpe: cal: fix disable_irqs to only the intended target 
(Benoit Parrot) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Set principled PC Beep 
configuration for ALC256 (Thomas Hebb) - ALSA: doc: Document PC Beep 
Hidden Register on Realtek ALC256 (Thomas Hebb) - ALSA: pcm: oss: Fix 
regression by buffer overflow fix (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: ice1724: Fix 
invalid access for enumerated ctl items (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: hda: Fix 
potential access overflow in beep helper (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: hda: Add 
driver blacklist (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: usb-audio: Add mixer workaround 
for TRX40 and co (Takashi Iwai) - usb: gadget: composite: Inform 
controller driver of self-powered (Thinh Nguyen) - usb: gadget: f_fs: 
Fix use after free issue as part of queue failure (Sriharsha Allenki) - 
ASoC: topology: use name_prefix for new kcontrol (이경택) - ASoC: dpcm: 
allow start or stop during pause for backend (이경택) - ASoC: dapm: connect 
virtual mux with default value (이경택) - ASoC: fix regwmask (이경택) - 
slub: improve bit diffusion for freelist ptr obfuscation (Kees Cook) - 
misc: rtsx: set correct pcr_ops for rts522A (YueHaibing) - uapi: rename 
ext2_swab() to swab() and share globally in swab.h (Yury Norov) - btrfs: 
track reloc roots based on their commit root bytenr (Josef Bacik) - 
btrfs: remove a BUG_ON() from merge_reloc_roots() (Josef Bacik) - block, 
bfq: fix use-after-free in bfq_idle_slice_timer_body (Zhiqiang Liu) - 
locking/lockdep: Avoid recursion in lockdep_count_{for,back}ward_deps() 
(Boqun Feng) - irqchip/gic-v4: Provide irq_retrigger to avoid circular 
locking dependency (Marc Zyngier) - usb: dwc3: core: add support for 
disabling SS instances in park mode (Neil Armstrong) - block: Fix 
use-after-free issue accessing struct io_cq (Sahitya Tummala) - 
genirq/irqdomain: Check pointer in irq_domain_alloc_irqs_hierarchy() 
(Alexander Sverdlin) - efi/x86: Ignore the memory attributes table on 
i386 (Ard Biesheuvel) - x86/boot: Use unsigned comparison for addresses 
(Arvind Sankar) - gfs2: Don't demote a glock until its revokes are 
written (Bob Peterson) - libata: Remove extra scsi_host_put() in 
ata_scsi_add_hosts() (John Garry) - PCI/switchtec: Fix init_completion 
race condition with poll_wait() (Logan Gunthorpe) - 
selftests/x86/ptrace_syscall_32: Fix no-vDSO segfault (Andy Lutomirski) 
- sched: Avoid scale real weight down to zero (Michael Wang) - 
irqchip/versatile-fpga: Handle chained IRQs properly (Sungbo Eo) - 
block: keep bdi->io_pages in sync with max_sectors_kb for stacked 
devices (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - x86: Don't let pgprot_modify() change 
the page encryption bit (Thomas Hellstrom) - null_blk: fix spurious IO 
errors after failed past-wp access (Alexey Dobriyan) - null_blk: Handle 
null_add_dev() failures properly (Bart Van Assche) - null_blk: Fix the 
null_add_dev() error path (Bart Van Assche) - i2c: st: fix missing 
struct parameter description (Alain Volmat) - qlcnic: Fix bad kzalloc 
null test (Xu Wang) - cxgb4/ptp: pass the sign of offset delta in FW CMD 
(Raju Rangoju) - hinic: fix wrong para of wait_for_completion_timeout 
(Luo bin) - hinic: fix a bug of waitting for IO stopped (Luo bin) - net: 
vxge: fix wrong __VA_ARGS__ usage (Zheng Wei) - bus: sunxi-rsb: Return 
correct data when mixing 16-bit and 8-bit reads (Ondrej Jirman) - 
KSPLICE: mips: clear the stack before going in the freezer. (Quentin 
Casasnovas) [Orabug: 31353008] - KSPLICE: mips: signals the freezer when 
we're coming from the entry code. (Quentin Casasnovas) [Orabug: 
31353008] - KVM: SVM: Fix potential memory leak in svm_cpu_init() 
(Miaohe Lin) [Orabug: 31350456] {CVE-2020-12768}
- net/mlx5: Update the list of the PCI supported devices (Eran Ben 
Elisha) [Orabug: 30966177] - net/mlx5: ethtool, Add ethtool support for 
50Gbps per lane link modes (Aya Levin) [Orabug: 30966177] - ethtool: 
Added support for 50Gbps per lane link modes (Aya Levin) [Orabug: 
30966177] - IB/mlx5: Add support for 50Gbps per lane link modes (Aya 
Levin) [Orabug: 30966177] - net/mlx5: Add support to ext_* fields 
introduced in Port Type and Speed register (Aya Levin) [Orabug: 
30966177] - net/mlx5: Add new fields to Port Type and Speed register 
(Aya Levin) [Orabug: 30966177] - net/mlx5: Refactor queries to speed 
fields in Port Type and Speed register (Aya Levin) [Orabug: 30966177] - 
net/mlx5e: Expose ethtool pause and link functions to mlx5e callers (Or 
Gerlitz) [Orabug: 30966177] - IB/core: Add 2X port width (Michael 
Guralnik) [Orabug: 30966177] - IB/mlx5: remove redundant assignment of 
mdev (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 30966177] - scsi: target: fix hang when 
multiple threads try to destroy the same iscsi session (Maurizio 
Lombardi) [Orabug: 31374725] - scsi: target: remove boilerplate code 
(Maurizio Lombardi) [Orabug: 31374725] - Fix up usage of 
cfg_enable_fc4_TYPE for backport to UEK5 (Dick Kennedy) [Orabug: 
29939424] - scsi: lpfc: Fix unexpected error messages during RSCN 
handling (James Smart) [Orabug: 29939424] - scsi: lpfc: Fix devices that 
don't return after devloss followed by rediscovery (James Smart) 
[Orabug: 29939424] - scsi: lpfc: Fix port relogin failure due to GID_FT 
interaction (James Smart) [Orabug: 29939424] - netdev, octeon3-ethernet: 
increase num_packet_buffers to 4096 (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31351487] - 
RDMA/mlx5: Set MR cache limit for both PF and VF (Nikhil Krishna) 
[Orabug: 31358081] - NFSv4.0: Remove transport protocol name from 
non-UCS client ID (Chuck Lever) [Orabug: 31357278] - NFSv4.0: Remove 
cl_ipaddr from non-UCS client ID (Chuck Lever) [Orabug: 31357278] - 
uek-rpm: Move grub boot menu update to posttrans stage. (Somasundaram 
Krishnasamy) [Orabug: 31358098]

- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix fabric scan hang (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29950479] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Remove defer flag to indicate immeadiate port loss 
(Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 29950479] - nvme: Fix device removal of nvme 
client driver causing sysfs_warn_dup() warning. (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 
30634740] - scsi: qla2xxx: Prevent SysFS access when chip is down (Quinn 
Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: remove duplicate 
ql_mask_match() from qla_dbg.c (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 30846289] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix incorrect SFUB length used for Secure Flash Update MB 
Cmd (Michael Hernandez) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Added 
support for MPI and PEP regions for ISP28XX (Michael Hernandez) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Correctly retrieve and interpret active flash 
region (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: unregister 
ports after GPN_FT failure (Martin Wilck) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: don't use zero for FC4_PRIORITY_NVME (Martin Wilck) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: initialize fc4_type_priority (Martin Wilck) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix a dma_pool_free() call (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove an include directive 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - qla2xxx: Update driver version to (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix device connect issues in P2P configuration (Arun Easi) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix double scsi_done for abort path 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix SRB leak on switch 
command timeout (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Do 
command completion on abort timeout (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Retry PLOGI on FC-NVMe PRLI failure (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Improve logging for scan thread (Himanshu 
Madhani) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Capture FW dump on MPI 
heartbeat stop event (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Check for MB timeout while capturing ISP27/28xx FW dump (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Set remove flag for all VP (Quinn 
Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add error handling for PLOGI 
ELS passthrough (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Dual 
FCP-NVMe target port support (Michael Hernandez) [Orabug: 30846289] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: remove redundant assignment to pointer host (Colin Ian 
King) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: fix NPIV tear down process 
(Martin Wilck) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix partial flash 
write of MBI (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove 
WARN_ON_ONCE in qla2x00_status_cont_entry() (Daniel Wagner) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix Nport ID display value (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix N2N link up fail (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix N2N link reset (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Optimize NPIV tear down process 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stale mem access on 
driver unload (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Silence 
fwdump template message (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix stale session (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix stuck login session (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix driver reload for ISP82xx (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix flash read for Qlogic ISPs (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: fix spelling mistake "initializatin" 
-> "initialization" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Fix a recently introduced kernel warning (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: cleanup trace buffer initialization (Martin 
Wilck) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: qla2x00_alloc_fw_dump: set 
ha->eft (Martin Wilck) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix a NULL 
pointer dereference (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Simplify qla24xx_async_abort_cmd() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove two superfluous if-tests (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Introduce 
qla2x00_els_dcmd2_free() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Inline the qla2x00_fcport_event_handler() function (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Report invalid mailbox 
status codes (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Remove superfluous sts_entry_* casts (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Let the compiler check the type of the SCSI 
command context pointer (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Complain if sp->done() is not called from the completion path 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Make sure that 
aborted commands are freed (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Introduce qla2xxx_get_next_handle() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Make qlt_handle_abts_completion() more robust 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Enable type 
checking for the SRB free and done callback functions (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NVME cmd and LS cmd timeout race 
condition (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix a race 
condition between aborting and completing a SCSI command (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Introduce the function 
qla2xxx_init_sp() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Rework key encoding in qlt_find_host_by_d_id() (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Set the responder mode if 
appropriate for ELS pass-through IOCBs (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Make it explicit that ELS pass-through IOCBs 
use little endian (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Check secondary image if reading the primary image fails (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Change the return type of 
qla24xx_read_flash_data() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Introduce the be_id_t and le_id_t data types for FC src/dst IDs 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Complain if a soft 
reset fails (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use 
memcpy() and strlcpy() instead of strcpy() and strncpy() (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Check the PCI info string 
output buffer size (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Complain if waiting for pending commands times out (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Declare fourth 
qla2x00_set_model_info() argument const (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Suppress multiple Coverity complaint about 
out-of-bounds accesses (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Suppress a Coveritiy complaint about integer overflow (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove unreachable code from 
qla83xx_idc_lock() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Simplify a debug statement (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Remove dead code (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Complain if parsing the version string fails (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Complain if a mailbox command times 
out (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use strlcpy() 
instead of strncpy() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Do not corrupt vha->plogi_ack_list (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Report the firmware status code if a mailbox 
command fails (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Simplify qla24xx_abort_sp_done() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Remove two superfluous tests (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove a superfluous pointer check (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Simplify qlt_lport_dump() 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Reduce the number 
of casts in GID list code (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Verify locking assumptions at runtime (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Change data_dsd into an array (Bart 
Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Declare qla_tgt_cmd.cdb 
const (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Change the 
return type of qla2x00_update_ms_fdmi_iocb() into void (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Declare the fourth ql_dump_buffer() 
argument const (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Remove a superfluous forward declaration (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove an include directive from qla_mr.c 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] header file from qla_dsd.h (Bart 
Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use tabs instead of 
spaces for indentation (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Improve Linux kernel coding style conformance (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Really fix qla2xxx_eh_abort() (Bart 
Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Make qla2x00_abort_srb() 
again decrease the sp reference count (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Allow NVMe IO to resume with short cable pull 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix hang in fcport 
delete path (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use common 
update-firmware-options routine for ISP27xx+ (Andrew Vasquez) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NVMe port discovery after a short device 
port loss (Arun Easi) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Correct error 
handling during initialization failures (Andrew Vasquez) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Retry fabric Scan on IOCB queue full (Quinn 
Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix premature timer expiration 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix Relogin to prevent 
modifying scan_state flag (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Reject EH_{abort|device_reset|target_request} (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Skip FW dump on LOOP initialization 
error (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use Correct index 
for Q-Pair array (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
abort timeout race condition. (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix different size DMA Alloc/Unmap (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Replace vmalloc + memset with vzalloc 
(Chuhong Yuan) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove unnecessary 
null check (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 30846289] - qla2xxx: remove SGI SN2 
support (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
gnl.l memory leak on adapter init failure (Bill Kuzeja) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: move IO flush to the front of NVME rport 
unregistration (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: on 
session delete, return nvme cmd (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: remove double assignment in qla2x00_update_fcport (Enzo 
Matsumiya) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix hardlockup in abort 
command during driver remove (Arun Easi) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix kernel crash after disconnecting NVMe devices (Arun Easi) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NPIV handling for FC-NVMe 
(Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add cleanup for 
PCI EEH recovery (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
hardirq-unsafe locking (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Complain loudly about reference count underflow (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use __le64 instead of 
uint32_t[2] for sending DMA addresses to firmware (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Introduce the dsd32 and dsd64 data 
structures (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Check 
the size of firmware data structures at compile time (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Pass little-endian values to the 
firmware (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix race 
conditions in the code for aborting SCSI commands (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Split the __qla2x00_abort_all_cmds() 
function (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
use-after-free issues in qla2xxx_qpair_sp_free_dma() (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove a comment that refers to the 
SCSI host lock (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Change abort wait_loop from msleep to wait_event_timeout (Giridhar 
Malavali) [Orabug: 30846289] - qla2xxx: Fix DMA Buffer free for DIF 
Bundling (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use an 
on-stack completion in qla24xx_control_vp() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Make qla24xx_async_abort_cmd() static (Bart 
Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove unnecessary 
locking from the target code (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Remove qla_tgt_cmd.released (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Complain if a command is released that is 
owned by the firmware (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: target: Fix offline port handling and host reset handling (Bart 
Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix error handling in 
qlt_alloc_qfull_cmd() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Simplify qlt_send_term_imm_notif() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Avoid that qla2x00_mem_free() crashes if 
called twice (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Make 
qla2x00_mem_free() easier to verify (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] 
- scsi: qla2xxx: Increase the size of the mailbox arrays from 4 to 8 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Log the status 
code if a firmware command fails (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Avoid that Coverity complains about dereferencing a NULL 
rport pointer (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Remove the fcport test from qla_nvme_abort_work() (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Uninline qla2x00_init_timer() (Bart 
Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Move 
qla2x00_is_reserved_id() from qla_inline.h into qla_init.c (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Move qla2x00_clear_loop_id() 
from qla_inline.h into qla_init.c (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Remove a set-but-not-used variable (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Declare qla2x00_find_new_loop_id() 
static (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Move 
qla2x00_set_reserved_loop_ids() definition (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Update two source code comments (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Silence Successful ELS IOCB 
message (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
device staying in blocked state (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix read offset in qla24xx_load_risc_flash() (Himanshu Madhani) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Move qla2x00_set_fcport_state() from 
a .h into a .c file (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Remove two superfluous casts (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove qla_tgt_cmd.data_work and 
qla_tgt_cmd.data_work_free (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] include 
directive (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Declare 
qla24xx_build_scsi_crc_2_iocbs() static (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Move the port_state_str[] definition from a 
.h to a .c file (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Insert spaces where required (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix formatting of pointer types (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Leave a blank line after 
declarations (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use 
tabs to indent code (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix FC-AL connection target discovery (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: scsi_transport_fc: nvme: display FC-NVMe port roles 
(Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: tcm_qla2xxx: Minimize 
#include directives (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Unregister resources in the opposite order of the registration 
order (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use 
get/put_unaligned where appropriate (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] 
- scsi: qla2xxx: Make qla2x00_process_response_queue() easier to read 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Reduce the number 
of forward declarations (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Declare local symbols static (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use ARRAY_SIZE() in the definition of 
QLA_LAST_SPEED (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: fix 
spelling mistake "alredy" -> "already" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove useless set memory to zero use 
memset() (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Set remote 
port devloss timeout to 0 (Giridhar Malavali) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix driver unload when FC-NVMe LUNs are connected (Giridhar 
Malavali) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Cleanup redundant 
qla2x00_abort_all_cmds during unload (Anil Gurumurthy) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Cleanup fcport memory to prevent leak (Quinn 
Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use mutex protection during 
qla2x00_sysfs_read_fw_dump() (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix fw dump corruption (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Further limit FLASH region write access from SysFS (Andrew 
Vasquez) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Disable T10-DIF feature 
with FC-NVMe during probe (Giridhar Malavali) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Increase the max_sgl_segments to 1024 (Giridhar Malavali) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Reset the FCF_ASYNC_{SENT|ACTIVE} 
flags (Giridhar Malavali) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Set the 
qpair in SRB to NULL when SRB is released (Giridhar Malavali) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Set the SCSI command result before calling 
the command done (Giridhar Malavali) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Simplify conditional check again (Nathan Chancellor) [Orabug: 30846289] 
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix a small typo in qla_bsg.c (Milan P. Gandhi) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix comment alignment in qla_bsg.c 
(Milan P. Gandhi) [Orabug: 30846289] - qla2xxx: Add 64GBIT Portspeed for 
Gen7 adapter (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Secure flash update support for ISP28XX (Michael Hernandez) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add 28xx flash primary/secondary status/image 
mechanism (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Simplification of register address used in qla_tmpl.c (Joe Carnuccio) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Correction and improvement to fwdt 
processing (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Update 
flash read/write routine (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Add support for multiple fwdump templates/segments (Joe 
Carnuccio) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Cleanups for NVRAM/Flash 
read/write path (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Correctly report max/min supported speeds (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add Serdes support for ISP28XX (Joe 
Carnuccio) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add Device ID for ISP28XX 
(Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix routine 
qla27xx_dump_{mpi|ram}() (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Remove FW default template (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 30846289] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Add fw_attr and port_no SysFS node (Joe Carnuccio) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: check for kstrtol() failure (Dan 
Carpenter) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: avoid printf format 
warning (Arnd Bergmann) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix panic in 
qla_dfs_tgt_counters_show (Bill Kuzeja) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Avoid PCI IRQ affinity mapping when multiqueue is not supported 
(Giridhar Malavali) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add new FW dump 
template entry types (Joe Carnuccio) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Fix code indentation for qla27xx_fwdt_entry (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Move marker request behind QPair (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add support for setting port speed 
(Anil Gurumurthy) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Prevent multiple 
ADISC commands per session (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Check for FW started flag before aborting (Himanshu Madhani) 
[Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix unload when NVMe devices are 
configured (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add 
First Burst support for FC-NVMe devices (Darren Trapp) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix LUN discovery if loop id is not assigned 
yet by firmware (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
remove redundant null check on pointer sess (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 
30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Move debug messages before sending srb 
preventing panic (Bill Kuzeja) [Orabug: 30846289] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add 
mode control for each physical port (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 30846289] - 
rds: ib: Fix dysfunctional long address resolve timeout (Håkon Bugge) 
[Orabug: 31302706]

- KVM: x86: clear SMM flags before loading state while leaving SMM (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 31317295] - KVM: x86: Open code kvm_set_hflags 
(Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 31317295] - KVM: x86: Load SMRAM in a 
single shot when leaving SMM (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 31317295] - 
intel_idle: Use ACPI _CST for processor models without C-state tables 
(Rafael J. Wysocki) [Orabug: 31316742] - ACPI: processor: Export 
acpi_processor_evaluate_cst() (Rafael J. Wysocki) [Orabug: 31316742] - 
ACPI: processor: Clean up acpi_processor_evaluate_cst() (Rafael J. 
Wysocki) [Orabug: 31316742] - ACPI: processor: Introduce 
acpi_processor_evaluate_cst() (Rafael J. Wysocki) [Orabug: 31316742] - 
ACPI: processor: Export function to claim _CST control (Rafael J. 
Wysocki) [Orabug: 31316742] - fm10k: update driver version to match 
out-of-tree (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: add support for 
ndo_get_vf_stats operation (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: 
add missing field initializers to TLV attributes) (Jacob Keller) 
[Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: use a local variable for the frag pointer 
(Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: no need to check return value 
of debugfs_create functions (Greg Kroah-Hartman) [Orabug: 31241944] - 
fm10k: fix fm10k_get_fault_pf to read correct address (Jacob Keller) 
[Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: convert NON_Q_VECTORS(hw) into NON_Q_VECTORS 
(Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: mark unused parameters with 
__always_unused (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: cast 
page_addr to u8 * when incrementing it (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] 
- fm10k: explicitly return 0 on success path in function (Jacob Keller) 
[Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: remove needless initialization of size local 
variable (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: remove needless 
assignment of err local variable (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - 
fm10k: remove unnecessary variable initializer (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: reduce scope of the ring variable (Jacob Keller) 
[Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: reduce the scope of the result local 
variable (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: reduce the scope of 
the local msg variable (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: reduce 
the scope of the local i variable (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - 
fm10k: reduce the scope of the err variable (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: reduce the scope of the tx_buffer variable (Jacob 
Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: reduce the scope of the q_idx local 
variable (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: reduce the scope of 
local err variable (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: reduce the 
scope of qv local variable (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: 
reduce scope of *p local variable (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - 
fm10k: reduce scope of the err variable (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: Use dev_get_drvdata (Chuhong Yuan) [Orabug: 31241944] 
- fm10k: use struct_size() in kzalloc() (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: TRIVIAL cleanup of extra spacing in function comment 
(Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: bump driver version to match 
out-of-tree release (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: add 
missing device IDs to the upstream driver (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: fix SM mailbox full condition (Ngai-Mint Kwan) 
[Orabug: 31241944] - Documentation: fm10k: Add kernel documentation 
(Jeff Kirsher) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: remove ndo_poll_controller 
(Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: don't protect 
fm10k_queue_mac_request by fm10k_host_mbx_ready (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: warn if the stat size is unknown (Jacob Keller) 
[Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: use macro to avoid passing the array and 
size separately (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: use variadic 
arguments to fm10k_add_stat_strings (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - 
fm10k: reduce duplicate fm10k_stat macro code (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: setup VLANs for l2 accelerated macvlan interfaces 
(Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: Report PCIe link properties 
with pcie_print_link_status() (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 31241944] - 
fm10k: bump version number (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: 
fix incorrect warning for function prototype (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: fix function doxygen comments (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: clarify action when updating the VLAN table 
(Ngai-Mint Kwan) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: correct typo in fm10k_pf.c 
(Ngai-Mint Kwan) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: don't assume VLAN 1 is 
enabled (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: stop adding VLAN 0 to 
the VLAN table (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: cleanup 
unnecessary parenthesis in fm10k_iov.c (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] 
- fm10k: Fix configuration for macvlan offload (Alexander Duyck) 
[Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: mark PM functions as __maybe_unused (Arnd 
Bergmann) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: prefer %s and __func__ for 
diagnostic prints (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: Fix misuse 
of net_ratelimit() (Joe Perches) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: bump 
version number (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: use the 
MAC/VLAN queue for VF<->PF MAC/VLAN requests (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: introduce a message queue for MAC/VLAN messages 
(Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: use generic PM hooks instead 
of legacy PCIe power hooks (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: 
use spinlock to implement mailbox lock (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] 
- fm10k: prepare_for_reset() when we lose PCIe Link (Jacob Keller) 
[Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: prevent race condition of 
__FM10K_SERVICE_SCHED (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: move 
fm10k_prepare_for_reset and fm10k_handle_reset (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: avoid divide by zero in rare cases when device is 
resetting (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: don't loop while 
resetting VFs due to VFLR event (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - 
fm10k: simplify reading PFVFLRE register (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: avoid needless delay when loading driver (Jacob 
Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: add missing fall through comment 
(Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: avoid possible truncation of 
q_vector->name (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: fix typos on 
fall through comments (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: stop 
spurious link down messages when Tx FIFO is full (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
31241944] - fm10k: Use seq_putc() in fm10k_dbg_desc_break() (Markus 
Elfring) [Orabug: 31241944] - fm10k: reschedule service event if we 
stall the PF<->SM mailbox (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 31241944] - NFSv4.0: 
nfs4_do_fsinfo() should not do implicit lease renewals (Robert 
Milkowski) [Orabug: 31304408] - uek-rpm/ol7/config-mips64: Enable EDAC 
configs (Vijay Kumar) [Orabug: 31255389] - EDAC, skx_edac, i10nm_edac: 
fix build error when modules are built as built-in objects (Thomas Tai) 
[Orabug: 31253373] - ipv6: fix restrict IPV6_ADDRFORM operation (John 
Haxby) [Orabug: 31220426] - jbd2: disable CONFIG_JBD2_DEBUG (Junxiao Bi) 
[Orabug: 31264699]

- Linux 4.14.176 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - drm/msm: Use the correct 
dma_sync calls in msm_gem (Rob Clark) - rpmsg: glink: smem: Support rx 
peak for size less than 4 bytes (Arun Kumar Neelakantam) - 
drm_dp_mst_topology: fix broken drm_dp_sideband_parse_remote_dpcd_read() 
(Hans Verkuil) - usb: dwc3: don't set gadget->is_otg flag (Roger 
Quadros) - rpmsg: glink: Remove chunk size word align warning (Chris 
Lew) - arm64: Fix size of __early_cpu_boot_status (Arun KS) - drm/msm: 
stop abusing dma_map/unmap for cache (Rob Clark) - clk: qcom: rcg: 
Return failure for RCG update (Taniya Das) - fbcon: fix null-ptr-deref 
in fbcon_switch (Qiujun Huang) - RDMA/cm: Update num_paths in 
cma_resolve_iboe_route error flow (Avihai Horon) - Bluetooth: RFCOMM: 
fix ODEBUG bug in rfcomm_dev_ioctl (Qiujun Huang) - ceph: canonicalize 
server path in place (Ilya Dryomov) - ceph: remove the extra slashes in 
the server path (Xiubo Li) - IB/hfi1: Fix memory leaks in sysfs 
registration and unregistration (Kaike Wan) - IB/hfi1: Call 
kobject_put() when kobject_init_and_add() fails (Kaike Wan) - ASoC: 
jz4740-i2s: Fix divider written at incorrect offset in register (Paul 
Cercueil) - hwrng: imx-rngc - fix an error path (Martin Kaiser) - 
tools/accounting/getdelays.c: fix netlink attribute length (David Ahern) 
- random: always use batched entropy for get_random_u{32,64} (Jason A. 
Donenfeld) - mlxsw: spectrum_flower: Do not stop at 
FLOW_ACTION_VLAN_MANGLE (Petr Machata) - net: stmmac: dwmac1000: fix 
out-of-bounds mac address reg setting (Jisheng Zhang) - net: phy: 
micrel: kszphy_resume(): add delay after genphy_resume() before 
accessing PHY registers (Oleksij Rempel) - net: dsa: bcm_sf2: Ensure 
correct sub-node is parsed (Florian Fainelli) - ipv6: don't auto-add 
link-local address to lag ports (Jarod Wilson) - mm: mempolicy: require 
at least one nodeid for MPOL_PREFERRED (Randy Dunlap) - padata: always 
acquire cpu_hotplug_lock before pinst->lock (Daniel Jordan) - coresight: 
do not use the BIT() macro in the UAPI header (Eugene Syromiatnikov) - 
misc: pci_endpoint_test: Fix to support > 10 pci-endpoint-test devices 
(Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - blk-mq: Allow blocking queue tag iter 
callbacks (Keith Busch) - blk-mq: sync the update nr_hw_queues with 
blk_mq_queue_tag_busy_iter (Jianchao Wang) - drm/etnaviv: replace MMU 
flush marker with flush sequence (Lucas Stach) - tools/power turbostat: 
Fix gcc build warnings (Len Brown) - initramfs: restore default 
compression behavior (Eugeniy Paltsev) - drm/bochs: downgrade 
pci_request_region failure from error to warning (Gerd Hoffmann) - sctp: 
fix possibly using a bad saddr with a given dst (Marcelo Ricardo 
Leitner) - sctp: fix refcount bug in sctp_wfree (Qiujun Huang) - net, 
ip_tunnel: fix interface lookup with no key (William Dauchy) - ipv4: fix 
a RCU-list lock in fib_triestat_seq_show (Qian Cai) - Linux 4.14.175 
(Greg Kroah-Hartman) - arm64: dts: ls1046ardb: set RGMII interfaces to 
RGMII_ID mode (Madalin Bucur) - arm64: dts: ls1043a-rdb: correct RGMII 
delay mode to rgmii-id (Madalin Bucur) - ARM: bcm2835-rpi-zero-w: Add 
missing pinctrl name (Nick Hudson) - ARM: dts: oxnas: Fix clear-mask 
property (Sungbo Eo) - perf map: Fix off by one in strncpy() size 
argument (disconnect3d) - arm64: alternative: fix build with clang 
integrated assembler (Ilie Halip) - net: ks8851-ml: Fix IO operations, 
again (Marek Vasut) - gpiolib: acpi: Add quirk to ignore EC wakeups on 
HP x2 10 CHT + AXP288 model (Hans de Goede) - bpf: Explicitly memset 
some bpf info structures declared on the stack (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
bpf: Explicitly memset the bpf_attr structure (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
platform/x86: pmc_atom: Add Lex 2I385SW to critclk_systems DMI table 
(Georg Müller) - vt: vt_ioctl: fix use-after-free in vt_in_use() (Eric 
Biggers) - vt: vt_ioctl: fix VT_DISALLOCATE freeing in-use virtual 
console (Eric Biggers) - vt: vt_ioctl: remove unnecessary console 
allocation checks (Eric Biggers) - vt: switch vt_dont_switch to bool 
(Jiri Slaby) - vt: ioctl, switch VT_IS_IN_USE and VT_BUSY to inlines 
(Jiri Slaby) - vt: selection, introduce vc_is_sel (Jiri Slaby) - 
mac80211: fix authentication with iwlwifi/mvm (Johannes Berg) - 
mac80211: Check port authorization in the ieee80211_tx_dequeue() case 
(Jouni Malinen) - media: dib0700: fix rc endpoint lookup (Johan Hovold) 
- libfs: fix infoleak in simple_attr_read() (Eric Biggers) - staging: 
wlan-ng: fix use-after-free Read in hfa384x_usbin_callback (Qiujun 
Huang) - staging: wlan-ng: fix ODEBUG bug in prism2sta_disconnect_usb 
(Qiujun Huang) - staging: rtl8188eu: Add ASUS USB-N10 Nano B1 to device 
table (Larry Finger) - media: usbtv: fix control-message timeouts (Johan 
Hovold) - media: flexcop-usb: fix endpoint sanity check (Johan Hovold) - 
usb: musb: fix crash with highmen PIO and usbmon (Mans Rullgard) - USB: 
serial: io_edgeport: fix slab-out-of-bounds read in 
edge_interrupt_callback (Qiujun Huang) - USB: cdc-acm: restore 
capability check order (Matthias Reichl) - USB: serial: option: add 
Wistron Neweb D19Q1 (Pawel Dembicki) - USB: serial: option: add 
BroadMobi BM806U (Pawel Dembicki) - USB: serial: option: add support for 
ASKEY WWHC050 (Pawel Dembicki) - afs: Fix some tracing details (David 
Howells) - Input: raydium_i2c_ts - fix error codes in 
raydium_i2c_boot_trigger() (Dan Carpenter) - Input: raydium_i2c_ts - use 
true and false for boolean values (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - vti6: Fix 
memory leak of skb if input policy check fails (Torsten Hilbrich) - 
netfilter: nft_fwd_netdev: validate family and chain type (Pablo Neira 
Ayuso) - xfrm: policy: Fix doulbe free in xfrm_policy_timer (YueHaibing) 
- xfrm: add the missing verify_sec_ctx_len check in xfrm_add_acquire 
(Xin Long) - xfrm: fix uctx len check in verify_sec_ctx_len (Xin Long) - 
RDMA/mlx5: Block delay drop to unprivileged users (Maor Gottlieb) - 
vti[6]: fix packet tx through bpf_redirect() in XinY cases (Nicolas 
Dichtel) - xfrm: handle NETDEV_UNREGISTER for xfrm device (Raed Salem) - 
genirq: Fix reference leaks on irq affinity notifiers (Edward Cree) - 
RDMA/core: Ensure security pkey modify is not lost (Mike Marciniszyn) - 
gpiolib: acpi: Add quirk to ignore EC wakeups on HP x2 10 BYT + AXP288 
model (Hans de Goede) - gpiolib: acpi: Rework honor_wakeup option into 
an ignore_wake option (Hans de Goede) - gpiolib: acpi: Correct comment 
for HP x2 10 honor_wakeup quirk (Hans de Goede) - mac80211: mark station 
unauthorized before key removal (Johannes Berg) - scsi: sd: Fix optimal 
I/O size for devices that change reported values (Martin K. Petersen) - 
scripts/dtc: Remove redundant YYLOC global declaration (Dirk Mueller) - 
tools: Let O= makes handle a relative path with -C option (Masami 
Hiramatsu) - perf probe: Do not depend on dwfl_module_addrsym() (Masami 
Hiramatsu) - ARM: dts: omap5: Add bus_dma_limit for L3 bus (Roger 
Quadros) - ARM: dts: dra7: Add bus_dma_limit for L3 bus (Roger Quadros) 
- Input: avoid BIT() macro usage in the serio.h UAPI header (Eugene 
Syromiatnikov) - Input: synaptics - enable RMI on HP Envy 13-ad105ng 
(Yussuf Khalil) - i2c: hix5hd2: add missed clk_disable_unprepare in 
remove (Chuhong Yuan) - ftrace/x86: Anotate text_mutex split between 
ftrace_arch_code_modify_post_process() and 
ftrace_arch_code_modify_prepare() (Jiri Kosina) - sxgbe: Fix off by one 
in samsung driver strncpy size arg (Dominik Czarnota) - dpaa_eth: Remove 
unnecessary boolean expression in dpaa_get_headroom (Nathan Chancellor) 
- mac80211: Do not send mesh HWMP PREQ if HWMP is disabled (Nicolas 
Cavallari) - scsi: ipr: Fix softlockup when rescanning devices in 
petitboot (Wen Xiong) - fsl/fman: detect FMan erratum A050385 (Madalin 
Bucur) - arm64: dts: ls1043a: FMan erratum A050385 (Madalin Bucur) - 
dt-bindings: net: FMan erratum A050385 (Madalin Bucur) - cgroup1: don't 
call release_agent when it is "" (Tycho Andersen) - 
drivers/of/of_mdio.c:fix of_mdiobus_register() (Dajun Jin) - cpupower: 
avoid multiple definition with gcc -fno-common (Mike Gilbert) - 
cgroup-v1: cgroup_pidlist_next should update position index (Vasily 
Averin) - net: ipv4: don't let PMTU updates increase route MTU (Sabrina 
Dubroca) - hsr: set .netnsok flag (Taehee Yoo) - hsr: add restart 
routine into hsr_get_node_list() (Taehee Yoo) - hsr: use rcu_read_lock() 
in hsr_get_node_{list/status}() (Taehee Yoo) - vxlan: check return value 
of gro_cells_init() (Taehee Yoo) - net: dsa: mt7530: Change the LINK bit 
to reflect the link status (René van Dorst) - bnxt_en: fix memory leaks 
in bnxt_dcbnl_ieee_getets() (Edwin Peer) - slcan: not call free_netdev 
before rtnl_unlock in slcan_open (Oliver Hartkopp) - NFC: fdp: Fix a 
signedness bug in fdp_nci_send_patch() (Dan Carpenter) - net: stmmac: 
dwmac-rk: fix error path in rk_gmac_probe (Emil Renner Berthing) - 
net_sched: keep alloc_hash updated after hash allocation (Cong Wang) - 
net_sched: cls_route: remove the right filter from hashtable (Cong Wang) 
- net: qmi_wwan: add support for ASKEY WWHC050 (Pawel Dembicki) - 
net/packet: tpacket_rcv: avoid a producer race condition (Willem de 
Bruijn) - net: mvneta: Fix the case where the last poll did not process 
all rx (Jisheng Zhang) - net: dsa: Fix duplicate frames flooded by 
learning (Florian Fainelli) - macsec: restrict to ethernet devices 
(Willem de Bruijn) - hsr: fix general protection fault in 
hsr_addr_is_self() (Taehee Yoo) - Revert "drm/dp_mst: Skip validating 
ports during destruction, just ref" (Lyude Paul) - staging: greybus: 
loopback_test: fix potential path truncations (Johan Hovold) - staging: 
greybus: loopback_test: fix potential path truncation (Johan Hovold) - 
drm/bridge: dw-hdmi: fix AVI frame colorimetry (Jernej Skrabec) - arm64: 
smp: fix crash_smp_send_stop() behaviour (Cristian Marussi) - arm64: 
smp: fix smp_send_stop() behaviour (Cristian Marussi) - ALSA: 
hda/realtek: Fix pop noise on ALC225 (Kai-Heng Feng) - Revert "ipv6: Fix 
handling of LLA with VRF and sockets bound to VRF" (Sasha Levin) - 
Revert "vrf: mark skb for multicast or link-local as enslaved to VRF" 
(Sasha Levin) - futex: Unbreak futex hashing (Thomas Gleixner) - kbuild: 
Disable -Wpointer-to-enum-cast (Nathan Chancellor) - iio: adc: 
at91-sama5d2_adc: fix differential channels in triggered mode (Eugen 
Hristev) - iio: adc: at91-sama5d2_adc: fix channel configuration for 
differential channels (Eugen Hristev) - USB: cdc-acm: fix rounding error 
in TIOCSSERIAL (Anthony Mallet) - USB: cdc-acm: fix close_delay and 
closing_wait units in TIOCSSERIAL (Anthony Mallet) - x86/mm: split 
vmalloc_sync_all() (Joerg Roedel) - page-flags: fix a crash at 
SetPageError(THP_SWAP) (Qian Cai) - mm, slub: prevent kmalloc_node 
crashes and memory leaks (Vlastimil Babka) - mm: slub: be more careful 
about the double cmpxchg of freelist (Linus Torvalds) - memcg: fix NULL 
pointer dereference in __mem_cgroup_usage_unregister_event (Chunguang 
Xu) - xhci: Do not open code __print_symbolic() in xhci trace events 
(Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - rtc: max8907: add missing select REGMAP_IRQ 
(Corentin Labbe) - intel_th: pci: Add Elkhart Lake CPU support 
(Alexander Shishkin) - intel_th: Fix user-visible error codes (Alexander 
Shishkin) - staging/speakup: fix get_word non-space look-ahead (Samuel 
Thibault) - staging: rtl8188eu: Add device id for MERCUSYS MW150US v2 
(Michael Straube) - mmc: sdhci-of-at91: fix cd-gpios for SAMA5D2 (Michał 
Mirosław) - iio: magnetometer: ak8974: Fix negative raw values in sysfs 
(Stephan Gerhold) - iio: trigger: stm32-timer: disable master mode when 
stopping (Fabrice Gasnier) - ALSA: pcm: oss: Remove WARNING from 
snd_pcm_plug_alloc() checks (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: pcm: oss: Avoid 
plugin buffer overflow (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: seq: oss: Fix running 
status after receiving sysex (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: seq: virmidi: Fix 
running status after receiving sysex (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: line6: Fix 
endless MIDI read loop (Takashi Iwai) - usb: xhci: apply 
XHCI_SUSPEND_DELAY to AMD XHCI controller 1022:145c (Alberto Mattea) - 
USB: serial: pl2303: add device-id for HP LD381 (Scott Chen) - usb: 
host: xhci-plat: add a shutdown (Ran Wang) - USB: serial: option: add 
ME910G1 ECM composition 0x110b (Daniele Palmas) - usb: quirks: add 
NO_LPM quirk for RTL8153 based ethernet adapters (Hans de Goede) - USB: 
Disable LPM on WD19's Realtek Hub (Kai-Heng Feng) - parse-maintainers: 
Mark as executable (Jonathan Neuschäfer) - block, bfq: fix overwrite of 
bfq_group pointer in bfq_find_set_group() (Carlo Nonato) - dm bio 
record: save/restore bi_end_io and bi_integrity (Mike Snitzer) - 
altera-stapl: altera_get_note: prevent write beyond end of 'key' (Daniel 
Axtens) - drivers/perf: arm_pmu_acpi: Fix incorrect checking of gicc 
pointer (luanshi) - drm/exynos: dsi: fix workaround for the legacy clock 
name (Marek Szyprowski) - drm/exynos: dsi: propagate error value and 
silence meaningless warning (Marek Szyprowski) - spi/zynqmp: remove 
entry that causes a cs glitch (Thommy Jakobsson) - spi: pxa2xx: Add CS 
control clock quirk (Evan Green) - ARM: dts: dra7: Add "dma-ranges" 
property to PCIe RC DT nodes (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - powerpc: Include 
.BTF section (Naveen N. Rao) - spi: qup: call spi_qup_pm_resume_runtime 
before suspending (Yuji Sasaki) - MIPS: Add configs for audit (Vijay 
Kumar) [Orabug: 31245219] - MIPS: Add syscall auditing support (Ralf 
Baechle) [Orabug: 31245219] - SUNRPC: Allow soft RPC calls to time out 
when waiting for the XPRT_LOCK (Trond Myklebust) [Orabug: 31226568] - 
SUNRPC: Turn off throttling of RPC slots for TCP sockets (Trond 
Myklebust) [Orabug: 31226568] - NFSv4.1: Avoid false retries when RPC 
calls are interrupted (Trond Myklebust) [Orabug: 31226568] - 
uek-rpm/ol7/config-mips64-embedded: Firewalld reports error and warnings 
for missing config (Vijay Kumar) [Orabug: 31239290] - mips64: 
drivers/watchdog: Add IRQF_NOBALANCING when requesting irq (Thomas Tai) 
[Orabug: 31228718] - x86/mce: Add macros for the corrected error count 
bit field (Qiuxu Zhuo) [Orabug: 31169246] - uek-rpm: Enable 
CONFIG_EDAC_I10NM to support Intel 10nm processors (Thomas Tai) [Orabug: 
31169246] - EDAC, i10nm: Add Intel additional Ice-Lake support (Qiuxu 
Zhuo) [Orabug: 31169246] - EDAC, i10nm: Check ECC enabling status per 
channel (Qiuxu Zhuo) [Orabug: 31169246] - EDAC, skx, i10nm: Fix source 
ID register offset (Qiuxu Zhuo) [Orabug: 31169246] - x86/CPU: Add more 
Icelake model numbers (Kan Liang) [Orabug: 31169246] - EDAC, skx, i10nm: 
Make skx_common.c a pure library (Qiuxu Zhuo) [Orabug: 31169246] - EDAC, 
i10nm: Fix randconfig builds (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 31169246] - EDAC, 
i10nm: Add a driver for Intel 10nm server processors (Qiuxu Zhuo) 
[Orabug: 31169246] - EDAC, skx_edac: Delete duplicated code (Qiuxu Zhuo) 
[Orabug: 31169246] - EDAC, skx_common: Separate common code out from 
skx_edac (Qiuxu Zhuo) [Orabug: 31169246] - EDAC, skx: Fix randconfig 
builds in a better way (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 31169246] - EDAC, skx: Fix 
randconfig builds (Borislav Petkov) [Orabug: 31169246] - ACPI/ADXL: Add 
address translation interface using an ACPI DSM (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 
31169246] - EDAC, skx_edac: Add address translation for non-volatile 
DIMMs (Qiuxu Zhuo) [Orabug: 31169246] - EDAC: Add owner check to the x86 
platform drivers (Toshi Kani) [Orabug: 31169246] - EDAC, skx: Fix 
skx_edac build error when ACPI_NFIT=m (Randy Dunlap) [Orabug: 31169246] 
- firmware, DMI: Add function to look up a handle and return DIMM size 
(Tony Luck) [Orabug: 31169246] - acpi, nfit: Add function to look up 
nvdimm device and provide SMBIOS handle (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 31169246] - 
EDAC, skx_edac: Detect non-volatile DIMMs (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 31169246] 
- EDAC: Add new memory type for non-volatile DIMMs (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 
31169246] - EDAC: Add helper which returns the loaded platform driver 
(Toshi Kani) [Orabug: 31169246] - xfs: move inode flush to the sync 
workqueue (Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 31124428] - i40e: Fix the 
conditional for i40e_vc_validate_vqs_bitmaps (Brett Creeley) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: fix spelling mistake "to" -> "too" (Colin Ian King) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Set PHY Access flag on X722 (Adam Ludkiewicz) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Extract detection of HW flags into a function 
(Piotr Azarewicz) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Fix virtchnl_queue_select 
bitmap validation (Brett Creeley) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Fix for 
ethtool -m issue on X722 NIC (Arkadiusz Kubalewski) [Orabug: 30939512] - 
i40e: implement VF stats NDO (Jesse Brandeburg) [Orabug: 30939512] - 
i40e: enable X710 support (Alice Michael) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: 
Refactoring VF MAC filters counting to make more reliable (Aleksandr 
Loktionov) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Fix LED blinking flow for X710T*L 
devices (Damian Milosek) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: allow ethtool to 
report SW and FW versions in recovery mode (Piotr Kwapulinski) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: initialize ITRN registers with correct values 
(Nicholas Nunley) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Extend PHY access with page 
change flag (Piotr Azarewicz) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Wrong 
'Advertised FEC modes' after set FEC to AUTO (Jaroslaw Gawin) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: Fix for persistent lldp support (Sylwia Wnuczko) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: clear __I40E_VIRTCHNL_OP_PENDING on invalid 
min Tx rate (Stefan Assmann) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: use BIT macro to 
specify the cloud filter field flags (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 30939512] - 
i40e: Fix message for other card without FEC. (Czeslaw Zagorski) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: fix missed "Negotiated" string in 
i40e_print_link_message() (Aleksandr Loktionov) [Orabug: 30939512] - 
i40e: mark additional missing bits as reserved (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: remove I40E_AQC_ADD_CLOUD_FILTER_OIP (Jacob Keller) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: check __I40E_VF_DISABLE bit in 
i40e_sync_filters_subtask (Stefan Assmann) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: 
Add support for X710 device (Mariusz Stachura) [Orabug: 30939512] - 
i40e: Remove EMPR traces from debugfs facility (Mauro S. M. Rodrigues) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Implement debug macro hw_dbg using dev_dbg 
(Mauro S. M. Rodrigues) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: fix hw_dbg usage in 
i40e_hmc_get_object_va (Mauro S. M. Rodrigues) [Orabug: 30939512] - 
i40e: fix retrying in i40e_aq_get_phy_capabilities (Marcin Formela) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Persistent LLDP support (Sylwia Wnuczko) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: allow reset in recovery mode (Piotr 
Kwapulinski) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Remove function 
i40e_update_dcb_config() (Grzegorz Siwik) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Fix 
crash caused by stress setting of VF MAC addresses (Slawomir Laba) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: reset veb.tc_stats when resetting veb.stats 
(Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Update FW API version to 1.9 
(Piotr Azarewicz) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: check_recovery_mode had 
wrong if statement (Adrian Podlawski) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Add 
drop mode parameter to set mac config (Sylwia Wnuczko) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: fix shifts of signed values (Beilei Xing) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: add check on i40e_configure_tx_ring() return value 
(huhai) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Check if transceiver implements DDM 
before access (Mauro S. M. Rodrigues) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: reduce 
stack usage in i40e_set_fc (Arnd Bergmann) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: no 
need to check return value of debugfs_create functions (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Remove unicast log when VF is 
leaving multicast mode. (Czeslaw Zagorski) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: 
verify string count matches even on early return (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: Log info when PF is entering and leaving Allmulti 
mode. (Czeslaw Zagorski) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Update visual effect 
for advertised FEC mode. (Czeslaw Zagorski) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: 
fix code comments (Jeff Kirsher) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: don't report 
link up for a VF who hasn't enabled queues (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: Log disable-fw-lldp flag change by ethtool (Slawomir 
Laba) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: fix incorrect ethtool statistics veb 
and veb.tc_ (Dmitrii Golovanov) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Use 
dev_get_drvdata (Chuhong Yuan) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: update 
copyright string (Alice Michael) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Fix 
descriptor count manipulation (Maciej Fijalkowski) [Orabug: 30939512] - 
i40e: missing priorities for any QoS traffic (Aleksandr Loktionov) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Add log entry while creating or deleting TC0 
(Piotr Kwapulinski) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: fix incorrect function 
documentation comment (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Fix for 
missing "link modes" info in ethtool (Martyna Szapar) [Orabug: 30939512] 
- i40e: fix 'Unknown bps' in dmesg for 2.5Gb/5Gb speeds (Aleksandr 
Loktionov) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Missing response checks in driver 
when starting/stopping FW LLDP (Aleksandr Loktionov) [Orabug: 30939512] 
- i40e: remove duplicate stat calculation for tx_errors (Jacob Keller) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Check if the BAR size is large enough before 
writing to registers (Adam Ludkiewicz) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: 
Missing response checks in driver when starting/stopping FW LLDP (Piotr 
Marczak) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: add input validation for virtchnl 
handlers (Sergey Nemov) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Improve AQ log 
granularity (Doug Dziggel) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Add bounds check 
for ch[] array (Piotr Kwapulinski) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Use signed 
variable (Mitch Williams) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: add constraints for 
accessing veb array (Piotr Kwapulinski) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: let 
untrusted VF to create up to 16 VLANs (Piotr Kwapulinski) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: add functions stubs to support EEE (Aleksandr 
Loktionov) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Check and set the PF driver state 
first in i40e_ndo_set_vf_mac (Lihong Yang) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Do 
not check VF state in i40e_ndo_get_vf_config (Lihong Yang) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: Memory leak in i40e_config_iwarp_qvlist (Martyna 
Szapar) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Fix of memory leak and integer 
truncation in i40e_virtchnl.c (Martyna Szapar) [Orabug: 30939512] - 
i40e: Use struct_size() in kzalloc() (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: Revert ShadowRAM checksum calculation change (Maciej 
Paczkowski) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: missing input validation on VF 
message handling by the PF (Martyna Szapar) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: 
Add support for X710 B/P & SFP+ cards (Aleksandr Loktionov) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: Wrong truncation from u16 to u8 (Grzegorz Siwik) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: add num_vectors checker in iwarp handler 
(Sergey Nemov) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Fix the typo in adding 40GE 
KR4 mode (Grzegorz Siwik) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Setting VF to VLAN 
0 requires restart (Grzegorz Siwik) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: add new 
pci id for X710/XXV710 N3000 cards (Aleksandr Loktionov) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: VF's promiscuous attribute is not kept (Grzegorz 
Siwik) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Introduce recovery mode support (Alice 
Michael) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: print PCI vendor and device ID 
during probe (Stefan Assmann) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: fix misleading 
message about promisc setting on un-trusted VF (Harshitha Ramamurthy) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: update version number (Alice Michael) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: remove out-of-range comparisons in 
i40e_validate_cloud_filter (Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: 
Further implementation of LLDP (Aleksandr Loktionov) [Orabug: 30939512] 
- i40e: Report advertised link modes on 40GBase_LR4, CR4 and fibre (Adam 
Ludkiewicz) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: ShadowRAM checksum calculation 
change (Maciej Paczkowski) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: remove error msg 
when vf with port vlan tries to remove vlan 0 (Aleksandr Loktionov) 
[Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: change behavior on PF in response to MDD 
event (Carolyn Wyborny) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Fix for allowing too 
many MDD events on VF (Carolyn Wyborny) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Fix 
misleading error message (Carolyn Wyborny) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: 
Report advertised link modes on 40GBASE_SR4 (Adam Ludkiewicz) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: The driver now prints the API version in error message 
(Adam Ludkiewicz) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Changed maximum supported 
FW API version to 1.8 (Adam Ludkiewicz) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: 
Remove misleading messages for untrusted VF (Grzegorz Siwik) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: Update i40e_init_dcb to return correct error (Chinh T 
Cao) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Fix for 10G ports LED not blinking 
(Piotr Marczak) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Implement DDP support in i40e 
driver (Aleksandr Loktionov) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Queues are 
reserved despite "Invalid argument" error (Adam Ludkiewicz) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: fix WoL support check (Stefan Assmann) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: fix i40e_ptp_adjtime when given a negative delta 
(Jacob Keller) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: clean up several indentation 
issues (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: increase indentation 
(Julia Lawall) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: update version number (Alice 
Michael) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: remove debugfs tx_timeout support 
(Lihong Yang) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: check queue pairs num in config 
queues handler (Sergey Nemov) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Change 
unmatched function types (Grzegorz Siwik) [Orabug: 30939512] - i40e: Add 
support FEC configuration for Fortville 25G (Damian Dybek) [Orabug: 
30939512] - i40e: Limiting RSS queues to CPUs (Aleksandr Loktionov) 
[Orabug: 30939512]

- media: xirlink_cit: add missing descriptor sanity checks (Johan 
Hovold) [Orabug: 31213765] {CVE-2020-11668}
- media: ov519: add missing endpoint sanity checks (Johan Hovold) 
[Orabug: 31213756] {CVE-2020-11608}
- x86/microcode/AMD: Increase microcode PATCH_MAX_SIZE (John Allen) 
[Orabug: 31213534] - media: stv06xx: add missing descriptor sanity 
checks (Johan Hovold) [Orabug: 31200577] {CVE-2020-11609}
- net/ethernet/octeon: Add ptp_dbg_group module param in 
octeon-pow-ethernet (Vijay Kumar) [Orabug: 31198847] - x86/mce: Restart 
the system when LMCE UE error occurs (Thomas Tai) [Orabug: 31026187] - 
rds: Fix use-after-free in rds_ib_free_caches (Hans Westgaard Ry) 
[Orabug: 31200769] - net/ethernet/octeon: Set max/min mtu of pow 
equivalent to Octeon eth device (Vijay Kumar) [Orabug: 31191731] - 
net/rds: Fix MR reference counting problem (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 
31130196] - net/rds: Replace struct rds_mr's r_refcount with struct kref 
(Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 31130196] - x86/mce: Fix set_mce_nospec() to 
avoid #GP fault (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 31024704] - uek-rpm: fix dts 
rpmbuild when using cross-compiler (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30896326]

- KVM: x86: fix nested guest live migration with PML (Paolo Bonzini) 
[Orabug: 31123831] - KVM: x86: assign two bits to track SPTE kinds 
(Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 31123831] - sched/fair: Prevent a division by 0 
in scale_rt_capacity() (John Sobecki) [Orabug: 31124462] - mips64: Fix 
X.509 certificates parsing (Eric Saint-Etienne) [Orabug: 31178466] - 
blktrace: Protect q->blk_trace with RCU (Jan Kara) [Orabug: 31123574] 
- blktrace: fix unlocked access to init/start-stop/teardown (Jens Axboe) 
[Orabug: 31123574] {CVE-2019-19768}
- perf/x86/amd: Add support for Large Increment per Cycle Events (Kim 
Phillips) [Orabug: 31099507] - perf/x86/amd: Constrain Large Increment 
per Cycle events (Kim Phillips) [Orabug: 31099507] - kvm/svm: PKU not 
currently supported (John Allen) [Orabug: 31099507] - EDAC/amd64: Drop 
some family checks for newer systems (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 31099507] 
- x86/amd_nb: Add Family 19h PCI IDs (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 31099507] 
- EDAC/mce_amd: Always load on SMCA systems (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 
31099507] - x86/MCE/AMD, EDAC/mce_amd: Add new Load Store unit McaType 
(Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 31099507] - EDAC/amd64: Add family ops for 
Family 19h Models 00h-0Fh (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 31099507] - 
EDAC/amd64: Check for memory before fully initializing an instance 
(Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 31099507] - EDAC/amd64: Use cached data when 
checking for ECC (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 31099507] - EDAC/amd64: Save 
max number of controllers to family type (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 
31099507] - EDAC/amd64: Gather hardware information early (Yazen 
Ghannam) [Orabug: 31099507] - EDAC/amd64: Make struct amd64_family_type 
global (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 31099507] - EDAC/amd64: Support 
asymmetric dual-rank DIMMs (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 31099507] - 
EDAC/amd64: Cache secondary Chip Select registers (Yazen Ghannam) 
[Orabug: 31099507] - EDAC/amd64: Find Chip Select memory size using 
Address Mask (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 31099507] - EDAC/amd64: Initialize 
DIMM info for systems with more than two channels (Yazen Ghannam) 
[Orabug: 31099507] - EDAC/amd64: Support more than two controllers for 
chip selects handling (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 31099507] - Revert 
"EDAC/amd64: Support more than two controllers for chip select handling" 
(Borislav Petkov) [Orabug: 31099507] - KVM: x86/mmu: Consolidate "is 
MMIO SPTE" code (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 31099507] - KVM: x86/mmu: 
Add explicit access mask for MMIO SPTEs (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
31099507] - KVM: x86: Rename access permissions cache member in struct 
kvm_vcpu_arch (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 31099507] - kvm: x86: Move 
kvm_set_mmio_spte_mask() from x86.c to mmu.c (Kai Huang) [Orabug: 
31099507] - RDMA/rxe: Enhance Soft Roce to support Oracle proprietary 
shared PD extension (Rao Shoaib) [Orabug: 31081642] - slcan: Don't 
transmit uninitialized stack data in padding (Richard Palethorpe) 
[Orabug: 31136751] {CVE-2020-11494}

- KVM: SVM: Guard against DEACTIVATE when performing WBINVD/DF_FLUSH 
(Tom Lendacky) [Orabug: 30728867] - KVM: SVM: Serialize access to the 
SEV ASID bitmap (Tom Lendacky) [Orabug: 30728867] - KVM: nVMX: vmread 
should not set rflags to specify success in case of #PF (Miaohe Lin) 
[Orabug: 30728867] - Linux 4.14.174 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - ipv4: ensure 
rcu_read_lock() in cipso_v4_error() (Matteo Croce) - mm: slub: add 
missing TID bump in kmem_cache_alloc_bulk() (Jann Horn) - ARM: 8958/1: 
rename missed uaccess .fixup section (Kees Cook) - ARM: 8957/1: VDSO: 
Match ARMv8 timer in cntvct_functional() (Florian Fainelli) - jbd2: fix 
data races at struct journal_head (Qian Cai) - net: rmnet: fix NULL 
pointer dereference in rmnet_newlink() (Taehee Yoo) - hinic: fix a bug 
of setting hw_ioctxt (Luo bin) - slip: not call free_netdev before 
rtnl_unlock in slip_open (yangerkun) - signal: avoid double atomic 
counter increments for user accounting (Linus Torvalds) - mac80211: rx: 
avoid RCU list traversal under mutex (Madhuparna Bhowmik) - net: 
ks8851-ml: Fix IRQ handling and locking (Marek Vasut) - net: usb: 
qmi_wwan: restore mtu min/max values after raw_ip switch (Daniele 
Palmas) - scsi: libfc: free response frame from GPN_ID (Igor Druzhinin) 
- cfg80211: check reg_rule for NULL in handle_channel_custom() (Johannes 
Berg) - HID: i2c-hid: add Trekstor Surfbook E11B to descriptor override 
(Kai-Heng Feng) - HID: apple: Add support for recent firmware on Magic 
Keyboards (Mansour Behabadi) - ACPI: watchdog: Allow disabling WDAT at 
boot (Jean Delvare) - perf/amd/uncore: Replace manual sampling check 
with CAP_NO_INTERRUPT flag (Kim Phillips) - batman-adv: Don't schedule 
OGM for disabled interface (Sven Eckelmann) - batman-adv: Avoid 
free/alloc race when handling OGM buffer (Sven Eckelmann) - batman-adv: 
Avoid free/alloc race when handling OGM2 buffer (Sven Eckelmann) - 
batman-adv: Fix duplicated OGMs on NETDEV_UP (Sven Eckelmann) - 
batman-adv: Fix debugfs path for renamed softif (Sven Eckelmann) - 
batman-adv: Fix debugfs path for renamed hardif (Sven Eckelmann) - 
batman-adv: prevent TT request storms by not sending inconsistent TT 
TLVLs (Marek Lindner) - batman-adv: Fix TT sync flags for intermediate 
TT responses (Linus Lüssing) - batman-adv: Avoid race in TT TVLV 
allocator helper (Sven Eckelmann) - batman-adv: update data pointers 
after skb_cow() (Matthias Schiffer) - batman-adv: Fix internal interface 
indices types (Sven Eckelmann) - batman-adv: Fix lock for ogm cnt access 
in batadv_iv_ogm_calc_tq (Sven Eckelmann) - batman-adv: Fix check of 
retrieved orig_gw in batadv_v_gw_is_eligible (Sven Eckelmann) - 
batman-adv: Always initialize fragment header priority (Sven Eckelmann) 
- batman-adv: Avoid spurious warnings from bat_v neigh_cmp 
implementation (Sven Eckelmann) - efi: Add a sanity check to 
efivar_store_raw() (Vladis Dronov) - net/smc: check for valid 
ib_client_data (Karsten Graul) - ipv6: restrict IPV6_ADDRFORM operation 
(Eric Dumazet) - i2c: acpi: put device when verifying client fails 
(Wolfram Sang) - iommu/vt-d: Ignore devices with out-of-spec domain 
number (Daniel Drake) - iommu/vt-d: Fix the wrong printing in RHSA 
parsing (Zhenzhong Duan) - netfilter: nft_payload: add missing attribute 
validation for payload csum flags (Jakub Kicinski) - netfilter: 
cthelper: add missing attribute validation for cthelper (Jakub Kicinski) 
- nl80211: add missing attribute validation for channel switch (Jakub 
Kicinski) - nl80211: add missing attribute validation for beacon report 
scanning (Jakub Kicinski) - nl80211: add missing attribute validation 
for critical protocol indication (Jakub Kicinski) - pinctrl: core: 
Remove extra kref_get which blocks hogs being freed (Charles Keepax) - 
pinctrl: meson-gxl: fix GPIOX sdio pins (Nicolas Belin) - iommu/vt-d: 
Fix a bug in intel_iommu_iova_to_phys() for huge page (Yonghyun Hwang) - 
iommu/vt-d: dmar: replace WARN_TAINT with pr_warn + add_taint (Hans de 
Goede) - iommu/dma: Fix MSI reservation allocation (Marc Zyngier) - 
x86/mce: Fix logic and comments around MSR_PPIN_CTL (Tony Luck) - efi: 
Fix a race and a buffer overflow while reading efivars via sysfs (Vladis 
Dronov) - ARC: define __ALIGN_STR and __ALIGN symbols for ARC (Eugeniy 
Paltsev) - gfs2_atomic_open(): fix O_EXCL|O_CREAT handling on cold 
dcache (Al Viro) - cifs_atomic_open(): fix double-put on late allocation 
failure (Al Viro) - ktest: Add timeout for ssh sync testing (Steven 
Rostedt (VMware)) - drm/amd/display: remove duplicated assignment to 
grph_obj_type (Colin Ian King) - workqueue: don't use 
wq_select_unbound_cpu() for bound works (Hillf Danton) - iommu/vt-d: 
quirk_ioat_snb_local_iommu: replace WARN_TAINT with pr_warn + add_taint 
(Hans de Goede) - virtio-blk: fix hw_queue stopped on arbitrary error 
(Halil Pasic) - iwlwifi: mvm: Do not require PHY_SKU NVM section for 
3168 devices (Dan Moulding) - cgroup: Iterate tasks that did not finish 
do_exit() (Michal Koutný) - cgroup: cgroup_procs_next should increase 
position index (Vasily Averin) - ipvlan: don't deref eth hdr before 
checking it's set (Mahesh Bandewar) - ipvlan: egress mcast packets are 
not exceptional (Paolo Abeni) - ipvlan: do not add hardware address of 
master to its unicast filter list (Jiri Wiesner) - inet_diag: return 
classid for all socket types (Dmitry Yakunin) - macvlan: add 
cond_resched() during multicast processing (Mahesh Bandewar) - net: fec: 
validate the new settings in fec_enet_set_coalesce() (Jakub Kicinski) - 
slip: make slhc_compress() more robust against malicious packets (Eric 
Dumazet) - bonding/alb: make sure arp header is pulled before accessing 
it (Eric Dumazet) - net: phy: fix MDIO bus PM PHY resuming (Heiner 
Kallweit) - nfc: add missing attribute validation for vendor subcommand 
(Jakub Kicinski) - nfc: add missing attribute validation for SE API 
(Jakub Kicinski) - team: add missing attribute validation for array 
index (Jakub Kicinski) - team: add missing attribute validation for port 
ifindex (Jakub Kicinski) - net: fq: add missing attribute validation for 
orphan mask (Jakub Kicinski) - macsec: add missing attribute validation 
for port (Jakub Kicinski) - can: add missing attribute validation for 
termination (Jakub Kicinski) - nl802154: add missing attribute 
validation for dev_type (Jakub Kicinski) - nl802154: add missing 
attribute validation (Jakub Kicinski) - fib: add missing attribute 
validation for tun_id (Jakub Kicinski) - net: memcg: fix lockdep splat 
in inet_csk_accept() (Eric Dumazet) - net: memcg: late association of 
sock to memcg (Shakeel Butt) - cgroup: memcg: net: do not associate sock 
with unrelated cgroup (Shakeel Butt) - bnxt_en: reinitialize IRQs when 
MTU is modified (Vasundhara Volam) - sfc: detach from cb_page in 
efx_copy_channel() (Edward Cree) - r8152: check disconnect status after 
long sleep (You-Sheng Yang) - net/packet: tpacket_rcv: do not increment 
ring index on drop (Willem de Bruijn) - net: nfc: fix bounds checking 
bugs on "pipe" (Dan Carpenter) - net: macsec: update SCI upon MAC 
address change. (Dmitry Bogdanov) - netlink: Use netlink header as base 
to calculate bad attribute offset (Pablo Neira Ayuso) - ipvlan: do not 
use cond_resched_rcu() in ipvlan_process_multicast() (Eric Dumazet) - 
ipvlan: add cond_resched_rcu() while processing muticast backlog (Mahesh 
Bandewar) - ipv6/addrconf: call ipv6_mc_up() for non-Ethernet interface 
(Hangbin Liu) - gre: fix uninit-value in __iptunnel_pull_header (Eric 
Dumazet) - cgroup, netclassid: periodically release file_lock on classid 
updating (Dmitry Yakunin) - net: phy: Avoid multiple suspends (Florian 
Fainelli) - phy: Revert toggling reset changes. (David S. Miller) - 
Linux 4.14.173 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - ASoC: topology: Fix memleak in 
soc_tplg_manifest_load() (Dragos Tarcatu) - xhci: handle port status 
events for removed USB3 hcd (Mathias Nyman) - dm integrity: fix a 
deadlock due to offloading to an incorrect workqueue (Mikulas Patocka) - 
powerpc: fix hardware PMU exception bug on PowerVM compatibility mode 
systems (Desnes A. Nunes do Rosario) - dmaengine: coh901318: Fix a 
double lock bug in dma_tc_handle() (Dan Carpenter) - hwmon: (adt7462) 
Fix an error return in ADT7462_REG_VOLT() (Dan Carpenter) - ARM: imx: 
build v7_cpu_resume() unconditionally (Ahmad Fatoum) - IB/hfi1, qib: 
Ensure RCU is locked when accessing list (Dennis Dalessandro) - RMDA/cm: 
Fix missing ib_cm_destroy_id() in ib_cm_insert_listen() (Jason 
Gunthorpe) - RDMA/iwcm: Fix iwcm work deallocation (Bernard Metzler) - 
ASoC: dapm: Correct DAPM handling of active widgets during shutdown 
(Charles Keepax) - ASoC: pcm512x: Fix unbalanced regulator enable call 
in probe error path (Matthias Reichl) - ASoC: pcm: Fix possible buffer 
overflow in dpcm state sysfs output (Takashi Iwai) - ASoC: intel: skl: 
Fix possible buffer overflow in debug outputs (Takashi Iwai) - ASoC: 
intel: skl: Fix pin debug prints (Takashi Iwai) - ASoC: topology: Fix 
memleak in soc_tplg_link_elems_load() (Dragos Tarcatu) - ARM: dts: 
ls1021a: Restore MDIO compatible to gianfar (Vladimir Oltean) - dm 
cache: fix a crash due to incorrect work item cancelling (Mikulas 
Patocka) - dmaengine: tegra-apb: Prevent race conditions of tasklet vs 
free list (Dmitry Osipenko) - dmaengine: tegra-apb: Fix use-after-free 
(Dmitry Osipenko) - x86/pkeys: Manually set X86_FEATURE_OSPKE to 
preserve existing changes (Sean Christopherson) - vt: selection, push 
sel_lock up (Jiri Slaby) - vt: selection, push console lock down (Jiri 
Slaby) - vt: selection, close sel_buffer race (Jiri Slaby) {CVE-2020-8648}
- serial: 8250_exar: add support for ACCES cards (Jay Dolan) - 
tty:serial:mvebu-uart:fix a wrong return (tangbin) - arm: dts: dra76x: 
Fix mmc3 max-frequency (Faiz Abbas) - fat: fix uninit-memory access for 
partial initialized inode (OGAWA Hirofumi) - mm, numa: fix bad pmd by 
atomically check for pmd_trans_huge when marking page tables prot_numa 
(Mel Gorman) - vgacon: Fix a UAF in vgacon_invert_region (Zhang Xiaoxu) 
{CVE-2020-8649} {CVE-2020-8647} {CVE-2020-8647} {CVE-2020-8649}
- usb: core: port: do error out if usb_autopm_get_interface() fails 
(Eugeniu Rosca) - usb: core: hub: do error out if 
usb_autopm_get_interface() fails (Eugeniu Rosca) - usb: core: hub: fix 
unhandled return by employing a void function (Eugeniu Rosca) - usb: 
quirks: add NO_LPM quirk for Logitech Screen Share (Dan Lazewatsky) - 
usb: storage: Add quirk for Samsung Fit flash (Jim Lin) - cifs: don't 
leak -EAGAIN for stat() during reconnect (Ronnie Sahlberg) - net: 
thunderx: workaround BGX TX Underflow issue (Tim Harvey) - x86/xen: 
Distribute switch variables for initialization (Kees Cook) - nvme: Fix 
uninitialized-variable warning (Keith Busch) - x86/boot/compressed: 
Don't declare __force_order in kaslr_64.c (H.J. Lu) - s390/cio: 
cio_ignore_proc_seq_next should increase position index (Vasily Averin) 
- watchdog: da9062: do not ping the hw during stop() (Marco Felsch) - 
net: ks8851-ml: Fix 16-bit IO operation (Marek Vasut) - net: ks8851-ml: 
Fix 16-bit data access (Marek Vasut) - net: ks8851-ml: Remove 8-bit bus 
accessors (Marek Vasut) - drm/msm/dsi: save pll state before dsi host is 
powered off (Harigovindan P) - drm: msm: Fix return type of 
dsi_mgr_connector_mode_valid for kCFI (John Stultz) - drm/msm/mdp5: rate 
limit pp done timeout warnings (Brian Masney) - usb: gadget: serial: fix 
Tx stall after buffer overflow (Sergey Organov) - usb: gadget: ffs: 
ffs_aio_cancel(): Save/restore IRQ flags (Lars-Peter Clausen) - usb: 
gadget: composite: Support more than 500mA MaxPower (Jack Pham) - 
selftests: fix too long argument (Jiri Benc) - serial: ar933x_uart: set 
UART_CS_{RX,TX}_READY_ORIDE (Daniel Golle) - kprobes: Fix 
optimize_kprobe()/unoptimize_kprobe() cancellation logic (Masami 
Hiramatsu) - RDMA/core: Fix use of logical OR in get_new_pps (Nathan 
Chancellor) - RDMA/core: Fix pkey and port assignment in get_new_pps 
(Maor Gottlieb) - net: dsa: bcm_sf2: Forcibly configure IMP port for 
1Gb/sec (Florian Fainelli) - EDAC/amd64: Set grain per DIMM (Yazen 
Ghannam) - audit: always check the netlink payload length in 
audit_receive_msg() (Paul Moore) - Revert "char/random: silence a 
lockdep splat with printk()" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - mm, thp: fix defrag 
setting if newline is not used (David Rientjes) - mm/huge_memory.c: use 
head to check huge zero page (Wei Yang) - perf hists browser: Restore 
ESC as "Zoom out" of DSO/thread/etc (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) - 
kprobes: Set unoptimized flag after unoptimizing code (Masami Hiramatsu) 
- drivers: net: xgene: Fix the order of the arguments of 
'alloc_etherdev_mqs()' (Christophe JAILLET) - tuntap: correctly set 
SOCKWQ_ASYNC_NOSPACE (Jason Wang) - KVM: Check for a bad hva before 
dropping into the ghc slow path (Sean Christopherson) - KVM: SVM: 
Override default MMIO mask if memory encryption is enabled (Tom 
Lendacky) - mwifiex: drop most magic numbers from 
mwifiex_process_tdls_action_frame() (Brian Norris) - namei: only return 
-ECHILD from follow_dotdot_rcu() (Aleksa Sarai) - net: ena: make ena 
rxfh support ETH_RSS_HASH_NO_CHANGE (Arthur Kiyanovski) - net: atlantic: 
fix potential error handling (Pavel Belous) - net: netlink: cap max 
groups which will be considered in netlink_bind() (Nikolay Aleksandrov) 
- include/linux/bitops.h: introduce BITS_PER_TYPE (Chris Wilson) - 
ecryptfs: Fix up bad backport of 
fe2e082f5da5b4a0a92ae32978f81507ef37ec66 (Nathan Chancellor) - usb: 
charger: assign specific number for enum value (Peter Chen) - 
drm/i915/gvt: Separate display reset from ALL_ENGINES reset (Tina Zhang) 
- i2c: jz4780: silence log flood on txabrt (Wolfram Sang) - i2c: altera: 
Fix potential integer overflow (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - MIPS: VPE: Fix a 
double free and a memory leak in 'release_vpe()' (Christophe JAILLET) - 
HID: hiddev: Fix race in in hiddev_disconnect() 
(dan.carpenter at oracle.com) - Revert "PM / devfreq: Modify the device 
name as devfreq(X) for sysfs" (Orson Zhai) - tracing: Disable 
trace_printk() on post poned tests (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - HID: 
core: increase HID report buffer size to 8KiB (Johan Korsnes) - HID: 
core: fix off-by-one memset in hid_report_raw_event() (Johan Korsnes) - 
HID: ite: Only bind to keyboard USB interface on Acer SW5-012 keyboard 
dock (Hans de Goede) - ACPI: watchdog: Fix gas->access_width usage (Mika 
Westerberg) - ACPICA: Introduce ACPI_ACCESS_BYTE_WIDTH() macro (Mika 
Westerberg) - audit: fix error handling in audit_data_to_entry() (Paul 
Moore) - ext4: potential crash on allocation error in 
ext4_alloc_flex_bg_array() (Dan Carpenter) - net: sched: correct flower 
port blocking (Jason Baron) - qede: Fix race between rdma destroy 
workqueue and link change event (Michal Kalderon) - ipv6: Fix route 
replacement with dev-only route (Benjamin Poirier) - ipv6: Fix 
nlmsg_flags when splitting a multipath route (Benjamin Poirier) - sctp: 
move the format error check out of __sctp_sf_do_9_1_abort (Xin Long) - 
nfc: pn544: Fix occasional HW initialization failure (Dmitry Osipenko) - 
net: phy: restore mdio regs in the iproc mdio driver (Arun Parameswaran) 
- net: fib_rules: Correctly set table field when table number exceeds 8 
bits (Jethro Beekman) - sysrq: Remove duplicated sysrq message (Petr 
Mladek) - sysrq: Restore original console_loglevel when sysrq disabled 
(Petr Mladek) - cfg80211: add missing policy for 
NL80211_ATTR_STATUS_CODE (Sergey Matyukevich) - cifs: Fix mode output in 
debugging statements (Frank Sorenson) - net: ena: ena-com.c: prevent 
NULL pointer dereference (Arthur Kiyanovski) - net: ena: ethtool: use 
correct value for crc32 hash (Sameeh Jubran) - net: ena: fix incorrectly 
saving queue numbers when setting RSS indirection table (Arthur 
Kiyanovski) - net: ena: rss: store hash function as values and not bits 
(Arthur Kiyanovski) - net: ena: rss: fix failure to get indirection 
table (Sameeh Jubran) - net: ena: fix incorrect default RSS key (Arthur 
Kiyanovski) - net: ena: add missing ethtool TX timestamping indication 
(Arthur Kiyanovski) - net: ena: fix uses of round_jiffies() (Arthur 
Kiyanovski) - net: ena: fix potential crash when rxfh key is NULL 
(Arthur Kiyanovski) - qmi_wwan: unconditionally reject 2 ep interfaces 
(Bjørn Mork) - qmi_wwan: re-add DW5821e pre-production variant (Bjørn 
Mork) - cfg80211: check wiphy driver existence for drvinfo report 
(Sergey Matyukevich) - mac80211: consider more elements in parsing CRC 
(Johannes Berg) - dax: pass NOWAIT flag to iomap_apply (Jeff Moyer) - 
drm/msm: Set dma maximum segment size for mdss (Sean Paul) - ipmi:ssif: 
Handle a possible NULL pointer reference (Corey Minyard) - ext4: fix 
potential race between s_group_info online resizing and access (Suraj 
Jitindar Singh) - ext4: fix potential race between s_flex_groups online 
resizing and access (Suraj Jitindar Singh) - ext4: fix potential race 
between online resizing and write operations (Theodore Ts'o) - 
netfilter: nf_conntrack: resolve clash for matching conntracks (Martynas 
Pumputis) - iwlwifi: pcie: fix rb_allocator workqueue allocation 
(Johannes Berg) - Linux 4.14.172 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - s390/mm: 
Explicitly compare PAGE_DEFAULT_KEY against zero in 
storage_key_init_range (Nathan Chancellor) - xen: Enable interrupts when 
calling _cond_resched() (Thomas Gleixner) - ata: ahci: Add shutdown to 
freeze hardware resources of ahci (Prabhakar Kushwaha) - netfilter: 
xt_hashlimit: limit the max size of hashtable (Cong Wang) - ALSA: seq: 
Fix concurrent access to queue current tick/time (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: 
seq: Avoid concurrent access to queue flags (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: 
rawmidi: Avoid bit fields for state flags (Takashi Iwai) - genirq/proc: 
Reject invalid affinity masks (again) (Thomas Gleixner) - iommu/vt-d: 
Fix compile warning from intel-svm.h (Joerg Roedel) - ecryptfs: replace 
BUG_ON with error handling code (Aditya Pakki) - staging: greybus: use 
after free in gb_audio_manager_remove_all() (Dan Carpenter) - staging: 
rtl8723bs: fix copy of overlapping memory (Colin Ian King) - usb: 
gadget: composite: Fix bMaxPower for SuperSpeedPlus (Jack Pham) - scsi: 
Revert "target: iscsi: Wait for all commands to finish before freeing a 
session" (Bart Van Assche) - scsi: Revert "RDMA/isert: Fix a recently 
introduced regression related to logout" (Bart Van Assche) - Btrfs: fix 
btrfs_wait_ordered_range() so that it waits for all ordered extents 
(Filipe Manana) - btrfs: do not check delayed items are empty for single 
transaction cleanup (Josef Bacik) - btrfs: fix bytes_may_use underflow 
in prealloc error condtition (Josef Bacik) - KVM: apic: avoid 
calculating pending eoi from an uninitialized val (Miaohe Lin) - KVM: 
nVMX: handle nested posted interrupts when apicv is disabled for L1 
(Vitaly Kuznetsov) - ext4: fix race between writepages and enabling 
EXT4_EXTENTS_FL (Eric Biggers) - ext4: rename s_journal_flag_rwsem to 
s_writepages_rwsem (Eric Biggers) - ext4: fix mount failure with quota 
configured as module (Jan Kara) - ext4: add cond_resched() to 
__ext4_find_entry() (Shijie Luo) - ext4: fix a data race in 
EXT4_I(inode)->i_disksize (Qian Cai) - lib/stackdepot.c: fix global 
out-of-bounds in stack_slabs (Alexander Potapenko) - serial: 8250: Check 
UPF_IRQ_SHARED in advance (Andy Shevchenko) - vt: vt_ioctl: fix race in 
VT_RESIZEX (Eric Dumazet) - VT_RESIZEX: get rid of field-by-field copyin 
(Al Viro) - xhci: apply XHCI_PME_STUCK_QUIRK to Intel Comet Lake 
platforms (Mathias Nyman) - KVM: x86: don't notify userspace IOAPIC on 
edge-triggered interrupt EOI (Miaohe Lin) - drm/amdgpu/soc15: fix xclk 
for raven (Alex Deucher) - mm/vmscan.c: don't round up scan size for 
online memory cgroup (Gavin Shan) - Revert "ipc,sem: remove uneeded 
sem_undo_list lock usage in exit_sem()" (Ioanna Alifieraki) - 
MAINTAINERS: Update drm/i915 bug filing URL (Jani Nikula) - serdev: 
ttyport: restore client ops on deregistration (Johan Hovold) - tty: 
serial: imx: setup the correct sg entry for tx dma (Fugang Duan) - 
tty/serial: atmel: manage shutdown in case of RS485 or ISO7816 mode 
(Nicolas Ferre) - x86/mce/amd: Fix kobject lifetime (Thomas Gleixner) - 
x86/mce/amd: Publish the bank pointer only after setup has succeeded 
(Borislav Petkov) - staging: rtl8723bs: Fix potential overuse of kernel 
memory (Larry Finger) - staging: rtl8723bs: Fix potential security hole 
(Larry Finger) - staging: rtl8188eu: Fix potential overuse of kernel 
memory (Larry Finger) - staging: rtl8188eu: Fix potential security hole 
(Larry Finger) - USB: hub: Fix the broken detection of USB3 device in 
SMSC hub (Hardik Gajjar) - USB: hub: Don't record a connect-change event 
during reset-resume (Alan Stern) - USB: Fix novation SourceControl XL 
after suspend (Richard Dodd) - usb: uas: fix a plug & unplug racing (EJ 
Hsu) - usb: host: xhci: update event ring dequeue pointer on purpose 
(Peter Chen) - xhci: fix runtime pm enabling for quirky Intel hosts 
(Mathias Nyman) - xhci: Force Maximum Packet size for Full-speed bulk 
devices to valid range. (Mathias Nyman) - staging: vt6656: fix sign of 
rx_dbm to bb_pre_ed_rssi. (Malcolm Priestley) - staging: android: 
ashmem: Disallow ashmem memory from being remapped (Suren Baghdasaryan) 
- vt: selection, handle pending signals in paste_selection (Jiri Slaby) 
- USB: misc: iowarrior: add support for the 100 device (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - USB: misc: iowarrior: add support for the 28 and 28L 
devices (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - USB: misc: iowarrior: add support for 2 
OEMed devices (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - thunderbolt: Prevent crash if 
non-active NVMem file is read (Mika Westerberg) - net/smc: fix leak of 
kernel memory to user space (Eric Dumazet) - net/sched: flower: add 
missing validation of TCA_FLOWER_FLAGS (Davide Caratti) - net/sched: 
matchall: add missing validation of TCA_MATCHALL_FLAGS (Davide Caratti) 
- net: dsa: tag_qca: Make sure there is headroom for tag (Per Forlin) - 
enic: prevent waking up stopped tx queues over watchdog reset (Firo 
Yang) - selinux: ensure we cleanup the internal AVC counters on error in 
avc_update() (Jaihind Yadav) - mlxsw: spectrum_dpipe: Add missing error 
path (Ido Schimmel) - virtio_balloon: prevent pfn array overflow 
(Michael S. Tsirkin) - help_next should increase position index (Vasily 
Averin) - brd: check and limit max_part par (Zhiqiang Liu) - microblaze: 
Prevent the overflow of the start (Shubhrajyoti Datta) - iwlwifi: mvm: 
Fix thermal zone registration (Andrei Otcheretianski) - 
irqchip/gic-v3-its: Reference to its_invall_cmd descriptor when building 
INVALL (Zenghui Yu) - bcache: explicity type cast in bset_bkey_last() 
(Coly Li) - reiserfs: prevent NULL pointer dereference in 
reiserfs_insert_item() (Yunfeng Ye) - lib/scatterlist.c: adjust 
indentation in __sg_alloc_table (Nathan Chancellor) - ocfs2: fix a NULL 
pointer dereference when call ocfs2_update_inode_fsync_trans() (wangyan) 
- radeon: insert 10ms sleep in dce5_crtc_load_lut (Daniel Vetter) - 
trigger_next should increase position index (Vasily Averin) - ftrace: 
fpid_next() should increase position index (Vasily Averin) - 
drm/nouveau/disp/nv50-: prevent oops when no channel method map provided 
(Ben Skeggs) - irqchip/gic-v3: Only provision redistributors that are 
enabled in ACPI (Marc Zyngier) - ceph: check availability of mds cluster 
on mount after wait timeout (Xiubo Li) - cifs: fix NULL dereference in 
match_prepath (Ronnie Sahlberg) - iwlegacy: ensure loop counter addr 
does not wrap and cause an infinite loop (Colin Ian King) - hostap: 
Adjust indentation in prism2_hostapd_add_sta (Nathan Chancellor) - ARM: 
8951/1: Fix Kexec compilation issue. (Vincenzo Frascino) - jbd2: make 
sure ESHUTDOWN to be recorded in the journal superblock (zhangyi (F)) - 
jbd2: switch to use jbd2_journal_abort() when failed to submit the 
commit record (zhangyi (F)) - powerpc/sriov: Remove VF eeh_dev state 
when disabling SR-IOV (Oliver O'Halloran) - ALSA: hda - Add docking 
station support for Lenovo Thinkpad T420s (Peter Große) - driver core: 
platform: fix u32 greater or equal to zero comparison (Colin Ian King) - 
s390/ftrace: generate traced function stack frame (Vasily Gorbik) - 
x86/decoder: Add TEST opcode to Group3-2 (Masami Hiramatsu) - ALSA: 
hda/hdmi - add retry logic to parse_intel_hdmi() (Kai Vehmanen) - 
irqchip/mbigen: Set driver .suppress_bind_attrs to avoid remove problems 
(John Garry) - remoteproc: Initialize rproc_class before use (Brandon 
Maier) - btrfs: device stats, log when stats are zeroed (Anand Jain) - 
btrfs: safely advance counter when looking up bio csums (David Sterba) - 
btrfs: fix possible NULL-pointer dereference in integrity checks 
(Johannes Thumshirn) - pwm: Remove set but not set variable 'pwm' (yu 
kuai) - ide: serverworks: potential overflow in svwks_set_pio_mode() 
(Dan Carpenter) - cmd64x: potential buffer overflow in 
cmd64x_program_timings() (Dan Carpenter) - pwm: omap-dmtimer: Remove PWM 
chip in .remove before making it unfunctional (Uwe Kleine-König) - 
x86/mm: Fix NX bit clearing issue in kernel_map_pages_in_pgd (Ard 
Biesheuvel) - f2fs: fix memleak of kobject (Chao Yu) - 
watchdog/softlockup: Enforce that timestamp is valid on boot (Thomas 
Gleixner) - arm64: fix alternatives with LLVM's integrated assembler 
(Sami Tolvanen) - scsi: iscsi: Don't destroy session if there are 
outstanding connections (Nick Black) - f2fs: free sysfs kobject (Jaegeuk 
Kim) - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Use WRITE_ONCE() when changing validity of an 
STE (Will Deacon) - usb: musb: omap2430: Get rid of musb .set_vbus for 
omap2430 glue (Tony Lindgren) - drm/vmwgfx: prevent memory leak in 
vmw_cmdbuf_res_add (Navid Emamdoost) - drm/nouveau: Fix copy-paste error 
in nouveau_fence_wait_uevent_handler (YueHaibing) - 
drm/nouveau/gr/gk20a,gm200-: add terminators to method lists read from 
fw (Ben Skeggs) - drm/nouveau/secboot/gm20b: initialize pointer in 
gm20b_secboot_new() (Dan Carpenter) - vme: bridges: reduce stack usage 
(Arnd Bergmann) - driver core: Print device when resources present in 
really_probe() (Geert Uytterhoeven) - driver core: platform: Prevent 
resouce overflow from causing infinite loops (Simon Schwartz) - tty: 
synclink_gt: Adjust indentation in several functions (Nathan Chancellor) 
- tty: synclinkmp: Adjust indentation in several functions (Nathan 
Chancellor) - ASoC: atmel: fix build error with 
CONFIG_SND_ATMEL_SOC_DMA=m (Chen Zhou) - wan: ixp4xx_hss: fix 
compile-testing on 64-bit (Arnd Bergmann) - Input: edt-ft5x06 - work 
around first register access error (Philipp Zabel) - rcu: Use 
WRITE_ONCE() for assignments to ->pprev for hlist_nulls (Paul E. 
McKenney) - efi/x86: Don't panic or BUG() on non-critical error 
conditions (Ard Biesheuvel) - soc/tegra: fuse: Correct straps' address 
for older Tegra124 device trees (Dmitry Osipenko) - IB/hfi1: Add 
software counter for ctxt0 seq drop (Mike Marciniszyn) - udf: Fix free 
space reporting for metadata and virtual partitions (Jan Kara) - usbip: 
Fix unsafe unaligned pointer usage (Shuah Khan) - drm: remove the 
newline for CRC source name. (Dingchen Zhang) - tools lib api fs: Fix 
gcc9 stringop-truncation compilation error (Andrey Zhizhikin) - ALSA: 
sh: Fix compile warning wrt const (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: sh: Fix unused 
variable warnings (Takashi Iwai) - clk: sunxi-ng: add mux and pll 
notifiers for A64 CPU clock (Icenowy Zheng) - RDMA/rxe: Fix error type 
of mmap_offset (Jiewei Ke) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: sh7269: Fix CAN function 
GPIOs (Geert Uytterhoeven) - PM / devfreq: rk3399_dmc: Add COMPILE_TEST 
and HAVE_ARM_SMCCC dependency (Chanwoo Choi) - x86/vdso: Provide missing 
include file (Valdis Kletnieks) - dmaengine: Store module owner in 
dma_device struct (Logan Gunthorpe) - ARM: dts: r8a7779: Add device node 
for ARM global timer (Geert Uytterhoeven) - drm/mediatek: handle events 
when enabling/disabling crtc (Bibby Hsieh) - scsi: aic7xxx: Adjust 
indentation in ahc_find_syncrate (Nathan Chancellor) - scsi: ufs: 
Complete pending requests in host reset and restore path (Can Guo) - 
ACPICA: Disassembler: create buffer fields in ACPI_PARSE_LOAD_PASS1 
(Erik Kaneda) - orinoco: avoid assertion in case of NULL pointer (Aditya 
Pakki) - rtlwifi: rtl_pci: Fix -Wcast-function-type (Phong Tran) - 
iwlegacy: Fix -Wcast-function-type (Phong Tran) - ipw2x00: Fix 
-Wcast-function-type (Phong Tran) - b43legacy: Fix -Wcast-function-type 
(Phong Tran) - ALSA: usx2y: Adjust indentation in 
snd_usX2Y_hwdep_dsp_status (Nathan Chancellor) - fore200e: Fix incorrect 
checks of NULL pointer dereference (Aditya Pakki) - reiserfs: Fix 
spurious unlock in reiserfs_fill_super() error handling (Jan Kara) - 
media: v4l2-device.h: Explicitly compare grp{id,mask} to zero in 
v4l2_device macros (Nathan Chancellor) - ARM: dts: imx6: rdu2: Disable 
WP for USDHC2 and USDHC3 (Andrey Smirnov) - arm64: dts: qcom: msm8996: 
Disable USB2 PHY suspend by core (Manu Gautam) - NFC: port100: Convert 
cpu_to_le16(le16_to_cpu(E1) + E2) to use le16_add_cpu(). (Mao Wenan) - 
PCI/IOV: Fix memory leak in pci_iov_add_virtfn() (Navid Emamdoost) - 
net/wan/fsl_ucc_hdlc: reject muram offsets above 64K (Rasmus Villemoes) 
- regulator: rk808: Lower log level on optional GPIOs being not 
available (Miquel Raynal) - drm/amdgpu: remove 4 set but not used 
variable in amdgpu_atombios_get_connector_info_from_object_table (yu 
kuai) - clk: qcom: rcg2: Don't crash if our parent can't be found; 
return an error (Douglas Anderson) - kconfig: fix broken dependency in 
randconfig-generated .config (Masahiro Yamada) - KVM: s390: ENOTSUPP -> 
EOPNOTSUPP fixups (Christian Borntraeger) - nbd: add a flush_workqueue 
in nbd_start_device (Sun Ke) - ext4, jbd2: ensure panic when aborting 
with zero errno (zhangyi (F)) - tracing: Fix very unlikely race of 
registering two stat tracers (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - tracing: Fix 
tracing_stat return values in error handling paths (Luis Henriques) - 
x86/sysfb: Fix check for bad VRAM size (Arvind Sankar) - jbd2: clear 
JBD2_ABORT flag before journal_reset to update log tail info when load 
journal (Kai Li) - kselftest: Minimise dependency of get_size on C 
library interfaces (Siddhesh Poyarekar) - 
clocksource/drivers/bcm2835_timer: Fix memory leak of timer (Colin Ian 
King) - usb: dwc2: Fix IN FIFO allocation (John Keeping) - usb: gadget: 
udc: fix possible sleep-in-atomic-context bugs in gr_probe() (Jia-Ju 
Bai) - uio: fix a sleep-in-atomic-context bug in 
uio_dmem_genirq_irqcontrol() (Jia-Ju Bai) - sparc: Add .exit.data 
section. (David S. Miller) - MIPS: Loongson: Fix potential NULL 
dereference in loongson3_platform_init() (Tiezhu Yang) - efi/x86: Map 
the entire EFI vendor string before copying it (Ard Biesheuvel) - 
pinctrl: baytrail: Do not clear IRQ flags on direct-irq enabled pins 
(Hans de Goede) - media: sti: bdisp: fix a possible 
sleep-in-atomic-context bug in bdisp_device_run() (Jia-Ju Bai) - 
char/random: silence a lockdep splat with printk() (Sergey Senozhatsky) 
- gpio: gpio-grgpio: fix possible sleep-in-atomic-context bugs in 
grgpio_irq_map/unmap() (Jia-Ju Bai) - powerpc/powernv/iov: Ensure the 
pdn for VFs always contains a valid PE number (Oliver O'Halloran) - 
media: i2c: mt9v032: fix enum mbus codes and frame sizes (Eugen Hristev) 
- pxa168fb: Fix the function used to release some memory in an error 
handling path (Christophe JAILLET) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: sh7264: Fix CAN 
function GPIOs (Geert Uytterhoeven) - gianfar: Fix TX timestamping with 
a stacked DSA driver (Vladimir Oltean) - ALSA: ctl: allow TLV read 
operation for callback type of element in locked case (Takashi Sakamoto) 
- ext4: fix ext4_dax_read/write inode locking sequence for IOCB_NOWAIT 
(Ritesh Harjani) - leds: pca963x: Fix open-drain initialization (Zahari 
Petkov) - brcmfmac: Fix use after free in brcmf_sdio_readframes() (Dan 
Carpenter) - cpu/hotplug, stop_machine: Fix stop_machine vs hotplug 
order (Peter Zijlstra) - drm/gma500: Fixup fbdev stolen size usage 
evaluation (Paul Kocialkowski) - KVM: nVMX: Use correct root level for 
nested EPT shadow page tables (Sean Christopherson) - Revert "KVM: nVMX: 
Use correct root level for nested EPT shadow page tables" (Sasha Levin) 
- jbd2: do not clear the BH_Mapped flag when forgetting a metadata 
buffer (zhangyi (F)) - jbd2: move the clearing of b_modified flag to the 
journal_unmap_buffer() (zhangyi (F)) - hwmon: (pmbus/ltc2978) Fix PMBus 
polling of MFR_COMMON definitions. (Mike Jones) - perf/x86/intel: Fix 
inaccurate period in context switch for auto-reload (Kan Liang) - 
s390/time: Fix clk type in get_tod_clock (Nathan Chancellor) - 
RDMA/core: Fix protection fault in get_pkey_idx_qp_list (Leon 
Romanovsky) - IB/hfi1: Close window for pq and request coliding (Mike 
Marciniszyn) - serial: imx: Only handle irqs that are actually enabled 
(Uwe Kleine-König) - serial: imx: ensure that RX irqs are off if RX is 
off (Uwe Kleine-König) - padata: Remove broken queue flushing (Herbert 
Xu) - perf/x86/amd: Add missing L2 misses event spec to AMD Family 17h's 
event map (Kim Phillips) - KVM: nVMX: Use correct root level for nested 
EPT shadow page tables (Sean Christopherson) - arm64: ssbs: Fix 
context-switch when SSBS is present on all CPUs (Will Deacon) - btrfs: 
log message when rw remount is attempted with unclean tree-log (David 
Sterba) - btrfs: print message when tree-log replay starts (David 
Sterba) - Btrfs: fix race between using extent maps and merging them 
(Filipe Manana) - ext4: improve explanation of a mount failure caused by 
a misconfigured kernel (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: fix checksum errors with 
indexed dirs (Jan Kara) - ext4: fix support for inode sizes > 1024 bytes 
(Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: don't assume that mmp_nodename/bdevname have NUL 
(Andreas Dilger) - ARM: 8723/2: always assume the "unified" syntax for 
assembly code (Nicolas Pitre) - arm64: nofpsimd: Handle 
TIF_FOREIGN_FPSTATE flag cleanly (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: ptrace: 
nofpsimd: Fail FP/SIMD regset operations (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: 
cpufeature: Set the FP/SIMD compat HWCAP bits properly (Suzuki K 
Poulose) - ALSA: usb-audio: Apply sample rate quirk for Audioengine D1 
(Arvind Sankar) - Input: synaptics - remove the LEN0049 dmi id from 
topbuttonpad list (Benjamin Tissoires) - Input: synaptics - enable SMBus 
on ThinkPad L470 (Gaurav Agrawal) - Input: synaptics - switch T470s to 
RMI4 by default (Lyude Paul) - ecryptfs: fix a memory leak bug in 
ecryptfs_init_messaging() (Wenwen Wang) - ecryptfs: fix a memory leak 
bug in parse_tag_1_packet() (Wenwen Wang) - ASoC: sun8i-codec: Fix 
setting DAI data format (Samuel Holland) - ALSA: hda: Use scnprintf() 
for printing texts for sysfs/procfs (Takashi Iwai) - iommu/qcom: Fix 
bogus detach logic (Robin Murphy) - Linux 4.14.171 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) 
- libertas: make lbs_ibss_join_existing() return error code on rates 
overflow (Nicolai Stange) - libertas: don't exit from 
lbs_ibss_join_existing() with RCU read lock held (Nicolai Stange) - 
mwifiex: Fix possible buffer overflows in mwifiex_cmd_append_vsie_tlv() 
(Qing Xu) - mwifiex: Fix possible buffer overflows in 
mwifiex_ret_wmm_get_status() (Qing Xu) - serial: uartps: Move the 
spinlock after the read of the tx empty (Shubhrajyoti Datta) - dm: fix 
potential for q->make_request_fn NULL pointer (Mike Snitzer) - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Do not initiate OCR if controller is not in ready state 
(Anand Lodnoor) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: r8a7778: Fix duplicate SDSELF_B and 
SD1_CLK_B (Geert Uytterhoeven) - media: i2c: adv748x: Fix unsafe macros 
(Gustavo A. R. Silva) - crypto: atmel-sha - fix error handling when 
setting hmac key (Eric Biggers) - crypto: artpec6 - return correct error 
code for failed setkey() (Eric Biggers) - KVM: arm/arm64: Fix young bit 
from mmu notifier (Gavin Shan) - arm64: cpufeature: Fix the type of no 
FP/SIMD capability (Suzuki K Poulose) - ARM: 8949/1: mm: mark 
free_memmap as __init (Olof Johansson) - KVM: arm/arm64: vgic-its: Fix 
restoration of unmapped collections (Eric Auger) - powerpc/pseries: 
Allow not having ibm, hypertas-functions::hcall-multi-tce for DDW 
(Alexey Kardashevskiy) - powerpc/pseries/vio: Fix iommu_table 
use-after-free refcount warning (Tyrel Datwyler) - tools/power/acpi: fix 
compilation error (Zhengyuan Liu) - ARM: dts: at91: sama5d3: define 
clock rate range for tcb1 (Alexandre Belloni) - ARM: dts: at91: sama5d3: 
fix maximum peripheral clock rates (Alexandre Belloni) - platform/x86: 
intel_mid_powerbtn: Take a copy of ddata (Mika Westerberg) - ARC: 
[plat-axs10x]: Add missing multicast filter number to GMAC node (Jose 
Abreu) - rtc: cmos: Stop using shared IRQ (Andy Shevchenko) - rtc: 
hym8563: Return -EINVAL if the time is known to be invalid (Paul 
Kocialkowski) - serial: uartps: Add a timeout to the tx empty wait 
(Shubhrajyoti Datta) - NFSv4: try lease recovery on NFS4ERR_EXPIRED 
(Robert Milkowski) - NFS/pnfs: Fix 
pnfs_generic_prepare_to_resend_writes() (Trond Myklebust) - nfs: 
NFS_SWAP should depend on SWAP (Geert Uytterhoeven) - PCI: Don't disable 
bridge BARs when assigning bus resources (Logan Gunthorpe) - 
PCI/switchtec: Fix vep_vector_number ioread width (Logan Gunthorpe) - 
scsi: ufs: Fix ufshcd_probe_hba() reture value in case 
ufshcd_scsi_add_wlus() fails (Bean Huo) - RDMA/netlink: Do not always 
generate an ACK for some netlink operations (Håkon Bugge) - hv_sock: 
Remove the accept port restriction (Sunil Muthuswamy) - ASoC: pcm: 
update FE/BE trigger order based on the command (Ranjani Sridharan) - 
rxrpc: Fix service call disconnection (David Howells) - perf/core: Fix 
mlock accounting in perf_mmap() (Song Liu) - clocksource: Prevent double 
add_timer_on() for watchdog_timer (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - cifs: fail 
i/o on soft mounts if sessionsetup errors out (Ronnie Sahlberg) - KVM: 
s390: do not clobber registers during guest reset/store status 
(Christian Borntraeger) - KVM: Play nice with read-only memslots when 
querying host page size (Sean Christopherson) - KVM: Use vcpu-specific 
gva->hva translation when querying host page size (Sean Christopherson) 
- KVM: x86: Fix potential put_fpu() w/o load_fpu() on MPX platform (Sean 
Christopherson) - btrfs: flush write bio if we loop in 
extent_write_cache_pages (Josef Bacik) - KVM: x86: Protect pmu_intel.c 
from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (Marios Pomonis) - drm: atmel-hlcdc: enable 
clock before configuring timing engine (Claudiu Beznea) - Btrfs: fix 
race between adding and putting tree mod seq elements and nodes (Filipe 
Manana) - btrfs: remove trivial locking wrappers of tree mod log (David 
Sterba) - btrfs: free block groups after free'ing fs trees (Josef Bacik) 
- btrfs: use bool argument in free_root_pointers() (Anand Jain) - Btrfs: 
fix missing hole after hole punching and fsync when using NO_HOLES 
(Filipe Manana) - Btrfs: fix assertion failure on fsync with NO_HOLES 
enabled (Filipe Manana) - btrfs: Get rid of the confusing 
btrfs_file_extent_inline_len (Qu Wenruo) - ext4: fix deadlock allocating 
crypto bounce page from mempool (Eric Biggers) - bonding/alb: properly 
access headers in bond_alb_xmit() (Eric Dumazet) - net: macb: Limit 
maximum GEM TX length in TSO (Harini Katakam) - net: macb: Remove 
unnecessary alignment check for TSO (Harini Katakam) - net: systemport: 
Avoid RBUF stuck in Wake-on-LAN mode (Florian Fainelli) - net_sched: fix 
a resource leak in tcindex_set_parms() (Cong Wang) - net: dsa: bcm_sf2: 
Only 7278 supports 2Gb/sec IMP port (Florian Fainelli) - mfd: rn5t618: 
Mark ADC control register volatile (Andreas Kemnade) - mfd: da9062: Fix 
watchdog compatible string (Marco Felsch) - ubi: Fix an error pointer 
dereference in error handling code (Dan Carpenter) - ubi: fastmap: Fix 
inverted logic in seen selfcheck (Sascha Hauer) - nfsd: fix 
jiffies/time_t mixup in LRU list (Arnd Bergmann) - nfsd: fix delay timer 
on 32-bit architectures (Arnd Bergmann) - IB/core: Fix ODP get user 
pages flow (Yishai Hadas) - IB/mlx5: Fix outstanding_pi index for GSI 
qps (Prabhath Sajeepa) - net: tulip: Adjust indentation in {dmfe, 
uli526x}_init_module (Nathan Chancellor) - net: smc911x: Adjust 
indentation in smc911x_phy_configure (Nathan Chancellor) - ppp: Adjust 
indentation into ppp_async_input (Nathan Chancellor) - NFC: pn544: 
Adjust indentation in pn544_hci_check_presence (Nathan Chancellor) - 
powerpc/44x: Adjust indentation in ibm4xx_denali_fixup_memsize (Nathan 
Chancellor) - ext2: Adjust indentation in ext2_fill_super (Nathan 
Chancellor) - phy: qualcomm: Adjust indentation in read_poll_timeout 
(Nathan Chancellor) - scsi: ufs: Recheck bkops level if bkops is 
disabled (Asutosh Das) - scsi: qla4xxx: Adjust indentation in 
qla4xxx_mem_free (Nathan Chancellor) - scsi: csiostor: Adjust 
indentation in csio_device_reset (Nathan Chancellor) - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Fix the endianness of the qla82xx_get_fw_size() return type (Bart Van 
Assche) - clk: tegra: Mark fuse clock as critical (Stephen Warren) - 
KVM: x86: Free wbinvd_dirty_mask if vCPU creation fails (Sean 
Christopherson) - KVM: PPC: Book3S PR: Free shared page if mmu 
initialization fails (Sean Christopherson) - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Uninit 
vCPU if vcore creation fails (Sean Christopherson) - KVM: x86: Protect 
MSR-based index computations in fixed_msr_to_seg_unit() from 
Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (Marios Pomonis) - KVM: x86: Protect 
x86_decode_insn from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (Marios Pomonis) - KVM: 
x86: Protect MSR-based index computations from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks 
in x86.c (Marios Pomonis) - KVM: x86: Protect ioapic_read_indirect() 
from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (Marios Pomonis) {CVE-2013-1798}
- KVM: x86: Protect MSR-based index computations in pmu.h from 
Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (Marios Pomonis) - KVM: x86: Protect 
ioapic_write_indirect() from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (Marios Pomonis) - 
KVM: x86: Protect kvm_hv_msr_[get|set]_crash_data() from Spectre-v1/L1TF 
attacks (Marios Pomonis) - KVM: x86: Protect kvm_lapic_reg_write() from 
Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (Marios Pomonis) - KVM: x86: Protect DR-based 
index computations from Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (Marios Pomonis) - KVM: 
x86: Refactor prefix decoding to prevent Spectre-v1/L1TF attacks (Marios 
Pomonis) - KVM: x86: Refactor picdev_write() to prevent Spectre-v1/L1TF 
attacks (Marios Pomonis) - xen/balloon: Support xend-based toolstack 
take two (Juergen Gross) - tools/kvm_stat: Fix kvm_exit filter name 
(Gavin Shan) - sunrpc: expiry_time should be seconds not timeval 
(Roberto Bergantinos Corpas) - iwlwifi: don't throw error when trying to 
remove IGTK (Luca Coelho) - ARM: tegra: Enable PLLP bypass during 
Tegra124 LP1 (Stephen Warren) - btrfs: set trans->drity in 
btrfs_commit_transaction (Josef Bacik) - NFS: Fix memory leaks and 
corruption in readdir (Trond Myklebust) - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix unbound 
NVME response length (Arun Easi) - crypto: picoxcell - adjust the 
position of tasklet_init and fix missed tasklet_kill (Chuhong Yuan) - 
crypto: api - Fix race condition in crypto_spawn_alg (Herbert Xu) - 
crypto: atmel-aes - Fix counter overflow in CTR mode (Tudor Ambarus) - 
crypto: pcrypt - Do not clear MAY_SLEEP flag in original request 
(Herbert Xu) - crypto: ccp - set max RSA modulus size for v3 platform 
devices as well (Ard Biesheuvel) - samples/bpf: Don't try to remove 
user's homedir on clean (Toke Høiland-Jørgensen) - ftrace: Protect 
ftrace_graph_hash with ftrace_sync (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - ftrace: 
Add comment to why rcu_dereference_sched() is open coded (Steven Rostedt 
(VMware)) - tracing: Annotate ftrace_graph_notrace_hash pointer with 
__rcu (Amol Grover) - tracing: Annotate ftrace_graph_hash pointer with 
__rcu (Amol Grover) - dm crypt: fix benbi IV constructor crash if used 
in authenticated mode (Milan Broz) - dm space map common: fix to ensure 
new block isn't already in use (Joe Thornber) - dm zoned: support zone 
sizes smaller than 128MiB (Dmitry Fomichev) - of: Add 
OF_DMA_DEFAULT_COHERENT & select it on powerpc (Michael Ellerman) - PM: 
core: Fix handling of devices deleted during system-wide resume (Rafael 
J. Wysocki) - f2fs: code cleanup for f2fs_statfs_project() (Chengguang 
Xu) - f2fs: fix miscounted block limit in f2fs_statfs_project() 
(Chengguang Xu) - f2fs: choose hardlimit when softlimit is larger than 
hardlimit in f2fs_statfs_project() (Chengguang Xu) - power: supply: 
ltc2941-battery-gauge: fix use-after-free (Sven Van Asbroeck) - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix mtcp dump collection failure (Quinn Tran) - crypto: api - 
Check spawn->alg under lock in crypto_drop_spawn (Herbert Xu) - 
hv_balloon: Balloon up according to request page number (Tianyu Lan) - 
ubifs: don't trigger assertion on invalid no-key filename (Eric Biggers) 
- mmc: sdhci-of-at91: fix memleak on clk_get failure (Michał Mirosław) - 
PCI: keystone: Fix link training retries initiation (Yurii Monakov) - 
ubifs: Fix deadlock in concurrent bulk-read and writepage (Zhihao Cheng) 
- ubifs: Fix FS_IOC_SETFLAGS unexpectedly clearing encrypt flag (Eric 
Biggers) - ubifs: Reject unsupported ioctl flags explicitly (Hou Tao) - 
alarmtimer: Unregister wakeup source when module get fails (Stephen 
Boyd) - ACPI: video: Do not export a non working backlight interface on 
MSI MS-7721 boards (Hans de Goede) - mmc: spi: Toggle SPI polarity, do 
not hardcode it (Linus Walleij) - powerpc/pseries: Advance pfn if 
section is not present in lmb_is_removable() (Pingfan Liu) - 
powerpc/xmon: don't access ASDR in VMs (Sukadev Bhattiprolu) - s390/mm: 
fix dynamic pagetable upgrade for hugetlbfs (Gerald Schaefer) - MIPS: 
fix indentation of the 'RELOCS' message (Alexander Lobakin) - KVM: 
arm64: Only sign-extend MMIO up to register width (Christoffer Dall) - 
platform/x86: intel_scu_ipc: Fix interrupt support (Mika Westerberg) - 
irqdomain: Fix a memory leak in irq_domain_push_irq() (Kevin Hao) - 
lib/test_kasan.c: fix memory leak in kmalloc_oob_krealloc_more() 
(Gustavo A. R. Silva) - media: v4l2-rect.h: fix v4l2_rect_map_inside() 
top/left adjustments (Helen Koike) - media/v4l2-core: set pages dirty 
upon releasing DMA buffers (John Hubbard) - ALSA: dummy: Fix PCM format 
loop in proc output (Takashi Iwai) - usb: gadget: f_ecm: Use atomic_t to 
track in-flight request (Bryan O'Donoghue) - usb: gadget: f_ncm: Use 
atomic_t to track in-flight request (Bryan O'Donoghue) - usb: gadget: 
legacy: set max_speed to super-speed (Roger Quadros) - brcmfmac: Fix 
memory leak in brcmf_usbdev_qinit (Navid Emamdoost) - tracing: Fix sched 
switch start/stop refcount racy updates (Mathieu Desnoyers) - mfd: dln2: 
More sanity checking for endpoints (Oliver Neukum) - media: uvcvideo: 
Avoid cyclic entity chains due to malformed USB descriptors (Will 
Deacon) - rxrpc: Fix NULL pointer deref due to call->conn being cleared 
on disconnect (David Howells) - rxrpc: Fix insufficient receive 
notification generation (David Howells) - tcp: clear tp->segs_{in|out} 
in tcp_disconnect() (Eric Dumazet) - tcp: clear tp->data_segs{in|out} in 
tcp_disconnect() (Eric Dumazet) - tcp: clear tp->delivered in 
tcp_disconnect() (Eric Dumazet) - tcp: clear tp->total_retrans in 
tcp_disconnect() (Eric Dumazet) - bnxt_en: Fix TC queue mapping. 
(Michael Chan) - net_sched: fix an OOB access in cls_tcindex (Cong Wang) 
- net: hsr: fix possible NULL deref in hsr_handle_frame() (Eric Dumazet) 
- l2tp: Allow duplicate session creation with UDP (Ridge Kennedy) - gtp: 
use __GFP_NOWARN to avoid memalloc warning (Taehee Yoo) - cls_rsvp: fix 
rsvp_policy (Eric Dumazet) - sparc32: fix struct ipc64_perm type 
definition (Arnd Bergmann) - iwlwifi: mvm: fix NVM check for 3168 
devices (Luca Coelho) - x86/cpu: Update cached HLE state on write to 
TSX_CTRL_CPUID_CLEAR (Pawan Gupta) - media: iguanair: fix endpoint 
sanity check (Johan Hovold) - kernel/module: Fix memleak in 
module_add_modinfo_attrs() (YueHaibing) - KVM: host panic handling 
vmread (Liam Merwick) [Orabug: 30851971] - 
mips64:uek-rpm/ol7/config-mips: Enable IP_SET configs (Vijay Kumar) 
[Orabug: 31122203] - KVM: x86: clear stale x86_emulate_ctxt->intercept 
value (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 31118689] - arch/mips: Discard the 
contents of the PCI console if the buffer is full for more than 10 
milliseconds (Victor Michel) [Orabug: 31118091] - floppy: check FDC 
index for errors before assigning it (Linus Torvalds) [Orabug: 31067511] 
- rds: Add debugfs for inc/frag cache statistics (Hans Westgaard Ry) 
[Orabug: 30827414] - rds: Add inc/frag cache statistics (Hans Westgaard 
Ry) [Orabug: 30827414] - rds: Control the CPU (de)allocating fragments 
(Hans Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 30827414] - rds: Change caching strategy 
for receive buffers (Hans Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 30827414] - rds: Add 
lockfree stack routines (Hans Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 30827414] - 
IB/ipoib: Avoid race from waking up the transmission queue (Praveen 
Kumar Kannoju) [Orabug: 30596071] - usbnet: silence an unnecessary 
warning (Oliver Neukum) [Orabug: 29625990] - vhost: Check docket 
sk_family instead of call getname (Eugenio Pérez) [Orabug: 31085990] 
- uek-rpm: config-mips64-embedded misc pruning (Eric Saint-Etienne) 
[Orabug: 31079134] - nfs: optimise readdir cache page invalidation (Dai 
Ngo) [Orabug: 31044293] - NFS: Directory page cache pages need to be 
locked when read (Trond Myklebust) [Orabug: 31044293] - net/mlx5: Add 
pci AtomicOps request (Michael Guralnik) [Orabug: 30750026] - PCI: Add 
pci_enable_atomic_ops_to_root() (Jay Cornwall) [Orabug: 30750026] - 
Revert "oled: give panic handler chance to run before kexec" (Wengang 
Wang) [Orabug: 31098795] - Revert "oled: Limit panic routine change x86 
only" (Wengang Wang) [Orabug: 31098795]

- Add in-kernel X.509 certificate on mips64 (Eric Saint-Etienne) 
[Orabug: 31089578] - net/xfrm: fix out-of-bounds packet access (Alexei 
Starovoitov) [Orabug: 31076305] - x86/init: Fix kasan gcc8+ type miss 
match error. (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 31076260] - Linux 4.14.170 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - perf report: Fix no libunwind compiled warning break 
s390 issue (Jin Yao) - btrfs: do not zero f_bavail if we have available 
space (Josef Bacik) - net: Fix skb->csum update in 
inet_proto_csum_replace16(). (Praveen Chaudhary) - l2t_seq_next should 
increase position index (Vasily Averin) - seq_tab_next() should increase 
position index (Vasily Averin) - net/sonic: Quiesce SONIC before 
re-initializing descriptor memory (Finn Thain) - net/sonic: Fix receive 
buffer handling (Finn Thain) - net/sonic: Use MMIO accessors (Finn 
Thain) - net/sonic: Add mutual exclusion for accessing shared state 
(Finn Thain) - net: fsl/fman: rename IF_MODE_XGMII to IF_MODE_10G 
(Madalin Bucur) - net/fsl: treat fsl,erratum-a011043 (Madalin Bucur) - 
powerpc/fsl/dts: add fsl,erratum-a011043 (Madalin Bucur) - qlcnic: Fix 
CPU soft lockup while collecting firmware dump (Manish Chopra) - r8152: 
get default setting of WOL before initializing (Hayes Wang) - airo: Add 
Ellerman) - airo: Fix possible info leak in AIROOLDIOCTL/SIOCDEVPRIVATE 
(Michael Ellerman) - tee: optee: Fix compilation issue with nommu 
(Vincenzo Frascino) - ARM: 8955/1: virt: Relax arch timer version check 
during early boot (Vladimir Murzin) - scsi: fnic: do not queue commands 
during fwreset (Hannes Reinecke) - vti[6]: fix packet tx through 
bpf_redirect() (Nicolas Dichtel) - ARM: dts: am335x-boneblack-common: 
fix memory size (Matwey V. Kornilov) - bnxt_en: Fix ipv6 RFS filter 
matching logic. (Michael Chan) - net: dsa: bcm_sf2: Configure IMP port 
for 2Gb/sec (Florian Fainelli) - wireless: wext: avoid gcc -O3 warning 
(Arnd Bergmann) - mac80211: Fix TKIP replay protection immediately after 
key setup (Jouni Malinen) - cfg80211: Fix radar event during another phy 
CAC (Orr Mazor) - wireless: fix enabling channel 12 for custom 
regulatory domain (Ganapathi Bhat) - qmi_wwan: Add support for Quectel 
RM500Q (Kristian Evensen) - ASoC: sti: fix possible sleep-in-atomic 
(Arnaud Pouliquen) - igb: Fix SGMII SFP module discovery for 100FX/LX. 
(Manfred Rudigier) - ixgbe: Fix calculation of queue with VFs and flow 
director on interface flap (Cambda Zhu) - ixgbevf: Remove limit of 10 
entries for unicast filter list (Radoslaw Tyl) - clk: mmp2: Fix the 
order of timer mux parents (Lubomir Rintel) - mac80211: mesh: restrict 
airtime metric to peered established plinks (Markus Theil) - soc: ti: 
wkup_m3_ipc: Fix race condition with rproc_boot (Dave Gerlach) - ARM: 
dts: beagle-x15-common: Model 5V0 regulator (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - 
ARM: dts: sun8i: a83t: Correct USB3503 GPIOs polarity (Marek Szyprowski) 
- media: si470x-i2c: Move free() past last use of 'radio' (Lee Jones) - 
cgroup: Prevent double killing of css when enabling threaded cgroup 
(Michal Koutný) - Bluetooth: Fix race condition in hci_release_sock() 
(Dan Carpenter) - ttyprintk: fix a potential deadlock in interrupt 
context issue (Zhenzhong Duan) - media: dvb-usb/dvb-usb-urb.c: 
initialize actlen to 0 (Hans Verkuil) - media: gspca: zero usb_buf (Hans 
Verkuil) - media: af9005: uninitialized variable printked (Sean Young) - 
media: digitv: don't continue if remote control state can't be read 
(Sean Young) - reiserfs: Fix memory leak of journal device string (Jan 
Kara) - mm/mempolicy.c: fix out of bounds write in mpol_parse_str() (Dan 
Carpenter) - ext4: validate the debug_want_extra_isize mount option at 
parse time (Theodore Ts'o) - arm64: kbuild: remove compressed images on 
'make ARCH=arm64 (dist)clean' (Dirk Behme) - tools lib: Fix builds when 
glibc contains strlcpy() (Vitaly Chikunov) - PM / devfreq: Add new name 
attribute for sysfs (Chanwoo Choi) - perf c2c: Fix return type for 
histogram sorting comparision functions (Andres Freund) - crypto: pcrypt 
- Fix user-after-free on module unload (Herbert Xu) - x86/resctrl: Fix a 
deadlock due to inaccurate reference (Xiaochen Shen) - x86/resctrl: Fix 
use-after-free due to inaccurate refcount of rdtgroup (Xiaochen Shen) - 
x86/resctrl: Fix use-after-free when deleting resource groups (Xiaochen 
Shen) - vfs: fix do_last() regression (Al Viro) - crypto: af_alg - Use 
bh_lock_sock in sk_destruct (Herbert Xu) - rsi: fix use-after-free on 
probe errors (Johan Hovold) - net_sched: ematch: reject invalid 
TCF_EM_SIMPLE (Eric Dumazet) - usb-storage: Disable UAS on JMicron SATA 
enclosure (Laura Abbott) - PCI: Add DMA alias quirk for Intel VCA NTB 
(Slawomir Pawlowski) - atm: eni: fix uninitialized variable warning 
(Arnd Bergmann) - gpio: max77620: Add missing dependency on 
GPIOLIB_IRQCHIP (Dmitry Osipenko) - net: wan: sdla: Fix cast from 
pointer to integer of different size (Krzysztof Kozlowski) - 
drivers/net/b44: Change to non-atomic bit operations on pwol_mask 
(Fenghua Yu) - spi: spi-dw: Add lock protect dw_spi rx/tx to prevent 
concurrent calls (wuxu.wu) - watchdog: rn5t618_wdt: fix module aliases 
(Andreas Kemnade) - watchdog: max77620_wdt: fix potential build errors 
(David Engraf) - phy: cpcap-usb: Prevent USB line glitches from waking 
up modem (Tony Lindgren) - HID: ite: Add USB id match for Acer SW5-012 
keyboard dock (Hans de Goede) - arc: eznps: fix allmodconfig kconfig 
warning (Randy Dunlap) - zd1211rw: fix storage endpoint lookup (Johan 
Hovold) - rtl8xxxu: fix interface sanity check (Johan Hovold) - 
brcmfmac: fix interface sanity check (Johan Hovold) - ath9k: fix storage 
endpoint lookup (Johan Hovold) - crypto: chelsio - fix writing tfm flags 
to wrong place (Eric Biggers) - serial: 8250_bcm2835aux: Fix line 
mismatch on driver unbind (Lukas Wunner) - staging: vt6656: Fix false Tx 
excessive retries reporting. (Malcolm Priestley) - staging: vt6656: use 
NULLFUCTION stack on mac80211 (Malcolm Priestley) - staging: vt6656: 
correct packet types for CTS protect, mode. (Malcolm Priestley) - 
staging: wlan-ng: ensure error return is actually returned (Colin Ian 
King) - staging: most: net: fix buffer overflow (Andrey Shvetsov) - usb: 
dwc3: turn off VBUS when leaving host mode (Bin Liu) - USB: serial: 
ir-usb: fix IrLAP framing (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: ir-usb: fix 
link-speed handling (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: ir-usb: add missing 
endpoint sanity check (Johan Hovold) - rsi_91x_usb: fix interface sanity 
check (Johan Hovold) - orinoco_usb: fix interface sanity check (Johan 
Hovold) - Linux 4.14.169 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - net/x25: fix nonblocking 
connect (Martin Schiller) - netfilter: ipset: use bitmap infrastructure 
completely (Kadlecsik József) - bitmap: Add bitmap_alloc(), 
bitmap_zalloc() and bitmap_free() (Andy Shevchenko) - md: Avoid 
namespace collision with bitmap API (Andy Shevchenko) - scsi: iscsi: 
Avoid potential deadlock in iscsi_if_rx func (Bo Wu) - media: 
v4l2-ioctl.c: zero reserved fields for S/TRY_FMT (Hans Verkuil) - 
libertas: Fix two buffer overflows at parsing bss descriptor (Wen Huang) 
{CVE-2019-14896} {CVE-2019-14897}
- coresight: tmc-etf: Do not call smp_processor_id from preemptible 
(Suzuki K Poulose) - coresight: etb10: Do not call smp_processor_id from 
preemptible (Suzuki K Poulose) - sd: Fix REQ_OP_ZONE_REPORT completion 
handling (Masato Suzuki) - do_last(): fetch directory ->i_mode and 
->i_uid before it's too late (Al Viro) - tracing: xen: Ordered 
comparison of function pointers (Changbin Du) - scsi: RDMA/isert: Fix a 
recently introduced regression related to logout (Bart Van Assche) - 
hwmon: (nct7802) Fix voltage limits to wrong registers (Gilles Buloz) - 
Input: sun4i-ts - add a check for devm_thermal_zone_of_sensor_register 
(Chuhong Yuan) - Input: pegasus_notetaker - fix endpoint sanity check 
(Johan Hovold) - Input: aiptek - fix endpoint sanity check (Johan 
Hovold) - Input: gtco - fix endpoint sanity check (Johan Hovold) - 
Input: sur40 - fix interface sanity checks (Johan Hovold) - Input: 
pm8xxx-vib - fix handling of separate enable register (Stephan Gerhold) 
- Documentation: Document arm64 kpti control (Jeremy Linton) - mmc: 
sdhci: fix minimum clock rate for v3 controller (Michał Mirosław) - mmc: 
tegra: fix SDR50 tuning override (Michał Mirosław) - ARM: 8950/1: 
ftrace/recordmcount: filter relocation types (Alex Sverdlin) - Revert 
"Input: synaptics-rmi4 - don't increment rmiaddr for SMBus transfers" 
(Hans Verkuil) - Input: keyspan-remote - fix control-message timeouts 
(Johan Hovold) - hwmon: (core) Do not use device managed functions for 
memory allocations (Guenter Roeck) - hwmon: (core) Fix double-free in 
__hwmon_device_register() (Dmitry Osipenko) - hwmon: Deal with errors 
from the thermal subsystem (Linus Walleij) - hwmon: (adt7475) Make 
volt2reg return same reg as reg2volt input (Luuk Paulussen) - net: 
rtnetlink: validate IFLA_MTU attribute in rtnl_create_link() (Eric 
Dumazet) - tcp_bbr: improve arithmetic division in bbr_update_bw() (Wen 
Yang) - net: usb: lan78xx: Add .ndo_features_check (James Hughes) - 
net-sysfs: Fix reference count leak (Jouni Hogander) - net-sysfs: Call 
dev_hold always in rx_queue_add_kobject (Jouni Hogander) - net-sysfs: 
Call dev_hold always in netdev_queue_add_kobject (Jouni Hogander) - 
net-sysfs: fix netdev_queue_add_kobject() breakage (Eric Dumazet) - 
net-sysfs: Fix reference count leak in rx|netdev_queue_add_kobject 
(Jouni Hogander) - net_sched: fix datalen for ematch (Cong Wang) - net, 
ip_tunnel: fix namespaces move (William Dauchy) - net, ip6_tunnel: fix 
namespaces move (William Dauchy) - net: cxgb3_main: Add CAP_NET_ADMIN 
check to CHELSIO_GET_MEM (Michael Ellerman) - ipv6: sr: remove 
SKB_GSO_IPXIP6 on End.D* actions (Yuki Taguchi) - gtp: make sure only 
SOCK_DGRAM UDP sockets are accepted (Eric Dumazet) - firestream: fix 
memory leaks (Wenwen Wang) - can, slip: Protect tty->disc_data in 
write_wakeup and close with RCU (Richard Palethorpe) - Linux 4.14.168 
(Greg Kroah-Hartman) - m68k: Call timer_interrupt() with interrupts 
disabled (Finn Thain) - serial: stm32: fix clearing interrupt error 
flags (Fabrice Gasnier) - IB/iser: Fix dma_nents type definition (Max 
Gurtovoy) - arm64: dts: juno: Fix UART frequency (Andre Przywara) - 
drm/radeon: fix bad DMA from INTERRUPT_CNTL2 (Sam Bobroff) - dmaengine: 
ti: edma: fix missed failure handling (Chuhong Yuan) - affs: fix a 
memory leak in affs_remount (Navid Emamdoost) - mmc: core: fix wl1251 
sdio quirks (H. Nikolaus Schaller) - mmc: sdio: fix wl1251 vendor id (H. 
Nikolaus Schaller) - packet: fix data-race in fanout_flow_is_huge() 
(Eric Dumazet) - net: neigh: use long type to store jiffies delta (Eric 
Dumazet) - hv_netvsc: flag software created hash value (Stephen 
Hemminger) - MIPS: Loongson: Fix return value of loongson_hwmon_init 
(Tiezhu Yang) - afs: Fix large file support (Marc Dionne) - net: 
qca_spi: Move reset_count to struct qcaspi (Stefan Wahren) - net: netem: 
correct the parent's backlog when corrupted packet was dropped (Jakub 
Kicinski) - net: netem: fix error path for corrupted GSO frames (Jakub 
Kicinski) - dmaengine: imx-sdma: fix size check for sdma script_number 
(Robin Gong) - drm/msm/dsi: Implement reset correctly (Jeffrey Hugo) - 
tcp: annotate lockless access to tcp_memory_pressure (Eric Dumazet) - 
net: add {READ|WRITE}_ONCE() annotations on ->rskq_accept_head (Eric 
Dumazet) - net: avoid possible false sharing in 
sk_leave_memory_pressure() (Eric Dumazet) - act_mirred: Fix 
mirred_init_module error handling (YueHaibing) - net: stmmac: fix length 
of PTP clock's name string (Antonio Borneo) - llc: fix sk_buff 
refcounting in llc_conn_state_process() (Eric Biggers) - llc: fix 
another potential sk_buff leak in llc_ui_sendmsg() (Eric Biggers) - 
mac80211: accept deauth frames in IBSS mode (Johannes Berg) - net: 
stmmac: gmac4+: Not all Unicast addresses may be available (Jose Abreu) 
- nvme: retain split access workaround for capability reads (Ard 
Biesheuvel) - net: ethernet: stmmac: Fix signedness bug in 
ipq806x_gmac_of_parse() (Dan Carpenter) - of: mdio: Fix a signedness bug 
in of_phy_get_and_connect() (Dan Carpenter) - net: axienet: fix a 
signedness bug in probe (Dan Carpenter) - net: stmmac: dwmac-meson8b: 
Fix signedness bug in probe (Dan Carpenter) - net: broadcom/bcmsysport: 
Fix signedness in bcm_sysport_probe() (Dan Carpenter) - net: hisilicon: 
Fix signedness bug in hix5hd2_dev_probe() (Dan Carpenter) - net: 
aquantia: Fix aq_vec_isr_legacy() return value (Dan Carpenter) - 
iommu/amd: Wait for completion of IOTLB flush in attach_device (Filippo 
Sironi) - RDMA/cma: Fix false error message (Håkon Bugge) - ath10k: 
adjust skb length in ath10k_sdio_mbox_rx_packet (Nicolas Boichat) - 
pinctrl: iproc-gpio: Fix incorrect pinconf configurations (Li Jin) - 
net: sonic: replace dev_kfree_skb in sonic_send_packet (Mao Wenan) - 
hwmon: (shtc1) fix shtc1 and shtw1 id mask (Dan Robertson) - ixgbe: sync 
the first fragment unconditionally (Firo Yang) - btrfs: use correct 
count in btrfs_file_write_iter() (Omar Sandoval) - Btrfs: fix inode 
cache waiters hanging on path allocation failure (Filipe Manana) - 
Btrfs: fix inode cache waiters hanging on failure to start caching 
thread (Filipe Manana) - Btrfs: fix hang when loading existing inode 
cache off disk (Filipe Manana) - scsi: fnic: fix msix interrupt 
allocation (Govindarajulu Varadarajan) - net: sonic: return NETDEV_TX_OK 
if failed to map buffer (Mao Wenan) - tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: Use 
appropriate lpuart32_* I/O funcs (Andrey Smirnov) - ath9k: dynack: fix 
possible deadlock in ath_dynack_node_{de}init (Lorenzo Bianconi) - iio: 
dac: ad5380: fix incorrect assignment to val (Colin Ian King) - bcma: 
fix incorrect update of BCMA_CORE_PCI_MDIO_DATA (Colin Ian King) - 
irqdomain: Add the missing assignment of domain->fwnode for named fwnode 
(Dexuan Cui) - staging: greybus: light: fix a couple double frees (Dan 
Carpenter) - x86, perf: Fix the dependency of the x86 insn decoder 
selftest (Masami Hiramatsu) - power: supply: Init device wakeup after 
device_add() (Stephen Boyd) - hwmon: (lm75) Fix write operations for 
negative temperatures (Guenter Roeck) - Partially revert "kfifo: fix 
kfifo_alloc() and kfifo_init()" (Linus Torvalds) - ahci: Do not export 
local variable ahci_em_messages (Andy Shevchenko) - iommu/mediatek: Fix 
iova_to_phys PA start for 4GB mode (Yong Wu) - mips: avoid explicit UB 
in assignment of mips_io_port_base (Nick Desaulniers) - rtc: pcf2127: 
bugfix: read rtc disables watchdog (Bruno Thomsen) - media: atmel: 
atmel-isi: fix timeout value for stop streaming (Alexandre Kroupski) - 
mac80211: minstrel_ht: fix per-group max throughput rate initialization 
(Felix Fietkau) - dmaengine: dw: platform: Switch to 
acpi_dma_controller_register() (Andy Shevchenko) - ASoC: sun4i-i2s: RX 
and TX counter registers are swapped (Maxime Ripard) - signal: Allow 
cifs and drbd to receive their terminating signals (Eric W. Biederman) - 
ASoC: wm8737: Fix copy-paste error in wm8737_snd_controls (YueHaibing) - 
ASoC: cs4349: Use PM ops 'cs4349_runtime_pm' (YueHaibing) - ASoC: 
es8328: Fix copy-paste error in es8328_right_line_controls (YueHaibing) 
- ext4: set error return correctly when ext4_htree_store_dirent fails 
(Colin Ian King) - crypto: caam - free resources in case caam_rng 
registration failed (Iuliana Prodan) - cifs: fix rmmod regression in 
cifs.ko caused by force_sig changes (Steve French) - net/mlx5: Fix 
mlx5_ifc_query_lag_out_bits (Mark Zhang) - ARM: dts: stm32: add missing 
vdda-supply to adc on stm32h743i-eval (Fabrice Gasnier) - tipc: reduce 
risk of wakeup queue starvation (Jon Maloy) - ALSA: aoa: onyx: always 
initialize register read value (Johannes Berg) - crypto: ccp - Reduce 
maximum stack usage (Arnd Bergmann) - x86/kgbd: Use NMI_VECTOR not 
APIC_DM_NMI (Thomas Gleixner) - mic: avoid statically declaring a 
'struct device'. (Arnd Bergmann) - usb: host: xhci-hub: fix extra 
endianness conversion (Ruslan Bilovol) - qed: reduce maximum stack frame 
size (Arnd Bergmann) - libertas_tf: Use correct channel range in 
lbtf_geo_init (YueHaibing) - PM: sleep: Fix possible overflow in 
pm_system_cancel_wakeup() (Rafael J. Wysocki) - clk: sunxi-ng: v3s: add 
the missing PLL_DDR1 (Icenowy Zheng) - scsi: libfc: fix null pointer 
dereference on a null lport (Colin Ian King) - net: pasemi: fix an 
use-after-free in pasemi_mac_phy_init() (Wen Yang) - RDMA/hns: Fixs hw 
access invalid dma memory error (Xi Wang) - devres: allow const resource 
arguments (Arnd Bergmann) - rxrpc: Fix uninitialized error code in 
rxrpc_send_data_packet() (David Howells) - mfd: intel-lpss: Release IDA 
resources (Andy Shevchenko) - nvmem: imx-ocotp: Ensure WAIT bits are 
preserved when setting timing (Bryan O'Donoghue) - clk: qcom: Fix 
-Wunused-const-variable (Nathan Huckleberry) - dmaengine: hsu: Revert 
"set HSU_CH_MTSR to memory width" (Andy Shevchenko) - perf/ioctl: Add 
check for the sample_period value (Ravi Bangoria) - drm/msm/a3xx: remove 
TPL1 regs from snapshot (Rob Clark) - rtc: pcf8563: Clear event flags 
and disable interrupts before requesting irq (Chen-Yu Tsai) - rtc: 
pcf8563: Fix interrupt trigger method (Chen-Yu Tsai) - ASoC: ti: 
davinci-mcasp: Fix slot mask settings when using multiple AXRs (Peter 
Ujfalusi) - net/af_iucv: always register net_device notifier (Julian 
Wiedmann) - net: netem: fix backlog accounting for corrupted GSO frames 
(Jakub Kicinski) - drm/msm/mdp5: Fix mdp5_cfg_init error return (Jeffrey 
Hugo) - powerpc/pseries/mobility: rebuild cacheinfo hierarchy 
post-migration (Nathan Lynch) - powerpc/cacheinfo: add 
cacheinfo_teardown, cacheinfo_rebuild (Nathan Lynch) - qed: iWARP - Use 
READ_ONCE and smp_store_release to access ep->state (Michal Kalderon) - 
iommu/vt-d: Duplicate iommu_resv_region objects per device list (Eric 
Auger) - mpls: fix warning with multi-label encap (George Wilkie) - 
media: vivid: fix incorrect assignment operation when setting video mode 
(Colin Ian King) - cpufreq: brcmstb-avs-cpufreq: Fix types for 
voltage/frequency (Florian Fainelli) - cpufreq: brcmstb-avs-cpufreq: Fix 
initial command check (Florian Fainelli) - netvsc: unshare skb in VF rx 
handler (Stephen Hemminger) - inet: frags: call inet_frags_fini() after 
unregister_pernet_subsys() (Eric Dumazet) - signal/cifs: Fix 
cifs_put_tcp_session to call send_sig instead of force_sig (Eric W. 
Biederman) - iommu: Use right function to get group for device (Lu 
Baolu) - misc: sgi-xp: Properly initialize buf in xpc_get_rsvd_page_pa 
(Nathan Chancellor) - serial: stm32: fix wakeup source initialization 
(Erwan Le Ray) - serial: stm32: Add support of TC bit status check 
(Erwan Le Ray) - serial: stm32: fix transmit_chars when tx is stopped 
(Erwan Le Ray) - serial: stm32: fix rx error handling (Erwan Le Ray) - 
crypto: ccp - Fix 3DES complaint from ccp-crypto module (Hook, Gary) - 
crypto: ccp - fix AES CFB error exposed by new test vectors (Hook, Gary) 
- spi: spi-fsl-spi: call spi_finalize_current_message() at the end 
(Christophe Leroy) - RDMA/qedr: Fix incorrect device rate. (Sagiv Ozeri) 
- arm64: dts: meson: libretech-cc: set eMMC as removable (Jerome Brunet) 
- dmaengine: tegra210-adma: Fix crash during probe (Jon Hunter) - ARM: 
dts: sun8i-h3: Fix wifi in Beelink X2 DT (Jernej Skrabec) - EDAC/mc: Fix 
edac_mc_find() in case no device is found (Robert Richter) - thermal: 
cpu_cooling: Actually trace CPU load in thermal_power_cpu_get_power 
(Matthias Kaehlcke) - backlight: lm3630a: Return 0 on success in 
update_status functions (Brian Masney) - kdb: do a sanity check on the 
cpu in kdb_per_cpu() (Dan Carpenter) - ARM: riscpc: fix lack of keyboard 
interrupts after irq conversion (Russell King) - pwm: meson: Don't 
disable PWM when setting duty repeatedly (Bichao Zheng) - pwm: meson: 
Consider 128 a valid pre-divider (Martin Blumenstingl) - netfilter: 
ebtables: CONFIG_COMPAT: reject trailing data after last rule (Florian 
Westphal) - crypto: caam - fix caam_dump_sg that iterates through 
scatterlist (Iuliana Prodan) - platform/x86: alienware-wmi: printing the 
wrong error code (Dan Carpenter) - media: davinci/vpbe: array underflow 
in vpbe_enum_outputs() (Dan Carpenter) - media: omap_vout: potential 
buffer overflow in vidioc_dqbuf() (Dan Carpenter) - l2tp: Fix possible 
NULL pointer dereference (YueHaibing) - vfio/mdev: Fix aborting mdev 
child device removal if one fails (Parav Pandit) - vfio/mdev: Avoid 
release parent reference during error path (Parav Pandit) - afs: Fix the 
afs.cell and afs.volume xattr handlers (David Howells) - lightnvm: pblk: 
fix lock order in pblk_rb_tear_down_check (Igor Konopko) - mmc: core: 
fix possible use after free of host (Pan Bian) - dmaengine: 
tegra210-adma: restore channel status (Sameer Pujar) - net: ena: fix 
ena_com_fill_hash_function() implementation (Sameeh Jubran) - net: ena: 
fix incorrect test of supported hash function (Sameeh Jubran) - net: 
ena: fix: Free napi resources when ena_up() fails (Sameeh Jubran) - net: 
ena: fix swapped parameters when calling 
ena_com_indirect_table_fill_entry (Sameeh Jubran) - iommu/vt-d: Make 
kernel parameter igfx_off work with vIOMMU (Lu Baolu) - IB/mlx5: Add 
missing XRC options to QP optional params mask (Jack Morgenstein) - 
dwc2: gadget: Fix completed transfer size calculation in DDMA (Minas 
Harutyunyan) - usb: gadget: fsl: fix link error against usb-gadget 
module (Arnd Bergmann) - ASoC: fix valid stream condition (Jerome 
Brunet) - packet: in recvmsg msg_name return at least sizeof sockaddr_ll 
(Willem de Bruijn) - scsi: qla2xxx: Avoid that qlt_send_resp_ctio() 
corrupts memory (Bart Van Assche) - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix a format 
specifier (Bart Van Assche) - irqchip/gic-v3-its: fix some definitions 
of inner cacheability attributes (Hongbo Yao) - NFS: Don't interrupt 
file writeout due to fatal errors (Trond Myklebust) - ALSA: usb-audio: 
Handle the error from snd_usb_mixer_apply_create_quirk() (Takashi Iwai) 
- dmaengine: axi-dmac: Don't check the number of frames for alignment 
(Alexandru Ardelean) - 6lowpan: Off by one handling ->nexthdr (Dan 
Carpenter) - media: ov2659: fix unbalanced mutex_lock/unlock (Akinobu 
Mita) - ARM: dts: ls1021: Fix SGMII PCS link remaining down after PHY 
disconnect (Vladimir Oltean) - powerpc: vdso: Make vdso32 installation 
conditional in vdso_install (Ben Hutchings) - selftests/ipc: Fix msgque 
compiler warnings (Kees Cook) - tipc: set sysctl_tipc_rmem and 
named_timeout right range (Jie Liu) - platform/x86: alienware-wmi: fix 
kfree on potentially uninitialized pointer (Colin Ian King) - hwmon: 
(w83627hf) Use request_muxed_region for Super-IO accesses (Guenter 
Roeck) - net: hns3: fix for vport->bw_limit overflow problem (Yunsheng 
Lin) - ARM: pxa: ssp: Fix "WARNING: invalid free of devm_ allocated 
data" (YueHaibing) - scsi: target/core: Fix a race condition in the LUN 
lookup code (Bart Van Assche) - scsi: qla2xxx: Unregister chrdev if 
module initialization fails (Bart Van Assche) - ehea: Fix a copy-paste 
err in ehea_init_port_res (YueHaibing) - spi: bcm2835aux: fix driver to 
not allow 65535 (=-1) cs-gpios (Martin Sperl) - soc/fsl/qe: Fix an error 
code in qe_pin_request() (Dan Carpenter) - spi: tegra114: configure dma 
burst size to fifo trig level (Sowjanya Komatineni) - spi: tegra114: 
flush fifos (Sowjanya Komatineni) - spi: tegra114: terminate dma and 
reset on transfer timeout (Sowjanya Komatineni) - spi: tegra114: fix for 
unpacked mode transfers (Sowjanya Komatineni) - spi: tegra114: clear 
packed bit for unpacked mode (Sowjanya Komatineni) - media: tw5864: Fix 
possible NULL pointer dereference in tw5864_handle_frame (YueHaibing) - 
media: davinci-isif: avoid uninitialized variable use (Arnd Bergmann) - 
ARM: OMAP2+: Fix potentially uninitialized return value for 
_setup_reset() (Tony Lindgren) - arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: Add missing 
PIO clocks (Maxime Ripard) - m68k: mac: Fix VIA timer counter accesses 
(Finn Thain) - tipc: tipc clang warning (Jon Maloy) - jfs: fix bogus 
variable self-initialization (Arnd Bergmann) - regulator: tps65086: Fix 
tps65086_ldoa1_ranges for selector 0xB (Axel Lin) - media: cx23885: 
check allocation return (Nicholas Mc Guire) - media: wl128x: Fix an 
error code in fm_download_firmware() (Dan Carpenter) - media: cx18: 
update *pos correctly in cx18_read_pos() (Dan Carpenter) - media: ivtv: 
update *pos correctly in ivtv_read_pos() (Dan Carpenter) - regulator: 
lp87565: Fix missing register for LP87565_BUCK_0 (Axel Lin) - net: 
sh_eth: fix a missing check of of_get_phy_mode (Kangjie Lu) - xen, 
cpu_hotplug: Prevent an out of bounds access (Dan Carpenter) - 
drivers/rapidio/rio_cm.c: fix potential oops in riocm_ch_listen() (Dan 
Carpenter) - x86/mm: Remove unused variable 'cpu' (Qian Cai) - nios2: 
ksyms: Add missing symbol exports (Guenter Roeck) - powerpc/mm: Check 
secondary hash page table (Rashmica Gupta) - net: aquantia: fixed 
instack structure overflow (Igor Russkikh) - NFSv4/flexfiles: Fix 
invalid deref in FF_LAYOUT_DEVID_NODE() (Trond Myklebust) - netfilter: 
nft_set_hash: fix lookups with fixed size hash on big endian (Pablo 
Neira Ayuso) - regulator: wm831x-dcdc: Fix list of wm831x_dcdc_ilim from 
mA to uA (Axel Lin) - ARM: 8848/1: virt: Align GIC version check with 
arm64 counterpart (Vladimir Murzin) - ARM: 8847/1: pm: fix HYP/SVC mode 
mismatch when MCPM is used (Marek Szyprowski) - mmc: sdhci-brcmstb: 
handle mmc_of_parse() errors during probe (Stefan Wahren) - NFS/pnfs: 
Bulk destroy of layouts needs to be safe w.r.t. umount (Trond Myklebust) 
- platform/x86: wmi: fix potential null pointer dereference (Mattias 
Jacobsson) - clocksource/drivers/exynos_mct: Fix error path in timer 
resources initialization (Marek Szyprowski) - clocksource/drivers/sun5i: 
Fail gracefully when clock rate is unavailable (Chen-Yu Tsai) - NFS: Fix 
a soft lockup in the delegation recovery code (Trond Myklebust) - 
powerpc/64s: Fix logic when handling unknown CPU features (Michael 
Ellerman) - staging: rtlwifi: Use proper enum for return in 
halmac_parse_psd_data_88xx (Nathan Chancellor) - fs/nfs: Fix 
nfs_parse_devname to not modify it's argument (Eric W. Biederman) - 
ASoC: qcom: Fix of-node refcount unbalance in apq8016_sbc_parse_of() 
(Takashi Iwai) - drm/nouveau/pmu: don't print reply values if exec is 
false (Colin Ian King) - drm/nouveau/bios/ramcfg: fix missing 
parentheses when calculating RON (Colin Ian King) - net: dsa: qca8k: 
Enable delay for RGMII_ID mode (Vinod Koul) - regulator: pv88090: Fix 
array out-of-bounds access (Axel Lin) - regulator: pv88080: Fix array 
out-of-bounds access (Axel Lin) - regulator: pv88060: Fix array 
out-of-bounds access (Axel Lin) - cdc-wdm: pass return value of 
recover_from_urb_loss (YueHaibing) - dmaengine: mv_xor: Use correct 
device for DMA API (Robin Murphy) - staging: r8822be: check kzalloc 
return or bail (Nicholas Mc Guire) - KVM: PPC: Release all hardware TCE 
tables attached to a group (Alexey Kardashevskiy) - hwmon: 
(pmbus/tps53679) Fix driver info initialization in probe routine (Vadim 
Pasternak) - vfio_pci: Enable memory accesses before calling pci_map_rom 
(Eric Auger) - keys: Timestamp new keys (David Howells) - block: don't 
use bio->bi_vcnt to figure out segment number (Ming Lei) - usb: phy: 
twl6030-usb: fix possible use-after-free on remove (Sven Van Asbroeck) - 
PCI: endpoint: functions: Use memcpy_fromio()/memcpy_toio() (Wen Yang) - 
pinctrl: sh-pfc: sh73a0: Fix fsic_spdif pin groups (Geert Uytterhoeven) 
- pinctrl: sh-pfc: r8a7792: Fix vin1_data18_b pin group (Geert 
Uytterhoeven) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: r8a7791: Fix scifb2_data_c pin group 
(Geert Uytterhoeven) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: emev2: Add missing pinmux 
functions (Geert Uytterhoeven) - drm/etnaviv: potential NULL dereference 
(Dan Carpenter) - iw_cxgb4: use tos when finding ipv6 routes (Steve 
Wise) - iw_cxgb4: use tos when importing the endpoint (Steve Wise) - 
fbdev: chipsfb: remove set but not used variable 'size' (YueHaibing) - 
rtc: pm8xxx: fix unintended sign extension (Colin Ian King) - rtc: 
88pm80x: fix unintended sign extension (Colin Ian King) - rtc: 88pm860x: 
fix unintended sign extension (Colin Ian King) - rtc: ds1307: rx8130: 
Fix alarm handling (Uwe Kleine-König) - net: phy: fixed_phy: Fix 
fixed_phy not checking GPIO (Moritz Fischer) - thermal: mediatek: fix 
register index error (Michael Kao) - rtc: ds1672: fix unintended sign 
extension (Colin Ian King) - staging: most: cdev: add missing check for 
cdev_add failure (Colin Ian King) - iwlwifi: mvm: fix RSS config command 
(Sara Sharon) - ARM: dts: lpc32xx: phy3250: fix SD card regulator 
voltage (Vladimir Zapolskiy) - ARM: dts: lpc32xx: fix ARM PrimeCell LCD 
controller clocks property (Vladimir Zapolskiy) - ARM: dts: lpc32xx: fix 
ARM PrimeCell LCD controller variant (Vladimir Zapolskiy) - ARM: dts: 
lpc32xx: reparent keypad controller to SIC1 (Vladimir Zapolskiy) - ARM: 
dts: lpc32xx: add required clocks property to keypad device node 
(Vladimir Zapolskiy) - driver core: Do not resume suppliers under 
device_links_write_lock() (Rafael J. Wysocki) - crypto: crypto4xx - Fix 
wrong ppc4xx_trng_probe()/ppc4xx_trng_remove() arguments (Corentin 
Labbe) - driver: uio: fix possible use-after-free in 
__uio_register_device (Liu Jian) - driver: uio: fix possible memory leak 
in __uio_register_device (Liu Jian) - tty: ipwireless: Fix potential 
NULL pointer dereference (YueHaibing) - iwlwifi: mvm: fix A-MPDU 
reference assignment (Johannes Berg) - iwlwifi: mvm: avoid possible 
access out of array. (Mordechay Goodstein) - clk: sunxi-ng: sun8i-a23: 
Enable PLL-MIPI LDOs when ungating it (Chen-Yu Tsai) - spi/topcliff_pch: 
Fix potential NULL dereference on allocation error (YueHaibing) - rtc: 
cmos: ignore bogus century byte (Eric Wong) - IB/iser: Pass the correct 
number of entries for dma mapped SGL (Israel Rukshin) - ASoC: 
imx-sgtl5000: put of nodes if finding codec fails (Stefan Agner) - 
crypto: tgr192 - fix unaligned memory access (Eric Biggers) - crypto: 
brcm - Fix some set-but-not-used warning (YueHaibing) - kbuild: mark 
prepare0 as PHONY to fix external module build (Masahiro Yamada) - 
media: s5p-jpeg: Correct step and max values for 
V4L2_CID_JPEG_RESTART_INTERVAL (Pawe? Chmiel) - drm/etnaviv: NULL vs 
IS_ERR() buf in etnaviv_core_dump() (Dan Carpenter) - RDMA/iw_cxgb4: Fix 
the unchecked ep dereference (Raju Rangoju) - spi: cadence: Correct 
initialisation of runtime PM (Charles Keepax) - arm64: dts: apq8016-sbc: 
Increase load on l11 for SDCARD (Loic Poulain) - drm/shmob: Fix return 
value check in shmob_drm_probe (YueHaibing) - RDMA/qedr: Fix out of 
bounds index check in query pkey (Gal Pressman) - RDMA/ocrdma: Fix out 
of bounds index check in query pkey (Gal Pressman) - IB/usnic: Fix out 
of bounds index check in query pkey (Gal Pressman) - MIPS: BCM63XX: drop 
unused and broken DSP platform device (Jonas Gorski) - clk: dove: fix 
refcount leak in dove_clk_init() (Yangtao Li) - clk: mv98dx3236: fix 
refcount leak in mv98dx3236_clk_init() (Yangtao Li) - clk: armada-xp: 
fix refcount leak in axp_clk_init() (Yangtao Li) - clk: kirkwood: fix 
refcount leak in kirkwood_clk_init() (Yangtao Li) - clk: armada-370: fix 
refcount leak in a370_clk_init() (Yangtao Li) - clk: vf610: fix refcount 
leak in vf610_clocks_init() (Yangtao Li) - clk: imx7d: fix refcount leak 
in imx7d_clocks_init() (Yangtao Li) - clk: imx6sx: fix refcount leak in 
imx6sx_clocks_init() (Yangtao Li) - clk: imx6q: fix refcount leak in 
imx6q_clocks_init() (Yangtao Li) - clk: samsung: exynos4: fix refcount 
leak in exynos4_get_xom() (Yangtao Li) - clk: socfpga: fix refcount leak 
(Yangtao Li) - clk: qoriq: fix refcount leak in clockgen_init() (Yangtao 
Li) - clk: highbank: fix refcount leak in hb_clk_init() (Yangtao Li) - 
Input: nomadik-ske-keypad - fix a loop timeout test (Dan Carpenter) - 
vxlan: changelink: Fix handling of default remotes (Petr Machata) - 
pinctrl: sh-pfc: sh7734: Remove bogus IPSR10 value (Geert Uytterhoeven) 
- pinctrl: sh-pfc: sh7269: Add missing PCIOR0 field (Geert Uytterhoeven) 
- pinctrl: sh-pfc: r8a77995: Remove bogus SEL_PWM[0-3]_3 configurations 
(Geert Uytterhoeven) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: sh7734: Add missing IPSR11 field 
(Geert Uytterhoeven) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: r8a7794: Remove bogus IPSR9 
field (Geert Uytterhoeven) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: sh73a0: Add missing TO pin 
to tpu4_to3 group (Geert Uytterhoeven) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: r8a7791: 
Remove bogus marks from vin1_b_data18 group (Geert Uytterhoeven) - 
pinctrl: sh-pfc: r8a7791: Remove bogus ctrl marks from qspi_data4_b 
group (Geert Uytterhoeven) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: r8a7740: Add missing LCD0 
marks to lcd0_data24_1 group (Geert Uytterhoeven) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: 
r8a7740: Add missing REF125CK pin to gether_gmii group (Geert 
Uytterhoeven) - switchtec: Remove immediate status check after 
submitting MRPC command (Kelvin Cao) - staging: bcm2835-camera: Abort 
probe if there is no camera (Stefan Wahren) - IB/rxe: Fix incorrect 
cache cleanup in error flow (Yuval Shaia) - net: phy: Fix not to call 
phy_resume() if PHY is not attached (Yoshihiro Shimoda) - drm/dp_mst: 
Skip validating ports during destruction, just ref (Lyude Paul) - 
exportfs: fix 'passing zero to ERR_PTR()' warning (YueHaibing) - pcrypt: 
use format specifier in kobject_add (Colin Ian King) - NTB: ntb_hw_idt: 
replace IS_ERR_OR_NULL with regular NULL checks (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - 
mlxsw: reg: QEEC: Add minimum shaper fields (Petr Machata) - drm/sun4i: 
hdmi: Fix double flag assignation (Maxime Ripard) - pwm: lpss: Release 
runtime-pm reference from the driver's remove callback (Hans de Goede) - 
staging: comedi: ni_mio_common: protect register write overflow (Spencer 
E. Olson) - ALSA: usb-audio: update quirk for B&W PX to remove 
microphone (Nicolas Huaman) - IB/hfi1: Add mtu check for operational 
data VLs (Alex Estrin) - IB/rxe: replace kvfree with vfree (Zhu Yanjun) 
- drm/hisilicon: hibmc: Don't overwrite fb helper surface depth (John 
Garry) - PCI: iproc: Remove PAXC slot check to allow VF support 
(Jitendra Bhivare) - apparmor: don't try to replace stale label in 
ptrace access check (Jann Horn) - ALSA: hda: fix unused variable warning 
(Anders Roxell) - drm/virtio: fix bounds check in 
virtio_gpu_cmd_get_capset() (Dan Carpenter) - drm/sti: do not remove the 
drm_bridge that was never added (Peter Rosin) - crypto: sun4i-ss - fix 
big endian issues (Corentin Labbe) - mt7601u: fix bbp version check in 
mt7601u_wait_bbp_ready (Lorenzo Bianconi) - tipc: fix wrong timeout 
input for tipc_wait_for_cond() (Tung Nguyen) - powerpc/archrandom: fix 
arch_get_random_seed_int() (Ard Biesheuvel) - mfd: intel-lpss: Add 
default I2C device properties for Gemini Lake (Jarkko Nikula) - xfs: 
Sanity check flags of Q_XQUOTARM call (Jan Kara) - perf/x86/intel: Add 
Icelake support (Thomas Tai) [Orabug: 31056988] - x86/CPU: Add Icelake 
model number (Rajneesh Bhardwaj) [Orabug: 31056988] - perf/x86/intel/ds: 
Handle PEBS overflow for fixed counters (Kan Liang) [Orabug: 31056988] - 
perf/x86/intel: Introduce PMU flag for Extended PEBS (Kan Liang) 
[Orabug: 31056988] - kernel: cpu.c: fix return in void function 
cpu_smt_disable (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 31049315] - uek-rpm: Make sure 
only embedded kernels lose the dependency on linux-firmware (Dave 
Kleikamp) [Orabug: 31044768] - Fix issue of /etc/sysconfig/kernel 
getting wrongly updated during UEK5 install (Sushmita Bhattacharya) 
[Orabug: 30621917] - rds: transport module should be auto loaded when 
transport is set (Rao Shoaib) [Orabug: 31032127] - add extra symbols 
from UEK5R3 to the kABI whitelist (Dan Duval) [Orabug: 31045546] - 
iommu: Force iommu shutdown on panic (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 30944527] 
- iommu/amd: Only free resources once on init error (Kevin Mitchell) 
[Orabug: 30944527] - iommu/amd: Move gart fallback to amd_iommu_init 
(Kevin Mitchell) [Orabug: 30944527] - iommu/amd: Make iommu_disable 
safer (Kevin Mitchell) [Orabug: 30944527] - iommu/vt-d: Turn off 
translations at shutdown (Deepa Dinamani) [Orabug: 30944527]

- nvme: fix possible deadlock when nvme_update_formats fails (Sagi 
Grimberg) [Orabug: 31002556] - xfs: do async inactivation only when fs 
freezed (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 31013756] - xenbus: req->err should be 
updated before req->state (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 31009566] - xenbus: 
req->body should be updated before req->state (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 
31009566] - drivers/nvme: provide a module parameter for setting number 
of I/O queues (Shan Hai) [Orabug: 31002911]

- xen: bypass the timer_irq_works() check for HVM (Dongli Zhang) 
[Orabug: 30998544] - genirq: Use rcu in kstat_irqs_usr() (Eric Dumazet) 
[Orabug: 30984920] - driver: mmc: Configure flags for T96 pass B0 
(Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30969941] - mmc: octeontx2: Use flags for 
hardware differences (Aaron Williams) [Orabug: 30969941] - octeontx2: 
mmc: Add tuning support for HS400 mode (Aaron Williams) [Orabug: 
30969941] - driver: mmc: octeontx2: Fix tuning for T96 C0 (Chandrakala 
Chavva) [Orabug: 30969941] - mmc: speed limit for tx2-c0 (Sujeet 
Baranwal) [Orabug: 30969941] - ib/core: Cancel fmr delayed_worker when 
in shutdown phase of reboot system (Hans Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 30967500]

- uek-rpm: mips64: Add missing crypto options to support FIPS (Dave 
Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30957721] - xfs: Fix deadlock between AGI and AGF 
with RENAME_WHITEOUT (kaixuxia) [Orabug: 30902187] - uek-rpm: Make sure 
perf builds against libnuma and add run-time dependency (Dave Kleikamp) 
[Orabug: 30896577] - Revert "printk: Default console logging level 
should be set to 4" (Cesar Roque) [Orabug: 30931818] - Revert "printk: 
Default console logging level should be set to 4" (Cesar Roque) [Orabug: 
30931818] - RDMA/nldev: Provide MR statistics (Erez Alfasi) [Orabug: 
30511634] - RDMA/mlx5: Return ODP type per MR (Erez Alfasi) [Orabug: 
30511634] - RDMA/nldev: Allow different fill function per resource (Erez 
Alfasi) [Orabug: 30511634] - IB/mlx5: Introduce ODP diagnostic counters 
(Erez Alfasi) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/mlx5: Use odp instead of 
mr->umem in pagefault_mr (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - 
RDMA/mlx5: Use ib_umem_start instead of umem.address (Jason Gunthorpe) 
[Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/odp: Use kvcalloc for the dma_list and 
page_list (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/odp: Check for 
overflow when computing the umem_odp end (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 
30511634] - RDMA/odp: Provide ib_umem_odp_release() to undo the allocs 
(Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/odp: Split creating a 
umem_odp from ib_umem_get (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - 
RDMA/odp: Make the three ways to create a umem_odp clear (Jason 
Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - RMDA/odp: Consolidate umem_odp 
initialization (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/odp: Make it 
clearer when a umem is an implicit ODP umem (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 
30511634] - RDMA/odp: Iterate over the whole rbtree directly (Jason 
Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/odp: Use the common interval tree 
library instead of generic (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - 
RDMA/mlx5: Fix MR npages calculation for IB_ACCESS_HUGETLB (Jason 
Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - IB/mlx5: Fix implicit MR release flow 
(Yishai Hadas) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/netlink: Implement counter 
dumpit calback (Mark Zhang) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/nldev: Allow 
counter auto mode configration through RDMA netlink (Mark Zhang) 
[Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/odp: Fix missed unlock in non-blocking 
invalidate_start (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA: Report 
available cdevs through RDMA_NLDEV_CMD_GET_CHARDEV (Jason Gunthorpe) 
[Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA: Add NLDEV_GET_CHARDEV to allow char dev 
discovery and autoload (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA: 
Convert put_page() to put_user_page*() (John Hubbard) [Orabug: 30511634] 
- RDMA/umem: Move page_shift from ib_umem to ib_odp_umem (Jason 
Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - mm: introduce put_user_page*(), 
placeholder versions (John Hubbard) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/umem: 
Remove hugetlb flag (Shiraz Saleem) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/bnxt_re: 
Use core helpers to get aligned DMA address (Shiraz Saleem) [Orabug: 
30511634] - RDMA/i40iw: Use core helpers to get aligned DMA address 
within a supported page size (Shiraz Saleem) [Orabug: 30511634] - 
RDMA/verbs: Add a DMA iterator to return aligned contiguous memory 
blocks (Shiraz Saleem) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/umem: Add API to find 
best driver supported page size in an MR (Shiraz Saleem) [Orabug: 
30511634] - RDMA/umem: Handle page combining avoidance correctly in 
ib_umem_add_sg_table() (Shiraz Saleem) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/core: 
Add a netlink command to change net namespace of rdma device (Parav 
Pandit) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/umem: Use correct value for SG entries 
in sg_copy_to_buffer() (Shiraz Saleem) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/nldev: 
Return device protocol (Leon Romanovsky) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/umem: 
Combine contiguous PAGE_SIZE regions in SGEs (Shiraz Saleem) [Orabug: 
30511634] - RDMA/core: Add interface to read device namespace sharing 
mode (Parav Pandit) [Orabug: 30511634] - IB/mlx5: Reset access mask when 
looping inside page fault handler (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 30511634] - 
IB/core: Ensure an invalidate_range callback on ODP MR (Ira Weiny) 
[Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/umem: Revert broken 'off by one' fix (John 
Hubbard) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/umem: minor bug fix in error handling 
path (John Hubbard) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/nldev: Provide parent IDs 
for PD, MR and QP objects (Leon Romanovsky) [Orabug: 30511634] - 
RDMA/nldev: Share with user-space object IDs (Leon Romanovsky) [Orabug: 
30511634] - IB/uverbs: Add ib_ucontext to uverbs_attr_bundle sent from 
ioctl and cmd flows (Shamir Rabinovitch) [Orabug: 30511634] - 
RDMA/rdmavt: Adapt to handle non-uniform sizes on umem SGEs (Shiraz, 
Saleem) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/rxe: Use for_each_sg_page iterator on 
umem SGL (Shiraz, Saleem) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/ocrdma: Use 
for_each_sg_dma_page iterator on umem SGL (Shiraz, Saleem) [Orabug: 
30511634] - RDMA/qedr: Use for_each_sg_dma_page iterator on umem SGL 
(Shiraz, Saleem) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/cxgb3: Use 
for_each_sg_dma_page iterator on umem SGL (Shiraz, Saleem) [Orabug: 
30511634] - RDMA/cxgb4: Use for_each_sg_dma_page iterator on umem SGL 
(Shiraz, Saleem) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/i40iw: Use 
for_each_sg_dma_page iterator on umem SGL (Shiraz, Saleem) [Orabug: 
30511634] - RDMA/mthca: Use for_each_sg_dma_page iterator on umem SGL 
(Shiraz, Saleem) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/bnxt_re: Use 
for_each_sg_dma_page iterator on umem SGL (Shiraz, Saleem) [Orabug: 
30511634] - lib/scatterlist: Provide a DMA page iterator (Jason 
Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/nldev: Dynamically generate 
restrack dumpit callbacks (Leon Romanovsky) [Orabug: 30511634] - 
IB/{core,hw}: Have ib_umem_get extract the ib_ucontext from ib_udata 
(Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/uverbs: Use 
uverbs_attr_bundle to pass udata for ioctl() (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 
30511634] - RDMA/uverbs: Use uverbs_attr_bundle to pass udata for 
write_ex (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/uverbs: Replace 
ib_uverbs_file with uverbs_attr_bundle for write (Jason Gunthorpe) 
[Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/core: Refactor ib_register_device() function 
(Parav Pandit) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/core: Fix unwinding flow in 
case of error to register device (Parav Pandit) [Orabug: 30511634] - 
RDMA/nldev: Allow IB device rename through RDMA netlink (Leon 
Romanovsky) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA: Fully setup the device name in 
ib_register_device (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30511634] - mm: Introduce 
kvcalloc() (Kees Cook) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/uapi: Fix uapi breakage 
(Doug Ledford) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/nldev: helper functions to add 
driver attributes (Steve Wise) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/nldev: add 
driver-specific resource tracking (Steve Wise) [Orabug: 30511634] - 
RDMA/nldev: Add explicit pad attribute (Steve Wise) [Orabug: 30511634] - 
RDMA/bnxt_re: Add support for MRs with Huge pages (Somnath Kotur) 
[Orabug: 30511634] - IB/{rdmavt, hfi1, qib}: Self determine driver name 
(Michael J. Ruhl) [Orabug: 30511634] - RDMA/vmw_pvrdma: Do not 
re-calculate npages (Yuval Shaia) [Orabug: 30511634] - iw_cxgb4: 
allocate wait object for each memory object (Steve Wise) [Orabug: 
30511634] - IB/uverbs: clean up INIT_UDATA() macro usage (Arnd Bergmann) 
[Orabug: 30511634]

- Linux 4.14.167 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - regulator: ab8500: Remove 
SYSCLKREQ from enum ab8505_regulator_id (Stephan Gerhold) - perf probe: 
Fix wrong address verification (Masami Hiramatsu) - scsi: core: 
scsi_trace: Use get_unaligned_be*() (Bart Van Assche) - scsi: qla2xxx: 
fix rports not being mark as lost in sync fabric scan (Martin Wilck) - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix qla2x00_request_irqs() for MSI (Huacai Chen) - scsi: 
target: core: Fix a pr_debug() argument (Bart Van Assche) - scsi: bnx2i: 
fix potential use after free (Pan Bian) - scsi: qla4xxx: fix double free 
bug (Pan Bian) - scsi: esas2r: unlock on error in 
esas2r_nvram_read_direct() (Dan Carpenter) - reiserfs: fix handling of 
-EOPNOTSUPP in reiserfs_for_each_xattr (Jeff Mahoney) - Revert "arm64: 
dts: juno: add dma-ranges property" (Sudeep Holla) - tick/sched: 
Annotate lockless access to last_jiffies_update (Eric Dumazet) - 
cfg80211: check for set_wiphy_params (Johannes Berg) - arm64: dts: 
meson-gxl-s905x-khadas-vim: fix gpio-keys-polled node (Christian Hewitt) 
- cw1200: Fix a signedness bug in cw1200_load_firmware() (Dan Carpenter) 
- xen/blkfront: Adjust indentation in xlvbd_alloc_gendisk (Nathan 
Chancellor) - tcp: fix marked lost packets not being retransmitted 
(Pengcheng Yang) - r8152: add missing endpoint sanity check (Johan 
Hovold) - ptp: free ptp device pin descriptors properly (Vladis Dronov) 
- net/wan/fsl_ucc_hdlc: fix out of bounds write on array utdm_info 
(Colin Ian King) - net: usb: lan78xx: limit size of local TSO packets 
(Eric Dumazet) - net: hns: fix soft lockup when there is not enough 
memory (Yonglong Liu) - net: dsa: tag_qca: fix doubled Tx statistics 
(Alexander Lobakin) - hv_netvsc: Fix memory leak when removing rndis 
device (Mohammed Gamal) - macvlan: use skb_reset_mac_header() in 
macvlan_queue_xmit() (Eric Dumazet) - batman-adv: Fix DAT candidate 
selection on little endian systems (Sven Eckelmann) - NFC: pn533: fix 
bulk-message timeout (Johan Hovold) - netfilter: arp_tables: init netns 
pointer in xt_tgdtor_param struct (Florian Westphal) - netfilter: fix a 
use-after-free in mtype_destroy() (Cong Wang) - cfg80211: fix page 
refcount issue in A-MSDU decap (Felix Fietkau) - arm64: dts: 
agilex/stratix10: fix pmu interrupt numbers (Dinh Nguyen) - 
mm/huge_memory.c: thp: fix conflict of above-47bit hint address and PMD 
alignment (Kirill A. Shutemov) - mm/huge_memory.c: make 
__thp_get_unmapped_area static (Bharath Vedartham) - USB: serial: 
io_edgeport: handle unbound ports on URB completion (Johan Hovold) - 
USB: serial: io_edgeport: use irqsave() in USB's complete callback (John 
Ogness) - net: stmmac: Enable 16KB buffer size (Jose Abreu) - net: 
stmmac: 16KB buffer must be 16 byte aligned (Jose Abreu) - 
mm/page-writeback.c: avoid potential division by zero in 
wb_min_max_ratio() (Wen Yang) - btrfs: fix memory leak in qgroup 
accounting (Johannes Thumshirn) - mm/shmem.c: thp, shmem: fix conflict 
of above-47bit hint address and PMD alignment (Kirill A. Shutemov) - 
perf report: Fix incorrectly added dimensions as switch perf data file 
(Jin Yao) - perf hists: Fix variable name's inconsistency in 
hists__for_each() macro (Yuya Fujita) - x86/efistub: Disable paging at 
mixed mode entry (Ard Biesheuvel) - x86/resctrl: Fix an imbalance in 
domain_remove_cpu() (Qian Cai) - usb: core: hub: Improved device 
recognition on remote wakeup (Keiya Nobuta) - ptrace: reintroduce usage 
of subjective credentials in ptrace_has_cap() (Christian Brauner) - 
scsi: mptfusion: Fix double fetch bug in ioctl (Dan Carpenter) - scsi: 
fnic: fix invalid stack access (Arnd Bergmann) - USB: serial: quatech2: 
handle unbound ports (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: keyspan: handle 
unbound ports (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: io_edgeport: add missing 
active-port sanity check (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: ch341: handle 
unbound port at reset_resume (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: suppress 
driver bind attributes (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: option: add support 
for Quectel RM500Q in QDL mode (Reinhard Speyerer) - USB: serial: 
opticon: fix control-message timeouts (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: 
option: Add support for Quectel RM500Q (Kristian Evensen) - USB: serial: 
simple: Add Motorola Solutions TETRA MTP3xxx and MTP85xx (Jerónimo 
Borque) - iio: buffer: align the size of scan bytes to size of the 
largest element (Lars Möllendorf) - ARM: dts: am571x-idk: Fix gpios 
property to have the correct gpio number (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - Fix 
built-in early-load Intel microcode alignment (Jari Ruusu) - ALSA: seq: 
Fix racy access for queue timer in proc read (Takashi Iwai) - ASoC: 
msm8916-wcd-analog: Fix selected events for MIC BIAS External1 (Stephan 
Gerhold) - clk: Don't try to enable critical clocks if prepare failed 
(Guenter Roeck) - dt-bindings: reset: meson8b: fix duplicate reset IDs 
(Martin Blumenstingl) - Linux 4.14.166 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - ocfs2: 
call journal flush to mark journal as empty after journal recovery when 
mount (Kai Li) - hexagon: work around compiler crash (Nick Desaulniers) 
- hexagon: parenthesize registers in asm predicates (Nick Desaulniers) - 
ioat: ioat_alloc_ring() failure handling. (Alexander.Barabash at dell.com) 
- dmaengine: k3dma: Avoid null pointer traversal (John Stultz) - MIPS: 
Prevent link failure with kcov instrumentation (Jouni Hogander) - mips: 
cacheinfo: report shared CPU map (Vladimir Kondratiev) - rseq/selftests: 
Turn off timeout setting (Mathieu Desnoyers) - scsi: libcxgbi: fix NULL 
pointer dereference in cxgbi_device_destroy() (Varun Prakash) - gpio: 
mpc8xxx: Add platform device to gpiochip->parent (Johnson CH Chen (陳昭勳)) 
- rtc: msm6242: Fix reading of 10-hour digit (Kars de Jong) - f2fs: fix 
potential overflow (Chao Yu) - rtlwifi: Remove unnecessary NULL check in 
rtl_regd_init (Nathan Chancellor) - spi: atmel: fix handling of 
cs_change set on non-last xfer (Mans Rullgard) - mtd: spi-nor: fix 
silent truncation in spi_nor_read_raw() (Sergei Shtylyov) - mtd: 
spi-nor: fix silent truncation in spi_nor_read() (Sergei Shtylyov) - 
media: exynos4-is: Fix recursive locking in isp_video_release() 
(Seung-Woo Kim) - media: ov6650: Fix .get_fmt() V4L2_SUBDEV_FORMAT_TRY 
support (Janusz Krzysztofik) - media: ov6650: Fix some format attributes 
not under control (Janusz Krzysztofik) - media: ov6650: Fix incorrect 
use of JPEG colorspace (Janusz Krzysztofik) - tty: serial: pch_uart: 
correct usage of dma_unmap_sg (Peng Fan) - tty: serial: imx: use the sg 
count from dma_map_sg (Peng Fan) - powerpc/powernv: Disable native PCIe 
port management (Oliver O'Halloran) - PCI/PTM: Remove spurious "d" from 
granularity message (Bjorn Helgaas) - compat_ioctl: handle SIOCOUTQNSD 
(Arnd Bergmann) - af_unix: add compat_ioctl support (Arnd Bergmann) - 
arm64: dts: apq8096-db820c: Increase load on l21 for SDCARD (Loic 
Poulain) - scsi: sd: enable compat ioctls for sed-opal (Arnd Bergmann) - 
pinctrl: lewisburg: Update pin list according to v1.1v6 (Andy 
Shevchenko) - pinctl: ti: iodelay: fix error checking on 
pinctrl_count_index_with_args call (Colin Ian King) - clk: samsung: 
exynos5420: Preserve CPU clocks configuration during suspend/resume 
(Marian Mihailescu) - mei: fix modalias documentation (Alexander 
Usyskin) - iio: imu: adis16480: assign bias value only if operation 
succeeded (Alexandru Ardelean) - NFSv4.x: Drop the slot if 
nfs4_delegreturn_prepare waits for layoutreturn (Trond Myklebust) - 
xprtrdma: Fix completion wait during device removal (Chuck Lever) - 
platform/x86: asus-wmi: Fix keyboard brightness cannot be set to 0 
(Jian-Hong Pan) - scsi: sd: Clear sdkp->protection_type if disk is 
reformatted without PI (Xiang Chen) - scsi: enclosure: Fix stale device 
oops with hot replug (James Bottomley) - arm64: Check for errata before 
evaluating cpu features (Dirk Mueller) - arm64: add sentinel to 
kpti_safe_list (Mark Rutland) - RDMA/srpt: Report the SCSI residual to 
the initiator (Bart Van Assche) - RDMA/mlx5: Return proper error value 
(Leon Romanovsky) - btrfs: simplify inode locking for RWF_NOWAIT 
(Goldwyn Rodrigues) - cifs: Adjust indentation in smb2_open_file (Nathan 
Chancellor) - hsr: reset network header when supervision frame is 
created (Taehee Yoo) - gpio: Fix error message on out-of-range GPIO in 
lookup table (Geert Uytterhoeven) - iommu: Remove device link to group 
on failure (Jon Derrick) - gpio: zynq: Fix for bug in 
zynq_gpio_restore_context API (Swapna Manupati) - ASoC: stm32: spdifrx: 
fix race condition in irq handler (Olivier Moysan) - ASoC: stm32: 
spdifrx: fix inconsistent lock state (Olivier Moysan) - RDMA/bnxt_re: 
Fix Send Work Entry state check while polling completions (Selvin 
Xavier) - rtc: mt6397: fix alarm register overwrite (Ran Bi) - dccp: Fix 
memleak in __feat_register_sp (YueHaibing) - iwlwifi: dbg_ini: fix 
memory leak in alloc_sgtable (Navid Emamdoost) - wimax: i2400: Fix 
memory leak in i2400m_op_rfkill_sw_toggle (Navid Emamdoost) - wimax: 
i2400: fix memory leak (Navid Emamdoost) - cifs: Fix lease buffer length 
error (ZhangXiaoxu) - mac80211: Do not send Layer 2 Update frame before 
authorization (Jouni Malinen) - cfg80211/mac80211: make 
ieee80211_send_layer2_update a public function (Dedy Lansky) - arm64: 
Make sure permission updates happen for pmd/pud (Laura Abbott) - arm64: 
Enforce BBM for huge IO/VMAP mappings (Will Deacon) - arm64: mm: Change 
page table pointer name in p[md]_set_huge() (Ben Hutchings) - arm64: 
don't open code page table entry creation (Kristina Martsenko) - rsi: 
add fix for crash during assertions (Sanjay Konduri) - fs/select: avoid 
clang stack usage warning (Arnd Bergmann) - ethtool: reduce stack usage 
with clang (Arnd Bergmann) - HID: hidraw, uhid: Always report EPOLLOUT 
(Jiri Kosina) - HID: hidraw: Fix returning EPOLLOUT from hidraw_poll 
(Marcel Holtmann) - hidraw: Return EPOLLOUT from hidraw_poll (Fabian 
Henneke) - Linux 4.14.165 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - netfilter: ipset: avoid 
null deref when IPSET_ATTR_LINENO is present (Florian Westphal) - 
netfilter: arp_tables: init netns pointer in xt_tgchk_param struct 
(Florian Westphal) - phy: cpcap-usb: Fix flakey host idling and 
enumerating of devices (Tony Lindgren) - phy: cpcap-usb: Fix error path 
when no host driver is loaded (Tony Lindgren) - USB: Fix: Don't skip 
endpoint descriptors with maxpacket=0 (Alan Stern) - HID: hiddev: fix 
mess in hiddev_open() (Dmitry Torokhov) - arm64: cpufeature: Avoid 
warnings due to unused symbols (Will Deacon) - ath10k: fix memory leak 
(Navid Emamdoost) - rtl8xxxu: prevent leaking urb (Navid Emamdoost) - 
scsi: bfa: release allocated memory in case of error (Navid Emamdoost) - 
mwifiex: pcie: Fix memory leak in mwifiex_pcie_alloc_cmdrsp_buf (Navid 
Emamdoost) - tty: always relink the port (Sudip Mukherjee) - tty: link 
tty and port before configuring it as console (Sudip Mukherjee) - 
staging: rtl8188eu: Add device code for TP-Link TL-WN727N v5.21 (Michael 
Straube) - drm/dp_mst: correct the shifting in DP_REMOTE_I2C_READ (Wayne 
Lin) - drm/fb-helper: Round up bits_per_pixel if possible (Geert 
Uytterhoeven) - Input: add safety guards to input_set_keycode() (Dmitry 
Torokhov) - HID: hid-input: clear unmapped usages (Dmitry Torokhov) - 
staging: comedi: adv_pci1710: fix AI channels 16-31 for PCI-1713 (Ian 
Abbott) - usb: musb: dma: Correct parameter passed to IRQ handler (Paul 
Cercueil) - usb: musb: Disable pullup at init (Paul Cercueil) - usb: 
musb: fix idling for suspend after disconnect interrupt (Tony Lindgren) 
- USB: serial: option: add ZLP support for 0x1bc7/0x9010 (Daniele 
Palmas) - staging: vt6656: set usb_set_intfdata on driver fail. (Malcolm 
Priestley) - gpiolib: acpi: Add honor_wakeup module-option + quirk 
mechanism (Hans de Goede) - gpiolib: acpi: Turn dmi_system_id table into 
a generic quirk table (Hans de Goede) - can: can_dropped_invalid_skb(): 
ensure an initialized headroom in outgoing CAN sk_buffs (Oliver 
Hartkopp) - can: mscan: mscan_rx_poll(): fix rx path lockup when 
returning from polling to irq mode (Florian Faber) - can: gs_usb: 
gs_usb_probe(): use descriptors of current altsetting (Johan Hovold) - 
HID: uhid: Fix returning EPOLLOUT from uhid_char_poll (Marcel Holtmann) 
- HID: Fix slab-out-of-bounds read in hid_field_extract (Alan Stern) - 
tracing: Have stack tracer compile when MCOUNT_INSN_SIZE is not defined 
(Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - kernel/trace: Fix do not unregister 
tracepoints when register sched_migrate_task fail (Kaitao Cheng) - ALSA: 
hda/realtek - Set EAPD control to default for ALC222 (Kailang Yang) - 
ALSA: hda/realtek - Add new codec supported for ALCS1200A (Kailang Yang) 
- ALSA: usb-audio: Apply the sample rate quirk for Bose Companion 5 
(Takashi Iwai) - usb: chipidea: host: Disable port power only if 
previously enabled (Guenter Roeck) - chardev: Avoid potential 
use-after-free in 'chrdev_open()' (Will Deacon) - Linux 4.14.164 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - vlan: fix memory leak in vlan_dev_set_egress_priority 
(Eric Dumazet) - net: sch_prio: When ungrafting, replace with FIFO (Petr 
Machata) - vlan: vlan_changelink() should propagate errors (Eric 
Dumazet) - vxlan: fix tos value before xmit (Hangbin Liu) - tcp: fix 
"old stuff" D-SACK causing SACK to be treated as D-SACK (Pengcheng Yang) 
- sctp: free cmd->obj.chunk for the unprocessed SCTP_CMD_REPLY (Xin 
Long) - USB: serial: option: add Telit ME910G1 0x110a composition 
(Daniele Palmas) - USB: core: fix check for duplicate endpoints (Johan 
Hovold) - pkt_sched: fq: do not accept silly TCA_FQ_QUANTUM (Eric 
Dumazet) - net: usb: lan78xx: fix possible skb leak (Eric Dumazet) - 
net: stmmac: dwmac-sunxi: Allow all RGMII modes (Chen-Yu Tsai) - net: 
stmmac: dwmac-sun8i: Allow all RGMII modes (Chen-Yu Tsai) - net: dsa: 
mv88e6xxx: Preserve priority when setting CPU port. (Andrew Lunn) - 
macvlan: do not assume mac_header is set in macvlan_broadcast() (Eric 
Dumazet) - gtp: fix bad unlock balance in gtp_encap_enable_socket (Eric 
Dumazet) - mmc: block: propagate correct returned value in 
mmc_rpmb_ioctl (Mathieu Malaterre) - mmc: core: Prevent bus reference 
leak in mmc_blk_init() (Alexander Kappner) - mmc: block: Fix bug when 
removing RPMB chardev (Linus Walleij) - mmc: block: Delete 
mmc_access_rpmb() (Linus Walleij) - mmc: block: Convert RPMB to a 
character device (Linus Walleij) - PCI/switchtec: Read all 64 bits of 
part_event_bitmap (Logan Gunthorpe) - bpf: Fix passing modified ctx to 
ld/abs/ind instruction (Daniel Borkmann) - bpf: reject passing modified 
ctx to helper functions (Daniel Borkmann) - hv_netvsc: Fix unwanted 
rx_table reset (Haiyang Zhang) - llc2: Fix return statement of 
llc_stat_ev_rx_null_dsap_xid_c (and _test_c) (Chan Shu Tak, Alex) - 
parisc: Fix compiler warnings in debug_core.c (Helge Deller) - block: 
fix memleak when __blk_rq_map_user_iov() is failed (Yang Yingliang) - 
s390/dasd: fix memleak in path handling error case (Stefan Haberland) - 
s390/dasd/cio: Interpret ccw_device_get_mdc return value correctly (Jan 
Höppner) - net: stmmac: RX buffer size must be 16 byte aligned (Jose 
Abreu) - net: stmmac: Do not accept invalid MTU values (Jose Abreu) - 
fs: avoid softlockups in s_inodes iterators (Eric Sandeen) - 
perf/x86/intel: Fix PT PMI handling (Alexander Shishkin) - kconfig: 
don't crash on NULL expressions in expr_eq() (Thomas Hebb) - regulator: 
rn5t618: fix module aliases (Andreas Kemnade) - ASoC: wm8962: fix lambda 
value (Shengjiu Wang) - rfkill: Fix incorrect check to avoid NULL 
pointer dereference (Aditya Pakki) - net: usb: lan78xx: Fix error 
message format specifier (Cristian Birsan) - bnx2x: Fix logic to get 
total no. of PFs per engine (Manish Chopra) - bnx2x: Do not handle 
requests from VFs after parity (Manish Chopra) - powerpc: Ensure that 
swiotlb buffer is allocated from low memory (Mike Rapoport) - samples: 
bpf: fix syscall_tp due to unused syscall (Daniel T. Lee) - samples: 
bpf: Replace symbol compare of trace_event (Daniel T. Lee) - ARM: dts: 
am437x-gp/epos-evm: fix panel compatible (Tomi Valkeinen) - bpf, mips: 
Limit to 33 tail calls (Paul Chaignon) - ARM: dts: bcm283x: Fix critical 
trip point (Stefan Wahren) - ASoC: topology: Check return value for 
soc_tplg_pcm_create() (Dragos Tarcatu) - spi: spi-cavium-thunderx: Add 
missing pci_release_regions() (Chuhong Yuan) - ARM: dts: Cygnus: Fix 
MDIO node address/size cells (Florian Fainelli) - netfilter: nf_tables: 
validate NFT_SET_ELEM_INTERVAL_END (Pablo Neira Ayuso) - netfilter: 
uapi: Avoid undefined left-shift in xt_sctp.h (Phil Sutter) - ARM: 
vexpress: Set-up shared OPP table instead of individual for each CPU 
(Sudeep Holla) - efi/gop: Fix memory leak in __gop_query32/64() (Arvind 
Sankar) - efi/gop: Return EFI_SUCCESS if a usable GOP was found (Arvind 
Sankar) - efi/gop: Return EFI_NOT_FOUND if there are no usable GOPs 
(Arvind Sankar) - x86/efi: Update e820 with reserved EFI boot services 
data to fix kexec breakage (Dave Young) - libtraceevent: Fix lib 
installation with O= (Sudip Mukherjee) - netfilter: ctnetlink: netns 
exit must wait for callbacks (Florian Westphal) - 
locking/spinlock/debug: Fix various data races (Marco Elver) - USB: 
dummy-hcd: increase max number of devices to 32 (Andrey Konovalov) - 
USB: dummy-hcd: use usb_urb_dir_in instead of usb_pipein (Andrey 
Konovalov) - Linux 4.14.163 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - perf/x86/intel/bts: 
Fix the use of page_private() (Alexander Shishkin) - s390/smp: fix 
physical to logical CPU map for SMT (Heiko Carstens) - net: add 
annotations on hh->hh_len lockless accesses (Eric Dumazet) - arm64: dts: 
meson: odroid-c2: Disable usb_otg bus to avoid power failed warning 
(Anand Moon) - ath9k_htc: Discard undersized packets (Masashi Honma) - 
ath9k_htc: Modify byte order for an error message (Masashi Honma) - 
rxrpc: Fix possible NULL pointer access in ICMP handling (David Howells) 
- selftests: rtnetlink: add addresses with fixed life time (Florian 
Westphal) - powerpc/pseries/hvconsole: Fix stack overread via udbg 
(Daniel Axtens) - drm/mst: Fix MST sideband up-reply failure handling 
(Imre Deak) - fix compat handling of FICLONERANGE, FIDEDUPERANGE and 
FS_IOC_FIEMAP (Al Viro) - tty: serial: msm_serial: Fix lockup for sysrq 
and oops (Leo Yan) - dt-bindings: clock: renesas: rcar-usb2-clock-sel: 
Fix typo in example (Geert Uytterhoeven) - media: usb: fix memory leak 
in af9005_identify_state (Navid Emamdoost) - regulator: ab8500: Remove 
AB8505 USB regulator (Stephan Gerhold) - media: flexcop-usb: ensure -EIO 
is returned on error condition (Colin Ian King) - Bluetooth: Fix memory 
leak in hci_connect_le_scan (Navid Emamdoost) - Bluetooth: delete a 
stray unlock (Dan Carpenter) - Bluetooth: btusb: fix PM leak in error 
case of setup (Oliver Neukum) - platform/x86: pmc_atom: Add Siemens 
CONNECT X300 to critclk_systems DMI table (Michael Haener) - xfs: don't 
check for AG deadlock for realtime files in bunmapi (Omar Sandoval) - 
nfsd4: fix up replay_matches_cache() (Scott Mayhew) - PM / devfreq: 
Check NULL governor in available_governors_show (Leonard Crestez) - 
arm64: Revert support for execute-only user mappings (Catalin Marinas) - 
ftrace: Avoid potential division by zero in function profiler (Wen Yang) 
- exit: panic before exit_mm() on global init exit (chenqiwu) - ALSA: 
firewire-motu: Correct a typo in the clock proc string (Takashi Iwai) - 
ALSA: cs4236: fix error return comparison of an unsigned integer (Colin 
Ian King) - tracing: Have the histogram compare functions convert to u64 
first (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - tracing: Fix lock inversion in 
trace_event_enable_tgid_record() (Prateek Sood) - gpiolib: fix up 
emulated open drain outputs (Russell King) - ata: ahci_brcm: Fix AHCI 
resources management (Florian Fainelli) - ata: ahci_brcm: Allow optional 
reset controller to be used (Florian Fainelli) - ata: libahci_platform: 
Export again ahci_platform_<en/dis>able_phys() (Florian Fainelli) - 
compat_ioctl: block: handle BLKREPORTZONE/BLKRESETZONE (Arnd Bergmann) - 
compat_ioctl: block: handle Persistent Reservations (Arnd Bergmann) - 
dmaengine: Fix access to uninitialized dma_slave_caps (Lukas Wunner) - 
locks: print unsigned ino in /proc/locks (Amir Goldstein) - pstore/ram: 
Write new dumps to start of recycled zones (Aleksandr Yashkin) - memcg: 
account security cred as well to kmemcg (Shakeel Butt) - mm/zsmalloc.c: 
fix the migrated zspage statistics. (Chanho Min) - media: cec: avoid 
decrementing transmit_queue_sz if it is 0 (Hans Verkuil) - media: cec: 
CEC 2.0-only bcast messages were ignored (Hans Verkuil) - media: 
pulse8-cec: fix lost cec_transmit_attempt_done() call (Hans Verkuil) - 
MIPS: Avoid VDSO ABI breakage due to global register variable (Paul 
Burton) - drm/sun4i: hdmi: Remove duplicate cleanup calls (Stefan 
Mavrodiev) - ALSA: ice1724: Fix sleep-in-atomic in Infrasonic Quartet 
support code (Takashi Iwai) - drm: limit to INT_MAX in create_blob ioctl 
(Daniel Vetter) - taskstats: fix data-race (Christian Brauner) - xfs: 
fix mount failure crash on invalid iclog memory access (Brian Foster) - 
PM / hibernate: memory_bm_find_bit(): Tighten node optimisation (Andy 
Whitcroft) - xen/balloon: fix ballooned page accounting without hotplug 
enabled (Juergen Gross) - xen-blkback: prevent premature module unload 
(Paul Durrant) - IB/mlx4: Follow mirror sequence of device add during 
device removal (Parav Pandit) - s390/cpum_sf: Avoid SBD overflow 
condition in irq handler (Thomas Richter) - s390/cpum_sf: Adjust 
sampling interval to avoid hitting sample limits (Thomas Richter) - md: 
raid1: check rdev before reference in raid1_sync_request func (Zhiqiang 
Liu) - net: make socket read/write_iter() honor IOCB_NOWAIT (Jens Axboe) 
- usb: gadget: fix wrong endpoint desc (EJ Hsu) - drm/nouveau: Move the 
declaration of struct nouveau_conn_atom up a bit (Hans de Goede) - scsi: 
libsas: stop discovering if oob mode is disconnected (Jason Yan) - scsi: 
iscsi: qla4xxx: fix double free in probe (Dan Carpenter) - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Don't call qlt_async_event twice (Roman Bolshakov) - scsi: 
lpfc: Fix memory leak on lpfc_bsg_write_ebuf_set func (Bo Wu) - rxe: 
correctly calculate iCRC for unaligned payloads (Steve Wise) - RDMA/cma: 
add missed unregister_pernet_subsys in init failure (Chuhong Yuan) - PM 
/ devfreq: Don't fail devfreq_dev_release if not in list (Leonard 
Crestez) - iio: adc: max9611: Fix too short conversion time delay (Geert 
Uytterhoeven) - nvme_fc: add module to ops template to allow module 
references (James Smart) - Linux 4.14.162 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - spi: 
fsl: use platform_get_irq() instead of of_irq_to_resource() (Christophe 
Leroy) - gtp: avoid zero size hashtable (Taehee Yoo) - gtp: fix an 
use-after-free in ipv4_pdp_find() (Taehee Yoo) - gtp: fix wrong 
condition in gtp_genl_dump_pdp() (Taehee Yoo) - tcp: do not send empty 
skb from tcp_write_xmit() (Eric Dumazet) - tcp/dccp: fix possible race 
__inet_lookup_established() (Eric Dumazet) - gtp: do not allow adding 
duplicate tid and ms_addr pdp context (Taehee Yoo) - vhost/vsock: accept 
only packets with the right dst_cid (Stefano Garzarella) - udp: fix 
integer overflow while computing available space in sk_rcvbuf (Antonio 
Messina) - ptp: fix the race between the release of ptp_clock and cdev 
(Vladis Dronov) - net/mlxfw: Fix out-of-memory error in mfa2 flash 
burning (Vladyslav Tarasiuk) - net: ena: fix napi handler misbehavior 
when the napi budget is zero (Netanel Belgazal) - pinctrl: baytrail: 
Really serialize all register accesses (Hans de Goede) - tty/serial: 
atmel: fix out of range clock divider handling (David Engraf) - spi: 
fsl: don't map irq during probe (Christophe Leroy) - hrtimer: Annotate 
lockless access to timer->state (Eric Dumazet) - net: icmp: fix 
data-race in cmp_global_allow() (Eric Dumazet) - net: add a READ_ONCE() 
in skb_peek_tail() (Eric Dumazet) - inetpeer: fix data-race in 
inet_putpeer / inet_putpeer (Eric Dumazet) - netfilter: bridge: make 
sure to pull arp header in br_nf_forward_arp() (Eric Dumazet) - 
6pack,mkiss: fix possible deadlock (Eric Dumazet) - netfilter: ebtables: 
compat: reject all padding in matches/watchers (Florian Westphal) - 
filldir[64]: remove WARN_ON_ONCE() for bad directory entries (Linus 
Torvalds) - Make filldir[64]() verify the directory entry filename is 
valid (Linus Torvalds) - perf strbuf: Remove redundant va_end() in 
strbuf_addv() (Mattias Jacobsson) - bonding: fix active-backup 
transition after link failure (Mahesh Bandewar) - ALSA: hda - Downgrade 
error message for single-cmd fallback (Takashi Iwai) - netfilter: 
nf_queue: enqueue skbs with NULL dst (Marco Oliverio) - net, sysctl: Fix 
compiler warning when only cBPF is present (Alexander Lobakin) - 
x86/mce: Fix possibly incorrect severity calculation on AMD (Jan H. 
Schönherr) - userfaultfd: require CAP_SYS_PTRACE for 
UFFD_FEATURE_EVENT_FORK (Mike Rapoport) - kernel: sysctl: make 
drop_caches write-only (Johannes Weiner) - ocfs2: fix passing zero to 
'PTR_ERR' warning (Ding Xiang) - s390/cpum_sf: Check for SDBT and SDB 
consistency (Thomas Richter) - libfdt: define INT32_MAX and UINT32_MAX 
in libfdt_env.h (Masahiro Yamada) - s390/zcrypt: handle new reply code 
FILTERED_BY_HYPERVISOR (Harald Freudenberger) - perf regs: Make 
perf_reg_name() return "unknown" instead of NULL (Arnaldo Carvalho de 
Melo) - perf script: Fix brstackinsn for AUXTRACE (Adrian Hunter) - 
cdrom: respect device capabilities during opening action (Diego Elio 
Pettenò) - scripts/kallsyms: fix definitely-lost memory leak (Masahiro 
Yamada) - apparmor: fix unsigned len comparison with less than zero 
(Colin Ian King) - gpio: mpc8xxx: Don't overwrite default irq_set_type 
callback (Vladimir Oltean) - scsi: target: iscsi: Wait for all commands 
to finish before freeing a session (Bart Van Assche) - scsi: iscsi: 
Don't send data to unbound connection (Anatol Pomazau) - scsi: NCR5380: 
Add disconnect_mask module parameter (Finn Thain) - scsi: scsi_debug: 
num_tgts must be >= 0 (Maurizio Lombardi) - scsi: ufs: Fix error handing 
during hibern8 enter (Subhash Jadavani) - scsi: pm80xx: Fix for SATA 
device discovery (peter chang) - HID: Improve Windows Precision Touchpad 
detection. (Blaž Hrastnik) - libnvdimm/btt: fix variable 'rc' set but 
not used (Qian Cai) - HID: logitech-hidpp: Silence intermittent 
get_battery_capacity errors (Hans de Goede) - bcache: at least try to 
shrink 1 node in bch_mca_scan() (Coly Li) - clk: pxa: fix one of the pxa 
RTC clocks (Robert Jarzmik) - scsi: atari_scsi: sun3_scsi: Set 
sg_tablesize to 1 instead of SG_NONE (Finn Thain) - powerpc/security: 
Fix wrong message when RFI Flush is disable (Gustavo L. F. Walbon) - 
powerpc/pseries/cmm: Implement release() function for sysfs device 
(David Hildenbrand) - scsi: ufs: fix potential bug which ends in system 
hang (Bean Huo) - scsi: lpfc: fix: Coverity: lpfc_cmpl_els_rsp(): Null 
pointer dereferences (James Smart) - fs/quota: handle overflows of 
sysctl fs.quota.* and report as unsigned long (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - 
irqchip: ingenic: Error out if IRQ domain creation failed (Paul 
Cercueil) - irqchip/irq-bcm7038-l1: Enable parent IRQ if necessary 
(Florian Fainelli) - clk: qcom: Allow constant ratio freq tables for rcg 
(Jeffrey Hugo) - f2fs: fix to update dir's i_pino during cross_rename 
(Chao Yu) - scsi: lpfc: Fix duplicate unreg_rpi error in port offline 
flow (James Smart) - scsi: tracing: Fix handling of TRANSFER LENGTH == 0 
for READ(6) and WRITE(6) (Bart Van Assche) - jbd2: Fix statistics for 
the number of logged blocks (Jan Kara) - ext4: update direct I/O read 
lock pattern for IOCB_NOWAIT (Matthew Bobrowski) - 
powerpc/book3s64/hash: Add cond_resched to avoid soft lockup warning 
(Aneesh Kumar K.V) - powerpc/security/book3s64: Report L1TF status in 
sysfs (Anthony Steinhauser) - clocksource/drivers/asm9260: Add a check 
for of_clk_get (Chuhong Yuan) - dma-debug: add a schedule point in 
debug_dma_dump_mappings() (Eric Dumazet) - powerpc/tools: Don't quote 
$objdump in scripts (Michael Ellerman) - powerpc/pseries: Don't fail 
hash page table insert for bolted mapping (Aneesh Kumar K.V) - 
powerpc/pseries: Mark accumulate_stolen_time() as notrace (Michael 
Ellerman) - scsi: csiostor: Don't enable IRQs too early (Dan Carpenter) 
- scsi: lpfc: Fix SLI3 hba in loop mode not discovering devices (James 
Smart) - scsi: target: compare full CHAP_A Algorithm strings (David 
Disseldorp) - iommu/tegra-smmu: Fix page tables in > 4 GiB memory 
(Thierry Reding) - Input: atmel_mxt_ts - disable IRQ across suspend 
(Evan Green) - scsi: lpfc: Fix locking on mailbox command completion 
(James Smart) - scsi: lpfc: Fix discovery failures when target device 
connectivity bounces (James Smart) - uek-rpm: mips64: enable fips (Dave 
Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30936789] - cgroup: psi: fix memory leak when freeing 
a cgroup work function (Tom Hromatka) [Orabug: 30903262] - xfs: fix 
deadlock between shrinker and fs freeze (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 30898008] 
- xfs: increase the default parallelism levels of pwork clients (Darrick 
J. Wong) [Orabug: 30898008] - xfs: decide if inode needs inactivation 
(Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 30898008] - xfs: refactor the predicate part 
of xfs_free_eofblocks (Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 30898008] - drm/i915: 
Fix use-after-free when destroying GEM context (Tyler Hicks) [Orabug: 
30860455] {CVE-2020-7053}
- mwifiex: fix unbalanced locking in mwifiex_process_country_ie() (Brian 
Norris) [Orabug: 30781856] {CVE-2019-14895}
- mwifiex: fix possible heap overflow in mwifiex_process_country_ie() 
(Ganapathi Bhat) [Orabug: 30781856] {CVE-2019-14895} {CVE-2019-14895}
- ipmi_ssif: avoid registering duplicate ssif interface (Kamlakant 
Patel) [Orabug: 30909515] - slub: extend slub debug to handle multiple 
slabs (Aaron Tomlin) [Orabug: 30903102] - rds: Avoid flushing MRs in 
rds_rdma_drop_keys (aru kolappan) [Orabug: 30681065]

- rds: Avoid qp overflow when posting invalidate/register mr with frwr 
(Hans Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 30888673] - IB/mlx5: Disable BME on panic 
(Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30868042] - IB/mlx5: Remove trailing blanks in 
main.c (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30868042] - Revert "IB/mlx5: Disable BME 
on panic" (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30868042] - Linux 4.14.161 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - perf probe: Fix to show function entry line as 
probe-able (Masami Hiramatsu) - nbd: fix shutdown and recv work deadlock 
v2 (Mike Christie) - mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: fix P2020 errata handling 
(Yangbo Lu) - mmc: sdhci: Update the tuning failed messages to pr_debug 
level (Faiz Abbas) - mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: Revert "mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: 
add erratum A-009204 support" (Rasmus Villemoes) - powerpc/irq: fix 
stack overflow verification (Christophe Leroy) - x86/MCE/AMD: Allow 
Reserved types to be overwritten in smca_banks[] (Yazen Ghannam) - 
x86/MCE/AMD: Do not use rdmsr_safe_on_cpu() in smca_configure() 
(Konstantin Khlebnikov) - KVM: arm64: Ensure 'params' is initialised 
when looking up sys register (Will Deacon) - ext4: unlock on error in 
ext4_expand_extra_isize() (Dan Carpenter) - ext4: check for directory 
entries too close to block end (Jan Kara) - ext4: fix ext4_empty_dir() 
for directories with holes (Jan Kara) {CVE-2019-19037}
- staging: comedi: gsc_hpdi: check dma_alloc_coherent() return value 
(Ian Abbott) - platform/x86: hp-wmi: Make buffer for 
HPWMI_FEATURE2_QUERY 128 bytes (Hans de Goede) - intel_th: pci: Add 
Elkhart Lake SOC support (Alexander Shishkin) - intel_th: pci: Add Comet 
Lake PCH-V support (Alexander Shishkin) - USB: EHCI: Do not return 
-EPIPE when hub is disconnected (Erkka Talvitie) - usbip: Fix error path 
of vhci_recv_ret_submit() (Suwan Kim) - usbip: Fix receive error in 
vhci-hcd when using scatter-gather (Suwan Kim) - btrfs: abort 
transaction after failed inode updates in create_subvol (Josef Bacik) - 
btrfs: return error pointer from alloc_test_extent_buffer (Dan 
Carpenter) - s390/ftrace: fix endless recursion in function_graph tracer 
(Sven Schnelle) - usb: xhci: Fix build warning seen with CONFIG_PM=n 
(Guenter Roeck) - mmc: mediatek: fix CMD_TA to 2 for MT8173 HS200/HS400 
mode (Chaotian Jing) - Revert "mmc: sdhci: Fix incorrect switch to HS 
mode" (Faiz Abbas) - btrfs: don't prematurely free work in 
scrub_missing_raid56_worker() (Omar Sandoval) - btrfs: don't prematurely 
free work in reada_start_machine_worker() (Omar Sandoval) - net: phy: 
initialise phydev speed and duplex sanely (Russell King) - mips: fix 
build when "48 bits virtual memory" is enabled (Mike Rapoport) - 
libtraceevent: Fix memory leakage in copy_filter_type (Hewenliang) - 
crypto: vmx - Avoid weird build failures (Michael Ellerman) - mac80211: 
consider QoS Null frames for STA_NULLFUNC_ACKED (Thomas Pedersen) - 
crypto: sun4i-ss - Fix 64-bit size_t warnings on sun4i-ss-hash.c 
(Corentin Labbe) - crypto: sun4i-ss - Fix 64-bit size_t warnings 
(Herbert Xu) - fbtft: Make sure string is NULL terminated (Andy 
Shevchenko) - iwlwifi: check kasprintf() return value (Johannes Berg) - 
x86/insn: Add some Intel instructions to the opcode map (Adrian Hunter) 
- spi: st-ssc4: add missed pm_runtime_disable (Chuhong Yuan) - btrfs: 
don't prematurely free work in run_ordered_work() (Omar Sandoval) - 
btrfs: don't prematurely free work in end_workqueue_fn() (Omar Sandoval) 
- mmc: tmio: Add MMC_CAP_ERASE to allow erase/discard/trim requests 
(Eugeniu Rosca) - crypto: virtio - deal with unsupported input sizes 
(Ard Biesheuvel) - spi: tegra20-slink: add missed clk_unprepare (Chuhong 
Yuan) - iwlwifi: mvm: fix unaligned read of rx_pkt_status (Wang Xuerui) 
- x86/crash: Add a forward declaration of struct kimage (Lianbo Jiang) - 
cpufreq: Register drivers only after CPU devices have been registered 
(Viresh Kumar) - parport: load lowlevel driver if ports not found (Sudip 
Mukherjee) - s390/disassembler: don't hide instruction addresses (Ilya 
Leoshkevich) - ASoC: Intel: kbl_rt5663_rt5514_max98927: Add dmic format 
constraint (Yu-Hsuan Hsu) - ASoC: rt5677: Mark reg RT5677_PWR_ANLG2 as 
volatile (Ben Zhang) - spi: pxa2xx: Add missed security checks (Chuhong 
Yuan) - EDAC/ghes: Fix grain calculation (Robert Richter) - media: 
si470x-i2c: add missed operations in remove (Chuhong Yuan) - media: 
pvrusb2: Fix oops on tear-down when radio support is not present (Mike 
Isely) - fsi: core: Fix small accesses and unaligned offsets via sysfs 
(Andrew Jeffery) - ath10k: fix get invalid tx rate for Mesh metric 
(Miaoqing Pan) - perf probe: Filter out instances except for inlined 
subroutine and subprogram (Masami Hiramatsu) - perf probe: Skip 
end-of-sequence and non statement lines (Masami Hiramatsu) - perf probe: 
Fix to show calling lines of inlined functions (Masami Hiramatsu) - perf 
probe: Return a better scope DIE if there is no best scope (Masami 
Hiramatsu) - perf probe: Skip overlapped location on searching variables 
(Masami Hiramatsu) - perf parse: If pmu configuration fails free terms 
(Ian Rogers) - drm/amdgpu: fix potential double drop fence reference 
(Pan Bian) - perf probe: Fix to probe a function which has no entry pc 
(Masami Hiramatsu) - libsubcmd: Use -O0 with DEBUG=1 (James Clark) - 
perf probe: Fix to show inlined function callsite without entry_pc 
(Masami Hiramatsu) - perf probe: Fix to show ranges of variables in 
functions without entry_pc (Masami Hiramatsu) - perf probe: Fix to probe 
an inline function which has no entry pc (Masami Hiramatsu) - perf 
probe: Walk function lines in lexical blocks (Masami Hiramatsu) - perf 
probe: Fix to list probe event with correct line number (Masami 
Hiramatsu) - perf probe: Fix to find range-only function instance 
(Masami Hiramatsu) - rtlwifi: fix memory leak in 
rtl92c_set_fw_rsvdpagepkt() (Ping-Ke Shih) - ALSA: timer: Limit max 
amount of slave instances (Takashi Iwai) - spi: img-spfi: fix potential 
double release (Pan Bian) - bnx2x: Fix PF-VF communication over 
multi-cos queues. (Manish Chopra) - rfkill: allocate static minor 
(Marcel Holtmann) - media: v4l2-core: fix touch support in v4l_g_fmt 
(Vandana BN) - media: rcar_drif: fix a memory disclosure (Kangjie Lu) - 
pinctrl: amd: fix __iomem annotation in amd_gpio_irq_handler() (Ben 
Dooks (Codethink)) - Bluetooth: Fix advertising duplicated flags (Luiz 
Augusto von Dentz) - iio: dln2-adc: fix 
iio_triggered_buffer_postenable() position (Alexandru Ardelean) - 
pinctrl: sh-pfc: sh7734: Fix duplicate TCLK1_B (Geert Uytterhoeven) - 
loop: fix no-unmap write-zeroes request behavior (Darrick J. Wong) - 
libata: Ensure ata_port probe has completed before detach (John Garry) - 
s390/mm: add mm_pxd_folded() checks to pxd_free() (Gerald Schaefer) - 
s390/time: ensure get_clock_monotonic() returns monotonic values (Heiko 
Carstens) - phy: qcom-usb-hs: Fix extcon double register after power 
cycle (Stephan Gerhold) - net: dsa: LAN9303: select REGMAP when LAN9303 
enable (Mao Wenan) - gpu: host1x: Allocate gather copy for host1x 
(Thierry Reding) - RDMA/qedr: Fix memory leak in user qp and mr (Michal 
Kalderon) - net: phy: dp83867: enable robust auto-mdix (Grygorii 
Strashko) - arm64: psci: Reduce the waiting time for cpu_psci_cpu_kill() 
(Yunfeng Ye) - x86/ioapic: Prevent inconsistent state when moving an 
interrupt (Thomas Gleixner) - rtl8xxxu: fix RTL8723BU connection failure 
issue after warm reboot (Chris Chiu) - drm/gma500: fix memory 
disclosures due to uninitialized bytes (Kangjie Lu) - x86/mce: Lower 
throttling MCE messages' priority to warning (Benjamin Berg) - 
Bluetooth: hci_core: fix init for HCI_USER_CHANNEL (Mattijs Korpershoek) 
- Bluetooth: missed cpu_to_le16 conversion in hci_init4_req (Ben Dooks 
(Codethink)) - iio: adc: max1027: Reset the device at probe time (Miquel 
Raynal) - usb: usbfs: Suppress problematic bind and unbind uevents. 
(Ingo Rohloff) - perf report: Add warning when libunwind not compiled in 
(Jin Yao) - perf test: Report failure for mmap events (Leo Yan) - 
drm/bridge: dw-hdmi: Restore audio when setting a mode (Daniel Kurtz) - 
x86/mm: Use the correct function type for native_set_fixmap() (Sami 
Tolvanen) - extcon: sm5502: Reset registers during initialization 
(Stephan Gerhold) - media: ti-vpe: vpe: fix a v4l2-compliance failure 
about invalid sizeimage (Benoit Parrot) - media: ti-vpe: vpe: ensure 
buffers are cleaned up properly in abort cases (Benoit Parrot) - media: 
ti-vpe: vpe: fix a v4l2-compliance failure causing a kernel panic 
(Benoit Parrot) - media: ti-vpe: vpe: Make sure YUYV is set as default 
format (Benoit Parrot) - media: ti-vpe: vpe: fix a v4l2-compliance 
failure about frame sequence number (Benoit Parrot) - media: ti-vpe: 
vpe: fix a v4l2-compliance warning about invalid pixel format (Benoit 
Parrot) - media: ti-vpe: vpe: Fix Motion Vector vpdma stride (Benoit 
Parrot) - media: cx88: Fix some error handling path in 
'cx8800_initdev()' (Christophe JAILLET) - mwifiex: pcie: Fix memory leak 
in mwifiex_pcie_init_evt_ring (Navid Emamdoost) - block: Fix writeback 
throttling W=1 compiler warnings (Bart Van Assche) - samples: pktgen: 
fix proc_cmd command result check logic (Daniel T. Lee) - drm/bridge: 
dw-hdmi: Refuse DDC/CI transfers on the internal I2C controller 
(Matthias Kaehlcke) - media: cec-funcs.h: add status_req checks (Hans 
Verkuil) - media: flexcop-usb: fix NULL-ptr deref in 
flexcop_usb_transfer_init() (Yang Yingliang) - regulator: max8907: Fix 
the usage of uninitialized variable in max8907_regulator_probe() 
(Yizhuo) - hwrng: omap3-rom - Call clk_disable_unprepare() on exit only 
if not idled (Tony Lindgren) - usb: renesas_usbhs: add suspend event 
support in gadget mode (Veeraiyan Chidambaram) - selftests/bpf: Correct 
path to include msg + path (Ivan Khoronzhuk) - pinctrl: devicetree: 
Avoid taking direct reference to device name string (Will Deacon) - 
ath10k: fix offchannel tx failure when no ath10k_mac_tx_frm_has_freq 
(Ben Greear) - media: venus: core: Fix msm8996 frequency table (Loic 
Poulain) - tools/power/cpupower: Fix initializer override in 
hsw_ext_cstates (Nathan Chancellor) - media: ov6650: Fix stored crop 
rectangle not in sync with hardware (Janusz Krzysztofik) - media: 
ov6650: Fix stored frame format not in sync with hardware (Janusz 
Krzysztofik) - media: i2c: ov2659: Fix missing 720p register config 
(Benoit Parrot) - media: ov6650: Fix crop rectangle alignment not passed 
back (Janusz Krzysztofik) - media: i2c: ov2659: fix s_stream return 
value (Benoit Parrot) - media: am437x-vpfe: Setting STD to current value 
is not an error (Benoit Parrot) - IB/iser: bound protection_sg size by 
data_sg size (Max Gurtovoy) - libertas: fix a potential NULL pointer 
dereference (Allen Pais) - rtlwifi: prevent memory leak in rtl_usb_probe 
(Navid Emamdoost) - staging: rtl8188eu: fix possible null dereference 
(Connor Kuehl) - staging: rtl8192u: fix multiple memory leaks on error 
path (Navid Emamdoost) - spi: Add call to spi_slave_abort() function 
when spidev driver is released (Lukasz Majewski) - iio: light: bh1750: 
Resolve compiler warning and make code more readable (Krzysztof 
Wilczynski) - drm/bridge: analogix-anx78xx: silence -EPROBE_DEFER 
warnings (Brian Masney) - drm: mst: Fix query_payload ack reply struct 
(Sean Paul) - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Avoid endless loop (Takashi Iwai) - 
ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Keep power on during processing DSP response (Takashi 
Iwai) - ALSA: pcm: Avoid possible info leaks from PCM stream buffers 
(Takashi Iwai) - Btrfs: fix removal logic of the tree mod log that leads 
to use-after-free issues (Filipe Manana) - btrfs: handle ENOENT in 
btrfs_uuid_tree_iterate (Josef Bacik) - btrfs: do not leak reloc root if 
we fail to read the fs root (Josef Bacik) - btrfs: skip log replay on 
orphaned roots (Josef Bacik) - btrfs: do not call synchronize_srcu() in 
inode_tree_del (Josef Bacik) - btrfs: don't double lock the subvol_sem 
for rename exchange (Josef Bacik) - sctp: fully initialize v4 addr in 
some functions (Xin Long) - qede: Fix multicast mac configuration 
(Manish Chopra) - net: usb: lan78xx: Fix suspend/resume PHY register 
access error (Cristian Birsan) - net: qlogic: Fix error paths in 
ql_alloc_large_buffers() (Ben Hutchings) - net: nfc: nci: fix a possible 
sleep-in-atomic-context bug in nci_uart_tty_receive() (Jia-Ju Bai) - 
net: hisilicon: Fix a BUG trigered by wrong bytes_compl (Jiangfeng Xiao) 
- net: dst: Force 4-byte alignment of dst_metrics (Geert Uytterhoeven) - 
mod_devicetable: fix PHY module format (Russell King) - fjes: fix missed 
check in fjes_acpi_add (Chuhong Yuan) - af_packet: set defaule value for 
tmo (Mao Wenan) - Linux 4.14.160 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - net: stmmac: 
don't stop NAPI processing when dropping a packet (Aaro Koskinen) - net: 
stmmac: use correct DMA buffer size in the RX descriptor (Aaro Koskinen) 
- xhci: fix USB3 device initiated resume race with roothub autosuspend 
(Mathias Nyman) - drm/radeon: fix r1xx/r2xx register checker for POT 
textures (Alex Deucher) - scsi: iscsi: Fix a potential deadlock in the 
timeout handler (Bart Van Assche) - dm btree: increase rebalance 
threshold in __rebalance2() (Hou Tao) - dma-buf: Fix memory leak in 
sync_file_merge() (Navid Emamdoost) - vfio/pci: call 
irq_bypass_unregister_producer() before freeing irq (Jiang Yi) - ARM: 
tegra: Fix FLOW_CTLR_HALT register clobbering by tegra_resume() (Dmitry 
Osipenko) - ARM: dts: s3c64xx: Fix init order of clock providers (Lihua 
Yao) - CIFS: Respect O_SYNC and O_DIRECT flags during reconnect (Pavel 
Shilovsky) - rpmsg: glink: Free pending deferred work on remove (Bjorn 
Andersson) - rpmsg: glink: Don't send pending rx_done during remove 
(Bjorn Andersson) - rpmsg: glink: Fix rpmsg_register_device err handling 
(Chris Lew) - rpmsg: glink: Put an extra reference during cleanup (Chris 
Lew) - rpmsg: glink: Fix use after free in open_ack TIMEOUT case (Arun 
Kumar Neelakantam) - rpmsg: glink: Fix reuse intents memory leak issue 
(Arun Kumar Neelakantam) - rpmsg: glink: Set tail pointer to 0 at end of 
FIFO (Chris Lew) - xtensa: fix TLB sanity checker (Max Filippov) - 
PCI/MSI: Fix incorrect MSI-X masking on resume (Jian-Hong Pan) - PCI: 
Fix Intel ACS quirk UPDCR register address (Steffen Liebergeld) - 
PCI/PM: Always return devices to D0 when thawing (Dexuan Cui) - Revert 
"regulator: Defer init completion for a while after late_initcall" (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - inet: protect against too small mtu values. (Eric 
Dumazet) - tcp: Protect accesses to .ts_recent_stamp with 
{READ,WRITE}_ONCE() (Guillaume Nault) - tcp: tighten acceptance of ACKs 
not matching a child socket (Guillaume Nault) - tcp: fix rejected 
syncookies due to stale timestamps (Guillaume Nault) - tipc: fix 
ordering of tipc module init and exit routine (Taehee Yoo) - tcp: md5: 
fix potential overestimation of TCP option space (Eric Dumazet) - 
openvswitch: support asymmetric conntrack (Aaron Conole) - net: 
thunderx: start phy before starting autonegotiation (Mian Yousaf Kaukab) 
- net: ethernet: ti: cpsw: fix extra rx interrupt (Grygorii Strashko) - 
net: dsa: fix flow dissection on Tx path (Alexander Lobakin) - net: 
bridge: deny dev_set_mac_address() when unregistering (Nikolay 
Aleksandrov) - Linux 4.14.159 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - of: unittest: fix 
memory leak in attach_node_and_children (Erhard Furtner) - raid5: need 
to set STRIPE_HANDLE for batch head (Guoqing Jiang) - gpiolib: acpi: Add 
Terra Pad 1061 to the run_edge_events_on_boot_blacklist (Hans de Goede) 
- kernel/module.c: wakeup processes in module_wq on module unload 
(Konstantin Khorenko) - gfs2: fix glock reference problem in 
gfs2_trans_remove_revoke (Bob Peterson) - net/mlx5e: Fix SFF 8472 eeprom 
length (Eran Ben Elisha) - sunrpc: fix crash when cache_head become 
valid before update (Pavel Tikhomirov) - workqueue: Fix missing 
kfree(rescuer) in destroy_workqueue() (Tejun Heo) - blk-mq: make sure 
that line break can be printed (Ming Lei) - mfd: rk808: Fix RK818 ID 
template (Daniel Schultz) - ext4: fix a bug in 
ext4_wait_for_tail_page_commit (yangerkun) - mm/shmem.c: cast the type 
of unmap_start to u64 (Chen Jun) - firmware: qcom: scm: Ensure 'a0' 
status code is treated as signed (Will Deacon) - ext4: work around 
deleting a file with i_nlink == 0 safely (Theodore Ts'o) - powerpc: Fix 
vDSO clock_getres() (Vincenzo Frascino) - powerpc: Avoid clang warnings 
around setjmp and longjmp (Nathan Chancellor) - ath10k: fix fw crash by 
moving chip reset after napi disabled (Miaoqing Pan) - media: vimc: fix 
component match compare (Helen Koike) - mlxsw: spectrum_router: Refresh 
nexthop neighbour when it becomes dead (Ido Schimmel) - power: supply: 
cpcap-battery: Fix signed counter sample register (Tony Lindgren) - 
e100: Fix passing zero to 'PTR_ERR' warning in e100_load_ucode_wait 
(YueHaibing) - drbd: Change drbd_request_detach_interruptible's return 
type to int (Nathan Chancellor) - omap: pdata-quirks: remove openpandora 
quirks for mmc3 and wl1251 (H. Nikolaus Schaller) - phy: renesas: 
rcar-gen3-usb2: Fix sysfs interface of "role" (Yoshihiro Shimoda) - iio: 
adis16480: Add debugfs_reg_access entry (Nuno Sá) - xhci: make sure 
interrupts are restored to correct state (Mathias Nyman) - xhci: Fix 
memory leak in xhci_add_in_port() (Mika Westerberg) - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
message indicating vectors used by driver (Himanshu Madhani) - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Always check the qla2x00_wait_for_hba_online() return value 
(Bart Van Assche) - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix qla24xx_process_bidir_cmd() (Bart 
Van Assche) - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix session lookup in qlt_abort_work() 
(Bart Van Assche) - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix DMA unmap leak (Himanshu Madhani) 
- scsi: zfcp: trace channel log even for FCP command responses (Steffen 
Maier) - block: fix single range discard merge (Ming Lei) - reiserfs: 
fix extended attributes on the root directory (Jeff Mahoney) - ext4: Fix 
credit estimate for final inode freeing (Jan Kara) - quota: fix livelock 
in dquot_writeback_dquots (Dmitry Monakhov) - ext2: check err when 
partial != NULL (Chengguang Xu) - quota: Check that quota is not dirty 
before release (Dmitry Monakhov) - video/hdmi: Fix AVI bar unpack (Ville 
Syrjälä) - powerpc/xive: Skip ioremap() of ESB pages for LSI interrupts 
(Cédric Le Goater) - powerpc: Allow flush_icache_range to work across 
ranges >4GB (Alastair D'Silva) - powerpc/xive: Prevent page fault issues 
in the machine crash handler (Cédric Le Goater) - powerpc: Allow 64bit 
VDSO __kernel_sync_dicache to work across ranges >4GB (Alastair D'Silva) 
- ppdev: fix PPGETTIME/PPSETTIME ioctls (Arnd Bergmann) - ARM: dts: 
omap3-tao3530: Fix incorrect MMC card detection GPIO polarity (Jarkko 
Nikula) - mmc: host: omap_hsmmc: add code for special init of wl1251 to 
get rid of pandora_wl1251_init_card (H. Nikolaus Schaller) - pinctrl: 
samsung: Fix device node refcount leaks in S3C64xx wakeup controller 
init (Krzysztof Kozlowski) - pinctrl: samsung: Fix device node refcount 
leaks in init code (Krzysztof Kozlowski) - pinctrl: samsung: Fix device 
node refcount leaks in S3C24xx wakeup controller init (Krzysztof 
Kozlowski) - pinctrl: samsung: Add of_node_put() before return in error 
path (Nishka Dasgupta) - ACPI: PM: Avoid attaching ACPI PM domain to 
certain devices (Rafael J. Wysocki) - ACPI: bus: Fix NULL pointer check 
in acpi_bus_get_private_data() (Vamshi K Sthambamkadi) - ACPI: OSL: only 
free map once in osl.c (Francesco Ruggeri) - cpufreq: powernv: fix stack 
bloat and hard limit on number of CPUs (John Hubbard) - PM / devfreq: 
Lock devfreq in trans_stat_show (Leonard Crestez) - intel_th: pci: Add 
Tiger Lake CPU support (Alexander Shishkin) - intel_th: pci: Add Ice 
Lake CPU support (Alexander Shishkin) - intel_th: Fix a double 
put_device() in error path (Alexander Shishkin) - cpuidle: Do not unset 
the driver if it is there already (Zhenzhong Duan) - media: cec.h: 
CEC_OP_REC_FLAG_ values were swapped (Hans Verkuil) - media: radio: 
wl1273: fix interrupt masking on release (Johan Hovold) - media: bdisp: 
fix memleak on release (Johan Hovold) - s390/mm: properly clear 
_PAGE_NOEXEC bit when it is not supported (Gerald Schaefer) - ar5523: 
check NULL before memcpy() in ar5523_cmd() (Denis Efremov) - cgroup: 
pids: use atomic64_t for pids->limit (Aleksa Sarai) - blk-mq: avoid 
sysfs buffer overflow with too many CPU cores (Ming Lei) - ASoC: Jack: 
Fix NULL pointer dereference in snd_soc_jack_report (Pawel Harlozinski) 
- workqueue: Fix pwq ref leak in rescuer_thread() (Tejun Heo) - 
workqueue: Fix spurious sanity check failures in destroy_workqueue() 
(Tejun Heo) - dm zoned: reduce overhead of backing device checks (Dmitry 
Fomichev) - hwrng: omap - Fix RNG wait loop timeout (Sumit Garg) - 
watchdog: aspeed: Fix clock behaviour for ast2600 (Joel Stanley) - 
md/raid0: Fix an error message in raid0_make_request() (Dan Carpenter) - 
ALSA: hda - Fix pending unsol events at shutdown (Takashi Iwai) - ovl: 
relax WARN_ON() on rename to self (Amir Goldstein) - lib: raid6: fix awk 
build warnings (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix missing 
enable interrupt flag (Larry Finger) - rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix missing 
callback that tests for hw release of buffer (Larry Finger) - rtlwifi: 
rtl8192de: Fix missing code to retrieve RX buffer address (Larry Finger) 
- btrfs: record all roots for rename exchange on a subvol (Josef Bacik) 
- Btrfs: send, skip backreference walking for extents with many 
references (Filipe Manana) - btrfs: Remove btrfs_bio::flags member (Qu 
Wenruo) - Btrfs: fix negative subv_writers counter and data space leak 
after buffered write (Filipe Manana) - btrfs: use refcount_inc_not_zero 
in kill_all_nodes (Josef Bacik) - btrfs: check page->mapping when 
loading free space cache (Josef Bacik) - usb: dwc3: ep0: Clear started 
flag on completion (Thinh Nguyen) - virtio-balloon: fix managed page 
counts when migrating pages between zones (David Hildenbrand) - mtd: 
spear_smi: Fix Write Burst mode (Miquel Raynal) - tpm: add check after 
commands attribs tab allocation (Tadeusz Struk) - usb: mon: Fix a 
deadlock in usbmon between mmap and read (Pete Zaitcev) - usb: core: 
urb: fix URB structure initialization function (Emiliano Ingrassia) - 
USB: adutux: fix interface sanity check (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: 
io_edgeport: fix epic endpoint lookup (Johan Hovold) - USB: idmouse: fix 
interface sanity checks (Johan Hovold) - USB: atm: ueagle-atm: add 
missing endpoint check (Johan Hovold) - iio: humidity: hdc100x: fix 
IIO_HUMIDITYRELATIVE channel reporting (Chris Lesiak) - ARM: dts: 
pandora-common: define wl1251 as child node of mmc3 (H. Nikolaus 
Schaller) - xhci: handle some XHCI_TRUST_TX_LENGTH quirks cases as 
default behaviour. (Mathias Nyman) - xhci: Increase STS_HALT timeout in 
xhci_suspend() (Kai-Heng Feng) - usb: xhci: only set D3hot for pci 
device (Henry Lin) - staging: gigaset: add endpoint-type sanity check 
(Johan Hovold) - staging: gigaset: fix illegal free on probe errors 
(Johan Hovold) - staging: gigaset: fix general protection fault on probe 
(Johan Hovold) - staging: rtl8712: fix interface sanity check (Johan 
Hovold) - staging: rtl8188eu: fix interface sanity check (Johan Hovold) 
- usb: Allow USB device to be warm reset in suspended state (Kai-Heng 
Feng) - USB: documentation: flags on usb-storage versus UAS (Oliver 
Neukum) - USB: uas: heed CAPACITY_HEURISTICS (Oliver Neukum) - USB: uas: 
honor flag to avoid CAPACITY16 (Oliver Neukum) - media: venus: remove 
invalid compat_ioctl32 handler (Arnd Bergmann) - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
driver unload hang (Quinn Tran) - usb: gadget: pch_udc: fix use after 
free (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - usb: gadget: configfs: Fix missing 
spin_lock_init() (Wei Yongjun) - appletalk: Set error code if 
register_snap_client failed (YueHaibing) - appletalk: Fix potential NULL 
pointer dereference in unregister_snap_client (YueHaibing) - ASoC: rsnd: 
fixup MIX kctrl registration (Kuninori Morimoto) - binder: Handle 
start==NULL in binder_update_page_range() (Jann Horn) - thermal: Fix 
deadlock in thermal thermal_zone_device_check (Wei Wang) - RDMA/qib: 
Validate ->show()/store() callbacks before calling them (Viresh Kumar) - 
spi: atmel: Fix CS high support (Gregory CLEMENT) - crypto: user - fix 
memory leak in crypto_report (Navid Emamdoost) - crypto: ecdh - fix big 
endian bug in ECC library (Ard Biesheuvel) - crypto: ccp - fix 
uninitialized list head (Mark Salter) - crypto: af_alg - cast 
ki_complete ternary op to int (Ayush Sawal) - crypto: crypto4xx - fix 
double-free in crypto4xx_destroy_sdr (Christian Lamparter) - KVM: 
arm/arm64: vgic: Don't rely on the wrong pending table (Zenghui Yu) - 
drm/i810: Prevent underflow in ioctl (Dan Carpenter) - jbd2: Fix 
possible overflow in jbd2_log_space_left() (Jan Kara) - kernfs: fix ino 
wrap-around detection (Tejun Heo) - can: slcan: Fix use-after-free Read 
in slcan_open (Jouni Hogander) - tty: vt: keyboard: reject invalid 
keycodes (Dmitry Torokhov) - CIFS: Fix SMB2 oplock break processing 
(Pavel Shilovsky) - CIFS: Fix NULL-pointer dereference in 
smb2_push_mandatory_locks (Pavel Shilovsky) - x86/PCI: Avoid AMD FCH 
XHCI USB PME# from D0 defect (Kai-Heng Feng) - Input: Fix memory leak in 
psxpad_spi_probe (Navid Emamdoost) - coresight: etm4x: Fix input 
validation for sysfs. (Mike Leach) - Input: goodix - add upside-down 
quirk for Teclast X89 tablet (Hans de Goede) - Input: synaptics-rmi4 - 
don't increment rmiaddr for SMBus transfers (Hans Verkuil) - Input: 
synaptics-rmi4 - re-enable IRQs in f34v7_do_reflash (Lucas Stach) - 
Input: synaptics - switch another X1 Carbon 6 to RMI/SMbus (Hans 
Verkuil) - ALSA: hda - Add mute led support for HP ProBook 645 G4 
(Kai-Heng Feng) - ALSA: pcm: oss: Avoid potential buffer overflows 
(Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Dell headphone has noise on unmute 
for ALC236 (Kailang Yang) - fuse: verify attributes (Miklos Szeredi) - 
fuse: verify nlink (Miklos Szeredi) - sched/fair: Scale bandwidth quota 
and period without losing quota/period ratio precision (Xuewei Zhang) - 
tcp: exit if nothing to retransmit on RTO timeout (Eric Dumazet) - net: 
aquantia: fix RSS table and key sizes (Dmitry Bogdanov) - media: vimc: 
fix start stream when link is disabled (Helen Fornazier) - ARM: dts: 
sunxi: Fix PMU compatible strings (Rob Herring) - usb: mtu3: fix dbginfo 
in qmu_tx_zlp_error_handler (YueHaibing) - mlx4: Use snprintf instead of 
complicated strcpy (Qian Cai) - IB/hfi1: Close VNIC sdma_progress sleep 
window (Mike Marciniszyn) - IB/hfi1: Ignore LNI errors before DC8051 
transitions to Polling state (Kaike Wan) - mlxsw: spectrum_router: Relax 
GRE decap matching check (Nir Dotan) - firmware: qcom: scm: fix 
compilation error when disabled (Jonathan Marek) - media: stkwebcam: 
Bugfix for wrong return values (Andreas Pape) - tty: Don't block on IO 
when ldisc change is pending (Dmitry Safonov) - nfsd: Return EPERM, not 
EACCES, in some SETATTR cases (zhengbin) - MIPS: OCTEON: 
cvmx_pko_mem_debug8: use oldest forward compatible definition (Aaro 
Koskinen) - clk: renesas: r8a77995: Correct parent clock of DU (Geert 
Uytterhoeven) - powerpc/math-emu: Update macros from GCC (Joel Stanley) 
- pstore/ram: Avoid NULL deref in ftrace merging failure path (Kees 
Cook) - net/mlx4_core: Fix return codes of unsupported operations (Erez 
Alfasi) - dlm: fix invalid cluster name warning (David Teigland) - ARM: 
dts: realview: Fix some more duplicate regulator nodes (Rob Herring) - 
clk: sunxi-ng: h3/h5: Fix CSI_MCLK parent (Chen-Yu Tsai) - ARM: dts: 
pxa: clean up USB controller nodes (Daniel Mack) - mtd: fix 
mtd_oobavail() incoherent returned value (Miquel Raynal) - kbuild: fix 
single target build for external module (Masahiro Yamada) - modpost: 
skip ELF local symbols during section mismatch check (Paul Walmsley) - 
tcp: fix SNMP TCP timeout under-estimation (Yuchung Cheng) - tcp: fix 
SNMP under-estimation on failed retransmission (Yuchung Cheng) - tcp: 
fix off-by-one bug on aborting window-probing socket (Yuchung Cheng) - 
ARM: dts: realview-pbx: Fix duplicate regulator nodes (Rob Herring) - 
ARM: dts: mmp2: fix the gpio interrupt cell number (Lubomir Rintel) - 
net/x25: fix null_x25_address handling (Martin Schiller) - net/x25: fix 
called/calling length calculation in x25_parse_address_block (Martin 
Schiller) - arm64: dts: meson-gxl-khadas-vim: fix GPIO lines names (Neil 
Armstrong) - arm64: dts: meson-gxbb-odroidc2: fix GPIO lines names (Neil 
Armstrong) - arm64: dts: meson-gxbb-nanopi-k2: fix GPIO lines names 
(Neil Armstrong) - arm64: dts: meson-gxl-libretech-cc: fix GPIO lines 
names (Neil Armstrong) - ARM: OMAP1/2: fix SoC name printing (Aaro 
Koskinen) - ASoC: au8540: use 64-bit arithmetic instead of 32-bit 
(Young_X) - nfsd: fix a warning in __cld_pipe_upcall() (Scott Mayhew) - 
ARM: debug: enable UART1 for socfpga Cyclone5 (Clément Péron) - dlm: 
NULL check before kmem_cache_destroy is not needed (Wen Yang) - ARM: 
dts: sun8i: v3s: Change pinctrl nodes to avoid warning (Maxime Ripard) - 
ARM: dts: sun5i: a10s: Fix HDMI output DTC warning (Maxime Ripard) - 
ASoC: rsnd: tidyup registering method for rsnd_kctrl_new() (Kuninori 
Morimoto) - lockd: fix decoding of TEST results (J. Bruce Fields) - i2c: 
imx: don't print error message on probe defer (Lucas Stach) - serial: 
imx: fix error handling in console_setup (Stefan Agner) - altera-stapl: 
check for a null key before strcasecmp'ing it (Colin Ian King) - 
dma-mapping: fix return type of dma_set_max_seg_size() (Niklas 
Söderlund) - sparc: Correct ctx->saw_frame_pointer logic. (David Miller) 
- f2fs: fix to allow node segment for GC by ioctl path (Sahitya Tummala) 
- ARM: dts: rockchip: Assign the proper GPIO clocks for rv1108 (Otavio 
Salvador) - ARM: dts: rockchip: Fix the PMU interrupt number for rv1108 
(Otavio Salvador) - f2fs: change segment to section in f2fs_ioc_gc_range 
(Yunlong Song) - f2fs: fix count of seg_freed to make sec_freed correct 
(Yunlong Song) - ACPI: fix acpi_find_child_device() invocation in 
acpi_preset_companion() (Alexey Dobriyan) - usb: dwc3: don't log probe 
deferrals; but do log other error codes (Brian Norris) - usb: dwc3: 
debugfs: Properly print/set link state for HS (Thinh Nguyen) - 
dmaengine: dw-dmac: implement dma protection control setting (Christian 
Lamparter) - dmaengine: coh901318: Remove unused variable (Vinod Koul) - 
dmaengine: coh901318: Fix a double-lock bug (Jia-Ju Bai) - media: cec: 
report Vendor ID after initialization (Hans Verkuil) - media: 
pulse8-cec: return 0 when invalidating the logical address (Hans 
Verkuil) - ARM: dts: exynos: Use Samsung SoC specific compatible for 
DWC2 module (Marek Szyprowski) - rtc: dt-binding: abx80x: fix resistance 
scale (Baruch Siach) - rtc: max8997: Fix the returned value in case of 
error in 'max8997_rtc_read_alarm()' (Christophe JAILLET) - 
math-emu/soft-fp.h: (_FP_ROUND_ZERO) cast 0 to void to fix warning 
(Vincent Chen) - net/smc: use after free fix in smc_wr_tx_put_slot() 
(Ursula Braun) - MIPS: OCTEON: octeon-platform: fix typing (Aaro 
Koskinen) - iomap: sub-block dio needs to zeroout beyond EOF (Dave 
Chinner) - net-next/hinic:fix a bug in set mac address (Xue Chaojing) - 
regulator: Fix return value of _set_load() stub (Mark Brown) - clk: 
rockchip: fix ID of 8ch clock of I2S1 for rk3328 (Katsuhiro Suzuki) - 
clk: rockchip: fix I2S1 clock gate register for rk3328 (Katsuhiro 
Suzuki) - mm/vmstat.c: fix NUMA statistics updates (Janne Huttunen) - 
Staging: iio: adt7316: Fix i2c data reading, set the data field (Shreeya 
Patel) - pinctrl: qcom: ssbi-gpio: fix gpio-hog related boot issues 
(Brian Masney) - crypto: bcm - fix normal/non key hash algorithm failure 
(Raveendra Padasalagi) - crypto: ecc - check for invalid values in the 
key verification test (Vitaly Chikunov) - scsi: zfcp: drop default 
switch case which might paper over missing case (Steffen Maier) - net: 
dsa: mv88e6xxx: Work around mv886e6161 SERDES missing MII_PHYSID2 
(Andrew Lunn) - MIPS: SiByte: Enable ZONE_DMA32 for LittleSur (Maciej W. 
Rozycki) - dlm: fix missing idr_destroy for recover_idr (David Teigland) 
- ARM: dts: rockchip: Fix rk3288-rock2 vcc_flash name (John Keeping) - 
clk: rockchip: fix rk3188 sclk_mac_lbtest parameter ordering (Heiko 
Stuebner) - clk: rockchip: fix rk3188 sclk_smc gate data (Finley Xiao) - 
rtc: s3c-rtc: Avoid using broken ALMYEAR register (Marek Szyprowski) - 
net: ethernet: ti: cpts: correct debug for expired txq skb (Ivan 
Khoronzhuk) - extcon: max8997: Fix lack of path setting in USB device 
mode (Marek Szyprowski) - dlm: fix possible call to kfree() for 
non-initialized pointer (Denis V. Lunev) - clk: sunxi-ng: a64: Fix gate 
bit of DSI DPHY (Jagan Teki) - net/mlx5: Release resource on error flow 
(Moni Shoua) - ARM: 8813/1: Make aligned 2-byte getuser()/putuser() 
atomic on ARMv6+ (Vincent Whitchurch) - iwlwifi: mvm: Send non 
offchannel traffic via AP sta (Andrei Otcheretianski) - iwlwifi: mvm: 
synchronize TID queue removal (Johannes Berg) - cxgb4vf: fix memleak in 
mac_hlist initialization (Arjun Vynipadath) - serial: core: Allow 
processing sysrq at port unlock time (Douglas Anderson) - i2c: core: fix 
use after free in of_i2c_notify (Wen Yang) - net: ep93xx_eth: fix 
mismatch of request_mem_region in remove (Chuhong Yuan) - rsxx: add 
missed destroy_workqueue calls in remove (Chuhong Yuan) - ALSA: pcm: Fix 
stream lock usage in snd_pcm_period_elapsed() (paulhsia) - sched/core: 
Avoid spurious lock dependencies (Peter Zijlstra) - Input: cyttsp4_core 
- fix use after free bug (Pan Bian) - xfrm: release device reference for 
invalid state (Xiaodong Xu) - NFC: nxp-nci: Fix NULL pointer dereference 
after I2C communication error (Stephan Gerhold) - audit_get_nd(): don't 
unlock parent too early (Al Viro) - exportfs_decode_fh(): negative 
pinned may become positive without the parent locked (Al Viro) - 
iwlwifi: pcie: don't consider IV len in A-MSDU (Mordechay Goodstein) - 
RDMA/hns: Correct the value of HNS_ROCE_HEM_CHUNK_LEN (Sirong Wang) - 
autofs: fix a leak in autofs_expire_indirect() (Al Viro) - serial: 
ifx6x60: add missed pm_runtime_disable (Chuhong Yuan) - serial: 
serial_core: Perform NULL checks for break_ctl ops (Jiangfeng Xiao) - 
serial: pl011: Fix DMA ->flush_buffer() (Vincent Whitchurch) - tty: 
serial: msm_serial: Fix flow control (Jeffrey Hugo) - tty: serial: 
fsl_lpuart: use the sg count from dma_map_sg (Peng Fan) - usb: gadget: 
u_serial: add missing port entry locking (Michał Mirosław) - arm64: 
tegra: Fix 'active-low' warning for Jetson TX1 regulator (Jon Hunter) - 
rsi: release skb if rsi_prepare_beacon fails (Navid Emamdoost) - Fix 
KABI build breakage (Somasundaram Krishnasamy) - Linux 4.14.158 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - net: fec: fix clock count mis-match (Chuhong Yuan) - 
platform/x86: hp-wmi: Fix ACPI errors caused by passing 0 as input size 
(Hans de Goede) - platform/x86: hp-wmi: Fix ACPI errors caused by too 
small buffer (Hans de Goede) - ASoC: stm32: i2s: fix IRQ clearing 
(Olivier Moysan) - ASoC: stm32: i2s: fix 16 bit format support (Olivier 
Moysan) - ASoC: stm32: i2s: fix dma configuration (Olivier Moysan) - 
pinctrl: stm32: fix memory leak issue (Alexandre Torgue) - mailbox: 
mailbox-test: fix null pointer if no mmio (Fabien Dessenne) - hwrng: 
stm32 - fix unbalanced pm_runtime_enable (Lionel Debieve) - media: 
stm32-dcmi: fix DMA corruption when stopping streaming (Hugues Fruchet) 
- crypto: stm32/hash - Fix hmac issue more than 256 bytes (Lionel 
Debieve) - HID: core: check whether Usage Page item is after Usage ID 
items (Candle Sun) - futex: Prevent exit livelock (Thomas Gleixner) - 
futex: Provide distinct return value when owner is exiting (Thomas 
Gleixner) - futex: Add mutex around futex exit (Thomas Gleixner) - 
futex: Provide state handling for exec() as well (Thomas Gleixner) - 
futex: Sanitize exit state handling (Thomas Gleixner) - futex: Mark the 
begin of futex exit explicitly (Thomas Gleixner) - futex: Set 
task::futex_state to DEAD right after handling futex exit (Thomas 
Gleixner) - futex: Split futex_mm_release() for exit/exec (Thomas 
Gleixner) - exit/exec: Seperate mm_release() (Thomas Gleixner) - futex: 
Replace PF_EXITPIDONE with a state (Thomas Gleixner) - futex: Move futex 
exit handling into futex code (Thomas Gleixner) - futex: Prevent robust 
futex exit race (Yang Tao) - y2038: futex: Move compat implementation 
into futex.c (Arnd Bergmann) - mtd: spi-nor: cast to u64 to avoid uint 
overflows (huijin.park) - mtd: rawnand: atmel: fix possible object 
reference leak (Wen Yang) - mtd: rawnand: atmel: Fix spelling mistake in 
error message (Miquel Raynal) - net: macb driver, check for 
SKBTX_HW_TSTAMP (Paul Thomas) - net: macb: Fix SUBNS increment and 
increase resolution (Harini Katakam) - watchdog: sama5d4: fix WDD value 
to be always set to max (Eugen Hristev) - ext4: add more paranoia 
checking in ext4_expand_extra_isize handling (Theodore Ts'o) - net: 
sched: fix `tc -s class show` no bstats on class with nolock subqueues 
(Dust Li) - sctp: cache netns in sctp_ep_common (Xin Long) - tipc: fix 
link name length check (John Rutherford) - openvswitch: remove another 
BUG_ON() (Paolo Abeni) - openvswitch: drop unneeded BUG_ON() in 
ovs_flow_cmd_build_info() (Paolo Abeni) - slip: Fix use-after-free Read 
in slip_open (Jouni Hogander) - openvswitch: fix flow command message 
size (Paolo Abeni) - net: psample: fix skb_over_panic (Nikolay 
Aleksandrov) - macvlan: schedule bc_work even if error (Menglong Dong) - 
media: atmel: atmel-isc: fix INIT_WORK misplacement (Eugen Hristev) - 
media: atmel: atmel-isc: fix asd memory allocation (Eugen Hristev) - 
pwm: Clear chip_data in pwm_put() (Uwe Kleine-König) - net: macb: fix 
error format in dev_err() (Luca Ceresoli) - media: v4l2-ctrl: fix flags 
for DO_WHITE_BALANCE (Eugen Hristev) - xfrm: Fix memleak on xfrm state 
destroy (Steffen Klassert) - mei: bus: prefix device names on bus with 
the bus name (Alexander Usyskin) - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add device IDs 
for U-Blox C099-F9P (Fabio D'Urso) - staging: rtl8723bs: Add 024c:0525 
to the list of SDIO device-ids (Hans de Goede) - staging: rtl8723bs: 
Drop ACPI device ids (Hans de Goede) - staging: rtl8192e: fix potential 
use after free (Pan Bian) - clk: at91: generated: set audio_pll_allowed 
in at91_clk_register_generated() (Alexandre Belloni) - clk: at91: fix 
update bit maps on CFG_MOR write (Eugen Hristev) - mm, gup: add missing 
refcount overflow checks on s390 (Vlastimil Babka) - mtd: Remove a debug 
trace in mtdpart.c (Boris Brezillon) - powerpc/pseries/dlpar: Fix a 
missing check in dlpar_parse_cc_property() (Gen Zhang) - scsi: libsas: 
Check SMP PHY control function result (John Garry) - ACPI / APEI: Switch 
estatus pool to use vmalloc memory (James Morse) - ACPI / APEI: Don't 
wait to serialise with oops messages when panic()ing (James Morse) - 
scsi: libsas: Support SATA PHY connection rate unmatch fixing during 
discovery (John Garry) - apparmor: delete the dentry in aafs_remove() to 
avoid a leak (Chris Coulson) - iommu/amd: Fix NULL dereference bug in 
match_hid_uid (Aaron Ma) - net: hns3: Change fw error code NOT_EXEC to 
NOT_SUPPORTED (Yunsheng Lin) - bpf: drop refcount if bpf_map_new_fd() 
fails in map_create() (Peng Sun) - net: dev: Use unsigned integer as an 
argument to left-shift (Andy Shevchenko) - bpf: decrease usercnt if 
bpf_map_new_fd() fails in bpf_map_get_fd_by_id() (Peng Sun) - sctp: 
don't compare hb_timer expire date before starting it (Maciej Kwiecien) 
- net: fix possible overflow in __sk_mem_raise_allocated() (Eric 
Dumazet) - sfc: initialise found bitmap in efx_ef10_mtd_probe (Bert 
Kenward) - tipc: fix skb may be leaky in tipc_link_input (Hoang Le) - 
blktrace: Show requests without sector (Jan Kara) - net/smc: prevent 
races between smc_lgr_terminate() and smc_conn_free() (Karsten Graul) - 
decnet: fix DN_IFREQ_SIZE (Johannes Berg) - ip_tunnel: Make 
none-tunnel-dst tunnel port work with lwtunnel (wenxu) - sfc: suppress 
duplicate nvmem partition types in efx_ef10_mtd_probe (Edward Cree) - 
gpu: ipu-v3: pre: don't trigger update if buffer address doesn't change 
(Lucas Stach) - serial: 8250: Fix serial8250 initialization crash (He 
Zhe) - net/core/neighbour: fix kmemleak minimal reference count for hash 
tables (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - PCI/MSI: Return -ENOSPC from 
pci_alloc_irq_vectors_affinity() (Ming Lei) - net/core/neighbour: tell 
kmemleak about hash tables (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - tipc: fix memory 
leak in tipc_nl_compat_publ_dump (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - mtd: Check 
add_mtd_device() ret code (Boris Brezillon) - lib/genalloc.c: include 
vmalloc.h (Olof Johansson) - drivers/base/platform.c: kmemleak ignore a 
known leak (Qian Cai) - fork: fix some -Wmissing-prototypes warnings (Yi 
Wang) - lib/genalloc.c: use vzalloc_node() to allocate the bitmap (Huang 
Shijie) - lib/genalloc.c: fix allocation of aligned buffer from 
non-aligned chunk (Alexey Skidanov) - vmscan: return NODE_RECLAIM_NOSCAN 
in node_reclaim() when CONFIG_NUMA is n (Wei Yang) - 
net/wan/fsl_ucc_hdlc: Avoid double free in ucc_hdlc_probe() (Wen Yang) - 
tipc: fix a missing check of genlmsg_put (Kangjie Lu) - atl1e: checking 
the status of atl1e_write_phy_reg (Kangjie Lu) - net: dsa: bcm_sf2: 
Propagate error value from mdio_write (Kangjie Lu) - net: stmicro: fix a 
missing check of clk_prepare (Kangjie Lu) - net: (cpts) fix a missing 
check of clk_prepare (Kangjie Lu) - um: Make GCOV depend on !KCOV 
(Richard Weinberger) - f2fs: fix to dirty inode synchronously (Chao Yu) 
- net/net_namespace: Check the return value of register_pernet_subsys() 
(Aditya Pakki) - net/netlink_compat: Fix a missing check of 
nla_parse_nested (Aditya Pakki) - pwm: clps711x: Fix period calculation 
(Alexander Shiyan) - crypto: mxc-scc - fix build warnings on ARM64 
(Fabio Estevam) - powerpc/pseries: Fix node leak in 
update_lmb_associativity_index() (Michael Ellerman) - powerpc/83xx: 
handle machine check caused by watchdog timer (Christophe Leroy) - 
regulator: tps65910: fix a missing check of return value (Kangjie Lu) - 
IB/rxe: Make counters thread safe (Parav Pandit) - drbd: fix 
print_st_err()'s prototype to match the definition (Luc Van Oostenryck) 
- drbd: do not block when adjusting "disk-options" while IO is frozen 
(Lars Ellenberg) - drbd: reject attach of unsuitable uuids even if 
connected (Lars Ellenberg) - drbd: ignore "all zero" peer volume sizes 
in handshake (Lars Ellenberg) - powerpc/powernv/eeh/npu: Fix 
uninitialized variables in opal_pci_eeh_freeze_status (Alexey 
Kardashevskiy) - vfio/spapr_tce: Get rid of possible infinite loop 
(Alexey Kardashevskiy) - powerpc/44x/bamboo: Fix PCI range (Benjamin 
Herrenschmidt) - powerpc/mm: Make NULL pointer deferences explicit on 
bad page faults. (Christophe Leroy) - powerpc/prom: fix early DEBUG 
messages (Christophe Leroy) - powerpc/perf: Fix unit_sel/cache_sel 
checks (Madhavan Srinivasan) - ath6kl: Fix off by one error in scan 
completion (Kyle Roeschley) - ath6kl: Only use match sets when firmware 
supports it (Kyle Roeschley) - scsi: csiostor: fix incorrect dma device 
in case of vport (Varun Prakash) - RDMA/srp: Propagate ib_post_send() 
failures to the SCSI mid-layer (Bart Van Assche) - openrisc: Fix broken 
paths to arch/or32 (Geert Uytterhoeven) - serial: max310x: Fix 
tx_empty() callback (Alexander Shiyan) - Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Handle 
specific unknown packets after firmware loading (Jonathan Bakker) - 
drivers/regulator: fix a missing check of return value (Kangjie Lu) - 
powerpc/xmon: fix dump_segments() (Christophe Leroy) - 
powerpc/book3s/32: fix number of bats in p/v_block_mapped() (Christophe 
Leroy) - vxlan: Fix error path in __vxlan_dev_create() (Petr Machata) - 
clocksource/drivers/fttmr010: Fix invalid interrupt register access (Tao 
Ren) - IB/qib: Fix an error code in qib_sdma_verbs_send() (Dan 
Carpenter) - xfs: Fix bulkstat compat ioctls on x32 userspace. (Nick 
Bowler) - xfs: Align compat attrlist_by_handle with native 
implementation. (Nick Bowler) - gfs2: take jdata unstuff into account in 
do_grow (Bob Peterson) - dm flakey: Properly corrupt multi-page bios. 
(Sweet Tea) - HID: doc: fix wrong data structure reference for 
UHID_OUTPUT (Peter Hutterer) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: sh7734: Fix shifted 
values in IPSR10 (Geert Uytterhoeven) - pinctrl: sh-pfc: sh7264: Fix 
PFCR3 and PFCR0 register configuration (Geert Uytterhoeven) - KVM: s390: 
unregister debug feature on failing arch init (Michael Mueller) - 
exofs_mount(): fix leaks on failure exits (Al Viro) - net/mlx5: Continue 
driver initialization despite debugfs failure (Leon Romanovsky) - 
pinctrl: xway: fix gpio-hog related boot issues (Martin Schiller) - 
vfio-mdev/samples: Use u8 instead of char for handle functions (Nathan 
Chancellor) - xen/pciback: Check dev_data before using it (Ross 
Lagerwall) - kprobes/x86/xen: blacklist non-attachable xen interrupt 
functions (Andrea Righi) - serial: 8250: Rate limit serial port rx 
interrupts during input overruns (Darwin Dingel) - HID: intel-ish-hid: 
fixes incorrect error handling (Pan Bian) - btrfs: only track ref_heads 
in delayed_ref_updates (Josef Bacik) - mtd: rawnand: sunxi: Write 
pageprog related opcodes to WCMD_SET (Boris Brezillon) - mmc: meson-gx: 
make sure the descriptor is stopped on errors (Jerome Brunet) - VSOCK: 
bind to random port for VMADDR_PORT_ANY (Lepton Wu) - gpiolib: Fix 
return value of gpio_to_desc() stub if !GPIOLIB (Krzysztof Kozlowski) - 
iwlwifi: move iwl_nvm_check_version() into dvm (Luca Coelho) - 
microblaze: move "... is ready" messages to arch/microblaze/Makefile 
(Masahiro Yamada) - microblaze: adjust the help to the real behavior 
(Masahiro Yamada) - ubi: Do not drop UBI device reference before using 
(Pan Bian) - ubi: Put MTD device after it is not used (Pan Bian) - xfs: 
require both realtime inodes to mount (Darrick J. Wong) - rtl818x: fix 
potential use after free (Pan Bian) - mwifiex: debugfs: correct 
histogram spacing, formatting (Brian Norris) - mwifiex: fix potential 
NULL dereference and use after free (Pan Bian) - crypto: user - support 
incremental algorithm dumps (Eric Biggers) - ACPI / LPSS: Ignore 
acpi_device_fix_up_power() return value (Hans de Goede) - ARM: ks8695: 
fix section mismatch warning (Arnd Bergmann) - PM / AVS: SmartReflex: 
NULL check before some freeing functions is not needed (Thomas Meyer) - 
RDMA/vmw_pvrdma: Use atomic memory allocation in create AH (Gal 
Pressman) - ARM: OMAP1: fix USB configuration for device-only setups 
(Aaro Koskinen) - arm64: smp: Handle errors reported by the firmware 
(Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: mm: Prevent mismatched 52-bit VA support 
(Steve Capper) - parisc: Fix HP SDC hpa address output (Helge Deller) - 
parisc: Fix serio address output (Helge Deller) - ARM: dts: 
imx53-voipac-dmm-668: Fix memory node duplication (Fabio Estevam) - ARM: 
debug-imx: only define DEBUG_IMX_UART_PORT if needed (Uwe Kleine-König) 
- ARM: dts: Fix up SQ201 flash access (Linus Walleij) - pwm: bcm-iproc: 
Prevent unloading the driver module while in use (Uwe Kleine-König) - 
block: drbd: remove a stray unlock in __drbd_send_protocol() (Dan 
Carpenter) - mac80211: fix station inactive_time shortly after boot 
(Ahmed Zaki) - ceph: return -EINVAL if given fsc mount option on kernel 
w/o support (Jeff Layton) - net: bcmgenet: reapply manual settings to 
the PHY (Doug Berger) - scripts/gdb: fix debugging modules compiled with 
hot/cold partitioning (Ilya Leoshkevich) - watchdog: meson: Fix the 
wrong value of left time (Xingyu Chen) - can: rx-offload: 
can_rx_offload_irq_offload_fifo(): continue on error (Marc Kleine-Budde) 
- can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_irq_offload_timestamp(): continue on 
error (Jeroen Hofstee) - can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_offload_one(): 
use ERR_PTR() to propagate error value in case of errors (Marc 
Kleine-Budde) - can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_offload_one(): increment 
rx_fifo_errors on queue overflow or OOM (Marc Kleine-Budde) - can: 
rx-offload: can_rx_offload_offload_one(): do not increase the skb_queue 
beyond skb_queue_len_max (Marc Kleine-Budde) - can: rx-offload: 
can_rx_offload_queue_tail(): fix error handling, avoid skb mem leak 
(Marc Kleine-Budde) - can: c_can: D_CAN: c_can_chip_config(): perform a 
sofware reset on open (Jeroen Hofstee) - can: peak_usb: report bus 
recovery as well (Jeroen Hofstee) - bridge: ebtables: don't crash when 
using dnat target in output chains (Florian Westphal) - net: fec: add 
missed clk_disable_unprepare in remove (Chuhong Yuan) - clk: ti: 
dra7-atl-clock: Remove ti_clk_add_alias call (Peter Ujfalusi) - 
x86/resctrl: Prevent NULL pointer dereference when reading mondata 
(Xiaochen Shen) - idr: Fix idr_alloc_u32 on 32-bit systems (Matthew 
Wilcox (Oracle)) - clk: sunxi-ng: a80: fix the zero'ing of bits 16 and 
18 (Colin Ian King) - clk: at91: avoid sleeping early (Alexandre 
Belloni) - reset: fix reset_control_ops kerneldoc comment (Randy Dunlap) 
- clk: samsung: exynos5420: Preserve PLL configuration during 
suspend/resume (Marek Szyprowski) - ASoC: kirkwood: fix external clock 
probe defer (Russell King) - reset: Fix memory leak in 
reset_control_array_put() (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - ASoC: compress: fix 
unsigned integer overflow check (Xiaojun Sang) - ASoC: 
msm8916-wcd-analog: Fix RX1 selection in RDAC2 MUX (Stephan Gerhold) - 
clk: meson: gxbb: let sar_adc_clk_div set the parent clock rate (Martin 
Blumenstingl) - Linux 4.14.157 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - KVM: PPC: Book3S 
HV: Flush link stack on guest exit to host kernel (Michael Ellerman) - 
powerpc/book3s64: Fix link stack flush on context switch (Michael 
Ellerman) {CVE-2019-18660}
- powerpc/64s: support nospectre_v2 cmdline option (Christopher M. 
Riedl) - staging: comedi: usbduxfast: usbduxfast_ai_cmdtest rounding 
error (Bernd Porr) - USB: serial: option: add support for Foxconn 
T77W968 LTE modules (Aleksander Morgado) - USB: serial: option: add 
support for DW5821e with eSIM support (Aleksander Morgado) - USB: 
serial: mos7840: fix remote wakeup (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: 
mos7720: fix remote wakeup (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: mos7840: add 
USB ID to support Moxa UPort 2210 (Pavel Löbl) - appledisplay: fix error 
handling in the scheduled work (Oliver Neukum) - USB: chaoskey: fix 
error case of a timeout (Oliver Neukum) - usb-serial: cp201x: support 
Mark-10 digital force gauge (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - usbip: Fix 
uninitialized symbol 'nents' in stub_recv_cmd_submit() (Suwan Kim) - 
usbip: tools: fix fd leakage in the function of read_attr_usbip_status 
(Hewenliang) - virtio_ring: fix return code on DMA mapping fails (Halil 
Pasic) - media: imon: invalid dereference in imon_touch_event (Sean 
Young) - media: cxusb: detect cxusb_ctrl_msg error in query (Vito 
Caputo) - media: uvcvideo: Fix error path in control parsing failure 
(Laurent Pinchart) - cpufreq: Add NULL checks to show() and store() 
methods of cpufreq (Kai Shen) - media: usbvision: Fix races among open, 
close, and disconnect (Alan Stern) - media: vivid: Fix wrong locking 
that causes race conditions on streaming stop (Alexander Popov) - media: 
vivid: Set vid_cap_streaming and vid_out_streaming to true (Vandana BN) 
- nfc: port100: handle command failure cleanly (Oliver Neukum) - nbd: 
prevent memory leak (Navid Emamdoost) - x86/speculation: Fix incorrect 
MDS/TAA mitigation status (Waiman Long) - x86/insn: Fix awk regexp 
warnings (Alexander Kapshuk) - ARC: perf: Accommodate big-endian CPU 
(Alexey Brodkin) - ARM: 8904/1: skip nomap memblocks while finding the 
lowmem/highmem boundary (Chester Lin) - ocfs2: remove 
ocfs2_is_o2cb_active() (Gang He) - cpufreq: Skip cpufreq resume if it's 
not suspended (Bo Yan) - net: phy: dp83867: increase SGMII autoneg timer 
duration (Max Uvarov) - net: phy: dp83867: fix speed 10 in sgmii mode 
(Max Uvarov) - mm/memory_hotplug: don't access uninitialized memmaps in 
shrink_zone_span() (David Hildenbrand) - md/raid10: prevent access of 
uninitialized resync_pages offset (John Pittman) - ath9k_hw: fix 
uninitialized variable data (Denis Efremov) - ath10k: Fix a 
NULL-ptr-deref bug in ath10k_usb_alloc_urb_from_pipe (Hui Peng) - KVM: 
MMU: Do not treat ZONE_DEVICE pages as being reserved (Sean 
Christopherson) - Bluetooth: Fix invalid-free in bcsp_close() (Tomas 
Bortoli) - cfg80211: call disconnect_wk when AP stops (Johannes Berg) - 
ipv6: Fix handling of LLA with VRF and sockets bound to VRF (David 
Ahern) - mm/memory_hotplug: Do not unlock when fails to take the 
device_hotplug_lock (zhong jiang) - i2c: uniphier-f: fix timeout error 
after reading 8 bytes (Masahiro Yamada) - spi: omap2-mcspi: Fix DMA and 
FIFO event trigger size mismatch (Vignesh R) - PCI: keystone: Use quirk 
to limit MRRS for K2G (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - pinctrl: zynq: Use 
define directive for PIN_CONFIG_IO_STANDARD (Nathan Chancellor) - 
pinctrl: lpc18xx: Use define directive for PIN_CONFIG_GPIO_PIN_INT 
(Nathan Chancellor) - pinctrl: qcom: spmi-gpio: fix gpio-hog related 
boot issues (Brian Masney) - cfg80211: Prevent regulatory restore during 
STA disconnect in concurrent interfaces (Sriram R) - of: unittest: allow 
base devicetree to have symbol metadata (Frank Rowand) - net: bcmgenet: 
return correct value 'ret' from bcmgenet_power_down (YueHaibing) - 
ACPICA: Use %d for signed int print formatting instead of %u (Colin Ian 
King) - vrf: mark skb for multicast or link-local as enslaved to VRF 
(Mike Manning) - dlm: don't leak kernel pointer to userspace (Tycho 
Andersen) - dlm: fix invalid free (Tycho Andersen) - net: dsa: bcm_sf2: 
Turn on PHY to allow successful registration (Florian Fainelli) - 
rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix misleading REG_MCUFWDL information (Shaokun 
Zhang) - wireless: airo: potential buffer overflow in sprintf() (Dan 
Carpenter) - brcmsmac: never log "tid x is not agg'able" by default (Ali 
MJ Al-Nasrawy) - rtl8xxxu: Fix missing break in switch (Gustavo A. R. 
Silva) - wlcore: Fix the return value in case of error in 
'wlcore_vendor_cmd_smart_config_start()' (Christophe JAILLET) - wil6210: 
fix locking in wmi_call (Lior David) - btrfs: avoid link error with 
CONFIG_NO_AUTO_INLINE (Arnd Bergmann) - audit: print empty EXECVE args 
(Richard Guy Briggs) - clk: sunxi-ng: enable so-said LDOs for A64 SoC's 
pll-mipi clock (Icenowy Zheng) - openvswitch: fix linking without 
CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_LABELS (Arnd Bergmann) - sched/fair: Don't increase 
sd->balance_interval on newidle balance (Valentin Schneider) - 
sched/topology: Fix off by one bug (Peter Zijlstra) - net: do not abort 
bulk send on BQL status (Eric Dumazet) - ocfs2: fix clusters leak in 
ocfs2_defrag_extent() (Larry Chen) - ocfs2: don't put and assigning null 
to bh allocated outside (Changwei Ge) - arm64: makefile fix build of .i 
file in external module case (Victor Kamensky) - ntb: intel: fix return 
value for ndev_vec_mask() (Dave Jiang) - ntb_netdev: fix sleep time 
mismatch (Jon Mason) - net: hns3: bugfix for buffer not free problem 
during resetting (Huazhong Tan) - igb: shorten maximum PHC timecounter 
update interval (Miroslav Lichvar) - mm/memory_hotplug: make 
add_memory() take the device_hotplug_lock (David Hildenbrand) - 
fs/hfs/extent.c: fix array out of bounds read of array extent (Colin Ian 
King) - hfs: update timestamp on truncate() (Ernesto A. Fernández) - 
hfsplus: update timestamps on truncate() (Ernesto A. Fernández) - hfs: 
fix return value of hfs_get_block() (Ernesto A. Fernández) - hfsplus: 
fix return value of hfsplus_get_block() (Ernesto A. Fernández) - hfs: 
prevent btree data loss on ENOSPC (Ernesto A. Fernández) - hfsplus: 
prevent btree data loss on ENOSPC (Ernesto A. Fernández) - hfs: fix BUG 
on bnode parent update (Ernesto A. Fernández) - hfsplus: fix BUG on 
bnode parent update (Ernesto A. Fernández) - linux/bitmap.h: fix type of 
nbits in bitmap_shift_right() (Rasmus Villemoes) - linux/bitmap.h: 
handle constant zero-size bitmaps correctly (Rasmus Villemoes) - 
selftests/powerpc/cache_shape: Fix out-of-tree build (Michael Ellerman) 
- selftests/powerpc/switch_endian: Fix out-of-tree build (Michael 
Ellerman) - selftests/powerpc/signal: Fix out-of-tree build (Joel 
Stanley) - powerpc/xmon: Relax frame size for clang (Joel Stanley) - 
vfs: avoid problematic remapping requests into partial EOF block 
(Darrick J. Wong) - um: Make line/tty semantics use true write IRQ 
(Anton Ivanov) - i2c: uniphier-f: fix race condition when IRQ is cleared 
(Masahiro Yamada) - i2c: uniphier-f: fix occasional timeout error 
(Masahiro Yamada) - i2c: uniphier-f: make driver robust against 
concurrency (Masahiro Yamada) - block: fix the DISCARD request merge 
(Jianchao Wang) - macsec: let the administrator set UP state even if 
lowerdev is down (Sabrina Dubroca) - macsec: update operstate when lower 
device changes (Sabrina Dubroca) - mm/page-writeback.c: fix range_cyclic 
writeback vs writepages deadlock (Dave Chinner) - 
fs/ocfs2/dlm/dlmdebug.c: fix a sleep-in-atomic-context bug in 
dlm_print_one_mle() (Jia-Ju Bai) - arm64: lib: use C string functions 
with KASAN enabled (Andrey Ryabinin) - sparc64: Rework xchg() definition 
to avoid warnings. (David S. Miller) - powerpc/process: Fix 
flush_all_to_thread for SPE (Felipe Rechia) - bpf: devmap: fix wrong 
interface selection in notifier_call (Taehee Yoo) - thermal: 
rcar_thermal: Prevent hardware access during system suspend (Geert 
Uytterhoeven) - selftests: watchdog: Fix error message. (Jerry Hoemann) 
- selftests: watchdog: fix message when /dev/watchdog open fails (Shuah 
Khan (Samsung OSG)) - selftests/ftrace: Fix to test kprobe $comm arg 
only if available (Masami Hiramatsu) - mfd: max8997: Enale irq-wakeup 
unconditionally (Marek Szyprowski) - mfd: intel_soc_pmic_bxtwc: Chain 
power button IRQs as well (Andy Shevchenko) - mfd: mc13xxx-core: Fix 
PMIC shutdown when reading ADC values (Fabio Estevam) - mfd: arizona: 
Correct calling of runtime_put_sync (Sapthagiri Baratam) - net: 
ethernet: ti: cpsw: unsync mcast entries while switch promisc mode (Ivan 
Khoronzhuk) - qlcnic: fix a return in qlcnic_dcb_get_capability() (Dan 
Carpenter) - mISDN: Fix type of switch control variable in 
ctrl_teimanager (Nathan Chancellor) - f2fs: fix to spread 
clear_cold_data() (Chao Yu) - rtc: s35390a: Change buf's type to u8 in 
s35390a_init (Nathan Chancellor) - ceph: fix dentry leak in 
ceph_readdir_prepopulate (Yan, Zheng) - powerpc/pseries: Export raw 
per-CPU VPA data via debugfs (Aravinda Prasad) - sparc: Fix parport 
build warnings. (David S. Miller) - spi: omap2-mcspi: Set FIFO DMA 
trigger level to word length (Vignesh R) - s390/perf: Return error when 
debug_register fails (Thomas Richter) - atm: zatm: Fix empty body Clang 
warnings (Nathan Chancellor) - sunrpc: safely reallow resvport min/max 
inversion (J. Bruce Fields) - SUNRPC: Fix a compile warning for 
cmpxchg64() (Trond Myklebust) - dm raid: avoid bitmap with raid4/5/6 
journal device (Heinz Mauelshagen) - usbip: tools: fix atoi() on 
non-null terminated string (Colin Ian King) - USB: misc: appledisplay: 
fix backlight update_status return code (Mattias Jacobsson) - PCI: vmd: 
Detach resources after stopping root bus (Jon Derrick) - 
macintosh/windfarm_smu_sat: Fix debug output (Benjamin Herrenschmidt) - 
ALSA: i2c/cs8427: Fix int to char conversion (Philipp Klocke) - PM / 
Domains: Deal with multiple states but no governor in genpd (Ulf 
Hansson) - kprobes, x86/ptrace.h: Make regs_get_kernel_stack_nth() not 
fault on bad stack (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - xfs: fix use-after-free 
race in xfs_buf_rele (Dave Chinner) - net: fix warning in af_unix 
(Kyeongdon Kim) - net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Fix 88E6141/6341 2500mbps SERDES 
speed (Marek Behún) - scsi: dc395x: fix DMA API usage in sg_update_list 
(Christoph Hellwig) - scsi: dc395x: fix dma API usage in srb_done 
(Christoph Hellwig) - ASoC: tegra_sgtl5000: fix device_node refcounting 
(Marcel Ziswiler) - clk: at91: audio-pll: fix audio pmc type (Alexandre 
Belloni) - clk: mmp2: fix the clock id for sdh2_clk and sdh3_clk 
(Lubomir Rintel) - crypto: ccree - avoid implicit enum conversion 
(Nathan Chancellor) - scsi: iscsi_tcp: Explicitly cast param in 
iscsi_sw_tcp_host_get_param (Nathan Chancellor) - scsi: isci: Change 
sci_controller_start_task's return type to sci_status (Nathan 
Chancellor) - scsi: isci: Use proper enumerated type in 
atapi_d2h_reg_frame_handler (Nathan Chancellor) - scsi: ips: fix missing 
break in switch (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - amiflop: clean up on errors 
during setup (Omar Sandoval) - pwm: lpss: Only set update bit if we are 
actually changing the settings (Hans de Goede) - pinctrl: sunxi: Fix a 
memory leak in 'sunxi_pinctrl_build_state()' (Christophe JAILLET) - 
RDMA/bnxt_re: Fix qp async event reporting (Devesh Sharma) - m68k: fix 
command-line parsing when passed from u-boot (Angelo Dureghello) - w1: 
IAD Register is yet readable trough iad sys file. Fix snprintf (%u for 
unsigned, count for max size). (Julien Folly) - misc: mic: fix a DMA 
pool free failure (Wenwen Wang) - gsmi: Fix bug in append_to_eventlog 
sysfs handler (Duncan Laurie) - btrfs: handle error of get_old_root 
(Nikolay Borisov) - mmc: mediatek: fix cannot receive new request when 
msdc_cmd_is_ready fail (Chaotian Jing) - spi: sh-msiof: fix deferred 
probing (Sergei Shtylyov) - cdrom: don't attempt to fiddle with 
cdo->capability (Jens Axboe) - skd: fixup usage of legacy IO API (Jens 
Axboe) - ath10k: allocate small size dma memory in 
ath10k_pci_diag_write_mem (Carl Huang) - brcmsmac: AP mode: update 
beacon when TIM changes (Ali MJ Al-Nasrawy) - EDAC, thunderx: Fix memory 
leak in thunderx_l2c_threaded_isr() (Dan Carpenter) - powerpc/eeh: Fix 
use of EEH_PE_KEEP on wrong field (Sam Bobroff) - powerpc/boot: Disable 
vector instructions (Joel Stanley) - powerpc: Fix signedness bug in 
update_flash_db() (Dan Carpenter) - synclink_gt(): fix compat_ioctl() 
(Al Viro) - pty: fix compat ioctls (Al Viro) - gfs2: Fix marking bitmaps 
non-full (Andreas Gruenbacher) - printk: fix integer overflow in 
setup_log_buf() (Sergey Senozhatsky) - ALSA: isight: fix leak of 
reference to firewire unit in error path of .probe callback (Takashi 
Sakamoto) - mwifiex: Fix NL80211_TX_POWER_LIMITED (Adrian Bunk) - 
platform/x86: asus-wmi: Only Tell EC the OS will handle display hotkeys 
from asus_nb_wmi (Hans de Goede) - platform/x86: asus-nb-wmi: Support 
ALS on the Zenbook UX430UQ (Kiernan Hager) - drm/i915/userptr: Try to 
acquire the page lock around set_page_dirty() (Chris Wilson) - mm/ksm.c: 
don't WARN if page is still mapped in remove_stable_node() (Andrey 
Ryabinin) - Revert "fs: ocfs2: fix possible null-pointer dereferences in 
ocfs2_xa_prepare_entry()" (Joseph Qi) - virtio_console: allocate inbufs 
in add_port() only if it is needed (Laurent Vivier) - nbd:fix memory 
leak in nbd_get_socket() (Sun Ke) - tools: gpio: Correctly add make 
dependencies for gpio_utils (Laura Abbott) - gpio: max77620: Fixup 
debounce delays (Thierry Reding) - vhost/vsock: split packets to send 
using multiple buffers (Stefano Garzarella) - net/sched: act_pedit: fix 
WARN() in the traffic path (Davide Caratti) - net/mlxfw: Verify FSM 
error code translation doesn't exceed array size (Eran Ben Elisha) - 
net/mlx5e: Fix set vf link state error flow (Roi Dayan) - sfc: Only 
cancel the PPS workqueue if it exists (Martin Habets) - net: rtnetlink: 
prevent underflows in do_setvfinfo() (Dan Carpenter) - net/mlx4_en: fix 
mlx4 ethtool -N insertion (Luigi Rizzo) - rds: If one path needs 
re-connection, check all and re-connect (Rao Shoaib) [Orabug: 30801823] 
- iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Prevent any devices access to memory without 
registration (Zhen Lei) [Orabug: 30853777] - media: b2c2-flexcop-usb: 
add sanity checking (Oliver Neukum) [Orabug: 30450583] {CVE-2019-15291}
- RDMA/cma: Rollback source IP address if failing to acquire device 
(Myungho Jung) [Orabug: 29759790] - scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - lpfc: Fix driver 
intialization failure for sli4 non nvme (Shagun Agrawal) [Orabug: 
30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix BFS crash with DIX enabled (James Smart) 
[Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix FDMI fc4type for nvme support 
(James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix fcp_rsp_len checking 
on lun reset (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix 
incorrect logical link speed on trunks when links down (James Smart) 
[Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix memory leak in abnormal exit path 
from lpfc_eq_create (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: 
Rework misleading nvme not supported in firmware message (James Smart) 
[Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix hardlockup in scsi_cmd_iocb_cmpl 
(James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Prevent 'use after free' 
memory overwrite in nvmet LS handling (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - 
scsi: lpfc: Fix PT2PT PLOGI collison stopping discovery (James Smart) 
[Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Revert message logging on unsupported 
topology (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix nvmet target 
abort cmd matching (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix 
alloc context on oas lun creations (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - 
scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (James Smart) [Orabug: 
30891351] - scsi: lpfc: correct rcu unlock issue in lpfc_nvme_info_show 
(James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Make lpfc_sli4_oas_verify 
static (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix a recently 
introduced compiler warning (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: 
lpfc: Move trunk_errmsg[] from a header file into a .c file (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Annotate switch/case 
fall-through (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix 
indentation and balance braces (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30891351] - 
scsi: lpfc: avoid uninitialized variable warning (Arnd Bergmann) 
[Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fixup eq_clr_intr references (James 
Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: change snprintf to scnprintf for 
possible overflow (Shagun Agrawal) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: be2iscsi: 
lpfc: fix typo (Matteo Croce) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Update 
Copyright in driver version (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: 
lpfc: Enhance 6072 log string (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: 
lpfc: Add loopback testing to trunking mode (James Smart) [Orabug: 
30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix link speed reporting for 4-link trunk (James 
Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix handling of trunk links 
state reporting (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix 
protocol support on G6 and G7 adapters (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] 
- scsi: lpfc: Correct boot bios information to FDMI registration (James 
Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix HDMI2 registration string 
for symbolic name (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix 
driver crash in target reset handler (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - 
scsi: lpfc: Correct localport timeout duration error (James Smart) 
[Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Convert bootstrap mbx polling from 
msleep to udelay (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: 
Coordinate adapter error handling with offline handling (James Smart) 
[Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Stop adapter if pci errors detected 
(James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Fix use-after-free 
mailbox cmd completion (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: 
resolve static checker warning in lpfc_sli4_hba_unset (James Smart) 
[Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: Correct __lpfc_sli_issue_iocb_s4 
lockdep check (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: cleanup: 
Remove excess check on NVME io submit code path (James Smart) [Orabug: 
30891351] - scsi: lpfc: cleanup: remove nrport from nvme command 
structure (James Smart) [Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: no need to 
check return value of debugfs_create functions (Greg Kroah-Hartman) 
[Orabug: 30891351] - scsi: lpfc: lpfc_sli: Mark expected switch 
fall-throughs (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 30891351]

- KVM: vmx: use MSR_IA32_TSX_CTRL to hard-disable TSX on guest that lack 
it (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 30851144] - KVM: vmx: implement 
MSR_IA32_TSX_CTRL disable RTM functionality (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 
30851144] - KVM: x86: implement MSR_IA32_TSX_CTRL effect on CPUID (Paolo 
Bonzini) [Orabug: 30851144] - KVM: x86: do not modify masked bits of 
shared MSRs (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 30851144] - KVM: x86: fix 
presentation of TSX feature in ARCH_CAPABILITIES (Paolo Bonzini) 
[Orabug: 30851144] - rds: Use bitmap to designate dropped connections 
(Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30868397] - xen/ovmapi: whitelist more caches 
(Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 30852556] - KVM: nVMX: Check IO instruction 
VM-exit conditions (Oliver Upton) [Orabug: 30847134] {CVE-2020-2732}
- KVM: nVMX: Refactor IO bitmap checks into helper function (Oliver 
Upton) [Orabug: 30847134] {CVE-2020-2732}
- KVM: nVMX: Don't emulate instructions in guest mode (Paolo Bonzini) 
[Orabug: 30847134] {CVE-2020-2732}
- rds: unlock rs_snd_lock before calling rhashtable_insert_fast (aru 
kolappan) [Orabug: 30849457] - mwifiex: Fix heap overflow in 
mmwifiex_process_tdls_action_frame() (qize wang) [Orabug: 30819436] 
- x86/KVM: Clean up host's steal time structure (Boris Ostrovsky) 
[Orabug: 30758027] {CVE-2019-3016} {CVE-2019-3016}
- x86/KVM: Make sure KVM_VCPU_FLUSH_TLB flag is not missed (Boris 
Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 30758027] {CVE-2019-3016} {CVE-2019-3016}
- x86/kvm: Cache gfn to pfn translation (Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 
30758027] {CVE-2019-3016} {CVE-2019-3016}
- x86/kvm: Introduce kvm_(un)map_gfn() (Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 
30758027] {CVE-2019-3016} {CVE-2019-3016}
- x86/kvm: Be careful not to clear KVM_VCPU_FLUSH_TLB bit (Boris 
Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 30758027] {CVE-2019-3016} {CVE-2019-3016}
- KVM: Properly check if "page" is valid in kvm_vcpu_unmap (KarimAllah 
Ahmed) [Orabug: 30758027] {CVE-2019-3016}
- kvm: fix compile on s390 part 2 (Christian Borntraeger) [Orabug: 
30758027] {CVE-2019-3016}
- kvm: fix compilation on s390 (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 30758027] 
- kvm: fix compilation on aarch64 (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 30758027] 
- KVM: Introduce a new guest mapping API (KarimAllah Ahmed) [Orabug: 
30758027] {CVE-2019-3016}
- rds: prevent use-after-free of rds conn in rds_send_drop_to() (Sharath 
Srinivasan) [Orabug: 30551067] - uek-rpm: Update linux-firmware 
dependency to latest. (Somasundaram Krishnasamy) [Orabug: 30816772] - 
RDMA/core: Fix locking in ib_uverbs_event_read (Jason Gunthorpe) 
[Orabug: 30723028] - RDMA/uverbs: Remove is_closed from ib_uverbs_file 
(Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30723028] - x86_64: fix adding of gap to int3 
to allow call emulation (Alan Maguire) [Orabug: 30677260] - ftrace/x86: 
Remove possible deadlock between register_kprobe() and 
ftrace_run_update_code() (Petr Mladek) [Orabug: 30677260] - Revert 
"ftrace/x86: Remove possible deadlock between register_kprobe() and 
ftrace_run_update_code()" (Alan Maguire) [Orabug: 30677260]

- rds: fix an infoleak in rds_inc_info_copy (Kangjie Lu) [Orabug: 
30770959] {CVE-2016-5244}
- KVM: x86: fix out-of-bounds write in KVM_GET_EMULATED_CPUID 
(CVE-2019-19332) (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 30658693] {CVE-2019-19332}
- RDMA/cma: Relax device check in cma_match_net_dev() (Håkon Bugge) 
[Orabug: 30809124] - IB/mlx4: Fix use after free in RDMA CM disconnect 
code path (Manjunath Patil)

- rds: call of get_user_pages_longterm with boolean (type int) instead 
of "gup_flags" (Hans Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 30806406] - IB/mlx4: Fix 
leak in id_map_find_del (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30805808] - x86: bugs: 
replace static_ with boot_ for SSBD feature (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 
30793800] - drm/i915/gen9: Clear residual context state on context 
switch (Akeem G Abodunrin) [Orabug: 30773850] {CVE-2019-14615} 
- blk-wbt: Avoid lock contention and thundering herd issue in wbt_wait 
(Anchal Agarwal) [Orabug: 30795004] - Revert "net/rds: Use DMA memory 
pool allocation for rds_header" (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 30687619] - 
IB/mlx5: Disable BME on panic (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30776635] - genhd: 
Fix use after free in __blkdev_get() (Jan Kara) [Orabug: 30458839] - 
iomap: Fix pipe page leakage during splicing (Jan Kara) [Orabug: 29278601]

- octeontx2: fixup PCI Remote Console driver shutdown function (Dave 
Aldridge) [Orabug: 30484033] - mips: add user_addr_max() and 
PROT_RESERVED (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - mips64: Fix for panic 
when ftrace config enabled (Rob Gardner) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2: 
add OcteonTX2 PCI Remote Console driver (Rick Farrington) [Orabug: 
30484033] - proc: Alter ways of mac address parsing (Sujeet Baranwal) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - proc: Board info logic reorg (Sujeet Baranwal) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - proc: Board information made available (Sujeet 
Baranwal) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add new CGX_CMD to get PHY 
FEC statistics (Felix Manlunas) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: 
Remove ARM64 and LSE_ATOMICS dependency (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Fix return value in npc_set_pkind (Geetha 
sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Allow setting VF mac and 
vlan only when PF is UP (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Use 2048 byte receive buffers (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Optimize populating SQE_HDR (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Advertise lockless transmit 
capability (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Cleanup 
otx2_nic and hw structs (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Aggregate multiple boolean fields into common flags (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add SDP interface support. 
(Subrahmanyam Nilla) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Alloc only used 
MSIX vectors (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Use 
napi_complete_done instead of napi_complete (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Use napi_get_frags instead of build_skb (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fix CQE cleanup done while 
teardown (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: NAPI handler 
cleanup (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Support to 
enable EDSA/Higig2 pkts parsing (hariprasad) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Drop packets size more than configured FRS (Geetha 
sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: add default ldata ext for 
higig2 (Kiran Kumar K) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: kpu profile 
add support for HIGIG2 protocol (Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - flush 
i-cache after gdb breakpoint (Rob Gardner) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Reduce AF VFs for embedded product (Dave Aldridge) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add LIO3 link modes to ethtool's list 
of supported modes (Felix Manlunas) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: 
notify VF about ptp event (Harman Kalra) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Increase mbox response timeout to 2 seconds (Felix 
Manlunas) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Use BLKTYPE in register 
macros (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Support 
for parsing pkts with switch headers (hariprasad) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Fix wrong info in ethtool's list of supported link modes 
(Felix Manlunas) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: dont force enable 
default unicast entry (hariprasad) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: 
Simplify ndo vf mac and vlan (hariprasad) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af : handle rvu pfvf mac address (hariprasad) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf : Fix module dependency with VF driver 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Increase the Mbox 
response timeout value (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Get MSIXTR_BASE from fw_data (Rakesh Babu) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fix clearing SQ/CQ queue interrupt (Geetha 
sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Reduce mbox wait response 
time. (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: reserve top 
LD/LTYPEs for custom KPU (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: update address of global CGX RX_STATS (hariprasad) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Fix default profile loading checks 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Init mcam 
resources after loading profile (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Do not exit when firmware unavailable (Subbaraya Sundeep) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Reset the PF/VF on MTU change (Geetha 
sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - marvell/zip: Add octeontx header files 
(Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - marvell/zip : OcteonTX and 
OcteonTX2 ZIP Physical Function driver (Akash Saxena) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- drivers/crypto/marvell: Create a common Kconfig and Makefile for 
Marvell (Akash Saxena) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto:cpt - fix response 
for mbox ready (Vidya Velumuri) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto:cpt - rename 
modules name (SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 30484033] - i2c: thunderx: missing 
struct pci_dev definition in mips build (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: fix backpressure cfg on lf alloc and free 
(Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto:cpt - add mbox for 
inline IPsec RX LF cfg (SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
thunderx: Fix RSS flow hash settings display (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add shutdown sequence for PF/VF (Geetha 
sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add rx vlan offload support 
(hariprasad) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Clear mbox interrupt 
status early (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
match nvgre as ltype (Kiran Kumar K) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: 
Interface Mode change using ethtool. (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Do not set mac address again (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx-af: Interface mode change feature 
via ethtool (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: remove 
redundant changes from speed change support. (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: kpu profile fix for a missing action entry 
(Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: kpu profile update for 
protocol nvgre (Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - drivers: cleanup el3 
handler only if parent process exits (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 
30484033] - cpt: Warning removal from CPT module (Sujeet Baranwal) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add T98 devid to PTP id table (Tomasz 
Michalec) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2: gti: Remove 
pci_request_regions() calls from the driver. (Ashish Kalra) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-rm: add knob for PMCCNTR_EL0 access config 
(Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-rm: rework 
MBOX_MSG_READY handling (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Add mdio command interface using debugfs (Christina Jacob) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add barrier to sync interface status 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fix memory leak 
while freeing SQBs (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Add programmed macaddr to RVU pfvf (Vidhya Vidhyaraman) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: combine LB_STAG and LB_QINQ to one LB ltype 
(Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Ignore NPC parser layer 
errors (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Fix 
compilation issue (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: add 
parser support for DSA, extended DSA and eDSA (Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Transmit packets during SMQ flush (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Always enable mcam rules for 
TX (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Use 
nix_smq_flush function (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Use helper function for LBK VF (Subbaraya Sundeep) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Enable odd number of AF VFs also 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Change message 
level to debug (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: 
Use post increment STP to free pointers to Aura (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add debug messages for MSIX alloc failure 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fix interface init 
and shutdown sequence (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: 
Fix VF id in the FLR handler (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Fix programming and logical issues (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fix memory leaks (Subbaraya Sundeep) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Disply the link detected status in 
ethtool command (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add 
validation in ntuple delete flow (hariprasad) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Fix and simplify IRQ coalescing settings (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fix RQ/SQ ringsize config done via 
ethtool (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add tx vlan 
offload support (hariprasad) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Remove 
express traffic support (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Add error messages in driver exit path (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Enable broadcast packet replication 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: support to change 
link speed and autoneg (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Introduce SET_LINK_MODE command to change various 
configurations of a network interface. (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: report RCLK/SCLK values through mbox 
(Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fix RQ CQ RED and 
DROP levels for 96xx B0 (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Enable CQ interrupt coalescing (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Support for HW TSO offload (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Don't enable RQ RED/DROP interrupts 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Always show physical 
link status (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Skip CGX 
probe if not connected to NIX (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Support installing TX MCAM rules (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Do not error out for debugfs 
partial reads (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Apply relevant HW issue workarounds for 96xx B0 silicon (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add receive errors to stats (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Sending tsc value to the 
userspace (Harman Kalra) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Set MAC 
address resource bit map to its default during FLR (Sunil Kumar Kori) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add unicast filter support 
(hariprasad) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Delete range of mcam 
entries (hariprasad) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Support to 
display current settings of a vf network interface via ethtool 
(Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: fix TIM slot to lf 
lookup (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Do not clear 
NPA_AQ_RES_S too early (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Update hardware workarounds for 95xx A1 silicon (Geetha 
sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Update hardware workarounds 
for 95xx A1 silicon (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Release mutex resource (hariprasad) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
sync ATF and Kernel firmware data structure. (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Delete RX VLAN offload support (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Do not set/clear num_msgs of 
VF0 mbox always (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Do not set/clear num_msgs of PF1 mbox always (Subbaraya Sundeep) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: calibrate otx2 just once (Peter Swain) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: cnf95 also needs forced clock (Peter 
Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: use calibrated timing taps 
(Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: inherit u-boot's otx2 
tap calibration (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: do not 
drop bus lock in tuning (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: 
slot switch by vqmmc/gpio (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: 
cavium: reorganize before vqmmc switching (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 
30484033] - drivers: i2c: thunderx: octeontx2 clock divisor logic 
changes (Suneel Garapati) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto:cpt - change inst 
queue memory allocation (SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto:cpt 
- allow user to set LFs for kernel VF driver (SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: add shutdown function (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2: gti: The GTI watchdog will not build as a module 
(Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: test for null 
host->pdev (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - gpio: thunderx: Fix 
interrupt support for kernel driver (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 
30484033] - gpio: thunderx: Adjust the msi base for cn96xx gpio (Sujeet 
Baranwal) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2: gti: return to expired timeout 
context. (Ashish Kalra) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2: gti: Convert 
gti_watchdog driver to PCIe driver. (Ashish Kalra) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-gti: Probing gti_watchdog driver on octeontx2 compatible 
string (Ashish Kalra) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-gti: Fix modprobe 
warnings with gti_watchdog driver (Ashish Kalra) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-gti: Add driver support for CN96xx GTI watchdog (Ashish Kalra) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Fix inner l4 layer id (Nithin 
Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: NPC Tx parse data key ext 
profile (Kiran Kumar K) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Display 
message timeout error (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Fetch FEC stats of the physical link (Christina Jacob) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Support to display fec counters also 
in ethtool stats. (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Support NIX rx/tx counters at CGX port level (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Create tx_stall debugfs entry only for 96xx 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: fix parser error for 
udp packets with no payload (Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Add ethtool priv flag to control PAM4 on/off (Felix 
Manlunas) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Free HW resources on PF/VF 
initialization failure (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Schedule work to refill RQ if buffer alloc fails in atomic 
context. (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Do not 
clear NIX_AQ_RES_S too early (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Extract layer ID LE's ltypes to NPC parse key (Kiran Kumar 
K) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: provide parser support for mpls in 
udp (Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: align rss flow alg 
with npc profile (Kiran Kumar K) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Update fwadata structure with few more reserved fields. (Christina 
Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: reorganize NPC parser profile 
for tunnel protocols (Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
check TXSCHQ policy when needed (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: fix policy validation for LBK VFs (Stanislaw Kardach) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Update workarounds for hardware 
issues (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Update 
workarounds for hardware issues (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Disable MCAM entries during NIX_LF_FREE (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Remove vf flows cleanup 
functions (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Simplify key overlap check (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Add new CGX_CMDs to set and get PHY modulation type (Felix 
Manlunas) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: NPC parser profile add 
support for nix_inst_hdr on tx (Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: add TIM LF teardown (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- octeontx2-af: fix TIM block address usage (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Handle physical link state change requests 
(Vamsi Attunuru) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Scan VLAN TCI 
correctly (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Modify 
KEX to extract VLAN TCI correctly (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- octeontx2-af: NPC parser profile change, move lb_ptr to point to tpid 
(Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Cleanup CGX config 
permission checks (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Use 
proper error message (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Extend fwdata structure with additional information. 
(Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add ethtool -m 
option support. (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Move to rvu_fwdata version 1. (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Turn on L2 multicast address check (Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Cleanup properly during driver remove 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Start/Stop 
traffic in CGX along with NPC (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: do not handle VF link event twice (Tomasz Duszynski) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: CGX DMAC filtering support (Sunil 
Kumar Kori) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Set minimum MTU size to 
64 bytes (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Adding PTP 
CGX config cleanup in FLR (Harman Kalra) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Support for PTP notification to PF (Harman Kalra) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fix smmuv3 messages while deferring pf driver 
probe. (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2: Fix mbox driver 
compilation dependency. (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
crypto:cpt - printing debug prints via debugfs (SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 
30484033] - crypto: cpt - fix handling of INIT completion code (Lukasz 
Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - fix reordering of crypto 
requests (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cn95xx: cmd and 
data out values fixture (Sujeet Baranwal) [Orabug: 30484033] - mtd: 
cavium_nand: disable BCH on early cn81xx (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 
30484033] - mtd: cavium_nand: EPROBE_DEFER fixes built-in BCH setup 
(Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mtd: cavium_nand: add HW_BCH support 
(Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mtd: cavium_nand: teardown & 
probe-fail cleanup (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mtd: cavium_nand: 
safe NAND_CMD_STATUS during transfer (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
mtd: cavium_nand: power management (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
mtd: cavium_nand: correct handling of OOB transfers (Peter Swain) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - mtd: cavium_nand: get_/set_features and mode change 
optimization (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mtd: cavium_nand: 
simplify address-latch setup (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mtd: 
cavium_nand: timing and race reduction (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- mtd: cavium_nand: allow larger nand devices (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 
30484033] - mtd: nand: cavium: Rename nand.h to rawnand.h (Radha Mohan 
Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 30484033] - mtd: nand: cavium_nand 4k page + 256 
OOB support (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - nand: cavium: Nand flash 
controller for Cavium ARM64 SOCs (Jan Glauber) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Delete ntuple filters for VF upon FLR (Subbaraya Sundeep) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add option to disable dynamic entry 
caching in NDC (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: fix 
compilation warnings (Vidya Velumuri) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Support to enable/disable Inline Ipsec functionality (Vidya Velumuri) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: add support to alloc & free tx vlan 
config resources (Vamsi Attunuru) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: 
Synchronize mailbox for PF and VF messages (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: NDC sync op af mbox support (Nithin 
Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Check IFF_MULTICAST too 
when enabling multicast (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-vf: assign default mac address during probe (Tomasz Duszynski) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: assign default mac address during 
probe (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Fix XOFF 
toggling in PSE restore logic (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Support configurable NDC cache way_mask (Geetha sowjanya) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Revert workaround for errata 
NDC-35094 (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-rm: fix strncpy 
ranges (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: msglvl 
based debug support. (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: fix resources cleanup and sr-iov init (Tomasz Duszynski) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add inner layer rss support (Kiran 
Kumar K) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Disable timestamping and 
link notification during exit (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Ethtool support for fec configuration via ethtool. 
(Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Support to get link 
info like current speed, fec etc (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Use sleepable mbox apis wherever possible (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Do not use single PTP clock 
across all PFs (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Fix enabling/disabling pause frames generation (Geetha sowjanya) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add mbox to read mcam entry (Vamsi 
Attunuru) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: add NPC parser support for 
QinQ with TPID of 0x8100 (Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: 
Fix PF driver crash on driver unbind (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fixing broken pfvf mailbox communication. 
(Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Fix rvu probe on 
cgx disable (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Remove 
flows when interface is down (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Add rss flow key tunnel types (Kiran Kumar K) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add VF function level reset (PCI FLR) support 
(Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Enable pci bus 
mastering (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Correct 
timestamp endianness (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Modify calculation of compensation value (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add TXSCHQ config info to 
mailbox (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2-rm: fix 
compilation warnings (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: add nix {cq,rq and sq} qsize contexts to debugfs. (Prakash 
Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Remove unnecessary 
error message (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: do 
not enable rx vlan strip by default (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: add support for SR-IOV management functions 
(Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Fix NIX mailbox 
failures (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Use user-def 
parameter of ethtool ntuple command (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Use default unicast RSS action when installing 
a flow (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fixing 
redundant message from af to pf. (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Clean up pf interrupt handlers. (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af : Patch to prevent redundant message from pf to 
af. (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Disable SQ 
manager sticky mode operation (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Updated NIX transmit stall workaround (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Move NIX PSE backpressure level from 
TL2 to TL3 (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Consolidate NIX HW issue workarounds (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- coteontx2-af: Add mailbox for retrieving HW capabilities (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Support for fixed transmit 
scheduler topology (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: 
Skip CQ_STATUS read if pending CQEs greater than budget (Geetha 
sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: export missing symbols 
(Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Keep link 
notification enabled until device detach (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fix receive buffer address handling (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add NIX_GET_MAC_ADDR mailbox 
message (Vamsi Attunuru) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: add sso 
error af interrupt handlers (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: add nix error af interrupt handlers (Jerin Jacob) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: add npa error af interrupt handlers (Jerin 
Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: add error checks for CPT af 
interrupts (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: use get 
blkaddr function instead of macro (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Update CGX speed mapping table for 80G (Nithya Mani) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: annotate flow_msg fields with 
endian-aware types (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: 
fix VF index calculation (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: fix warning by removing unnecessary comparison (Tomasz 
Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Protect mailbox access 
against race conditions (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Do not use spinlock for accessing mailbox (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: fix missing function 
prototype warning (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Add support for rss key types (Kiran Kumar K) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-vf: set VF watchdog timeout (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Fix return value in NIX PSE errata workaround 
(Rob Colclaser) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add support for 
importing firmware data (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - Revert "soc: 
octeontx2: Get PF macaddress from firmware" (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add support to display mcam rules (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add ethtool ntuple filters 
support (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Use 
separate nfc callbacks for VFs (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Use install flow function for unicast rule (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Delete RXVLAN_ALLOC mailbox 
message (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Use 
install flow mbox message for RX VLAN offload (Subbaraya Sundeep) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add mbox messages to install and 
delete flows (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add 
support for scanning KEX profile (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- soc: octeontx2-dpi: disable DPI PF driver by default in Kconfig 
(Subrahmanyam Nilla) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: proceed silently 
if link event response is missing (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- octeontx2-vf: add support for handling PF notifications (Krzysztof 
Garczynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: add support for sending 
notifications to VF (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Configure backpressure level for packet reception (Geetha 
sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Add ethtool support to 
enable/disable pause frames (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Add mbox messages to configure backpressure for an 
interface. (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add mbox 
message to enable/disable pause frames. (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Config receive and transmission of pause 
frames (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add CPT 
debug entries to debugfs (SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Fix memory leak due to error packets (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Set proper errorcode for IPv4 
checksum errors (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fix 
SQ and CQ error interrupts (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: fix rvu_sso_ggrp_taq_flush (Angela Czubak) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Sync up cgx_fw_if header with firmware (Linu 
Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: enable cgx lmac tx link 
while flush (Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
debugfs clean-up, fix return value in case of error. (Prakash 
Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Cgx mapped PF's VF 
downstream mbox support (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Add macro to generate mbox handlers declarations 
(Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Use 
OTX2_DATA_ALIGN() to align net SKB data (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Check LBK link mapped NIXLFs also for tx stall 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Fix accessing 
rvu->tx_stall pointer (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: drain xaq before reconfiguring aura (Pavan Nikhilesh) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Fix checkpatch issue reported by 4.20 
script (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Add support 
to verify channel (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Check SQ counters to detect the deadlock (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: use blkaddr instead of blktype. (Prakash 
Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Workaround for NIX CQ 
hang HW issue (Jerin Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: add 
support for changing vlan tpid (Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-pf: Adding ethtool support for link status information. 
(Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: NPC debugfs clean 
up. (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: NIX 
debugfs clean up. (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: cgx debugfs clean up. (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: NPA debugfs clean up. (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Skip creating limits pci file for 
undiscovered RVU PFs (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Disable Rx backpressure during SMQ flush (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - Revert "soc: octeontx2: Fix for SMQ flush stall" (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2-rm: enable bus master 
(Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2-rm: handle dpivf 
reservations (Subrahmanyam Nilla) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2-dpi: add dpi-pf driver (Subrahmanyam Nilla) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- soc: octeontx2-rm: Defer probe if discovery id is not setup (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-pf: Defer probe if discovery id 
is not setup (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Set 
discovery ID for RVUM block (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
octeontx2-af: Extract outer vlan in case of stacked vlan (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: Do not clean up if init is 
successful (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2-af: 
Workaround for NIX transmit stall issue (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Allocate receive buffers in atomic mode 
(Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Process SQ CQEs 
based on QCOUNT (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: 
Check for minimum free SQBs (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: Set RVU PF/VF watchdog timeout (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 
30484033] - octeontx2-af: Use the right wake_up API variant in CGX 
command interface (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx2: Sync 
directory structure of octeontx2 AF and PF drivers to upstream (Linu 
Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix checkpatch issues 
reported by 4.20 script (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Sync NIX APIs to upstream (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: Sync FLOW_KEY_TYPE_XX macro naming to upstream (Linu 
Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Sync NPC APIs to upstream 
(Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix a memcpy size in 
rvu_nix_aq_enq_inst (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Free npa resource on exit (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Remove symbol dependency of PF driver on AF (Linu Cherian) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Integrate CGX module with AF (Linu 
Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Remove garbage in 
rvu_poll_reg(). (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Add PTP subsystem ID for 95xx chip (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- net: octeontx2: revert "net: octeontx2: protect mbox access with a 
lock" (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: ignore sso 
lf count when checking pffunc validity (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: restore sso hwgrp default thresholds (Pavan 
Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: NPC KPU profile fix (Hao 
Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: fix cgx_lmac_rx_tx_enable 
(Angela Czubak) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix for SMQ flush 
stall (Vidhya Vidhyaraman) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix loop 
in free and unmap counter (Subbaraya Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Add PTP subsystem id for octeontx2 chip. (Prakash 
Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: protect mbox access 
with a lock (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Fix 
SMQ/SQ configuration (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: fix PHC userspace access (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix mbox error debug message (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Fix IRQ free failure in VF driver 
exit (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Increase 
register poll timeout (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Get PF macaddress from firmware (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Don't treat lack of CGX interfaces as error 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Fix ingress RED 
dropping configuration (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Fix CGX promisc mode configuration (Yuri Tolstov) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2-rm: add domain sysfs (Stanislaw Kardach) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2-rm: add Marvell OcteonTX2 RM driver 
(Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Clear NPC MCAM 
entries before update (Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: fix SSO IU index not being released (Pavan Nikhilesh) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: cleanup hardcoded masks and offsets 
(Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: add intradevice 
FLR handling (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
handle Errata 35432 (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: update SSO HWGRP teardown sequence (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: update SSO GWS teardown sequence (Pavan 
Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: don't register CPT AF 
interrupts (Bartosik, Lukasz) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Fix 
IRQ free upon mbox communication failure (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Add mbox bounce buffer (Geetha sowjanya) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Sync hw mbox with bounce buffer. 
(Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Sync up with 
upstream mbox APIs (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Fix module build error (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: Fix resource alloc debugfs dump (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: add mbox to get SSO GWS/GGRP stats (Pavan 
Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: replace existing mbox 
req with lighter req message (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: add debugfs for SSO performance counters (Pavan Nikhilesh) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: update TIM 10ns clk source min 
interval (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: 
initialize fields properly before timecounter_init (Bhatta Sundeep) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Remove redundant mbox header clear 
in ptp (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Add __weak 
function symbols for mbox handlers (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: typo and cosmetic fixes. (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: cleanup, fix for possible memory 
leak. (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: fix 
to generate cgx stats in debugfs. (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: enable mkex profile (Attunuru, Vamsi) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: adjust rvu limits for no-VF case 
(Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix potential 
slab-out-of-bounds access. (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: add CPT support to AF driver (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Add support for PTP clock (Aleksey Makarov) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add low level support for Marvell 
PTP coprocessor (Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Support to enable/disable HW timestamping (Zyta Szpak) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Fix number of allocated send queue entries 
(Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix SSO HWGRP 
configuration (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: NPC 
KPU profile update (ver 1.3.0): (Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: change NPC KPU profile format (Hao Zheng) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- net: octeontx2: Convert mbox handler APIs to lowercase (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Convert mbox handler APIs to 
lowercase (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: do not 
alloc RXVLAN for LBK VFs (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: skip allocating rxvlan for VFs (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Configure RED drop levels for packet 
reception. (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Use 
separate RQ and SQ size configuration parameters. (Geetha sowjanya) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Verify NPA/SSO/NIX PF_FUNC mapping 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix npa_pf_func 
size in sso_hw_setconfig mbox msg (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
net: octeontx2: Cleanup SQ/RQ to Aura/Pool mapping (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Cleanup mbox response checking 
logic (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add mbox API 
to validate all responses (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Fix otx2_mbox_get_rsp() API (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: add support for stripping STAG/CTAG 
(Duszynski, Tomasz) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: add support for 
stripping STAG/CTAG (Duszynski, Tomasz) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: simplify RX Vtag configuration flow (Duszynski, Tomasz) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Update workaround for HW NIX errata 
35057 (Jerin Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Minor misc 
fixes in cgx driver (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Make cgx firmware interface header endian friendly (Linu Cherian) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Identical Rx/Tx NPC parse nibble 
enable config (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix 
build warnings (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add 
LSO format configuration mbox (Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
net: octeontx2: Allocate percpu stats for vf interfaces (Prakash 
Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Unregister cgx 
event callbacks before wq destroy (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: Use workqueue for managing cgx lmac linkup (Linu 
Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Restore MSIXTR_BASE 
register upon module exit (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: Update Nix rqpool cnt when rx queues changed. (Prakash 
Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Add reset count to 
stats (Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Implement 
percpu error stats (Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: Support queue interrupts (Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- net: octeontx2: Fix error path of _open() (Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Relinquish CPU while register polling (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Use dma_map_resource to 
create IOMMU mapping for MSIX base (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
net: octeontx2: Fix ucast NPC entry configuration sequence (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Stop NAPI polling before 
resetting (Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: L3 and 
L4 verification (Vidhya Raman) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
configure VLAN TPIDs (Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Unset the HWS hardware group mask bits (Radha Mohan 
Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2:: add mbox for setting 
MARK_FORMAT (Krzysztof Kanas) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Do 
CGX init before NIX init (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: set rss action in promisc mcam entry when rss is enabled 
(Vamsi Attunuru) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: add workaround for 
TIM reverse lookup (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Add TIM unit support. (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: Sync cgx_fw_if header with firmware (Linu Cherian) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix NIX endianness configuration 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Workaround for HW 
NIX errata 35057 and 35038 (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Skip cgx linkup start for invalid ports. (Linu Cherian) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add cgx lmac link status to debugfs 
(Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Make cgx link up 
procedure threaded during boot (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Handle case of non contiguous cgx port ids (Linu Cherian) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Remove CGX rxtx disable during 
nix_lf_teardown (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add 
workaround for errata NDC-35094 (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: reserve NET_SKB_PAD bytes for skb headroom (Tomasz Duszynski) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: fix page unmap (Tomasz Duszynski) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: reset all mbox devid in up handler 
(Marko Kallio) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix MCE entry init 
for bcast tables (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
add missing bounds check for lf (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: add mbox to configure thresholds per HWGRP (Pavan 
Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: fix freeing mbox 
interrupt (Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: define 
all NIX_AF_RX_DEF_* registers (Jerin Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: enable inner IPv4 checksum (Jerin Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
net: octeontx2: Software TSO support for pass1 silicon (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Fix IP checksum offload settings 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Fix next 
subdescriptor offset in SQE (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: add debugfs support for sso (Pavan Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: fix msix allocation/release (Aleksey 
Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add interrupt handlers for 
Master Enable event (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Make NDC enums reflect NDC hardware instance (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Fix NIX_LF_START/STOP for LBK VFs (Linu 
Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix mask for 
rvu_npc_install_xx (Santosh Shukla) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: 
fix skb fragment add (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: Start/stop traffic at NPC instead of at CGX (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Support to enable/disable default 
MCAM entries (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Disable all MCAM entries while doing NPC init (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Free SSO AQ resources on teardown (Pavan 
Nikhilesh) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: do not check NETIF_F_GRO 
flag (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Use TL2 for 
LINKX_CFG reg (Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
change usage of NIX_AF_TL3_TL2X_LINKX_CFG (Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Avoid cgx fwi requests when lmac count is 0 
(Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: fix compilation 
warning (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: mbox: 
Use reply pointer (Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
mbox: Allow to access reply pointer (Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- soc: octeontx2: mbox: Get rid of txmem (Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Minor cleanup in cgx_fw_if.h (Linu Cherian) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Do interrupt enable/ack for CGX 
firmware interface (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
txschq limits handling (Krzysztof Garczynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: Fix VF driver module description (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix CGX driver module description (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add NPC MCAM allocation 
status to debugfs (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Add FLR handling support for AF's VFs (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- soc: octeontx2: Fix NIX LF teardown upon FLR (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix mbox and FLR interrupt naming (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: set default config for TL1 
registers (Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: allow 
freeing single TLx txschq (Nithin Dabilpuram) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: restrict TL1 allocation and config (Nithin Dabilpuram) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: add support for runtime RSS algo 
index reservation (Jerin Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: add 
support for dynamic flow cfg to RSS field generation (Jerin Jacob) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: add response for RSS flow key cfg 
message (Jerin Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Fix irq 
cleanup in cgx driver remove path (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: Add MKEX default profile (Santosh Shukla) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add LD FLAG info in NPC KEX_CFG (Santosh 
Shukla) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: Move SOC entry to under IOMMU (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Defer probe if AF is not 
responding (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Defer AF 
probe if CGX driver is not loaded (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: Setup resource limits before enabling VFs (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Add ethtool support for VF 
(Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Export symbols 
for VF driver (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: 
Add Marvell OcteonTX2 VF driver (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
net: octeontx2: Support to set/show RSS hash options from ethtool (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: IRQ coalescing config and 
tuning via ethtool (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: Add basic ethtool support (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Register and handle CGX link notifications 
(Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Support to use 
single pool for all RQs (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: Add support to configure loopback (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Implement ndo_tx_timeout callback (Aleksey 
Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: BQL support. (Christina 
Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: TCP segmentation offload 
support (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Set 
skb->hash from HW (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: 
Add receive side scaling support (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
net: octeontx2: Support for Rx/Tx csum offload (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Add ndo_set_rx_mode and support for 
promisc/allmulti (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: 
Support for ndo_change_mtu callback (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
net: octeontx2: MAC address configuration support (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Add interface stats to 
ndo_get_stats64 (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: 
Set irq affinity hints for CQ interrupts (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Free hardware resources on interface 
teardown (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Enable 
CGX interface's packet IO (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: Support for packet transmission (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Add receive packet handling support (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Add CQ interrupt and NAPI 
handlers (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Alloc and 
config transmit scheduler queues (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
net: octeontx2: Initialize NIX RQ/SQ/CQ contexts (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Initialize NPA auras and pools 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Add 128-bit IO 
functions (Yury Norov) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Init NPA and 
NIX LF's context's memory (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: 
octeontx2: Attach RVU NIX and NPA block LFs (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - net: octeontx2: Init mailbox communication with AF (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeontx2: Add support for Marvell 
OcteonTX2 NIC (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add 
SSO unit support to the AF driver (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add free rsrc count mbox msg (Stanislaw 
Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add resource partitioning 
config (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Map a 
counter for NPC RX_MISS action (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Add NDC statistics to debugfs (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add NIX LF's RQ, SQ and CQ contexts 
to debugfs (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Add CGX LMAC stats to debugfs (Prakash Brahmajyosyula) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add NPA LF's aura and pool contexts to 
debugfs (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Dump 
current resource provision status (Christina Jacob) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: Alloc and config NPC MCAM entry at a time (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Map or unmap NPC MCAM 
entry and a counter (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Support for NPC MCAM counters (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: MCAM entry installation support (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: NPC MCAM entry alloc/free support (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Configure AF VFs to talk 
over LBK channels (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Enable sriov on AF to create VFs (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Mbox communication support btw AF and it's 
VFs (Tomasz Duszynski) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Teardown 
NPA, NIX LF upon receiving FLR (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: Register FLR interrupt handler (Geetha sowjanya) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Relax resource lock into mutex 
(Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Support to get 
NIX HW constants from AF (Kiran Kumar) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Support to modify min/max allowed packet lengths (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Support for NIXLF's 
UCAST/PROMISC/ALLMULTI modes (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Support for setting MAC address (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Support for changing RSS algorithm (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: NIX Rx flowkey 
configuration for RSS (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Install ucast and bcast pkt forwarding rules (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add LMAC channel info to 
NIXLF_ALLOC response (Stanislaw Kardach) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: NPC MCAM and LDATA extract minimal configuration (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Enable packet length and 
csum validation (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Support for VTAG strip and capture (Vamsi Attunuru) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: Update bcast list upon NIXLF alloc/free (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Broadcast packet replication 
support (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Config 
pkind for CGX mapped PFs (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Config NPC KPU engines with parser profile (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add NPC KPU profile (Hao Zheng) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Reset NIXLF's Rx/Tx stats (Vamsi 
Attunuru) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: NIX Tx scheduler queue 
config support (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: NIX 
Tx scheduler queues alloc/free (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Support for disabling NIX RQ/SQ/CQ contexts (Geetha sowjanya) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Keep track of enabled NIX RQ/SQ/CQ 
contexts (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: NIX AQ 
instruction enqueue support (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Alloc bitmaps for NIX Tx scheduler queues (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: NIX LSO config for TSOv4/v6 offload 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: NIX block LF 
initialization (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Calibrate NIX X2P bus (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: NIX block admin queue init (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- soc: octeontx2: Support for disabling NPA Aura/Pool contexts (Geetha 
sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Keep track of enabled NPA 
Aura/Pool contexts (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: NPA AQ instruction enqueue support (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: NPA block LF initialization (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: NPA block admin queue init (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Bringup CGX LMAC links at 
probe time. (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Enable 
or disable CGX internal loopback (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: Add mbox msg to retrieve CGX LMAC link info (Linu 
Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Forward CGX link 
notifications to PFs (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Support for MAC address filters in CGX (Vidhya Raman) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- soc: octeontx2: Support to retrieve CGX LMAC stats (Christina Jacob) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: CGX Rx/Tx enable/disable mbox 
handlers (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Register 
for CGX lmac events (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: 
Add support for CGX link management (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
soc: octeontx2: Set RVU PFs to CGX LMACs mapping (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add Marvell OcteonTX2 CGX driver (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Reconfig MSIX base with 
IOVA (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Configure 
block LF's MSIX vector offset (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Add RVU block LF provisioning support (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Scan blocks for LFs provisioned to 
PF/VF (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Convert mbox 
msg id check to a macro (Aleksey Makarov) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: 
octeontx2: Add mailbox IRQ and msg handlers (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add mailbox support infra (Aleksey Makarov) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Gather RVU blocks HW info (Sunil 
Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Reset all RVU blocks 
(Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - soc: octeontx2: Add Marvell 
OcteonTX2 RVU AF driver (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - Revert 
crypto-cpt-add-8X-domain-handling-code.patch (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 
30484033] - crypto: cpt - fix failures when trunc hmac is used (Lukasz 
Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - fix parsing of ucode_load 
string (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - add 
validation of ucode size (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: 
cpt - defer PF probe when AF not present (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 
30484033] - crypto: cpt - remove invalid usage of IS_ERR macro (Lukasz 
Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - Fixed incorrect lock usage 
(SrujanaChalla) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - allow to create AE 
VF(s) on 8X (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - clear 
only part of crypto context (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
crypto: cpt - fix size of scatter/gather list (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 
30484033] - crypto:cpt - Updated CPT_UCODE_VER_STR_SZ (SrujanaChalla) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - fix Kconfig syms used in makefiles 
(Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - update copyright 
headers (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - add write 
barrier before LMTST (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt 
- change Kconfig and building of 8x/9x (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 
30484033] - crypto: cpt - fix return before call to put_cpu() (Lukasz 
Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - validate size of crypto 
requests (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - fix 
invalid IV size for ecb mode (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
crypto: add new msg to query engine group number (Lukasz Bartosik) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - set PCI bus master flag for CPT 
(Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - add 8X domain 
handling code (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - use 
correct gfp flag in fast path (Lukasz Bartosik) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
crypto: cpt - share CPT queues between cpu cores (Lukasz Bartosik) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - implement workaround for HW issue 
(Bartosik, Lukasz) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - use new layout of 
microcode (Bartosik, Lukasz) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: cpt - add CPT 
driver for 8X/9X platforms (Bartosik, Lukasz) [Orabug: 30484033] - ptp: 
thunderx: Fix hardcoded sclk frequency (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 
30484033] - ptp: Expose PHC clock to network driver (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - ptp: add generic Cavium PTP coprocessor driver 
(Radoslaw Biernacki) [Orabug: 30484033] - drivers: spi: octeontx2: add 
entry of pci device id for 95xx (Suneel Garapati) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
drivers: spi: add support for octeontx2 spi controller (Suneel Garapati) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: Correction in mmc slot switching (Sujeet 
Baranwal) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: amend hs400 tuning (Peter 
Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: correct clock divisor (Peter 
Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: fix swiotlb buffer is full 
(Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: avoid single-slot 
startup issues (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: 
execute_tuning for octeontx2 (Sujeet Baranwal) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: 
cavium: store otx2 timing taps in hw format (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 
30484033] - mmc: cavium: track & apply CMD6 bus changes ASAP (Peter 
Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: CMD19/21 type correction (Peter 
Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: skip unavailable slots (Peter 
Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: octeontx: cn96xx HS200-8wide-100MHz 
(Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: octeontx driver tuning 
parameters (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: 
finish_dma_single() should teardown/unmap (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 
30484033] - mmc: octeontx2: Update tuning parameters for 25MHz 
(Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: octeontx2: modify check 
for 8xxx/9xxx chips (Sujeet Baranwal) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: 
octeontx2: use device tree entries (Sujeet Baranwal) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- mmc: octeontx2: emmc tuning for delay (Sujeet Baranwal) [Orabug: 
30484033] - mmc: octeontx2: calibrate tap delay (Sujeet Baranwal) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: octeontx2: incorporate hw interface io ctl 
params (Baranwal, Sujeet) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: octeontx2: interrupt 
addition for ncb fault (Sujeet Baranwal) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: 
octeontx2: add check for 8xxx chips (Sujeet Baranwal) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- mmc: octeontx2: emmc operation limited to 100 MHz (Sujeet Baranwal) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeontx: mmc: fix setting clock for non-zero bus 
IDs (Aaron Williams) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: forbid unaligned 
DMA (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium_mmc: Configure sample 
command and data directly (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: 
cavium_thunderx: Use proper register to clear interrupts (Chandrakala 
Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: fix shutdown deadlock with 
active sd-card (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - pci: octeontx2: 
Disable inbound write merging (Sunil Goutham) [Orabug: 30484033] - pci: 
octeontx2: Workaround for PEM config space writes (Sunil Goutham) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - pci: octeontx2: Add PCI host controller driver for 
OcteonTx2 (Suneel Garapati) [Orabug: 30484033] - gpio: thunderx: Change 
the SMC function call identifiers (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 
30484033] - gpio: thunderx: Fixes config_mrvl_octeontx2_el0_intr 
(Santosh Shukla) [Orabug: 30484033] - gpio: thunderx: Remove char device 
when exiting driver (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
gpio: thunderx: Add support for EL0 interrupts for GPIO (Radha Mohan 
Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 30484033] - gpio: thunderx: Add workaround for 
errata 34800 (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 30484033] - gpio: 
thunderx: avoid potential deadlock (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
gpio: octeontx2: extend PIN_SEL to cover cn96xx (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 
30484033] - misc: otx_bphy_ctr: Allow maximum interrupts of 27 to 
userspace in BPHY (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 30484033] - misc: 
otx_bphy_ctr: Increase the maximum BPHY interrupts to be supported 
(Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 30484033] - misc: otx_bphy_ctr: Add 
OcteonTx2 BPHY control driver (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 
30484033] - vdso: prevent ld from aligning PT_LOAD segments to 64k (Rob 
Gardner) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: octeon: Suppress 
early_init_dt_scan_memory damage. (Henry Willard) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
mips: Fails to create /sys/firmware/fdt during bootup (Vijay Kumar) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: silence 'virt' assembler warnings 
(Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - Provide thread_info flags for 
KSPLICE freezer support (Rob Gardner) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: 
cache info: Delete cavium-octeon/cacheinfo.c (Henry Willard) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: probe_kernel_read() should not panic (Rob Gardner) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - mips/cavium-octeon: Change access permission for 
/proc/pcie_reset to write (Vijay Kumar) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
OCTEON: OCTEON III build and configuration option (Dave Kleikamp) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - mips64: Build for Octeon and generic boards only 
(Vijay Kumar) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: octeon: shared_cpu_map 
cacheinfo (Henry Willard) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: kexec 
(Henry Willard) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Take all memory into 
use by default. (Henry Willard) [Orabug: 30484033] - netdev: 
octeon-ethernet: Register devices in the ptp class. (Lukasz Majczak) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - netdev: octeon-ethernet: Add packet hardware 
timestamp support. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Fix 
node calculation (Lukasz Majczak) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: 
Sync-up SE to r173908 (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
Octeon: Read BGXX_SPUX_FEC_CONTROL before using it. (Chandrakala Chavva) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeon: Fix ndo_get_stats64 return value. 
(Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - Fix build issues (Lukasz 
Majczak) [Orabug: 30484033] - Fix VDSO build (Lukasz Majczak) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Fix setting MTU (Lukasz Majczak) [Orabug: 
30484033] - Revert "MIPS: kexec: remove SMP_DUMP" (Lukasz Majczak) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: cache info (Lukasz Majczak) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: HOTPLUG_CPU changes. (Lukasz Majczak) [Orabug: 
30484033] - Octeon: MTD: NAND: Port 4.9 to 4.14 fixes (Lukasz Majczak) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - EDAC:Octeon: Fix LMC CSRs access on OcteonII 
(Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - EDAC:Octeon: undeclared 
variable when CONFIG_EDAC_DEBUG=y (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
net: octeon: NAPI waits once for next packet (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS:OCTEON: Sync-up SE files (r172329) (Chandrakala Chavva) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS:OCTEON: Sync-up SE files (r172318). 
(Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS:OCTEON: Sync-up SE files 
(r172313) (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - edac:octeon: Check 
if device is present before removing. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 
30484033] - EDAC:Octeon: Fixed EDAC support for OcteonII and OcteonIII. 
(Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS/EDAC: Call edac handle 
for bigrd/bigwd cases. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
Octeon: Sync-up SE files (-r172055) (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Backports some bit extract functions from SDK. 
(Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - netdev: octeon-ethernet: Fix 
MTU settings for AGL interface. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- MIPS: OCTEON: Added disable_sbe module parameter (Chandrakala Chavva) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Call panic when co-processor DBE 
error happens. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: 
Sync-up CIU3 Error data files. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS/octeon: Add /proc/pcie_reset file. (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- MIPS:Octeon: Sync-up SE files to 170716. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: pcie-octeon: reset PCIe on reboot (Peter Swain) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeon3: ethernet: driver: Added vlan header size 
to max mtu. (Abhijit Ayarekar) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: octeon: Add 
IFF_LIVE_ADDR_CHANGE to change mac address live. (Chandrakala Chavva) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - Octeon: MTD: NAND: Do not call 
is_vmalloc_or_module_addr() (Aaron Williams) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
Cavium: MTD: NAND Ported 3.10 NAND driver to 4.9 (Aaron Williams) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - octeon: mtd: nand: Merged in latest changes from 
Octeon SDK (Aaron Williams) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS:OCTEON: Sync-up SE 
files to -r170052 (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS/tlbex: 
Save and restore ASID around TLBR (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
i2c: octeon: Emit stop condition if bootloader didn't end last 
transaction. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS/PCI/OCTEON: Map 
irqs after PCI bus rescan. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - EDAC: 
octeon_edac-lmc: Fix module removal when ECC unsupported. (Steven J. 
Hill) [Orabug: 30484033] - netdev: octeon-ethernet: Check packet backlog 
periodically to wake up other cpus if needed. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 
30484033] - Set SDK_VERSION to 5.1.0. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 
30484033] - netdev: octeon-ethernet: use IFF_NO_QUEUE (Peter Swain) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Add iomem resource for kernel bss section. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Pass 
-fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables to compiler. (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: Add ELF_CORE_COPY_REGS definition. (David Daney) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Correctly calculate totalram_pages 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - netdev: octeon-pow: Add napi support. 
(Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Restore 512MB default 
memory size. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Always try 
to allocate 1024 MB of 32-bit memory. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: pcie-octeon: Use level semantics for int-A interrupts. (David 
Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS, pci: Expose Cavium OCTEON PCIe bridges 
to the PCIe core (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - netdev: 
octeon3-ethernet: Enable srio port and remove srio header on ingress 
packets. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Set DIDTO to 
approx. 250mS. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS,ftrace: Fix 
dynamic ftrace patching of MAPPED_KERNEL modules. (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: oct_ilm: Add OCTEON III support. (David Daney) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Don't translate underlying GPIO irq 
bits. (Corey Minyard) [Orabug: 30484033] - gpio: gpio-octeon: Fix 
to_irq() support. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: 
Initialize the mport structure correctly. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: Move VMALLOC_START to avoid OCTEON III Core-31034 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Don't allow interrupts 
or scheduling from CacheErr handler. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
netdev: octeon-pow: Save aura before freeing the wqe. (Carlos Munoz) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Platform support for OCTEON III USB 
controller (Steven J. Hill) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Change 
SDK release string to 5.1.0-prerelease (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- MIPS: OCTEON: Always try to allocate 512 MB of 32-bit memory. (David 
Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - netdev, octeon3-ethernet: Don't bloat RX 
buffer pool. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - watchdog: octeon-wdt: 
Implement G-30204 workaround. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
OCTEON: Add missing CONFIG_KEXEC support. (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - staging: octeon: Call SET_NETDEV_DEV() (Florian Fainelli) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: cavium: Fix broken sign extensions in block 
write code. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MAINTAINERS: Add entry 
for Cavium MMC driver (Jan Glauber) [Orabug: 30484033] - mips/gpio: Fix 
OCTEON GPIO interrupt support. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS:OCTEON: Sync up SE files as of r154518. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 
30484033] - mips: edac: octeon: Use preemptive safe methods. (Carlos 
Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: octeon: Use proper function to check 
for features. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - netdev: 
octeon3-ethernet: Disable transmit queues. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 
30484033] - netdev: octeon-ethernet: Handle when 
octeon_hw_status_add_source() fails. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: OCTEON: Fix build breakage when CONFIG_SMP disabled (David Daney) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Fix arch in assembly for saa instruction. 
(Andrew Pinski) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Fix simulator compile 
error. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Use 
IRQF_NO_THREAD when chaining MSIs (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: OCTEON: Add driver Serial Rapid I/O (sRIO) hardware. (David Daney) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - netdev: octeon_mgmt: Update with latest changes. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - netdev: octeon3-ethernet: Driver for 
octeon III SOCs. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: 
Create fpa3 standalone driver. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
netdev: octeon: Move and update octeon network driver from staging. 
(Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Add core-16419 errata 
workaround (Andrew Pinski) [Orabug: 30484033] - mips: octeon: add TDM 
feature & IRQ (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: traps: call 
crash_kexec() before panic() when dying (Taras Kondratiuk) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS:OCTEON: Increase the load address (Chandrakala Chavva) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add syscall to add timer events. 
(Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Fix Cache error 
detection for OCTEON III. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - watchdog: 
octeon-wdt: Fix timer rate for all OCTEON III parts. (David Daney) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Update octeon-error-injector for 
OCTEON III. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Fix saving 
of CVMSEG per-task state. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
OCTEON: Handle MSI on multiple nodes. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: OCTEON: Increase NR_IRQS for CONFIG_NUMA. (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add csrc-fpa-clk. (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - watchdog: octeon-wdt: Fix to work on multi-node systems. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Fix Automatic 
provisioning CVMSEG space. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS:OCTEON: Disable error tree handling on shutdown (Corey Minyard) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Fix IPI mechanism used by KEXEC. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Try to allocate at 
least 256MB of DMA32 memory. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
OCTEON: Print warning message if OCTEON II kernel run on earlier chips. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add NUMA support for 
cn78XX (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Add the concept of 
BOOT_MEM_KERNEL to boot_mem_map. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: Make setting of MAX_PHYSMEM_BITS settable per sub-architecture. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Make XPHYSADDR() work for all 
addresses. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: cpu_state 
not just for _HOTPLUG (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: 
Add sysfs hooks to add and remove CPUs. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- MIPS: Octeon: Revise memory allocation from bootloader (Leonid 
Rosenboim) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Automatically provision 
CVMSEG space. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Get first 
256MB from 32-bit addresable memory (Leonid Rosenboim) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS/OCTEON: Add multiple msi support. (Carlos Munoz) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Inhibit CP0_Compare interrupts when 
not needed. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add 
preliminary GPIO interrupt support for cn78XX. (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Reorganize PCIe controller code. (Venkat 
Subbiah) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: MSI-X interrupts for cn78XX. 
(Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add initial 
error bit detection for cn78XX. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
Fix demand activation of OCTEON CVMSEG region. (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS:OCTEON: Enable access to CVMSEG for user space 
(Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS/OCTEON: CIU/CIU2 use 
random msi irqs. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - watchdog: Octeon: 
Add 78xx support. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: oct_ilm: Fix 
debugfs file permissions. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
KDUMP: Fix to access non-sectioned memory (Prem Mallappa) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Fix plat_swiotlb_setup() for OCTEON3 (David 
Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Handle CPU_CAVIUM_OCTEON3 like 
CPU_CAVIUM_OCTEON2 in clear_page. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: OCTEON: Allow CONFIG_CAVIUM_CN63XXP1 to be disabled. (David Daney) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS/EDAC: Use correct fields for printing error 
message for O3 model (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
edac/octeon_edac-lmc: Fix kernel panic when 1 DDR present (Prem 
Mallappa) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS/EDAC: Cavium: Updated L2C error 
checking for OCTEON3. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
Only flush local ICache in get_new_asid(). (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: Add new function local_flush_icache_all() (David 
Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Handle indexed load instructions in 
emulate_load_store_insn(). (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
OCTEON: Increase the number of irqs for !PCI case (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Restore printing of L2 Cache information. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Add 
/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuX/cache (Venkat Subbiah) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: Allow __cpu_number_map to be larger than NR_CPUS (David Daney) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Per process XKPHYS (Chandrakala 
Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: move arch/mips/cavium-octeon/cpu.c to 
arch/mips/kernel/ (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Set 
the extended bits of DIDTTO too. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS 
perf: Rework the mipspmu notifiers. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: Add support for OCTEON III perf events. (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS perf: OCTEON: Handle PMU pmu_enable/pmu_diable 
notifications. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Keep 
reset value for COP0_ERRCTL (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: OCTEON: Enable tlb parity error for O3 (Chandrakala Chavva) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Sync up HOTPLUG_CPU changes. (David 
Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Use correct L2C CSR for cache 
locking. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Move L2 
Cache probing code to setup.c (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
OCTEON: Move xkphys_usermem_{read,write} to octeon-cpu.c (David Daney) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Fix L1 dacache parity for OCTEON3 
(Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Use 
current_cpu_type() for CPU model check. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Initialize proper CVMX_SSO_NW_TIM register. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Merge and cleanup. 
(Leonid Rosenboim) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Save/Restore wider 
multiply registers in OCTEON III CPUs (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: OCTEON: Add support for CONFIG_CAVIUM_GDB (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add Cavium OCTEON serial driver. (Carlos 
Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Rearrange L2 cache locking 
code (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS/OCTEON: Initialize QLM 
JTAG. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Import new S.E. 
and adjust things to match. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
OCTEON: Add /proc/octeon_perf support. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- MIPS: Allow sub-architecture 'machines' to override bootmem 
initialization. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Fix warning 
spew on CONFIG_PREEMPT_DEBUG and ptrace watch register use. (David 
Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Fix compile/run time errors 
from synced cvmx files. (Carlos Munoz) [Orabug: 30484033] - Sync-up SE 
files (latest) (Lukasz Majczak) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: 
octeon-lmc bug fixes (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
OCTEON: Add module to inject hardware error conditions. (David Daney) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Add accessor functions for OCTEON ERRCTL CP0 
register. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS/OCTEON: Add OCTEON II 
TLB parity error handling (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Add 
board_mcheck_handler, show process state on machine check exception. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS/edac/OCTEON: Hook up Write 
Buffer parity errors to EDAC. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
Octeon: Add /proc/octeon_info support. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- MIPS: Octeon: Cleanup obsolete CrashKernel memory init in 
octeon/setup.c (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Define 
cpu_has_local_ebase to 0. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
OCTEON: Use virt_to_phys() and phys_to_virt() in octeon/setup.c (David 
Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add support for running kernel 
in mapped address space. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: 
OCTEON: Add framework for managing and reporting hardware status bit 
assertions. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Populate 
kernel memory from cvmx_bootmem named blocks. (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Disable probing MDIO for Landbird NIC 10g 
cards. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Add nudges to writes for 
bit unlocks. (Chad Reese) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Add config 
option to disable ELF NOTE segments (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: Octeon: Add simple Octeon IPI infrastructure (David Daney) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Quit using all the mailbox bits. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Handle userspace access 
to CVMSEG (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add driver 
for OCTEON PCI console. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: 
Make PCIe work with Little Endian kernel. (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Rearrange CVMSEG slots. (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add ability to used an initrd from a named 
memory block. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Change 
load address to waste less memory. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: OCTEON: Add parameter to disable PCI on command line. (David 
Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Print address of passed device 
tree. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Introduce 
xkphys_read, xkphys_write sysmips(2) calls (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add sysfs support for CPU power throttling. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add PTP clocksource. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: msi-octeon: Add MSI-X support 
for OCTEON III. (Lukasz Majczak) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Add 
support for SRIO interrupt sources. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: OCTEON: Add utility helper function octeon_read_ptp_csr() (David 
Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - gpio: gpio-octeon: Add cn78XX support. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Add Octeon2 optimizations to 
clear_page. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Add ZCB and ZCBT 
instructions to uasm. (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Use 
Octeon2 atomic instructions when cpu_has_octeon2_isa. (David Daney) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Remove extern declarations. (Steven 
J. Hill) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Simplify CIU register 
functions. (Steven J. Hill) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Create 
simple macro for CIU registers. (Steven J. Hill) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
MIPS: Octeon: Remove all unused CIU macros. (Steven J. Hill) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Convert CIU types to use bitfields. (Steven J. 
Hill) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Unify QLM data types in CIU 
header. (Steven J. Hill) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Remove 
unused CIU types. (Steven J. Hill) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: 
Add OCTEON II build and configuration option (David Daney) [Orabug: 
30484033] - MIPS: Octeon: Fast access to the thread pointer (David 
Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf tools: Silence fatal warning in 
auxtrace.c (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf tools: Add 
perf_data_file__write function (Jiri Olsa) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf 
tools: Add struct perf_data_file (Jiri Olsa) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf 
tools: Rename struct perf_data_file to perf_data (Jiri Olsa) [Orabug: 
30484033] - perf script: Print information about per-event-dump files 
(Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 30484033] - tools include uapi: Grab 
a copy of linux/prctl.h (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
perf script: Allow creating per-event dump files (Arnaldo Carvalho de 
Melo) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf evsel: Restore evsel->priv as a tool 
private area (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf 
script: Use event_format__fprintf() (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 
30484033] - perf script: Use pr_debug where appropriate (Arnaldo 
Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf script: Add a few missing 
conversions to fprintf style (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 
30484033] - perf kmem: Perform some cleanup if '--time' is given an 
invalid value (Christophe JAILLET) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf script: Fix 
error handling path (Christophe JAILLET) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf 
script: Use fprintf like printing uniformly (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - perf tools: Introduce binary__fprintf() (Arnaldo 
Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf tools: Do not check ABI 
headers in a detached tarball build (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 
30484033] - perf list: Fix group description in the man page (Andi 
Kleen) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf mmap: Adopt push method from 
builtin-record.c (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf 
record: Make record__mmap_read generic (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - perf mmap: Move perf_mmap and methods to separate 
mmap.[ch] files (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf 
script: Support user regs (Andi Kleen) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf arm 
spe: Fix uninitialized record error variable (Kim Phillips) [Orabug: 
30484033] - perf tools: Add ARM Statistical Profiling Extensions (SPE) 
support (Kim Phillips) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf: context-sensitive 
keywords: for uncore_foo/miss/ (Peter Swain) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
uek-rpm: Rename kernel-uek-emb package to kernel-uekemb (Dave Kleikamp) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - printk: Default console logging level should be set 
to 4 (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - mips64: Enable FTRACE in embedded 
configs (Rob Gardner) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: allow --with 
embeddedonly kernels to build perf, etc. (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded remove RETPOLINE (Tom 
Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded add pci 
console (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: Disable embedded 
config options for non-embedded kernels (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded updates for ED8 (Dave 
Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: mips64: Smartnic kernel should 
have .emb in the name (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: sign 
modules for embedded kernels (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
uek-rpm: Enable embedded kernel build by default for aarch64 (Dave 
Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: Update config-aarch64-embedded 
for ED7 changes (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: MIPS64: 
Remove CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP from main kernels. (Henry Willard) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded enable CONFIG_EMBEDDED 
(Dave Aldridge) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: Update 
config-aarch64-embedded for ED6 changes (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded OCTEONTX2 builtins MBOX AF 
PF VF I2C (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded make ARM_CCN module (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded more misc pruning (Tom 
Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded remove 
DEBUG_WX (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded prune I2C options (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: remove linux-firmware dependency from embedded 
kernel (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded prune VEXPRESS (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune char drivers (Tom Saeger) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune WLAN and 
WIRELESS (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded prune net vendors (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune CIFS CEPH (Tom 
Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - Enable KSPLICE for MIPS (Rob Gardner) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - Add FREEZER back to config for KSPLICE (Rob 
Gardner) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune 
unused modules (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded make essential drivers built-in (Tom Saeger) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded all builtins to 
modules (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded prune more SoCs (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune AXP20X devices (Tom Saeger) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded disable 
virtualization hosting (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: enable 
octeon3 toolchain support (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded converge cryto options (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune CHELSIO (Tom Saeger) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune SSB B44 UWB 
(Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune 
MFD (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded 
prune SCSI (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded prune RTC drivers (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune LEDS (Tom Saeger) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune HID (Tom 
Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune IIO 
(Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune 
USB (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded 
prune fibre channel (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded prune infiniband (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded disable DTRACE (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune graphics (Tom Saeger) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune SENSORS (Tom 
Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune 
staging drivers (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded prune NLS (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune 1-wire (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune mouse and keyboard 
configs (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded prune multimedia (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded network config pruning (Tom Saeger) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded prune 
CONFIG_INPUTs (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
config-aarch64-embedded prune other platforms (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: aarch64-embedded prune PARTITION types (Tom Saeger) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: aarch64-embedded remove SOUND (Tom Saeger) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: aarch64-embedded remove CAN BT WIMAX (Tom 
Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: add embedded only build shortcut 
(Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: config-aarch64-embedded 
reduce NR_CPUS, HZ_250 (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: 
kernel-uek.spec add embedded aarch64 variant build (Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: add config-aarch64-embedded kernel (Tom Saeger) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm/ol7/config-mips64: Remove XFS filesystem 
(Vijay Kumar) [Orabug: 30484033] - uek-rpm: Remove dependency on 
linux-firmware for mips64 (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
uek-rpm/mips64: Add mips64 build (Vijay Kumar) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
uek-rpm/ol7/config: Rename uek5 mips kernel config to 
config-mips64-embedded (Vijay Kumar) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
uek-rpm/config-mips64: Enable kexec for mips (Vijay Kumar) [Orabug: 
30484033] - uek-rpm: mips64 config (Henry Willard) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Disable default event queue logging (Rick Farrington) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - dt-bindings: perf: arm-smmuv3-pmu: Add 
documentation for arm-smmuv3 pmu (Bharat Bhushan) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Don't disable SMMU in kdump kernel (Will Deacon) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Abort all transactions if SMMU 
is enabled in kdump kernel (Will Deacon) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
perf/smmuv3: Fix programming event type with global filtering (Bharat 
Bhushan) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf/smmuv3: Add device tree support 
(Bharat Bhushan) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf/smmuv3: Add MSI irq support 
(Shameer Kolothum) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf/smmuv3: Add arm64 smmuv3 
pmu driver (Neil Leeder) [Orabug: 30484033] - arm64: kaslr: Set 
TCR_EL1.NFD1 when CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE=y (Will Deacon) [Orabug: 
30484033] - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Force 32 byte command queue memory reads 
on SMMU for 96xx and 95xx silicons (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- perf: simplify getting .drvdata (Wolfram Sang) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
perf: arm_spe: include linux/vmalloc.h for vmap() (Arnd Bergmann) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - drivers/perf: arm_spe_pmu does not build as a 
module (Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484033] - drivers/perf: Remove 
ARM_SPE_PMU explicit PERF_EVENTS dependency (John Garry) [Orabug: 
30484033] - perf: arm_spe: Fail device probe when 
arm64_kernel_unmapped_at_el0() (Will Deacon) [Orabug: 30484033] - perf: 
arm_spe: Prevent module unload while the PMU is in use (Suzuki K 
Poulose) [Orabug: 30484033] - drivers/perf: Add support for ARMv8.2 
Statistical Profiling Extension (Will Deacon) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
perf/core: Add PERF_AUX_FLAG_COLLISION to report colliding samples (Will 
Deacon) [Orabug: 30484033] - arm64: Add workaround for Cavium erratum 
36890 (Andrew Pinski) [Orabug: 30484033] - arm64: Add MIDR encoding for 
Marvell OcteonTX 2 Fussion (Andrew Pinski) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Force 32 byte command queue memory reads on CN96XX 
SMMU (Linu Cherian) [Orabug: 30484033] - arm64: Add support for ASID 
locking (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) [Orabug: 30484033] - arm64: Add MIDR 
values for Marvell OcteonTx2 96XX SoCs (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - arm64: Add MIDR values for Cavium cn83XX SoCs 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - arm64: Rename OcteonTX T81 MIDR macro 
definitionss (Sergey Temerkhanov) [Orabug: 30484033] - drivers: mtd: 
spi-nor: Force 4B_OPCODES on MX25L25635E (Suneel Garapati) [Orabug: 
30484033] - drivers: mtd: spi-nor: add flash entry for MT25QL02G (Suneel 
Garapati) [Orabug: 30484033] - mtd: m25p80: Add Micron (MT25Q*) SPI 
flash devices. (Lukasz Majczak) [Orabug: 30484033] - docs: mmcoops: 
update mmcoops documentation (Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
mmc: mmc_oops: transform mmcoops from platform driver to simple module 
(Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: mmc_oops: perform dump 
only once (Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: mmc_oops: allow 
to use both mmc and sd cards (Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
mmc: mmc_oops: do not base on dt parameters - switch to module params 
(Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: mmc_oops: fix dump size 
handling and use value from dts description (Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 
30484033] - mmc: mmc_oops: do not rely on mmc partition configuration 
(Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 30484033] - dt-bindings: mmc_oops: update 
documentation (Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: mmc_ops: do 
not keep variables in stack (Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
mmc: mmc_oops: increase record size and pick higher start-offset 
(Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: mmc_oops: set proper 
timeout for data command (Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: 
mmc_oops: support mmc_oops feature (Grzegorz Jaszczyk) [Orabug: 
30484033] - mmc: sd: Fix signal voltage when there is no power cycle 
(Adrian Hunter) [Orabug: 30484033] - mmc: core: Factor out 
mmc_host_set_uhs_voltage() (Adrian Hunter) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
dmaengine: mv_xor_v2: use {lower,upper}_32_bits to configure HW 
descriptor address (Hanna Hawa) [Orabug: 30484033] - dmaengine: 
mv_xor_v2: move unmap to before callback (Hanna Hawa) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- dmaengine: mv_xor_v2: convert callback to helper function (Hanna Hawa) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - dmaengine: mv_xor_v2: explicitly freeup irq (Hanna 
Hawa) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: sha512_generic - add a sha384 
0-length pre-computed hash (Antoine Tenart) [Orabug: 30484033] - crypto: 
sha512_generic - add a sha512 0-length pre-computed hash (Antoine 
Tenart) [Orabug: 30484033] - PCI: boot time optimization (Harman Kalra) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - pci: hardcode enumeration (Dave Aldridge) [Orabug: 
30484033] - pci: do not enumerate some PCI devices (Dave Aldridge) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - pci: speed up sriov_init() for certain Cavium T93 
PCI devices (Dave Aldridge) [Orabug: 30484033] - PCI: quirks : Apply ACS 
quirk for CGX and BGX (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - PCI: quirks 
: Apply ACS quirk for all devices (Geetha sowjanya) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
PCI: assign bus numbers present in EA capability for bridges (Subbaraya 
Sundeep) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: remove bypassed check in 
sch_direct_xmit() (Song Liu) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: sched: remove 
remaining uses for qdisc_qlen in xmit path (John Fastabend) [Orabug: 
30484033] - drivers/net/ethernet/qlogic/qed/qed_rdma.h: fix typo (Andrew 
Morton) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: xfrm: Added ipsec kame offload 
support. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - ahci: Add support for 
Cavium's fifth generation SATA controller (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - ata: Use WARN instead of BUG in pata_octeon_cf. 
(David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - ATA: Disable soft reset for ASM1092 
sata port multiplier (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - net: phy: 
Add generic support for 2.5GBaseT and 5GBaseT (Stefan Chulski) [Orabug: 
30484033] - phy: Return NULL if the phy is optional (Maxime Ripard) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - phy/marvell: Add did_interrupt() method for Marvell 
88E1240 (David Daney) [Orabug: 30484033] - MIPS: OCTEON: Enable Micrel 
9031 PHY for OCTEON. (Chandrakala Chavva) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
irqchip/gic-v3: Add PCI/MSI support to the GICv3 MBI sub-driver (Marc 
Zyngier) [Orabug: 30484033] - irqchip/gic-v3: Add support for Message 
Based Interrupts as an MSI controller (Marc Zyngier) [Orabug: 30484033] 
- irqchip/gic-v3: Mark the base irq domain as DOMAIN_BUS_WIRED (Marc 
Zyngier) [Orabug: 30484033] - irqchip/gic-v2m: Add PCI Multi-MSI support 
(Marc Zyngier) [Orabug: 30484033] - irqchip/gic-v3: Add support for 
Range Selector (RS) feature (Shanker Donthineni) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
irqdomain: Let irq_find_host default to DOMAIN_BUS_WIRED (Marc Zyngier) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - genirq/msi: Limit level-triggered MSI to platform 
devices (Marc Zyngier) [Orabug: 30484033] - genirq/msi: Allow 
level-triggered MSIs to be exposed by MSI providers (Marc Zyngier) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - genirq/irqdomain: Add force reactivation flag to 
irq domains (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 30484033] - genirq/irqdomain: 
Propagate early activation (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
genirq/irqdomain: Allow irq_domain_activate_irq() to fail (Thomas 
Gleixner) [Orabug: 30484033] - genirq: Separate activation and startup 
(Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 30484033] - genirq: Set managed shut down 
flag at init (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 30484033] - genirq: Make state 
consistent for !IRQ_DOMAIN_HIERARCHY (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 
30484033] - of: platform: populate /firmware/ node from 
of_platform_default_populate_init() (Sudeep Holla) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
of_mdio: Add "cortina,cs4318" to the whitelist. (Steven J. Hill) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - netdev/phy/of: Handle nexus Ethernet PHY devices 
(Aaron Williams) [Orabug: 30484033] - firmware: dmi: handle missing DMI 
data gracefully (Ard Biesheuvel) [Orabug: 30484033] (Enrico Weigelt, 
metux IT consult) [Orabug: 30484033] - bitmap: Backport 
bitmap_from,to_arr32 functions (Bharat Bhushan) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
kernel/exit.c: Add task cleanup callbacks (Radha Mohan Chintakuntla) 
[Orabug: 30484033] - ktask: export symbol for use in module definitions 
(Tom Saeger) [Orabug: 30484033] - make path_init() unconditionally 
paired with terminate_walk() (Al Viro) [Orabug: 30484033] - OPP: Don't 
try to remove all OPP tables on failure (Ben Peled) [Orabug: 30484033] - 
driver core: initialize a default DMA mask for platform device 
(Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 30484033] - KSPLICE for MIPS also would 
like function-sections (Rob Gardner) [Orabug: 30484033] - x86/bugs: 
missed initconst cpu_vuln_whitelist used at late loading (Mihai Carabas) 
[Orabug: 30659673] - x86: microcode: propagate return value to siblings 
(Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 30557078] - x86/bugs: TSX not disabled at late 
loading (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 30557078] - Revert "x86/bugs: TSX not 
disabled at late loading" (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 30557078]

- Linux 4.14.156 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - mmc: tmio: fix SCC error 
handling to avoid false positive CRC error (Takeshi Saito) - 
powerpc/time: Fix clockevent_decrementer initalisation for PR KVM 
(Michael Ellerman) - tools: PCI: Fix broken pcitest compilation (Alan 
Mikhak) - ARM: dts: omap5: Fix dual-role mode on Super-Speed port (Roger 
Quadros) - mlxsw: spectrum_switchdev: Check notification relevance based 
on upper device (Ido Schimmel) - spi: rockchip: initialize 
dma_slave_config properly (Huibin Hong) - mac80211: minstrel: fix 
sampling/reporting of CCK rates in HT mode (Felix Fietkau) - mac80211: 
minstrel: fix CCK rate group streams value (Felix Fietkau) - mac80211: 
minstrel: fix using short preamble CCK rates on HT clients (Felix 
Fietkau) - misc: cxl: Fix possible null pointer dereference (zhong 
jiang) - netfilter: nft_compat: do not dump private area (Pablo Neira 
Ayuso) - hwmon: (ina3221) Fix INA3221_CONFIG_MODE macros (Nicolin Chen) 
- hwmon: (pwm-fan) Silence error on probe deferral (Thierry Reding) - 
pinctrl: gemini: Fix up TVC clock group (Linus Walleij) - orangefs: rate 
limit the client not running info message (Colin Ian King) - ARM: 
8802/1: Call syscall_trace_exit even when system call skipped (Timothy E 
Baldwin) - spi: spidev: Fix OF tree warning logic (Trent Piepho) - 
pinctrl: gemini: Mask and set properly (Linus Walleij) - spi: fsl-lpspi: 
Prevent FIFO under/overrun by default (Hieu Tran Dang) - gpio: syscon: 
Fix possible NULL ptr usage (Marek Vasut) - x86/kexec: Correct 
KEXEC_BACKUP_SRC_END off-by-one error (Bjorn Helgaas) - media: cx231xx: 
fix potential sign-extension overflow on large shift (Colin Ian King) - 
GFS2: Flush the GFS2 delete workqueue before stopping the kernel threads 
(Tim Smith) - media: isif: fix a NULL pointer dereference bug (Wenwen 
Wang) - printk: Give error on attempt to set log buffer length to over 
2G (He Zhe) - mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Keep ADC interface on if child is 
wakeup capable (Vignesh R) - backlight: lm3639: Unconditionally call 
led_classdev_unregister (Nathan Chancellor) - proc/vmcore: Fix i386 
build error of missing copy_oldmem_page_encrypted() (Borislav Petkov) - 
s390/kasan: avoid vdso instrumentation (Vasily Gorbik) - media: dw9714: 
Fix error handling in probe function (Rajmohan Mani) - bcache: recal 
cached_dev_sectors on detach (Shenghui Wang) - reset: Fix potential 
use-after-free in __of_reset_control_get() (Geert Uytterhoeven) - fbdev: 
sbuslib: integer overflow in sbusfb_ioctl_helper() (Dan Carpenter) - 
fbdev: sbuslib: use checked version of put_user() (Dan Carpenter) - mmc: 
tmio: Fix SCC error detection (Masaharu Hayakawa) - x86/fsgsbase/64: Fix 
ptrace() to read the FS/GS base accurately (Andy Lutomirski) - iwlwifi: 
mvm: don't send keys when entering D3 (Sara Sharon) - ACPI / SBS: Fix 
rare oops when removing modules (Ronald Tschalär) - xfrm: use correct 
size to initialise sp->ovec (Li RongQing) - crypto: mxs-dcp - Fix AES 
issues (Radu Solea) - crypto: mxs-dcp - Fix SHA null hashes and output 
length (Radu Solea) - dmaengine: rcar-dmac: set scatter/gather max 
segment size (Wolfram Sang) - x86/olpc: Fix build error with 
CONFIG_MFD_CS5535=m (Borislav Petkov) - remoteproc: Check for NULL 
firmwares in sysfs interface (Suman Anna) - Input: silead - try firmware 
reload after unsuccessful resume (Julian Sax) - Input: st1232 - set 
INPUT_PROP_DIRECT property (Martin Kepplinger) - media: cec-gpio: select 
correct Signal Free Time (Hans Verkuil) - dmaengine: ioat: fix prototype 
of ioat_enumerate_channels (Rami Rosen) - NFSv4.x: fix lock recovery 
during delegation recall (Olga Kornievskaia) - i2c: brcmstb: Allow 
enabling the driver on DSL SoCs (Florian Fainelli) - clk: samsung: Use 
clk_hw API for calling clk framework from clk notifiers (Marek 
Szyprowski) - clk: samsung: exynos5420: Define CLK_SECKEY gate clock 
only or Exynos5420 (Joonyoung Shim) - qtnfmac: drop error reports for 
out-of-bounds key indexes (Sergey Matyukevich) - qtnfmac: pass sgi rate 
info flag to wireless core (Sergey Matyukevich) - brcmfmac: fix full 
timeout waiting for action frame on-channel tx (Chung-Hsien Hsu) - 
brcmfmac: reduce timeout for action frame scan (Chung-Hsien Hsu) - 
cpu/SMT: State SMT is disabled even with nosmt and without "=force" 
(Borislav Petkov) - mtd: physmap_of: Release resources on error (Ricardo 
Ribalda Delgado) - USB: serial: cypress_m8: fix interrupt-out transfer 
length (Johan Hovold) - KVM: PPC: Book3S PR: Exiting split hack mode 
needs to fixup both PC and LR (Cameron Kaiser) - ALSA: hda/sigmatel - 
Disable automute for Elo VuPoint (Michael Pobega) - media: i2c: adv748x: 
Support probing a single output (Jacopo Mondi) - media: pxa_camera: Fix 
check for pdev->dev.of_node (Nathan Chancellor) - media: rc: 
ir-rc6-decoder: enable toggle bit for Kathrein RCU-676 remote (Matthias 
Reichl) - ata: ep93xx: Use proper enums for directions (Nathan 
Chancellor) - powerpc/time: Use clockevents_register_device(), fixing an 
issue with large decrementer (Anton Blanchard) - ACPICA: Never run _REG 
on system_memory and system_IO (Bob Moore) - IB/mlx4: Avoid implicit 
enumerated type conversion (Nathan Chancellor) - IB/mthca: Fix error 
return code in __mthca_init_one() (Wei Yongjun) - ixgbe: Fix crash with 
VFs and flow director on interface flap (Radoslaw Tyl) - ixgbe: Fix 
ixgbe TX hangs with XDP_TX beyond queue limit (Radoslaw Tyl) - md: allow 
metadata updates while suspending an array - fix (NeilBrown) - 
clocksource/drivers/sh_cmt: Fix clocksource width for 32-bit machines 
(Sergei Shtylyov) - clocksource/drivers/sh_cmt: Fixup for 64-bit 
machines (Sergei Shtylyov) - tools: PCI: Fix compilation warnings 
(Gustavo Pimentel) - PM / hibernate: Check the success of generating md5 
digest before hibernation (Chen Yu) - mtd: rawnand: sh_flctl: Use proper 
enum for flctl_dma_fifo0_transfer (Nathan Chancellor) - ARM: dts: at91: 
at91sam9x5cm: fix addressable nand flash size (Tudor Ambarus) - ARM: 
dts: at91: sama5d4_xplained: fix addressable nand flash size (Tudor 
Ambarus) - powerpc/xive: Move a dereference below a NULL test (zhong 
jiang) - powerpc/pseries: Fix how we iterate over the DTL entries 
(Naveen N. Rao) - powerpc/pseries: Fix DTL buffer registration (Naveen 
N. Rao) - cxgb4: Use proper enum in IEEE_FAUX_SYNC (Nathan Chancellor) - 
cxgb4: Use proper enum in cxgb4_dcb_handle_fw_update (Nathan Chancellor) 
- mei: samples: fix a signedness bug in amt_host_if_call() (Dan 
Carpenter) - sunrpc: Fix connect metrics (Chuck Lever) - clk: keystone: 
Enable TISCI clocks if K3_ARCH (Nishanth Menon) - ext4: fix build error 
when DX_DEBUG is defined (Gabriel Krisman Bertazi) - dmaengine: 
timb_dma: Use proper enum in td_prep_slave_sg (Nathan Chancellor) - 
dmaengine: ep93xx: Return proper enum in ep93xx_dma_chan_direction 
(Nathan Chancellor) - KVM: PPC: Inform the userspace about TCE update 
failures (Alexey Kardashevskiy) - watchdog: w83627hf_wdt: Support 
NCT6796D, NCT6797D, NCT6798D (Guenter Roeck) - irqchip/irq-mvebu-icu: 
Fix wrong private data retrieval (Miquel Raynal) - nl80211: Fix a 
GET_KEY reply attribute (Andrew Zaborowski) - usb: dwc3: gadget: Check 
ENBLSLPM before sending ep command (Thinh Nguyen) - usb: gadget: udc: 
fotg210-udc: Fix a sleep-in-atomic-context bug in fotg210_get_status() 
(Jia-Ju Bai) - ath9k: fix reporting calculated new FFT upper max (Simon 
Wunderlich) - ata: ahci_brcm: Allow using driver or DSL SoCs (Florian 
Fainelli) - ath10k: fix vdev-start timeout on error (Ben Greear) - 
arm64/numa: Report correct memblock range for the dummy node (Anshuman 
Khandual) - kvm: arm/arm64: Fix stage2_flush_memslot for 4 level page 
table (Suzuki K Poulose) - iommu/io-pgtable-arm: Fix race handling in 
split_blk_unmap() (Robin Murphy) - IB/hfi1: Ensure ucast_dlid access 
doesnt exceed bounds (Dennis Dalessandro) - SUNRPC: Fix priority queue 
fairness (Trond Myklebust) - ARM: dts: sun8i: h3-h5: ir register size 
should be the whole memory block (Philipp Rossak) - f2fs: return correct 
errno in f2fs_gc (Jaegeuk Kim) - net: hns3: Fix for netdev not up 
problem when setting mtu (Yunsheng Lin) - ARM: dts: omap5: enable OTG 
role for DWC3 controller (H. Nikolaus Schaller) - ARM: dts: dra7: Enable 
workaround for errata i870 in PCIe host mode (Vignesh R) - net: 
xen-netback: fix return type of ndo_start_xmit function (YueHaibing) - 
net: ovs: fix return type of ndo_start_xmit function (YueHaibing) - 
fbdev: Ditch fb_edid_add_monspecs (Daniel Vetter) - arm64: uaccess: 
Ensure PAN is re-enabled after unhandled uaccess fault (Pavel Tatashin) 
- mm/memory_hotplug: fix updating the node span (David Hildenbrand) - 
mm/memory_hotplug: don't access uninitialized memmaps in 
shrink_pgdat_span() (David Hildenbrand) - idr: Fix idr_get_next race 
with idr_remove (Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)) - net: cdc_ncm: Signedness bug 
in cdc_ncm_set_dgram_size() (Dan Carpenter) - Revert "OPP: Protect 
dev_list with opp_table lock" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - tee: optee: add 
missing of_node_put after of_device_is_available (Julia Lawall) - spi: 
mediatek: use correct mata->xfer_len when in fifo transfer (Leilk Liu) - 
Linux 4.14.155 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - slcan: Fix memory leak in error 
path (Jouni Hogander) - memfd: Use radix_tree_deref_slot_protected to 
avoid the warning. (zhong jiang) - net: phy: mdio-bcm-unimac: mark PM 
functions as __maybe_unused (Arnd Bergmann) - IB/iser: Fix possible NULL 
deref at iser_inv_desc() (Israel Rukshin) - fuse: use READ_ONCE on 
congestion_threshold and max_background (Kirill Tkhai) - usb: xhci-mtk: 
fix ISOC error when interval is zero (Chunfeng Yun) - netfilter: 
masquerade: don't flush all conntracks if only one address deleted on 
device (Tan Hu) - rtc: armada38x: fix possible race condition (Alexandre 
Belloni) - ARM: dts: lpc32xx: Fix SPI controller node names (Rob 
Herring) - arm64: dts: lg: Fix SPI controller node names (Rob Herring) - 
scsi: NCR5380: Check for bus reset (Finn Thain) - scsi: NCR5380: Handle 
BUS FREE during reselection (Finn Thain) - scsi: NCR5380: Don't call 
dsprintk() following reselection interrupt (Finn Thain) - scsi: NCR5380: 
Don't clear busy flag when abort fails (Finn Thain) - scsi: NCR5380: 
Check for invalid reselection target (Finn Thain) - scsi: NCR5380: Use 
DRIVER_SENSE to indicate valid sense data (Finn Thain) - scsi: NCR5380: 
Withhold disconnect privilege for REQUEST SENSE (Finn Thain) - scsi: 
NCR5380: Have NCR5380_select() return a bool (Finn Thain) - scsi: 
NCR5380: Clear all unissued commands on host reset (Hannes Reinecke) - 
iwlwifi: mvm: Allow TKIP for AP mode (Ilan Peer) - iwlwifi: api: 
annotate compressed BA notif array sizes (Johannes Berg) - iwlwifi: dbg: 
don't crash if the firmware crashes in the middle of a debug dump 
(Emmanuel Grumbach) - crypto: fix a memory leak in rsa-kcs1pad's 
encryption mode (Dan Aloni) - crypto: s5p-sss: Fix Fix argument list 
alignment (Christoph Manszewski) - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Detect if remote is 
not able to use the whole MPS (Luiz Augusto von Dentz) - Bluetooth: 
hci_serdev: clear HCI_UART_PROTO_READY to avoid closing proto races 
(Balakrishna Godavarthi) - firmware: dell_rbu: Make payload memory 
uncachable (Stuart Hayes) - ARM: dts: realview: Fix SPI controller node 
names (Rob Herring) - EDAC: Raise the maximum number of memory 
controllers (Justin Ernst) - f2fs: mark inode dirty explicitly in 
recover_inode() (Chao Yu) - f2fs: fix to recover inode's project id 
during POR (Chao Yu) - net: faraday: fix return type of ndo_start_xmit 
function (YueHaibing) - net: smsc: fix return type of ndo_start_xmit 
function (YueHaibing) - ARM: dts: paz00: fix wakeup gpio keycode (Marc 
Dietrich) - ARM: tegra: apalis_t30: fix mmc1 cmd pull-up (Marcel 
Ziswiler) - ARM: dts: tegra30: fix xcvr-setup-use-fuses (Marcel 
Ziswiler) - phy: lantiq: Fix compile warning (Hauke Mehrtens) - scsi: 
libsas: always unregister the old device if going to discover new (Jason 
Yan) - vfio/pci: Mask buggy SR-IOV VF INTx support (Alex Williamson) - 
vfio/pci: Fix potential memory leak in vfio_msi_cap_len (Li Qiang) - 
misc: genwqe: should return proper error value. (zhong jiang) - misc: 
kgdbts: Fix restrict error (Laura Abbott) - coresight: tmc: Fix 
byte-address alignment for RRP (Leo Yan) - coresight: etm4x: Configure 
EL2 exception level when kernel is running in HYP (Tomasz Nowicki) - 
coresight: perf: Disable trace path upon source error (Suzuki K Poulose) 
- coresight: perf: Fix per cpu path management (Suzuki K Poulose) - 
coresight: Fix handling of sinks (Suzuki K Poulose) - usb: gadget: uvc: 
Only halt video streaming endpoint in bulk mode (Laurent Pinchart) - 
usb: gadget: uvc: Factor out video USB request queueing (Laurent 
Pinchart) - phy: phy-twl4030-usb: fix denied runtime access (Andreas 
Kemnade) - phy: renesas: rcar-gen3-usb2: fix vbus_ctrl for role sysfs 
(Yoshihiro Shimoda) - phy: brcm-sata: allow PHY_BRCM_SATA driver to be 
built for DSL SoCs (Florian Fainelli) - i2c: aspeed: fix invalid clock 
parameters for very large divisors (Brendan Higgins) - usb: gadget: uvc: 
configfs: Prevent format changes after linking header (Joel Pepper) - 
usb: gadget: uvc: configfs: Drop leaked references to config items 
(Laurent Pinchart) - ARM: dts: rockchip: explicitly set vcc_sd0 pin to 
gpio on rk3188-radxarock (Heiko Stuebner) - media: davinci: Fix implicit 
enum conversion warning (Nathan Chancellor) - media: au0828: Fix 
incorrect error messages (Brad Love) - media: pci: ivtv: Fix a 
sleep-in-atomic-context bug in ivtv_yuv_init() (Jia-Ju Bai) - arm64: 
dts: rockchip: Fix microSD in rk3399 sapphire board (Vicente Bergas) - 
MIPS: kexec: Relax memory restriction (Dengcheng Zhu) - x86/CPU: Change 
query logic so CPUID is enabled before testing (Matthew Whitehead) - 
x86/CPU: Use correct macros for Cyrix calls (Matthew Whitehead) - net: 
freescale: fix return type of ndo_start_xmit function (YueHaibing) - 
net: micrel: fix return type of ndo_start_xmit function (YueHaibing) - 
net: phy: mdio-bcm-unimac: Allow configuring MDIO clock divider (Florian 
Fainelli) - samples/bpf: fix compilation failure (Prashant Bhole) - ARM: 
dts: clearfog: fix sdhci supply property name (Baruch Siach) - 
x86/mce-inject: Reset injection struct after injection (Borislav Petkov) 
- ARM: dts: marvell: Fix SPI and I2C bus warnings (Rob Herring) - 
crypto: arm/crc32 - avoid warning when compiling with Clang (Stefan 
Agner) - cpufeature: avoid warning when compiling with clang (Stefan 
Agner) - spi: pic32: Use proper enum in dmaengine_prep_slave_rg (Nathan 
Chancellor) - ARM: dts: ste: Fix SPI controller node names (Rob Herring) 
- ARM: dts: ux500: Fix LCDA clock line muxing (Linus Walleij) - ARM: 
dts: ux500: Correct SCU unit address (Geert Uytterhoeven) - f2fs: fix to 
recover inode's uid/gid during POR (Chao Yu) - ARM: dts: am335x-evm: fix 
number of cpsw (Grygorii Strashko) - mlxsw: spectrum: Init shaper for 
TCs 8..15 (Petr Machata) - usb: chipidea: Fix otg event handler (Loic 
Poulain) - usb: chipidea: imx: enable OTG overcurrent in case USB 
subsystem is already started (Nicolas Adell) - nfp: provide a better 
warning when ring allocation fails (Jakub Kicinski) - net: hns3: Fix 
parameter type for q_id in hclge_tm_q_to_qs_map_cfg() (Jian Shen) - net: 
hns3: Fix for setting speed for phy failed problem (Fuyun Liang) - net: 
sun: fix return type of ndo_start_xmit function (YueHaibing) - net: amd: 
fix return type of ndo_start_xmit function (YueHaibing) - net: broadcom: 
fix return type of ndo_start_xmit function (YueHaibing) - net: xilinx: 
fix return type of ndo_start_xmit function (YueHaibing) - net: toshiba: 
fix return type of ndo_start_xmit function (YueHaibing) - power: supply: 
twl4030_charger: disable eoc interrupt on linear charge (Andreas 
Kemnade) - power: supply: twl4030_charger: fix charging current 
out-of-bounds (Andreas Kemnade) - libfdt: Ensure INT_MAX is defined in 
libfdt_env.h (Rob Herring) - OPP: Protect dev_list with opp_table lock 
(Viresh Kumar) - RDMA/i40iw: Fix incorrect iterator type (Håkon Bugge) - 
powerpc: Fix duplicate const clang warning in user access code (Anton 
Blanchard) - powerpc/pseries: Disable CPU hotplug across migrations 
(Nathan Fontenot) - powerpc/64s/hash: Fix stab_rr off by one 
initialization (Nicholas Piggin) - powerpc/iommu: Avoid derefence before 
pointer check (Breno Leitao) - net: hns3: fix return type of 
ndo_start_xmit function (YueHaibing) - ipmi:dmi: Ignore IPMI SMBIOS 
entries with a zero base address (Corey Minyard) - spi: mediatek: Don't 
modify spi_transfer when transfer. (Peter Shih) - samples/bpf: fix a 
compilation failure (Yonghong Song) - serial: mxs-auart: Fix potential 
infinite loop (Anton Vasilyev) - serial: samsung: Enable baud clock for 
UART reset procedure in resume (Marek Szyprowski) - serial: uartps: Fix 
suspend functionality (Nava kishore Manne) - PCI/ACPI: Correct error 
message for ASPM disabling (Sinan Kaya) - s390/qeth: invoke softirqs 
after napi_schedule() (Julian Wiedmann) - ath9k: Fix a locking bug in 
ath9k_add_interface() (Dan Carpenter) - ACPI / LPSS: Exclude I2C busses 
shared with PUNIT from pmc_atom_d3_mask (Hans de Goede) - ARM: dts: 
rockchip: Fix erroneous SPI bus dtc warnings on rk3036 (Rob Herring) - 
ip_gre: fix parsing gre header in ipgre_err (Haishuang Yan) - kernfs: 
Fix range checks in kernfs_get_target_path (Bernd Edlinger) - component: 
fix loop condition to call unbind() if bind() fails (Banajit Goswami) - 
power: supply: max8998-charger: Fix platform data retrieval (Tomasz 
Figa) - power: reset: at91-poweroff: do not procede if at91_shdwc is 
allocated (Claudiu Beznea) - power: supply: ab8500_fg: silence 
uninitialized variable warnings (Dan Carpenter) - arm64: dts: meson: Fix 
erroneous SPI bus warnings (Rob Herring) - blok, bfq: do not plug I/O if 
all queues are weight-raised (Paolo Valente) - cxgb4: Fix endianness 
issue in t4_fwcache() (Ganesh Goudar) - pinctrl: at91: don't use the 
same irqchip with multiple gpiochips (Ludovic Desroches) - ARM: dts: 
socfpga: Fix I2C bus unit-address error (Dinh Nguyen) - powerpc/vdso: 
Correct call frame information (Alan Modra) - soc: qcom: wcnss_ctrl: 
Avoid string overflow (Niklas Cassel) - ARM: dts: qcom: ipq4019: fix 
cpu0's qcom,saw2 reg value (Christian Lamparter) - llc: avoid blocking 
in llc_sap_close() (Cong Wang) - pinctrl: at91-pio4: fix has_config 
check in atmel_pctl_dt_subnode_to_map() (Dan Carpenter) - ALSA: 
intel8x0m: Register irq handler after register initializations (Takashi 
Iwai) - arm64: dts: meson: libretech: update board model (Jerome Brunet) 
- media: dvb: fix compat ioctl translation (Arnd Bergmann) - media: fix: 
media: pci: meye: validate offset to avoid arbitrary access (Lao Wei) - 
media: dt-bindings: adv748x: Fix decimal unit addresses (Geert 
Uytterhoeven) - nvmem: core: return error code instead of NULL from 
nvmem_device_get (Srinivas Kandagatla) - kprobes: Don't call BUG_ON() if 
there is a kprobe in use on free list (Masami Hiramatsu) - scsi: pm80xx: 
Fixed system hang issue during kexec boot (Deepak Ukey) - scsi: pm80xx: 
Corrected dma_unmap_sg() parameter (Deepak Ukey) - ARM: imx6: register 
pm_power_off handler if "fsl,pmic-stby-poweroff" is set (Oleksij Rempel) 
- scsi: qla2xxx: Defer chip reset until target mode is enabled (Quinn 
Tran) - f2fs: fix memory leak of percpu counter in fill_super() (Chao 
Yu) - signal: Properly deliver SIGSEGV from x86 uprobes (Eric W. 
Biederman) - signal: Properly deliver SIGILL from uprobes (Eric W. 
Biederman) - signal: Always ignore SIGKILL and SIGSTOP sent to the 
global init (Eric W. Biederman) - IB/hfi1: Missing return value in error 
path for user sdma (Michael J. Ruhl) - ath9k: add back support for using 
active monitor interfaces for tx99 (Felix Fietkau) - rtc: pl030: fix 
possible race condition (Alexandre Belloni) - rtc: mt6397: fix possible 
race condition (Alexandre Belloni) - EDAC, sb_edac: Return early on 
ADDRV bit and address type test (Qiuxu Zhuo) - dmaengine: dma-jz4780: 
Further residue status fix (Daniel Silsby) - dmaengine: dma-jz4780: 
Don't depend on MACH_JZ4780 (Paul Cercueil) - arm64: dts: rockchip: Fix 
VCC5V0_HOST_EN on rk3399-sapphire (Vicente Bergas) - sched/debug: Use 
symbolic names for task state constants (Uwe Kleine-König) - ARM: dts: 
omap3-gta04: keep vpll2 always on (H. Nikolaus Schaller) - ARM: dts: 
omap3-gta04: make NAND partitions compatible with recent U-Boot (H. 
Nikolaus Schaller) - ARM: dts: omap3-gta04: fix touchscreen tsc2007 (H. 
Nikolaus Schaller) - ARM: dts: omap3-gta04: tvout: enable as display1 
alias (H. Nikolaus Schaller) - ARM: dts: omap3-gta04: fixes for tvout / 
venc (H. Nikolaus Schaller) - ARM: dts: omap3-gta04: give spi_lcd node a 
label so that we can overwrite in other DTS files (H. Nikolaus Schaller) 
- of: make PowerMac cache node search conditional on CONFIG_PPC_PMAC 
(Rob Herring) - ASoC: Intel: hdac_hdmi: Limit sampling rates at dai 
creation (Yong Zhi) - mips: txx9: fix iounmap related issue (Ding Xiang) 
- RDMA/core: Follow correct unregister order between sysfs and cgroup 
(Parav Pandit) - IB/ipoib: Ensure that MTU isn't less than minimum 
permitted (Muhammad Sammar) - ath10k: wmi: disable softirq's while 
calling ieee80211_rx (Erik Stromdahl) - ARM: dts: exynos: Disable pull 
control for S5M8767 PMIC (Marek Szyprowski) - ASoC: sgtl5000: avoid 
division by zero if lo_vag is zero (Colin Ian King) - net: lan78xx: Bail 
out if lan78xx_get_endpoints fails (Stefan Wahren) - ARM: dts: meson8b: 
fix the clock controller register size (Martin Blumenstingl) - ARM: dts: 
meson8: fix the clock controller register size (Martin Blumenstingl) - 
net: phy: mscc: read 'vsc8531, edge-slowdown' as an u32 (Quentin Schulz) 
- net: phy: mscc: read 'vsc8531,vddmac' as an u32 (Quentin Schulz) - 
ASoC: rsnd: ssi: Fix issue in dma data address assignment (Jiada Wang) - 
soc: imx: gpc: fix PDN delay (Sven Schmitt) - rtl8187: Fix warning 
generated when strncpy() destination length matches the sixe argument 
(Larry Finger) - ARM: dts: pxa: fix power i2c base address (Marcel 
Ziswiler) - ARM: dts: pxa: fix the rtc controller (Robert Jarzmik) - 
iwlwifi: mvm: avoid sending too many BARs (Sara Sharon) - iwlwifi: don't 
WARN on trying to dump dead firmware (Johannes Berg) - IB/rxe: fixes for 
rdma read retry (Vijay Immanuel) - ARM: dts: exynos: Fix regulators 
configuration on Peach Pi/Pit Chromebooks (Marek Szyprowski) - liquidio: 
fix race condition in instruction completion processing (Rick 
Farrington) - ARM: dts: exynos: Fix sound in Snow-rev5 Chromebook (Marek 
Szyprowski) - MIPS: BCM47XX: Enable USB power on Netgear WNDR3400v3 
(Tuomas Tynkkynen) - pinctrl: ingenic: Probe driver at subsys_initcall 
(Paul Cercueil) - ASoC: dpcm: Properly initialise hw->rate_max (Charles 
Keepax) - gfs2: Don't set GFS2_RDF_UPTODATE when the lvb is updated (Bob 
Peterson) - ath10k: limit available channels via DT ieee80211-freq-limit 
(Sven Eckelmann) - ath9k: fix tx99 with monitor mode interface (Felix 
Fietkau) - ALSA: seq: Do error checks at creating system ports (Takashi 
Iwai) - cfg80211: Avoid regulatory restore when COUNTRY_IE_IGNORE is set 
(Rajeev Kumar Sirasanagandla) - extcon: cht-wc: Return from default case 
to avoid warnings (Andy Shevchenko) - remoteproc/davinci: Use %zx for 
formating size_t (Bjorn Andersson) - rtc: rv8803: fix the rv8803 id in 
the OF table (Alexandre Belloni) - ARM: dts: at91/trivial: Fix USART1 
definition for at91sam9g45 (Jay Foster) - arm64: dts: tegra210-p2180: 
Correct sdmmc4 vqmmc-supply (Aapo Vienamo) - ALSA: pcm: signedness bug 
in snd_pcm_plug_alloc() (Dan Carpenter) - arm64: dts: allwinner: a64: 
NanoPi-A64: Fix DCDC1 voltage (Andre Przywara) - arm64: dts: allwinner: 
a64: Olinuxino: fix DRAM voltage (Andre Przywara) - iio: dac: mcp4922: 
fix error handling in mcp4922_write_raw (Marcus Folkesson) - ath10k: fix 
kernel panic by moving pci flush after napi_disable (Tamizh chelvam) - 
tee: optee: take DT status property into account (Ard Biesheuvel) - iio: 
adc: max9611: explicitly cast gain_selectors (Stefan Agner) - mmc: 
sdhci-of-at91: fix quirk2 overwrite (Eugen Hristev) - mm: hugetlb: 
switch to css_tryget() in hugetlb_cgroup_charge_cgroup() (Roman 
Gushchin) - mm: memcg: switch to css_tryget() in 
get_mem_cgroup_from_mm() (Roman Gushchin) - iommu/vt-d: Fix 
ecryptfs_lookup_interpose(): lower_dentry->d_parent is not stable either 
(Al Viro) - ecryptfs_lookup_interpose(): lower_dentry->d_inode is not 
stable (Al Viro) - i2c: acpi: Force bus speed to 400KHz if a Silead 
touchscreen is present (Hans de Goede) - IB/hfi1: Ensure full Gen3 speed 
in a Gen4 system (James Erwin) - Input: synaptics-rmi4 - destroy F54 
poller workqueue when removing (Chuhong Yuan) - Input: synaptics-rmi4 - 
clear IRQ enables for F54 (Lucas Stach) - Input: synaptics-rmi4 - do not 
consume more data than we have (F11, F12) (Andrew Duggan) - Input: 
synaptics-rmi4 - disable the relative position IRQ in the F12 driver 
(Andrew Duggan) - Input: synaptics-rmi4 - fix video buffer size (Lucas 
Stach) - Input: ff-memless - kill timer in destroy() (Oliver Neukum) - 
ALSA: usb-audio: not submit urb for stopped endpoint (Henry Lin) - ALSA: 
usb-audio: Fix missing error check at mixer resolution test (Takashi 
Iwai) - slip: Fix memory leak in slip_open error path (Jouni Hogander) - 
net: usb: qmi_wwan: add support for Foxconn T77W968 LTE modules 
(Aleksander Morgado) - ax88172a: fix information leak on short answers 
(Oliver Neukum) - powerpc/perf: Fix kfree memory allocated for nest pmus 
(Anju T Sudhakar) - powerpc/perf: Fix IMC_MAX_PMU macro (Madhavan 
Srinivasan) - Revert "Input: synaptics-rmi4 - avoid processing unknown 
IRQs" (Evan Green) - scsi: core: Handle drivers which set sg_tablesize 
to zero (Michael Schmitz) - MIPS: BCM63XX: fix switch core reset on 
BCM6368 (Jonas Gorski) - KVM: x86: introduce is_pae_paging (Paolo 
Bonzini) - Linux 4.14.154 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - kvm: mmu: ITLB_MULTIHIT 
mitigation (Paolo Bonzini) - KVM: vmx, svm: always run with EFER.NXE=1 
when shadow paging is active (Paolo Bonzini) - KVM: x86: add tracepoints 
around __direct_map and FNAME(fetch) (Paolo Bonzini) - KVM: x86: change 
kvm_mmu_page_get_gfn BUG_ON to WARN_ON (Paolo Bonzini) - kvm: x86, 
powerpc: do not allow clearing largepages debugfs entry (Paolo Bonzini) 
- Documentation: Add ITLB_MULTIHIT documentation (Gomez Iglesias, 
Antonio) - x86/cpu: Add Tremont to the cpu vulnerability whitelist 
(Pawan Gupta) - x86/msr: Add the IA32_TSX_CTRL MSR (Pawan Gupta) - KVM: 
x86: use Intel speculation bugs and features as derived in generic x86 
code (Paolo Bonzini) - drm/i915/cmdparser: Fix jump whitelist clearing 
(Ben Hutchings) - drm/i915/gen8+: Add RC6 CTX corruption WA (Imre Deak) 
- drm/i915: Lower RM timeout to avoid DSI hard hangs (Uma Shankar) - 
drm/i915/cmdparser: Ignore Length operands during command matching (Jon 
Bloomfield) - drm/i915/cmdparser: Add support for backward jumps (Jon 
Bloomfield) - drm/i915/cmdparser: Use explicit goto for error paths (Jon 
Bloomfield) - drm/i915: Add gen9 BCS cmdparsing (Jon Bloomfield) - 
drm/i915: Allow parsing of unsized batches (Jon Bloomfield) - drm/i915: 
Support ro ppgtt mapped cmdparser shadow buffers (Jon Bloomfield) - 
drm/i915: Add support for mandatory cmdparsing (Jon Bloomfield) - 
drm/i915: Remove Master tables from cmdparser (Jon Bloomfield) - 
drm/i915: Disable Secure Batches for gen6+ (Jon Bloomfield) - drm/i915: 
Rename gen7 cmdparser tables (Jon Bloomfield) - drm/i915: Move 
engine->needs_cmd_parser to engine->flags (Tvrtko Ursulin) - drm/i915: 
Don't use GPU relocations prior to cmdparser stalls (Chris Wilson) - 
drm/i915: Silence smatch for cmdparser (Chris Wilson) - 
drm/i915/cmdparser: Do not check past the cmd length. (Michal Srb) - 
drm/i915/cmdparser: Check reg_table_count before derefencing. (Michal 
Srb) - drm/i915: Prevent writing into a read-only object via a GGTT mmap 
(Chris Wilson) - drm/i915/gtt: Disable read-only support under GVT 
(Chris Wilson) - drm/i915/gtt: Read-only pages for insert_entries on 
bdw+ (Vivi, Rodrigo) - drm/i915/gtt: Add read only pages to 
gen8_pte_encode (Jon Bloomfield) - net: prevent load/store tearing on 
sk->sk_stamp (Eric Dumazet) - usbip: Fix free of unallocated memory in 
vhci tx (Suwan Kim) - cgroup,writeback: don't switch wbs immediately on 
dead wbs if the memcg is dead (Tejun Heo) - mm/filemap.c: don't initiate 
writeback if mapping has no dirty pages (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - can: 
flexcan: disable completely the ECC mechanism (Joakim Zhang) - 
x86/apic/32: Avoid bogus LDR warnings (Jan Beulich) - x86/apic: Drop 
logical_smp_processor_id() inline (Dou Liyang) - x86/apic: Move pending 
interrupt check code into it's own function (Dou Liyang) - e1000: fix 
memory leaks (Wenwen Wang) - igb: Fix constant media auto sense 
switching when no cable is connected (Manfred Rudigier) - net: ethernet: 
arc: add the missed clk_disable_unprepare (Chuhong Yuan) - NFSv4: Don't 
allow a cached open with a revoked delegation (Trond Myklebust) - 
hv_netvsc: Fix error handling in netvsc_attach() (Haiyang Zhang) - net: 
hisilicon: Fix "Trying to free already-free IRQ" (Jiangfeng Xiao) - 
fjes: Handle workqueue allocation failure (Will Deacon) - scsi: qla2xxx: 
stop timer in shutdown path (Nicholas Piggin) - RDMA/iw_cxgb4: Avoid 
freeing skb twice in arp failure case (Potnuri Bharat Teja) - USB: 
ldusb: use unsigned size format specifiers (Johan Hovold) - USB: Skip 
endpoints with 0 maxpacket length (Alan Stern) - perf/x86/amd/ibs: 
Handle erratum #420 only on the affected CPU family (10h) (Kim Phillips) 
- perf/x86/amd/ibs: Fix reading of the IBS OpData register and thus 
precise RIP validity (Kim Phillips) - usb: dwc3: remove the call trace 
of USBx_GFLADJ (Yinbo Zhu) - usb: gadget: configfs: fix concurrent issue 
between composite APIs (Peter Chen) - usb: gadget: composite: Fix 
possible double free memory bug (Chandana Kishori Chiluveru) - usb: 
gadget: udc: atmel: Fix interrupt storm in FIFO mode. (Cristian Birsan) 
- usb: fsl: Check memory resource before releasing it (Nikhil Badola) - 
macsec: fix refcnt leak in module exit routine (Taehee Yoo) - bonding: 
fix unexpected IFF_BONDING bit unset (Taehee Yoo) - ipvs: move 
old_secure_tcp into struct netns_ipvs (Eric Dumazet) - ipvs: don't 
ignore errors in case refcounting ip_vs module fails (Davide Caratti) - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Initialized mailbox to prevent driver load failure 
(Himanshu Madhani) - scsi: lpfc: Honor module parameter lpfc_use_adisc 
(Daniel Wagner) - net: openvswitch: free vport unless 
register_netdevice() succeeds (Hillf Danton) - RDMA/uverbs: Prevent 
potential underflow (Dan Carpenter) - scsi: qla2xxx: fixup incorrect 
usage of host_byte (Hannes Reinecke) - net/mlx5: prevent memory leak in 
mlx5_fpga_conn_create_cq (Navid Emamdoost) - RDMA/qedr: Fix reported 
firmware version (Kamal Heib) - HID: intel-ish-hid: fix wrong error 
handling in ishtp_cl_alloc_tx_ring() (Zhang Lixu) - dmaengine: 
xilinx_dma: Fix control reg update in vdma_channel_set_config (Radhey 
Shyam Pandey) - PCI: tegra: Enable Relaxed Ordering only for Tegra20 & 
Tegra30 (Vidya Sagar) - usbip: Implement SG support to vhci-hcd and stub 
driver (Suwan Kim) - usbip: stub_rx: fix static checker warning on 
unnecessary checks (Shuah Khan) - usbip: Fix vhci_urb_enqueue() URB null 
transfer buffer error path (Shuah Khan) - sched/fair: Fix 
-Wunused-but-set-variable warnings (Qian Cai) - sched/fair: Fix low cpu 
usage with high throttling by removing expiration of cpu-local slices 
(Dave Chiluk) - ARM: dts: dra7: Disable USB metastability workaround for 
USB2 (Roger Quadros) - cpufreq: ti-cpufreq: add missing of_node_put() 
(Zumeng Chen) - i2c: omap: Trigger bus recovery in lockup case (Claudio 
Foellmi) - ASoC: davinci-mcasp: Fix an error handling path in 
'davinci_mcasp_probe()' (Christophe Jaillet) - ASoC: davinci: Kill 
BUG_ON() usage (Takashi Iwai) - ASoC: davinci-mcasp: Handle return value 
of devm_kasprintf (Arvind Yadav) - ASoC: tlv320dac31xx: mark expected 
switch fall-through (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - mailbox: reset txdone_method 
TXDONE_BY_POLL if client knows_txdone (Sudeep Holla) - misc: 
pci_endpoint_test: Fix BUG_ON error during pci_disable_msi() (Kishon 
Vijay Abraham I) - PCI: dra7xx: Add shutdown handler to cleanly turn off 
clocks (Keerthy) - misc: pci_endpoint_test: Prevent some integer 
overflows (Dan Carpenter) - mtd: spi-nor: cadence-quadspi: add a delay 
in write sequence (Vignesh R) - mtd: spi-nor: enable 4B opcodes for 
mx66l51235l (Roman Yeryomin) - ASoC: tlv320aic31xx: Handle inverted BCLK 
in non-DSP modes (Andrew F. Davis) - mfd: palmas: Assign the right 
powerhold mask for tps65917 (Keerthy) - usb: dwc3: Allow disabling of 
metastability workaround (Roger Quadros) - configfs: fix a deadlock in 
configfs_symlink() (Al Viro) - configfs: provide exclusion between IO 
and removals (Al Viro) - configfs: new object reprsenting tree fragments 
(Al Viro) - configfs_register_group() shouldn't be (and isn't) called in 
rmdirable parts (Al Viro) - configfs: stash the data we need into 
configfs_buffer at open time (Al Viro) - configfs: Fix bool 
initialization/comparison (Thomas Meyer) - can: peak_usb: fix slab info 
leak (Johan Hovold) - can: mcba_usb: fix use-after-free on disconnect 
(Johan Hovold) - can: gs_usb: gs_can_open(): prevent memory leak (Navid 
Emamdoost) - can: rx-offload: can_rx_offload_queue_sorted(): fix error 
handling, avoid skb mem leak (Marc Kleine-Budde) - can: peak_usb: fix a 
potential out-of-sync while decoding packets (Stephane Grosjean) - can: 
c_can: c_can_poll(): only read status register after status IRQ (Kurt 
Van Dijck) - can: usb_8dev: fix use-after-free on disconnect (Johan 
Hovold) - intel_th: pci: Add Jasper Lake PCH support (Alexander 
Shishkin) - intel_th: pci: Add Comet Lake PCH support (Alexander 
Shishkin) - netfilter: ipset: Fix an error code in ip_set_sockfn_get() 
(Dan Carpenter) - netfilter: nf_tables: Align nft_expr private data to 
64-bit (Lukas Wunner) - iio: srf04: fix wrong limitation in distance 
measuring (Andreas Klinger) - iio: imu: adis16480: make sure provided 
frequency is positive (Alexandru Ardelean) - iio: adc: stm32-adc: fix 
stopping dma (Fabrice Gasnier) - ceph: add missing check in d_revalidate 
snapdir handling (Al Viro) - ceph: fix use-after-free in 
__ceph_remove_cap() (Luis Henriques) - arm64: Do not mask out PTE_RDONLY 
in pte_same() (Catalin Marinas) - HID: wacom: generic: Treat serial 
number and related fields as unsigned (Jason Gerecke) - drm/radeon: fix 
si_enable_smc_cac() failed issue (Alex Deucher) - perf tools: Fix time 
sorting (Jiri Olsa) - tools: gpio: Use !building_out_of_srctree to 
determine srctree (Shuah Khan) - dump_stack: avoid the livelock of the 
dump_lock (Kevin Hao) - mm, vmstat: hide /proc/pagetypeinfo from normal 
users (Michal Hocko) - mm: thp: handle page cache THP correctly in 
PageTransCompoundMap (Yang Shi) - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Fix possible 
workqueue stall (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: bebob: fix to detect configured 
source of sampling clock for Focusrite Saffire Pro i/o series (Takashi 
Sakamoto) - ALSA: timer: Fix incorrectly assigned timer instance 
(Takashi Iwai) - qede: fix NULL pointer deref in __qede_remove() (Manish 
Chopra) - NFC: st21nfca: fix double free (Pan Bian) - nfc: netlink: fix 
double device reference drop (Pan Bian) - NFC: fdp: fix incorrect free 
object (Pan Bian) - net: usb: qmi_wwan: add support for DW5821e with 
eSIM support (Aleksander Morgado) - net: qualcomm: rmnet: Fix potential 
UAF when unregistering (Sean Tranchetti) - net: fix data-race in 
neigh_event_send() (Eric Dumazet) - net: ethernet: octeon_mgmt: Account 
for second possible VLAN header (Alexander Sverdlin) - ipv4: Fix table 
id reference in fib_sync_down_addr (David Ahern) - CDC-NCM: handle 
incomplete transfer of MTU (Oliver Neukum) - bonding: fix state 
transition issue in link monitoring (Jay Vosburgh) - x86/retpoline: 
CALL_NOSPEC C macro doesn't correctly work on AMD (Alexandre Chartre) 
[Orabug: 30684366] - rds: Handle unsupported rdma request to fs dax 
memory (Hans Westgaard Ry) [Orabug: 30731395] - uek-rpm: Report removed 
symbols also during kabi check (Somasundaram Krishnasamy) [Orabug: 
30725262] - uek-rpm: add *kernel_fpu* symbols to kABI whitelist 
(Somasundaram Krishnasamy) [Orabug: 30725262]

- oracleasm: Convert block layer status to errno (Martin K. Petersen) 
[Orabug: 30699686]

- xen/blkback: Avoid unmapping unmapped grant pages (SeongJae Park) 
[Orabug: 30622792] - bnxt_en: Fix allocation of zero statistics block 
size regression. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Fix to 
include flow direction in L2 key (Somnath Kotur) [Orabug: 30494210] - 
bnxt_en: Use correct src_fid to determine direction of the flow (Venkat 
Duvvuru) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Suppress HWRM errors for 
HWRM_NVM_GET_VARIABLE command (Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 30494210] - 
bnxt_en: Fix handling FRAG_ERR when NVM_INSTALL_UPDATE cmd fails 
(Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Improve RX doorbell 
sequence. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Fix VNIC clearing 
logic for 57500 chips. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Add 
PCI IDs for 57500 series NPAR devices. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] 
- bnxt_en: Support all variants of the 5750X chip family. (Michael Chan) 
[Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Refactor bnxt_init_one() and turn on TPA 
support on 57500 chips. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: 
Support TPA counters on 57500 chips. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - 
bnxt_en: Allocate the larger per-ring statistics block for 57500 chips. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Refactor ethtool ring 
statistics logic. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Add 
hardware GRO setup function for 57500 chips. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
30494210] - bnxt_en: Add TPA ID mapping logic for 57500 chips. (Michael 
Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Add fast path logic for TPA on 57500 
chips. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Set TPA GRO mode 
flags on 57500 chips properly. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - 
bnxt_en: Refactor tunneled hardware GRO logic. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
30494210] - bnxt_en: Handle standalone RX_AGG completions. (Michael 
Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Expand bnxt_tpa_info struct to 
support 57500 chips. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: 
Refactor TPA logic. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - bnxt_en: Add TPA 
structure definitions for BCM57500 chips. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
30494210] - bnxt_en: Update firmware interface spec. to 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30494210] - rds: Protect __rds_send_complete() 
with correct lock (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30694458]

- block: fix null pointer dereference in blk_mq_rq_timed_out() (Yufen 
Yu) [Orabug: 30671963] - block: init flush rq ref count to 1 (Josef 
Bacik) [Orabug: 30671963] - blk-mq: Remove generation seqeunce (Keith 
Busch) [Orabug: 30671963] - ixgbe: protect TX timestamping from API 
misuse (Manjunath Patil) - scsi: smartpqi: bump version (Don Brace) 
[Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: Align driver syntax with oob (Kevin 
Barnett) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: remove unused manifest 
constants (Kevin Barnett) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: fix 
problem with unique ID for physical device (Kevin Barnett) [Orabug: 
30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: correct syntax issue (Kevin Barnett) 
[Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: change TMF timeout from 60 to 30 
seconds (Kevin Barnett) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: fix LUN 
reset when fw bkgnd thread is hung (Murthy Bhat) [Orabug: 30642307] - 
scsi: smartpqi: add inquiry timeouts (koshyaji) [Orabug: 30642307] - 
scsi: smartpqi: fix call trace in device discovery (Murthy Bhat) 
[Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: fix controller lockup observed 
during force reboot (Kevin Barnett) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: 
clean up an indentation issue (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 30642307] - 
scsi: smartpqi: remove set but not used variable 'ctrl_info' 
(YueHaibing) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: clean up indentation 
of a statement (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: 
bump version (Don Brace) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: update 
copyright (Don Brace) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add new pci 
ids (Gilbert Wu) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: correct REGNEWD 
return status (Murthy Bhat) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add 
gigabyte controller (Gilbert Wu) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: 
correct hang when deleting 32 lds (Mahesh Rajashekhara) [Orabug: 
30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add bay identifier (Gilbert Wu) [Orabug: 
30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add sysfs entries (Murthy Bhat) [Orabug: 
30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add module param to hide vsep (Dave Carroll) 
[Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add pci ids for fiberhome 
controller (Gilbert Wu) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add module 
param for exposure order (Gilbert Wu) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: 
smartpqi: Reporting unhandled SCSI errors (Erwan Velu) [Orabug: 
30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: bump driver version (Don Brace) [Orabug: 
30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add spdx (Don Brace) [Orabug: 30642307] - 
scsi: smartpqi: update copyright (Don Brace) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: 
smartpqi: add H3C controller IDs (Ajish Koshy) [Orabug: 30642307] - 
scsi: smartpqi: increase LUN reset timeout (Kevin Barnett) [Orabug: 
30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: Reporting 'logical unit failure' (Erwan 
Velu) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: remove unneeded header search paths 
(Masahiro Yamada) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi_init: fix boolean 
expression in pqi_device_remove_start (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 
30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: call pqi_free_interrupts() in pqi_shutdown() 
(Yanjiang Jin) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: fix build warnings 
(Don Brace) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: update driver version 
(Don Brace) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add ofa support (Mahesh 
Rajashekhara) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: bump driver version 
(Don Brace) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add smp_utils support 
(Don Brace) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: do not offline disks 
for transient did no connect conditions (Dave Carroll) [Orabug: 
30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: allow for larger raid maps (Ajish Koshy) 
[Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: check for null device pointers 
(Mahesh Rajashekhara) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add support 
for huawei controllers (Ajish Koshy) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: 
smartpqi: enhance numa node detection (Sagar Biradar) [Orabug: 30642307] 
- scsi: smartpqi: wake up drives after os resumes from suspend (Dave 
Carroll) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: fix disk name mount point 
(Murthy Bhat) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add h3c ssid (Murthy 
Bhat) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add sysfs attributes (Dave 
Carroll) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: refactor sending 
controller raid requests (Dave Carroll) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: 
smartpqi: turn off lun data caching for ptraid (Dave Carroll) [Orabug: 
30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add no_write_same for logical volumes (Dave 
Carroll) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: Add retries for device 
reset (Mahesh Rajashekhara) [Orabug: 30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: add 
support for PQI Config Table handshake (Kevin Barnett) [Orabug: 
30642307] - scsi: smartpqi: fully convert to the generic DMA API 
(Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 30642307] - smartpqi: kzalloc-kcalloc (Don 
Brace) [Orabug: 30642307] - smartpqi: kmalloc kmalloc_array (Don Brace) 
[Orabug: 30642307]

- Linux 4.14.153 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - selftests/powerpc: Fix compile 
error on tlbie_test due to newer gcc (Desnes A. Nunes do Rosario) - 
selftests/powerpc: Add test case for tlbie vs mtpidr ordering issue 
(Aneesh Kumar K.V) - powerpc/mm: Fixup tlbie vs mtpidr/mtlpidr ordering 
issue on POWER9 (Aneesh Kumar K.V) - powerpc/book3s64/radix: Rename 
CPU_FTR_P9_TLBIE_BUG feature flag (Aneesh Kumar K.V) - 
powerpc/book3s64/mm: Don't do tlbie fixup for some hardware revisions 
(Aneesh Kumar K.V) - powerpc/mm: Fixup tlbie vs store ordering issue on 
POWER9 (Aneesh Kumar K.V) - iio: adc: stm32-adc: fix a race when using 
several adcs with dma and irq (Fabrice Gasnier) - iio: adc: stm32-adc: 
move registers definitions (Fabrice Gasnier) - platform/x86: pmc_atom: 
Add Siemens SIMATIC IPC227E to critclk_systems DMI table (Jan Kiszka) - 
kbuild: add -fcf-protection=none when using retpoline flags (Seth 
Forshee) - kbuild: use -fmacro-prefix-map to make __FILE__ a relative 
path (Masahiro Yamada) - sched/wake_q: Fix wakeup ordering for wake_q 
(Peter Zijlstra) - dmaengine: qcom: bam_dma: Fix resource leak (Jeffrey 
Hugo) - net/flow_dissector: switch to siphash (Eric Dumazet) - inet: 
stop leaking jiffies on the wire (Eric Dumazet) - erspan: fix the 
tun_info options_len check for erspan (Xin Long) - vxlan: check tun_info 
options_len properly (Xin Long) - net: use skb_queue_empty_lockless() in 
busy poll contexts (Eric Dumazet) - net: use skb_queue_empty_lockless() 
in poll() handlers (Eric Dumazet) - udp: use skb_queue_empty_lockless() 
(Eric Dumazet) - net: add skb_queue_empty_lockless() (Eric Dumazet) - 
net: bcmgenet: reset 40nm EPHY on energy detect (Doug Berger) - net: 
dsa: fix switch tree list (Vivien Didelot) - r8152: add device id for 
Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C Dock Gen 2 (Kazutoshi Noguchi) - net: usb: 
lan78xx: Connect PHY before registering MAC (Andrew Lunn) - net: dsa: 
b53: Do not clear existing mirrored port mask (Florian Fainelli) - 
net/mlx5e: Fix handling of compressed CQEs in case of low NAPI budget 
(Maxim Mikityanskiy) - net: add READ_ONCE() annotation in 
__skb_wait_for_more_packets() (Eric Dumazet) - udp: fix data-race in 
udp_set_dev_scratch() (Eric Dumazet) - selftests: net: 
reuseport_dualstack: fix uninitalized parameter (Wei Wang) - net: 
Zeroing the structure ethtool_wolinfo in ethtool_get_wol() (zhanglin) - 
net/mlx4_core: Dynamically set guaranteed amount of counters per VF 
(Eran Ben Elisha) - net: hisilicon: Fix ping latency when deal with high 
throughput (Jiangfeng Xiao) - net: fix sk_page_frag() recursion from 
memory reclaim (Tejun Heo) - net: ethernet: ftgmac100: Fix DMA coherency 
issue with SW checksum (Benjamin Herrenschmidt) - net: dsa: bcm_sf2: Fix 
IMP setup for port different than 8 (Florian Fainelli) - net: annotate 
lockless accesses to sk->sk_napi_id (Eric Dumazet) - net: annotate 
accesses to sk->sk_incoming_cpu (Eric Dumazet) - dccp: do not leak 
jiffies on the wire (Eric Dumazet) - cxgb4: fix panic when attaching to 
ULD fail (Vishal Kulkarni) - nbd: handle racing with error'ed out 
commands (Josef Bacik) - cifs: Fix cifsInodeInfo lock_sem deadlock when 
reconnect occurs (Dave Wysochanski) - i2c: stm32f7: remove warning when 
compiling with W=1 (Alain Volmat) - MIPS: bmips: mark exception vectors 
as char arrays (Jonas Gorski) - of: unittest: fix memory leak in 
unittest_data_add (Navid Emamdoost) - ARM: 8926/1: v7m: remove register 
save to stack before svc (afzal mohammed) - scsi: target: core: Do not 
overwrite CDB byte 1 (Bodo Stroesser) - ARM: davinci: dm365: Fix McBSP 
dma_slave_map entry (Peter Ujfalusi) - perf kmem: Fix memory leak in 
compact_gfp_flags() (Yunfeng Ye) - perf c2c: Fix memory leak in 
build_cl_output() (Yunfeng Ye) - ARM: dts: imx7s: Correct GPT's ipg 
clock source (Anson Huang) - scsi: fix kconfig dependency warning 
related to 53C700_LE_ON_BE (Thomas Bogendoerfer) - scsi: sni_53c710: fix 
compilation error (Thomas Bogendoerfer) - scsi: scsi_dh_alua: handle 
RTPG sense code correctly during state transitions (Hannes Reinecke) - 
ARM: mm: fix alignment handler faults under memory pressure (Russell 
King) - pinctrl: ns2: Fix off by one bugs in ns2_pinmux_enable() (Dan 
Carpenter) - ARM: dts: logicpd-torpedo-som: Remove twl_keypad (Adam 
Ford) - ASoc: rockchip: i2s: Fix RPM imbalance (Robin Murphy) - ASoC: 
wm_adsp: Don't generate kcontrols without READ flags (Stuart Henderson) 
- regulator: pfuze100-regulator: Variable "val" in 
pfuze100_regulator_probe() could be uninitialized (Yizhuo) - regulator: 
ti-abb: Fix timeout in ti_abb_wait_txdone/ti_abb_clear_all_txdone (Axel 
Lin) - arm64: dts: Fix gpio to pinmux mapping (Rayagonda Kokatanur) - 
Linux 4.14.152 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - Revert "ALSA: hda: Flush 
interrupts on disabling" (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: timer: Fix mutex 
deadlock at releasing card (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: timer: Simplify error 
path in snd_timer_open() (Takashi Iwai) - xfs: Correctly invert 
xfs_buftarg LRU isolation logic (Vratislav Bendel) - sctp: not bind the 
socket in sctp_connect (Xin Long) - sctp: fix the issue that flags are 
ignored when using kernel_connect (Xin Long) - sch_netem: fix rcu splat 
in netem_enqueue() (Eric Dumazet) - net: usb: sr9800: fix uninitialized 
local variable (Valentin Vidic) - bonding: fix potential NULL deref in 
bond_update_slave_arr (Eric Dumazet) - NFC: pn533: fix use-after-free 
and memleaks (Johan Hovold) - rxrpc: Fix call ref leak (David Howells) - 
llc: fix sk_buff leak in llc_conn_service() (Eric Biggers) - llc: fix 
sk_buff leak in llc_sap_state_process() (Eric Biggers) - dmaengine: 
cppi41: Fix cppi41_dma_prep_slave_sg() when idle (Tony Lindgren) - 
rtlwifi: Fix potential overflow on P2P code (Laura Abbott) - arm64: 
Ensure VM_WRITE|VM_SHARED ptes are clean by default (Catalin Marinas) - 
s390/idle: fix cpu idle time calculation (Heiko Carstens) - s390/cmm: 
fix information leak in cmm_timeout_handler() (Yihui ZENG) - nl80211: 
fix validation of mesh path nexthop (Markus Theil) - HID: fix error 
message in hid_open_report() (Michał Mirosław) - HID: Fix assumption 
that devices have inputs (Alan Stern) - HID: i2c-hid: add Trekstor 
Primebook C11B to descriptor override (Hans de Goede) - scsi: target: 
cxgbit: Fix cxgbit_fw4_ack() (Bart Van Assche) - USB: serial: whiteheat: 
fix line-speed endianness (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: whiteheat: fix 
potential slab corruption (Johan Hovold) - USB: ldusb: fix 
control-message timeout (Johan Hovold) - USB: ldusb: fix ring-buffer 
locking (Johan Hovold) - usb-storage: Revert commit 747668dbc061 
("usb-storage: Set virt_boundary_mask to avoid SG overflows") (Alan 
Stern) - USB: gadget: Reject endpoints with 0 maxpacket value (Alan 
Stern) - UAS: Revert commit 3ae62a42090f ("UAS: fix alignment of 
scatter/gather segments") (Alan Stern) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add support 
for ALC623 (Kailang Yang) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix 2 front mics of 
codec 0x623 (Aaron Ma) - ALSA: bebob: Fix prototype of helper function 
to return negative value (Takashi Sakamoto) - fuse: truncate pending 
writes on O_TRUNC (Miklos Szeredi) - fuse: flush dirty data/metadata 
before non-truncate setattr (Miklos Szeredi) - ath6kl: fix a 
NULL-ptr-deref bug in ath6kl_usb_alloc_urb_from_pipe() (Hui Peng) 
- thunderbolt: Use 32-bit writes when writing ring producer/consumer 
(Mika Westerberg) - USB: legousbtower: fix a signedness bug in 
tower_probe() (Dan Carpenter) - nbd: verify socket is supported during 
setup (Mike Christie) - tracing: Initialize iter->seq after zeroing in 
tracing_read_pipe() (Petr Mladek) - s390/uaccess: avoid (false positive) 
compiler warnings (Christian Borntraeger) - NFSv4: Fix leak of 
clp->cl_acceptor string (Chuck Lever) - nbd: fix possible sysfs 
duplicate warning (Xiubo Li) - MIPS: fw: sni: Fix out of bounds init of 
o32 stack (Thomas Bogendoerfer) - MIPS: include: Mark __xchg as 
__always_inline (Thomas Bogendoerfer) - perf/x86/amd: Change/fix NMI 
latency mitigation to use a timestamp (Tom Lendacky) - sched/vtime: Fix 
guest/system mis-accounting on task switch (Frederic Weisbecker) - fs: 
ocfs2: fix a possible null-pointer dereference in 
ocfs2_info_scan_inode_alloc() (Jia-Ju Bai) - fs: ocfs2: fix a possible 
null-pointer dereference in ocfs2_write_end_nolock() (Jia-Ju Bai) - fs: 
ocfs2: fix possible null-pointer dereferences in 
ocfs2_xa_prepare_entry() (Jia-Ju Bai) - ocfs2: clear zero in unaligned 
direct IO (Jia Guo) - x86/xen: Return from panic notifier (Boris 
Ostrovsky) - MIPS: include: Mark __cmpxchg as __always_inline (Thomas 
Bogendoerfer) - efi/x86: Do not clean dummy variable in kexec path (Dave 
Young) - efi/cper: Fix endianness of PCIe class code (Lukas Wunner) - 
serial: mctrl_gpio: Check for NULL pointer (Adam Ford) - fs: cifs: mute 
-Wunused-const-variable message (Austin Kim) - gpio: max77620: Use 
correct unit for debounce times (Thierry Reding) - tty: n_hdlc: fix 
build on SPARC (Randy Dunlap) - tty: serial: owl: Fix the link time 
qualifier of 'owl_uart_exit()' (Christophe JAILLET) - arm64: ftrace: 
Ensure synchronisation in PLT setup for Neoverse-N1 #1542419 (James 
Morse) - nfs: Fix nfsi->nrequests count error on 
nfs_inode_remove_request (ZhangXiaoxu) - HID: hyperv: Use in-place 
iterator API in the channel callback (Dexuan Cui) - RDMA/iwcm: Fix a 
lock inversion issue (Bart Van Assche) - RDMA/hfi1: Prevent memory leak 
in sdma_init (Navid Emamdoost) - staging: rtl8188eu: fix null 
dereference when kzalloc fails (Connor Kuehl) - perf jevents: Fix period 
for Intel fixed counters (Andi Kleen) - perf map: Fix overlapped map 
handling (Steve MacLean) - perf tests: Avoid raising SEGV using an 
obvious NULL dereference (Ian Rogers) - libsubcmd: Make _FORTIFY_SOURCE 
defines dependent on the feature (Ian Rogers) - iio: fix center 
temperature of bmc150-accel-core (Pascal Bouwmann) - iio: adc: 
meson_saradc: Fix memory allocation order (Remi Pommarel) - power: 
supply: max14656: fix potential use-after-free (Sven Van Asbroeck) - 
PCI/PME: Fix possible use-after-free on remove (Sven Van Asbroeck) - 
exec: load_script: Do not exec truncated interpreter path (Kees Cook) - 
media: vimc: Remove unused but set variables (Lucas A. M. Magalhães) - 
ALSA: hda/realtek - Apply ALC294 hp init also for S4 resume (Takashi 
Iwai) - mlxsw: spectrum: Set LAG port collector only when active (Nir 
Dotan) - rtc: pcf8523: set xtal load capacitance from DT (Sam Ravnborg) 
- usb: handle warm-reset port requests on hub resume (Jan-Marek 
Glogowski) - HID: Add ASUS T100CHI keyboard dock battery quirks (NOGUCHI 
Hiroshi) - scripts/setlocalversion: Improve -dirty check with git-status 
--no-optional-locks (Brian Norris) - clk: boston: unregister clks on 
failure in clk_boston_setup() (Yi Wang) - HID: i2c-hid: Add Odys Winbook 
13 to descriptor override (Hans de Goede) - x86/cpu: Add Atom Tremont 
(Jacobsville) (Kan Liang) - HID: i2c-hid: add Direkt-Tek DTLAPY133-1 to 
descriptor override (Julian Sax) - powerpc/powernv: hold 
device_hotplug_lock when calling memtrace_offline_pages() (David 
Hildenbrand) - sc16is7xx: Fix for "Unexpected interrupt: 8" (Phil 
Elwell) - f2fs: flush quota blocks after turnning it off (Jaegeuk Kim) - 
dm: Use kzalloc for all structs with embedded biosets/mempools (Kent 
Overstreet) - dm snapshot: rework COW throttling to fix deadlock 
(Mikulas Patocka) - dm snapshot: introduce account_start_copy() and 
account_end_copy() (Mikulas Patocka) - dm snapshot: use mutex instead of 
rw_semaphore (Mikulas Patocka) - zram: fix race between backing_dev_show 
and backing_dev_store (Sasha Levin) - Linux 4.14.151 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - RDMA/cxgb4: Do not dma memory off of the stack (Greg 
KH) - KVM: X86: introduce invalidate_gpa argument to tlb flush (Wanpeng 
Li) - PCI: PM: Fix pci_power_up() (Rafael J. Wysocki) - xen/netback: fix 
error path of xenvif_connect_data() (Juergen Gross) - cpufreq: Avoid 
cpufreq_suspend() deadlock on system shutdown (Rafael J. Wysocki) - 
memstick: jmb38x_ms: Fix an error handling path in 'jmb38x_ms_probe()' 
(Christophe JAILLET) - btrfs: block-group: Fix a memory leak due to 
missing btrfs_put_block_group() (Qu Wenruo) - pinctrl: armada-37xx: swap 
polarity on LED group (Patrick Williams) - pinctrl: armada-37xx: fix 
control of pins 32 and up (Patrick Williams) - CIFS: avoid using MID 
0xFFFF (Roberto Bergantinos Corpas) - parisc: Fix vmap memory leak in 
ioremap()/iounmap() (Helge Deller) - xtensa: drop EXPORT_SYMBOL for 
outs*/ins* (Max Filippov) - hugetlbfs: don't access uninitialized 
memmaps in pfn_range_valid_gigantic() (David Hildenbrand) - 
mm/page_owner: don't access uninitialized memmaps when reading 
/proc/pagetypeinfo (Qian Cai) - mm/slub: fix a deadlock in 
show_slab_objects() (Qian Cai) - scsi: zfcp: fix reaction on bit error 
threshold notification (Steffen Maier) - fs/proc/page.c: don't access 
uninitialized memmaps in fs/proc/page.c (David Hildenbrand) - 
drivers/base/memory.c: don't access uninitialized memmaps in 
soft_offline_page_store() (David Hildenbrand) - drm/amdgpu: Bail earlier 
when amdgpu.cik_/si_support is not set to 1 (Hans de Goede) - drm/edid: 
Add 6 bpc quirk for SDC panel in Lenovo G50 (Kai-Heng Feng) - mac80211: 
Reject malformed SSID elements (Will Deacon) - cfg80211: wext: avoid 
copying malformed SSIDs (Will Deacon) - ASoC: rsnd: Reinitialize bit 
clock inversion flag for every format setting (Junya Monden) - Input: 
synaptics-rmi4 - avoid processing unknown IRQs (Evan Green) - Input: 
da9063 - fix capability and drop KEY_SLEEP (Marco Felsch) - scsi: ch: 
Make it possible to open a ch device multiple times again (Bart Van 
Assche) - scsi: core: try to get module before removing device (Yufen 
Yu) - scsi: core: save/restore command resid for error handling (Damien 
Le Moal) - scsi: sd: Ignore a failure to sync cache due to lack of 
authorization (Oliver Neukum) - staging: wlan-ng: fix exit return when 
sme->key_idx >= NUM_WEPKEYS (Colin Ian King) - MIPS: tlbex: Fix 
build_restore_pagemask KScratch restore (Paul Burton) - 
arm64/speculation: Support 'mitigations=' cmdline option (Josh 
Poimboeuf) - arm64: Use firmware to detect CPUs that are not affected by 
Spectre-v2 (Marc Zyngier) - arm64: Force SSBS on context switch (Marc 
Zyngier) - arm64: ssbs: Don't treat CPUs with SSBS as unaffected by SSB 
(Will Deacon) - arm64: add sysfs vulnerability show for speculative 
store bypass (Jeremy Linton) - arm64: add sysfs vulnerability show for 
spectre-v2 (Jeremy Linton) - arm64: Always enable spectre-v2 
vulnerability detection (Jeremy Linton) - arm64: Advertise mitigation of 
Spectre-v2, or lack thereof (Marc Zyngier) - arm64: Provide a command 
line to disable spectre_v2 mitigation (Jeremy Linton) - arm64: Always 
enable ssb vulnerability detection (Jeremy Linton) - arm64: add sysfs 
vulnerability show for meltdown (Jeremy Linton) - arm64: Add sysfs 
vulnerability show for spectre-v1 (Mian Yousaf Kaukab) - arm64: fix SSBS 
sanitization (Mark Rutland) - KVM: arm64: Set SCTLR_EL2.DSSBS if SSBD is 
forcefully disabled and !vhe (Will Deacon) - arm64: ssbd: Add support 
for PSTATE.SSBS rather than trapping to EL3 (Will Deacon) - arm64: 
cpufeature: Detect SSBS and advertise to userspace (Will Deacon) - 
arm64: Get rid of __smccc_workaround_1_hvc_* (Marc Zyngier) - arm64: 
KVM: Use SMCCC_ARCH_WORKAROUND_1 for Falkor BP hardening (Shanker 
Donthineni) {CVE-2017-5715}
- arm64: capabilities: Add support for checks based on a list of MIDRs 
(Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: Add MIDR encoding for Arm Cortex-A55 and 
Cortex-A35 (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: Add helpers for checking CPU MIDR 
against a range (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: capabilities: Clean up midr 
range helpers (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: capabilities: Change scope of 
VHE to Boot CPU feature (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: capabilities: Add 
support for features enabled early (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: 
capabilities: Restrict KPTI detection to boot-time CPUs (Suzuki K 
Poulose) - arm64: capabilities: Introduce weak features based on local 
CPU (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: capabilities: Group handling of features 
and errata workarounds (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: capabilities: Allow 
features based on local CPU scope (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: 
capabilities: Split the processing of errata work arounds (Suzuki K 
Poulose) - arm64: capabilities: Prepare for grouping features and errata 
work arounds (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: capabilities: Filter the 
entries based on a given mask (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: capabilities: 
Unify the verification (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: capabilities: Add 
flags to handle the conflicts on late CPU (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: 
capabilities: Prepare for fine grained capabilities (Suzuki K Poulose) - 
arm64: capabilities: Move errata processing code (Suzuki K Poulose) - 
arm64: capabilities: Move errata work around check on boot CPU (Suzuki K 
Poulose) - arm64: capabilities: Update prototype for enable call back 
(Dave Martin) - arm64: Introduce sysreg_clear_set() (Mark Rutland) (Mark 
Rutland) - arm64: Expose Arm v8.4 features (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: 
Documentation: cpu-feature-registers: Remove RES0 fields (Suzuki K 
Poulose) - arm64: v8.4: Support for new floating point multiplication 
instructions (Dongjiu Geng) - arm64: Fix the feature type for ID 
register fields (Suzuki K Poulose) - arm64: sysreg: Move to use 
definitions for all the SCTLR bits (James Morse) - USB: ldusb: fix read 
info leaks (Johan Hovold) - USB: usblp: fix use-after-free on disconnect 
(Johan Hovold) - USB: ldusb: fix memleak on disconnect (Johan Hovold) - 
USB: serial: ti_usb_3410_5052: fix port-close races (Johan Hovold) - 
usb: udc: lpc32xx: fix bad bit shift operation (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - 
ALSA: hda/realtek - Add support for ALC711 (Kailang Yang) - USB: 
legousbtower: fix memleak on disconnect (Johan Hovold) - memfd: Fix 
locking when tagging pins (Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)) - loop: Add 
LOOP_SET_DIRECT_IO to compat ioctl (Alessio Balsini) - net: avoid 
potential infinite loop in tc_ctl_action() (Eric Dumazet) - sctp: change 
sctp_prot .no_autobind with true (Xin Long) - net: stmmac: 
disable/enable ptp_ref_clk in suspend/resume flow (Biao Huang) - net: 
i82596: fix dma_alloc_attr for sni_82596 (Thomas Bogendoerfer) - net: 
bcmgenet: Set phydev->dev_flags only for internal PHYs (Florian 
Fainelli) - net: bcmgenet: Fix RGMII_MODE_EN value for GENET v1/2/3 
(Florian Fainelli) - ipv4: Return -ENETUNREACH if we can't create route 
but saddr is valid (Stefano Brivio) - ocfs2: fix panic due to ocfs2_wq 
is null (Yi Li) - Revert "drm/radeon: Fix EEH during kexec" (Alex 
Deucher) - md/raid0: fix warning message for parameter default_layout 
(Song Liu) - namespace: fix namespace.pl script to support relative 
paths (Jacob Keller) - r8152: Set macpassthru in reset_resume callback 
(Kai-Heng Feng) - net: hisilicon: Fix usage of uninitialized variable in 
function mdio_sc_cfg_reg_write() (Yizhuo) - mips: Loongson: Fix the link 
time qualifier of 'serial_exit()' (Christophe JAILLET) - mac80211: fix 
txq null pointer dereference (Miaoqing Pan) - nl80211: fix null pointer 
dereference (Miaoqing Pan) - xen/efi: Set nonblocking callbacks (Ross 
Lagerwall) - MIPS: dts: ar9331: fix interrupt-controller size (Oleksij 
Rempel) - net: dsa: qca8k: Use up to 7 ports for all operations (Michal 
Vokáč) - ARM: dts: am4372: Set memory bandwidth limit for DISPC (Peter 
Ujfalusi) - ieee802154: ca8210: prevent memory leak (Navid Emamdoost) - 
ARM: OMAP2+: Fix missing reset done flag for am3 and am43 (Tony 
Lindgren) - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix unbound sleep in fcport delete path. 
(Quinn Tran) - scsi: megaraid: disable device when probe failed after 
enabled device (Xiang Chen) - scsi: ufs: skip shutdown if hba is not 
powered (Stanley Chu) - oled: Limit panic routine change x86 only 
(Wengang Wang) [Orabug: 30640786] - Revert "net/rds: Should use 
rds_rtd_ptr() to trace pointer value" (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 30653262] 
- Revert "net/rds: Reduce RDS headers de-allocation time" (John 
Donnelly) [Orabug: 30653262] - Revert "net/rds: Recycle RDS headers to 
speed up connection fail over" (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 30653262] - 
x86/bugs: TSX not disabled at late loading (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 
30557078] - net_sched: check cops->tcf_block in tc_bind_tclass() (Cong 
Wang) [Orabug: 30448284] - seccomp: Don't special case audited processes 
when logging (Tom Hromatka) [Orabug: 30651267] - seccomp: Audit attempts 
to modify the actions_logged sysctl (Tom Hromatka) [Orabug: 30651267] - 
seccomp: Configurable separator for the actions_logged string (Tom 
Hromatka) [Orabug: 30651267] - seccomp: Separate read and write code for 
actions_logged sysctl (Tom Hromatka) [Orabug: 30651267] - bpf: Sync 
bpf.h to tools/ (Alan Maguire) [Orabug: 30524272] - bpf: add 
BPF_CGROUP_SOCK_OPS callback that is executed on every RTT (Stanislav 
Fomichev) [Orabug: 30524272] - bpf: Add BPF_SOCK_OPS_TCP_LISTEN_CB 
(Andrey Ignatov) [Orabug: 30524272] - config: don't set 
CONFIG_DMA_FENCE_TRACE (Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 30657068] - printk: 
Default console logging level should be set to 4 (Boris Ostrovsky) 
[Orabug: 30657068] - RDS: Check cmsg_len before dereferencing CMSG_DATA 
(Avinash Repaka) [Orabug: 29784387] - bnxt_en: Increase firmware 
response timeout for coredump commands. (Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 
30431202] - bnxt_en: Increase timeout for HWRM_DBG_COREDUMP_XX commands 
(Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 30431202]

- scsi: qla2xxx: fix a potential NULL pointer dereference (Allen Pais) 
[Orabug: 30618782] {CVE-2019-16233}
- x86/microcode: late loading bug evaluation (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 
30484756] - net/rds: Recycle RDS headers to speed up connection fail 
over (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 30434704] - net/rds: Reduce RDS headers 
de-allocation time (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 30434704] - net/rds: Should 
use rds_rtd_ptr() to trace pointer value (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 30434704]

- rds: Disable heartbeat by default (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30580048] - 
A/A Bonding: Change debug levels for some debug messages (Sudhakar 
Dindukurti) [Orabug: 30430839] - Linux 4.14.150 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
xfs: clear sb->s_fs_info on mount failure (Dave Chinner) - x86/asm: Fix 
MWAITX C-state hint value (Janakarajan Natarajan) - tracing: Get 
trace_array reference for available_tracers files (Steven Rostedt 
(VMware)) - ftrace: Get a reference counter for the trace_array on 
filter files (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - tracing/hwlat: Don't ignore 
outer-loop duration when calculating max_latency (Srivatsa S. Bhat 
(VMware)) - tracing/hwlat: Report total time spent in all NMIs during 
the sample (Srivatsa S. Bhat (VMware)) - media: stkwebcam: fix runtime 
PM after driver unbind (Johan Hovold) - Fix the locking in 
dcache_readdir() and friends (Al Viro) - MIPS: Disable Loongson MMI 
instructions for kernel build (Paul Burton) - NFS: Fix O_DIRECT 
accounting of number of bytes read/written (Trond Myklebust) - btrfs: 
fix incorrect updating of log root tree (Josef Bacik) - iio: adc: hx711: 
fix bug in sampling of data (Andreas Klinger) - iio: hx711: add delay 
until DOUT is ready (Andreas Klinger) - Staging: fbtft: fix memory leak 
in fbtft_framebuffer_alloc (Navid Emamdoost) - gpiolib: don't clear 
FLAG_IS_OUT when emulating open-drain/open-source (Bartosz Golaszewski) 
- firmware: google: increment VPD key_len properly (Brian Norris) - 
kernel/sysctl.c: do not override max_threads provided by userspace 
(Michal Hocko) - CIFS: Force reval dentry if LOOKUP_REVAL flag is set 
(Pavel Shilovsky) - CIFS: Force revalidate inode when dentry is stale 
(Pavel Shilovsky) - CIFS: Gracefully handle QueryInfo errors during open 
(Pavel Shilovsky) - perf inject jit: Fix JIT_CODE_MOVE filename (Steve 
MacLean) - perf llvm: Don't access out-of-scope array (Ian Rogers) - 
efivar/ssdt: Don't iterate over EFI vars if no SSDT override was 
specified (Ard Biesheuvel) - iio: light: opt3001: fix mutex unlock race 
(David Frey) - iio: adc: axp288: Override TS pin bias current for some 
models (Hans de Goede) - iio: adc: ad799x: fix probe error handling 
(Marco Felsch) - staging: vt6655: Fix memory leak in vt6655_probe (Navid 
Emamdoost) - USB: legousbtower: fix use-after-free on release (Johan 
Hovold) - USB: legousbtower: fix open after failed reset request (Johan 
Hovold) - USB: legousbtower: fix potential NULL-deref on disconnect 
(Johan Hovold) - USB: legousbtower: fix deadlock on disconnect (Johan 
Hovold) - USB: legousbtower: fix slab info leak at probe (Johan Hovold) 
- usb: renesas_usbhs: gadget: Fix usb_ep_set_{halt,wedge}() behavior 
(Yoshihiro Shimoda) - usb: renesas_usbhs: gadget: Do not discard queues 
in usb_ep_set_{halt,wedge}() (Yoshihiro Shimoda) - USB: dummy-hcd: fix 
power budget for SuperSpeed mode (Jacky.Cao at sony.com) - USB: microtek: 
fix info-leak at probe (Johan Hovold) - USB: usblcd: fix I/O after 
disconnect (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: fix runtime PM after driver 
unbind (Johan Hovold) - USB: serial: option: add support for Cinterion 
CLS8 devices (Reinhard Speyerer) - USB: serial: option: add Telit FN980 
compositions (Daniele Palmas) - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add device IDs 
for Sienna and Echelon PL-20 (Beni Mahler) - USB: serial: keyspan: fix 
NULL-derefs on open() and write() (Johan Hovold) - serial: uartlite: fix 
exit path null pointer (Randy Dunlap) - USB: ldusb: fix NULL-derefs on 
driver unbind (Johan Hovold) - USB: chaoskey: fix use-after-free on 
release (Johan Hovold) - USB: usblp: fix runtime PM after driver unbind 
(Johan Hovold) - USB: iowarrior: fix use-after-free after driver unbind 
(Johan Hovold) - USB: iowarrior: fix use-after-free on release (Johan 
Hovold) - USB: iowarrior: fix use-after-free on disconnect (Johan 
Hovold) - USB: adutux: fix use-after-free on release (Johan Hovold) - 
USB: adutux: fix NULL-derefs on disconnect (Johan Hovold) - USB: adutux: 
fix use-after-free on disconnect (Johan Hovold) - USB: adutux: remove 
redundant variable minor (Colin Ian King) - xhci: Increase STS_SAVE 
timeout in xhci_suspend() (Kai-Heng Feng) - usb: xhci: wait for CNR 
controller not ready bit in xhci resume (Rick Tseng) - xhci: Check all 
endpoints for LPM timeout (Jan Schmidt) - xhci: Prevent device initiated 
U1/U2 link pm if exit latency is too long (Mathias Nyman) - xhci: Fix 
false warning message about wrong bounce buffer write length (Mathias 
Nyman) - USB: usb-skeleton: fix NULL-deref on disconnect (Johan Hovold) 
- USB: usb-skeleton: fix runtime PM after driver unbind (Johan Hovold) - 
USB: yurex: fix NULL-derefs on disconnect (Johan Hovold) - USB: yurex: 
Don't retry on unexpected errors (Alan Stern) - USB: rio500: Remove Rio 
500 kernel driver (Bastien Nocera) - f2fs: use EINVAL for superblock 
with invalid magic (Icenowy Zheng) - panic: ensure preemption is 
disabled during panic() (Will Deacon) - Linux 4.14.149 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - ASoC: sgtl5000: Improve VAG power and mute control 
(Oleksandr Suvorov) - nl80211: validate beacon head (Johannes Berg) - 
cfg80211: Use const more consistently in for_each_element macros (Jouni 
Malinen) - cfg80211: add and use strongly typed element iteration macros 
(Johannes Berg) - coresight: etm4x: Use explicit barriers on 
enable/disable (Andrew Murray) - vfs: Fix EOVERFLOW testing in 
put_compat_statfs64 (Eric Sandeen) - perf stat: Reset previous counts on 
repeat with interval (Srikar Dronamraju) - perf stat: Fix a segmentation 
fault when using repeat forever (Srikar Dronamraju) - perf tools: Fix 
segfault in cpu_cache_level__read() (Jiri Olsa) - tick: 
broadcast-hrtimer: Fix a race in bc_set_next (Balasubramani 
Vivekanandan) - tools lib traceevent: Do not free tep->cmdlines in 
add_new_comm() on failure (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - powerpc/pseries: 
Fix cpu_hotplug_lock acquisition in resize_hpt() (Gautham R. Shenoy) - 
nbd: fix max number of supported devs (Mike Christie) - block/ndb: add 
WQ_UNBOUND to the knbd-recv workqueue (Dan Melnic) - nbd: fix crash when 
the blksize is zero (Xiubo Li) - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: XIVE: Free 
escalation interrupts before disabling the VP (Cédric Le Goater) - perf 
unwind: Fix libunwind build failure on i386 systems (Arnaldo Carvalho de 
Melo) - kernel/elfcore.c: include proper prototypes (Valdis Kletnieks) - 
perf build: Add detection of java-11-openjdk-devel package (Thomas 
Richter) - sched/core: Fix migration to invalid CPU in 
__set_cpus_allowed_ptr() (KeMeng Shi) - fuse: fix memleak in 
cuse_channel_open (zhengbin) - thermal: Fix use-after-free when 
unregistering thermal zone device (Ido Schimmel) - pwm: stm32-lp: Add 
check in case requested period cannot be achieved (Fabrice Gasnier) - 
pNFS: Ensure we do clear the return-on-close layout stateid on fatal 
errors (Trond Myklebust) - drm/amdgpu: Check for valid number of 
registers to read (Trek) - netfilter: nf_tables: allow lookups in 
dynamic sets (Florian Westphal) - watchdog: aspeed: Add support for 
AST2600 (Ryan Chen) - ceph: reconnect connection if session hang in 
opening state (Erqi Chen) - ceph: fix directories inode i_blkbits 
initialization (Luis Henriques) - xen/pci: reserve MCFG areas earlier 
(Igor Druzhinin) - 9p: avoid attaching writeback_fid on mmap with type 
PRIVATE (Chengguang Xu) - fs: nfs: Fix possible null-pointer 
dereferences in encode_attrs() (Jia-Ju Bai) - ima: always return 
negative code for error (Sascha Hauer) - cfg80211: initialize on-stack 
chandefs (Johannes Berg) - ieee802154: atusb: fix use-after-free at 
disconnect (Johan Hovold) - xen/xenbus: fix self-deadlock after killing 
user process (Juergen Gross) - Revert "locking/pvqspinlock: Don't wait 
if vCPU is preempted" (Wanpeng Li) - mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: set DMA 
snooping based on DMA coherence (Russell King) - mmc: sdhci: improve 
ADMA error reporting (Russell King) - drm/omap: fix max fclk divider for 
omap36xx (Tomi Valkeinen) - watchdog: imx2_wdt: fix min() calculation in 
imx2_wdt_set_timeout (Rasmus Villemoes) - timer: Read jiffies once when 
forwarding base clk (Li RongQing) - usercopy: Avoid HIGHMEM pfn warning 
(Kees Cook) - crypto: caam - fix concurrency issue in givencrypt 
descriptor (Horia Geantă) - crypto: cavium/zip - Add missing 
single_release() (Wei Yongjun) - crypto: skcipher - Unmap pages after an 
external error (Herbert Xu) - crypto: qat - Silence smp_processor_id() 
warning (Alexander Sverdlin) - tools lib traceevent: Fix "robust" test 
of do_generate_dynamic_list_file (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - can: 
mcp251x: mcp251x_hw_reset(): allow more time after a reset (Marc 
Kleine-Budde) - powerpc/powernv: Restrict OPAL symbol map to only be 
readable by root (Andrew Donnellan) - ASoC: Define a set of DAPM 
pre/post-up events (Oleksandr Suvorov) - PM / devfreq: tegra: Fix kHz to 
Hz conversion (Dmitry Osipenko) - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Don't lose 
pending doorbell request on migration on P9 (Paul Mackerras) - s390/cio: 
exclude subchannels with no parent from pseudo check (Vasily Gorbik) - 
s390/cio: avoid calling strlen on null pointer (Vasily Gorbik) - 
s390/topology: avoid firing events before kobjs are created (Vasily 
Gorbik) - KVM: s390: Test for bad access register and size at the start 
of S390_MEM_OP (Thomas Huth) - s390/process: avoid potential reading of 
freed stack (Vasily Gorbik) - Linux 4.14.148 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
kexec: bail out upon SIGKILL when allocating memory. (Tetsuo Handa) - 
NFC: fix attrs checks in netlink interface (Andrey Konovalov) - smack: 
use GFP_NOFS while holding inode_smack::smk_lock (Eric Biggers) - Smack: 
Don't ignore other bprm->unsafe flags if LSM_UNSAFE_PTRACE is set (Jann 
Horn) - ipv6: Handle missing host route in __ipv6_ifa_notify (David 
Ahern) - sch_cbq: validate TCA_CBQ_WRROPT to avoid crash (Eric Dumazet) 
- tipc: fix unlimited bundling of small messages (Tuong Lien) - vsock: 
Fix a lockdep warning in __vsock_release() (Dexuan Cui) - sch_dsmark: 
fix potential NULL deref in dsmark_init() (Eric Dumazet) - qmi_wwan: add 
support for Cinterion CLS8 devices (Reinhard Speyerer) - nfc: fix memory 
leak in llcp_sock_bind() (Eric Dumazet) - net: Unpublish sk from 
sk_reuseport_cb before call_rcu (Martin KaFai Lau) - net: qlogic: Fix 
memory leak in ql_alloc_large_buffers (Navid Emamdoost) - net: ipv4: 
avoid mixed n_redirects and rate_tokens usage (Paolo Abeni) - ipv6: drop 
incoming packets having a v4mapped source address (Eric Dumazet) - hso: 
fix NULL-deref on tty open (Johan Hovold) - erspan: remove the incorrect 
mtu limit for erspan (Haishuang Yan) - cxgb4:Fix out-of-bounds MSI-X 
info array access (Vishal Kulkarni) - bpf: fix use after free in prog 
symbol exposure (Daniel Borkmann) - kmemleak: increase 
DEBUG_KMEMLEAK_EARLY_LOG_SIZE default to 16K (Nicolas Boichat) - ocfs2: 
wait for recovering done after direct unlock request (Changwei Ge) - 
kbuild: clean compressed initramfs image (Greg Thelen) - hypfs: Fix 
error number left in struct pointer member (David Howells) - pktcdvd: 
remove warning on attempting to register non-passthrough dev (Jens 
Axboe) - fat: work around race with userspace's read via blockdev while 
mounting (OGAWA Hirofumi) - ARM: 8903/1: ensure that usable memory in 
bank 0 starts from a PMD-aligned address (Mike Rapoport) - security: 
smack: Fix possible null-pointer dereferences in 
smack_socket_sock_rcv_skb() (Jia-Ju Bai) - PCI: exynos: Propagate errors 
for optional PHYs (Thierry Reding) - PCI: imx6: Propagate errors for 
optional regulators (Thierry Reding) - PCI: rockchip: Propagate errors 
for optional regulators (Thierry Reding) - HID: apple: Fix stuck 
function keys when using FN (Joao Moreno) - rtc: snvs: fix possible race 
condition (Anson Huang) - ARM: 8898/1: mm: Don't treat faults reported 
from cache maintenance as writes (Will Deacon) - livepatch: Nullify 
obj->mod in klp_module_coming()'s error path (Miroslav Benes) - PCI: 
tegra: Fix OF node reference leak (Nishka Dasgupta) - mfd: intel-lpss: 
Remove D3cold delay (Kai-Heng Feng) - i2c-cht-wc: Fix lockdep warning 
(Hans de Goede) - MIPS: tlbex: Explicitly cast _PAGE_NO_EXEC to a 
boolean (Nathan Chancellor) - dma-buf/sw_sync: Synchronize signal vs 
syncpt free (Chris Wilson) - scsi: core: Reduce memory required for SCSI 
logging (Bart Van Assche) - clk: at91: select parent if main oscillator 
or bypass is enabled (Eugen Hristev) - arm64: fix unreachable code issue 
with cmpxchg (Arnd Bergmann) - powerpc/pseries: correctly track irq 
state in default idle (Nathan Lynch) - powerpc/64s/exception: machine 
check use correct cfar for late handler (Nicholas Piggin) - 
drm/amdgpu/si: fix ASIC tests (Jean Delvare) - drm/nouveau/volt: Fix for 
some cards having 0 maximum voltage (Mark Menzynski) - vfio_pci: Restore 
original state on release (hexin) - pinctrl: tegra: Fix write barrier 
placement in pmx_writel (Sowjanya Komatineni) - 
powerpc/pseries/mobility: use cond_resched when updating device tree 
(Nathan Lynch) - powerpc/futex: Fix warning: 'oldval' may be used 
uninitialized in this function (Christophe Leroy) - powerpc/rtas: use 
device model APIs and serialization during LPM (Nathan Lynch) - 
powerpc/xmon: Check for HV mode when dumping XIVE info from OPAL (Cédric 
Le Goater) - clk: zx296718: Don't reference clk_init_data after 
registration (Stephen Boyd) - clk: sirf: Don't reference clk_init_data 
after registration (Stephen Boyd) - clk: sunxi-ng: v3s: add missing 
clock slices for MMC2 module clocks (Icenowy Zheng) - clk: qoriq: Fix 
-Wunused-const-variable (Nathan Huckleberry) - ipmi_si: Only schedule 
continuously in the thread in maintenance mode (Corey Minyard) - gpu: 
drm: radeon: Fix a possible null-pointer dereference in 
radeon_connector_set_property() (Jia-Ju Bai) - drm/radeon: Fix EEH 
during kexec (KyleMahlkuch) - drm/stm: attach gem fence to atomic state 
(Ahmad Fatoum) - video: ssd1307fb: Start page range at page_offset 
(Marko Kohtala) - drm/panel: simple: fix AUO g185han01 horizontal 
blanking (Lucas Stach) - drm/bridge: tc358767: Increase AUX transfer 
length limit (Andrey Smirnov) - tpm: Fix TPM 1.2 Shutdown sequence to 
prevent future TPM operations (Vadim Sukhomlinov) - tpm: use 
tpm_try_get_ops() in tpm-sysfs.c. (Jarkko Sakkinen) - tpm: migrate 
pubek_show to struct tpm_buf (Jarkko Sakkinen) - Linux 4.14.147 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - Btrfs: fix race setting up and completing qgroup rescan 
workers (Filipe Manana) - btrfs: qgroup: Drop quota_root and fs_info 
parameters from update_qgroup_status_item (Lu Fengqi) - mm/compaction.c: 
clear total_{migrate,free}_scanned before scanning a new zone (Yafang 
Shao) - md/raid0: avoid RAID0 data corruption due to layout confusion. 
(NeilBrown) - CIFS: Fix oplock handling for SMB 2.1+ protocols (Pavel 
Shilovsky) - CIFS: fix max ea value size (Murphy Zhou) - i2c: riic: 
Clear NACK in tend isr (Chris Brandt) - hwrng: core - don't wait on 
add_early_randomness() (Laurent Vivier) - quota: fix wrong condition in 
is_quota_modification() (Chao Yu) - ext4: fix punch hole for inline_data 
file systems (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: fix warning inside 
ext4_convert_unwritten_extents_endio (Rakesh Pandit) - /dev/mem: Bail 
out upon SIGKILL. (Tetsuo Handa) - cfg80211: Purge frame registrations 
on iftype change (Denis Kenzior) - md: only call set_in_sync() when it 
is expected to succeed. (NeilBrown) - md: don't report active 
array_state until after revalidate_disk() completes. (NeilBrown) - 
md/raid6: Set R5_ReadError when there is read failure on parity disk 
(Xiao Ni) - btrfs: qgroup: Fix the wrong target io_tree when freeing 
reserved data space (Qu Wenruo) - btrfs: Relinquish CPUs in 
btrfs_compare_trees (Nikolay Borisov) - Btrfs: fix use-after-free when 
using the tree modification log (Filipe Manana) - ovl: filter of trusted 
xattr results in audit (Mark Salyzyn) - memcg, kmem: do not fail 
__GFP_NOFAIL charges (Michal Hocko) - memcg, oom: don't require __GFP_FS 
when invoking memcg OOM killer (Tetsuo Handa) - gfs2: clear buf_in_tr 
when ending a transaction in sweep_bh_for_rgrps (Bob Peterson) - 
regulator: Defer init completion for a while after late_initcall (Mark 
Brown) - alarmtimer: Use EOPNOTSUPP instead of ENOTSUPP (Thadeu Lima de 
Souza Cascardo) - arm64: dts: rockchip: limit clock rate of MMC 
controllers for RK3328 (Shawn Lin) - ARM: zynq: Use memcpy_toio instead 
of memcpy on smp bring-up (Luis Araneda) - ARM: samsung: Fix system 
restart on S3C6410 (Lihua Yao) - ASoC: Intel: Fix use of potentially 
uninitialized variable (Amadeusz Sławiński) - ASoC: Intel: Skylake: Use 
correct function to access iomem space (Amadeusz Sławiński) - ASoC: 
Intel: NHLT: Fix debug print format (Amadeusz Sławiński) - binfmt_elf: 
Do not move brk for INTERP-less ET_EXEC (Kees Cook) - media: sn9c20x: 
Add MSI MS-1039 laptop to flip_dmi_table (Hans de Goede) - KVM: x86: 
Manually calculate reserved bits when loading PDPTRS (Sean 
Christopherson) - KVM: x86: set ctxt->have_exception in 
x86_decode_insn() (Jan Dakinevich) - KVM: x86: always stop emulation on 
page fault (Jan Dakinevich) - x86/retpolines: Fix up backport of 
a9d57ef15cbe (Nathan Chancellor) - parisc: Disable HP HSC-PCI Cards to 
prevent kernel crash (Helge Deller) - fuse: fix missing unlock_page in 
fuse_writepage() (Vasily Averin) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fixup mute led on 
HP Spectre x360 (Tom Briden) - randstruct: Check member structs in 
is_pure_ops_struct() (Joonwon Kang) - IB/hfi1: Define variables as 
unsigned long to fix KASAN warning (Ira Weiny) - printk: Do not lose 
last line in kmsg buffer dump (Vincent Whitchurch) - scsi: scsi_dh_rdac: 
zero cdb in send_mode_select() (Martin Wilck) - ALSA: firewire-tascam: 
check intermediate state of clock status and retry (Takashi Sakamoto) - 
ALSA: firewire-tascam: handle error code when getting current source of 
clock (Takashi Sakamoto) - PM / devfreq: passive: fix compiler warning 
(MyungJoo Ham) - media: omap3isp: Set device on omap3isp subdevs (Sakari 
Ailus) - btrfs: extent-tree: Make sure we only allocate extents from 
block groups with the same type (Qu Wenruo) - ALSA: hda/realtek - 
Blacklist PC beep for Lenovo ThinkCentre M73/93 (Takashi Iwai) - media: 
ttusb-dec: Fix info-leak in ttusb_dec_send_command() (Tomas Bortoli) - 
drm/amd/powerplay/smu7: enforce minimal VBITimeout (v2) (Ahzo) - ALSA: 
hda - Drop unsol event handler for Intel HDMI codecs (Takashi Iwai) - 
e1000e: add workaround for possible stalled packet (Kai-Heng Feng) - 
libertas: Add missing sentinel at end of if_usb.c fw_table (Kevin 
Easton) - raid5: don't increment read_errors on EILSEQ return (Nigel 
Croxon) - mmc: sdhci: Fix incorrect switch to HS mode (Al Cooper) - mmc: 
core: Clarify sdio_irq_pending flag for MMC_CAP2_SDIO_IRQ_NOTHREAD (Ulf 
Hansson) - raid5: don't set STRIPE_HANDLE to stripe which is in batch 
list (Guoqing Jiang) - ASoC: dmaengine: Make the pcm->name equal to 
pcm->id if the name is not set (Peter Ujfalusi) - s390/crypto: 
xts-aes-s390 fix extra run-time crypto self tests finding (Harald 
Freudenberger) - kprobes: Prohibit probing on BUG() and WARN() address 
(Masami Hiramatsu) - dmaengine: ti: edma: Do not reset reserved paRAM 
slots (Peter Ujfalusi) - md/raid1: fail run raid1 array when active disk 
less than one (Yufen Yu) - hwmon: (acpi_power_meter) Change log level 
for 'unsafe software power cap' (Wang Shenran) - ACPI / PCI: fix 
acpi_pci_irq_enable() memory leak (Wenwen Wang) - ACPI: custom_method: 
fix memory leaks (Wenwen Wang) - ARM: dts: exynos: Mark LDO10 as 
always-on on Peach Pit/Pi Chromebooks (Marek Szyprowski) - 
libtraceevent: Change users plugin directory (Tzvetomir Stoyanov) - 
iommu/iova: Avoid false sharing on fq_timer_on (Eric Dumazet) - 
iommu/amd: Silence warnings under memory pressure (Qian Cai) - nvmet: 
fix data units read and written counters in SMART log (Tom Wu) - arm64: 
kpti: ensure patched kernel text is fetched from PoU (Mark Rutland) - 
ACPI / CPPC: do not require the _PSD method (Al Stone) - ASoC: es8316: 
fix headphone mixer volume table (Katsuhiro Suzuki) - media: ov9650: add 
a sanity check (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) - perf trace beauty ioctl: Fix 
off-by-one error in cmd->string table (Benjamin Peterson) - media: 
saa7134: fix terminology around saa7134_i2c_eeprom_md7134_gate() (Maciej 
S. Szmigiero) - media: cpia2_usb: fix memory leaks (Wenwen Wang) - 
media: saa7146: add cleanup in hexium_attach() (Wenwen Wang) - media: 
cec-notifier: clear cec_adap in cec_notifier_unregister (Hans Verkuil) - 
PM / devfreq: exynos-bus: Correct clock enable sequence (Kamil 
Konieczny) - PM / devfreq: passive: Use non-devm notifiers (Leonard 
Crestez) - EDAC/amd64: Decode syndrome before translating address (Yazen 
Ghannam) - EDAC/amd64: Recognize DRAM device type ECC capability (Yazen 
Ghannam) - libperf: Fix alignment trap with xyarray contents in 'perf 
stat' (Gerald BAEZA) - media: dvb-core: fix a memory leak bug (Wenwen 
Wang) - nbd: add missing config put (Mike Christie) - media: hdpvr: add 
terminating 0 at end of string (Hans Verkuil) - media: radio/si470x: 
kill urb on error (Hans Verkuil) - ARM: dts: imx7d: cl-som-imx7: make 
ethernet work again (André Draszik) - net: lpc-enet: fix printk format 
strings (Arnd Bergmann) - media: imx: mipi csi-2: Don't fail if initial 
state times-out (Ezequiel Garcia) - media: omap3isp: Don't set streaming 
state on random subdevs (Sakari Ailus) - media: i2c: ov5645: Fix power 
sequence (Ezequiel Garcia) - perf record: Support aarch64 random 
socket_id assignment (Tan Xiaojun) - dmaengine: iop-adma: use correct 
printk format strings (Arnd Bergmann) - media: rc: imon: Allow iMON RC 
protocol for ffdc 7e device (Darius Rad) - media: fdp1: Reduce FCP not 
found message level to debug (Geert Uytterhoeven) - media: mtk-mdp: fix 
reference count on old device tree (Matthias Brugger) - perf test 
vfs_getname: Disable ~/.perfconfig to get default output (Arnaldo 
Carvalho de Melo) - media: gspca: zero usb_buf on error (Hans Verkuil) - 
sched/fair: Use rq_lock/unlock in online_fair_sched_group (Phil Auld) - 
efi: cper: print AER info of PCIe fatal error (Xiaofei Tan) - EDAC, 
pnd2: Fix ioremap() size in dnv_rd_reg() (Stephen Douthit) - ACPI / 
processor: don't print errors for processorIDs == 0xff (Jiri Slaby) - 
md: don't set In_sync if array is frozen (Guoqing Jiang) - md: don't 
call spare_active in md_reap_sync_thread if all member devices can't 
work (Guoqing Jiang) - md/raid1: end bio when the device faulty (Yufen 
Yu) - ASoC: rsnd: don't call clk_get_rate() under atomic context 
(Kuninori Morimoto) - EDAC/altera: Use the proper type for the IRQ 
status bits (Dan Carpenter) - ia64:unwind: fix double free for 
mod->arch.init_unw_table (chenzefeng) - ALSA: usb-audio: Skip 
bSynchAddress endpoint check if it is invalid (Ard van Breemen) - base: 
soc: Export soc_device_register/unregister APIs (Vinod Koul) - media: 
iguanair: add sanity checks (Oliver Neukum) - EDAC/mc: Fix grain_bits 
calculation (Robert Richter) - ALSA: i2c: ak4xxx-adda: Fix a possible 
null pointer dereference in build_adc_controls() (Jia-Ju Bai) - ALSA: 
hda - Show the fatal CORB/RIRB error more clearly (Takashi Iwai) - 
x86/apic: Soft disable APIC before initializing it (Thomas Gleixner) - 
x86/reboot: Always use NMI fallback when shutdown via reboot vector IPI 
fails (Grzegorz Halat) - sched/core: Fix CPU controller for 
!RT_GROUP_SCHED (Juri Lelli) - sched/fair: Fix imbalance due to CPU 
affinity (Vincent Guittot) - media: i2c: ov5640: Check for 
devm_gpiod_get_optional() error (Fabio Estevam) - media: hdpvr: Add 
device num check and handling (Luke Nowakowski-Krijger) - media: 
exynos4-is: fix leaked of_node references (Wen Yang) - media: mtk-cir: 
lower de-glitch counter for rc-mm protocol (Sean Young) - media: 
dib0700: fix link error for dibx000_i2c_set_speed (Arnd Bergmann) - 
leds: leds-lp5562 allow firmware files up to the maximum length (Nick 
Stoughton) - dmaengine: bcm2835: Print error in case setting DMA mask 
fails (Stefan Wahren) - ASoC: sgtl5000: Fix charge pump source 
assignment (Oleksandr Suvorov) - regulator: lm363x: Fix off-by-one 
n_voltages for lm3632 ldo_vpos/ldo_vneg (Axel Lin) - ALSA: hda: Flush 
interrupts on disabling (Chris Wilson) - nfc: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for 
raw sockets (Ori Nimron) - ax25: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets 
(Ori Nimron) - appletalk: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets (Ori 
Nimron) - net/mlx5: Add device ID of upcoming BlueField-2 (Bodong Wang) 
- usbnet: sanity checking of packet sizes and device mtu (Oliver Neukum) 
- usbnet: ignore endpoints with invalid wMaxPacketSize (Bjørn Mork) - 
skge: fix checksum byte order (Stephen Hemminger) - sch_netem: fix a 
divide by zero in tabledist() (Eric Dumazet) - ppp: Fix memory leak in 
ppp_write (Takeshi Misawa) - openvswitch: change type of UPCALL_PID 
attribute to NLA_UNSPEC (Li RongQing) - net_sched: add max len check for 
TCA_KIND (Cong Wang) - net/sched: act_sample: don't push mac header on 
ip6gre ingress (Davide Caratti) - net: qrtr: Stop rx_worker before 
freeing node (Bjorn Andersson) - net/phy: fix DP83865 10 Mbps HDX 
loopback disable function (Peter Mamonov) - macsec: drop skb sk before 
calling gro_cells_receive (Xin Long) - cdc_ncm: fix divide-by-zero 
caused by invalid wMaxPacketSize (Bjørn Mork) - arcnet: provide a buffer 
big enough to actually receive packets (Uwe Kleine-König) - f2fs: use 
generic EFSBADCRC/EFSCORRUPTED (Chao Yu) - Bluetooth: btrtl: Additional 
Realtek 8822CE Bluetooth devices (Jian-Hong Pan) - xfs: don't crash on 
null attr fork xfs_bmapi_read (Darrick J. Wong) - ACPI: video: Add new 
hw_changes_brightness quirk, set it on PB Easynote MZ35 (Hans de Goede) 
- net: don't warn in inet diag when IPV6 is disabled (Stephen Hemminger) 
- drm: Flush output polling on shutdown (Chris Wilson) - f2fs: fix to do 
sanity check on segment bitmap of LFS curseg (Chao Yu) - dm zoned: fix 
invalid memory access (Mikulas Patocka) - Revert "f2fs: avoid 
out-of-range memory access" (Chao Yu) - blk-mq: move cancel of 
requeue_work to the front of blk_exit_queue (zhengbin) - PCI: hv: Avoid 
use of hv_pci_dev->pci_slot after freeing it (Dexuan Cui) - f2fs: check 
all the data segments against all node ones (Surbhi Palande) - 
irqchip/gic-v3-its: Fix LPI release for Multi-MSI devices (Marc Zyngier) 
- locking/lockdep: Add debug_locks check in __lock_downgrade() (Waiman 
Long) - power: supply: sysfs: ratelimit property read error message 
(David Lechner) - pinctrl: sprd: Use define directive for 
sprd_pinconf_params values (Nathan Chancellor) - objtool: Clobber user 
CFLAGS variable (Josh Poimboeuf) - ALSA: hda - Apply AMD controller 
workaround for Raven platform (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: hda - Add laptop 
imic fixup for ASUS M9V laptop (Shih-Yuan Lee (FourDollars)) - arm64: 
kpti: Whitelist Cortex-A CPUs that don't implement the CSV3 field (Will 
Deacon) - ASoC: fsl: Fix of-node refcount unbalance in 
fsl_ssi_probe_from_dt() (Takashi Iwai) - media: tvp5150: fix switch exit 
in set control handler (Marco Felsch) - iwlwifi: mvm: send BCAST 
management frames to the right station (Emmanuel Grumbach) - crypto: 
talitos - fix missing break in switch statement (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - 
mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: Use chip_good() to retry in do_write_oneword() 
(Tokunori Ikegami) - HID: hidraw: Fix invalid read in hidraw_ioctl (Alan 
Stern) - HID: logitech: Fix general protection fault caused by Logitech 
driver (Alan Stern) - HID: sony: Fix memory corruption issue on cleanup. 
(Roderick Colenbrander) - HID: prodikeys: Fix general protection fault 
during probe (Alan Stern) - IB/core: Add an unbound WQ type to the new 
CQ API (Jack Morgenstein) - objtool: Query pkg-config for libelf 
location (Rolf Eike Beer) - powerpc/xive: Fix bogus error code returned 
by OPAL (Greg Kurz) - Revert "Bluetooth: validate BLE connection 
interval updates" (Marcel Holtmann) - Linux 4.14.146 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - media: technisat-usb2: break out of loop at end of 
buffer (Sean Young) - tcp: Don't dequeue SYN/FIN-segments from 
write-queue (Christoph Paasch) - tcp: Reset send_head when removing skb 
from write-queue (Christoph Paasch) - binfmt_elf: move brk out of mmap 
when doing direct loader exec (Kees Cook) - floppy: fix usercopy 
direction (Jann Horn) - PCI: kirin: Fix section mismatch warning (Nathan 
Chancellor) - iommu/amd: Fix race in increase_address_space() (Joerg 
Roedel) - iommu/amd: Flush old domains in kdump kernel (Stuart Hayes) - 
keys: Fix missing null pointer check in request_key_auth_describe() 
(Hillf Danton) - x86/hyper-v: Fix overflow bug in fill_gva_list() 
(Tianyu Lan) - x86/uaccess: Don't leak the AC flags into __get_user() 
argument evaluation (Peter Zijlstra) - dmaengine: ti: omap-dma: Add 
cleanup in omap_dma_probe() (Wenwen Wang) - dmaengine: ti: dma-crossbar: 
Fix a memory leak bug (Wenwen Wang) - net: seeq: Fix the function used 
to release some memory in an error handling path (Christophe JAILLET) - 
tools/power turbostat: fix buffer overrun (Naoya Horiguchi) - 
tools/power x86_energy_perf_policy: Fix argument parsing (Zephaniah E. 
Loss-Cutler-Hull) - tools/power x86_energy_perf_policy: Fix 
"uninitialized variable" warnings at -O2 (Ben Hutchings) - amd-xgbe: Fix 
error path in xgbe_mod_init() (YueHaibing) - perf/x86/amd/ibs: Fix 
sample bias for dispatched micro-ops (Kim Phillips) - perf/x86/intel: 
Restrict period on Nehalem (Josh Hunt) - i2c: designware: Synchronize 
IRQs when unregistering slave client (Jarkko Nikula) - sky2: Disable MSI 
on yet another ASUS boards (P6Xxxx) (Takashi Iwai) - ARM: 8901/1: add a 
criteria for pfn_valid of arm (zhaoyang) - cifs: Use kzfree() to zero 
out the password (Dan Carpenter) - cifs: set domainName when a 
domain-key is used in multiuser (Ronnie Sahlberg) - kallsyms: Don't let 
kallsyms_lookup_size_offset() fail on retrieving the first symbol (Marc 
Zyngier) - NFSv2: Fix write regression (Trond Myklebust) - NFSv2: Fix 
eof handling (Trond Myklebust) - netfilter: nf_conntrack_ftp: Fix debug 
output (Thomas Jarosch) - x86/apic: Fix arch_dynirq_lower_bound() bug 
for DT enabled machines (Thomas Gleixner) - r8152: Set memory to all 
0xFFs on failed reg reads (Prashant Malani) - batman-adv: Only read OGM2 
tvlv_len after buffer len check (Sven Eckelmann) - ARM: 8874/1: mm: only 
adjust sections of valid mm structures (Doug Berger) - qed: Add cleanup 
in qed_slowpath_start() (Wenwen Wang) - Kconfig: Fix the reference to 
the IDT77105 Phy driver in the description of ATM_NICSTAR_USE_IDT77105 
(Christophe JAILLET) - NFS: Fix initialisation of I/O result struct in 
nfs_pgio_rpcsetup (Trond Myklebust) - NFSv4: Fix return value in 
nfs_finish_open() (Trond Myklebust) - NFSv4: Fix return values for 
nfs4_file_open() (Trond Myklebust) - netfilter: xt_nfacct: Fix alignment 
mismatch in xt_nfacct_match_info (Juliana Rodrigueiro) - fpga: 
altera-ps-spi: Fix getting of optional confd gpio (Phil Reid) - 
s390/bpf: use 32-bit index for tail calls (Ilya Leoshkevich) - ARM: dts: 
dra74x: Fix iodelay configuration for mmc3 (Faiz Abbas) - ARM: OMAP2+: 
Fix omap4 errata warning on other SoCs (Tony Lindgren) - s390/bpf: fix 
lcgr instruction encoding (Ilya Leoshkevich) - ARM: OMAP2+: Fix missing 
SYSC_HAS_RESET_STATUS for dra7 epwmss (Tony Lindgren) - nl80211: Fix 
possible Spectre-v1 for CQM RSSI thresholds (Masashi Honma) - mwifiex: 
Fix three heap overflow at parsing element in cfg80211_ap_settings (Wen 
Huang) {CVE-2019-14814} {CVE-2019-14815} {CVE-2019-14816}
- tty/serial: atmel: reschedule TX after RX was started (Razvan 
Stefanescu) - serial: sprd: correct the wrong sequence of arguments 
(Chunyan Zhang) - firmware: google: check if size is valid when decoding 
VPD data (Hung-Te Lin) - net_sched: let qdisc_put() accept NULL pointer 
(Cong Wang) - media: tm6000: double free if usb disconnect while 
streaming (Sean Young) - phy: renesas: rcar-gen3-usb2: Disable clearing 
VBUS in over-current (Yoshihiro Shimoda) - USB: usbcore: Fix 
slab-out-of-bounds bug during device reset (Alan Stern) - 
powerpc/mm/radix: Use the right page size for vmemmap mapping (Aneesh 
Kumar K.V) - Input: elan_i2c - remove Lenovo Legion Y7000 PnpID 
(Benjamin Tissoires) - HID: wacom: generic: read HID_DG_CONTACTMAX from 
any feature report (Aaron Armstrong Skomra) - Linux 4.14.145 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - x86/build: Add -Wnoaddress-of-packed-member to 
REALMODE_CFLAGS, to silence GCC9 build warning (Linus Torvalds) - nvmem: 
Use the same permissions for eeprom as for nvmem (Jean Delvare) - 
platform/x86: pmc_atom: Add CB4063 Beckhoff Automation board to 
critclk_systems DMI table (Steffen Dirkwinkel) - Revert "Bluetooth: 
btusb: driver to enable the usb-wakeup feature" (Mario Limonciello) - 
drm/mediatek: mtk_drm_drv.c: Add of_node_put() before goto (Nishka 
Dasgupta) - firmware: ti_sci: Always request response from firmware 
(Andrew F. Davis) - crypto: talitos - HMAC SNOOP NO AFEU mode requires 
SW icv checking. (Christophe Leroy) - crypto: talitos - Do not modify 
req->cryptlen on decryption. (Christophe Leroy) - crypto: talitos - fix 
ECB algs ivsize (Christophe Leroy) - crypto: talitos - check data 
blocksize in ablkcipher. (Christophe Leroy) - crypto: talitos - fix CTR 
alg blocksize (Christophe Leroy) - crypto: talitos - check AES key size 
(Christophe Leroy) - driver core: Fix use-after-free and double free on 
glue directory (Muchun Song) - ubifs: Correctly use tnc_next() in 
search_dh_cookie() (Richard Weinberger) - PCI: Always allow probing with 
driver_override (Alex Williamson) - mtd: rawnand: mtk: Fix wrongly 
assigned OOB buffer pointer issue (Xiaolei Li) - clk: rockchip: Don't 
yell about bad mmc phases when getting (Douglas Anderson) - drm/meson: 
Add support for XBGR8888 & ABGR8888 formats (Neil Armstrong) - powerpc: 
Add barrier_nospec to raw_copy_in_user() (Suraj Jitindar Singh) - MIPS: 
VDSO: Use same -m cflag as the kernel proper (Paul Burton) - MIPS: VDSO: 
Prevent use of smp_processor_id() (Paul Burton) - KVM: x86: work around 
leak of uninitialized stack contents (Fuqian Huang) - KVM: s390: Do not 
leak kernel stack data in the KVM_S390_INTERRUPT ioctl (Thomas Huth) - 
genirq: Prevent NULL pointer dereference in resend_irqs() (Yunfeng Ye) - 
Btrfs: fix assertion failure during fsync and use of stale transaction 
(Filipe Manana) - gpio: fix line flag validation in lineevent_create 
(Kent Gibson) - gpio: fix line flag validation in linehandle_create 
(Kent Gibson) - gpiolib: acpi: Add gpiolib_acpi_run_edge_events_on_boot 
option and blacklist (Hans de Goede) - Revert "MIPS: SiByte: Enable 
swiotlb for SWARM, LittleSur and BigSur" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - btrfs: 
correctly validate compression type (Johannes Thumshirn) - btrfs: 
compression: add helper for type to string conversion (David Sterba) - 
tun: fix use-after-free when register netdev failed (Yang Yingliang) - 
tipc: add NULL pointer check before calling kfree_rcu (Xin Long) - tcp: 
fix tcp_ecn_withdraw_cwr() to clear TCP_ECN_QUEUE_CWR (Neal Cardwell) - 
sctp: use transport pf_retrans in sctp_do_8_2_transport_strike (Xin 
Long) - sctp: Fix the link time qualifier of 'sctp_ctrlsock_exit()' 
(Christophe JAILLET) - sch_hhf: ensure quantum and hhf_non_hh_weight are 
non-zero (Cong Wang) - net: phylink: Fix flow control resolution (Stefan 
Chulski) - net: gso: Fix skb_segment splat when splitting gso_size 
mangled skb having linear-headed frag_list (Shmulik Ladkani) - net: Fix 
null de-reference of device refcount (Subash Abhinov Kasiviswanathan) - 
isdn/capi: check message length in capi_write() (Eric Biggers) - ipv6: 
Fix the link time qualifier of 'ping_v6_proc_exit_net()' (Christophe 
JAILLET) - cdc_ether: fix rndis support for Mediatek based smartphones 
(Bjørn Mork) - bridge/mdb: remove wrong use of NLM_F_MULTI (Nicolas Dichtel)

- A/A Bonding: Remove "rdmaip_garp_wq" work queue (Sudhakar Dindukurti) 
[Orabug: 30507174] - Revert "x86/cpufeatures: Combine word 11 and 12 
into a new scattered features word" (Liam Merwick) [Orabug: 30552848] - 
x86/hyperv: Make vapic support x2apic mode (Roman Kagan) [Orabug: 
30571041] - PCI: hv: Refactor hv_irq_unmask() to use cpumask_to_vpset() 
(Maya Nakamura) [Orabug: 30571041] - PCI: hv: Replace hv_vp_set with 
hv_vpset (Maya Nakamura) [Orabug: 30571041] - PCI: hv: Add __aligned(8) 
to struct retarget_msi_interrupt (Maya Nakamura) [Orabug: 30571041] - 
scope (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 30571041] - iommu/hyper-v: Add Hyper-V stub 
IOMMU driver (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 30571041] - x86/Hyper-V: Set x2apic 
destination mode to physical when x2apic is available (Lan Tianyu) 
[Orabug: 30571041] - x86/apic: Provide apic_ack_irq() (Thomas Gleixner) 
[Orabug: 30571041] - Linux 4.14.144 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
kernel/module: Fix mem leak in module_add_modinfo_attrs (YueHaibing) - 
clk: s2mps11: Add used attribute to s2mps11_dt_match (Nathan Chancellor) 
- scripts/decode_stacktrace: match basepath using shell prefix operator, 
not regex (Nicolas Boichat) - arm64: dts: rockchip: enable usb-host 
regulators at boot on rk3328-rock64 (Dmitry Voytik) - powerpc/64: mark 
start_here_multiplatform as __ref (Christophe Leroy) - hv_sock: Fix hang 
when a connection is closed (Dexuan Cui) - batman-adv: Only read OGM 
tvlv_len after buffer len check (Sven Eckelmann) - batman-adv: fix 
uninit-value in batadv_netlink_get_ifindex() (Eric Dumazet) - 
vhost/test: fix build for vhost test (Tiwei Bie) - PCI: dra7xx: Fix 
legacy INTD IRQ handling (Vignesh R) - PCI: designware-ep: Fix 
find_first_zero_bit() usage (Niklas Cassel) - ip6: fix skb leak in 
ip6frag_expire_frag_queue() (Eric Dumazet) - xfrm: clean up xfrm 
protocol checks (Cong Wang) - powerpc/tm: Fix FP/VMX unavailable 
exceptions inside a transaction (Gustavo Romero) {CVE-2019-15030}
- drm/vmwgfx: Fix double free in vmw_recv_msg() (Dan Carpenter) - 
sched/fair: Don't assign runtime for throttled cfs_rq (Liangyan) - ALSA: 
hda/realtek - Fix the problem of two front mics on a ThinkCentre (Hui 
Wang) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix overridden device-specific 
initialization (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: hda - Fix potential endless loop 
at applying quirks (Takashi Iwai) - Linux 4.14.143 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) 
- mld: fix memory leak in mld_del_delrec() (Eric Dumazet) - net: sched: 
act_sample: fix psample group handling on overwrite (Vlad Buslov) - tcp: 
remove empty skb from write queue in error cases (Eric Dumazet) - tcp: 
inherit timestamp on mtu probe (Willem de Bruijn) - net: stmmac: 
dwmac-rk: Don't fail if phy regulator is absent (Chen-Yu Tsai) - 
net_sched: fix a NULL pointer deref in ipt action (Cong Wang) - net: fix 
skb use after free in netpoll (Feng Sun) - Revert "x86/apic: Include the 
LDR when clearing out APIC registers" (Linus Torvalds) - spi: 
bcm2835aux: fix corruptions for longer spi transfers (Martin Sperl) - 
spi: bcm2835aux: remove dangerous uncontrolled read of fifo (Martin 
Sperl) - spi: bcm2835aux: unifying code between polling and interrupt 
driven code (Martin Sperl) - libceph: allow ceph_buffer_put() to receive 
a NULL ceph_buffer (Luis Henriques) - ceph: fix buffer free while 
holding i_ceph_lock in fill_inode() (Luis Henriques) - ceph: fix buffer 
free while holding i_ceph_lock in __ceph_build_xattrs_blob() (Luis 
Henriques) - ceph: fix buffer free while holding i_ceph_lock in 
__ceph_setxattr() (Luis Henriques) - IB/mlx4: Fix memory leaks (Wenwen 
Wang) - Tools: hv: kvp: eliminate 'may be used uninitialized' warning 
(Vitaly Kuznetsov) - Input: hyperv-keyboard: Use in-place iterator API 
in the channel callback (Dexuan Cui) - HID: cp2112: prevent sleeping 
function called from invalid context (Benjamin Tissoires) - kprobes: Fix 
potential deadlock in kprobe_optimizer() (Andrea Righi) - ravb: Fix 
use-after-free ravb_tstamp_skb (Tho Vu) - wimax/i2400m: fix a memory 
leak bug (Wenwen Wang) - net: kalmia: fix memory leaks (Wenwen Wang) - 
cx82310_eth: fix a memory leak bug (Wenwen Wang) - vfs: fix page locking 
deadlocks when deduping files (Darrick J. Wong) - lan78xx: Fix memory 
leaks (Wenwen Wang) - net: myri10ge: fix memory leaks (Wenwen Wang) - 
liquidio: add cleanup in octeon_setup_iq() (Wenwen Wang) - cxgb4: fix a 
memory leak bug (Wenwen Wang) - drm/mediatek: set DMA max segment size 
(Alexandre Courbot) - drm/mediatek: use correct device to import PRIME 
buffers (Alexandre Courbot) - gpio: Fix build error of function 
redefinition (YueHaibing) - ibmveth: Convert multicast list size for 
little-endian system (Thomas Falcon) - Bluetooth: btqca: Add a short 
delay before downloading the NVM (Matthias Kaehlcke) - net: tc35815: 
Explicitly check NET_IP_ALIGN is not zero in tc35815_rx (Nathan 
Chancellor) - hv_netvsc: Fix a warning of suspicious RCU usage (Dexuan 
Cui) - net: tundra: tsi108: use spin_lock_irqsave instead of 
spin_lock_irq in IRQ context (Fuqian Huang) - Linux 4.14.142 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - Revert "ASoC: Fail card instantiation if DAI format 
setup fails" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - x86/ptrace: fix up botched merge of 
spectrev1 fix (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - i2c: piix4: Fix port selection for 
AMD Family 16h Model 30h (Andrew Cooks) - NFS: Ensure O_DIRECT reports 
an error if the bytes read/written is 0 (Trond Myklebust) - NFS: Pass 
error information to the pgio error cleanup routine (Trond Myklebust) - 
NFSv4/pnfs: Fix a page lock leak in nfs_pageio_resend() (Trond 
Myklebust) - NFS: Clean up list moves of struct nfs_page (Trond 
Myklebust) - KVM: arm/arm64: vgic-v2: Handle SGI bits in 
GICD_I{S,C}PENDR0 as WI (Marc Zyngier) - KVM: arm/arm64: vgic: Fix 
potential deadlock when ap_list is long (Heyi Guo) - KVM: PPC: Book3S: 
Fix incorrect guest-to-user-translation error handling (Alexey 
Kardashevskiy) - mac80211: fix possible sta leak (Johannes Berg) - 
Revert "cfg80211: fix processing world regdomain when non modular" 
(Hodaszi, Robert) - crypto: ccp - Ignore unconfigured CCP device on 
suspend/resume (Gary R Hook) - VMCI: Release resource if the work is 
already queued (Nadav Amit) - drm/i915: Don't deballoon unused ggtt 
drm_mm_node in linux guest (Xiong Zhang) - intel_th: pci: Add Tiger Lake 
support (Alexander Shishkin) - intel_th: pci: Add support for another 
Lewisburg PCH (Alexander Shishkin) - stm class: Fix a double free of 
stm_source_device (Ding Xiang) - mmc: core: Fix init of SD cards 
reporting an invalid VDD range (Ulf Hansson) - mmc: sdhci-of-at91: add 
quirk for broken HS200 (Eugen Hristev) - uprobes/x86: Fix detection of 
32-bit user mode (Sebastian Mayr) - USB: storage: ums-realtek: Whitelist 
auto-delink support (Kai-Heng Feng) - USB: storage: ums-realtek: Update 
module parameter description for auto_delink_en (Kai-Heng Feng) - usb: 
host: xhci: rcar: Fix typo in compatible string matching (Geert 
Uytterhoeven) - usb: host: ohci: fix a race condition between shutdown 
and irq (Yoshihiro Shimoda) - usb: chipidea: udc: don't do hardware 
access if gadget has stopped (Peter Chen) - USB: cdc-wdm: fix race 
between write and disconnect due to flag abuse (Oliver Neukum) - 
usb-storage: Add new JMS567 revision to unusual_devs (Henk van der Laan) 
- ftrace: Check for empty hash and comment the race with registering 
probes (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - ftrace: Check for successful 
allocation of hash (Naveen N. Rao) - ftrace: Fix NULL pointer 
dereference in t_probe_next() (Naveen N. Rao) - x86/apic: Include the 
LDR when clearing out APIC registers (Bandan Das) - x86/apic: Do not 
initialize LDR and DFR for bigsmp (Bandan Das) - KVM: x86: Don't update 
RIP or do single-step on faulting emulation (Sean Christopherson) - kvm: 
x86: skip populating logical dest map if apic is not sw enabled (Radim 
Krcmar) - ALSA: seq: Fix potential concurrent access to the deleted pool 
(Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: line6: Fix memory leak at line6_init_pcm() error 
path (Takashi Iwai) - mm/zsmalloc.c: fix build when CONFIG_COMPACTION=n 
(Andrew Morton) - tcp: make sure EPOLLOUT wont be missed (Eric Dumazet) 
- net/smc: make sure EPOLLOUT is raised (Jason Baron) - ALSA: usb-audio: 
Fix an OOB bug in parse_audio_mixer_unit (Hui Peng) - ALSA: usb-audio: 
Fix a stack buffer overflow bug in check_input_term (Hui Peng) - 
drm/tilcdc: Register cpufreq notifier after we have initialized crtc 
(Jyri Sarha) - scsi: ufs: Fix RX_TERMINATION_FORCE_ENABLE define value 
(Pedro Sousa) - drm/bridge: tfp410: fix memleak in get_modes() (Tomi 
Valkeinen) - watchdog: bcm2835_wdt: Fix module autoload (Stefan Wahren) 
- tools: hv: fix KVP and VSS daemons exit code (Adrian Vladu) - usb: 
host: fotg2: restart hcd after port reset (Hans Ulli Kroll) - drm/ast: 
Fixed reboot test may cause system hanged (Y.C. Chen) - i2c: emev2: 
avoid race when unregistering slave client (Wolfram Sang) - i2c: rcar: 
avoid race when unregistering slave client (Wolfram Sang) - xen/blkback: 
fix memory leaks (Wenwen Wang) - usb: gadget: mass_storage: Fix races 
between fsg_disable and fsg_set_alt (Benjamin Herrenschmidt) - usb: 
gadget: composite: Clear "suspended" on reset/disconnect (Benjamin 
Herrenschmidt) - iommu/dma: Handle SG length overflow better (Robin 
Murphy) - auxdisplay: panel: need to delete scan_timer when 
misc_register fails in panel_attach (zhengbin) - dmaengine: ste_dma40: 
fix unneeded variable warning (Arnd Bergmann) - Linux 4.14.141 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - Revert "perf test 6: Fix missing kvm module load for 
s390" (Sasha Levin) - powerpc: Allow flush_(inval_)dcache_range to work 
across ranges >4GB (Alastair D'Silva) - dm zoned: fix potential NULL 
dereference in dmz_do_reclaim() (Dan Carpenter) - xfs: fix missing ILOCK 
unlock when xfs_setattr_nonsize fails due to EDQUOT (Darrick J. Wong) - 
mm/zsmalloc.c: fix race condition in zs_destroy_pool (Henry Burns) - 
mm/zsmalloc.c: migration can leave pages in ZS_EMPTY indefinitely (Henry 
Burns) - mm, page_owner: handle THP splits correctly (Vlastimil Babka) - 
genirq: Properly pair kobject_del() with kobject_add() (Michael Kelley) 
- dm zoned: properly handle backing device failure (Dmitry Fomichev) - 
dm zoned: improve error handling in i/o map code (Dmitry Fomichev) - dm 
zoned: improve error handling in reclaim (Dmitry Fomichev) - dm table: 
fix invalid memory accesses with too high sector number (Mikulas 
Patocka) - dm space map metadata: fix missing store of apply_bops() 
return value (ZhangXiaoxu) - dm btree: fix order of block initialization 
in btree_split_beneath (ZhangXiaoxu) - dm kcopyd: always complete failed 
jobs (Dmitry Fomichev) - x86/boot: Fix boot regression caused by 
bootparam sanitizing (John Hubbard) - x86/boot: Save fields explicitly, 
zero out everything else (John Hubbard) - x86/CPU/AMD: Clear RDRAND 
CPUID bit on AMD family 15h/16h (Tom Lendacky) - x86/apic: Handle 
missing global clockevent gracefully (Thomas Gleixner) - x86/retpoline: 
Don't clobber RFLAGS during CALL_NOSPEC on i386 (Sean Christopherson) - 
userfaultfd_release: always remove uffd flags and clear 
vm_userfaultfd_ctx (Oleg Nesterov) - gpiolib: never report 
open-drain/source lines as 'input' to user-space (Bartosz Golaszewski) - 
drm/nouveau: Don't retry infinitely when receiving no data on i2c over 
AUX (Lyude Paul) - libceph: fix PG split vs OSD (re)connect race (Ilya 
Dryomov) - ceph: don't try fill file_lock on unsuccessful GETFILELOCK 
reply (Jeff Layton) - Revert "dm bufio: fix deadlock with loop device" 
(Mikulas Patocka) - HID: wacom: Correct distance scale for 2nd-gen 
Intuos devices (Jason Gerecke) - HID: wacom: correct misreported EKR 
ring values (Aaron Armstrong Skomra) - selftests: kvm: Adding config 
fragments (Naresh Kamboju) - perf pmu-events: Fix missing 
"cpu_clk_unhalted.core" event (Jin Yao) - perf cpumap: Fix writing to 
illegal memory in handling cpumap mask (He Zhe) - perf ftrace: Fix 
failure to set cpumask when only one cpu is present (He Zhe) - 
drm/vmwgfx: fix memory leak when too many retries have occurred (Colin 
Ian King) - x86/lib/cpu: Address missing prototypes warning (Valdis 
Kletnieks) - libata: add SG safety checks in SFF pio transfers (Jens 
Axboe) - libata: have ata_scsi_rw_xlat() fail invalid passthrough 
requests (Jens Axboe) - net: hisilicon: Fix dma_map_single failed on 
arm64 (Jiangfeng Xiao) - net: hisilicon: fix hip04-xmit never return 
TX_BUSY (Jiangfeng Xiao) - net: hisilicon: make hip04_tx_reclaim 
non-reentrant (Jiangfeng Xiao) - net: cxgb3_main: Fix a resource leak in 
a error path in 'init_one()' (Christophe JAILLET) - SMB3: Kernel oops 
mounting a encryptData share with CONFIG_DEBUG_VIRTUAL (Sebastien 
Tisserant) - HID: input: fix a4tech horizontal wheel custom usage 
(Nicolas Saenz Julienne) - NFSv4: Fix a potential sleep while atomic in 
nfs4_do_reclaim() (Trond Myklebust) - net/ethernet/qlogic/qed: force the 
string buffer NULL-terminated (Wang Xiayang) - can: peak_usb: force the 
string buffer NULL-terminated (Wang Xiayang) - can: sja1000: force the 
string buffer NULL-terminated (Wang Xiayang) - perf bench numa: Fix cpu0 
binding (Jiri Olsa) - isdn: hfcsusb: Fix mISDN driver crash caused by 
transfer buffer on the stack (Juliana Rodrigueiro) - netfilter: ipset: 
Fix rename concurrency with listing (Jozsef Kadlecsik) - isdn: mISDN: 
hfcsusb: Fix possible null-pointer dereferences in start_isoc_chain() 
(Jia-Ju Bai) - qed: RDMA - Fix the hw_ver returned in device attributes 
(Michal Kalderon) - net: usb: qmi_wwan: Add the BroadMobi BM818 card 
(Bob Ham) - ASoC: ti: davinci-mcasp: Correct slot_width posed constraint 
(Peter Ujfalusi) - st_nci_hci_connectivity_event_received: null check 
the allocation (Navid Emamdoost) - st21nfca_connectivity_event_received: 
null check the allocation (Navid Emamdoost) - ASoC: Fail card 
instantiation if DAI format setup fails (Ricard Wanderlof) - can: dev: 
call netif_carrier_off() in register_candev() (Rasmus Villemoes) - 
bonding: Force slave speed check after link state recovery for 802.3ad 
(Thomas Falcon) - ASoC: dapm: Fix handling of custom_stop_condition on 
DAPM graph walks (Charles Keepax) - netfilter: ebtables: fix a memory 
leak bug in compat (Wenwen Wang) - mips: fix cacheinfo (Vladimir 
Kondratiev) - MIPS: kernel: only use i8253 clocksource with periodic 
clockevent (Thomas Bogendoerfer) - HID: Add 044f:b320 ThrustMaster, Inc. 
2 in 1 DT (Ilya Trukhanov) - Linux 4.14.140 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - xfrm: 
policy: remove pcpu policy cache (Florian Westphal) - mmc: 
sdhci-of-arasan: Do now show error message in case of deffered probe 
(Michal Simek) - bonding: Add vlan tx offload to hw_enc_features 
(YueHaibing) - team: Add vlan tx offload to hw_enc_features (YueHaibing) 
- net/mlx5e: Use flow keys dissector to parse packets for ARFS (Maxim 
Mikityanskiy) - net/mlx5e: Only support tx/rx pause setting for port 
owner (Huy Nguyen) - xen/netback: Reset nr_frags before freeing skb 
(Ross Lagerwall) - sctp: fix the transport error_count check (Xin Long) 
- net/packet: fix race in tpacket_snd() (Eric Dumazet) - net/mlx4_en: 
fix a memory leak bug (Wenwen Wang) - bnx2x: Fix VF's VLAN 
reconfiguration in reload. (Manish Chopra) - iommu/amd: Move 
iommu_init_pci() to .init section (Joerg Roedel) - Input: psmouse - fix 
build error of multiple definition (YueHaibing) - netfilter: conntrack: 
Use consistent ct id hash calculation (Dirk Morris) - arm64: ftrace: 
Ensure module ftrace trampoline is coherent with I-side (Will Deacon) - 
arm64: compat: Allow single-byte watchpoints on all addresses (Will 
Deacon) - Revert "tcp: Clear sk_send_head after purging the write queue" 
(Sasha Levin) - bpf: fix bpf_jit_limit knob for PAGE_SIZE >= 64K (Daniel 
Borkmann) - USB: serial: option: Add Motorola modem UARTs (Tony 
Lindgren) - USB: serial: option: add the BroadMobi BM818 card (Bob Ham) 
- USB: serial: option: Add support for ZTE MF871A (Yoshiaki Okamoto) - 
USB: serial: option: add D-Link DWM-222 device ID (Rogan Dawes) - USB: 
CDC: fix sanity checks in CDC union parser (Oliver Neukum) - usb: 
cdc-acm: make sure a refcount is taken early enough (Oliver Neukum) - 
usb: gadget: udc: renesas_usb3: Fix sysfs interface of "role" (Yoshihiro 
Shimoda) - USB: core: Fix races in character device registration and 
deregistraion (Alan Stern) - iio: adc: max9611: Fix temperature reading 
in probe (Jacopo Mondi) - staging: comedi: dt3000: Fix rounding up of 
timer divisor (Ian Abbott) - staging: comedi: dt3000: Fix signed integer 
overflow 'divider * base' (Ian Abbott) - KVM: arm/arm64: Sync 
ICH_VMCR_EL2 back when about to block (Marc Zyngier) - asm-generic: fix 
-Wtype-limits compiler warnings (Qian Cai) - ocfs2: remove set but not 
used variable 'last_hash' (YueHaibing) - drm: msm: Fix 
add_gpu_components (Jeffrey Hugo) - IB/mad: Fix use-after-free in ib mad 
completion handling (Jack Morgenstein) - IB/core: Add mitigation for 
Spectre V1 (Tony Luck) - arm64/mm: fix variable 'pud' set but not used 
(Qian Cai) - arm64: unwind: Prohibit probing on return_address() (Masami 
Hiramatsu) - arm64/efi: fix variable 'si' set but not used (Qian Cai) - 
kbuild: modpost: handle KBUILD_EXTRA_SYMBOLS only for external modules 
(Masahiro Yamada) - ata: libahci: do not complain in case of deferred 
probe (Miquel Raynal) - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix possible fcport null-pointer 
dereferences (Jia-Ju Bai) - scsi: hpsa: correct scsi command status 
issue after reset (Don Brace) - drm/bridge: lvds-encoder: Fix build 
error while CONFIG_DRM_KMS_HELPER=m (YueHaibing) - libata: zpodd: Fix 
small read overflow in zpodd_get_mech_type() (Kees Cook) - perf header: 
Fix use of unitialized value warning (Numfor Mbiziwo-Tiapo) - perf 
header: Fix divide by zero error if f_header.attr_size==0 (Vince Weaver) 
- irqchip/irq-imx-gpcv2: Forward irq type to parent (Lucas Stach) - 
irqchip/gic-v3-its: Free unused vpt_page when alloc vpe table fail 
(Nianyao Tang) - xen/pciback: remove set but not used variable 
'old_state' (YueHaibing) - clk: renesas: cpg-mssr: Fix reset control 
race condition (Geert Uytterhoeven) - clk: at91: generated: Truncate 
divisor to GENERATED_MAX_DIV + 1 (Codrin Ciubotariu) - netfilter: 
ebtables: also count base chain policies (Florian Westphal) - net: usb: 
pegasus: fix improper read if get_registers() fail (Denis Kirjanov) - 
Input: iforce - add sanity checks (Oliver Neukum) - Input: kbtab - 
sanity check for endpoint type (Oliver Neukum) - HID: hiddev: do cleanup 
in failure of opening a device (Hillf Danton) - HID: hiddev: avoid 
opening a disconnected device (Hillf Danton) - HID: holtek: test for 
sanity of intfdata (Oliver Neukum) - ALSA: hda - Let all conexant codec 
enter D3 when rebooting (Hui Wang) - ALSA: hda - Add a generic 
reboot_notify (Hui Wang) - ALSA: hda - Fix a memory leak bug (Wenwen 
Wang) - ALSA: hda - Apply workaround for another AMD chip 1022:1487 
(Takashi Iwai) - xtensa: add missing isync to the cpu_reset TLB code 
(Max Filippov) - x86/mm: Use WRITE_ONCE() when setting PTEs (Nadav Amit) 
- bpf: add bpf_jit_limit knob to restrict unpriv allocations (Daniel 
Borkmann) - bpf: restrict access to core bpf sysctls (Daniel Borkmann) - 
bpf: get rid of pure_initcall dependency to enable jits (Daniel 
Borkmann) - mm/memcontrol.c: fix use after free in mem_cgroup_iter() 
(Miles Chen) - sh: kernel: hw_breakpoint: Fix missing break in switch 
statement (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - scsi: mpt3sas: Use 63-bit DMA 
addressing on SAS35 HBA (Suganath Prabu) - Linux 4.14.139 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - iwlwifi: mvm: fix version check for GEO_TX_POWER_LIMIT 
support (Luca Coelho) - iwlwifi: mvm: don't send GEO_TX_POWER_LIMIT on 
version < 41 (Luca Coelho) - iwlwifi: mvm: fix an out-of-bound access 
(Emmanuel Grumbach) - iwlwifi: don't unmap as page memory that was 
mapped as single (Emmanuel Grumbach) - mwifiex: fix 802.11n/WPA 
detection (Brian Norris) - KVM: Fix leak vCPU's VMCS value into other 
pCPU (Wanpeng Li) - NFSv4: Fix an Oops in nfs4_do_setattr (Trond 
Myklebust) - NFSv4: Only pass the delegation to setattr if we're sending 
a truncate (Trond Myklebust) - smb3: send CAP_DFS capability during 
session setup (Steve French) - SMB3: Fix deadlock in validate negotiate 
hits reconnect (Pavel Shilovsky) - mac80211: don't WARN on short WMM 
parameters from AP (Brian Norris) - ALSA: hda - Workaround for crackled 
sound on AMD controller (1022:1457) (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: hda - Don't 
override global PCM hw info flag (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: firewire: fix a 
memory leak bug (Wenwen Wang) - drm/i915: Fix wrong escape clock divisor 
init for GLK (Stanislav Lisovskiy) - hwmon: (nct7802) Fix wrong 
detection of in4 presence (Guenter Roeck) - can: peak_usb: pcan_usb_fd: 
Fix info-leaks to USB devices (Tomas Bortoli) - can: peak_usb: 
pcan_usb_pro: Fix info-leaks to USB devices (Tomas Bortoli) - HID: sony: 
Fix race condition between rumble and device remove. (Roderick 
Colenbrander) - perf/core: Fix creating kernel counters for PMUs that 
override event->cpu (Leonard Crestez) - tty/ldsem, locking/rwsem: Add 
missing ACQUIRE to read_failed sleep loop (Peter Zijlstra) - 
test_firmware: fix a memory leak bug (Wenwen Wang) - scsi: scsi_dh_alua: 
always use a 2 second delay before retrying RTPG (Hannes Reinecke) - 
scsi: ibmvfc: fix WARN_ON during event pool release (Tyrel Datwyler) - 
ARM: davinci: fix sleep.S build error on ARMv4 (Arnd Bergmann) - 
ACPI/IORT: Fix off-by-one check in iort_dev_find_its_id() (Lorenzo 
Pieralisi) - drbd: dynamically allocate shash descriptor (Arnd Bergmann) 
- perf probe: Avoid calling freeing routine multiple times for same 
pointer (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) - perf tools: Fix proper buffer size 
for feature processing (Jiri Olsa) - ALSA: compress: Be more restrictive 
about when a drain is allowed (Charles Keepax) - ALSA: compress: Don't 
allow paritial drain operations on capture streams (Charles Keepax) - 
ALSA: compress: Prevent bypasses of set_params (Charles Keepax) - ALSA: 
compress: Fix regression on compressed capture streams (Charles Keepax) 
- s390/qdio: add sanity checks to the fast-requeue path (Julian 
Wiedmann) - cpufreq/pasemi: fix use-after-free in pas_cpufreq_cpu_init() 
(Wen Yang) - drm: silence variable 'conn' set but not used (Qian Cai) - 
hwmon: (nct6775) Fix register address and added missed tolerance for 
nct6106 (Björn Gerhart) - mac80211: don't warn about CW params when not 
using them (Brian Norris) - scripts/sphinx-pre-install: fix script for 
RHEL/CentOS (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) - netfilter: nft_hash: fix symhash 
with modulus one (Laura Garcia Liebana) - netfilter: Fix rpfilter 
dropping vrf packets by mistake (Miaohe Lin) - vfio-ccw: Set pa_nr to 0 
if memory allocation fails for pa_iova_pfn (Farhan Ali) - netfilter: 
nfnetlink: avoid deadlock due to synchronous request_module (Florian 
Westphal) - can: peak_usb: fix potential double kfree_skb() (Stephane 
Grosjean) - can: rcar_canfd: fix possible IRQ storm on high load (Nikita 
Yushchenko) - usb: yurex: Fix use-after-free in yurex_delete (Suzuki K 
Poulose) - usb: host: xhci-rcar: Fix timeout in xhci_suspend() 
(Yoshihiro Shimoda) - perf record: Fix module size on s390 (Thomas 
Richter) - perf db-export: Fix thread__exec_comm() (Adrian Hunter) - 
perf annotate: Fix s390 gap between kernel end and module start (Thomas 
Richter) - mm/vmalloc: Sync unmappings in __purge_vmap_area_lazy() 
(Joerg Roedel) - x86/mm: Sync also unmappings in vmalloc_sync_all() 
(Joerg Roedel) - x86/mm: Check for pfn instead of page in 
vmalloc_sync_one() (Joerg Roedel) - tcp: Clear sk_send_head after 
purging the write queue (Ben Hutchings) - crypto: ccp - Add support for 
valid authsize values less than 16 (Gary R Hook) - lkdtm: support 
llvm-objcopy (Nick Desaulniers) - Input: synaptics - enable RMI mode for 
HP Spectre X360 (Dmitry Torokhov) - loop: set PF_MEMALLOC_NOIO for the 
worker thread (Mikulas Patocka) - mmc: cavium: Add the missing dma unmap 
when the dma has finished. (Kevin Hao) - mmc: cavium: Set the correct 
dma max segment size for mmc_host (Kevin Hao) - sound: fix a memory leak 
bug (Wenwen Wang) - usb: iowarrior: fix deadlock on disconnect (Oliver 
Neukum) - usb: usbfs: fix double-free of usb memory upon submiturb error 
(Gavin Li) - crypto: ccp - Ignore tag length when decrypting GCM 
ciphertext (Gary R Hook) - crypto: ccp - Fix oops by properly managing 
allocated structures (Gary R Hook) - iio: adc: max9611: Fix misuse of 
GENMASK macro (Joe Perches) - rds:ib: Set RoCE ACK timeout before 
resolving route (Dag Moxnes) [Orabug: 30556591] - RDMA/cma: Use ACK 
timeout for RoCE packetLifeTime (Dag Moxnes) [Orabug: 30556591] - 
block-mq: fix hung due to too much warning log (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 
30544814] - Revert "x86/unwind: Handle NULL pointer calls better in 
frame unwinder" (Wengang Wang) [Orabug: 30540100] - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: 
Use burst-polling for sync completion (Robin Murphy) [Orabug: 30479048] 
- iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Consolidate identical timeouts (Will Deacon) 
[Orabug: 30479048] - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Split arm_smmu_cmdq_issue_sync 
in half (Will Deacon) [Orabug: 30479048] - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Use 
CMD_SYNC completion MSI (Robin Murphy) [Orabug: 30479048] - 
iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Forget about cmdq-sync interrupt (Robin Murphy) 
[Orabug: 30479048] - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Specialise CMD_SYNC handling 
(Robin Murphy) [Orabug: 30479048] - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Correct COHACC 
override message (Robin Murphy) [Orabug: 30479048] - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: 
Avoid ILLEGAL setting of STE.S1STALLD and CD.S (Yisheng Xie) [Orabug: 
30479048] - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Ensure we sync STE when only changing 
config field (Will Deacon) [Orabug: 30479048] - iommu/arm-smmu: Remove 
ACPICA workarounds (Robin Murphy) [Orabug: 30479048] - oled: export 
symbols (Wengang Wang) [Orabug: 30473900] - oled: give panic handler 
chance to run before kexec (Wengang Wang) [Orabug: 30473900]

- ocfs2: protect extent tree in ocfs2_prepare_inode_for_write() (Shuning 
Zhang) [Orabug: 30545334] - kvm: mmu: ITLB_MULTIHIT mitigation selection 
(Kanth Ghatraju) [Orabug: 30539750] - x86/speculation/taa: Fix printing 
of TAA_MSG_SMT on IBRS_ALL CPUs (Josh Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 30539750] - 
cpu/speculation: Uninline and export CPU mitigations helpers (Tyler 
Hicks) [Orabug: 30539750] - x86/speculation/taa: Fix for mitigation for 
TSX Async Abort (Kanth Ghatraju) [Orabug: 30533731] - media: 
usb:zr364xx:Fix KASAN:null-ptr-deref Read in zr364xx_vidioc_querycap 
(Vandana BN) [Orabug: 30532771] {CVE-2019-15217}
- rds: ib: update WR sizes when bringing up connection (Dag Moxnes) 
[Orabug: 30532304] - SUNRPC: Remove xprt_connect_status() (Trond 
Myklebust) [Orabug: 30513382] - SUNRPC: Handle ENETDOWN errors (Trond 
Myklebust) [Orabug: 30513382] - x86: cpu: bugs.c: Fix compile error when 
CONFIG_XEN=n (Aaron Young) [Orabug: 30511473] - mm: Allow userspace to 
reserve VA range for use by userspace only (Khalid Aziz) [Orabug: 
28438736] - x86/platform/uv: Account for UV Hubless in is_uvX_hub Ops 
(Mike Travis) [Orabug: 30518595] - x86/platform/uv: Check EFI Boot to 
set reboot type (Mike Travis) [Orabug: 30518595] - x86/platform/uv: 
Decode UVsystab Info (Mike Travis) [Orabug: 30518595] - x86/platform/uv: 
Add UV Hubbed/Hubless Proc FS Files (Mike Travis) [Orabug: 30518595] - 
x86/platform/uv: Setup UV functions for Hubless UV Systems (Mike Travis) 
[Orabug: 30518595] - x86/platform/uv: Add return code to UV BIOS Init 
function (Mike Travis) [Orabug: 30518595] - x86/platform/uv: Return UV 
Hubless System Type (Mike Travis) [Orabug: 30518595] - x86/platform/uv: 
Save OEM_ID from ACPI MADT probe (Mike Travis) [Orabug: 30518595] - 
Linux 4.14.138 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - spi: bcm2835: Fix 3-wire mode if 
DMA is enabled (Lukas Wunner) - cgroup: Fix 
css_task_iter_advance_css_set() cset skip condition (Tejun Heo) - 
cgroup: css_task_iter_skip()'d iterators must be advanced before 
accessed (Tejun Heo) - cgroup: Include dying leaders with live threads 
in PROCS iterations (Tejun Heo) - cgroup: Implement css_task_iter_skip() 
(Tejun Heo) - cgroup: Call cgroup_release() before __exit_signal() 
(Tejun Heo) - bnx2x: Disable multi-cos feature. (Sudarsana Reddy 
Kalluru) - mvpp2: refactor MTU change code (Matteo Croce) - tun: mark 
small packets as owned by the tap sock (Alexis Bauvin) - net/mlx5e: 
Prevent encap flow counter update async to user query (Ariel Levkovich) 
- compat_ioctl: pppoe: fix PPPOEIOCSFWD handling (Arnd Bergmann) - tipc: 
compat: allow tipc commands without arguments (Taras Kondratiuk) - NFC: 
nfcmrvl: fix gpio-handling regression (Johan Hovold) - net: sched: Fix a 
possible null-pointer dereference in dequeue_func() (Jia-Ju Bai) - net: 
phylink: Fix flow control for fixed-link (René van Dorst) - net/mlx5: 
Use reversed order when unregister devices (Mark Zhang) - net: fix 
ifindex collision during namespace removal (Jiri Pirko) - net: bridge: 
mcast: don't delete permanent entries when fast leave is enabled 
(Nikolay Aleksandrov) - net: bridge: delete local fdb on device init 
failure (Nikolay Aleksandrov) - ip6_tunnel: fix possible use-after-free 
on xmit (Haishuang Yan) - ife: error out when nla attributes are empty 
(Cong Wang) - atm: iphase: Fix Spectre v1 vulnerability (Gustavo A. R. 
Silva) - objtool: Add machine_real_restart() to the noreturn list (Josh 
Poimboeuf) - RDMA: Directly cast the sockaddr union to sockaddr (Jason 
Gunthorpe) - HID: Add quirk for HP X1200 PIXART OEM mouse (Sebastian 
Parschauer) - HID: wacom: fix bit shift for Cintiq Companion 2 (Aaron 
Armstrong Skomra) - arm64: cpufeature: Fix feature comparison for 
CTR_EL0.{CWG,ERG} (Will Deacon) - tcp: be more careful in tcp_fragment() 
(Eric Dumazet) {CVE-2019-11478}
- ARM: dts: Add pinmuxing for i2c2 and i2c3 for LogicPD torpedo (Adam 
Ford) - ARM: dts: Add pinmuxing for i2c2 and i2c3 for LogicPD SOM-LV 
(Adam Ford) - scsi: fcoe: Embed fc_rport_priv in fcoe_rport structure 
(Hannes Reinecke) - Linux 4.14.137 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - Documentation: 
Add swapgs description to the Spectre v1 documentation (Josh Poimboeuf) 
- x86/speculation: Enable Spectre v1 swapgs mitigations (Josh Poimboeuf) 
- x86/cpufeatures: Combine word 11 and 12 into a new scattered features 
word (Fenghua Yu) - x86/vdso: Prevent segfaults due to hoisted vclock 
reads (Andy Lutomirski) - gcc-9: properly declare the {pv,hv}clock_page 
storage (Linus Torvalds) - objtool: Support GCC 9 cold subfunction 
naming scheme (Josh Poimboeuf) - eeprom: at24: make spd world-readable 
again (Jean Delvare) - IB/hfi1: Check for error on call to 
alloc_rsm_map_table (John Fleck) - IB/mlx5: Fix RSS Toeplitz setup to be 
aligned with the HW specification (Yishai Hadas) - IB/mlx5: Move MRs to 
a kernel PD when freeing them to the MR cache (Yishai Hadas) - IB/mlx5: 
Use direct mkey destroy command upon UMR unreg failure (Yishai Hadas) - 
IB/mlx5: Fix unreg_umr to ignore the mkey state (Yishai Hadas) - nbd: 
replace kill_bdev() with __invalidate_device() again (Munehisa Kamata) - 
drivers/perf: arm_pmu: Fix failure path in PM notifier (Will Deacon) - 
parisc: Fix build of compressed kernel even with debug enabled (Helge 
Deller) - s390/dasd: fix endless loop after read unit address 
configuration (Stefan Haberland) - selinux: fix memory leak in 
policydb_init() (Ondrej Mosnacek) - IB/hfi1: Fix Spectre v1 
vulnerability (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - gpiolib: fix incorrect IRQ 
requesting of an active-low lineevent (Michael Wu) - mmc: dw_mmc: Fix 
occasional hang after tuning on eMMC (Douglas Anderson) - Btrfs: fix 
race leading to fs corruption after transaction abort (Filipe Manana) - 
Btrfs: fix incremental send failure after deduplication (Filipe Manana) 
- kbuild: initialize CLANG_FLAGS correctly in the top Makefile (Masahiro 
Yamada) - drm/nouveau: fix memory leak in nouveau_conn_reset() (Yongxin 
Liu) - x86, boot: Remove multiple copy of static function 
sanitize_boot_params() (Zhenzhong Duan) - x86/paravirt: Fix callee-saved 
function ELF sizes (Josh Poimboeuf) - x86/kvm: Don't call 
kvm_spurious_fault() from .fixup (Josh Poimboeuf) - xen/pv: Fix a boot 
up hang revealed by int3 self test (Zhenzhong Duan) - ipc/mqueue.c: only 
perform resource calculation if user valid (Kees Cook) - 
drivers/rapidio/devices/rio_mport_cdev.c: NUL terminate some strings 
(Dan Carpenter) - uapi linux/coda_psdev.h: move upc_req definition from 
uapi to kernel side headers (Mikko Rapeli) - coda: fix build using 
bare-metal toolchain (Sam Protsenko) - coda: add error handling for fget 
(Zhouyang Jia) - mm/cma.c: fail if fixed declaration can't be honored 
(Doug Berger) - x86: math-emu: Hide clang warnings for 16-bit overflow 
(Arnd Bergmann) - x86/apic: Silence -Wtype-limits compiler warnings 
(Qian Cai) - be2net: Signal that the device cannot transmit during 
reconfiguration (Benjamin Poirier) - ACPI: fix false-positive 
-Wuninitialized warning (Arnd Bergmann) - x86: kvm: avoid 
constant-conversion warning (Arnd Bergmann) - scsi: zfcp: fix GCC 
compiler warning emitted with -Wmaybe-uninitialized (Benjamin Block) - 
ACPI: blacklist: fix clang warning for unused DMI table (Arnd Bergmann) 
- ceph: return -ERANGE if virtual xattr value didn't fit in buffer (Jeff 
Layton) - ceph: fix improper use of smp_mb__before_atomic() (Andrea 
Parri) - cifs: Fix a race condition with cifs_echo_request (Ronnie 
Sahlberg) - btrfs: fix minimum number of chunk errors for DUP (David 
Sterba) - fs/adfs: super: fix use-after-free bug (Russell King) - clk: 
tegra210: fix PLLU and PLLU_OUT1 (JC Kuo) - dmaengine: rcar-dmac: Reject 
zero-length slave DMA requests (Geert Uytterhoeven) - MIPS: lantiq: Fix 
bitfield masking (Petr Cvek) - kernel/module.c: Only return -EEXIST for 
modules that have finished loading (Prarit Bhargava) - ftrace: Enable 
trampoline when rec count returns back to one (Cheng Jian) - ARM: dts: 
rockchip: Mark that the rk3288 timer might stop in suspend (Douglas 
Anderson) - ARM: dts: rockchip: Make rk3288-veyron-mickey's emmc work 
again (Douglas Anderson) - ARM: dts: rockchip: Make rk3288-veyron-minnie 
run at hs200 (Douglas Anderson) - ARM: riscpc: fix DMA (Russell King) - 
Linux 4.14.136 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - ip_tunnel: allow not to count pkts 
on tstats by setting skb's dev to NULL (Xin Long) - ceph: hold 
i_ceph_lock when removing caps for freeing inode (Yan, Zheng) - Fix 
allyesconfig output. (Yoshinori Sato) - drivers/pps/pps.c: clear offset 
flags in PPS_SETPARAMS ioctl (Miroslav Lichvar) - sched/fair: Don't free 
p->numa_faults with concurrent readers (Jann Horn) - hv_sock: Add 
support for delayed close (Sunil Muthuswamy) - iommu/iova: Fix 
compilation error with !CONFIG_IOMMU_IOVA (Joerg Roedel) - iommu/vt-d: 
Don't queue_iova() if there is no flush queue (Dmitry Safonov) - media: 
radio-raremono: change devm_k*alloc to k*alloc (Luke Nowakowski-Krijger) 
- NFS: Cleanup if nfs_match_client is interrupted (Benjamin Coddington) 
- media: pvrusb2: use a different format for warnings (Andrey Konovalov) 
- ath10k: Change the warning message string (Fabio Estevam) - media: 
au0828: fix null dereference in error path (Sean Young) - ISDN: hfcsusb: 
checking idx of ep configuration (Phong Tran) - binder: fix possible UAF 
when freeing buffer (Todd Kjos) - arm64: compat: Provide definition for 
COMPAT_SIGMINSTKSZ (Will Deacon) - i2c: qup: fixed releasing dma without 
flush operation completion (Abhishek Sahu) - arm64: dts: marvell: Fix 
A37xx UART0 register size (allen yan) - NFSv4: Fix lookup revalidate of 
regular files (Trond Myklebust) - NFS: Refactor nfs_lookup_revalidate() 
(Trond Myklebust) - NFS: Fix dentry revalidation on NFSv4 lookup (Trond 
Myklebust) - vsock: correct removal of socket from the list (Sunil 
Muthuswamy) - VSOCK: use TCP state constants for sk_state (Stefan Hajnoczi)

- KVM: VMX: Do not change PID.NDST when loading a blocked vCPU (Joao 
Martins) [Orabug: 30512557] - KVM: x86: Recompute PID.ON when clearing 
PID.SN (Joao Martins) [Orabug: 30512557] - Revert "KVM: VMX: sync 
pending posted interrupts based on PIR" (Joao Martins) [Orabug: 
30512557] - media: cpia2_usb: first wake up, then free in disconnect 
(Oliver Neukum) [Orabug: 30211126] {CVE-2019-15215}
- cpuidle: haltpoll: Take 'idle=' override into account (Zhenzhong Duan) 
[Orabug: 30480853] - Linux 4.14.135 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - access: avoid 
the RCU grace period for the temporary subjective credentials (Linus 
Torvalds) - powerpc/tm: Fix oops on sigreturn on systems without TM 
(Michael Neuling) {CVE-2019-13648}
- powerpc/xive: Fix loop exit-condition in xive_find_target_in_mask() 
(Gautham R. Shenoy) - ALSA: hda - Add a conexant codec entry to let mute 
led work (Hui Wang) - ALSA: line6: Fix wrong altsetting for 
LINE6_PODHD500_1 (Kai-Heng Feng) - hpet: Fix division by zero in 
hpet_time_div() (Kefeng Wang) - fpga-manager: altera-ps-spi: Fix build 
error (YueHaibing) - binder: prevent transactions to context manager 
from its own process. (Hridya Valsaraju) - x86/speculation/mds: Apply 
more accurate check on hypervisor platform (Zhenzhong Duan) - 
x86/sysfb_efi: Add quirks for some devices with swapped width and height 
(Hans de Goede) - btrfs: inode: Don't compress if NODATASUM or NODATACOW 
set (Qu Wenruo) - usb: pci-quirks: Correct AMD PLL quirk detection (Ryan 
Kennedy) - usb: wusbcore: fix unbalanced get/put cluster_id (Phong Tran) 
- drm/crc-debugfs: Also sprinkle irqrestore over early exits (Daniel 
Vetter) - drm/crc: Only report a single overflow when a CRC fd is opened 
(Maarten Lankhorst) - locking/lockdep: Hide unused 'class' variable 
(Arnd Bergmann) - locking/lockdep: Fix lock used or unused stats error 
(Yuyang Du) - mm/mmu_notifier: use hlist_add_head_rcu() (Jean-Philippe 
Brucker) - mm/gup.c: remove some BUG_ONs from get_gate_page() (Andy 
Lutomirski) - mm/gup.c: mark undo_dev_pagemap as __maybe_unused (Guenter 
Roeck) - 9p: pass the correct prototype to read_cache_page (Christoph 
Hellwig) - mm/kmemleak.c: fix check for softirq context (Dmitry Vyukov) 
- sh: prevent warnings when using iounmap (Sam Ravnborg) - 
block/bio-integrity: fix a memory leak bug (Wenwen Wang) - powerpc/eeh: 
Handle hugepages in ioremap space (Oliver O'Halloran) - mailbox: handle 
failed named mailbox channel request (morten petersen) - f2fs: avoid 
out-of-range memory access (Ocean Chen) - powerpc/boot: add {get, 
put}_unaligned_be32 to xz_config.h (Masahiro Yamada) - PCI: dwc: 
pci-dra7xx: Fix compilation when !CONFIG_GPIOLIB (YueHaibing) - 
RDMA/rxe: Fill in wc byte_len with IB_WC_RECV_RDMA_WITH_IMM (Konstantin 
Taranov) - perf annotate: Fix dereferencing freed memory found by the 
smatch tool (Leo Yan) - perf session: Fix potential NULL pointer 
dereference found by the smatch tool (Leo Yan) - perf test 
mmap-thread-lookup: Initialize variable to suppress memory sanitizer 
warning (Numfor Mbiziwo-Tiapo) - kallsyms: exclude kasan local symbols 
on s390 (Vasily Gorbik) - serial: sh-sci: Fix TX DMA buffer flushing and 
workqueue races (Geert Uytterhoeven) - serial: sh-sci: Terminate TX DMA 
during buffer flushing (Geert Uytterhoeven) - RDMA/i40iw: Set queue pair 
state when being queried (Liu, Changcheng) - powerpc/4xx/uic: clear 
pending interrupt after irq type/pol change (Christian Lamparter) - um: 
Silence lockdep complaint about mmap_sem (Johannes Berg) - mfd: 
hi655x-pmic: Fix missing return value check for 
devm_regmap_init_mmio_clk (Axel Lin) - mfd: arizona: Fix undefined 
behavior (Arnd Bergmann) - mfd: core: Set fwnode for created devices 
(Robert Hancock) - recordmcount: Fix spurious mcount entries on powerpc 
(Naveen N. Rao) - powerpc/xmon: Fix disabling tracing while in xmon 
(Naveen N. Rao) - iio: iio-utils: Fix possible incorrect mask 
calculation (Bastien Nocera) - PCI: xilinx-nwl: Fix Multi MSI data 
programming (Bharat Kumar Gogada) - kbuild: Add 
-Werror=unknown-warning-option to CLANG_FLAGS (Nathan Chancellor) - PCI: 
sysfs: Ignore lockdep for remove attribute (Marek Vasut) - serial: 
mctrl_gpio: Check if GPIO property exisits before requesting it (Stefan 
Roese) - drm/msm: Depopulate platform on probe failure (Sean Paul) - 
powerpc/pci/of: Fix OF flags parsing for 64bit BARs (Alexey 
Kardashevskiy) - usb: gadget: Zero ffs_io_data (Andrzej Pietrasiewicz) - 
tty: serial_core: Set port active bit in uart_port_activate (Serge 
Semin) - drm/rockchip: Properly adjust to a true clock in adjusted_mode 
(Douglas Anderson) - powerpc/pseries/mobility: prevent cpu hotplug 
during DT update (Nathan Lynch) - phy: renesas: rcar-gen2: Fix memory 
leak at error paths (Yoshihiro Shimoda) - drm/virtio: Add memory 
barriers for capset cache. (David Riley) - serial: 8250: Fix TX 
interrupt handling condition (Rautkoski Kimmo EXT) - tty: serial: 
msm_serial: avoid system lockup condition (Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz) - 
tty/serial: digicolor: Fix digicolor-usart already registered warning 
(Kefeng Wang) - memstick: Fix error cleanup path of memstick_init (Wang 
Hai) - drm/crc-debugfs: User irqsafe spinlock in drm_crtc_add_crc_entry 
(Daniel Vetter) - drm/bridge: sii902x: pixel clock unit is 10kHz instead 
of 1kHz (Jyri Sarha) - drm/bridge: tc358767: read display_props in 
get_modes() (Tomi Valkeinen) - PCI: Return error if cannot probe VF 
(Alex Williamson) - tty: serial: cpm_uart - fix init when SMC is 
relocated (Christophe Leroy) - pinctrl: rockchip: fix leaked of_node 
references (Wen Yang) - tty: max310x: Fix invalid baudrate divisors 
calculator (Serge Semin) - usb: core: hub: Disable hub-initiated U1/U2 
(Thinh Nguyen) - drm/panel: simple: Fix panel_simple_dsi_probe (Peter 
Ujfalusi) - hvsock: fix epollout hang from race condition (Sunil 
Muthuswamy) - nfsd: Fix overflow causing non-working mounts on 1 TB 
machines (Paul Menzel) - nfsd: fix performance-limiting session 
calculation (J. Bruce Fields) - NFSv4: Fix open create exclusive when 
the server reboots (Trond Myklebust) - mm: vmscan: scan anonymous pages 
on file refaults (Kuo-Hsin Yang) - ext4: allow directory holes (Theodore 
Ts'o) - ext4: use jbd2_inode dirty range scoping (Ross Zwisler) - jbd2: 
introduce jbd2_inode dirty range scoping (Ross Zwisler) - mm: add 
filemap_fdatawait_range_keep_errors() (Ross Zwisler) - ext4: enforce the 
immutable flag on open files (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: don't allow any 
modifications to an immutable file (Darrick J. Wong) - MIPS: lb60: Fix 
pin mappings (Paul Cercueil) - dma-buf: Discard old fence_excl on 
retrying get_fences_rcu for realloc (Chris Wilson) - dma-buf: balance 
refcount inbalance (Jérôme Glisse) - net: bridge: stp: don't cache eth 
dest pointer before skb pull (Nikolay Aleksandrov) - net: bridge: mcast: 
fix stale ipv6 hdr pointer when handling v6 query (Nikolay Aleksandrov) 
- net: bridge: mcast: fix stale nsrcs pointer in igmp3/mld2 report 
handling (Nikolay Aleksandrov) - tcp: Reset bytes_acked and 
bytes_received when disconnecting (Christoph Paasch) - tcp: fix 
tcp_set_congestion_control() use from bpf hook (Eric Dumazet) - net: 
make skb_dst_force return true when dst is refcounted (Florian Westphal) 
- bonding: validate ip header before check IPPROTO_IGMP (Cong Wang) - 
netrom: hold sock when setting skb->destructor (Cong Wang) - netrom: fix 
a memory leak in nr_rx_frame() (Cong Wang) - macsec: fix checksumming 
after decryption (Andreas Steinmetz) - macsec: fix use-after-free of skb 
during RX (Andreas Steinmetz) - vrf: make sure skb->data contains ip 
header to make routing (Peter Kosyh) - sky2: Disable MSI on ASUS P6T 
(Takashi Iwai) - rxrpc: Fix send on a connected, but unbound socket 
(David Howells) - nfc: fix potential illegal memory access (Yang Wei) - 
net: openvswitch: fix csum updates for MPLS actions (John Hurley) - net: 
neigh: fix multiple neigh timer scheduling (Lorenzo Bianconi) - net: 
dsa: mv88e6xxx: wait after reset deactivation (Baruch Siach) - net: 
bcmgenet: use promisc for unsupported filters (Justin Chen) - ipv4: 
don't set IPv6 only flags to IPv4 addresses (Matteo Croce) - igmp: fix 
memory leak in igmpv3_del_delrec() (Eric Dumazet) - caif-hsi: fix 
possible deadlock in cfhsi_exit_module() (Taehee Yoo) - bnx2x: Prevent 
ptp_task to be rescheduled indefinitely (Guilherme G. Piccoli) - bnx2x: 
Prevent load reordering in tx completion processing (Brian King) - 
lib/strscpy: Shut up KASAN false-positives in strscpy() (Andrey 
Ryabinin) - compiler.h: Add read_word_at_a_time() function. (Andrey 
Ryabinin) - compiler.h, kasan: Avoid duplicating 
__read_once_size_nocheck() (Andrey Ryabinin) - dt-bindings: allow up to 
four clocks for orion-mdio (Josua Mayer) - net: mvmdio: allow up to four 
clocks to be specified for orion-mdio (Josua Mayer) - usb: Handle USB3 
remote wakeup for LPM enabled devices correctly (Lee, Chiasheng) - 
Bluetooth: Add SMP workaround Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse bug 
(Szymon Janc) - intel_th: msu: Fix single mode with disabled IOMMU 
(Alexander Shishkin) - eCryptfs: fix a couple type promotion bugs (Dan 
Carpenter) - powerpc/watchpoint: Restore NV GPRs while returning from 
exception (Ravi Bangoria) - powerpc/32s: fix suspend/resume when IBATs 
4-7 are used (Christophe Leroy) - parisc: Fix kernel panic due invalid 
values in IAOQ0 or IAOQ1 (Helge Deller) - parisc: Ensure userspace 
privilege for ptraced processes in regset functions (Helge Deller) - 
crypto: caam - limit output IV to CBC to work around CTR mode DMA issue 
(Ard Biesheuvel) - PCI: hv: Fix a use-after-free bug in 
hv_eject_device_work() (Dexuan Cui) - gpu: ipu-v3: ipu-ic: Fix 
saturation bit offset in TPMEM (Steve Longerbeam) - coda: pass the host 
file in vma->vm_file on mmap (Jan Harkes) - libnvdimm/pfn: fix 
fsdax-mode namespace info-block zero-fields (Dan Williams) - HID: wacom: 
correct touch resolution x/y typo (Aaron Armstrong Skomra) - HID: wacom: 
generic: only switch the mode on devices with LEDs (Aaron Armstrong 
Skomra) - Btrfs: add missing inode version, ctime and mtime updates when 
punching hole (Filipe Manana) - Btrfs: fix fsync not persisting dentry 
deletions due to inode evictions (Filipe Manana) - Btrfs: fix data loss 
after inode eviction, renaming it, and fsync it (Filipe Manana) - PCI: 
Do not poll for PME if the device is in D3cold (Mika Westerberg) - 
intel_th: pci: Add Ice Lake NNPI support (Alexander Shishkin) - 
perf/x86/amd/uncore: Set the thread mask for F17h L3 PMCs (Kim Phillips) 
- perf/x86/amd/uncore: Do not set 'ThreadMask' and 'SliceMask' for 
non-L3 PMCs (Kim Phillips) - x86/boot: Fix memory leak in 
default_get_smp_config() (David Rientjes) - 9p/virtio: Add cleanup path 
in p9_virtio_init (YueHaibing) - 9p/xen: Add cleanup path in 
p9_trans_xen_init (YueHaibing) - xen/events: fix binding user event 
channels to cpus (Juergen Gross) - dm zoned: fix zone state management 
race (Damien Le Moal) - padata: use smp_mb in padata_reorder to avoid 
orphaned padata jobs (Daniel Jordan) - drm/nouveau/i2c: Enable i2c pads 
& busses during preinit (Lyude Paul) - fs/proc/proc_sysctl.c: fix the 
default values of i_uid/i_gid on /proc/sys inodes. (Radoslaw Burny) - 
arm64: tegra: Fix AGIC register range (Jon Hunter) - KVM: x86/vPMU: 
refine kvm_pmu err msg when event creation failed (Like Xu) - media: 
coda: Remove unbalanced and unneeded mutex unlock (Ezequiel Garcia) - 
media: v4l2: Test type instead of cfg->type in v4l2_ctrl_new_custom() 
(Boris Brezillon) - ALSA: hda/realtek: apply ALC891 headset fixup to one 
Dell machine (Hui Wang) - ALSA: seq: Break too long mutex context in the 
write loop (Takashi Iwai) - ASoC: dapm: Adapt for debugfs API change 
(Mark Brown) - lib/scatterlist: Fix mapping iterator when sg->offset is 
greater than PAGE_SIZE (Christophe Leroy) - pnfs/flexfiles: Fix 
PTR_ERR() dereferences in ff_layout_track_ds_error (Trond Myklebust) - 
NFSv4: Handle the special Linux file open access mode (Trond Myklebust) 
- iwlwifi: pcie: fix ALIVE interrupt handling for gen2 devices w/o MSI-X 
(Emmanuel Grumbach) - iwlwifi: pcie: don't service an interrupt that was 
masked (Emmanuel Grumbach) - arm64: tegra: Update Jetson TX1 GPU 
regulator timings (Jon Hunter) - regulator: s2mps11: Fix buck7 and buck8 
wrong voltages (Krzysztof Kozlowski) - Input: alps - fix a mismatch 
between a condition check and its comment (Hui Wang) - Input: synaptics 
- whitelist Lenovo T580 SMBus intertouch (Nick Black) - Input: alps - 
don't handle ALPS cs19 trackpoint-only device (Hui Wang) - crypto: 
crypto4xx - fix a potential double free in ppc4xx_trng_probe (Wen Yang) 
- crypto: ccp/gcm - use const time tag comparison. (Cfir Cohen) - 
crypto: ccp - memset structure fields to zero before reuse (Hook, Gary) 
- crypto: chacha20poly1305 - fix atomic sleep when using async algorithm 
(Eric Biggers) - crypto: arm64/sha2-ce - correct digest for empty data 
in finup (Elena Petrova) - crypto: arm64/sha1-ce - correct digest for 
empty data in finup (Elena Petrova) - crypto: ccp - Validate the the 
error value used to index error messages (Hook, Gary) - crypto: ghash - 
fix unaligned memory access in ghash_setkey() (Eric Biggers) - scsi: 
mac_scsi: Fix pseudo DMA implementation, take 2 (Finn Thain) - scsi: 
mac_scsi: Increase PIO/PDMA transfer length threshold (Finn Thain) - 
scsi: core: Fix race on creating sense cache (Ming Lei) - Revert "scsi: 
ncr5380: Increase register polling limit" (Finn Thain) - scsi: NCR5380: 
Always re-enable reselection interrupt (Finn Thain) - scsi: NCR5380: 
Reduce goto statements in NCR5380_select() (Finn Thain) - floppy: fix 
invalid pointer dereference in drive_name (Denis Efremov) - floppy: fix 
out-of-bounds read in next_valid_format (Denis Efremov) - iavf: fix 
dereference of null rx_buffer pointer (Colin Ian King) - net: mvmdio: 
defer probe of orion-mdio if a clock is not ready (Josua Mayer) - gtp: 
fix use-after-free in gtp_newlink() (Taehee Yoo) - gtp: fix 
use-after-free in gtp_encap_destroy() (Taehee Yoo) - gtp: fix Illegal 
context switch in RCU read-side critical section. (Taehee Yoo) - gtp: 
fix suspicious RCU usage (Taehee Yoo) - Bluetooth: validate BLE 
connection interval updates (csonsino) - gtp: add missing 
gtp_encap_disable_sock() in gtp_encap_enable() (Taehee Yoo) - Bluetooth: 
Check state in l2cap_disconnect_rsp (Matias Karhumaa) - Bluetooth: 
6lowpan: search for destination address in all peers (Josua Mayer) - 
Bluetooth: hci_bcsp: Fix memory leak in rx_skb (Tomas Bortoli) - 
gpiolib: Fix references to gpiod_[gs]et_*value_cansleep() variants 
(Geert Uytterhoeven) - net: usb: asix: init MAC address buffers (Phong 
Tran) - perf stat: Make metric event lookup more robust (Andi Kleen) - 
iwlwifi: mvm: Drop large non sta frames (Andrei Otcheretianski) - 
ath10k: destroy sdio workqueue while remove sdio module (Wen Gong) - 
net: hns3: add some error checking in hclge_tm module (Yunsheng Lin) - 
net: hns3: fix a -Wformat-nonliteral compile warning (Yonglong Liu) - 
bcache: check c->gc_thread by IS_ERR_OR_NULL in cache_set_flush() (Coly 
Li) - EDAC: Fix global-out-of-bounds write when setting 
edac_mc_poll_msec (Eiichi Tsukata) - crypto: asymmetric_keys - select 
CRYPTO_HASH where needed (Arnd Bergmann) - crypto: serpent - mark 
__serpent_setkey_sbox noinline (Arnd Bergmann) - ixgbe: Check DDM 
existence in transceiver before access (Mauro S. M. Rodrigues) - rslib: 
Fix handling of of caller provided syndrome (Ferdinand Blomqvist) - 
rslib: Fix decoding of shortened codes (Ferdinand Blomqvist) - 
clocksource/drivers/exynos_mct: Increase priority over ARM arch timer 
(Marek Szyprowski) - libata: don't request sense data on !ZAC ATA 
devices (Tejun Heo) - ath10k: fix PCIE device wake up failed (Miaoqing 
Pan) - ath10k: add missing error handling (Claire Chang) - ipvs: fix 
tinfo memory leak in start_sync_thread (Julian Anastasov) - mt7601u: fix 
possible memory leak when the device is disconnected (Lorenzo Bianconi) 
- x86/build: Add 'set -e' to mkcapflags.sh to delete broken capflags.c 
(Masahiro Yamada) - mt7601u: do not schedule rx_tasklet when the device 
has been disconnected (Lorenzo Bianconi) - rtlwifi: rtl8192cu: fix error 
handle when usb probe failed (Ping-Ke Shih) - media: hdpvr: fix locking 
and a missing msleep (Hans Verkuil) - media: vimc: cap: check 
v4l2_fill_pixfmt return value (André Almeida) - media: coda: increment 
sequence offset for the last returned frame (Philipp Zabel) - media: 
coda: fix last buffer handling in V4L2_ENC_CMD_STOP (Marco Felsch) - 
media: coda: fix mpeg2 sequence number handling (Philipp Zabel) - 
acpi/arm64: ignore 5.1 FADTs that are reported as 5.0 (Ard Biesheuvel) - 
timer_list: Guard procfs specific code (Nathan Huckleberry) - ntp: Limit 
TAI-UTC offset (Miroslav Lichvar) - media: i2c: fix warning same module 
names (Anders Roxell) - media: s5p-mfc: Make additional clocks optional 
(Marek Szyprowski) - ipvs: defer hook registration to avoid leaks 
(Julian Anastasov) - ipsec: select crypto ciphers for xfrm_algo (Arnd 
Bergmann) - EDAC/sysfs: Fix memory leak when creating a csrow object 
(Pan Bian) - ipoib: correcly show a VF hardware address (Denis Kirjanov) 
- vhost_net: disable zerocopy by default (Jason Wang) - perf evsel: Make 
perf_evsel__name() accept a NULL argument (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) - 
x86/atomic: Fix smp_mb__{before,after}_atomic() (Peter Zijlstra) - 
sched/core: Add __sched tag for io_schedule() (Gao Xiang) - xfrm: fix sa 
selector validation (Nicolas Dichtel) - blkcg, writeback: dead memcgs 
shouldn't contribute to writeback ownership arbitration (Tejun Heo) - 
x86/cpufeatures: Add FDP_EXCPTN_ONLY and ZERO_FCS_FDS (Aaron Lewis) - 
rcu: Force inlining of rcu_read_lock() (Waiman Long) - bpf: silence 
warning messages in core (Valdis Kletnieks) - regmap: fix bulk writes on 
paged registers (Srinivas Kandagatla) - gpio: omap: ensure irq is 
enabled before wakeup (Russell King) - gpio: omap: fix lack of 
irqstatus_raw0 for OMAP4 (Russell King) - iommu: Fix a leak in 
iommu_insert_resv_region (Eric Auger) - media: fdp1: Support M3N and E3 
platforms (Kieran Bingham) - perf test 6: Fix missing kvm module load 
for s390 (Thomas Richter) - perf cs-etm: Properly set the value of 'old' 
and 'head' in snapshot mode (Mathieu Poirier) - ipset: Fix memory 
accounting for hash types on resize (Stefano Brivio) - net: sfp: add 
mutex to prevent concurrent state checks (Robert Hancock) - RAS/CEC: Fix 
pfn insertion (Borislav Petkov) - s390/qdio: handle PENDING state for 
QEBSM devices (Julian Wiedmann) - net: axienet: Fix race condition 
causing TX hang (Robert Hancock) - net: fec: Do not use netdev messages 
too early (Fabio Estevam) - net: stmmac: dwmac4: fix flow control issue 
(Biao Huang) - cpupower : frequency-set -r option misses the last cpu in 
related cpu list (Abhishek Goel) - media: wl128x: Fix some error 
handling in fm_v4l2_init_video_device() (Kefeng Wang) - locking/lockdep: 
Fix merging of hlocks with non-zero references (Imre Deak) - tua6100: 
Avoid build warnings. (David S. Miller) - crypto: talitos - Align SEC1 
accesses to 32 bits boundaries. (Christophe Leroy) - crypto: talitos - 
properly handle split ICV. (Christophe Leroy) - net: phy: Check against 
net_device being NULL (Ioana Ciornei) - media: staging: media: 
davinci_vpfe: - Fix for memory leak if decoder initialization fails. 
(Shailendra Verma) - media: mc-device.c: don't memset __user pointer 
contents (Hans Verkuil) - fscrypt: clean up some BUG_ON()s in block 
encryption/decryption (Eric Biggers) - xfrm: Fix xfrm sel prefix length 
validation (Anirudh Gupta) - af_key: fix leaks in key_pol_get_resp and 
dump_sp. (Jeremy Sowden) - signal/pid_namespace: Fix reboot_pid_ns to 
use send_sig not force_sig (Eric W. Biederman) - qed: Set the doorbell 
address correctly (Michal Kalderon) - net: stmmac: dwmac4/5: Clear 
unused address entries (Jose Abreu) - net: stmmac: dwmac1000: Clear 
unused address entries (Jose Abreu) - media: media_device_enum_links32: 
clean a reserved field (Jungo Lin) - media: vpss: fix a potential NULL 
pointer dereference (Kangjie Lu) - media: marvell-ccic: fix DMA s/g desc 
number calculation (Lubomir Rintel) - crypto: talitos - fix skcipher 
failure due to wrong output IV (Christophe Leroy) - media: spi: IR LED: 
add missing of table registration (Daniel Gomez) - batman-adv: fix for 
leaked TVLV handler. (Jeremy Sowden) - ath: DFS JP domain W56 fixed 
pulse type 3 RADAR detection (Anilkumar Kolli) - ath6kl: add some bounds 
checking (Dan Carpenter) - ath9k: Check for errors when reading SREV 
register (Tim Schumacher) - ath10k: Do not send probe response template 
for mesh (Surabhi Vishnoi) - wil6210: fix potential out-of-bounds read 
(Gustavo A. R. Silva) - dmaengine: imx-sdma: fix use-after-free on probe 
error path (Sven Van Asbroeck) - scsi: iscsi: set auth_protocol back to 
NULL if CHAP_A value is not supported (Maurizio Lombardi) - arm64/efi: 
Mark __efistub_stext_offset as an absolute symbol explicitly (Nathan 
Chancellor) - MIPS: fix build on non-linux hosts (Kevin 
Darbyshire-Bryant) - MIPS: ath79: fix ar933x uart parity mode (Stefan 
Hellermann) - Linux 4.14.134 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - drm/udl: move to 
embedding drm device inside udl device. (Dave Airlie) - drm/udl: 
introduce a macro to convert dev to udl. (Dave Airlie) - crypto/NX: Set 
receive window credits to max number of CRBs in RxFIFO (Haren Myneni) - 
s390/qdio: don't touch the dsci in tiqdio_add_input_queues() (Julian 
Wiedmann) - s390/qdio: (re-)initialize tiqdio list entries (Julian 
Wiedmann) - s390: fix stfle zero padding (Heiko Carstens) - ARC: hide 
unused function unw_hdr_alloc (Arnd Bergmann) - linux/kernel.h: fix 
overflow for DIV_ROUND_UP_ULL (Vinod Koul) - cpu/hotplug: Fix 
out-of-bounds read when setting fail state (Eiichi Tsukata) - 
x86/boot/64: Fix crash if kernel image crosses page table boundary 
(Kirill A. Shutemov) - dm verity: use message limit for data block 
corruption message (Milan Broz) - ARM: dts: imx6ul: fix PWM[1-4] 
interrupts (Sébastien Szymanski) - sis900: fix TX completion (Sergej 
Benilov) - ppp: mppe: Add softdep to arc4 (Takashi Iwai) - be2net: fix 
link failure after ethtool offline test (Petr Oros) - ARM: omap2: remove 
incorrect __init annotation (Arnd Bergmann) - perf/core: Fix 
perf_sample_regs_user() mm check (Peter Zijlstra) - efi/bgrt: Drop BGRT 
status field reserved bits check (Hans de Goede) - clk: ti: clkctrl: Fix 
returning uninitialized data (Tony Lindgren) - MIPS: Remove superfluous 
check for __linux__ (Sean Young) - VMCI: Fix integer overflow in VMCI 
handle arrays (Vishnu DASA) - carl9170: fix misuse of device driver API 
(Christian Lamparter) - binder: fix memory leak in error path (Todd 
Kjos) - staging: comedi: amplc_pci230: fix null pointer deref on 
interrupt (Ian Abbott) - staging: comedi: dt282x: fix a null pointer 
deref on interrupt (Ian Abbott) - usb: renesas_usbhs: add a workaround 
for a race condition of workqueue (Yoshihiro Shimoda) - usb: gadget: 
ether: Fix race between gether_disconnect and rx_submit (Kiruthika 
Varadarajan) - p54usb: Fix race between disconnect and firmware loading 
(Alan Stern) - Revert "serial: 8250: Don't service RX FIFO if interrupts 
are disabled" (Oliver Barta) - USB: serial: option: add support for 
GosunCn ME3630 RNDIS mode (Jörgen Storvist) - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add 
ID for isodebug v1 (Andreas Fritiofson) - mwifiex: Don't abort on small, 
spec-compliant vendor IEs (Brian Norris) - mwifiex: Fix heap overflow in 
mwifiex_uap_parse_tail_ies() (Takashi Iwai) - mwifiex: Abort at too 
short BSS descriptor element (Takashi Iwai) - Documentation: Add section 
about CPU vulnerabilities for Spectre (Tim Chen) - x86/tls: Fix possible 
spectre-v1 in do_get_thread_area() (Dianzhang Chen) - x86/ptrace: Fix 
possible spectre-v1 in ptrace_get_debugreg() (Dianzhang Chen) - block, 
bfq: NULL out the bic when it's no longer valid (Douglas Anderson) - 
ALSA: hda/realtek - Headphone Mic can't record after S3 (Kailang Yang) - 
udf: Fix incorrect final NOT_ALLOCATED (hole) extent length (Steven J. 
Magnani) - fscrypt: don't set policy for a dead directory (Hongjie Fang) 
- net :sunrpc :clnt :Fix xps refcount imbalance on the error path (Lin 
Yi) - net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: fix shift of FID bits in 
mv88e6185_g1_vtu_loadpurge() (Rasmus Villemoes) - quota: fix a problem 
about transfer quota (yangerkun) - net: lio_core: fix potential 
sign-extension overflow on large shift (Colin Ian King) - ip6_tunnel: 
allow not to count pkts on tstats by passing dev as NULL (Xin Long) - 
drm: return -EFAULT if copy_to_user() fails (Dan Carpenter) - bnx2x: 
Check if transceiver implements DDM before access (Mauro S. M. 
Rodrigues) - md: fix for divide error in status_resync (Mariusz Tkaczyk) 
- qmi_wwan: extend permitted QMAP mux_id value range (Reinhard Speyerer) 
- qmi_wwan: avoid RCU stalls on device disconnect when in QMAP mode 
(Reinhard Speyerer) - qmi_wwan: add support for QMAP padding in the RX 
path (Reinhard Speyerer) - mac80211: only warn once on chanctx_conf 
being NULL (Yibo Zhao) - ARM: davinci: da8xx: specify dma_coherent_mask 
for lcdc (Bartosz Golaszewski) - ARM: davinci: da850-evm: call 
regulator_has_full_constraints() (Bartosz Golaszewski) - mlxsw: 
spectrum: Disallow prio-tagged packets when PVID is removed (Ido 
Schimmel) - KVM: arm/arm64: vgic: Fix kvm_device leak in 
vgic_its_destroy (Dave Martin) - Input: imx_keypad - make sure keyboard 
can always wake up system (Anson Huang) - ARM: dts: am335x phytec 
boards: Fix cd-gpios active level (Teresa Remmet) - ibmvnic: Refresh 
device multicast list after reset (Thomas Falcon) - can: af_can: Fix 
error path of can_init() (YueHaibing) - can: m_can: implement errata 
"Needless activation of MRAF irq" (Eugen Hristev) - can: mcp251x: add 
support for mcp25625 (Sean Nyekjaer) - dt-bindings: can: mcp251x: add 
mcp25625 support (Sean Nyekjaer) - netfilter: ipv6: nf_defrag: accept 
duplicate fragments again (Guillaume Nault) - netfilter: ipv6: 
nf_defrag: fix leakage of unqueued fragments (Guillaume Nault) - 
iwlwifi: Fix double-free problems in iwl_req_fw_callback() (Jia-Ju Bai) 
- mwifiex: Fix possible buffer overflows at parsing bss descriptor 
(Takashi Iwai) {CVE-2019-3846}
- mac80211: free peer keys before vif down in mesh (Pradeep Kumar 
Chitrapu) - mac80211: mesh: fix RCU warning (Thomas Pedersen) - 
staging:iio:ad7150: fix threshold mode config bit (Melissa Wen) - bpf: 
sockmap, fix use after free from sleep in psock backlog workqueue (John 
Fastabend) - samples, bpf: fix to change the buffer size for read() 
(Chang-Hsien Tsai) - Input: elantech - enable middle button support on 2 
ThinkPads (Aaron Ma) - crypto: talitos - rename alternative AEAD algos. 
(Christophe Leroy) - drivers: base: cacheinfo: Ensure cpu hotplug work 
is done before Intel RDT (James Morse) - nilfs2: do not use unexported 
cpu_to_le32()/le32_to_cpu() in uapi header (Masahiro Yamada) - Input: 
synaptics - enable SMBUS on T480 thinkpad trackpad (Cole Rogers) - 
e1000e: start network tx queue only when link is up (Konstantin 
Khlebnikov) - Revert "e1000e: fix cyclic resets at link up with active 
tx" (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - Linux 4.14.133 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
stable/btrfs: fix backport bug in d819d97ea025 ("btrfs: honor 
path->skip_locking in backref code") (Stanislaw Gruszka) - dmaengine: 
imx-sdma: remove BD_INTR for channel0 (Robin Gong) - MIPS: Add missing 
EHB in mtc0 -> mfc0 sequence. (Dmitry Korotin) - MIPS: Fix bounds check 
virt_addr_valid (Hauke Mehrtens) - svcrdma: Ignore source port when 
computing DRC hash (Chuck Lever) - KVM: LAPIC: Fix pending interrupt in 
IRR blocked by software disable LAPIC (Wanpeng Li) - KVM: x86: degrade 
WARN to pr_warn_ratelimited (Paolo Bonzini) - ARC: handle gcc generated 
__builtin_trap for older compiler (Vineet Gupta) - tty: rocket: fix 
incorrect forward declaration of 'rp_init()' (Linus Torvalds) - vhost: 
vsock: add weight support (Jason Wang) {CVE-2019-3900}
- vhost_net: fix possible infinite loop (Jason Wang) {CVE-2019-3900}
- vhost: introduce vhost_exceeds_weight() (Jason Wang) - vhost_net: 
introduce vhost_exceeds_weight() (Jason Wang) - vhost_net: use packet 
weight for rx handler, too (Paolo Abeni) - vhost-net: set packet weight 
of tx polling to 2 * vq size (haibinzhang(张海斌)) - btrfs: Ensure replaced 
device doesn't have pending chunk allocation (Nikolay Borisov) - 
mm/vmscan.c: prevent useless kswapd loops (Shakeel Butt) - ftrace/x86: 
Remove possible deadlock between register_kprobe() and 
ftrace_run_update_code() (Petr Mladek) - drm/imx: only send event on 
crtc disable if kept disabled (Robert Beckett) - drm/imx: notify drm 
core before sending event during crtc disable (Robert Beckett) - 
drm/amdgpu/gfx9: use reset default for PA_SC_FIFO_SIZE (Alex Deucher) - 
arm64: kaslr: keep modules inside module region when KASAN is enabled 
(Ard Biesheuvel) - tracing/snapshot: Resize spare buffer if size changed 
(Eiichi Tsukata) - lib/mpi: Fix karactx leak in mpi_powm (Herbert Xu) - 
ALSA: hda/realtek - Change front mic location for Lenovo M710q (Dennis 
Wassenberg) - ALSA: usb-audio: fix sign unintended sign extension on 
left shifts (Colin Ian King) - ALSA: firewire-lib/fireworks: fix miss 
detection of received MIDI messages (Takashi Sakamoto) - ALSA: seq: fix 
incorrect order of dest_client/dest_ports arguments (Colin Ian King) - 
crypto: cryptd - Fix skcipher instance memory leak (Vincent Whitchurch) 
- crypto: user - prevent operating on larval algorithms (Eric Biggers) - 
drm/i915/dmc: protect against reading random memory (Lucas De Marchi) - 
MIPS: netlogic: xlr: Remove erroneous check in nlm_fmn_send() (Paul 
Burton) - ftrace: Fix NULL pointer dereference in 
free_ftrace_func_mapper() (Wei Li) - module: Fix livepatch/ftrace module 
text permissions race (Josh Poimboeuf) - mm/mlock.c: change 
count_mm_mlocked_page_nr return type (swkhack) - 
scripts/decode_stacktrace.sh: prefix addr2line with $CROSS_COMPILE 
(Manuel Traut) - cpuset: restore sanity to 
cpuset_cpus_allowed_fallback() (Joel Savitz) - platform/x86: 
mlx-platform: Fix parent device in i2c-mux-reg device registration 
(Vadim Pasternak) - scsi: hpsa: correct ioaccel2 chaining (Don Brace) - 
SoC: rt274: Fix internal jack assignment in set_jack callback (Amadeusz 
Sławiński) - usb: gadget: udc: lpc32xx: allocate descriptor with 
GFP_ATOMIC (Alexandre Belloni) - usb: gadget: fusb300_udc: Fix memory 
leak of fusb300->ep[i] (Young Xiao) - ASoC: sun4i-i2s: Add offset to RX 
channel select (Marcus Cooper) - ASoC: sun4i-i2s: Fix sun8i tx channel 
offset mask (Marcus Cooper) - ASoC: max98090: remove 24-bit format 
support if RJ is 0 (Yu-Hsuan Hsu) - drm/mediatek: call mtk_dsi_stop() 
after mtk_drm_crtc_atomic_disable() (Hsin-Yi Wang) - drm/mediatek: call 
drm_atomic_helper_shutdown() when unbinding driver (Hsin-Yi Wang) - 
drm/mediatek: fix unbind functions (Hsin-Yi Wang) - spi: bitbang: Fix 
NULL pointer dereference in spi_unregister_master (YueHaibing) - ASoC: 
soc-pcm: BE dai needs prepare when pause release after resume (Libin 
Yang) - ASoC : cs4265 : readable register too low (Matt Flax) - 
Bluetooth: Fix faulty expression for minimum encryption key size check 
(Matias Karhumaa) - rds: ib: __flush_neigh_conn error messages in syslog 
during failover/failback (Dag Moxnes) [Orabug: 30478312] - rds: Cancel 
pending connections on connection request (Dag Moxnes) [Orabug: 
30473443] - mISDN: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets (Ori Nimron) 
[Orabug: 30445154] {CVE-2019-17055}
- ieee802154: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets (Ori Nimron) [Orabug: 
30444944] {CVE-2019-17053}
- media: dvb: usb: fix use after free in dvb_usb_device_exit (Oliver 
Neukum) [Orabug: 30211023] {CVE-2019-15213}

- kdump: decouple trace_extern_vmcoreinfo_setup from CONFIG_TRACING 
(Dave Kleikamp) [Orabug: 30484225] - kvm: x86: mmu: Recovery of 
shattered NX large pages (Junaid Shahid) [Orabug: 29967616] {CVE-2018-12207}
- kvm: Add helper function for creating VM worker threads (Junaid 
Shahid) [Orabug: 29967616] {CVE-2018-12207}
- kvm: mmu: ITLB_MULTIHIT mitigation (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 29967616] 
- x86: Add ITLB_MULTIHIT bug infrastructure (Pawan Gupta) [Orabug: 
29967616] {CVE-2018-12207}
- KVM: x86: remove now unneeded hugepage gfn adjustment (Paolo Bonzini) 
[Orabug: 29967616] {CVE-2018-12207}
- KVM: x86: make FNAME(fetch) and __direct_map more similar (Paolo 
Bonzini) [Orabug: 29967616] {CVE-2018-12207}
- kvm: x86: Do not release the page inside mmu_set_spte() (Junaid 
Shahid) [Orabug: 29967616] {CVE-2018-12207}
- kvm: Convert kvm_lock to a mutex (Junaid Shahid) [Orabug: 29967616] 
- x86/tsx: Add config options to set tsx=on|off|auto (Michal Hocko) 
[Orabug: 29967670] {CVE-2019-11135}
- x86/speculation/taa: Add documentation for TSX Async Abort (Pawan 
Gupta) [Orabug: 29967670] {CVE-2019-11135}
- x86/tsx: Add "auto" option to the tsx= cmdline parameter (Pawan Gupta) 
[Orabug: 29967670] {CVE-2019-11135}
- kvm/x86: Export MDS_NO=0 to guests when TSX is enabled (Pawan Gupta) 
[Orabug: 29967670] {CVE-2019-11135}
- x86/speculation/taa: Add sysfs reporting for TSX Async Abort (Pawan 
Gupta) [Orabug: 29967670] {CVE-2019-11135}
- x86/speculation/taa: Add mitigation for TSX Async Abort (Pawan Gupta) 
[Orabug: 29967670] {CVE-2019-11135}
- x86/cpu: Add a "tsx=" cmdline option with TSX disabled by default 
(Pawan Gupta) [Orabug: 29967670] {CVE-2019-11135}
- x86/cpu: Add a helper function x86_read_arch_cap_msr() (Pawan Gupta) 
[Orabug: 29967670] {CVE-2019-11135}
- x86/msr: Add the IA32_TSX_CTRL MSR (Pawan Gupta) [Orabug: 29967670] 
- Linux 4.14.132 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - arm64: insn: Fix ldadd 
instruction encoding (Jean-Philippe Brucker) - tipc: pass tunnel dev as 
NULL to udp_tunnel(6)_xmit_skb (Xin Long) - futex: Update comments and 
docs about return values of arch futex code (Will Deacon) - bpf, arm64: 
use more scalable stadd over ldxr / stxr loop in xadd (Daniel Borkmann) 
- arm64: futex: Avoid copying out uninitialised stack in failed 
cmpxchg() (Will Deacon) - bpf: udp: ipv6: Avoid running reuseport's 
bpf_prog from __udp6_lib_err (Martin KaFai Lau) - bpf: udp: Avoid 
calling reuseport's bpf_prog from udp_gro (Martin KaFai Lau) - bonding: 
Always enable vlan tx offload (YueHaibing) - team: Always enable vlan tx 
offload (YueHaibing) - tun: wake up waitqueues after IFF_UP is set (Fei 
Li) - tipc: check msg->req data len in tipc_nl_compat_bearer_disable 
(Xin Long) - tipc: change to use register_pernet_device (Xin Long) - 
sctp: change to hold sk after auth shkey is created successfully (Xin 
Long) - net: stmmac: fixed new system time seconds value calculation 
(Roland Hii) - net: remove duplicate fetch in sock_getsockopt (JingYi 
Hou) - net/packet: fix memory leak in packet_set_ring() (Eric Dumazet) - 
ipv4: Use return value of inet_iif() for __raw_v4_lookup in the while 
loop (Stephen Suryaputra) - af_packet: Block execution of tasks waiting 
for transmit to complete in AF_PACKET (Neil Horman) - eeprom: at24: fix 
unexpected timeout under high load (Wang Xin) - cpu/speculation: Warn on 
unsupported mitigations= parameter (Geert Uytterhoeven) - NFS/flexfiles: 
Use the correct TCP timeout for flexfiles I/O (Trond Myklebust) - 
x86/microcode: Fix the microcode load on CPU hotplug for real (Thomas 
Gleixner) - x86/speculation: Allow guests to use SSBD even if host does 
not (Alejandro Jimenez) - scsi: vmw_pscsi: Fix use-after-free in 
pvscsi_queue_lck() (Jan Kara) - dm log writes: make sure super sector 
log updates are written in order (zhangyi (F)) - mm/page_idle.c: fix 
oops because end_pfn is larger than max_pfn (Colin Ian King) - 
fs/binfmt_flat.c: make load_flat_shared_library() work (Jann Horn) - 
mm/mempolicy.c: fix an incorrect rebind node in mpol_rebind_nodemask 
(zhong jiang) - fs/proc/array.c: allow reporting eip/esp for all 
coredumping threads (John Ogness) - Revert "compiler.h: update 
definition of unreachable()" (Sasha Levin) - qmi_wwan: Fix out-of-bounds 
read (Kristian Evensen) - net/9p: include trans_common.h to fix missing 
prototype warning. (Adeodato Simó) - 9p: p9dirent_read: check 
network-provided name length (Dominique Martinet) - 9p/rdma: remove 
useless check in cm_event_handler (Dominique Martinet) - 9p: acl: fix 
uninitialized iattr access (Dominique Martinet) - 9p/rdma: do not 
disconnect on down_interruptible EAGAIN (Dominique Martinet) - 9p/xen: 
fix check for xenbus_read error in front_probe (Dominique Martinet) - 
block: bio_iov_iter_get_pages: pin more pages for multi-segment IOs 
(Martin Wilck) - block: add a lower-level bio_add_page interface 
(Christoph Hellwig) - IB/hfi1: Close PSM sdma_progress sleep window 
(Mike Marciniszyn) - Revert "x86/uaccess, ftrace: Fix 
ftrace_likely_update() vs. SMAP" (Sasha Levin) - perf header: Fix 
unchecked usage of strncpy() (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) - perf help: 
Remove needless use of strncpy() (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) - perf ui 
helpline: Use strlcpy() as a shorter form of strncpy() + explicit set 
nul (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) - Linux 4.14.131 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
tcp: refine memory limit test in tcp_fragment() (Eric Dumazet) - Linux 
4.14.130 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - mac80211: Do not use stack memory with 
scatterlist for GMAC (Jouni Malinen) - mac80211: handle 
deauthentication/disassociation from TDLS peer (Yu Wang) - mac80211: 
drop robust management frames from unknown TA (Johannes Berg) - 
cfg80211: fix memory leak of wiphy device name (Eric Biggers) - SMB3: 
retry on STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES instead of failing write (Steve 
French) - Bluetooth: Fix regression with minimum encryption key size 
alignment (Marcel Holtmann) - Bluetooth: Align minimum encryption key 
size for LE and BR/EDR connections (Marcel Holtmann) - ARM: dts: 
am57xx-idk: Remove support for voltage switching for SD card (Faiz 
Abbas) - ARM: imx: cpuidle-imx6sx: Restrict the SW2ISO increase to 
i.MX6SX (Fabio Estevam) - powerpc/bpf: use unsigned division instruction 
for 64-bit operations (Naveen N. Rao) - can: purge socket error queue on 
sock destruct (Willem de Bruijn) - can: flexcan: fix timeout when set 
small bitrate (Joakim Zhang) - btrfs: start readahead also in seed 
devices (Naohiro Aota) - hwmon: (pmbus/core) Treat parameters as paged 
if on multiple pages (Robert Hancock) - hwmon: (core) add thermal 
sensors only if dev->of_node is present (Eduardo Valentin) - s390/qeth: 
fix VLAN attribute in bridge_hostnotify udev event (Alexandra Winter) - 
net: ipvlan: Fix ipvlan device tso disabled while NETIF_F_IP_CSUM is set 
(Miaohe Lin) - scsi: smartpqi: unlock on error in 
pqi_submit_raid_request_synchronous() (Dan Carpenter) - scsi: ufs: Check 
that space was properly alloced in copy_query_response (Avri Altman) - 
scripts/checkstack.pl: Fix arm64 wrong or unknown architecture (George 
G. Davis) - drm/arm/hdlcd: Allow a bit of clock tolerance (Robin Murphy) 
- drm/arm/hdlcd: Actually validate CRTC modes (Robin Murphy) - net: 
ethernet: mediatek: Use NET_IP_ALIGN to judge if HW RX_2BYTE_OFFSET is 
enabled (Sean Wang) - net: ethernet: mediatek: Use hw_feature to judge 
if HWLRO is supported (Sean Wang) - sparc: perf: fix updated event 
period in response to PERF_EVENT_IOC_PERIOD (Young Xiao) - mdesc: fix a 
missing-check bug in get_vdev_port_node_info() (Gen Zhang) - net: hns: 
Fix loopback test failed at copper ports (Yonglong Liu) - net: dsa: 
mv88e6xxx: avoid error message on remove from VLAN 0 (Nikita Yushchenko) 
- xtensa: Fix section mismatch between memblock_reserve and mem_reserve 
(Guenter Roeck) - MIPS: uprobes: remove set but not used variable 'epc' 
(YueHaibing) - IB/hfi1: Validate page aligned for a given virtual 
address (Kamenee Arumugam) - IB/{qib, hfi1, rdmavt}: Correct ibv_devinfo 
max_mr value (Mike Marciniszyn) - IB/hfi1: Insure freeze_work 
work_struct is canceled on shutdown (Mike Marciniszyn) - IB/rdmavt: Fix 
alloc_qpn() WARN_ON() (Mike Marciniszyn) - parisc: Fix compiler warnings 
in float emulation code (Helge Deller) - parport: Fix mem leak in 
parport_register_dev_model (YueHaibing) - ARC: [plat-hsdk]: Add missing 
FIFO size entry in GMAC node (Jose Abreu) - ARC: [plat-hsdk]: Add 
missing multicast filter bins number to GMAC node (Jose Abreu) - ARC: 
fix build warnings (Vineet Gupta) - apparmor: enforce nullbyte at end of 
tag string (Jann Horn) - Input: uinput - add compat ioctl number 
translation for UI_*_FF_UPLOAD (Andrey Smirnov) - Input: synaptics - 
enable SMBus on ThinkPad E480 and E580 (Alexander Mikhaylenko) - 
IB/hfi1: Silence txreq allocation warnings (Mike Marciniszyn) - usb: 
chipidea: udc: workaround for endpoint conflict issue (Peter Chen) - 
scsi: ufs: Avoid runtime suspend possibly being blocked forever (Stanley 
Chu) - mmc: core: Prevent processing SDIO IRQs when the card is 
suspended (Ulf Hansson) - net: phy: broadcom: Use strlcpy() for 
ethtool::get_strings (Florian Fainelli) - gcc-9: silence 
'address-of-packed-member' warning (Linus Torvalds) - objtool: Support 
per-function rodata sections (Allan Xavier) - tracing: Silence GCC 9 
array bounds warning (Miguel Ojeda) - Linux 4.14.129 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - Abort file_remove_privs() for non-reg. files (Alexander 
Lochmann) - coredump: fix race condition between collapse_huge_page() 
and core dumping (Andrea Arcangeli) - HID: wacom: Send BTN_TOUCH in 
response to INTUOSP2_BT eraser contact (Jason Gerecke) - HID: wacom: 
Don't report anything prior to the tool entering range (Jason Gerecke) - 
HID: wacom: Don't set tool type until we're in range (Jason Gerecke) - 
mlxsw: spectrum: Prevent force of 56G (Amit Cohen) - scsi: libsas: 
delete sas port if expander discover failed (Jason Yan) - scsi: 
scsi_dh_alua: Fix possible null-ptr-deref (YueHaibing) - scsi: smartpqi: 
properly set both the DMA mask and the coherent DMA mask (Lianbo Jiang) 
- scsi: libcxgbi: add a check for NULL pointer in cxgbi_check_route() 
(Varun Prakash) - net: phy: dp83867: Set up RGMII TX delay (Max Uvarov) 
- net: sh_eth: fix mdio access in sh_eth_close() for R-Car Gen2 and 
RZ/A1 SoCs (Yoshihiro Shimoda) - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Don't take 
kvm->lock around kvm_for_each_vcpu (Paul Mackerras) - KVM: PPC: Book3S: 
Use new mutex to synchronize access to rtas token list (Paul Mackerras) 
- ia64: fix build errors by exporting paddr_to_nid() (Randy Dunlap) - 
perf record: Fix s390 missing module symbol and warning for non-root 
users (Thomas Richter) - perf data: Fix 'strncat may truncate' build 
failure with recent gcc (Shawn Landden) - configfs: Fix use-after-free 
when accessing sd->s_dentry (Sahitya Tummala) - ALSA: hda - Force 
polling mode on CNL for fixing codec communication (Bard Liao) - i2c: 
dev: fix potential memory leak in i2cdev_ioctl_rdwr (Yingjoe Chen) - 
net: aquantia: fix LRO with FCS error (Dmitry Bogdanov) - net: tulip: 
de4x5: Drop redundant MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE() (Kees Cook) - gpio: fix 
gpio-adp5588 build errors (Randy Dunlap) - perf/ring-buffer: Always use 
{READ,WRITE}_ONCE() for rb->user_page data (Peter Zijlstra) - 
perf/ring_buffer: Add ordering to rb->nest increment (Peter Zijlstra) - 
perf/ring_buffer: Fix exposing a temporarily decreased data_head (Yabin 
Cui) - x86/CPU/AMD: Don't force the CPB cap when running under a 
hypervisor (Frank van der Linden) - mISDN: make sure device name is NUL 
terminated (Dan Carpenter) - powerpc/powernv: Return for invalid IMC 
domain (Anju T Sudhakar) - clk: ti: clkctrl: Fix clkdm_clk handling 
(Tony Lindgren) - selftests: netfilter: missing error check when setting 
up veth interface (Jeffrin Jose T) - ipvs: Fix use-after-free in 
ip_vs_in (YueHaibing) - netfilter: nf_queue: fix reinject verdict 
handling (Jagdish Motwani) - perf/x86/intel/ds: Fix EVENT vs. UEVENT 
PEBS constraints (Stephane Eranian) - Staging: vc04_services: Fix a 
couple error codes (Dan Carpenter) - sunhv: Fix device naming 
inconsistency between sunhv_console and sunhv_reg (John Paul Adrian 
Glaubitz) - sctp: Free cookie before we memdup a new one (Neil Horman) - 
net: openvswitch: do not free vport if register_netdevice() is failed. 
(Taehee Yoo) - neigh: fix use-after-free read in pneigh_get_next (Eric 
Dumazet) - lapb: fixed leak of control-blocks. (Jeremy Sowden) - ipv6: 
flowlabel: fl6_sock_lookup() must use atomic_inc_not_zero (Eric Dumazet) 
- be2net: Fix number of Rx queues used for flow hashing (Ivan Vecera) - 
ax25: fix inconsistent lock state in ax25_destroy_timer (Eric Dumazet) - 
perf machine: Guard against NULL in machine__exit() (Arnaldo Carvalho de 
Melo) - Linux 4.14.128 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - rtc: pcf8523: don't return 
invalid date when battery is low (Baruch Siach) - x86/kasan: Fix boot 
with 5-level paging and KASAN (Andrey Ryabinin) - x86/microcode, 
cpuhotplug: Add a microcode loader CPU hotplug callback (Borislav 
Petkov) - RAS/CEC: Fix binary search function (Borislav Petkov) - USB: 
serial: option: add Telit 0x1260 and 0x1261 compositions (Daniele 
Palmas) - USB: serial: option: add support for Simcom SIM7500/SIM7600 
RNDIS mode (Jörgen Storvist) - USB: serial: pl2303: add Allied Telesis 
VT-Kit3 (Chris Packham) - USB: usb-storage: Add new ID to ums-realtek 
(Kai-Heng Feng) - USB: Fix chipmunk-like voice when using Logitech C270 
for recording audio. (Marco Zatta) - usb: dwc2: host: Fix wMaxPacketSize 
handling (fix webcam regression) (Douglas Anderson) - usb: dwc2: Fix DMA 
cache alignment issues (Martin Schiller) - drm/vmwgfx: NULL pointer 
dereference from vmw_cmd_dx_view_define() (Murray McAllister) - 
drm/vmwgfx: integer underflow in vmw_cmd_dx_set_shader() leading to an 
invalid read (Murray McAllister) - KVM: s390: fix memory slot handling 
for KVM_SET_USER_MEMORY_REGION (Christian Borntraeger) - KVM: x86/pmu: 
do not mask the value that is written to fixed PMUs (Paolo Bonzini) - 
usbnet: ipheth: fix racing condition (Bernd Eckstein) - 
selftests/timers: Add missing fflush(stdout) calls (Kees Cook) - scsi: 
bnx2fc: fix incorrect cast to u64 on shift operation (Colin Ian King) - 
platform/x86: pmc_atom: Add several Beckhoff Automation boards to 
critclk_systems DMI table (Steffen Dirkwinkel) - platform/x86: pmc_atom: 
Add Lex 3I380D industrial PC to critclk_systems DMI table (Hans de 
Goede) - arm64/mm: Inhibit huge-vmap with ptdump (Mark Rutland) - scsi: 
lpfc: add check for loss of ndlp when sending RRQ (James Smart) - 
Drivers: misc: fix out-of-bounds access in function param_set_kgdbts_var 
(Young Xiao) - s390/kasan: fix strncpy_from_user kasan checks (Vasily 
Gorbik) - Revert "ALSA: seq: Protect in-kernel ioctl calls with mutex" 
(Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: seq: Fix race of get-subscription call vs 
port-delete ioctls (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: seq: Protect in-kernel ioctl 
calls with mutex (Takashi Iwai) - x86/uaccess, kcov: Disable stack 
protector (Peter Zijlstra) - drm/i915/sdvo: Implement proper HDMI audio 
support for SDVO (Ville Syrjälä) - ASoC: fsl_asrc: Fix the issue about 
unsupported rate (S.j. Wang) - ASoC: cs42xx8: Add regcache mask dirty 
(S.j. Wang) - cgroup: Use css_tryget() instead of css_tryget_online() in 
task_get_css() (Tejun Heo) - bcache: fix stack corruption by 
PRECEDING_KEY() (Coly Li) - i2c: acorn: fix i2c warning (Russell King) - 
iommu/arm-smmu: Avoid constant zero in TLBI writes (Robin Murphy) - 
media: v4l2-ioctl: clear fields in s_parm (Hans Verkuil) - ptrace: 
restore smp_rmb() in __ptrace_may_access() (Jann Horn) - signal/ptrace: 
Don't leak unitialized kernel memory with PTRACE_PEEK_SIGINFO (Eric W. 
Biederman) - mm/vmscan.c: fix trying to reclaim unevictable LRU page 
(Minchan Kim) - mm/list_lru.c: fix memory leak in 
__memcg_init_list_lru_node (Shakeel Butt) - libata: Extend quirks for 
the ST1000LM024 drives with NOLPM quirk (Hans de Goede) - ALSA: 
firewire-motu: fix destruction of data for isochronous resources 
(Takashi Sakamoto) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Update headset mode for ALC256 
(Kailang Yang) - ALSA: oxfw: allow PCM capture for Stanton SCS.1m 
(Takashi Sakamoto) - HID: wacom: Sync INTUOSP2_BT touch state after each 
frame if necessary (Jason Gerecke) - HID: wacom: Correct button 
numbering 2nd-gen Intuos Pro over Bluetooth (Jason Gerecke) - nouveau: 
Fix build with CONFIG_NOUVEAU_LEGACY_CTX_SUPPORT disabled (Thomas 
Backlund) - drm/nouveau: add kconfig option to turn off nouveau legacy 
contexts. (v3) (Dave Airlie) - Linux 4.14.127 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
tcp: add tcp_min_snd_mss sysctl (Eric Dumazet) {CVE-2019-11479}
- tcp: reduce tcp_fastretrans_alert() verbosity (Eric Dumazet) - Linux 
4.14.126 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - ALSA: seq: Cover unsubscribe_port() in 
list_mutex (Takashi Iwai) - drm: don't block fb changes for async plane 
updates (Helen Koike) - Revert "drm/nouveau: add kconfig option to turn 
off nouveau legacy contexts. (v3)" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - Revert 
"Bluetooth: Align minimum encryption key size for LE and BR/EDR 
connections" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - percpu: do not search past bitmap 
when allocating an area (Dennis Zhou) - gpio: vf610: Do not share 
irq_chip (Andrey Smirnov) - usb: typec: fusb302: Check vconn is off when 
we start toggling (Hans de Goede) - ARM: exynos: Fix undefined 
instruction during Exynos5422 resume (Marek Szyprowski) - pwm: Fix 
deadlock warning when removing PWM device (Phong Hoang) - ARM: dts: 
exynos: Always enable necessary APIO_1V8 and ABB_1V8 regulators on 
Arndale Octa (Krzysztof Kozlowski) - pwm: tiehrpwm: Update shadow 
register for disabling PWMs (Christoph Vogtländer) - dmaengine: idma64: 
Use actual device for DMA transfers (Andy Shevchenko) - gpio: gpio-omap: 
add check for off wake capable gpios (Tony Lindgren) - PCI: xilinx: 
Check for __get_free_pages() failure (Kangjie Lu) - block, bfq: increase 
idling for weight-raised queues (Paolo Valente) - video: imsttfb: fix 
potential NULL pointer dereferences (Kangjie Lu) - video: hgafb: fix 
potential NULL pointer dereference (Kangjie Lu) - PCI: rcar: Fix 64bit 
MSI message address handling (Marek Vasut) - PCI: rcar: Fix a potential 
NULL pointer dereference (Kangjie Lu) - power: supply: max14656: fix 
potential use-before-alloc (Sven Van Asbroeck) - platform/x86: 
intel_pmc_ipc: adding error handling (Junxiao Chang) - PCI: rpadlpar: 
Fix leaked device_node references in add/remove paths (Tyrel Datwyler) - 
ARM: dts: imx6qdl: Specify IMX6QDL_CLK_IPG as "ipg" clock to SDMA 
(Andrey Smirnov) - ARM: dts: imx6sx: Specify IMX6SX_CLK_IPG as "ipg" 
clock to SDMA (Andrey Smirnov) - ARM: dts: imx6ul: Specify 
IMX6UL_CLK_IPG as "ipg" clock to SDMA (Andrey Smirnov) - ARM: dts: 
imx7d: Specify IMX7D_CLK_IPG as "ipg" clock to SDMA (Andrey Smirnov) - 
ARM: dts: imx6sx: Specify IMX6SX_CLK_IPG as "ahb" clock to SDMA (Andrey 
Smirnov) - ARM: dts: imx53: Specify IMX5_CLK_IPG as "ahb" clock to SDMA 
(Andrey Smirnov) - ARM: dts: imx50: Specify IMX5_CLK_IPG as "ahb" clock 
to SDMA (Andrey Smirnov) - ARM: dts: imx51: Specify IMX5_CLK_IPG as 
"ahb" clock to SDMA (Andrey Smirnov) - soc: rockchip: Set the proper PWM 
for rk3288 (Douglas Anderson) - clk: rockchip: Turn on "aclk_dmac1" for 
suspend on rk3288 (Douglas Anderson) - soc: mediatek: pwrap: Zero 
initialize rdata in pwrap_init_cipher (Nathan Chancellor) - PCI: 
keystone: Prevent ARM32 specific code to be compiled for ARM64 (Kishon 
Vijay Abraham I) - platform/chrome: cros_ec_proto: check for NULL 
transfer function (Enrico Granata) - x86/PCI: Fix PCI IRQ routing table 
memory leak (Wenwen Wang) - vfio: Fix WARNING "do not call blocking ops 
when !TASK_RUNNING" (Farhan Ali) - nfsd: allow fh_want_write to be 
called twice (J. Bruce Fields) - fuse: retrieve: cap requested size to 
negotiated max_write (Kirill Smelkov) - nvmem: core: fix read buffer in 
place (Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz) - ALSA: hda - Register irq handler after the 
chip initialization (Takashi Iwai) - misc: pci_endpoint_test: Fix 
test_reg_bar to be updated in pci_endpoint_test (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) 
- iommu/vt-d: Set intel_iommu_gfx_mapped correctly (Lu Baolu) - blk-mq: 
move cancel of requeue_work into blk_mq_release (Ming Lei) - watchdog: 
fix compile time error of pretimeout governors (Vladimir Zapolskiy) - 
watchdog: imx2_wdt: Fix set_timeout for big timeout values (Georg 
Hofmann) - mmc: mmci: Prevent polling for busy detection in IRQ context 
(Ludovic Barre) - uml: fix a boot splat wrt use of cpu_all_mask (Maciej 
Żenczykowski) - configfs: fix possible use-after-free in 
configfs_register_group (YueHaibing) - percpu: remove spurious lock 
dependency between percpu and sched (John Sperbeck) - f2fs: fix to do 
sanity check on valid block count of segment (Chao Yu) - f2fs: fix to 
avoid panic in dec_valid_block_count() (Chao Yu) - f2fs: fix to clear 
dirty inode in error path of f2fs_iget() (Chao Yu) - f2fs: fix to avoid 
panic in do_recover_data() (Chao Yu) - ntp: Allow TAI-UTC offset to be 
set to zero (Miroslav Lichvar) - pwm: meson: Use the spin-lock only to 
protect register modifications (Martin Blumenstingl) - EDAC/mpc85xx: 
Prevent building as a module (Michael Ellerman) - objtool: Don't use 
ignore flag for fake jumps (Josh Poimboeuf) - drm/bridge: adv7511: Fix 
low refresh rate selection (Matt Redfearn) - perf/x86/intel: Allow PEBS 
multi-entry in watermark mode (Stephane Eranian) - mfd: twl6040: Fix 
device init errors for ACCCTL register (Tony Lindgren) - 
drm/nouveau/disp/dp: respect sink limits when selecting failsafe link 
configuration (Ben Skeggs) - mfd: intel-lpss: Set the device in reset 
state when init (Binbin Wu) - mfd: tps65912-spi: Add missing of table 
registration (Daniel Gomez) - drivers: thermal: tsens: Don't print error 
message on -EPROBE_DEFER (Amit Kucheria) - thermal: rcar_gen3_thermal: 
disable interrupt in .remove (Jiada Wang) - kernel/sys.c: prctl: fix 
false positive in validate_prctl_map() (Cyrill Gorcunov) - mm/slab.c: 
fix an infinite loop in leaks_show() (Qian Cai) - mm/cma_debug.c: fix 
the break condition in cma_maxchunk_get() (Yue Hu) - mm/cma.c: fix the 
bitmap status to show failed allocation reason (Yue Hu) - mm/cma.c: fix 
crash on CMA allocation if bitmap allocation fails (Yue Hu) - 
mem-hotplug: fix node spanned pages when we have a node with only 
ZONE_MOVABLE (Linxu Fang) - hugetlbfs: on restore reserve error path 
retain subpool reservation (Mike Kravetz) - mm/hmm: select mmu notifier 
when selecting HMM (Jérôme Glisse) - ARM: prevent tracing 
IPI_CPU_BACKTRACE (Arnd Bergmann) - ipc: prevent lockup on alloc_msg and 
free_msg (Li Rongqing) - sysctl: return -EINVAL if val violates minmax 
(Christian Brauner) - fs/fat/file.c: issue flush after the writeback of 
FAT (Hou Tao) - rapidio: fix a NULL pointer dereference when 
create_workqueue() fails (Kangjie Lu)

- IB/cma: Resolve route only while receiving CM requests (Parav Pandit) 
[Orabug: 29772836] - IB/core: Refactor ib_init_ah_attr_from_path() for 
RoCE (Parav Pandit) [Orabug: 29772836] - IB/core: Simplify 
sa_path_set_[sd]lid() calls (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 29772836] - 
rdmaip: rdmaip does not send IPv6 address change notification (Ka-Cheong 
Poon) [Orabug: 30312121] - rds: ib: need to flush neighbor cache for 
local peer connections on failover (Dag Moxnes) [Orabug: 30417190] - 
rds: Rename rds_send_ping to rds_send_hs_ping (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 
30418039] - rds: Use {READ,WRITE}_ONCE for heartbeat start and state 
(Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30418039] - rds: Change heartbeat params from 
module params to sysctl (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30418039] - rds: Fix and 
augment probe counters (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30418039] - rds: Introduce 
heartbeat interval (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30418039] - rds: Fix heartbeat 
(Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30418039] - lib/list_sort: optimize number of 
calls to comparison function (George Spelvin) [Orabug: 28894138] - 
lib/list_sort: simplify and remove MAX_LIST_LENGTH_BITS (George Spelvin) 
[Orabug: 28894138] - lib/sort: avoid indirect calls to built-in swap 
(George Spelvin) [Orabug: 28894138] - lib/sort: use more efficient 
bottom-up heapsort variant (George Spelvin) [Orabug: 28894138] - 
lib/sort: make swap functions more generic (George Spelvin) [Orabug: 
28894138] - config-aarch64: change CONFIG_HZ and CONFIG_FRAME_WARN 
(Thomas Tai) [Orabug: 28894138] - net/mlx5: Fixed a typo in a comment in 
esw_del_uc_addr() (Qing Huang) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5e: Use 32 
bits to store VF representor SQ number (Or Gerlitz) [Orabug: 29357995] - 
net/mlx5: E-Switch, Enable vport metadata matching if firmware supports 
it (Jianbo Liu) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Add match on 
vport metadata for rule in slow path (Jianbo Liu) [Orabug: 29357995] - 
net/mlx5: E-Switch, Pass metadata from FDB to eswitch manager (Jianbo 
Liu) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Add query and modify esw 
vport context functions (Jianbo Liu) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: 
E-Switch, Add match on vport metadata for rule in fast path (Jianbo Liu) 
[Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5e: Specifying known origin of packets 
matching the flow (Jianbo Liu) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, 
Tag packet with vport number in VF vports and uplink ingress ACLs 
(Jianbo Liu) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Add flow context for flow 
tag (Jianbo Liu) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Introduce a helper API 
to check VF vport (Parav Pandit) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Support 
allocating modify header context from ingress ACL (Jianbo Liu) [Orabug: 
29357995] - net/mlx5: Get vport ACL namespace by vport index (Jianbo 
Liu) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Introduce vport metadata matching 
bits and enum constants (Jianbo Liu) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5e: Fix 
number of vports for ingress ACL configuration (Eli Britstein) [Orabug: 
29357995] - net/mlx5e: ACLs for priority tag mode (Eli Britstein) 
[Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: E-Switch: Introduce prio tag mode (Eli 
Britstein) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Assign a different 
position for uplink rep and vport (Bodong Wang) [Orabug: 29357995] - 
net/mlx5: E-Switch, Use getter and iterator to access vport/rep (Bodong 
Wang) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Refactor offloads flow 
steering init/cleanup (Bodong Wang) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: 
E-Switch, Properly refer to the esw manager vport (Bodong Wang) [Orabug: 
29357995] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Avoid magic numbers when initializing 
offloads mode (Bodong Wang) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Relocate 
vport macros to the vport header file (Bodong Wang) [Orabug: 29357995] - 
net/mlx5: E-Switch, Normalize the name of uplink vport number (Bodong 
Wang) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Provide an alternative VF upper 
bound for ECPF (Bodong Wang) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Add host 
params change event (Bodong Wang) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Use 
consistent vport num argument type (Bodong Wang) [Orabug: 29357995] - 
net/mlx5e: E-Switch, Add peer miss rules (Roi Dayan) [Orabug: 29357995] 
- net/mlx5: Introduce inter-device communication mechanism (Aviv Heller) 
[Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Cache the system image guid (Alaa 
Hleihel) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Rename modify/query_vport state 
related enums (Eran Ben Elisha) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Add 
forward compatible support for the FTE match data (Yishai Hadas) 
[Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Add source e-switch owner (Shahar Klein) 
[Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: Add merged e-switch cap (Roi Dayan) 
[Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5e: Clean static checker complaints on TC 
offload and VF reps code (Or Gerlitz) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: 
E-Switch, Move representors definition to a global scope (Mark Bloch) 
[Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Create a dedicated send to 
vport rule deletion function (Mark Bloch) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: 
E-Switch, Move mlx5e only logic outside E-Switch (Mark Bloch) [Orabug: 
29357995] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Refactor load/unload of representors 
(Mark Bloch) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Refactor vport 
representors initialization (Mark Bloch) [Orabug: 29357995] - net/mlx5: 
Enlarge the NIC TC offload table size (Or Gerlitz) [Orabug: 29357995] - 
Revert "net/mlx5: Split FDB fast path prio to multiple namespaces" 
(Jianbo Liu) [Orabug: 29357995] - floppy: fix div-by-zero in 
setup_format_params (Denis Efremov) [Orabug: 30109140] {CVE-2019-14284}
- rds: ib: Improve neighbor cache flush throttling (Dag Moxnes) [Orabug: 
30000214] - kexec: generate VMCOREINFO for modules (Isaac Chen) [Orabug: 
30447591] - perfutil: Warn when exceeding MAX_NR_CPUS in cpumap (Kyle 
Meyer) [Orabug: 30441318] - perf header: Replace MAX_NR_CPUS with 
cpu__max_cpu() (Kyle Meyer) [Orabug: 30441318] - perf machine: Replace 
MAX_NR_CPUS with perf_env::nr_cpus_online (Kyle Meyer) [Orabug: 
30441318] - perf session: Replace MAX_NR_CPUS with 
perf_env::nr_cpus_online (Kyle Meyer) [Orabug: 30441318] - perf stat: 
Replace MAX_NR_CPUS with cpu__max_cpu() (Kyle Meyer) [Orabug: 30441318] 
- perf svghelper: Replace MAX_NR_CPUS with perf_env::nr_cpus_online 
(Kyle Meyer) [Orabug: 30441318] - perf timechart: Refactor 
svg_build_topology_map() (Kyle Meyer) [Orabug: 30441318] - perf tools: 
Increase MAX_NR_CPUS and MAX_CACHES (Kyle Meyer) [Orabug: 30441318] - 
x86/boot/64: Round memory hole size up to next PMD page (Steve Wahl) 
[Orabug: 30441141] - x86/boot/64: Make level2_kernel_pgt pages invalid 
outside kernel area (Steve Wahl) [Orabug: 30441141] - ACPICA: Increase 
total number of possible Owner IDs (Bob Moore) [Orabug: 30448806] - 
Linux 4.14.125 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - ethtool: check the return value of 
get_regs_len (Yunsheng Lin) - ipv4: Define __ipv4_neigh_lookup_noref 
when CONFIG_INET is disabled (David Ahern) - fuse: Add FOPEN_STREAM to 
use stream_open() (Kirill Smelkov) - fs: stream_open - opener for 
stream-like files so that read and write can run simultaneously without 
deadlock (Kirill Smelkov) - qmi_wwan: Add quirk for Quectel dynamic 
config (Kristian Evensen) - TTY: serial_core, add ->install (Jiri Slaby) 
- drm/i915/fbc: disable framebuffer compression on GeminiLake (Daniel 
Drake) - drm/i915: Fix I915_EXEC_RING_MASK (Chris Wilson) - drm/radeon: 
prefer lower reference dividers (Christian König) - drm/amdgpu/psp: move 
psp version specific function pointers to early_init (Alex Deucher) - 
drm/nouveau: add kconfig option to turn off nouveau legacy contexts. 
(v3) (Dave Airlie) - drm/gma500/cdv: Check vbt config bits when 
detecting lvds panels (Patrik Jakobsson) - test_firmware: Use correct 
snprintf() limit (Dan Carpenter) - genwqe: Prevent an integer overflow 
in the ioctl (Dan Carpenter) - Revert "MIPS: perf: ath79: Fix perfcount 
IRQ assignment" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - MIPS: pistachio: Build uImage.gz 
by default (Paul Burton) - MIPS: Bounds check virt_addr_valid (Paul 
Burton) - i2c: xiic: Add max_read_len quirk (Robert Hancock) - 
x86/power: Fix 'nosmt' vs hibernation triple fault during resume (Jiri 
Kosina) - pstore/ram: Run without kernel crash dump region (Kees Cook) - 
pstore: Convert buf_lock to semaphore (Kees Cook) - pstore: Remove 
needless lock during console writes (Kees Cook) - fuse: fallocate: fix 
return with locked inode (Miklos Szeredi) - parisc: Use implicit space 
register selection for loading the coherence index of I/O pdirs (John 
David Anglin) - rcu: locking and unlocking need to always be at least 
barriers (Linus Torvalds) - Revert "fib_rules: return 0 directly if an 
exactly same rule exists when NLM_F_EXCL not supplied" (Hangbin Liu) - 
Revert "fib_rules: fix error in backport of e9919a24d302 ("fib_rules: 
return 0...")" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - ipv6: fix the check before getting 
the cookie in rt6_get_cookie (Xin Long) - net: sfp: read eeprom in 
maximum 16 byte increments (Russell King) - ipv6: use READ_ONCE() for 
inet->hdrincl as in ipv4 (Olivier Matz) - ipv6: fix EFAULT on sendto 
with icmpv6 and hdrincl (Olivier Matz) - pktgen: do not sleep with the 
thread lock held. (Paolo Abeni) - net/mlx4_en: ethtool, Remove 
unsupported SFP EEPROM high pages query (Erez Alfasi) - neighbor: Call 
__ipv4_neigh_lookup_noref in neigh_xmit (David Ahern) - Fix memory leak 
in sctp_process_init (Neil Horman) - ethtool: fix potential userspace 
buffer overflow (Vivien Didelot) - Linux 4.14.124 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
media: uvcvideo: Fix uvc_alloc_entity() allocation alignment (Nadav 
Amit) - binder: fix race between munmap() and direct reclaim (Todd Kjos) 
- Revert "binder: fix handling of misaligned binder object" (Todd Kjos) 
- Revert "x86/build: Move _etext to actual end of .text" (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - include/linux/module.h: copy __init/__exit attrs to 
init/cleanup_module (Miguel Ojeda) - Compiler Attributes: add support 
for __copy (gcc >= 9) (Miguel Ojeda) - drm/rockchip: shutdown drm 
subsystem on shutdown (Vicente Bergas) - drm/vmwgfx: Don't send drm 
sysfs hotplug events on initial master set (Thomas Hellstrom) - 
gcc-plugins: Fix build failures under Darwin host (Kees Cook) - Revert 
"lockd: Show pid of lockd for remote locks" (Benjamin Coddington) - 
CIFS: cifs_read_allocate_pages: don't iterate through whole page array 
on ENOMEM (Roberto Bergantinos Corpas) - staging: wlan-ng: fix adapter 
initialization failure (Tim Collier) - staging: vc04_services: prevent 
integer overflow in create_pagelist() (Dan Carpenter) - serial: sh-sci: 
disable DMA for uart_console (George G. Davis) - ima: show rules with 
IMA_INMASK correctly (Roberto Sassu) - doc: Cope with Sphinx logging 
deprecations (Jonathan Corbet) - doc: Cope with the deprecation of 
AutoReporter (Jonathan Corbet) - docs: Fix conf.py for Sphinx 2.0 
(Jonathan Corbet) - kernel/signal.c: trace_signal_deliver when 
signal_group_exit (Zhenliang Wei) - tty: max310x: Fix external crystal 
register setup (Joe Burmeister) - tty: serial: msm_serial: Fix XON/XOFF 
(Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz) - drm/nouveau/i2c: Disable i2c bus access after 
->fini() (Lyude Paul) - KVM: s390: Do not report unusabled IDs via 
KVM_CAP_MAX_VCPU_ID (Thomas Huth) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Set default 
power save node to 0 (Kailang Yang) - powerpc/perf: Fix MMCRA corruption 
by bhrb_filter (Ravi Bangoria) - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: XIVE: Do not clear 
IRQ data of passthrough interrupts (Cédric Le Goater) - Btrfs: 
incremental send, fix file corruption when no-holes feature is enabled 
(Filipe Manana) - Btrfs: fix fsync not persisting changed attributes of 
a directory (Filipe Manana) - Btrfs: fix race updating log root item 
during fsync (Filipe Manana) - Btrfs: fix wrong ctime and mtime of a 
directory after log replay (Filipe Manana) - scsi: zfcp: fix to prevent 
port_remove with pure auto scan LUNs (only sdevs) (Steffen Maier) - 
scsi: zfcp: fix missing zfcp_port reference put on -EBUSY from 
port_remove (Steffen Maier) - media: smsusb: better handle optional 
alignment (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) - media: usb: siano: Fix 
false-positive "uninitialized variable" warning (Alan Stern) - media: 
usb: siano: Fix general protection fault in smsusb (Alan Stern) - USB: 
rio500: fix memory leak in close after disconnect (Oliver Neukum) - USB: 
rio500: refuse more than one device at a time (Oliver Neukum) - USB: Add 
LPM quirk for Surface Dock GigE adapter (Maximilian Luz) - USB: 
sisusbvga: fix oops in error path of sisusb_probe (Oliver Neukum) - USB: 
Fix slab-out-of-bounds write in usb_get_bos_descriptor (Alan Stern) - 
usbip: usbip_host: fix stub_dev lock context imbalance regression (Shuah 
Khan) - usbip: usbip_host: fix BUG: sleeping function called from 
invalid context (Shuah Khan) - usb: xhci: avoid null pointer deref when 
bos field is NULL (Carsten Schmid) - xhci: Convert xhci_handshake() to 
use readl_poll_timeout_atomic() (Andrey Smirnov) - xhci: Use %zu for 
printing size_t type (Fabio Estevam) - xhci: update bounce buffer with 
correct sg num (Henry Lin) - include/linux/bitops.h: sanitize rotate 
primitives (Rasmus Villemoes) - sparc64: Fix regression in 
non-hypervisor TLB flush xcall (James Clarke) - tipc: fix modprobe tipc 
failed after switch order of device registration (Junwei Hu) - Revert 
"tipc: fix modprobe tipc failed after switch order of device 
registration" (David S. Miller) - xen/pciback: Don't disable PCI_COMMAND 
on PCI device reset. (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk) - crypto: vmx - ghash: do 
nosimd fallback manually (Daniel Axtens) - net: phy: marvell10g: report 
if the PHY fails to boot firmware (Russell King) - net: mvpp2: fix bad 
MVPP2_TXQ_SCHED_TOKEN_CNTR_REG queue value (Antoine Tenart) - net: 
mvneta: Fix err code path of probe (Jisheng Zhang) - net: dsa: 
mv88e6xxx: fix handling of upper half of STATS_TYPE_PORT (Rasmus 
Villemoes) - ipv4/igmp: fix build error if !CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST (Eric 
Dumazet) - ipv4/igmp: fix another memory leak in igmpv3_del_delrec() 
(Eric Dumazet) - net/mlx5: Allocate root ns memory using kzalloc to 
match kfree (Parav Pandit) - tipc: Avoid copying bytes beyond the 
supplied data (Chris Packham) - usbnet: fix kernel crash after 
disconnect (Kloetzke Jan) - net: stmmac: fix reset gpio free missing 
(Jisheng Zhang) - net-gro: fix use-after-free read in napi_gro_frags() 
(Eric Dumazet) - net: fec: fix the clk mismatch in failed_reset path 
(Andy Duan) - llc: fix skb leak in llc_build_and_send_ui_pkt() (Eric 
Dumazet) - ipv6: Consider sk_bound_dev_if when binding a raw socket to 
an address (Mike Manning) - inet: switch IP ID generator to siphash 
(Eric Dumazet) - Linux 4.14.123 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - NFS: Fix a double 
unlock from nfs_match,get_client (Benjamin Coddington) - vfio-ccw: 
Prevent quiesce function going into an infinite loop (Farhan Ali) - drm: 
Wake up next in drm_read() chain if we are forced to putback the event 
(Chris Wilson) - drm/drv: Hold ref on parent device during drm_device 
lifetime (Noralf Trønnes) - ASoC: davinci-mcasp: Fix clang warning 
without CONFIG_PM (Arnd Bergmann) - spi: Fix zero length xfer bug (Chris 
Lesiak) - spi: rspi: Fix sequencer reset during initialization (Geert 
Uytterhoeven) - spi : spi-topcliff-pch: Fix to handle empty DMA buffers 
(Aditya Pakki) - scsi: lpfc: Fix SLI3 commands being issued on SLI4 
devices (James Smart) - media: saa7146: avoid high stack usage with 
clang (Arnd Bergmann) - scsi: lpfc: Fix fc4type information for FDMI 
(James Smart) - scsi: lpfc: Fix FDMI manufacturer attribute value (James 
Smart) - media: vimc: zero the media_device on probe (Hans Verkuil) - 
media: go7007: avoid clang frame overflow warning with KASAN (Arnd 
Bergmann) - media: vimc: stream: fix thread state before sleep (Helen 
Fornazier) - media: m88ds3103: serialize reset messages in 
m88ds3103_set_frontend (James Hutchinson) - thunderbolt: Fix to check 
for kmemdup failure (Aditya Pakki) - hwrng: omap - Set default quality 
(Rouven Czerwinski) - dmaengine: tegra210-adma: use devm_clk_*() helpers 
(Sameer Pujar) - batman-adv: allow updating DAT entry timeouts on 
incoming ARP Replies (Linus Lüssing) - scsi: qla4xxx: avoid freeing 
unallocated dma memory (Arnd Bergmann) - usb: core: Add PM runtime calls 
to usb_hcd_platform_shutdown (Tony Lindgren) - rcuperf: Fix cleanup path 
for invalid perf_type strings (Paul E. McKenney) - rcutorture: Fix 
cleanup path for invalid torture_type strings (Paul E. McKenney) - tty: 
ipwireless: fix missing checks for ioremap (Kangjie Lu) - 
virtio_console: initialize vtermno value for ports (Pankaj Gupta) - 
media: wl128x: prevent two potential buffer overflows (Dan Carpenter) - 
media: video-mux: fix null pointer dereferences (Kangjie Lu) - kobject: 
Don't trigger kobject_uevent(KOBJ_REMOVE) twice. (Tetsuo Handa) - spi: 
tegra114: reset controller on probe (Sowjanya Komatineni) - HID: 
logitech-hidpp: change low battery level threshold from 31 to 30 percent 
(Hans de Goede) - cxgb3/l2t: Fix undefined behaviour (Gustavo A. R. 
Silva) - ASoC: fsl_utils: fix a leaked reference by adding missing 
of_node_put (Wen Yang) - ASoC: eukrea-tlv320: fix a leaked reference by 
adding missing of_node_put (Wen Yang) - HID: core: move Usage Page 
concatenation to Main item (Nicolas Saenz Julienne) - RDMA/hns: Fix bad 
endianess of port_pd variable (Leon Romanovsky) - chardev: add 
additional check for minor range overlap (Chengguang Xu) - x86/ia32: Fix 
ia32_restore_sigcontext() AC leak (Peter Zijlstra) - x86/uaccess, 
signal: Fix AC=1 bloat (Peter Zijlstra) - x86/uaccess, ftrace: Fix 
ftrace_likely_update() vs. SMAP (Peter Zijlstra) - arm64: cpu_ops: fix a 
leaked reference by adding missing of_node_put (Wen Yang) - scsi: ufs: 
Avoid configuring regulator with undefined voltage range (Stanley Chu) - 
scsi: ufs: Fix regulator load and icc-level configuration (Stanley Chu) 
- rtlwifi: fix potential NULL pointer dereference (Ping-Ke Shih) - rtc: 
xgene: fix possible race condition (Alexandre Belloni) - brcmfmac: fix 
Oops when bringing up interface during USB disconnect (Piotr Figiel) - 
brcmfmac: fix race during disconnect when USB completion is in progress 
(Piotr Figiel) - brcmfmac: fix WARNING during USB disconnect in case of 
unempty psq (Piotr Figiel) - brcmfmac: convert dev_init_lock mutex to 
completion (Piotr Figiel) - b43: shut up clang -Wuninitialized variable 
warning (Arnd Bergmann) - brcmfmac: fix missing checks for kmemdup 
(Kangjie Lu) - mwifiex: Fix mem leak in mwifiex_tm_cmd (YueHaibing) - 
rtlwifi: fix a potential NULL pointer dereference (Kangjie Lu) - iio: 
common: ssp_sensors: Initialize calculated_time in 
ssp_common_process_data (Nathan Chancellor) - iio: hmc5843: fix 
potential NULL pointer dereferences (Kangjie Lu) - iio: ad_sigma_delta: 
Properly handle SPI bus locking vs CS assertion (Lars-Peter Clausen) - 
x86/build: Keep local relocations with ld.lld (Kees Cook) - block: 
sed-opal: fix IOC_OPAL_ENABLE_DISABLE_MBR (David Kozub) - cpufreq: 
kirkwood: fix possible object reference leak (Wen Yang) - cpufreq: 
pmac32: fix possible object reference leak (Wen Yang) - cpufreq/pasemi: 
fix possible object reference leak (Wen Yang) - cpufreq: ppc_cbe: fix 
possible object reference leak (Wen Yang) - s390: cio: fix cio_irb 
declaration (Arnd Bergmann) - x86/microcode: Fix the ancient deprecated 
microcode loading method (Borislav Petkov) - s390: zcrypt: initialize 
variables before_use (Arnd Bergmann) - clk: rockchip: Make rkpwm a 
critical clock on rk3288 (Douglas Anderson) - extcon: arizona: Disable 
mic detect if running when driver is removed (Charles Keepax) - clk: 
rockchip: Fix video codec clocks on rk3288 (Douglas Anderson) - PM / 
core: Propagate dev->power.wakeup_path when no callbacks (Ulf Hansson) - 
drm/amdgpu: fix old fence check in amdgpu_fence_emit (Christian König) - 
mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: add erratum eSDHC-A001 and A-008358 support (Yinbo 
Zhu) - mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: add erratum A-009204 support (Yinbo Zhu) - 
mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: add erratum eSDHC5 support (Yinbo Zhu) - mmc_spi: 
add a status check for spi_sync_locked (Kangjie Lu) - mmc: core: make 
pwrseq_emmc (partially) support sleepy GPIO controllers (Andrea Merello) 
- scsi: libsas: Do discovery on empty PHY to update PHY info (John 
Garry) - hwmon: (f71805f) Use request_muxed_region for Super-IO accesses 
(Guenter Roeck) - hwmon: (pc87427) Use request_muxed_region for Super-IO 
accesses (Guenter Roeck) - hwmon: (smsc47b397) Use request_muxed_region 
for Super-IO accesses (Guenter Roeck) - hwmon: (smsc47m1) Use 
request_muxed_region for Super-IO accesses (Guenter Roeck) - hwmon: 
(vt1211) Use request_muxed_region for Super-IO accesses (Guenter Roeck) 
- RDMA/cxgb4: Fix null pointer dereference on alloc_skb failure (Colin 
Ian King) - arm64: vdso: Fix clock_getres() for CLOCK_REALTIME (Vincenzo 
Frascino) - i40e: don't allow changes to HW VLAN stripping on active 
port VLANs (Nicholas Nunley) - i40e: Able to add up to 16 MAC filters on 
an untrusted VF (Adam Ludkiewicz) - phy: sun4i-usb: Make sure to disable 
PHY0 passby for peripheral mode (Paul Kocialkowski) - x86/irq/64: Limit 
IST stack overflow check to #DB stack (Thomas Gleixner) - USB: core: 
Don't unbind interfaces following device reset failure (Alan Stern) - 
drm/msm: a5xx: fix possible object reference leak (Wen Yang) - 
sched/core: Handle overflow in cpu_shares_write_u64 (Konstantin 
Khlebnikov) - sched/rt: Check integer overflow at usec to nsec 
conversion (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - sched/core: Check quota and period 
overflow at usec to nsec conversion (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - cgroup: 
protect cgroup->nr_(dying_)descendants by css_set_lock (Roman Gushchin) 
- random: add a spinlock_t to struct batched_entropy (Sebastian Andrzej 
Siewior) - powerpc/64: Fix booting large kernels with STRICT_KERNEL_RWX 
(Russell Currey) - powerpc/numa: improve control of topology updates 
(Nathan Lynch) - media: pvrusb2: Prevent a buffer overflow (Dan 
Carpenter) - media: au0828: Fix NULL pointer dereference in 
au0828_analog_stream_enable() (Shuah Khan) - media: stm32-dcmi: fix 
crash when subdev do not expose any formats (Hugues Fruchet) - audit: 
fix a memory leak bug (Wenwen Wang) - media: ov2659: make S_FMT succeed 
even if requested format doesn't match (Akinobu Mita) - media: au0828: 
stop video streaming only when last user stops (Hans Verkuil) - media: 
ov6650: Move v4l2_clk_get() to ov6650_video_probe() helper (Janusz 
Krzysztofik) - media: coda: clear error return value before picture run 
(Philipp Zabel) - dmaengine: at_xdmac: remove BUG_ON macro in tasklet 
(Nicolas Ferre) - clk: rockchip: undo several noc and special clocks as 
critical on rk3288 (Douglas Anderson) - pinctrl: samsung: fix leaked 
of_node references (Wen Yang) - pinctrl: pistachio: fix leaked of_node 
references (Wen Yang) - HID: logitech-hidpp: use RAP instead of FAP to 
get the protocol version (Hans de Goede) - mm/uaccess: Use 'unsigned 
long' to placate UBSAN warnings on older GCC versions (Peter Zijlstra) - 
x86/mm: Remove in_nmi() warning from 64-bit implementation of 
vmalloc_fault() (Jiri Kosina) - smpboot: Place the __percpu annotation 
correctly (Sebastian Andrzej Siewior) - x86/build: Move _etext to actual 
end of .text (Kees Cook) - vfio-ccw: Release any channel program when 
releasing/removing vfio-ccw mdev (Farhan Ali) - vfio-ccw: Do not call 
flush_workqueue while holding the spinlock (Farhan Ali) - bcache: avoid 
clang -Wunintialized warning (Arnd Bergmann) - bcache: add failure check 
to run_cache_set() for journal replay (Coly Li) - bcache: fix failure in 
journal relplay (Tang Junhui) - bcache: return error immediately in 
bch_journal_replay() (Coly Li) - crypto: sun4i-ss - Fix invalid 
calculation of hash end (Corentin Labbe) - net: cw1200: fix a NULL 
pointer dereference (Kangjie Lu) - mwifiex: prevent an array overflow 
(Dan Carpenter) - ASoC: fsl_sai: Update is_slave_mode with correct value 
(Daniel Baluta) - libbpf: fix samples/bpf build failure due to undefined 
UINT32_MAX (Daniel T. Lee) - mac80211/cfg80211: update bss channel on 
channel switch (Sergey Matyukevich) - dmaengine: pl330: _stop: clear 
interrupt status (Sugar Zhang) - w1: fix the resume command API (Mariusz 
Bialonczyk) - rtc: 88pm860x: prevent use-after-free on device remove 
(Sven Van Asbroeck) - iwlwifi: pcie: don't crash on invalid RX interrupt 
(Johannes Berg) - btrfs: Don't panic when we can't find a root key (Qu 
Wenruo) - btrfs: fix panic during relocation after ENOSPC before 
writeback happens (Josef Bacik) - Btrfs: fix data bytes_may_use 
underflow with fallocate due to failed quota reserve (Robbie Ko) - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Avoid that lockdep complains about unsafe locking in 
tcm_qla2xxx_close_session() (Bart Van Assche) - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix abort 
handling in tcm_qla2xxx_write_pending() (Bart Van Assche) - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix a qla24xx_enable_msix() error path (Bart Van Assche) - 
sched/cpufreq: Fix kobject memleak (Viresh Kumar) - arm64: Fix compiler 
warning from pte_unmap() with -Wunused-but-set-variable (Qian Cai) - 
ARM: vdso: Remove dependency with the arch_timer driver internals (Marc 
Zyngier) - ACPI / property: fix handling of data_nodes in 
acpi_get_next_subnode() (Pierre-Louis Bossart) - brcm80211: potential 
NULL dereference in brcmf_cfg80211_vndr_cmds_dcmd_handler() (Dan 
Carpenter) - spi: pxa2xx: fix SCR (divisor) calculation (Flavio Suligoi) 
- ASoC: imx: fix fiq dependencies (Arnd Bergmann) - powerpc/boot: Fix 
missing check of lseek() return value (Bo YU) - powerpc/perf: Return 
accordingly on invalid chip-id in (Anju T Sudhakar) - ASoC: hdmi-codec: 
unlock the device on startup errors (Jerome Brunet) - pinctrl: zte: fix 
leaked of_node references (Wen Yang) - net: ena: gcc 8: fix compilation 
warning (Sameeh Jubran) - dmaengine: tegra210-dma: free dma controller 
in remove() (Sameer Pujar) - tools/bpf: fix perf build error with uClibc 
(seen on ARC) (Vineet Gupta) - mmc: core: Verify SD bus width (Raul E 
Rangel) - gfs2: Fix occasional glock use-after-free (Andreas 
Gruenbacher) - IB/hfi1: Fix WQ_MEM_RECLAIM warning (Mike Marciniszyn) - 
NFS: make nfs_match_client killable (Roberto Bergantinos Corpas) - 
cxgb4: Fix error path in cxgb4_init_module (YueHaibing) - gfs2: Fix 
lru_count going negative (Ross Lagerwall) - Revert "btrfs: Honour FITRIM 
range constraints during free space trim" (David Sterba) - net: erspan: 
fix use-after-free (William Tu) - at76c50x-usb: Don't register 
led_trigger if usb_register_driver failed (YueHaibing) - batman-adv: 
mcast: fix multicast tt/tvlv worker locking (Linus Lüssing) - bpf: 
devmap: fix use-after-free Read in __dev_map_entry_free (Eric Dumazet) - 
ssb: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in ssb_host_pcmcia_exit 
(YueHaibing) - media: vivid: use vfree() instead of kfree() for 
dev->bitmap_cap (Alexander Potapenko) - media: serial_ir: Fix 
use-after-free in serial_ir_init_module (YueHaibing) - media: cpia2: Fix 
use-after-free in cpia2_exit (YueHaibing) - fbdev: fix WARNING in 
__alloc_pages_nodemask bug (Jiufei Xue) - btrfs: honor 
path->skip_locking in backref code (Josef Bacik) - brcmfmac: add subtype 
check for event handling in data path (Arend van Spriel) - brcmfmac: 
assure SSID length from firmware is limited (Arend van Spriel) - 
hugetlb: use same fault hash key for shared and private mappings (Mike 
Kravetz) - fbdev: fix divide error in fb_var_to_videomode (Shile Zhang) 
- btrfs: sysfs: don't leak memory when failing add fsid (Tobin C. 
Harding) - btrfs: sysfs: Fix error path kobject memory leak (Tobin C. 
Harding) - Btrfs: fix race between ranged fsync and writeback of 
adjacent ranges (Filipe Manana) - Btrfs: avoid fallback to transaction 
commit during fsync of files with holes (Filipe Manana) - Btrfs: do not 
abort transaction at btrfs_update_root() after failure to COW path 
(Filipe Manana) - gfs2: Fix sign extension bug in gfs2_update_stats 
(Andreas Gruenbacher) - arm64/iommu: handle non-remapped addresses in 
->mmap and ->get_sgtable (Christoph Hellwig) - kvm: svm/avic: fix 
off-by-one in checking host APIC ID (Suthikulpanit, Suravee) - mmc: 
sdhci-iproc: Set NO_HISPD bit to fix HS50 data hold time problem (Trac 
Hoang) - mmc: sdhci-iproc: cygnus: Set NO_HISPD bit to fix HS50 data 
hold time problem (Trac Hoang) - crypto: vmx - CTR: always increment IV 
as quadword (Daniel Axtens) - Revert "scsi: sd: Keep disk read-only when 
re-reading partition" (Martin K. Petersen) - sbitmap: fix improper use 
of smp_mb__before_atomic() (Andrea Parri) - bio: fix improper use of 
smp_mb__before_atomic() (Andrea Parri) - KVM: x86: fix return value for 
reserved EFER (Paolo Bonzini) - f2fs: Fix use of number of devices 
(Damien Le Moal) - ext4: do not delete unlinked inode from orphan list 
on failed truncate (Jan Kara) - x86: Hide the int3_emulate_call/jmp 
functions from UML (Steven Rostedt (VMware))

- A/A Bonding: Memory leak in rdmaip_send_gratuitous_arp (Dag Moxnes) 
[Orabug: 30434319] - A/A Bonding: Use correct port when calling 
ib_query_port (Dag Moxnes) [Orabug: 30433360] - rds: send: Fix dead code 
in rds_sendmsg (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 30416950] - tcp: fix 
tcp_rtx_queue_tail in case of empty retransmit queue (Tim Froidcoeur) 
[Orabug: 30331283] - tcp: be more careful in tcp_fragment() (Eric 
Dumazet) [Orabug: 30331283] {CVE-2019-11478}
- tcp: refine memory limit test in tcp_fragment() (Eric Dumazet) 
[Orabug: 30331283] - scsi: mpt3sas: Bump mpt3sas driver version to (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 30339626] - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix 
module parameter max_msix_vectors (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 30339626] - 
scsi: mpt3sas: Reject NVMe Encap cmnds to unsupported HBA (Sreekanth 
Reddy) [Orabug: 30339626] - scsi: mpt3sas: Use Component img header to 
get Package ver (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 30339626] - scsi: mpt3sas: 
Fail release cmnd if diag buffer is released (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 
30339626] - scsi: mpt3sas: Add app owned flag support for diag buffer 
(Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 30339626] - scsi: mpt3sas: Reuse diag buffer 
allocated at load time (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 30339626] - scsi: 
mpt3sas: clear release bit when buffer reregistered (Sreekanth Reddy) 
[Orabug: 30339626] - scsi: mpt3sas: Maintain owner of buffer through 
UniqueID (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 30339626] - scsi: mpt3sas: Free diag 
buffer without any status check (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 30339626] - 
scsi: mpt3sas: Fix clear pending bit in ioctl status (Sreekanth Reddy) 
[Orabug: 30339626] - scsi: mpt3sas: Display message before releasing 
diag buffer (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 30339626] - scsi: mpt3sas: 
Register trace buffer based on NVDATA settings (Sreekanth Reddy) 
[Orabug: 30339626] - Linux 4.14.122 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - fbdev: 
sm712fb: fix memory frequency by avoiding a switch/case fallthrough 
(Yifeng Li) - btrfs: Honour FITRIM range constraints during free space 
trim (Nikolay Borisov) - driver core: Postpone DMA tear-down until after 
devres release for probe failure (John Garry) - md/raid: raid5 preserve 
the writeback action after the parity check (Nigel Croxon) - Revert 
"Don't jump to compute_result state from check_result state" (Song Liu) 
- perf bench numa: Add define for RUSAGE_THREAD if not present (Arnaldo 
Carvalho de Melo) - ufs: fix braino in ufs_get_inode_gid() for solaris 
UFS flavour (Al Viro) - x86/mm/mem_encrypt: Disable all instrumentation 
for early SME setup (Gary Hook) - sched/cpufreq: Fix kobject memleak 
(Tobin C. Harding) - iwlwifi: mvm: check for length correctness in 
iwl_mvm_create_skb() (Luca Coelho) - power: supply: sysfs: prevent 
endless uevent loop with CONFIG_POWER_SUPPLY_DEBUG (Andrey Smirnov) - 
KVM: arm/arm64: Ensure vcpu target is unset on reset failure (Andrew 
Jones) - mac80211: Fix kernel panic due to use of txq after free 
(Bhagavathi Perumal S) - apparmorfs: fix use-after-free on symlink 
traversal (Al Viro) - securityfs: fix use-after-free on symlink 
traversal (Al Viro) - power: supply: cpcap-battery: Fix division by zero 
(Tony Lindgren) - xfrm4: Fix uninitialized memory read in 
_decode_session4 (Steffen Klassert) - esp4: add length check for UDP 
encapsulation (Sabrina Dubroca) - vti4: ipip tunnel deregistration 
fixes. (Jeremy Sowden) - xfrm6_tunnel: Fix potential panic when 
unloading xfrm6_tunnel module (Su Yanjun) - dm delay: fix a crash when 
invalid device is specified (Mikulas Patocka) - dm zoned: Fix zone 
report handling (Damien Le Moal) - dm cache metadata: Fix loading 
discard bitset (Nikos Tsironis) - PCI: Work around Pericom PCIe-to-PCI 
bridge Retrain Link erratum (Stefan Mätje) - PCI: Factor out 
pcie_retrain_link() function (Stefan Mätje) - PCI: Mark Atheros AR9462 
to avoid bus reset (James Prestwood) - PCI: Mark AMD Stoney Radeon R7 
GPU ATS as broken (Nikolai Kostrigin) - fbdev: sm712fb: fix crashes and 
garbled display during DPMS modesetting (Yifeng Li) - fbdev: sm712fb: 
use 1024x768 by default on non-MIPS, fix garbled display (Yifeng Li) - 
fbdev: sm712fb: fix support for 1024x768-16 mode (Yifeng Li) - fbdev: 
sm712fb: fix crashes during framebuffer writes by correctly mapping VRAM 
(Yifeng Li) - fbdev: sm712fb: fix boot screen glitch when sm712fb 
replaces VGA (Yifeng Li) - fbdev: sm712fb: fix white screen of death on 
reboot, don't set CR3B-CR3F (Yifeng Li) - fbdev: sm712fb: fix VRAM 
detection, don't set SR70/71/74/75 (Yifeng Li) - fbdev: sm712fb: fix 
brightness control on reboot, don't set SR30 (Yifeng Li) - objtool: 
Allow AR to be overridden with HOSTAR (Nathan Chancellor) - perf 
intel-pt: Fix sample timestamp wrt non-taken branches (Adrian Hunter) - 
perf intel-pt: Fix improved sample timestamp (Adrian Hunter) - perf 
intel-pt: Fix instructions sampling rate (Adrian Hunter) - memory: 
tegra: Fix integer overflow on tick value calculation (Dmitry Osipenko) 
- tracing: Fix partial reading of trace event's id file (Elazar 
Leibovich) - ftrace/x86_64: Emulate call function while updating in 
breakpoint handler (Peter Zijlstra) - x86_64: Allow breakpoints to 
emulate call instructions (Peter Zijlstra) - x86_64: Add gap to int3 to 
allow for call emulation (Josh Poimboeuf) - ceph: flush dirty inodes 
before proceeding with remount (Jeff Layton) - iommu/tegra-smmu: Fix 
invalid ASID bits on Tegra30/114 (Dmitry Osipenko) - fuse: honor 
RLIMIT_FSIZE in fuse_file_fallocate (Liu Bo) - fuse: fix writepages on 
32bit (Miklos Szeredi) - clk: rockchip: fix wrong clock definitions for 
rk3328 (Jonas Karlman) - clk: tegra: Fix PLLM programming on Tegra124+ 
when PMC overrides divider (Dmitry Osipenko) - clk: hi3660: Mark 
clk_gate_ufs_subsys as critical (Leo Yan) - PNFS fallback to MDS if no 
deviceid found (Olga Kornievskaia) - NFS4: Fix v4.0 client state 
corruption when mount (ZhangXiaoxu) - Revert "cifs: fix memory leak in 
SMB2_read" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - media: ov6650: Fix sensor possibly not 
detected on probe (Janusz Krzysztofik) - cifs: fix strcat buffer 
overflow and reduce raciness in smb21_set_oplock_level() (Christoph 
Probst) - of: fix clang -Wunsequenced for be32_to_cpu() (Phong Tran) - 
p54: drop device reference count if fails to enable device (Pan Bian) - 
intel_th: msu: Fix single mode with IOMMU (Alexander Shishkin) - md: add 
mddev->pers to avoid potential NULL pointer dereference (Yufen Yu) - stm 
class: Fix channel free in stm output free path (Tingwei Zhang) - 
parisc: Rename LEVEL to PA_ASM_LEVEL to avoid name clash with DRBD code 
(Helge Deller) - parisc: Use PA_ASM_LEVEL in boot code (Helge Deller) - 
parisc: Skip registering LED when running in QEMU (Helge Deller) - 
parisc: Export running_on_qemu symbol for modules (Helge Deller) - net: 
Always descend into dsa/ (Florian Fainelli) - vsock/virtio: Initialize 
core virtio vsock before registering the driver (Jorge E. Moreira) - 
tipc: fix modprobe tipc failed after switch order of device registration 
(Junwei Hu) - vsock/virtio: free packets during the socket release 
(Stefano Garzarella) - tipc: switch order of device registration to fix 
a crash (Junwei Hu) - ppp: deflate: Fix possible crash in deflate_init 
(YueHaibing) - net: usb: qmi_wwan: add Telit 0x1260 and 0x1261 
compositions (Daniele Palmas) - net: test nouarg before dereferencing 
zerocopy pointers (Willem de Bruijn) - net/mlx4_core: Change the error 
print to info print (Yunjian Wang) - net: avoid weird emergency message 
(Eric Dumazet) - Linux 4.14.121 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - ext4: fix compile 
error when using BUFFER_TRACE (zhangyi (F)) - iov_iter: optimize 
page_copy_sane() (Eric Dumazet) - KVM: x86: Skip EFER vs. guest CPUID 
checks for host-initiated writes (Sean Christopherson) - ALSA: 
hda/realtek - Fix for Lenovo B50-70 inverted internal microphone bug 
(Michał Wadowski) - ext4: fix use-after-free in dx_release() (Sahitya 
Tummala) - ext4: fix data corruption caused by overlapping unaligned and 
aligned IO (Lukas Czerner) - fs/writeback.c: use rcu_barrier() to wait 
for inflight wb switches going into workqueue when umount (Jiufei Xue) - 
fib_rules: fix error in backport of e9919a24d302 ("fib_rules: return 
0...") (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - crypto: ccm - fix incompatibility between 
"ccm" and "ccm_base" (Eric Biggers) - crypto: salsa20 - don't access 
already-freed walk.iv (Eric Biggers) - crypto: arm64/aes-neonbs - don't 
access already-freed walk.iv (Eric Biggers) - ipmi:ssif: compare block 
number correctly for multi-part return messages (Kamlakant Patel) - 
ext4: fix ext4_show_options for file systems w/o journal (Debabrata 
Banerjee) - ext4: actually request zeroing of inode table after grow 
(Kirill Tkhai) - ext4: fix use-after-free race with 
debug_want_extra_isize (Barret Rhoden) - bcache: never set KEY_PTRS of 
journal key to 0 in journal_reclaim() (Coly Li) - bcache: fix a race 
between cache register and cacheset unregister (Liang Chen) - Btrfs: do 
not start a transaction at iterate_extent_inodes() (Filipe Manana) - 
Btrfs: do not start a transaction during fiemap (Filipe Manana) - ext4: 
avoid drop reference to iloc.bh twice (Pan Bian) - ext4: ignore 
e_value_offs for xattrs with value-in-ea-inode (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: 
make sanity check in mballoc more strict (Jan Kara) - jbd2: check 
superblock mapped prior to committing (Jiufei Xue) - tty/vt: fix 
write/write race in ioctl(KDSKBSENT) handler (Sergei Trofimovich) - tty: 
vt.c: Fix TIOCL_BLANKSCREEN console blanking if blankinterval == 0 
(Yifeng Li) - mtd: spi-nor: intel-spi: Avoid crossing 4K address 
boundary on read/write (Alexander Sverdlin) - mfd: max77620: Fix swapped 
FPS_PERIOD_MAX_US values (Dmitry Osipenko) - mfd: da9063: Fix OTP 
control register names to match datasheets for DA9063/63L (Steve Twiss) 
- userfaultfd: use RCU to free the task struct when fork fails (Andrea 
Arcangeli) - mm/mincore.c: make mincore() more conservative (Jiri 
Kosina) - bpf, arm64: remove prefetch insn in xadd mapping (Daniel 
Borkmann) - ASoC: RT5677-SPI: Disable 16Bit SPI Transfers (Curtis 
Malainey) - ASoC: max98090: Fix restore of DAPM Muxes (Jon Hunter) - 
ALSA: hda/realtek - EAPD turn on later (Kailang Yang) - ALSA: hda/hdmi - 
Consider eld_valid when reporting jack event (Hui Wang) - ALSA: hda/hdmi 
- Read the pin sense from register when repolling (Hui Wang) - ALSA: 
usb-audio: Fix a memory leak bug (Wenwen Wang) - crypto: arm/aes-neonbs 
- don't access already-freed walk.iv (Eric Biggers) - crypto: rockchip - 
update IV buffer to contain the next IV (Zhang Zhijie) - crypto: gcm - 
fix incompatibility between "gcm" and "gcm_base" (Eric Biggers) - 
crypto: x86/crct10dif-pcl - fix use via crypto_shash_digest() (Eric 
Biggers) - crypto: crct10dif-generic - fix use via crypto_shash_digest() 
(Eric Biggers) - crypto: skcipher - don't WARN on unprocessed data after 
slow walk step (Eric Biggers) - crypto: vmx - fix copy-paste error in 
CTR mode (Daniel Axtens) - crypto: chacha20poly1305 - set cra_name 
correctly (Eric Biggers) - sched/x86: Save [ER]FLAGS on context switch 
(Peter Zijlstra) - arm64: Save and restore OSDLR_EL1 across 
suspend/resume (Jean-Philippe Brucker) - arm64: Clear OSDLR_EL1 on CPU 
boot (Jean-Philippe Brucker) - arm64: compat: Reduce address limit 
(Vincenzo Frascino) - power: supply: axp288_charger: Fix unchecked 
return value (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - ARM: exynos: Fix a leaked reference 
by adding missing of_node_put (Wen Yang) - ARM: dts: exynos: Fix audio 
(microphone) routing on Odroid XU3 (Sylwester Nawrocki) - ARM: dts: 
exynos: Fix interrupt for shared EINTs on Exynos5260 (Stuart Menefy) - 
objtool: Fix function fallthrough detection (Josh Poimboeuf) - 
x86/speculation/mds: Improve CPU buffer clear documentation (Andy 
Lutomirski) - x86/speculation/mds: Revert CPU buffer clear on double 
fault exit (Andy Lutomirski) - PCI: hv: Add pci_destroy_slot() in 
pci_devices_present_work(), if necessary (Dexuan Cui) - PCI: hv: Add 
hv_pci_remove_slots() when we unload the driver (Dexuan Cui) - PCI: hv: 
Fix a memory leak in hv_eject_device_work() (Dexuan Cui) - 
locking/rwsem: Prevent decrement of reader count before increment 
(Waiman Long) - net: core: another layer of lists, around PF_MEMALLOC 
skb handling (Sasha Levin) - Linux 4.14.120 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
s390/speculation: Fix build error caused by bad backport (Guenter Roeck) 
- powerpc/booke64: set RI in default MSR (Laurentiu Tudor) - 
powerpc/powernv/idle: Restore IAMR after idle (Russell Currey) - 
drivers/virt/fsl_hypervisor.c: prevent integer overflow in ioctl (Dan 
Carpenter) - drivers/virt/fsl_hypervisor.c: dereferencing error pointers 
in ioctl (Dan Carpenter) - tipc: fix hanging clients using poll with 
EPOLLOUT flag (Parthasarathy Bhuvaragan) - vrf: sit mtu should not be 
updated when vrf netdev is the link (Stephen Suryaputra) - vlan: disable 
SIOCSHWTSTAMP in container (Hangbin Liu) - packet: Fix error path in 
packet_init (YueHaibing) - net: ucc_geth - fix Oops when changing number 
of buffers in the ring (Christophe Leroy) - net: seeq: fix crash caused 
by not set dev.parent (Thomas Bogendoerfer) - net: ethernet: stmmac: 
dwmac-sun8i: enable support of unicast filtering (Corentin Labbe) - net: 
dsa: Fix error cleanup path in dsa_init_module (YueHaibing) - ipv4: Fix 
raw socket lookup for local traffic (David Ahern) - fib_rules: return 0 
directly if an exactly same rule exists when NLM_F_EXCL not supplied 
(Hangbin Liu) - dpaa_eth: fix SG frame cleanup (Laurentiu Tudor) - 
bridge: Fix error path for kobject_init_and_add() (Tobin C. Harding) - 
bonding: fix arp_validate toggling in active-backup mode (Jarod Wilson) 
- powerpc/64s: Include cpu header (Breno Leitao) - Don't jump to 
compute_result state from check_result state (Nigel Croxon) - rtlwifi: 
rtl8723ae: Fix missing break in switch statement (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - 
mwl8k: Fix rate_idx underflow (Petr Štetiar) - cw1200: fix missing 
unlock on error in cw1200_hw_scan() (Wei Yongjun) - x86/kprobes: Avoid 
kretprobe recursion bug (Masami Hiramatsu) - nfc: nci: Potential off by 
one in ->pipes[] array (Dan Carpenter) - NFC: nci: Add some bounds 
checking in nci_hci_cmd_received() (Dan Carpenter) - mlxsw: core: Do not 
use WQ_MEM_RECLAIM for mlxsw workqueue (Ido Schimmel) - mlxsw: core: Do 
not use WQ_MEM_RECLAIM for mlxsw ordered workqueue (Ido Schimmel) - 
mlxsw: core: Do not use WQ_MEM_RECLAIM for EMAD workqueue (Ido Schimmel) 
- mlxsw: spectrum_switchdev: Add MDB entries in prepare phase (Ido 
Schimmel) - net: fec: manage ahb clock in runtime pm (Andy Duan) - 
mm/memory.c: fix modifying of page protection by insert_pfn() (Jan Kara) 
- net: hns: Fix WARNING when hns modules installed (Jun Xiao) - cifs: 
fix memory leak in SMB2_read (Ronnie Sahlberg) - drm/rockchip: fix for 
mailbox read validation. (Damian Kos) - netfilter: nf_tables: warn when 
expr implements only one of activate/deactivate (Florian Westphal) - 
Input: elan_i2c - add hardware ID for multiple Lenovo laptops (KT Liao) 
- ACPICA: Namespace: remove address node from global list after method 
termination (Erik Schmauss) - gtp: change NET_UDP_TUNNEL dependency to 
select (Matteo Croce) - net_sched: fix two more memory leaks in 
cls_tcindex (Cong Wang) - xtensa: xtfpga.dtsi: fix dtc warnings about 
SPI (Max Filippov) - devres: Align data[] to ARCH_KMALLOC_MINALIGN 
(Alexey Brodkin) - vt: always call notifier with the console lock held 
(Nicolas Pitre) - arm64: dts: marvell: armada-ap806: reserve PSCI area 
(Heinrich Schuchardt) - RDMA/vmw_pvrdma: Return the correct opcode when 
creating WR (Adit Ranadive) - drm/rockchip: psr: do not dereference 
encoder before it is null checked. (Enric Balletbo i Serra) - leds: pwm: 
silently error out on EPROBE_DEFER (Jerome Brunet) - powerpc: remove old 
GCC version checks (Nicholas Piggin) - arm64: KVM: Make VHE Stage-2 TLB 
invalidation operations non-interruptible (Marc Zyngier) - mm: introduce 
mm_[p4d|pud|pmd]_folded (Martin Schwidefsky) - x86/vdso: Pass 
--eh-frame-hdr to the linker (Alistair Strachan) - Btrfs: fix missing 
delayed iputs on unmount (Omar Sandoval) - net: stmmac: Move debugfs 
init/exit to ->probe()/->remove() (Thierry Reding) - staging: olpc_dcon: 
add a missing dependency (Lubomir Rintel) - scsi: raid_attrs: fix unused 
variable warning (Arnd Bergmann) - drm/i915: Downgrade Gen9 Plane WM 
latency error (Chris Wilson) - tracing/fgraph: Fix set_graph_function 
from showing interrupts (Steven Rostedt (VMware)) - net: don't keep 
lonely packets forever in the gro hash (Paolo Abeni) - media: ov5640: 
fix auto controls values when switching to manual mode (Hugues Fruchet) 
- media: ov5640: fix wrong binning value in exposure calculation (Hugues 
Fruchet) - drm/i915: Disable LP3 watermarks on all SNB machines (Ville 
Syrjälä) - fuse: fix possibly missed wake-up after abort (Miklos 
Szeredi) - media: adv7842: when the EDID is cleared, unconfigure CEC as 
well (Hans Verkuil) - media: adv7604: when the EDID is cleared, 
unconfigure CEC as well (Hans Verkuil) - media: cec: integrate 
cec_validate_phys_addr() in cec-api.c (Hans Verkuil) - media: cec: make 
cec_get_edid_spa_location() an inline function (Hans Verkuil) - KVM: 
arm/arm64: Ensure only THP is candidate for adjustment (Punit Agrawal) - 
ima: open a new file instance if no read permissions (Goldwyn Rodrigues) 
- IB/rxe: Revise the ib_wr_opcode enum (Jason Gunthorpe) - ACPICA: AML 
interpreter: add region addresses in global list during initialization 
(Erik Schmauss) - bcache: correct dirty data statistics (Tang Junhui) - 
MIPS: VDSO: Reduce VDSO_RANDOMIZE_SIZE to 64MB for 64bit (Huacai Chen) - 
sparc64: Make corrupted user stacks more debuggable. (David Miller) - 
sparc64: Export __node_distance. (David S. Miller) - Input: 
synaptics-rmi4 - fix possible double free (Pan Bian) - spi: ST ST95HF 
NFC: declare missing of table (Daniel Gomez) - spi: Micrel eth switch: 
declare missing of table (Daniel Gomez) - drm/imx: don't skip DP channel 
disable for background plane (Lucas Stach) - gpu: ipu-v3: dp: fix CSC 
handling (Lucas Stach) - selftests/net: correct the return value for 
run_netsocktests (Po-Hsu Lin) - drm/sun4i: Set device driver data at 
bind time for use in unbind (Paul Kocialkowski) - s390: ctcm: fix 
ctcm_new_device error return code (Arnd Bergmann) - MIPS: perf: ath79: 
Fix perfcount IRQ assignment (Petr Štetiar) - netfilter: ctnetlink: 
don't use conntrack/expect object addresses as id (Florian Westphal) - 
ipvs: do not schedule icmp errors from tunnels (Julian Anastasov) - 
selftests: netfilter: check icmp pkttoobig errors are set as related 
(Florian Westphal) - init: initialize jump labels before command line 
option parsing (Dan Williams) - mm: fix inactive list balancing between 
NUMA nodes and cgroups (Johannes Weiner) - tools lib traceevent: Fix 
missing equality check for strcmp (Rikard Falkeborn) - KVM: x86: avoid 
misreporting level-triggered irqs as edge-triggered in tracing (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) - KVM: fix spectrev1 gadgets (Paolo Bonzini) - x86/reboot, 
efi: Use EFI reboot for Acer TravelMate X514-51T (Jian-Hong Pan) - 
s390/pkey: add one more argument space for debug feature entry (Harald 
Freudenberger) - mISDN: Check address length before reading address 
family (Tetsuo Handa) - clocksource/drivers/oxnas: Fix OX820 compatible 
(Neil Armstrong) - s390/3270: fix lockdep false positive on view->lock 
(Martin Schwidefsky) - nl80211: Add NL80211_FLAG_CLEAR_SKB flag for 
other NL commands (Sunil Dutt) - mac80211: fix memory accounting with 
A-MSDU aggregation (Felix Fietkau) - mac80211: Increase MAX_MSG_LEN 
(Andrei Otcheretianski) - mac80211: fix unaligned access in mesh table 
hash function (Felix Fietkau) - s390/dasd: Fix capacity calculation for 
large volumes (Peter Oberparleiter) - libnvdimm/btt: Fix a kmemdup 
failure check (Aditya Pakki) - HID: input: add mapping for "Toggle 
Display" key (Dmitry Torokhov) - HID: input: add mapping for keyboard 
Brightness Up/Down/Toggle keys (Dmitry Torokhov) - HID: input: add 
mapping for Expose/Overview key (Dmitry Torokhov) - iio: adc: xilinx: 
fix potential use-after-free on remove (Sven Van Asbroeck) - USB: 
serial: fix unthrottle races (Johan Hovold) - kernfs: fix barrier usage 
in __kernfs_new_node() (Andrea Parri) - hwmon: (pwm-fan) Disable PWM if 
fetching cooling data fails (Stefan Wahren) - platform/x86: 
thinkpad_acpi: Disable Bluetooth for some machines (Jiaxun Yang) - 
platform/x86: sony-laptop: Fix unintentional fall-through (Gustavo A. R. 
Silva) - netfilter: compat: initialize all fields in xt_init (Francesco 

- rds: fix uninteneded increase of rds_rdma:pool->max_items_soft 
(Manjunath Patil) [Orabug: 30250514] - mm/memory-failure.c: clarify 
error message (Jane Chu) [Orabug: 29792183] - xen-netfront: do not use 
~0U as error return value for xennet_fill_frags() (Dongli Zhang) 
[Orabug: 30395379] - KVM: arm/arm64: Only skip MMIO insn once (Andrew 
Jones) [Orabug: 30072154] - RDMA/restrack: Protect from reentry to 
resource return path (Leon Romanovsky) [Orabug: 30375515] - 
kernel-uek.spec: defuse a memory bomb in xargs (Lukáš Lipinský) [Orabug: 
30344582] - ACPI / APEI: Fix parsing HEST that includes Deferred Machine 
Check subtable (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 30109339] - Linux 4.14.119 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - x86/speculation/mds: Fix documentation typo (Josh 
Poimboeuf) - Documentation: Correct the possible MDS sysfs values (Tyler 
Hicks) - x86/mds: Add MDSUM variant to the MDS documentation (speck for 
Pawan Gupta) {CVE-2019-11091}
- x86/speculation/mds: Add 'mitigations=' support for MDS (Josh 
Poimboeuf) - s390/speculation: Support 'mitigations=' cmdline option 
(Josh Poimboeuf) - powerpc/speculation: Support 'mitigations=' cmdline 
option (Josh Poimboeuf) - x86/speculation: Support 'mitigations=' 
cmdline option (Josh Poimboeuf) - cpu/speculation: Add 'mitigations=' 
cmdline option (Josh Poimboeuf) - x86/speculation/mds: Print SMT 
vulnerable on MSBDS with mitigations off (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk) - 
x86/speculation/mds: Fix comment (Boris Ostrovsky) - 
x86/speculation/mds: Add SMT warning message (Josh Poimboeuf) - 
x86/speculation: Move arch_smt_update() call to after mitigation 
decisions (Josh Poimboeuf) - x86/speculation/mds: Add mds=full,nosmt 
cmdline option (Josh Poimboeuf) - Documentation: Add MDS vulnerability 
documentation (Thomas Gleixner) - Documentation: Move L1TF to separate 
directory (Thomas Gleixner) - x86/speculation/mds: Add mitigation mode 
VMWERV (Thomas Gleixner) - x86/speculation/mds: Add sysfs reporting for 
MDS (Thomas Gleixner) - x86/speculation/mds: Add mitigation control for 
MDS (Thomas Gleixner) - x86/speculation/mds: Conditionally clear CPU 
buffers on idle entry (Thomas Gleixner) - x86/kvm/vmx: Add MDS 
protection when L1D Flush is not active (Thomas Gleixner) - 
x86/speculation/mds: Clear CPU buffers on exit to user (Thomas Gleixner) 
- x86/speculation/mds: Add mds_clear_cpu_buffers() (Thomas Gleixner) - 
x86/kvm: Expose X86_FEATURE_MD_CLEAR to guests (Andi Kleen) - 
x86/speculation/mds: Add BUG_MSBDS_ONLY (Thomas Gleixner) - 
x86/speculation/mds: Add basic bug infrastructure for MDS (Andi Kleen) 
{CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation: Consolidate CPU whitelists (Thomas Gleixner) - 
x86/msr-index: Cleanup bit defines (Thomas Gleixner) file (Will Deacon) 
- kvm: x86: Report STIBP on GET_SUPPORTED_CPUID (Eduardo Habkost) - 
x86/cpu: Sanitize FAM6_ATOM naming (Peter Zijlstra) - 
Documentation/l1tf: Fix small spelling typo (Salvatore Bonaccorso) - 
x86/speculation: Simplify the CPU bug detection logic (Dominik Brodowski)

- rds: add ibmr to busy_list in flush code path (Manjunath Patil) 
[Orabug: 30319088] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Introduce module parameter for 
default queue depth (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Fix a compilation warning (Qian Cai) [Orabug: 30317384] - 
scsi: megaraid_sas: Make a bunch of functions static (YueHaibing) 
[Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Update driver version to 
07.710.50.00 (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: 
Add module parameter for FW Async event logging (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 
30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Enable msix_load_balance for Invader and 
later controllers (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Fix calculation of target ID (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 
30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Make some symbols static (YueHaibing) 
[Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Update driver version to 
07.710.06.00-rc1 (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Introduce various Aero performance modes (Chandrakanth 
Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Use high IOPS queues 
based on IO workload (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Set affinity for high IOPS reply queues (Chandrakanth 
Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Enable coalescing for 
high IOPS queues (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Add support for High IOPS queues (Chandrakanth Patil) 
[Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Add support for MPI toolbox 
commands (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: 
Offload Aero RAID5/6 division calculations to driver (Chandrakanth 
Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: RAID1 PCI bandwidth 
limit algorithm is applicable for only Ventura (Chandrakanth Patil) 
[Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: megaraid_sas: Add check for 
count returned by HOST_DEVICE_LIST DCMD (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 
30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Handle sequence JBOD map failure at 
driver level (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Don't send FPIO to RL Bypass queue (Chandrakanth Patil) 
[Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: In probe context, retry IOC 
INIT once if firmware is in fault (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 
30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Release Mutex lock before OCR in case of 
DCMD timeout (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Call disable_irq from process IRQ poll (Chandrakanth 
Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Remove few debug 
counters from IO path (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Add support for Non-secure Aero PCI IDs (Chandrakanth 
Patil) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Add 32 bit atomic 
descriptor support to AERO adapters (Chandrakanth Patil) [Orabug: 
30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Use struct_size() helper (Gustavo A. R. 
Silva) [Orabug: 30317384] (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: use DEVICE_ATTR_{RO, RW} (Tomas Henzl) [Orabug: 30317384] 
- scsi: megaraid_sas: use octal permissions instead of constants (Tomas 
Henzl) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: make max_sectors visible 
in sys (Tomas Henzl) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: remove set 
but not used variables 'buff_addr' and 'ci_h' (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 
30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: remove set but not used variable 
'sge_sz' (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: remove 
set but not used variables 'host' and 'wait_time' (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 
30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: remove set but not used variable 
'cur_state' (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Update 
driver version to 07.708.03.00 (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - 
scsi: megaraid_sas: Export RAID map through debugfs (Shivasharan S) 
[Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Fix MSI-X vector print 
(Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Add debug 
prints for device list (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Add prints in suspend and resume path (Shivasharan S) 
[Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Print firmware interrupt status 
(Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Print FW fault 
information (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: 
Export RAID map id through sysfs (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - 
scsi: megaraid_sas: Print BAR information from driver (Shivasharan S) 
[Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Dump system registers for 
debugging (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Dump 
system interface regs from sysfs (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - 
scsi: megaraid_sas: Add formatting option for megasas_dump (Shivasharan 
S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Enhance internal DCMD 
timeout prints (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: 
Enhance prints in OCR and TM path (Sumit Saxena) [Orabug: 30317384] - 
scsi: megaraid_sas: Load balance completions across all MSI-X 
(Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: IRQ poll to 
avoid CPU hard lockups (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Block PCI config space access from userspace during OCR 
(Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Rework code 
around controller reset (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: fw_reset_no_pci_access required for MFI adapters only 
(Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Remove unused 
variable target_index (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: fix spelling mistake "oustanding" -> "outstanding" (Colin 
Ian King) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Make 
megasas_host_device_list_query() static (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 30317384] 
- scsi: megaraid_sas: reduce module load time (Steve Sistare) [Orabug: 
30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Remove a bunch of set but not used 
variables (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: driver 
version update (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: 
Update structures for HOST_DEVICE_LIST DCMD (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 
30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Add support for DEVICE_LIST DCMD in 
driver (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Rework 
device add code in AEN path (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - scsi: 
megaraid_sas: Rework code to get PD and LD list (Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 
30317384] - scsi: megaraid_sas: Retry reads of outbound_intr_status reg 
(Shivasharan S) [Orabug: 30317384] - x86,sched: Allow topologies where 
NUMA nodes share an LLC (Mridula Shastry) [Orabug: 30068155] - rds: Use 
correct conn when dropping connections due to cancel (Håkon Bugge) 
[Orabug: 30316049] - rds: ib: Optimize rds_ib_laddr_check (Håkon Bugge) 
[Orabug: 30321972]

- A/A Bonding: Validate rdmaip_active_bonding_arps module parameter 
(Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29822840] - A/A Bonding: Flush all the 
delayed works posted to rdmaip_garps_wq before destroying the workq 
(Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29822840] - A/A Bonding: Rename 
riif_dlywork to rdmaip_dlywork (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29822840] 
- A/A Bonding: Rename rdmaip_port_ud_work to rdmaip_dly_work_req 
(Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29822840] - net/rds: Check laddr_check 
before calling it (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 30313955] - net/rds: Use DMA 
memory pool allocation for rds_header (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 
28388601] - A/A Bonding: Flush all the delayed works posted to rdmaip_wq 
before destroying the workq (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29379514] - 
x86/microcode/intel: Issue the revision updated message only on the BSP 
(Borislav Petkov) [Orabug: 30297345] - x86/microcode: Update late 
microcode in parallel (Ashok Raj) [Orabug: 30297345] - A/A Bonding: 
Miscellaneous module unload changes (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 
29781216] - A/A Bonding: Skip sending GARPs when module unload is in 
progress (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29781216] - floppy: fix 
out-of-bounds read in copy_buffer (Denis Efremov) [Orabug: 30318217] 
- xfrm: policy: Fix out-of-bound array accesses in __xfrm_policy_unlink 
(YueHaibing) [Orabug: 30239054] {CVE-2019-15666}
- ALSA: line6: Fix write on zero-sized buffer (Takashi Iwai) [Orabug: 
30212020] {CVE-2019-15221}
- RDS: validate the requested traces user input against max supported 
(William Kucharski) [Orabug: 29037000] - scsi: mpt3sas: Update driver 
version to (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: 
mpt3sas: Run SAS DEVICE STATUS CHANGE EVENT from ISR (Suganath Prabu) 
[Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Reduce the performance drop 
(Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Handle fault during 
HBA initialization (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: 
Add sysfs to know supported features (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] 
- scsi: mpt3sas: Support MEMORY MOVE Tool box command (Suganath Prabu) 
[Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Allow ioctls to blocked access 
status NVMe (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: 
Enumerate SES of a managed PCIe switch (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 
30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Update MPI headers to 2.6.8 spec (Suganath 
Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Gracefully handle online 
firmware update (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: 
memset request frame before reusing (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] 
- scsi: mpt3sas: Add support for PCIe Lane margin (Suganath Prabu) 
[Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: support target smid for 
[abort|query] task (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: clean 
up a couple sizeof() uses (Dan Carpenter) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: 
mpt3sas: Fix msix load balance on and off settings (Sreekanth Reddy) 
[Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Determine smp affinity on per HBA 
basis (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Use 
configured PCIe link speed, not max (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 30299785] 
- scsi: mpt3sas: Remove CPU arch check to determine perf_mode (Sreekanth 
Reddy) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: use DEVICE_ATTR_{RO, RW} 
(Tomas Henzl) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: make driver options 
visible in sys (Tomas Henzl) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Mark 
expected switch fall-through (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 30299785] - 
scsi: mpt3sas: Update driver version to (Suganath Prabu S) 
[Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Introduce perf_mode module parameter 
(Suganath Prabu S) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Enable interrupt 
coalescing on high iops (Suganath Prabu S) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: 
mpt3sas: Affinity high iops queues IRQs to local node (Suganath Prabu S) 
[Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: save and use MSI-X index for posting 
RD (Suganath Prabu S) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Use high iops 
queues under some circumstances (Suganath Prabu S) [Orabug: 30299785] - 
scsi: mpt3sas: change _base_get_msix_index prototype (Suganath Prabu S) 
[Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Add flag high_iops_queues (Suganath 
Prabu S) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Add Atomic 
RequestDescriptor support on Aero (Suganath Prabu S) [Orabug: 30299785] 
- scsi: mpt3sas: function pointers of request descriptor (Suganath Prabu 
S) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas_ctl: fix double-fetch bug in 
_ctl_ioctl_main() (Gen Zhang) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: fix 
indentation issue (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: 
Fix kernel panic during expander reset (Sreekanth Reddy) [Orabug: 
30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Update mpt3sas driver version to 
(Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Improve the 
threshold value and introduce module param (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 
30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Load balance to improve performance and avoid 
soft lockups (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Irq 
poll to avoid CPU hard lockups (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] - 
scsi: mpt3sas: simplify interrupt handler (Suganath Prabu) [Orabug: 
30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix typo in request_desript_type (Suganath 
Prabu) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Add missing breaks in switch 
statements (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: 
Update driver version to (Suganath Prabu S) [Orabug: 
30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Add support for ATLAS PCIe switch (Suganath 
Prabu S) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Add support for NVMe Switch 
Adapter (Suganath Prabu S) [Orabug: 30299785] - scsi: mpt3sas: Rename 
mpi endpoint device ID macro. (Suganath Prabu S) [Orabug: 30299785] - 
scsi: mpt3sas: mpt3sas_scsih: Mark expected switch fall-through (Gustavo 
A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 30299785]

- kernel-uek.spec: defuse a memory bomb in xargs (Lukáš Lipinský) 
[Orabug: 30057188] - KVM: coalesced_mmio: add bounds checking (Matt 
Delco) [Orabug: 30288808] {CVE-2019-14821} {CVE-2019-14821}
- xen-netfront: do not assume sk_buff_head list is empty in error 
handling (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 30313826] - x86/speculation: 
Re-initialize x86_spec_ctrl_base/priv during late microcode update 
(Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 30312238] - x86/speculation: Properly 
initialize percpu variables (Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 30312238] - 
net/rds: Incorrect work request accouting (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 
30298907] - vhost: make sure log_num < in_num (yongduan) [Orabug: 
30288587] {CVE-2019-14835}
- vhost: block speculation of translated descriptors (Michael S. 
Tsirkin) [Orabug: 30288587] {CVE-2019-14835}
- RDMA/restrack: Release task struct which was hold by CM_ID object 
(Leon Romanovsky) [Orabug: 30307610]

- drivers: net: Remove unnecessary semicolon (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 
29319986] - net: cisco: enic: Replace GFP_ATOMIC with GFP_KERNEL (Jia-Ju 
Bai) [Orabug: 29319986] - enic: fix UDP rss bits (Govindarajulu 
Varadarajan) [Orabug: 29319986] - enic: drop IP proto check for vxlan 
tunnel delete (Govindarajulu Varadarajan) [Orabug: 29319986] - enic: fix 
boolreturn.cocci warnings (Fengguang Wu) [Orabug: 29319986] - enic: set 
IG desc cache flag in open (Govindarajulu Varadarajan) [Orabug: 
29319986] - enic: set UDP rss flag (Govindarajulu Varadarajan) [Orabug: 
29319986] - enic: Check if hw supports multi wq with vxlan offload 
(Govindarajulu Varadarajan) [Orabug: 29319986] - enic: Add vxlan offload 
support for IPv6 pkts (Govindarajulu Varadarajan) [Orabug: 29319986] - 
enic: Check inner ip proto for pseudo header csum (Govindarajulu 
Varadarajan) [Orabug: 29319986] - enic: add wq clean up budget 
(Govindarajulu Varadarajan) [Orabug: 29319986] - enic: add sw timestamp 
support (Govindarajulu Varadarajan) [Orabug: 29319986] - enic: Add 
support for 'ethtool -g/-G' (Parvi Kaustubhi) [Orabug: 29319986] - enic: 
reset fetch index (Parvi Kaustubhi) [Orabug: 29319986] - KVM: VMX: sync 
pending posted interrupts based on PIR (Luwei Kang) [Orabug: 30270396] - 
Revert "KVM: x86: Recompute PID.ON when clearing PID.SN" (Joao Martins) 
[Orabug: 30270396] - net/rds: An rds_sock is added too early to the hash 
table (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 30277828] - KVM: svm: 
svm_set_msr(MSR_IA32_SPEC_CTRL) should allow SPEC_CTRL_SSBD bit (Liam 
Merwick) [Orabug: 30218277] - rds: Bring loop-back peer down as well 
(Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30271685] - rds: ib: Avoid connect retry on 
loopback connections (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30271685] - Linux 4.14.118 
(Greg Kroah-Hartman) - arm64: futex: Bound number of LDXR/STXR loops in 
FUTEX_WAKE_OP (Will Deacon) - locking/futex: Allow low-level atomic 
operations to return -EAGAIN (Will Deacon) - ASoC: Intel: avoid Oops if 
DMA setup fails (Ross Zwisler) - UAS: fix alignment of scatter/gather 
segments (Oliver Neukum) - Bluetooth: Align minimum encryption key size 
for LE and BR/EDR connections (Marcel Holtmann) - Bluetooth: hidp: fix 
buffer overflow (Young Xiao) {CVE-2011-1079}
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix incorrect region-size setting in optrom SYSFS 
routines (Andrew Vasquez) - intel_th: pci: Add Comet Lake support 
(Alexander Shishkin) - usb-storage: Set virt_boundary_mask to avoid SG 
overflows (Alan Stern) - USB: cdc-acm: fix unthrottle races (Johan 
Hovold) - USB: serial: f81232: fix interrupt worker not stop (Ji-Ze Hong 
(Peter Hong)) - usb: dwc3: Fix default lpm_nyet_threshold value (Thinh 
Nguyen) - genirq: Prevent use-after-free and work list corruption 
(Prasad Sodagudi) - iommu/amd: Set exclusion range correctly (Joerg 
Roedel) - platform/x86: pmc_atom: Drop __initconst on dmi table (Stephen 
Boyd) - virtio-blk: limit number of hw queues by nr_cpu_ids (Dongli 
Zhang) - ASoC: Intel: kbl: fix wrong number of channels (Tzung-Bi Shih) 
- drm/mediatek: fix possible object reference leak (Wen Yang) - scsi: 
csiostor: fix missing data copy in csio_scsi_err_handler() (Varun 
Prakash) - RDMA/vmw_pvrdma: Fix memory leak on pvrdma_pci_remove (Kamal 
Heib) - virtio_pci: fix a NULL pointer reference in vp_del_vqs 
(Longpeng) - slab: fix a crash by reading /proc/slab_allocators (Qian 
Cai) - ASoC: rockchip: pdm: fix regmap_ops hang issue (Sugar Zhang) - 
linux/kernel.h: Use parentheses around argument in u64_to_user_ptr() 
(Jann Horn) - perf/x86/intel: Initialize TFA MSR (Peter Zijlstra) - 
perf/x86/intel: Fix handling of wakeup_events for multi-entry PEBS 
(Stephane Eranian) - drm/mediatek: Fix an error code in 
mtk_hdmi_dt_parse_pdata() (Dan Carpenter) - ASoC: tlv320aic32x4: Fix 
Common Pins (Annaliese McDermond) - MIPS: KGDB: fix kgdb support for SMP 
platforms. (Chong Qiao) - IB/hfi1: Eliminate opcode tests on mr deref 
(Kaike Wan) - ASoC: cs4270: Set auto-increment bit for register writes 
(Daniel Mack) - ASoC: wm_adsp: Add locking to wm_adsp2_bus_error 
(Charles Keepax) - ASoC: samsung: odroid: Fix clock configuration for 
44100 sample rate (Sylwester Nawrocki) - ASoC: nau8810: fix the issue of 
widget with prefixed name (John Hsu) - ASoC: nau8824: fix the issue of 
the widget with prefix name (John Hsu) - ASoC:soc-pcm:fix a codec fixup 
issue in TDM case (Rander Wang) - ASoC: hdmi-codec: fix S/PDIF DAI 
(Russell King) - staging: greybus: power_supply: fix prop-descriptor 
request size (Johan Hovold) - ubsan: Fix nasty 
-Wbuiltin-declaration-mismatch GCC-9 warnings (Andrey Ryabinin) - 
Drivers: hv: vmbus: Remove the undesired put_cpu_ptr() in 
hv_synic_cleanup() (Dexuan Cui) - scsi: libsas: fix a race condition 
when smp task timeout (Jason Yan) - Linux 4.14.117 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) 
- mm/kmemleak.c: fix unused-function warning (Arnd Bergmann) - media: 
v4l2: i2c: ov7670: Fix PLL bypass register values (Jacopo Mondi) - i2c: 
i2c-stm32f7: Fix SDADEL minimum formula (Nicolas Le Bayon) - clk: x86: 
Add system specific quirk to mark clocks as critical (David Müller) - 
x86/mce: Improve error message when kernel cannot recover, p2 (Tony 
Luck) - powerpc/mm/hash: Handle mmap_min_addr correctly in 
get_unmapped_area topdown search (Aneesh Kumar K.V) - selinux: never 
allow relabeling on context mounts (Ondrej Mosnacek) - Input: stmfts - 
acknowledge that setting brightness is a blocking call (Dmitry Torokhov) 
- Input: snvs_pwrkey - initialize necessary driver data before enabling 
IRQ (Anson Huang) - IB/core: Destroy QP if XRC QP fails (Yuval Avnery) - 
IB/core: Fix potential memory leak while creating MAD agents (Daniel 
Jurgens) - IB/core: Unregister notifier before freeing MAD security 
(Daniel Jurgens) - ASoC: stm32: fix sai driver name initialisation 
(Arnaud Pouliquen) - scsi: RDMA/srpt: Fix a credit leak for aborted 
commands (Bart Van Assche) - staging: iio: adt7316: fix the dac write 
calculation (Jeremy Fertic) - staging: iio: adt7316: fix the dac read 
calculation (Jeremy Fertic) - staging: iio: adt7316: allow adt751x to 
use internal vref for all dacs (Jeremy Fertic) - Bluetooth: btusb: 
request wake pin with NOAUTOEN (Brian Norris) - perf/x86/amd: Update 
generic hardware cache events for Family 17h (Kim Phillips) - ARM: iop: 
don't use using 64-bit DMA masks (Arnd Bergmann) - ARM: orion: don't use 
using 64-bit DMA masks (Arnd Bergmann) - xsysace: Fix error handling in 
ace_setup (Guenter Roeck) - sh: fix multiple function definition build 
errors (Randy Dunlap) - hugetlbfs: fix memory leak for resv_map (Mike 
Kravetz) - kmemleak: powerpc: skip scanning holes in the .bss section 
(Catalin Marinas) - net: hns: Fix WARNING when remove HNS driver with 
SMMU enabled (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: fix ICMP6 neighbor solicitation 
messages discard problem (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: Fix probabilistic 
memory overwrite when HNS driver initialized (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: 
Use NAPI_POLL_WEIGHT for hns driver (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: fix 
KASAN: use-after-free in hns_nic_net_xmit_hw() (Liubin Shu) - scsi: 
storvsc: Fix calculation of sub-channel count (Michael Kelley) - scsi: 
core: add new RDAC LENOVO/DE_Series device (Xose Vazquez Perez) - 
vfio/pci: use correct format characters (Louis Taylor) - HID: input: add 
mapping for Assistant key (Dmitry Torokhov) - rtc: da9063: set 
uie_unsupported when relevant (Alexandre Belloni) - debugfs: fix 
use-after-free on symlink traversal (Al Viro) - jffs2: fix 
use-after-free on symlink traversal (Al Viro) - net: stmmac: don't log 
oversized frames (Aaro Koskinen) - net: stmmac: fix dropping of 
multi-descriptor RX frames (Aaro Koskinen) - net: stmmac: don't 
overwrite discard_frame status (Aaro Koskinen) - net: stmmac: ratelimit 
RX error logs (Aaro Koskinen) - bonding: show full hw address in sysfs 
for slave entries (Konstantin Khorenko) - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Fix esw 
manager vport indication for more vport commands (Omri Kahalon) - igb: 
Fix WARN_ONCE on runtime suspend (Arvind Sankar) - ARM: dts: rockchip: 
Fix gpu opp node names for rk3288 (Douglas Anderson) - batman-adv: 
Reduce tt_global hash refcnt only for removed entry (Sven Eckelmann) - 
batman-adv: Reduce tt_local hash refcnt only for removed entry (Sven 
Eckelmann) - batman-adv: Reduce claim hash refcnt only for removed entry 
(Sven Eckelmann) - rtc: sh: Fix invalid alarm warning for non-enabled 
alarm (Geert Uytterhoeven) - HID: debug: fix race condition with between 
rdesc_show() and device removal (He, Bo) - HID: logitech: check the 
return value of create_singlethread_workqueue (Kangjie Lu) - nvme-loop: 
init nvmet_ctrl fatal_err_work when allocate (Yufen Yu) - mm: do not 
stall register_shrinker() (Minchan Kim) - USB: core: Fix bug caused by 
duplicate interface PM usage counter (Alan Stern) - USB: core: Fix 
unterminated string returned by usb_string() (Alan Stern) - usb: usbip: 
fix isoc packet num validation in get_pipe (Malte Leip) - USB: w1 
ds2490: Fix bug caused by improper use of altsetting array (Alan Stern) 
- USB: yurex: Fix protection fault after device removal (Alan Stern) - 
ALSA: hda/realtek - Fixed Dell AIO speaker noise (Kailang Yang) - ALSA: 
hda/realtek - Add new Dell platform for headset mode (Kailang Yang) - 
caif: reduce stack size with KASAN (Arnd Bergmann) - arm64: only advance 
singlestep for user instruction traps (Mark Rutland) - arm64: Fix single 
stepping in kernel traps (Julien Thierry) - kasan: prevent compiler from 
optimizing away memset in tests (Andrey Konovalov) - kasan: remove 
redundant initialization of variable 'real_size' (Colin Ian King) - net: 
dsa: bcm_sf2: fix buffer overflow doing set_rxnfc (Dan Carpenter) - net: 
phy: marvell: Fix buffer overrun with stats counters (Andrew Lunn) - 
rxrpc: Fix net namespace cleanup (David Howells) - bnxt_en: Free short 
FW command HWRM memory in error path in bnxt_init_one() (Vasundhara 
Volam) - bnxt_en: Improve multicast address setup logic. (Michael Chan) 
- packet: validate msg_namelen in send directly (Willem de Bruijn) - 
sctp: avoid running the sctp state machine recursively (Xin Long) - 
ipv6: invert flowlabel sharing check in process and user mode (Willem de 
Bruijn) - ipv6/flowlabel: wait rcu grace period before put_pid() (Eric 
Dumazet) - ipv4: ip_do_fragment: Preserve skb_iif during fragmentation 
(Shmulik Ladkani) - ALSA: line6: use dynamic buffers (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - Linux 4.14.116 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - leds: pca9532: 
fix a potential NULL pointer dereference (Kangjie Lu) - ptrace: take 
into account saved_sigmask in PTRACE{GET,SET}SIGMASK (Andrei Vagin) - 
iommu/amd: Reserve exclusion range in iova-domain (Joerg Roedel) - 
kconfig/[mn]conf: handle backspace (^H) key (Changbin Du) - gpio: of: 
Fix of_gpiochip_add() error path (Geert Uytterhoeven) - libata: fix 
using DMA buffers on stack (raymond pang) - scsi: zfcp: reduce flood of 
fcrscn1 trace records on multi-element RSCN (Steffen Maier) - ceph: fix 
use-after-free on symlink traversal (Al Viro) - usb: u132-hcd: fix 
resource leak (Mukesh Ojha) - usb: usb251xb: fix to avoid potential NULL 
pointer dereference (Aditya Pakki) - scsi: qla4xxx: fix a potential NULL 
pointer dereference (Kangjie Lu) - drm/meson: Uninstall IRQ handler 
(Jean-Philippe Brucker) - drm/meson: Fix invalid pointer in 
meson_drv_unbind() (Jean-Philippe Brucker) - gpio: aspeed: fix a 
potential NULL pointer dereference (Kangjie Lu) - net: ethernet: ti: fix 
possible object reference leak (Wen Yang) - net: ibm: fix possible 
object reference leak (Wen Yang) - net: xilinx: fix possible object 
reference leak (Wen Yang) - NFS: Fix a typo in nfs_init_timeout_values() 
(Trond Myklebust) - ARM: dts: imx6qdl: Fix typo in 
imx6qdl-icore-rqs.dtsi (Masanari Iida) - net/sched: don't dereference 
a->goto_chain to read the chain index (Davide Caratti) - net: macb: Add 
null check for PCLK and HCLK (Harini Katakam) - staging: rtlwifi: Fix 
potential NULL pointer dereference of kzalloc (Aditya Pakki) - staging: 
rtl8712: uninitialized memory in read_bbreg_hdl() (Dan Carpenter) - 
staging: rtlwifi: rtl8822b: fix to avoid potential NULL pointer 
dereference (Aditya Pakki) - staging: rtl8188eu: Fix potential NULL 
pointer dereference of kcalloc (Aditya Pakki) - net: ks8851: Set initial 
carrier state to down (Lukas Wunner) - net: ks8851: Delay requesting IRQ 
until opened (Lukas Wunner) - net: ks8851: Reassert reset pin if chip ID 
check fails (Lukas Wunner) - net: ks8851: Dequeue RX packets explicitly 
(Lukas Wunner) - ARM: dts: pfla02: increase phy reset duration (Marco 
Felsch) - usb: gadget: net2272: Fix net2272_dequeue() (Guido Kiener) - 
usb: gadget: net2280: Fix net2280_dequeue() (Guido Kiener) - usb: 
gadget: net2280: Fix overrun of OUT messages (Guido Kiener) - KVM: 
arm/arm64: vgic-its: Take the srcu lock when parsing the memslots (Marc 
Zyngier) - serial: ar933x_uart: Fix build failure with disabled console 
(Petr Štetiar) - sc16is7xx: missing unregister/delete driver on error in 
sc16is7xx_init() (Mao Wenan) - s390/qeth: fix race when initializing the 
IP address table (Julian Wiedmann) - netfilter: bridge: set skb 
transport_header before entering NF_INET_PRE_ROUTING (Xin Long) - 
netfilter: nft_set_rbtree: check for inactive element after flag 
mismatch (Pablo Neira Ayuso) - qlcnic: Avoid potential NULL pointer 
dereference (Aditya Pakki) - s390: limit brk randomization to 32MB 
(Martin Schwidefsky) - ARM: dts: bcm283x: Fix hdmi hpd gpio pull (Helen 
Koike) - fs: prevent page refcount overflow in pipe_buf_get (Matthew 
Wilcox) - mm: prevent get_user_pages() from overflowing page refcount 
(Linus Torvalds) - mm: add 'try_get_page()' helper function (Linus 
Torvalds) - mm: make page ref count overflow check tighter and more 
explicit (Linus Torvalds) - usbnet: ipheth: fix potential null pointer 
dereference in ipheth_carrier_set (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - usbnet: 
ipheth: prevent TX queue timeouts when device not ready (Alexander 
Kappner) - selinux: use kernel linux/socket.h for genheaders and mdp 
(Paulo Alcantara)

- x86/tsc: Make calibration refinement more robust (Daniel Vacek) 
[Orabug: 30260379] - A/A Bonding: Port status is not updated correctly 
for dynamically added netdevs (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 30241187] - 
A/A Bonding: rdmaip_add_new_rdmaip_port() - remove unused "port" 
argument (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 30241187] - A/A Bonding: 
rdmaip_inetaddr_unregister() - minor updates (Sudhakar Dindukurti) 
[Orabug: 30241187] - A/A Bonding: Log ip_config details if it fails to 
find a failover port (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 30213132] - A/A 
Bonding: X8-8 RoCE network re-connect stalls after loss of switch 
(Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 30213132] - xen/swiotlb: remember having 
called xen_create_contiguous_region() (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 30141764] 
- xen/swiotlb: simplify range_straddles_page_boundary() (Juergen Gross) 
[Orabug: 30141764] - xen/swiotlb: fix condition for calling 
xen_destroy_contiguous_region() (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 30141764] - 
net/rds: Fix info leak in rds6_inc_info_copy() (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 
30255644] - Bluetooth: hci_uart: check for missing tty operations 
(Vladis Dronov) [Orabug: 30114066] {CVE-2019-10207} {CVE-2019-10207}
- IB/mlx5: Fix leaking stack memory to userspace (Jason Gunthorpe) 
[Orabug: 30113544] {CVE-2018-20855}
- x86: cpu: update blacklist spec features for late loading (Mihai 
Carabas) [Orabug: 29336749] - x86: cpu: bugs.c: update cpu_smt_disable 
to support late loading (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 29336749] - x86: cpu: 
bugs.c: create microcode late loading logic (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 
29336749] - x86: cpu: bugs.c: remove init attribute from functions and 
variables (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 29336749] - x86: kernel: cpu: bugs.c: 
modify static_has to boot_bas (Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 29336749] - x86: 
cpu: modify boot_command_line to saved_command_line (Mihai Carabas) 
[Orabug: 29336749] - x86: cpu: microcode: update flags for all cpus 
(Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 29336749] - rds: RDS/TCP does not initiate a 
connection (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 30158088] - rds: remove dead code 
(William Kucharski) [Orabug: 29951256]

- mm: memcontrol: drain stocks on resize limit (Shakeel Butt) [Orabug: 
30223192] - mm/memcontrol.c: try harder to decrease 
[memory,memsw].limit_in_bytes (Andrey Ryabinin) [Orabug: 30223192] - 
memcg: refactor mem_cgroup_resize_limit() (Yu Zhao) [Orabug: 30223192] - 
cgroup/pids: turn cgroup_subsys->free() into cgroup_subsys->release() to 
fix the accounting (Oleg Nesterov) [Orabug: 29351508] - cgroup: make 
code and documentation consistent for cgroup cpuset v2 (chris hyser) - 
dm raid: consume sizes after md_finish_reshape() completes changing them 
(Heinz Mauelshagen) [Orabug: 30225565] - config-aarch64: enable 
29493120] [Orabug: 29409143]

- dm bufio: fix deadlock with loop device (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 
30213148] - Update UVERBS_OBJECT() macro to properly concatenate the 
object name. (William Kucharski) [Orabug: 29311205] - cpuidle-haltpoll: 
vcpu hotplug support (Joao Martins) [Orabug: 30211981] - xen/ovmapi: 
whitelist name_cache for usercopy (Jacob Wen) [Orabug: 30217113] - 
blk-mq: make sure that correct hctx->next_cpu is set (Ming Lei) [Orabug: 
30213833] - blk-mq: make sure hctx->next_cpu is set correctly (Ming Lei) 
[Orabug: 30213833] - blk-mq: simplify queue mapping & schedule with each 
possisble CPU (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 30213833] - xen-netback: use 
irqsave/irqrestore in xenvif_rx_dequeue() (Ankur Arora) [Orabug: 
30154582] - nvme: Fix cntlid validation when not using NVMEoF (Guilherme 
G. Piccoli) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme-multipath: fix possible I/O hang 
when paths are updated (Anton Eidelman) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme-pci: 
Fix async probe remove race (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme: fix 
controller removal race with scan work (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 
30110724] - nvme: fix a possible deadlock when passthru commands sent to 
a multipath device (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme-core: Fix 
extra device_put() call on error path (Logan Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 
30110724] - nvmet-file: fix nvmet_file_flush() always returning an error 
(Logan Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvmet-loop: Flush nvme_delete_wq 
when removing the port (Logan Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvmet: Fix 
use-after-free bug when a port is removed (Logan Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 
30110724] - nvme-multipath: revalidate nvme_ns_head gendisk in 
nvme_validate_ns (Anthony Iliopoulos) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme: fix 
multipath crash when ANA is deactivated (Marta Rybczynska) [Orabug: 
30110724] - nvme: fix memory leak caused by incorrect subsystem free 
(Logan Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme: ignore subnqn for ADATA 
SX6000LNP (Misha Nasledov) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme-fc: fix module 
unloads while lports still pending (James Smart) [Orabug: 30110724] - 
nvmet: print a hint while rejecting NSID 0 or 0xffffffff (Mikhail 
Skorzhinskii) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme-multipath: do not select 
namespaces which are about to be removed (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 
30110724] - nvme-multipath: also check for a disabled path if there is a 
single sibling (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme-multipath: 
factor out a nvme_path_is_disabled helper (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 
30110724] - nvme: set physical block size and optimal I/O size (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme: add I/O characteristics fields (Bart 
Van Assche) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvmet: export I/O characteristics 
attributes in Identify (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 30110724] - 
nvme-trace: add delete completion and submission queue to admin cmds 
tracer (Tom Wu) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme-trace: fix spelling mistake 
"spcecific" -> "specific" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 30110724] - 
nvme-fcloop: resolve warnings on RCU usage and sleep warnings (James 
Smart) [Orabug: 30110724] - nvme-fcloop: fix inconsistent lock state 
warnings (James Smart) [Orabug: 30110724] - net/rds: Check address 
length before reading address family (Tetsuo Handa) [Orabug: 30199770] - 
A/A-Bonding: Switch from dma_device to dev.parent (Dag Moxnes) [Orabug: 
30149027] - restore cond_resched() in shrink_dcache_parent() (Al Viro) 
[Orabug: 30184064] - kvm: Fix mismerge in pi_clear_on() (Liam Merwick) 
[Orabug: 30180404] - kvm: remove reintroduced arch/x86/kvm/vmx.c (Liam 
Merwick) [Orabug: 30180404] - A/A-Bonding: Increase default 
net.rdmaip.active_bonding_failback_ms (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 
30184200] - psi: avoid divide-by-zero crash inside virtual machines 
(Johannes Weiner) [Orabug: 30173026] - psi: fix aggregation idle 
shut-off (Johannes Weiner) [Orabug: 30173026] - rds: RDS does not flush 
IPv6 neighbor cache (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 28220027] - block: fix 
wrong statistic of io_ticks (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 30178679] - Revert 
"dm: simplify start of block stats accounting for bio-based" (Junxiao 
Bi) [Orabug: 30178679] - Revert "block: delete part_round_stats and 
switch to less precise counting" (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 30178679]

- rds: rds_ib_conn_alloc() calls kzallloc() with wrong flag (Ka-Cheong 
Poon) [Orabug: 28416722] - selftests/bpf: use localhost in 
tcp_{server,client}.py (Stanislav Fomichev) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: 
Add Python 3 support to selftests scripts for bpf (Jeremy Cline) 
[Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: clean up unused-variable warning (Arnd 
Bergmann) [Orabug: 29795323] - selftests: bpf: install files 
tcp_(server|client)*.py (Anders Roxell) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: clean 
up from test_tcpbpf_kern.c (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: 
add selftest for tcpbpf (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Add 
BPF_SOCK_OPS_STATE_CB (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Add 
BPF_SOCK_OPS_RETRANS_CB (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Add 
sock_ops R/W access to tclass (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - 
bpf: Add support for reading sk_state and more (Lawrence Brakmo) 
[Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Add sock_ops RTO callback (Lawrence Brakmo) 
[Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Adds field bpf_sock_ops_cb_flags to tcp_sock 
(Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Support passing args to 
sock_ops bpf function (Alan Maguire) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Add write 
access to tcp_sock and sock fields (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] 
- bpf: Make SOCK_OPS_GET_TCP struct independent (Lawrence Brakmo) 
[Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Make SOCK_OPS_GET_TCP size independent 
(Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Only reply field should be 
writeable (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Rename 
tcp_bbf.readme to tcp_bpf.readme (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - 
bpf: create samples/bpf/tcp_bpf.readme (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 
29795323] - bpf: sample BPF_SOCKET_OPS_BASE_RTT program (Lawrence 
Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Add BPF_SOCKET_OPS_BASE_RTT support to 
tcp_nv (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: Adding helper 
function bpf_getsockops (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - bpf: add 
support for BPF_SOCK_OPS_BASE_RTT (Lawrence Brakmo) [Orabug: 29795323] - 
bpf: Add access to snd_cwnd and others in sock_ops (Lawrence Brakmo) 
[Orabug: 29795323] - SUNRPC fix regression in umount of a secure mount 
(Olga Kornievskaia) [Orabug: 30148982] - block: fix RO partition with RW 
disk (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 30159926] - x86/boot: Clear RSDP address in 
boot_params for broken loaders (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 30135710] - rds: 
ib: Qualify CM REQ duplicate detection with connection being up (Håkon 
Bugge) [Orabug: 30056604] - rds: Further prioritize local loop-back 
connections (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30056604] - rds: Fix initial zero 
delay when queuing re-connect work (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 30056604] - 
rds: Re-introduce separate work-queue for local connections (Håkon 
Bugge) [Orabug: 30056604] - ptrace: Fix ->ptracer_cred handling for 
PTRACE_TRACEME (Jann Horn) [Orabug: 30067071] {CVE-2019-13272}
- Input: gtco - bounds check collection indent level (Grant Hernandez) 
[Orabug: 30067185] {CVE-2019-13631}
- mm: Fixes /proc/vmstat bad values. (Chris Hyser) [Orabug: 30110249] - 
xen: delay xen_hvm_init_time_ops() if kdump is boot on vcpu>=32 (Dongli 
Zhang) [Orabug: 30117540] - scsi: megaraid_sas: fix panic on loading 
firmware crashdump (Junxiao Bi) [Orabug: 30109906] - x86/speculation: 
Exclude ATOMs from speculation through SWAPGS (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 
29967548] {CVE-2019-1125}
- x86/speculation: Enable Spectre v1 swapgs mitigations (Josh Poimboeuf) 
[Orabug: 29967548] {CVE-2019-1125}
- x86/speculation: Prepare entry code for Spectre v1 swapgs mitigations 
(Josh Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 29967548] {CVE-2019-1125}

- xen-netback: stop netif TX queue on guest queuing failure (Ankur 
Arora) [Orabug: 28809302] - rds: Not all huge pages are released after 
app shutdown (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 29890749] - nvme: fix possible io 
failures when removing multipathed ns (Anton Eidelman) [Orabug: 
29962239] - nvme-multipath: sanitize nvme_update_ana_state() (Alan 
Adamson) [Orabug: 29962239] - Documentation: nvme: add an example for 
nvme fault injection (Akinobu Mita) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme: enable to 
inject errors into admin commands (Akinobu Mita) [Orabug: 29962239] - 
nvme: prepare for fault injection into admin commands (Akinobu Mita) 
[Orabug: 29962239] - nvmet: rename nvme_completion instances from rsp to 
cqe (Max Gurtovoy) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvmet: introduce target-side 
trace (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-trace: print result and 
status in hex format (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-trace: 
support for fabrics commands in host-side (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 29962239] 
- nvme-trace: move opcode symbol print to nvme.h (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 
29962239] - nvme-trace: do not export nvme_trace_disk_name (Minwoo Im) 
[Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-pci: clean up nvme_remove_dead_ctrl a bit 
(Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-pci: properly report 
state change failure in nvme_reset_work (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 29962239] - 
nvme-pci: set the errno on ctrl state change error (Chaitanya Kulkarni) 
[Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-rdma: use dynamic dma mapping per command (Max 
Gurtovoy) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme: Fix u32 overflow in the number of 
namespace list calculation (Jaesoo Lee) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-pci: 
don't limit DMA segement size (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29962239] - 
nvmet: fix data_len to 0 for bdev-backed write_zeroes (Minwoo Im) 
[Orabug: 29962239] - nvme: update MAINTAINERS (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 
29962239] - nvme: copy MTFA field from identify controller (Laine 
Walker-Avina) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme: fix memory leak for power 
latency tolerance (Yufen Yu) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme: release 
namespace SRCU protection before performing controller ioctls (Christoph 
Hellwig) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme: merge nvme_ns_ioctl into nvme_ioctl 
(Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme: remove the ifdef around 
nvme_nvm_ioctl (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme: fix srcu 
locking on error return in nvme_get_ns_from_disk (Christoph Hellwig) 
[Orabug: 29962239] - nvme: Fix known effects (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 
29962239] - nvme: trace all async notice events (Chaitanya Kulkarni) 
[Orabug: 29962239] - nvme: fix typos in nvme status code values (Minwoo 
Im) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-fabrics: remove unused argument (Minwoo 
Im) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-multipath: avoid crash on invalid 
subsystem cntlid enumeration (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 29962239] - 
nvme-fc: use separate work queue to avoid warning (Hannes Reinecke) 
[Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-rdma: remove redundant reference between 
ib_device and tagset (Max Gurtovoy) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-pci: mark 
expected switch fall-through (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 29962239] - 
nvme-pci: add known admin effects to augument admin effects log page 
(Maxim Levitsky) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-pci: init shadow doorbell 
after each reset (Maxim Levitsky) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvmet: protect 
discovery change log event list iteration (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 
29962239] - nvme: mark nvme_core_init and nvme_core_exit static 
(Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-fabrics: check more 
command sizes (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-pci: check more 
command sizes (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-pci: remove an 
unneeded variable initialization (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 29962239] - 
nvme-pci: unquiesce admin queue on shutdown (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 
29962239] - nvme-pci: shutdown on timeout during deletion (Keith Busch) 
[Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-multipath: don't print ANA group state by 
default (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-multipath: split 
bios with the ns_head bio_set before submitting (Hannes Reinecke) 
[Orabug: 29962239] - nvme: set 0 capacity if namespace block size 
exceeds PAGE_SIZE (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-rdma: fix 
typo in struct comment (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-loop: kill 
timeout handler (Ming Lei) [Orabug: 29962239] - nvme-rdma: fix a NULL 
deref when an admin connect times out (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 29962239] 
- nvmet-file: clamp-down file namespace lba_shift (Sagi Grimberg) 
[Orabug: 29962239] - nvmet: return a specified error it subsys_alloc 
fails (Minwoo Im) [Orabug: 29962239] - bnxt_en: Fix VNIC accounting when 
enabling aRFS on 57500 chips. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - 
bnxt_en: Suppress error messages when querying DSCP DCB capabilities. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Cap the returned MSIX 
vectors to the RDMA driver. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: 
Fix statistics context reservation logic for RDMA driver. (Michael Chan) 
[Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Disable bus master during PCI shutdown and 
driver unload. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Reduce 
memory usage when running in kdump kernel. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
29962422] - bnxt_en: Fix possible BUG() condition when calling 
pci_disable_msix(). (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Fix 
aggregation buffer leak under OOM condition. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
29962422] - bnxt_en: Add device IDs 0x1806 and 0x1752 for 57500 devices. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Add support for aRFS on 
57500 chips. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Query firmware 
capability to support aRFS on 57500 chips. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
29962422] - bnxt_en: Improve NQ reservations. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
29962422] - bnxt_en: Separate RDMA MR/AH context allocation. (Devesh 
Sharma) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: read the clause type from the PHY 
ID (Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Read package version 
from firmware. (Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Check 
new firmware capability to display extended stats. (Vasundhara Volam) 
[Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Add support for PCIe statistics 
(Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Refactor 
bnxt_alloc_stats(). (Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: 
Update firmware interface to (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
29962422] - bnxt_en: Fix uninitialized variable usage in bnxt_rx_pkt(). 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Fix statistics context 
reservation logic. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Pass 
correct extended TX port statistics size to firmware. (Michael Chan) 
[Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Fix possible crash in 
bnxt_hwrm_ring_free() under error conditions. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
29962422] - bnxt_en: Free short FW command HWRM memory in error path in 
bnxt_init_one() (Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Improve 
multicast address setup logic. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - 
bnxt_en: Improve RX consumer index validity check. (Michael Chan) 
[Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Return relevant error code when offload 
fails (Sriharsha Basavapatna) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Add support 
for mdio read/write to external PHY (Vasundhara Volam) [Orabug: 
29962422] - bnxt_en: Propagate trusted VF attribute to firmware. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Add support for BCM957504 
(Erik Burrows) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Update firmware interface 
spec. to (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Disable 
interrupts when allocating CP rings or NQs. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 
29962422] - bnxt_en: Fix context memory allocation. (Michael Chan) 
[Orabug: 29962422] - bnxt_en: Fix ring checking logic on 57500 chips. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29962422] - xen: let alloc_xenballooned_pages() 
fail if not enough memory free (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 30043684] - 
crypto: ccp - Make function sev_get_firmware() static (Wei Yongjun) 
[Orabug: 30063224] - crypto: ccp - Allow SEV firmware to be chosen based 
on Family and Model (Janakarajan Natarajan) [Orabug: 30063224] - 
mlx4_core: change log_num_{qp,rdmarc} with scale_profile (Mukesh Kacker) 
[Orabug: 30064442] - Revert "AMD: Change CONFIG_EDAC_DECODE_MCE to 
built-in" (George Kennedy) [Orabug: 30080594] - rds: Get rid of 
"wait_clean_list_grace" and add locking (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 
30066226] - xfs: fix string handling in label get/set functions (Arnd 
Bergmann) [Orabug: 30058778] - xfs: implement online get/set fs label 
(Eric Sandeen) [Orabug: 30058778] - fs: copy BTRFS_IOC_[SG]ET_FSLABEL to 
vfs (Eric Sandeen) [Orabug: 30058778] - xfs: factor the ag length 
extension code into libxfs (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 30058778] - xfs: move 
growfs core to libxfs (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 30058778] - xfs: rework 
secondary superblock updates in growfs (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 30058778] 
- xfs: separate secondary sb update in growfs (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 
30058778] - xfs: make imaxpct changes in growfs separate (Dave Chinner) 
[Orabug: 30058778] - xfs: turn ag header initialisation into a table 
driven operation (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 30058778] - xfs: factor ag 
btree root block initialisation (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 30058778] - xfs: 
convert growfs AG header init to use buffer lists (Dave Chinner) 
[Orabug: 30058778] - xfs: factor out AG header initialisation from 
growfs core (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 30058778] - xfs: one-shot cached 
buffers (Dave Chinner) [Orabug: 30058778] - xfs: fix check on 
struct_version for versions 4 or greater (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 
30058778] - xfs: refactor the geometry structure filling function 
(Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 30058778] - xfs: hoist xfs_fs_geometry to 
libxfs (Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 30058778] - mm/memory-failure: Poison 
read receives SIGKILL instead of SIGBUS if mmaped more than once (Jane 
Chu) [Orabug: 29996803] - Linux 4.14.115 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
Documentation: Add nospectre_v1 parameter (Diana Craciun) - powerpc/fsl: 
Add FSL_PPC_BOOK3E as supported arch for nospectre_v2 boot arg (Diana 
Craciun) - ipv4: set the tcp_min_rtt_wlen range from 0 to one day 
(ZhangXiaoxu) - net/rose: fix unbound loop in rose_loopback_timer() 
(Eric Dumazet) - net/rose: Convert timers to use timer_setup() (Kees 
Cook) - team: fix possible recursive locking when add slaves (Hangbin 
Liu) - stmmac: pci: Adjust IOT2000 matching (Su Bao Cheng) - net: 
stmmac: move stmmac_check_ether_addr() to driver probe (Vinod Koul) - 
net: rds: exchange of 8K and 1M pool (Zhu Yanjun) - net/mlx5e: ethtool, 
Remove unsupported SFP EEPROM high pages query (Erez Alfasi) - mlxsw: 
spectrum: Fix autoneg status in ethtool (Amit Cohen) - ipv4: add sanity 
checks in ipv4_link_failure() (Eric Dumazet) - Revert "block/loop: Use 
global lock for ioctl() operation." (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - mm: Fix 
warning in insert_pfn() (Jan Kara) - x86/retpolines: Disable switch jump 
tables when retpolines are enabled (Daniel Borkmann) - x86, retpolines: 
Raise limit for generating indirect calls from switch-case (Daniel 
Borkmann) - dm integrity: change memcmp to strncmp in dm_integrity_ctr 
(Mikulas Patocka) - tipc: check link name with right length in 
tipc_nl_compat_link_set (Xin Long) - tipc: check bearer name with right 
length in tipc_nl_compat_bearer_enable (Xin Long) - fm10k: Fix a 
potential NULL pointer dereference (Yue Haibing) - netfilter: ebtables: 
CONFIG_COMPAT: drop a bogus WARN_ON (Florian Westphal) - NFS: Forbid 
setting AF_INET6 to "struct sockaddr_in"->sin_family. (Tetsuo Handa) - 
sched/deadline: Correctly handle active 0-lag timers (luca abeni) - 
binder: fix handling of misaligned binder object (Todd Kjos) - ipvs: fix 
warning on unused variable (Andrea Claudi) - fs/proc/proc_sysctl.c: Fix 
a NULL pointer dereference (YueHaibing) - intel_th: gth: Fix an 
off-by-one in output unassigning (Alexander Shishkin) - slip: make 
slhc_free() silently accept an error pointer (Linus Torvalds) - tipc: 
handle the err returned from cmd header function (Xin Long) - 
vsock/virtio: fix kernel panic from virtio_transport_reset_no_sock 
(Adalbert Lazăr) - ext4: fix some error pointer dereferences (Dan 
Carpenter) - USB: Consolidate LPM checks to avoid enabling LPM twice 
(Kai-Heng Feng) - USB: Add new USB LPM helpers (Kai-Heng Feng) - 
drm/vc4: Fix compilation error reported by kbuild test bot (Maarten 
Lankhorst) - Revert "drm/i915/fbdev: Actually configure untiled 
displays" (Dave Airlie) - drm/vc4: Fix memory leak during gpu reset. 
(Maarten Lankhorst) - ARM: 8857/1: efi: enable CP15 DMB instructions 
before cleaning the cache (Ard Biesheuvel) - dmaengine: sh: rcar-dmac: 
With cyclic DMA residue 0 is valid (Dirk Behme) - vfio/type1: Limit DMA 
mappings per container (Alex Williamson) {CVE-2019-3882}
- Input: synaptics-rmi4 - write config register values to the right 
offset (Lucas Stach) - sunrpc: don't mark uninitialised items as VALID. 
(NeilBrown) - nfsd: Don't release the callback slot unless it was 
actually held (Trond Myklebust) - ceph: fix ci->i_head_snapc leak (Yan, 
Zheng) - ceph: ensure d_name stability in ceph_dentry_hash() (Jeff 
Layton) - ceph: only use d_name directly when parent is locked (Jeff 
Layton) - sched/numa: Fix a possible divide-by-zero (Xie XiuQi) - 
IB/rdmavt: Fix frwr memory registration (Josh Collier) - trace: Fix 
preempt_enable_no_resched() abuse (Peter Zijlstra) - MIPS: scall64-o32: 
Fix indirect syscall number load (Aurelien Jarno) - lib/Kconfig.debug: 
fix build error without CONFIG_BLOCK (YueHaibing) - zram: pass down the 
bvec we need to read into in the work struct (Jérôme Glisse) - tracing: 
Fix buffer_ref pipe ops (Jann Horn) - tracing: Fix a memory leak by 
early error exit in trace_pid_write() (Wenwen Wang) - cifs: do not 
attempt cifs operation on smb2+ rename error (Frank Sorenson) - kbuild: 
simplify ld-option implementation (Masahiro Yamada) - Linux 4.14.114 
(Greg Kroah-Hartman) - kernel/sysctl.c: fix out-of-bounds access when 
setting file-max (Will Deacon) - Revert "locking/lockdep: Add 
debug_locks check in __lock_downgrade()" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - i2c-hid: 
properly terminate i2c_hid_dmi_desc_override_table[] array (Linus 
Torvalds) - xfs: hold xfs_buf locked between shortform->leaf conversion 
and the addition of an attribute (Darrick J. Wong) - xfs: add the 
ability to join a held buffer to a defer_ops (Darrick J. Wong) - iomap: 
report collisions between directio and buffered writes to userspace 
(Darrick J. Wong) - tools include: Adopt linux/bits.h (Arnaldo Carvalho 
de Melo) - percpu: stop printing kernel addresses (Matteo Croce) - ALSA: 
info: Fix racy addition/deletion of nodes (Takashi Iwai) - mm/vmstat.c: 
fix /proc/vmstat format for CONFIG_DEBUG_TLBFLUSH=y CONFIG_SMP=n 
(Konstantin Khlebnikov) - device_cgroup: fix RCU imbalance in error case 
(Jann Horn) - sched/fair: Limit sched_cfs_period_timer() loop to avoid 
hard lockup (Phil Auld) - Revert "kbuild: use -Oz instead of -Os when 
using clang" (Matthias Kaehlcke) - net: IP6 defrag: use rbtrees in 
nf_conntrack_reasm.c (Peter Oskolkov) - net: IP6 defrag: use rbtrees for 
IPv6 defrag (Peter Oskolkov) - ipv6: remove dependency of nf_defrag_ipv6 
on ipv6 module (Florian Westphal) - net: IP defrag: encapsulate rbtree 
defrag code into callable functions (Peter Oskolkov) - ipv6: frags: fix 
a lockdep false positive (Eric Dumazet) - tpm/tpm_i2c_atmel: Return 
-E2BIG when the transfer is incomplete (Jarkko Sakkinen) - modpost: 
file2alias: check prototype of handler (Masahiro Yamada) - modpost: 
file2alias: go back to simple devtable lookup (Masahiro Yamada) - mmc: 
sdhci: Handle auto-command errors (Adrian Hunter) - mmc: sdhci: Rename 
SDHCI_ACMD12_ERR and SDHCI_INT_ACMD12ERR (Adrian Hunter) - mmc: sdhci: 
Fix data command CRC error handling (Adrian Hunter) - crypto: crypto4xx 
- properly set IV after de- and encrypt (Christian Lamparter) - 
x86/speculation: Prevent deadlock on ssb_state::lock (Thomas Gleixner) - 
perf/x86: Fix incorrect PEBS_REGS (Kan Liang) - x86/cpu/bugs: Use 
__initconst for 'const' init data (Andi Kleen) - perf/x86/amd: Add event 
map for AMD Family 17h (Kim Phillips) - mac80211: do not call driver 
wake_tx_queue op during reconfig (Felix Fietkau) - rt2x00: do not 
increment sequence number while re-transmitting (Vijayakumar Durai) - 
kprobes: Fix error check when reusing optimized probes (Masami 
Hiramatsu) - kprobes: Mark ftrace mcount handler functions nokprobe 
(Masami Hiramatsu) - x86/kprobes: Verify stack frame on kretprobe 
(Masami Hiramatsu) - arm64: futex: Restore oldval initialization to work 
around buggy compilers (Nathan Chancellor) - crypto: x86/poly1305 - fix 
overflow during partial reduction (Eric Biggers) - coredump: fix race 
condition between mmget_not_zero()/get_task_mm() and core dumping 
(Andrea Arcangeli) - Revert "svm: Fix AVIC incomplete IPI emulation" 
(Suthikulpanit, Suravee) - Revert "scsi: fcoe: clear FC_RP_STARTED flags 
when receiving a LOGO" (Saurav Kashyap) - scsi: core: set result when 
the command cannot be dispatched (Jaesoo Lee) - ALSA: core: Fix card 
races between register and disconnect (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: hda/realtek 
- add two more pin configuration sets to quirk table (Hui Wang) - 
staging: comedi: ni_usb6501: Fix possible double-free of ->usb_rx_buf 
(Ian Abbott) - staging: comedi: ni_usb6501: Fix use of uninitialized 
mutex (Ian Abbott) - staging: comedi: vmk80xx: Fix possible double-free 
of ->usb_rx_buf (Ian Abbott) - staging: comedi: vmk80xx: Fix use of 
uninitialized semaphore (Ian Abbott) - io: accel: kxcjk1013: restore the 
range after resume. (he, bo) - iio: core: fix a possible circular 
locking dependency (Fabrice Gasnier) - iio: adc: at91: disable adc 
channel interrupt in timeout case (Georg Ottinger) - iio: Fix scan mask 
selection (Lars-Peter Clausen) - iio: dac: mcp4725: add missing 
powerdown bits in store eeprom (Jean-Francois Dagenais) - iio: 
ad_sigma_delta: select channel when reading register (Dragos Bogdan) - 
iio: cros_ec: Fix the maths for gyro scale calculation (Gwendal Grignou) 
- iio/gyro/bmg160: Use millidegrees for temperature scale (Mike 
Looijmans) - iio: gyro: mpu3050: fix chip ID reading (Sergey Larin) - 
staging: iio: ad7192: Fix ad7193 channel address (Mircea Caprioru) - 
Staging: iio: meter: fixed typo (Leonard Pollak) - KVM: x86: svm: make 
sure NMI is injected after nmi_singlestep (Vitaly Kuznetsov) - KVM: x86: 
Don't clear EFER during SMM transitions for 32-bit vCPU (Sean 
Christopherson) - CIFS: keep FileInfo handle live during oplock break 
(Aurelien Aptel) - net: thunderx: don't allow jumbo frames with XDP 
(Matteo Croce) - net: thunderx: raise XDP MTU to 1508 (Matteo Croce) - 
ipv4: ensure rcu_read_lock() in ipv4_link_failure() (Eric Dumazet) - 
ipv4: recompile ip options in ipv4_link_failure (Stephen Suryaputra) - 
vhost: reject zero size iova range (Jason Wang) - team: set slave to 
promisc if team is already in promisc mode (Hangbin Liu) - tcp: 
tcp_grow_window() needs to respect tcp_space() (Eric Dumazet) - net: 
fou: do not use guehdr after iptunnel_pull_offloads in gue_udp_recv 
(Lorenzo Bianconi) - net: bridge: multicast: use rcu to access port list 
from br_multicast_start_querier (Nikolay Aleksandrov) - net: bridge: fix 
per-port af_packet sockets (Nikolay Aleksandrov) - net: atm: Fix 
potential Spectre v1 vulnerabilities (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - bonding: 
fix event handling for stacked bonds (Sabrina Dubroca) - Linux 4.14.113 
(Greg Kroah-Hartman) - appletalk: Fix compile regression (Arnd Bergmann) 
- mm: hide incomplete nr_indirectly_reclaimable in sysfs (Konstantin 
Khlebnikov) - net: stmmac: Set dma ring length before enabling the DMA 
(Lars Persson) - bpf: Fix selftests are changes for CVE 2019-7308 
(Balbir Singh) - bpf: fix sanitation rewrite in case of non-pointers 
(Daniel Borkmann) - bpf: do not restore dst_reg when cur_state is freed 
(Xu Yu) - bpf: fix inner map masking to prevent oob under speculation 
(Daniel Borkmann) - bpf: fix sanitation of alu op with pointer / scalar 
type from different paths (Daniel Borkmann) - bpf: prevent out of bounds 
speculation on pointer arithmetic (Daniel Borkmann) - bpf: fix 
check_map_access smin_value test when pointer contains offset (Daniel 
Borkmann) - bpf: restrict unknown scalars of mixed signed bounds for 
unprivileged (Daniel Borkmann) - bpf: restrict stack pointer arithmetic 
for unprivileged (Daniel Borkmann) - bpf: restrict map value pointer 
arithmetic for unprivileged (Daniel Borkmann) - bpf: enable access to ax 
register also from verifier rewrite (Daniel Borkmann) - bpf: move tmp 
variable into ax register in interpreter (Daniel Borkmann) - bpf: move 
{prev_,}insn_idx into verifier env (Daniel Borkmann) - bpf: fix stack 
state printing in verifier log (Alexei Starovoitov) - bpf: fix verifier 
NULL pointer dereference (Craig Gallek) - bpf: fix verifier memory leaks 
(Alexei Starovoitov) - bpf: reduce verifier memory consumption (Alexei 
Starovoitov) - dm: disable CRYPTO_TFM_REQ_MAY_SLEEP to fix a GFP_KERNEL 
recursion deadlock (Mikulas Patocka) - bpf: fix use after free in 
bpf_evict_inode (Daniel Borkmann) - include/linux/swap.h: use offsetof() 
instead of custom __swapoffset macro (Pi-Hsun Shih) - lib/div64.c: off 
by one in shift (Stanislaw Gruszka) - appletalk: Fix use-after-free in 
atalk_proc_exit (YueHaibing) - drm/amdkfd: use init_mqd function to 
allocate object for hid_mqd (CI) (Kevin Wang) - ARM: 8839/1: kprobe: 
make patch_lock a raw_spinlock_t (Yang Shi) - drm/nouveau/volt/gf117: 
fix speedo readout register (Ilia Mirkin) - coresight: cpu-debug: 
Support for CA73 CPUs (Leo Yan) - Revert "ACPI / EC: Remove old 
CLEAR_ON_RESUME quirk" (Zhang Rui) - crypto: axis - fix for recursive 
locking from bottom half (Lars Persson) - drm/panel: panel-innolux: set 
display off in innolux_panel_unprepare (Hsin-Yi, Wang) - lkdtm: Add 
tests for NULL pointer dereference (Christophe Leroy) - lkdtm: Print 
real addresses (Christophe Leroy) - soc/tegra: pmc: Drop locking from 
tegra_powergate_is_powered() (Dmitry Osipenko) - iommu/dmar: Fix buffer 
overflow during PCI bus notification (Julia Cartwright) - crypto: 
sha512/arm - fix crash bug in Thumb2 build (Ard Biesheuvel) - crypto: 
sha256/arm - fix crash bug in Thumb2 build (Ard Biesheuvel) - kernel: 
hung_task.c: disable on suspend (Vitaly Kuznetsov) - cifs: fallback to 
older infolevels on findfirst queryinfo retry (Steve French) - 
compiler.h: update definition of unreachable() (ndesaulniers at google.com) 
- KVM: nVMX: restore host state in nested_vmx_vmexit for VMFail (Sean 
Christopherson) - ACPI / SBS: Fix GPE storm on recent MacBookPro's 
(Ronald Tschalär) - usbip: fix vhci_hcd controller counting (Maciej 
Żenczykowski) - ARM: samsung: Limit SAMSUNG_PM_CHECK config option to 
non-Exynos platforms (Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz) - HID: i2c-hid: 
override HID descriptors for certain devices (Julian Sax) - media: 
au0828: cannot kfree dev before usb disconnect (Brad Love) - 
powerpc/pseries: Remove prrn_work workqueue (Nathan Fontenot) - serial: 
uartps: console_setup() can't be placed to init section (Michal Simek) - 
netfilter: xt_cgroup: shrink size of v2 path (Pablo Neira Ayuso) - f2fs: 
fix to do sanity check with current segment number (Chao Yu) - 9p locks: 
add mount option for lock retry interval (Dinu-Razvan Chis-Serban) - 9p: 
do not trust pdu content for stat item size (Gertjan Halkes) - rsi: 
improve kernel thread handling to fix kernel panic (Siva Rebbagondla) - 
gpio: pxa: handle corner case of unprobed device (Robert Jarzmik) - 
ext4: prohibit fstrim in norecovery mode (Darrick J. Wong) - fix 
incorrect error code mapping for OBJECTID_NOT_FOUND (Steve French) - 
x86/hw_breakpoints: Make default case in hw_breakpoint_arch_parse() 
return an error (Nathan Chancellor) - iommu/vt-d: Check capability 
before disabling protected memory (Lu Baolu) - drm/nouveau/debugfs: Fix 
check of pm_runtime_get_sync failure (YueHaibing) - x86/cpu/cyrix: Use 
correct macros for Cyrix calls on Geode processors (Matthew Whitehead) - 
x86/hpet: Prevent potential NULL pointer dereference (Aditya Pakki) - 
irqchip/mbigen: Don't clear eventid when freeing an MSI (Jianguo Chen) - 
perf tests: Fix a memory leak in test__perf_evsel__tp_sched_test() 
(Changbin Du) - perf tests: Fix memory leak by expr__find_other() in 
test__expr() (Changbin Du) - perf tests: Fix a memory leak of cpu_map 
object in the openat_syscall_event_on_all_cpus test (Changbin Du) - perf 
evsel: Free evsel->counts in perf_evsel__exit() (Arnaldo Carvalho de 
Melo) - perf hist: Add missing map__put() in error case (Changbin Du) - 
perf top: Fix error handling in cmd_top() (Changbin Du) - perf build-id: 
Fix memory leak in print_sdt_events() (Changbin Du) - perf config: Fix a 
memory leak in collect_config() (Changbin Du) - perf config: Fix an 
error in the config template documentation (Changbin Du) - perf list: 
Don't forget to drop the reference to the allocated thread_map (Changbin 
Du) - tools/power turbostat: return the exit status of a command (David 
Arcari) - x86/mm: Don't leak kernel addresses (Matteo Croce) - scsi: 
iscsi: flush running unbind operations when removing a session (Maurizio 
Lombardi) - thermal/intel_powerclamp: fix truncated kthread name (Zhang 
Rui) - thermal/int340x_thermal: fix mode setting (Matthew Garrett) - 
thermal/int340x_thermal: Add additional UUIDs (Matthew Garrett) - 
thermal: bcm2835: Fix crash in bcm2835_thermal_debugfs (Phil Elwell) - 
thermal/intel_powerclamp: fix __percpu declaration of worker_data (Luc 
Van Oostenryck) - ALSA: opl3: fix mismatch between snd_opl3_drum_switch 
definition and declaration (Colin Ian King) - mmc: davinci: remove 
extraneous __init annotation (Arnd Bergmann) - IB/mlx4: Fix race 
condition between catas error reset and aliasguid flows (Jack 
Morgenstein) - auxdisplay: hd44780: Fix memory leak on ->remove() (Andy 
Shevchenko) - ALSA: sb8: add a check for request_region (Kangjie Lu) - 
ALSA: echoaudio: add a check for ioremap_nocache (Kangjie Lu) - ext4: 
report real fs size after failed resize (Lukas Czerner) - ext4: add 
missing brelse() in add_new_gdb_meta_bg() (Lukas Czerner) - perf/core: 
Restore mmap record type correctly (Stephane Eranian) - arc: 
hsdk_defconfig: Enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM (Corentin Labbe) - ARC: u-boot 
args: check that magic number is correct (Eugeniy Paltsev) - Linux 
4.14.112 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - arm64: dts: rockchip: Fix vcc_host1_5v 
GPIO polarity on rk3328-rock64 (Tomohiro Mayama) - arm64: dts: rockchip: 
fix vcc_host1_5v pin assign on rk3328-rock64 (Katsuhiro Suzuki) - dm 
table: propagate BDI_CAP_STABLE_WRITES to fix sporadic checksum errors 
(Ilya Dryomov) - PCI: Add function 1 DMA alias quirk for Marvell 9170 
SATA controller (Andre Przywara) - x86/perf/amd: Remove need to check 
"running" bit in NMI handler (Lendacky, Thomas) - x86/perf/amd: Resolve 
NMI latency issues for active PMCs (Lendacky, Thomas) - x86/perf/amd: 
Resolve race condition when disabling PMC (Lendacky, Thomas) - xtensa: 
fix return_address (Max Filippov) - sched/fair: Do not re-read 
->h_load_next during hierarchical load calculation (Mel Gorman) - xen: 
Prevent buffer overflow in privcmd ioctl (Dan Carpenter) - arm64: 
backtrace: Don't bother trying to unwind the userspace stack (Will 
Deacon) - arm64: dts: rockchip: fix rk3328 rgmii high tx error rate 
(Peter Geis) - arm64: futex: Fix FUTEX_WAKE_OP atomic ops with non-zero 
result value (Will Deacon) - ARM: dts: at91: Fix typo in ISC_D0 on PC9 
(David Engraf) - ARM: dts: am335x-evm: Correct the regulators for the 
audio codec (Peter Ujfalusi) - ARM: dts: am335x-evmsk: Correct the 
regulators for the audio codec (Peter Ujfalusi) - virtio: Honour 
'may_reduce_num' in vring_create_virtqueue (Cornelia Huck) - genirq: 
Initialize request_mutex if CONFIG_SPARSE_IRQ=n (Kefeng Wang) - genirq: 
Respect IRQCHIP_SKIP_SET_WAKE in irq_chip_set_wake_parent() (Stephen 
Boyd) - block: fix the return errno for direct IO (Jason Yan) - block: 
do not leak memory in bio_copy_user_iov() (Jérôme Glisse) - btrfs: prop: 
fix vanished compression property after failed set (Anand Jain) - btrfs: 
prop: fix zstd compression parameter validation (Anand Jain) - Btrfs: do 
not allow trimming when a fs is mounted with the nologreplay option 
(Filipe Manana) - ASoC: fsl_esai: fix channel swap issue when stream 
starts (S.j. Wang) - include/linux/bitrev.h: fix constant bitrev (Arnd 
Bergmann) - drm/udl: add a release method and delay modeset teardown 
(Dave Airlie) - alarmtimer: Return correct remaining time (Andrei Vagin) 
- parisc: regs_return_value() should return gpr28 (Sven Schnelle) - 
parisc: Detect QEMU earlier in boot process (Helge Deller) - arm64: dts: 
rockchip: fix rk3328 sdmmc0 write errors (Peter Geis) - hv_netvsc: Fix 
unwanted wakeup after tx_disable (Haiyang Zhang) - ip6_tunnel: Match to 
ARPHRD_TUNNEL6 for dev type (Sheena Mira-ato) - ALSA: seq: Fix OOB-reads 
from strlcpy (Zubin Mithra) - net: ethtool: not call vzalloc for zero 
sized memory request (Li RongQing) - netns: provide pure entropy for 
net_hash_mix() (Eric Dumazet) - net/sched: act_sample: fix divide by 
zero in the traffic path (Davide Caratti) - bnxt_en: Reset device on RX 
buffer errors. (Michael Chan) - bnxt_en: Improve RX consumer index 
validity check. (Michael Chan) - nfp: validate the return code from 
dev_queue_xmit() (Jakub Kicinski) - net/mlx5e: Add a lock on tir list 
(Yuval Avnery) - net/mlx5e: Fix error handling when refreshing TIRs 
(Gavi Teitz) - vrf: check accept_source_route on the original netdevice 
(Stephen Suryaputra) - tcp: Ensure DCTCP reacts to losses (Koen De 
Schepper) - sctp: initialize _pad of sockaddr_in before copying to user 
memory (Xin Long) - qmi_wwan: add Olicard 600 (Bjørn Mork) - 
openvswitch: fix flow actions reallocation (Andrea Righi) - net/sched: 
fix ->get helper of the matchall cls (Nicolas Dichtel) - net: rds: force 
to destroy connection if t_sock is NULL in rds_tcp_kill_sock(). (Mao 
Wenan) - net/mlx5: Decrease default mr cache size (Artemy Kovalyov) - 
net-gro: Fix GRO flush when receiving a GSO packet. (Steffen Klassert) - 
kcm: switch order of device registration to fix a crash (Jiri Slaby) - 
ipv6: sit: reset ip header pointer in ipip6_rcv (Lorenzo Bianconi) - 
ipv6: Fix dangling pointer when ipv6 fragment (Junwei Hu) - tty: ldisc: 
add sysctl to prevent autoloading of ldiscs (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - tty: 
mark Siemens R3964 line discipline as BROKEN (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
arm64: kaslr: Reserve size of ARM64_MEMSTART_ALIGN in linear region 
(Yueyi Li) - stating: ccree: revert "staging: ccree: fix leak of 
import() after init()" (Gilad Ben-Yossef) - lib/string.c: implement a 
basic bcmp (Nick Desaulniers) - x86/vdso: Drop implicit common-page-size 
linker flag (Nick Desaulniers) - x86: vdso: Use $LD instead of $CC to 
link (Alistair Strachan) - kbuild: clang: choose GCC_TOOLCHAIN_DIR not 
on LD (Nick Desaulniers) - powerpc/tm: Limit TM code inside 
PPC_TRANSACTIONAL_MEM (Breno Leitao) - drm/i915/gvt: do not let pin 
count of shadow mm go negative (Yan Zhao) - x86/power: Make 
restore_processor_context() sane (Andy Lutomirski) - x86/power/32: Move 
SYSENTER MSR restoration to fix_processor_context() (Andy Lutomirski) - 
x86/power/64: Use struct desc_ptr for the IDT in struct saved_context 
(Andy Lutomirski) - x86/power: Fix some ordering bugs in 
__restore_processor_context() (Andy Lutomirski) - net: sfp: move 
sfp_register_socket call from sfp_remove to sfp_probe (Marek Behún) - 
Linux 4.14.111 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - ACPI / video: Extend chassis-type 
detection with a "Lunch Box" check (Hans de Goede) - drm/dp/mst: 
Configure no_stop_bit correctly for remote i2c xfers (Ville Syrjälä) - 
dmaengine: tegra: avoid overflow of byte tracking (Ben Dooks) - clk: 
rockchip: fix frac settings of GPLL clock for rk3328 (Katsuhiro Suzuki) 
- x86/build: Mark per-CPU symbols as absolute explicitly for LLD (Rafael 
Ávila de Espíndola) - wlcore: Fix memory leak in case 
wl12xx_fetch_firmware failure (Zumeng Chen) - selinux: do not override 
context on context mounts (Ondrej Mosnacek) - x86/build: Specify 
elf_i386 linker emulation explicitly for i386 objects (George Rimar) - 
drm/nouveau: Stop using drm_crtc_force_disable (Daniel Vetter) - drm: 
Auto-set allow_fb_modifiers when given modifiers at plane init (Paul 
Kocialkowski) - regulator: act8865: Fix act8600_sudcdc_voltage_ranges 
setting (Axel Lin) - media: s5p-jpeg: Check for fmt_ver_flag when doing 
fmt enumeration (Pawe? Chmiel) - netfilter: physdev: relax br_netfilter 
dependency (Florian Westphal) - dmaengine: qcom_hidma: initialize tx 
flags in hidma_prep_dma_* (Shunyong Yang) - dmaengine: qcom_hidma: 
assign channel cookie correctly (Shunyong Yang) - dmaengine: imx-dma: 
fix warning comparison of distinct pointer types (Anders Roxell) - 
cpu/hotplug: Mute hotplug lockdep during init (Valentin Schneider) - 
hpet: Fix missing '=' character in the __setup() code of 
hpet_mmap_enable (Buland Singh) - HID: intel-ish: ipc: handle PIMR 
before ish_wakeup also clear PISR busy_clear bit (Song Hongyan) - 
soc/tegra: fuse: Fix illegal free of IO base address (Timo Alho) - 
hwrng: virtio - Avoid repeated init of completion (David Tolnay) - 
media: mt9m111: set initial frame size other than 0x0 (Akinobu Mita) - 
usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix OTG events when gadget driver isn't loaded (Roger 
Quadros) - powerpc/pseries: Perform full re-add of CPU for topology 
update post-migration (Nathan Fontenot) - tty: increase the default flip 
buffer limit to 2*640K (Manfred Schlaegl) - backlight: pwm_bl: Use 
gpiod_get_value_cansleep() to get initial state (Chen-Yu Tsai) - 
cgroup/pids: turn cgroup_subsys->free() into cgroup_subsys->release() to 
fix the accounting (Oleg Nesterov) - bpf: fix missing prototype warnings 
(Valdis Kletnieks) - ARM: avoid Cortex-A9 livelock on tight dmb loops 
(Russell King) - ARM: 8830/1: NOMMU: Toggle only bits in EXC_RETURN we 
are really care of (Vladimir Murzin) - mt7601u: bump supported EEPROM 
version (Stanislaw Gruszka) - soc: qcom: gsbi: Fix error handling in 
gsbi_probe() (Alexey Khoroshilov) - efi/arm/arm64: Allow 
SetVirtualAddressMap() to be omitted (Ard Biesheuvel) - ARM: dts: 
lpc32xx: Remove leading 0x and 0s from bindings notation (Mathieu 
Malaterre) - efi/memattr: Don't bail on zero VA if it equals the 
region's PA (Ard Biesheuvel) - sched/debug: Initialize sd_sysctl_cpus if 
!CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK (Hidetoshi Seto) - ASoC: fsl-asoc-card: fix 
object reference leaks in fsl_asoc_card_probe (wen yang) - platform/x86: 
intel_pmc_core: Fix PCH IP sts reading (Rajneesh Bhardwaj) - e1000e: fix 
cyclic resets at link up with active tx (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - cdrom: 
Fix race condition in cdrom_sysctl_register (Guenter Roeck) - fbdev: 
fbmem: fix memory access if logo is bigger than the screen (Manfred 
Schlaegl) - iw_cxgb4: fix srqidx leak during connection abort (Raju 
Rangoju) - genirq: Avoid summation loops for /proc/stat (Thomas 
Gleixner) - bcache: improve sysfs_strtoul_clamp() (Coly Li) - bcache: 
fix input overflow to sequential_cutoff (Coly Li) - bcache: fix input 
overflow to cache set sysfs file io_error_halflife (Coly Li) - 
sched/topology: Fix percpu data types in struct sd_data & struct s_data 
(Luc Van Oostenryck) - usb: f_fs: Avoid crash due to out-of-scope stack 
ptr access (John Stultz) - ALSA: PCM: check if ops are defined before 
suspending PCM (Ranjani Sridharan) - ARM: 8833/1: Ensure that NEON code 
always compiles with Clang (Nathan Chancellor) - netfilter: conntrack: 
fix cloned unconfirmed skb->_nfct race in __nf_conntrack_confirm 
(Chieh-Min Wang) - kprobes: Prohibit probing on bsearch() (Andrea Righi) 
- ACPI / video: Refactor and fix dmi_is_desktop() (Hans de Goede) - 
iwlwifi: pcie: fix emergency path (Sara Sharon) - leds: lp55xx: fix null 
deref on firmware load failure (Michal Kazior) - jbd2: fix race when 
writing superblock (Theodore Ts'o) - HID: intel-ish-hid: avoid binding 
wrong ishtp_cl_device (Hong Liu) - vfs: fix preadv64v2 and pwritev64v2 
compat syscalls with offset == -1 (Aurelien Jarno) - media: mtk-jpeg: 
Correct return type for mem2mem buffer helpers (Ezequiel Garcia) - 
media: mx2_emmaprp: Correct return type for mem2mem buffer helpers 
(Ezequiel Garcia) - media: s5p-g2d: Correct return type for mem2mem 
buffer helpers (Ezequiel Garcia) - media: s5p-jpeg: Correct return type 
for mem2mem buffer helpers (Ezequiel Garcia) - media: sh_veu: Correct 
return type for mem2mem buffer helpers (Ezequiel Garcia) - SoC: 
imx-sgtl5000: add missing put_device() (Wen Yang) - perf test: Fix 
failure of 'evsel-tp-sched' test on s390 (Thomas Richter) - scsi: fcoe: 
make use of fip_mode enum complete (Sedat Dilek) - scsi: megaraid_sas: 
return error when create DMA pool failed (Jason Yan) - efi: cper: Fix 
possible out-of-bounds access (Ross Lagerwall) - cpufreq: acpi-cpufreq: 
Report if CPU doesn't support boost technologies (Erwan Velu) - clk: 
fractional-divider: check parent rate only if flag is set (Katsuhiro 
Suzuki) - IB/mlx4: Increase the timeout for CM cache (Håkon Bugge) - 
mlxsw: spectrum: Avoid -Wformat-truncation warnings (Florian Fainelli) - 
e1000e: Fix -Wformat-truncation warnings (Florian Fainelli) - mmc: omap: 
fix the maximum timeout setting (Aaro Koskinen) - powerpc/hugetlb: 
Handle mmap_min_addr correctly in get_unmapped_area callback (Aneesh 
Kumar K.V) - iommu/io-pgtable-arm-v7s: Only kmemleak_ignore L2 tables 
(Nicolas Boichat) - ARM: 8840/1: use a raw_spinlock_t in unwind 
(Sebastian Andrzej Siewior) - serial: 8250_pxa: honor the port number 
from devicetree (Lubomir Rintel) - coresight: etm4x: Add support to 
enable ETMv4.2 (Sai Prakash Ranjan) - powerpc/xmon: Fix opcode being 
uninitialized in print_insn_powerpc (Nathan Chancellor) - scsi: core: 
replace GFP_ATOMIC with GFP_KERNEL in scsi_scan.c (Benjamin Block) - 
usb: chipidea: Grab the (legacy) USB PHY by phandle first (Paul 
Kocialkowski) - crypto: cavium/zip - fix collision with generic 
cra_driver_name (Eric Biggers) - crypto: crypto4xx - add missing 
of_node_put after of_device_is_available (Julia Lawall) - wil6210: check 
null pointer in _wil_cfg80211_merge_extra_ies (Alexei Avshalom Lazar) - 
PCI/PME: Fix hotplug/sysfs remove deadlock in pcie_pme_remove() (Rafael 
J. Wysocki) - tools lib traceevent: Fix buffer overflow in arg_eval 
(Tony Jones) - fs: fix guard_bio_eod to check for real EOD errors 
(Carlos Maiolino) - jbd2: fix invalid descriptor block checksum 
(luojiajun) - cifs: Fix NULL pointer dereference of devname (Yao Liu) - 
dm thin: add sanity checks to thin-pool and external snapshot creation 
(Jason Cai (Xiang Feng)) - cifs: use correct format characters (Louis 
Taylor) - page_poison: play nicely with KASAN (Qian Cai) - fs/file.c: 
initialize init_files.resize_wait (Shuriyc Chu) - f2fs: do not use mutex 
lock in atomic context (Sahitya Tummala) - ocfs2: fix a panic problem 
caused by o2cb_ctl (Jia Guo) - mm/slab.c: kmemleak no scan alien caches 
(Qian Cai) - mm/vmalloc.c: fix kernel BUG at mm/vmalloc.c:512! 
(Uladzislau Rezki (Sony)) - mm, mempolicy: fix uninit memory access 
(Vlastimil Babka) - mm/page_ext.c: fix an imbalance with kmemleak (Qian 
Cai) - mm/cma.c: cma_declare_contiguous: correct err handling (Peng Fan) 
- perf c2c: Fix c2c report for empty numa node (Jiri Olsa) - iio: adc: 
fix warning in Qualcomm PM8xxx HK/XOADC driver (Linus Torvalds) - scsi: 
hisi_sas: Set PHY linkrate when disconnected (John Garry) - enic: fix 
build warning without CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK (Arnd Bergmann) - sysctl: 
handle overflow for file-max (Christian Brauner) - 
include/linux/relay.h: fix percpu annotation in struct rchan (Luc Van 
Oostenryck) - gpio: gpio-omap: fix level interrupt idling (Russell King) 
- net/mlx5: Avoid panic when setting vport mac, getting vport config 
(Tonghao Zhang) - net/mlx5: Avoid panic when setting vport rate (Tonghao 
Zhang) - tracing: kdb: Fix ftdump to not sleep (Douglas Anderson) - 
f2fs: fix to avoid deadlock in f2fs_read_inline_dir() (Chao Yu) - h8300: 
use cc-cross-prefix instead of hardcoding h8300-unknown-linux- (Masahiro 
Yamada) - CIFS: fix POSIX lock leak and invalid ptr deref (Aurelien 
Aptel) - mm: mempolicy: make mbind() return -EIO when MPOL_MF_STRICT is 
specified (Yang Shi) - tty/serial: atmel: RS485 HD w/DMA: enable RX 
after TX is stopped (Razvan Stefanescu) - tty/serial: atmel: Add 
is_half_duplex helper (Razvan Stefanescu) - lib/int_sqrt: optimize 
initial value compute (Peter Zijlstra) - ext4: cleanup bh release code 
in ext4_ind_remove_space() (zhangyi (F)) - arm64: debug: Don't propagate 
UNKNOWN FAR into si_code for debug signals (Will Deacon)

- config-aarch64: enable ISCSI_IBFT (Thomas Tai) [Orabug: 29456913] - 
iscsi_ibft: change ISCSI_IBFT depends on ACPI instead of ISCSI_IBFT_FIND 
(Thomas Tai) [Orabug: 29456913] - libnvdimm/bus: Fix 
wait_nvdimm_bus_probe_idle() ABBA deadlock (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 
29643646] - libnvdimm/bus: Stop holding nvdimm_bus_list_mutex over 
__nd_ioctl() (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29643646] - libnvdimm/region: 
Register badblocks before namespaces (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29643646] - 
libnvdimm/bus: Prevent duplicate device_unregister() calls (Dan 
Williams) [Orabug: 29643646] - drivers/base: Introduce kill_device() 
(Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29643646] - driver core: Rewrite 
test_async_driver_probe to cover serialization and NUMA affinity 
(Alexander Duyck) [Orabug: 29643646] - libnvdimm: Schedule device 
registration on node local to the device (Alexander Duyck) [Orabug: 
29643646] - PM core: Use new async_schedule_dev command (Alexander 
Duyck) [Orabug: 29643646] - driver core: Attach devices on CPU local to 
device node (Alexander Duyck) [Orabug: 29643646] - async: Add support 
for queueing on specific NUMA node (Alexander Duyck) [Orabug: 29643646] 
- workqueue: Provide queue_work_node to queue work near a given NUMA 
node (Alexander Duyck) [Orabug: 29643646] - driver core: Probe devices 
asynchronously instead of the driver (Alexander Duyck) [Orabug: 
29643646] - device core: Consolidate locking and unlocking of parent and 
device (Alexander Duyck) [Orabug: 29643646] - driver core: Establish 
order of operations for device_add and device_del via bitflag (Alexander 
Duyck) [Orabug: 29643646] - uek-rpm: Update firmware prerequisites to 
20190627-999.2.git7ae3a09d. (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 30043163] - nvme: 
fix regression upon hot device removal and insertion (Sagi Grimberg) 
[Orabug: 30027726] - ppp: remove the PPPIOCDETACH ioctl (Eric Biggers) 
[Orabug: 29721192] - BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context 
(Mihai Carabas) [Orabug: 30035878] - uek-rpm: Update UEK5 config files 
with "make olddefconfig" (Victor Erminpour) [Orabug: 30038078]

- A/A-Bonding: Optimize rdmaip_impl_inetaddr_event() (Sudhakar 
Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29929934] - A/A-Bonding: ResilientRDMA does not 
failback on nodes configured with unused VFs starting in 1902.1.0 
(Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29929934] - tools: sync uapi/linux/bpf.h 
(Lorenz Bauer) [Orabug: 30035408] - bpf: respect size hint to 
BPF_PROG_TEST_RUN if present (Lorenz Bauer) [Orabug: 30035408] - rds: 
ib: Set local ack timeout directly (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29931097] - 
IB/cma: Define option to set ack timeout and pack tos_set (Danit 
Goldberg) [Orabug: 29931097] - rds: Re-factor and avoid superfluous 
queuing of shutdown work (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29919578] - rds: ib: 
Flush ARP cache when connection attempt is rejected (Håkon Bugge) 
[Orabug: 29971040] - rds: ib: Fix incorrect setting of 
cp_reconnect_racing (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29882416] - RDMA/cma: Make CM 
response timeout and # CM retries configurable (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 
29876868] - rds: Re-factor and avoid superfluous queuing of reconnect 
work (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29882649] - rds: ib: Correct the cm_id 
compare commit (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29960424] - rds: Increase entropy 
in hashing (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29778019] - mm/devm_memremap_pages: 
fix final page put race (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29863741] - 
mm/devm_memremap_pages: introduce devm_memunmap_pages (Dan Williams) 
[Orabug: 29863741] - drivers/base/devres: introduce 
devm_release_action() (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29863741] - RDMA/core: Fix 
race when resolving IP address (Dag Moxnes) [Orabug: 29942271] - IB/cm: 
Remove now useless rcu_lock in dst_fetch_ha (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 
29942271] - net: rds: fix rds recv memory leak (Zhu Yanjun) [Orabug: 
30025201] - cpuidle-haltpoll: register the driver only when running 
under KVM (Prasad Singamsetty) [Orabug: 30039145] - rds: ib: Resurrect 
the CQs instead of delete+create (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29758839] - 
bnxt_en: Fix ethtool selftest crash under error conditions. (Michael 
Chan) [Orabug: 28795367] - rds: Avoid queuing superfluous send and recv 
work (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29764668] - bnx2x: Use napi_alloc_frag() 
(Sebastian Andrzej Siewior) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: Add support for 
detection of P2P event packets. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 
30022637] - bnx2x: Replace magic numbers with macro definitions. 
(Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: fix spelling 
mistake "dicline" -> "decline" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 30022637] - 
bnx2x: Utilize FW (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 
30022637] - bnx2x: Remove set but not used variable 'mfw_vn' 
(YueHaibing) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: Use struct_size() in kzalloc() 
(Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: Bump up driver version 
to 1.713.36 (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: fix 
various indentation issues (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: 
Add storm FW version to ethtool driver query output. (Sudarsana Reddy 
Kalluru) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: Add MBI version to ethtool driver 
query output. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: 
remove ndo_poll_controller (Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: 
Provide VF link status in ndo_get_vf_config (Shahed Shaikh) [Orabug: 
30022637] - bnx2x: Ignore bandwidth attention in single function mode 
(Shahed Shaikh) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: Add VF spoof-checking 
configuration (Shahed Shaikh) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: Mark expected 
switch fall-throughs (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: 
Collect the device debug information during Tx timeout. (Sudarsana Reddy 
Kalluru) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: Report PCIe link properties with 
pcie_print_link_status() (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: 
Eliminate duplicate barriers on weakly-ordered archs (Sinan Kaya) 
[Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: Replace doorbell barrier() with wmb() (Sinan 
Kaya) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: fix spelling mistake: "registeration" 
-> "registration" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: Use 
NETIF_F_GRO_HW. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: fix slowpath 
null crash (Zhu Yanjun) [Orabug: 30022637] - bnx2x: Use 
pci_ari_enabled() instead of local copy (Bjorn Helgaas) [Orabug: 
30022637] - xdp.o multiple defines: remove bnxt_compat.c and most of 
bnxt_compat.h (George Kennedy) [Orabug: 29996024] - IB/mlx5: Fixed 
reporting counters on 2nd port for Dual port RoCE (Parav Pandit) 
[Orabug: 30023656]

- ghes, EDAC: Fix ghes_edac registration (Borislav Petkov) [Orabug: 
29721303] - fs/ocfs2: fix race in ocfs2_dentry_attach_lock() (Wengang 
Wang) [Orabug: 27964350] - net/rds: changed module parameter 
rds_qos_threshold_action to be writable (Qing Huang) [Orabug: 29873102] 
- parfait: 6 Speculative Side Channel defect groups in ipc/sem.c (Anjali 
Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29911729] - parfait: Speculative Side Channel defect 
groups in lib/hexdump.c (Anjali Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29913002] - net/rds: 
fixed an error in parsing module parameter string rds_qos_threshold 
(Qing Huang) [Orabug: 29951336] - uek-rpm/ol7/nano_modules fix (Jane 
Chu) [Orabug: 29959677] - [UEK-5] IB/mlx5_core: remove label err_rsrc 
for non ODB (Dag Moxnes) [Orabug: 29971050] - IB/mlx5: Fix compile issue 
when ODP disabled (Doug Ledford) [Orabug: 29971050] - IB/uverbs: UAPI 
pointers should use __aligned_u64 type (Matan Barak) [Orabug: 29971050] 
- cpuidle-haltpoll: disable host side polling when kvm virtualized 
(Marcelo Tosatti) [Orabug: 29967444] - kvm:x86: add host poll control 
msrs (Marcelo Tosatti) [Orabug: 29967444] - drivers/cpuidle: add 
cpuidle-haltpoll driver (Marcelo Tosatti) [Orabug: 29967444] - KVM: 
polling: add architecture backend to disable polling (Christian 
Borntraeger) [Orabug: 29967444] - ext4: zero out the unused memory 
region in the extent tree block (Sriram Rajagopalan) [Orabug: 29803516] 
{CVE-2019-11833} {CVE-2019-11833}
- ipv6_sockglue: Fix a missing-check bug in ip6_ra_control() (Gen Zhang) 
[Orabug: 29877192] {CVE-2019-12378}
- ip_sockglue: Fix missing-check bug in ip_ra_control() (Gen Zhang) 
[Orabug: 29877263] {CVE-2019-12381}
- drm/edid: Fix a missing-check bug in drm_load_edid_firmware() (Gen 
Zhang) [Orabug: 29877280] {CVE-2019-12382}
- nvmet: fix discover log page when offsets are used (Keith Busch) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-fc: correct csn initialization and increments 
on error (James Smart) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: ignore EOPNOTSUPP for 
discard (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: add proper write 
zeroes setup for the multipath device (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvme: add proper discard setup for the multipath device 
(Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: remove 
nvme_ns_config_oncs (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: 
disable Write Zeroes for qemu controllers (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvmet-fc: bring Disconnect into compliance with FC-NVME spec 
(James Smart) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet-fc: fix issues with targetport 
assoc_list list walking (James Smart) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-fc: 
reject reconnect if io queue count is reduced to zero (James Smart) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-fc: use nr_phys_segments to determine 
existence of sgl (James Smart) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-loop: init 
nvmet_ctrl fatal_err_work when allocate (Yufen Yu) [Orabug: 29933720] - 
nvme: update comment to make the code easier to read (Yufen Yu) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvme: put ns_head ref if namespace fails allocation (Sagi 
Grimberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-trace: fix cdw10 buffer overrun 
(Keith Busch) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: don't warn on block content 
change effects (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: add get-feature 
to admin cmds tracer (Max Gurtovoy) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-rdma: use 
nr_phys_segments when map rq to sgl (Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvmet: convert to SPDX identifiers (Christoph Hellwig) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet-rdma: convert to SPDX identifiers (Christoph 
Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-loop: convert to SPDX identifiers 
(Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet-fcloop: convert to SPDX 
identifiers (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet-fc: convert 
to SPDX identifiers (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: 
convert to SPDX identifiers (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - 
nvme-pci: convert to SPDX identifiers (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvme-lightnvm: convert to SPDX identifiers (Christoph 
Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-rdma: convert to SPDX identifiers 
(Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-fc: convert to SPDX 
identifiers (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-fabrics: 
convert to SPDX identifiers (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29933720] - 
nvme_ioctl.h: remove duplicate GPL boilerplate (Christoph Hellwig) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: return error from nvme_alloc_ns() (Hannes 
Reinecke) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: avoid that deleting a controller 
triggers a circular locking complaint (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvme: introduce a helper function for controller deletion 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: unexport 
nvme_delete_ctrl_sync() (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-pci: 
check kstrtoint() return value in queue_count_set() (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-fabrics: document the poll function argument 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: fix indentation (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-pci: add missing unlock for reset 
error (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-pci: fix rapid add remove 
sequence (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: lock NS list changes 
while handling command effects (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 29933720] - scsi: 
lpfc: nvmet: avoid hang / use-after-free when destroying targetport 
(Ewan D. Milne) [Orabug: 29933720] - scsi: lpfc: nvme: avoid hang / 
use-after-free when destroying localport (Ewan D. Milne) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvme: don't initlialize ctrl->cntlid twice (Andrey Smirnov) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: introduce NVME_QUIRK_IGNORE_DEV_SUBNQN (James 
Dingwall) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: pad fake subsys NQN vid and ssvid 
with zeros (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme-pci: trace SQ status 
on completions (yupeng) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: use a macro for 
default error location (Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: 
fix comparison of a u16 with -1 (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29933720] - 
nvme: fix kernel paging oops (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: 
update smart log with num err log entries (Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvmet: add error log page cmd handler (Chaitanya Kulkarni) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: add error log support for file backend 
(Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: add error log support 
for bdev backend (Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: add 
error log support for admin-cmd (Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29933720] 
- nvmet: add error log support for rdma backend (Chaitanya Kulkarni) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: add error log support for fabrics-cmd 
(Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: add error log support 
in the core (Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: add 
interface to update error-log page (Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvmet: add error-log definitions (Chaitanya Kulkarni) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: add error log page slot definition (Chaitanya 
Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: remove nvme_common command cdw10 
array (Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: remove unused 
variable (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: provide fallback for 
discard alloc failure (Jens Axboe) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: add __exit 
annotation (Chengguang Xu) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: remove unused 
function nvme_ctrl_ready (Israel Rukshin) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: 
implement Enhanced Command Retry (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 29933720] - 
nvmet: fix the structure member indentation (Chaitanya Kulkarni) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: use unlikely for req status check (Chaitanya 
Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: Remove unused forward declaration 
(Israel Rukshin) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: disable fabrics SQ flow 
control when asked by the user (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - 
nvmet: expose support for fabrics SQ flow control disable in treq (Sagi 
Grimberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: don't override treq upon 
modification. (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: support 
fabrics sq flow control (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet-fc: 
remove the IN_ISR deferred scheduling options (James Smart) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvmet: mark nvmet_genctr static (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvmet: enable Discovery Controller AENs (Jay Sternberg) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: allow host connect even if no allowed 
subsystems are exported (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: add 
support to Discovery controllers for commands (Jay Sternberg) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvmet: add defines for discovery change async events (Jay 
Sternberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: make kato and AEN processing for 
use by other controllers (Jay Sternberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: 
allow Keep Alive for Discovery controller (Jay Sternberg) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvmet: change aen mask functions to use bit numbers (Jay 
Sternberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: provide aen bit functions for 
multiple controller types (Jay Sternberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvmet: 
use IOCB_NOWAIT for file-ns buffered I/O (Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvmet: support for traffic based keep-alive (Sagi Grimberg) 
[Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: support traffic based keep-alive (Sagi 
Grimberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: cache controller attributes (Sagi 
Grimberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: introduce ctrl attributes 
enumeration (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 29933720] - nvme: consolidate 
memset calls in the nvme_setup_cmd path (Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 
29933720] - nvme: use blk API to remap ref tags for IOs with metadata 
(Max Gurtovoy) [Orabug: 29933720] - block: move dif_prepare/dif_complete 
functions to block layer (Max Gurtovoy) [Orabug: 29933720] - Linux 
4.14.110 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - vfio: ccw: only free cp on final 
interrupt (Cornelia Huck) - Revert "USB: core: only clean up what we 
allocated" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - KVM: x86: Emulate 
MSR_IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES on AMD hosts (Sean Christopherson) - KVM: 
Reject device ioctls from processes other than the VM's creator (Sean 
Christopherson) - x86/smp: Enforce CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU when SMP=y (Thomas 
Gleixner) - cpu/hotplug: Prevent crash when CPU bringup fails on 
CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU=n (Thomas Gleixner) - perf intel-pt: Fix TSC slip 
(Adrian Hunter) - mm/migrate.c: add missing flush_dcache_page for 
non-mapped page migrate (Lars Persson) - usb: cdc-acm: fix race during 
wakeup blocking TX traffic (Romain Izard) - xhci: Fix port resume done 
detection for SS ports with LPM enabled (Mathias Nyman) - usb: host: 
xhci-rcar: Add XHCI_TRUST_TX_LENGTH quirk (Yasushi Asano) - usb: common: 
Consider only available nodes for dr_mode (Fabrizio Castro) - USB: 
gadget: f_hid: fix deadlock in f_hidg_write() (Radoslav Gerganov) - usb: 
mtu3: fix EXTCON dependency (Arnd Bergmann) - phy: sun4i-usb: Support 
set_mode to USB_HOST for non-OTG PHYs (Chen-Yu Tsai) - gpio: adnp: Fix 
testing wrong value in adnp_gpio_direction_input (Axel Lin) - gpio: 
exar: add a check for the return value of ida_simple_get fails (Kangjie 
Lu) - drm/vgem: fix use-after-free when drm_gem_handle_create() fails 
(Eric Biggers) - fs/proc/proc_sysctl.c: fix NULL pointer dereference in 
put_links (YueHaibing) - Disable kgdboc failed by echo space to 
/sys/module/kgdboc/parameters/kgdboc (Wentao Wang) - USB: serial: 
option: add Olicard 600 (Bjørn Mork) - USB: serial: option: add support 
for Quectel EM12 (Kristian Evensen) - USB: serial: option: set 
driver_info for SIM5218 and compatibles (Mans Rullgard) - USB: serial: 
mos7720: fix mos_parport refcount imbalance on error path (Lin Yi) - 
USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add additional NovaTech products (George 
McCollister) - USB: serial: cp210x: add new device id (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - serial: sh-sci: Fix setting SCSCR_TIE while 
transferring data (Hoan Nguyen An) - serial: max310x: Fix to avoid 
potential NULL pointer dereference (Aditya Pakki) - staging: vt6655: Fix 
interrupt race condition on device start up. (Malcolm Priestley) - 
staging: vt6655: Remove vif check from vnt_interrupt (Malcolm Priestley) 
- staging: comedi: ni_mio_common: Fix divide-by-zero for DIO cmdtest 
(Ian Abbott) - tty: atmel_serial: fix a potential NULL pointer 
dereference (Kangjie Lu) - scsi: zfcp: fix scsi_eh host reset with 
port_forced ERP for non-NPIV FCP devices (Steffen Maier) - scsi: zfcp: 
fix rport unblock if deleted SCSI devices on Scsi_Host (Steffen Maier) - 
scsi: sd: Quiesce warning if device does not report optimal I/O size 
(Martin K. Petersen) - scsi: sd: Fix a race between closing an sd device 
and sd I/O (Bart Van Assche) - ocfs2: fix inode bh swapping mixup in 
ocfs2_reflink_inodes_lock (Darrick J. Wong) - fs/open.c: allow opening 
only regular files during execve() (Tetsuo Handa) - kbuild: modversions: 
Fix relative CRC byte order interpretation (Fredrik Noring) - ALSA: 
hda/realtek - Add support headset mode for New DELL WYSE NB (Kailang 
Yang) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add support headset mode for DELL WYSE AIO 
(Kailang Yang) - ALSA: pcm: Don't suspend stream in unrecoverable PCM 
state (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: pcm: Fix possible OOB access in PCM oss 
plugins (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: seq: oss: Fix Spectre v1 vulnerability 
(Gustavo A. R. Silva) - ALSA: rawmidi: Fix potential Spectre v1 
vulnerability (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - net: dsa: qca8k: remove leftover 
phy accessors (Christian Lamparter) - NFSv4.1 don't free interrupted 
slot on open (Olga Kornievskaia) - powerpc: bpf: Fix generation of 
load/store DW instructions (Naveen N. Rao) - ARM: imx6q: cpuidle: fix 
bug that CPU might not wake up at expected time (Kohji Okuno) - btrfs: 
raid56: properly unmap parity page in finish_parity_scrub() (Andrea 
Righi) - btrfs: remove WARN_ON in log_dir_items (Josef Bacik) - Btrfs: 
fix incorrect file size after shrinking truncate and fsync (Filipe 
Manana) - powerpc/security: Fix spectre_v2 reporting (Michael Ellerman) 
- powerpc/fsl: Fix the flush of branch predictor. (Christophe Leroy) - 
powerpc/fsl: Fixed warning: orphan section `__btb_flush_fixup' (Diana 
Craciun) - powerpc/fsl: Update Spectre v2 reporting (Diana Craciun) - 
powerpc/fsl: Enable runtime patching if nospectre_v2 boot arg is used 
(Diana Craciun) - powerpc/fsl: Flush branch predictor when entering KVM 
(Diana Craciun) - powerpc/fsl: Flush the branch predictor at each kernel 
entry (32 bit) (Diana Craciun) - powerpc/fsl: Flush the branch predictor 
at each kernel entry (64bit) (Diana Craciun) - powerpc/fsl: Add 
nospectre_v2 command line argument (Diana Craciun) - powerpc/fsl: 
Emulate SPRN_BUCSR register (Diana Craciun) - powerpc/fsl: Fix 
spectre_v2 mitigations reporting (Diana Craciun) - powerpc/fsl: Add 
macro to flush the branch predictor (Diana Craciun) - powerpc/fsl: Add 
infrastructure to fixup branch predictor flush (Diana Craciun) - 
powerpc/powernv: Query firmware for count cache flush settings (Michael 
Ellerman) - powerpc/pseries: Query hypervisor for count cache flush 
settings (Michael Ellerman) - powerpc/64s: Add support for software 
count cache flush (Michael Ellerman) - powerpc/64s: Add new security 
feature flags for count cache flush (Michael Ellerman) - powerpc/asm: 
Add a patch_site macro & helpers for patching instructions (Michael 
Ellerman) - powerpc/fsl: Sanitize the syscall table for NXP PowerPC 32 
bit platforms (Diana Craciun) - powerpc/fsl: Add barrier_nospec 
implementation for NXP PowerPC Book3E (Diana Craciun) - powerpc/64: Make 
meltdown reporting Book3S 64 specific (Diana Craciun) - powerpc/64: Call 
setup_barrier_nospec() from setup_arch() (Michael Ellerman) - 
powerpc/64: Add CONFIG_PPC_BARRIER_NOSPEC (Michael Ellerman) - 
powerpc/64: Make stf barrier PPC_BOOK3S_64 specific. (Diana Craciun) - 
powerpc/64: Disable the speculation barrier from the command line (Diana 
Craciun) - powerpc64s: Show ori31 availability in spectre_v1 sysfs file 
not v2 (Michael Ellerman) - powerpc/64s: Enhance the information in 
cpu_show_spectre_v1() (Michal Suchanek) - powerpc/64: Use barrier_nospec 
in syscall entry (Michael Ellerman) - powerpc: Use barrier_nospec in 
copy_from_user() (Michael Ellerman) - powerpc/64s: Enable barrier_nospec 
based on firmware settings (Michal Suchanek) - powerpc/64s: Patch 
barrier_nospec in modules (Michal Suchanek) - powerpc/64s: Add support 
for ori barrier_nospec patching (Michal Suchanek) - tun: add a missing 
rcu_read_unlock() in error path (Eric Dumazet) - tun: properly test for 
IFF_UP (Eric Dumazet) - mac8390: Fix mmio access size probe (Finn Thain) 
- net: aquantia: fix rx checksum offload for UDP/TCP over IPv6 (Dmitry 
Bogdanov) - sctp: get sctphdr by offset in sctp_compute_cksum (Xin Long) 
- vxlan: Don't call gro_cells_destroy() before device is unregistered 
(Zhiqiang Liu) - thunderx: eliminate extra calls to put_page() for pages 
held for recycling (Dean Nelson) - thunderx: enable page recycling for 
non-XDP case (Dean Nelson) - tcp: do not use ipv6 header for ipv4 flow 
(Eric Dumazet) - rhashtable: Still do rehash when we get EEXIST (Herbert 
Xu) - packets: Always register packet sk in the same order (Maxime 
Chevallier) - net-sysfs: call dev_hold if kobject_init_and_add success 
(YueHaibing) - net: stmmac: fix memory corruption with large MTUs (Aaro 
Koskinen) - net: rose: fix a possible stack overflow (Eric Dumazet) - 
net/packet: Set __GFP_NOWARN upon allocation in alloc_pg_vec (Christoph 
Paasch) - net: datagram: fix unbounded loop in __skb_try_recv_datagram() 
(Paolo Abeni) - mISDN: hfcpci: Test both vendor & device ID for Digium 
HFC4S (Bjorn Helgaas) - genetlink: Fix a memory leak on error path 
(YueHaibing) - dccp: do not use ipv6 header for ipv4 flow (Eric Dumazet) 
- stmmac: copy unicast mac address to MAC registers (Bhadram Varka) - 
video: fbdev: Set pixclock = 0 in goldfishfb (Christoffer Dall) - 
Bluetooth: Verify that l2cap_get_conf_opt provides large enough buffer 
(Marcel Holtmann) - Bluetooth: Check L2CAP option sizes returned from 
l2cap_get_conf_opt (Marcel Holtmann) - Linux 4.14.109 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - ath10k: avoid possible string overflow (Arnd Bergmann) 
- power: supply: charger-manager: Fix incorrect return value (Baolin 
Wang) - pwm-backlight: Enable/disable the PWM before/after LCD enable 
toggle. (Enric Balletbo i Serra) - sched/cpufreq/schedutil: Fix error 
path mutex unlock (Jules Maselbas) - rtc: Fix overflow when converting 
time64_t to rtc_time (Baolin Wang) - PCI: endpoint: Use EPC's device in 
dma_alloc_coherent()/dma_free_coherent() (Kishon Vijay Abraham I) - PCI: 
designware-ep: Read-only registers need DBI_RO_WR_EN to be writable 
(Niklas Cassel) - PCI: designware-ep: dw_pcie_ep_set_msi() should only 
set MMC bits (Niklas Cassel) - scsi: ufs: fix wrong command type of UTRD 
for UFSHCI v2.1 (kehuanlin) - USB: core: only clean up what we allocated 
(Andrey Konovalov) - lib/int_sqrt: optimize small argument (Peter 
Zijlstra) - ALSA: hda - Enforces runtime_resume after S3 and S4 for each 
codec (Hui Wang) - ALSA: hda - Record the current power state before 
suspend/resume calls (Takashi Iwai) - locking/lockdep: Add debug_locks 
check in __lock_downgrade() (Waiman Long) - x86/unwind: Add hardcoded 
ORC entry for NULL (Jann Horn) - x86/unwind: Handle NULL pointer calls 
better in frame unwinder (Jann Horn) - netfilter: ebtables: remove 
BUGPRINT messages (Florian Westphal) - drm: Reorder set_property_atomic 
to avoid returning with an active ww_ctx (Chris Wilson) - Bluetooth: 
hci_ldisc: Postpone HCI_UART_PROTO_READY bit set in hci_uart_set_proto() 
(Kefeng Wang) - Bluetooth: hci_ldisc: Initialize hci_dev before open() 
(Jeremy Cline) - Bluetooth: Fix decrementing reference count twice in 
releasing socket (Myungho Jung) - Bluetooth: hci_uart: Check if socket 
buffer is ERR_PTR in h4_recv_buf() (Myungho Jung) - media: 
v4l2-ctrls.c/uvc: zero v4l2_event (Hans Verkuil) - ext4: brelse all 
indirect buffer in ext4_ind_remove_space() (zhangyi (F)) - ext4: fix 
data corruption caused by unaligned direct AIO (Lukas Czerner) - ext4: 
fix NULL pointer dereference while journal is aborted (Jiufei Xue) - 
ALSA: x86: Fix runtime PM for hdmi-lpe-audio (Ville Syrjälä) - objtool: 
Move objtool_file struct off the stack (Josh Poimboeuf) - perf probe: 
Fix getting the kernel map (Adrian Hunter) - futex: Ensure that futex 
address is aligned in handle_futex_death() (Chen Jie) - scsi: ibmvscsi: 
Fix empty event pool access during host removal (Tyrel Datwyler) - scsi: 
ibmvscsi: Protect ibmvscsi_head from concurrent modificaiton (Tyrel 
Datwyler) - MIPS: Fix kernel crash for R6 in jump label branch function 
(Archer Yan) - MIPS: Ensure ELF appended dtb is relocated (Yasha 
Cherikovsky) - mips: loongson64: lemote-2f: Add IRQF_NO_SUSPEND to 
"cascade" irqaction. (Yifeng Li) - udf: Fix crash on IO error during 
truncate (Jan Kara) - libceph: wait for latest osdmap in 
ceph_monc_blacklist_add() (Ilya Dryomov) - iommu/amd: fix 
sg->dma_address for sg->offset bigger than PAGE_SIZE (Stanislaw Gruszka) 
- drm/vmwgfx: Don't double-free the mode stored in par->set_mode (Thomas 
Zimmermann) - mmc: pxamci: fix enum type confusion (Arnd Bergmann) - 
Linux 4.14.108 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - s390/setup: fix boot crash for 
machine without EDAT-1 (Martin Schwidefsky) - KVM: nVMX: Ignore limit 
checks on VMX instructions using flat segments (Sean Christopherson) - 
KVM: nVMX: Apply addr size mask to effective address for VMX 
instructions (Sean Christopherson) - KVM: nVMX: Sign extend 
displacements of VMX instr's mem operands (Sean Christopherson) - KVM: 
x86/mmu: Do not cache MMIO accesses while memslots are in flux (Sean 
Christopherson) - KVM: x86/mmu: Detect MMIO generation wrap in any 
address space (Sean Christopherson) - KVM: Call 
kvm_arch_memslots_updated() before updating memslots (Sean 
Christopherson) - drm/radeon/evergreen_cs: fix missing break in switch 
statement (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - media: imx: csi: Stop upstream before 
disabling IDMA channel (Steve Longerbeam) - media: imx: csi: Disable CSI 
immediately after last EOF (Steve Longerbeam) - media: vimc: Add 
vimc-streamer for stream control (Lucas A. M. Magalhães) - media: 
uvcvideo: Avoid NULL pointer dereference at the end of streaming (Sakari 
Ailus) - media: imx: prpencvf: Stop upstream before disabling IDMA 
channel (Steve Longerbeam) - rcu: Do RCU GP kthread self-wakeup from 
softirq and interrupt (Zhang, Jun) - tpm: Unify the send callback 
behaviour (Jarkko Sakkinen) - tpm/tpm_crb: Avoid unaligned reads in 
crb_recv() (Jarkko Sakkinen) - md: Fix failed allocation of 
md_register_thread (Aditya Pakki) - perf intel-pt: Fix divide by zero 
when TSC is not available (Adrian Hunter) - perf intel-pt: Fix overlap 
calculation for padding (Adrian Hunter) - perf auxtrace: Define auxtrace 
record alignment (Adrian Hunter) - perf intel-pt: Fix CYC timestamp 
calculation after OVF (Adrian Hunter) - x86/unwind/orc: Fix ORC unwind 
table alignment (Josh Poimboeuf) - bcache: never writeback a discard 
operation (Daniel Axtens) - PM / wakeup: Rework wakeup source timer 
cancellation (Viresh Kumar) - NFSv4.1: Reinitialise sequence results 
before retransmitting a request (Trond Myklebust) - nfsd: fix wrong 
check in write_v4_end_grace() (Yihao Wu) - nfsd: fix memory corruption 
caused by readdir (NeilBrown) - NFS: Don't recoalesce on error in 
nfs_pageio_complete_mirror() (Trond Myklebust) - NFS: Fix an I/O request 
leakage in nfs_do_recoalesce (Trond Myklebust) - NFS: Fix I/O request 
leakages (Trond Myklebust) - cpcap-charger: generate events for 
userspace (Pavel Machek) - dm integrity: limit the rate of error 
messages (Mikulas Patocka) - dm: fix to_sector() for 32bit (NeilBrown) - 
arm64: KVM: Fix architecturally invalid reset value for FPEXC32_EL2 
(Dave Martin) - arm64: debug: Ensure debug handlers check triggering 
exception level (Will Deacon) - arm64: Fix HCR.TGE status for NMI 
contexts (Julien Thierry) - ARM: s3c24xx: Fix boolean expressions in 
osiris_dvs_notify (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - powerpc/traps: Fix the message 
printed when stack overflows (Christophe Leroy) - powerpc/traps: fix 
recoverability of machine check handling on book3s/32 (Christophe Leroy) 
- powerpc/hugetlb: Don't do runtime allocation of 16G pages in LPAR 
configuration (Aneesh Kumar K.V) - powerpc/ptrace: Simplify vr_get/set() 
to avoid GCC warning (Michael Ellerman) - powerpc: Fix 32-bit KVM-PR 
lockup and host crash with MacOS guest (Mark Cave-Ayland) - 
powerpc/83xx: Also save/restore SPRG4-7 during suspend (Christophe 
Leroy) - powerpc/powernv: Make opal log only readable by root (Jordan 
Niethe) - powerpc/wii: properly disable use of BATs when requested. 
(Christophe Leroy) - powerpc/32: Clear on-stack exception marker upon 
exception return (Christophe Leroy) - security/selinux: fix 
SECURITY_LSM_NATIVE_LABELS on reused superblock (J. Bruce Fields) - 
jbd2: fix compile warning when using JBUFFER_TRACE (zhangyi (F)) - jbd2: 
clear dirty flag when revoking a buffer from an older transaction 
(zhangyi (F)) - serial: 8250_pci: Have ACCES cards that use the four 
port Pericom PI7C9X7954 chip use the pci_pericom_setup() (Jay Dolan) - 
serial: 8250_pci: Fix number of ports for ACCES serial cards (Jay Dolan) 
- serial: 8250_of: assume reg-shift of 2 for mrvl,mmp-uart (Lubomir 
Rintel) - serial: uartps: Fix stuck ISR if RX disabled with non-empty 
FIFO (Anssi Hannula) - drm/i915: Relax mmap VMA check (Tvrtko Ursulin) - 
crypto: arm64/aes-neonbs - fix returning final keystream block (Eric 
Biggers) - i2c: tegra: fix maximum transfer size (Sowjanya Komatineni) - 
parport_pc: fix find_superio io compare code, should use equal test. 
(QiaoChong) - intel_th: Don't reference unassigned outputs (Alexander 
Shishkin) - device property: Fix the length used in 
PROPERTY_ENTRY_STRING() (Heikki Krogerus) - kernel/sysctl.c: add missing 
range check in do_proc_dointvec_minmax_conv (Zev Weiss) - mm/vmalloc: 
fix size check for remap_vmalloc_range_partial() (Roman Penyaev) - mm: 
hwpoison: fix thp split handing in soft_offline_in_use_page() 
(zhongjiang) - nfit: acpi_nfit_ctl(): Check out_obj->type in the right 
place (Dexuan Cui) - usb: chipidea: tegra: Fix missed 
ci_hdrc_remove_device() (Dmitry Osipenko) - clk: ingenic: Fix doc of 
ingenic_cgu_div_info (Paul Cercueil) - clk: ingenic: Fix round_rate 
misbehaving with non-integer dividers (Paul Cercueil) - clk: 
clk-twl6040: Fix imprecise external abort for pdmclk (Tony Lindgren) - 
clk: uniphier: Fix update register for CPU-gear (Kunihiko Hayashi) - 
ext2: Fix underflow in ext2_max_size() (Jan Kara) - cxl: Wrap iterations 
over afu slices inside 'afu_list_lock' (Vaibhav Jain) - IB/hfi1: Close 
race condition on user context disable and close (Michael J. Ruhl) - 
ext4: fix crash during online resizing (Jan Kara) - ext4: add mask of 
ext4 flags to swap (yangerkun) - cpufreq: pxa2xx: remove incorrect 
__init annotation (Arnd Bergmann) - cpufreq: tegra124: add missing 
of_node_put() (Yangtao Li) - x86/kprobes: Prohibit probing on optprobe 
template code (Masami Hiramatsu) - irqchip/gic-v3-its: Avoid parsing 
_indirect_ twice for Device table (Zenghui Yu) - libertas_tf: don't set 
URB_ZERO_PACKET on IN USB transfer (Lubomir Rintel) - crypto: pcbc - 
remove bogus memcpy()s with src == dest (Eric Biggers) - Btrfs: fix 
corruption reading shared and compressed extents after hole punching 
(Filipe Manana) - btrfs: ensure that a DUP or RAID1 block group has 
exactly two stripes (Johannes Thumshirn) - Btrfs: setup a nofs context 
for memory allocation at __btrfs_set_acl (Filipe Manana) - m68k: Add 
-ffreestanding to CFLAGS (Finn Thain) - splice: don't merge into linked 
buffers (Jann Horn) - fs/devpts: always delete dcache dentry-s in dput() 
(Varad Gautam) - scsi: target/iscsi: Avoid 
iscsit_release_commands_from_conn() deadlock (Bart Van Assche) - scsi: 
sd: Optimal I/O size should be a multiple of physical block size (Martin 
K. Petersen) - scsi: aacraid: Fix performance issue on logical drives 
(Sagar Biradar) - scsi: virtio_scsi: don't send sc payload with tmfs 
(Felipe Franciosi) - s390/virtio: handle find on invalid queue 
gracefully (Halil Pasic) - s390/setup: fix early warning messages 
(Martin Schwidefsky) - clocksource/drivers/exynos_mct: Clear timer 
interrupt when shutdown (Stuart Menefy) - 
clocksource/drivers/exynos_mct: Move one-shot check from tick clear to 
ISR (Stuart Menefy) - regulator: s2mpa01: Fix step values for some LDOs 
(Stuart Menefy) - regulator: max77620: Initialize values for DT 
properties (Mark Zhang) - regulator: s2mps11: Fix steps for buck7, buck8 
and LDO35 (Krzysztof Kozlowski) - spi: pxa2xx: Setup maximum supported 
DMA transfer length (Andy Shevchenko) - spi: ti-qspi: Fix mmap read when 
more than one CS in use (Vignesh R) - mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: fix HS400 
timing issue (BOUGH CHEN) - ACPI / device_sysfs: Avoid OF modalias 
creation for removed device (Andy Shevchenko) - xen: fix dom0 boot on 
huge systems (Juergen Gross) - tracing: Do not free iter->trace in fail 
path of tracing_open_pipe() (zhangyi (F)) - tracing: Use strncpy instead 
of memcpy for string keys in hist triggers (Tom Zanussi) - CIFS: Fix 
read after write for files with read caching (Pavel Shilovsky) - CIFS: 
Do not reset lease state to NONE on lease break (Pavel Shilovsky) - 
crypto: arm64/aes-ccm - fix bugs in non-NEON fallback routine (Ard 
Biesheuvel) - crypto: arm64/aes-ccm - fix logical bug in AAD MAC 
handling (Ard Biesheuvel) - crypto: testmgr - skip crc32c context test 
for ahash algorithms (Eric Biggers) - crypto: hash - set 
CRYPTO_TFM_NEED_KEY if ->setkey() fails (Eric Biggers) - crypto: 
arm64/crct10dif - revert to C code for short inputs (Ard Biesheuvel) - 
crypto: arm/crct10dif - revert to C code for short inputs (Ard 
Biesheuvel) - fix cgroup_do_mount() handling of failure exits (Al Viro) 
- libnvdimm: Fix altmap reservation size calculation (Oliver O'Halloran) 
- libnvdimm/pmem: Honor force_raw for legacy pmem regions (Dan Williams) 
- libnvdimm, pfn: Fix over-trim in trim_pfn_device() (Wei Yang) - 
libnvdimm/label: Clear 'updating' flag after label-set update (Dan 
Williams) - stm class: Prevent division by zero (Alexander Shishkin) - 
media: videobuf2-v4l2: drop WARN_ON in vb2_warn_zero_bytesused() (Hans 
Verkuil) - tmpfs: fix uninitialized return value in shmem_link (Darrick 
J. Wong) - net: set static variable an initial value in atl2_probe() 
(Mao Wenan) - nfp: bpf: fix ALU32 high bits clearance bug (Jiong Wang) - 
nfp: bpf: fix code-gen bug on BPF_ALU | BPF_XOR | BPF_K (Jiong Wang) - 
net: thunderx: make CFG_DONE message to run through generic send-ack 
sequence (Vadim Lomovtsev) - mac80211_hwsim: propagate genlmsg_reply 
return code (Li RongQing) - phonet: fix building with clang (Arnd 
Bergmann) - ARCv2: support manual regfile save on interrupts (Vineet 
Gupta) - ARC: uacces: remove lp_start, lp_end from clobber list (Vineet 
Gupta) - ARCv2: lib: memcpy: fix doing prefetchw outside of buffer 
(Eugeniy Paltsev) - ixgbe: fix older devices that do not support 
IXGBE_MRQC_L3L4TXSWEN (Jeff Kirsher) - tmpfs: fix link accounting when a 
tmpfile is linked in (Darrick J. Wong) - net: marvell: mvneta: fix DMA 
debug warning (Russell King) - arm64: Relax GIC version check during 
early boot (Vladimir Murzin) - qed: Fix iWARP syn packet mac address 
validation. (Michal Kalderon) - ASoC: topology: free created components 
in tplg load error (Bard liao) - mailbox: bcm-flexrm-mailbox: Fix FlexRM 
ring flush timeout issue (Rayagonda Kokatanur) - net: mv643xx_eth: 
disable clk on error path in mv643xx_eth_shared_probe() (Alexey 
Khoroshilov) - qmi_wwan: apply SET_DTR quirk to Sierra WP7607 (Beniamino 
Galvani) - pinctrl: meson: meson8b: fix the sdxc_a data 1..3 pins 
(Martin Blumenstingl) - net: systemport: Fix reception of BPDUs (Florian 
Fainelli) - scsi: libiscsi: Fix race between iscsi_xmit_task and 
iscsi_complete_task (Anoob Soman) - keys: Fix dependency loop between 
construction record and auth key (David Howells) - assoc_array: Fix 
shortcut creation (David Howells) - af_key: unconditionally clone on 
broadcast (Sean Tranchetti) - ARM: 8824/1: fix a migrating irq bug when 
hotplug cpu (Dietmar Eggemann) - esp: Skip TX bytes accounting when 
sending from a request socket (Martin Willi) - clk: sunxi: A31: Fix 
wrong AHB gate number (Andre Przywara) - clk: sunxi-ng: v3s: Fix TCON 
reset de-assert bit (Paul Kocialkowski) - Input: st-keyscan - fix 
potential zalloc NULL dereference (Gabriel Fernandez) - auxdisplay: 
ht16k33: fix potential user-after-free on module unload (Miguel Ojeda) - 
i2c: bcm2835: Clear current buffer pointers and counts after a transfer 
(Paul Kocialkowski) - i2c: cadence: Fix the hold bit setting 
(Shubhrajyoti Datta) - net: hns: Fix object reference leaks in 
hns_dsaf_roce_reset() (Huang Zijiang) - mm: page_alloc: fix ref bias in 
page_frag_alloc() for 1-byte allocs (Jann Horn) - Revert "mm: use 
early_pfn_to_nid in page_ext_init" (Qian Cai) - mm/gup: fix 
gup_pmd_range() for dax (Yu Zhao) - NFS: Don't use page_file_mapping 
after removing the page (Benjamin Coddington) - floppy: check_events 
callback should not return a negative number (Yufen Yu) - ipvs: fix 
dependency on nf_defrag_ipv6 (Andrea Claudi) - mac80211: Fix Tx 
aggregation session tear down with ITXQs (Ilan Peer) - Input: 
matrix_keypad - use flush_delayed_work() (Dmitry Torokhov) - Input: 
ps2-gpio - flush TX work when closing port (Dmitry Torokhov) - Input: 
cap11xx - switch to using set_brightness_blocking() (Dmitry Torokhov) - 
ARM: OMAP2+: fix lack of timer interrupts on CPU1 after hotplug (Russell 
King) - KVM: arm/arm64: Reset the VCPU without preemption and vcpu state 
loaded (Christoffer Dall) - ASoC: rsnd: fixup 
rsnd_ssi_master_clk_start() user count check (Kuninori Morimoto) - ASoC: 
dapm: fix out-of-bounds accesses to DAPM lookup tables (Pierre-Louis 
Bossart) - ARM: OMAP2+: Variable "reg" in function omap4_dsi_mux_pads() 
could be uninitialized (Yizhuo) - Input: pwm-vibra - stop regulator 
after disabling pwm, not before (Paweł Chmiel) - Input: pwm-vibra - 
prevent unbalanced regulator (Jonathan Bakker) - s390/dasd: fix using 
offset into zero size array error (Stefan Haberland) - gpu: ipu-v3: Fix 
CSI offsets for imx53 (Steve Longerbeam) - drm/imx: imx-ldb: add missing 
of_node_puts (Julia Lawall) - gpu: ipu-v3: Fix i.MX51 CSI control 
registers offset (Alexander Shiyan) - drm/imx: ignore plane updates on 
disabled crtcs (Philipp Zabel) - crypto: rockchip - update new iv to 
device in multiple operations (Zhang Zhijie) - crypto: rockchip - fix 
scatterlist nents error (Zhang Zhijie) - crypto: ahash - fix another 
early termination in hash walk (Eric Biggers) - crypto: caam - fixed 
handling of sg list (Pankaj Gupta) - stm class: Fix an endless loop in 
channel allocation (Zhi Jin) - iio: adc: exynos-adc: Fix NULL pointer 
exception on unbind (Krzysztof Kozlowski) - ASoC: fsl_esai: fix register 
setting issue in RIGHT_J mode (S.j. Wang) - 9p/net: fix memory leak in 
p9_client_create (zhengbin) - 9p: use inode->i_lock to protect 
i_size_write() under 32-bit (Hou Tao) - Linux 4.14.107 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - vhost/vsock: fix vhost vsock cid hashing inconsistent 
(Zha Bin) - It's wrong to add len to sector_nr in raid10 reshape twice 
(Xiao Ni) - perf/x86/intel: Make dev_attr_allow_tsx_force_abort static 
(kbuild test robot) - perf/x86/intel: Fix memory corruption (Peter 
Zijlstra) - ALSA: firewire-motu: fix construction of PCM frame for 
capture direction (Takashi Sakamoto) - ALSA: bebob: use more identical 
mod_alias for Saffire Pro 10 I/O against Liquid Saffire 56 (Takashi 
Sakamoto) - perf/x86: Fixup typo in stub functions (Peter Zijlstra) - 
ipvlan: disallow userns cap_net_admin to change global mode/flags 
(Daniel Borkmann) - missing barriers in some of unix_sock ->addr and 
->path accesses (Al Viro) - bonding: fix PACKET_ORIGDEV regression 
(Michal Soltys) - net: Set rtm_table to RT_TABLE_COMPAT for ipv6 for 
tables > 255 (Kalash Nainwal) - mdio_bus: Fix use-after-free on 
device_register fails (YueHaibing) - net/x25: fix a race in x25_bind() 
(Eric Dumazet) - net/mlx4_core: Fix qp mtt size calculation (Jack 
Morgenstein) - net/mlx4_core: Fix locking in SRIOV mode when switching 
between events and polling (Jack Morgenstein) - net/mlx4_core: Fix reset 
flow when in command polling mode (Jack Morgenstein) - vxlan: test 
dev->flags & IFF_UP before calling gro_cells_receive() (Eric Dumazet) - 
vxlan: Fix GRO cells race condition between receive and link delete 
(Stefano Brivio) - tcp: handle inet_csk_reqsk_queue_add() failures 
(Guillaume Nault) - tcp: Don't access TCP_SKB_CB before initializing it 
(Christoph Paasch) - rxrpc: Fix client call queueing, waiting for 
channel (David Howells) - route: set the deleted fnhe fnhe_daddr to 0 in 
ip_del_fnhe to fix a race (Xin Long) - ravb: Decrease TxFIFO depth of Q3 
and Q2 to one (Masaru Nagai) - pptp: dst_release sk_dst_cache in 
pptp_sock_destruct (Xin Long) - net/x25: reset state in x25_connect() 
(Eric Dumazet) - net/x25: fix use-after-free in x25_device_event() (Eric 
Dumazet) - net: sit: fix UBSAN Undefined behaviour in check_6rd (Miaohe 
Lin) - net/hsr: fix possible crash in add_timer() (Eric Dumazet) - net: 
hsr: fix memory leak in hsr_dev_finalize() (Mao Wenan) - l2tp: fix 
infoleak in l2tp_ip6_recvmsg() (Eric Dumazet) - ipv4/route: fail early 
when inet dev is missing (Paolo Abeni) - gro_cells: make sure device is 
up in gro_cells_receive() (Eric Dumazet) - perf tools: Fix compile error 
with libunwind x86 (Wang Nan) - ACPICA: Reference Counts: increase max 
to 0x4000 for large servers (Erik Schmauss) - Linux 4.14.106 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - perf/x86/intel: Implement support for TSX Force Abort 
(Peter Zijlstra (Intel)) - x86: Add TSX Force Abort CPUID/MSR (Peter 
Zijlstra (Intel)) - perf/x86/intel: Generalize dynamic constraint 
creation (Peter Zijlstra (Intel)) - perf/x86/intel: Make cpuc 
allocations consistent (Peter Zijlstra (Intel)) - driver core: Postpone 
DMA tear-down until after devres release (Geert Uytterhoeven) - ath9k: 
Avoid OF no-EEPROM quirks without qca,no-eeprom (Daniel F. Dickinson) - 
gfs2: Fix missed wakeups in find_insert_glock (Andreas Gruenbacher) - 
ARM: 8781/1: Fix Thumb-2 syscall return for binutils 2.29+ (Vincent 
Whitchurch) - drm: disable uncached DMA optimization for ARM and arm64 
(Ard Biesheuvel) - ARM: dts: exynos: Add minimal clkout parameters to 
Exynos3250 PMU (Marek Szyprowski) - ARM: dts: exynos: Fix pinctrl 
definition for eMMC RTSN line on Odroid X2/U3 (Marek Szyprowski) - 
arm64: dts: hikey: Give wifi some time after power-on (Jan Kiszka) - 
scsi: aacraid: Fix missing break in switch statement (Gustavo A. R. 
Silva) - iscsi_ibft: Fix missing break in switch statement (Gustavo A. 
R. Silva) - Input: elan_i2c - add id for touchpad found in Lenovo 
s21e-20 (Vincent Batts) - Input: wacom_serial4 - add support for Wacom 
ArtPad II tablet (Jason Gerecke) - qed: Consider TX tcs while deriving 
the max num_queues for PF. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) - qed: Fix EQ full 
firmware assert. (Manish Chopra) - fs: ratelimit __find_get_block_slow() 
failure message. (Tetsuo Handa) - i2c: omap: Use noirq system sleep pm 
ops to idle device for suspend (Tony Lindgren) - MIPS: Remove function 
size check in get_frame_info() (Jun-Ru Chang) - perf trace: Support 
multiple "vfs_getname" probes (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) - perf symbols: 
Filter out hidden symbols from labels (Jiri Olsa) - s390/qeth: fix 
use-after-free in error path (Julian Wiedmann) - netfilter: nf_nat: skip 
nat clash resolution for same-origin entries (Martynas Pumputis) - 
selftests: netfilter: add simple masq/redirect test cases (Florian 
Westphal) - selftests: netfilter: fix config fragment 
CONFIG_NF_TABLES_INET (Naresh Kamboju) - dmaengine: dmatest: Abort test 
in case of mapping error (Andy Shevchenko) - vsock/virtio: reset 
connected sockets on device removal (Stefano Garzarella) - vsock/virtio: 
fix kernel panic after device hot-unplug (Stefano Garzarella) - 
dmaengine: at_xdmac: Fix wrongfull report of a channel as in use (Codrin 
Ciubotariu) - drm/sun4i: tcon: Prepare and enable TCON channel 0 clock 
at init (Paul Kocialkowski) - bpf: fix lockdep false positive in 
percpu_freelist (Alexei Starovoitov) - bpf, selftests: fix handling of 
sparse CPU allocations (Martynas Pumputis) - relay: check return of 
create_buf_file() properly (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - irqchip/gic-v3-its: 
Fix ITT_entry_size accessor (Zenghui Yu) - net: stmmac: Disable EEE mode 
earlier in XMIT callback (Jose Abreu) - net: stmmac: Send TSO packets 
always from Queue 0 (Jose Abreu) - net: stmmac: Fallback to Platform 
Data clock in Watchdog conversion (Jose Abreu) - irqchip/mmp: Only touch 
the PJ4 IRQ & FIQ bits on enable/disable (Lubomir Rintel) - usb: phy: 
fix link errors (Anders Roxell) - DTS: CI20: Fix bugs in ci20's device 
tree. (Zhou Yanjie) - arm64: dts: add msm8996 compatible to gicv3 
(Srinivas Kandagatla) - ARM: pxa: ssp: unneeded to free devm_ allocated 
data (Peng Hao) - bpf: sock recvbuff must be limited by rmem_max in 
bpf_setsockopt() (Yafang Shao) - soc: fsl: qbman: avoid race in clearing 
QMan interrupt (Madalin Bucur) - arm64: dts: renesas: r8a7796: Enable 
DMA for SCIF2 (Geert Uytterhoeven) - ARM: dts: omap4-droid4: Fix typo in 
cpcap IRQ flags (Tony Lindgren) - autofs: fix error return in 
autofs_fill_super() (Ian Kent) - autofs: drop dentry reference only when 
it is never used (Pan Bian) - fs/drop_caches.c: avoid softlockups in 
drop_pagecache_sb() (Jan Kara) - lib/test_kmod.c: potential double free 
in error handling (Dan Carpenter) - mm, memory_hotplug: 
test_pages_in_a_zone do not pass the end of zone (Mikhail Zaslonko) - 
mm, memory_hotplug: is_mem_section_removable do not pass the end of a 
zone (Michal Hocko) - x86_64: increase stack size for KASAN_EXTRA (Qian 
Cai) - x86/kexec: Don't setup EFI info if EFI runtime is not enabled 
(Kairui Song) - apparmor: Fix aa_label_build() error handling for failed 
merges (John Johansen) - arm64: kprobe: Always blacklist the KVM 
world-switch code (James Morse) - x86/microcode/amd: Don't falsely trick 
the late loading mechanism (Thomas Lendacky) - cifs: fix computation for 
MAX_SMB2_HDR_SIZE (Ronnie Sahlberg) - platform/x86: Fix unmet dependency 
warning for SAMSUNG_Q10 (Sinan Kaya) - scsi: 53c700: pass correct "dev" 
to dma_alloc_attrs() (Dan Carpenter) - scsi: libfc: free skb when 
receiving invalid flogi resp (Ming Lu) - qed: Fix stack out of bounds 
bug (Manish Chopra) - qed: Fix system crash in ll2 xmit (Manish Chopra) 
- qed: Fix VF probe failure while FLR (Manish Chopra) - qed: Fix LACP 
pdu drops for VFs (Manish Chopra) - qed: Fix bug in tx promiscuous mode 
settings (Manish Chopra) - nfs: Fix NULL pointer dereference of dev_name 
(Yao Liu) - selftests: timers: use LDLIBS instead of LDFLAGS (Fathi 
Boudra) - gpio: vf610: Mask all GPIO interrupts (Andrew Lunn) - 
netfilter: ebtables: compat: un-break 32bit setsockopt when no rules are 
present (Florian Westphal) - net: stmmac: dwmac-rk: fix error handling 
in rk_gmac_powerup() (Alexey Khoroshilov) - net: hns: Fix wrong read 
accesses via Clause 45 MDIO protocol (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: Restart 
autoneg need return failed when autoneg off (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: 
Fix for missing of_node_put() after of_parse_phandle() (Yonglong Liu) - 
net: altera_tse: fix msgdma_tx_completion on non-zero fill_level case 
(Tomonori Sakita) - xtensa: SMP: limit number of possible CPUs by 
NR_CPUS (Max Filippov) - xtensa: SMP: mark each possible CPU as present 
(Max Filippov) - xtensa: smp_lx200_defconfig: fix vectors clash (Max 
Filippov) - xtensa: SMP: fix secondary CPU initialization (Max Filippov) 
- selftests: cpu-hotplug: fix case where CPUs offline > CPUs present 
(Colin Ian King) - xtensa: SMP: fix ccount_timer_shutdown (Max Filippov) 
- iommu/amd: Fix IOMMU page flush when detach device from a domain 
(Suravee Suthikulpanit) - ipvs: Fix signed integer overflow when 
setsockopt timeout (ZhangXiaoxu) - iommu/amd: Unmap all mapped pages in 
error path of map_sg (Jerry Snitselaar) - iommu/amd: Call free_iova_fast 
with pfn in map_sg (Jerry Snitselaar) - IB/{hfi1, qib}: Fix WC.byte_len 
calculation for UD_SEND_WITH_IMM (Brian Welty) - perf tools: Handle 
TOPOLOGY headers with no CPU (Stephane Eranian) - perf core: Fix 
perf_proc_update_handler() bug (Stephane Eranian) - vti4: Fix a ipip 
packet processing bug in 'IPCOMP' virtual tunnel (Su Yanjun) - media: 
uvcvideo: Fix 'type' check leading to overflow (Alistair Strachan) - 
scsi: core: reset host byte in DID_NEXUS_FAILURE case (Martin Wilck) - 
exec: Fix mem leak in kernel_read_file (YueHaibing) - Bluetooth: Fix 
locking in bt_accept_enqueue() for BH context (Matthias Kaehlcke) - 
xtensa: fix get_wchan (Max Filippov) - hugetlbfs: fix races and page 
leaks during migration (Mike Kravetz) - MIPS: irq: Allocate accurate 
order pages for irq stack (Liu Xiang) - applicom: Fix potential Spectre 
v1 vulnerabilities (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - x86/CPU/AMD: Set the CPB bit 
unconditionally on F17h (Jiaxun Yang) - net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Fix 
statistics on mv88e6161 (Andrew Lunn) - net: phy: Micrel KSZ8061: link 
failure after cable connect (Rajasingh Thavamani) - tun: remove 
unnecessary memory barrier (Timur Celik) - tun: fix blocking read (Timur 
Celik) - mpls: Return error for RTA_GATEWAY attribute (David Ahern) - 
ipv6: Return error for RTA_VIA attribute (David Ahern) - ipv4: Return 
error for RTA_VIA attribute (David Ahern) - net: avoid use IPCB in 
cipso_v4_error (Nazarov Sergey) - net: Add __icmp_send helper. (Nazarov 
Sergey) - xen-netback: fix occasional leak of grant ref mappings under 
memory pressure (Igor Druzhinin) - xen-netback: don't populate the hash 
cache on XenBus disconnect (Igor Druzhinin) - net: socket: set sock->sk 
to NULL after calling proto_ops::release() (Eric Biggers) - net: sit: 
fix memory leak in sit_init_net() (Mao Wenan) - net: phy: phylink: fix 
uninitialized variable in phylink_get_mac_state (Heiner Kallweit) - net: 
nfc: Fix NULL dereference on nfc_llcp_build_tlv fails (YueHaibing) - 
net: netem: fix skb length BUG_ON in __skb_to_sgvec (Sheng Lan) - 
netlabel: fix out-of-bounds memory accesses (Paul Moore) - net: dsa: 
mv88e6xxx: Fix u64 statistics (Andrew Lunn) - hv_netvsc: Fix IP header 
checksum for coalesced packets (Haiyang Zhang) - geneve: correctly 
handle ipv6.disable module parameter (Jiri Benc) - bnxt_en: Drop 
oversize TX packets to prevent errors. (Michael Chan) - tipc: fix 
RDM/DGRAM connect() regression (Erik Hugne) - team: Free BPF filter when 
unregistering netdev (Ido Schimmel) - sky2: Disable MSI on Dell Inspiron 
1545 and Gateway P-79 (Kai-Heng Feng) - net-sysfs: Fix mem leak in 
netdev_register_kobject (YueHaibing) - net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: handle 
unknown duplex modes gracefully in mv88e6xxx_port_set_duplex (Heiner 
Kallweit) - ip6mr: Do not call __IP6_INC_STATS() from preemptible 
context (Ido Schimmel) - staging: android: ion: fix sys heap pool's 
gfp_flags (Qing Xia) - staging: wilc1000: fix to set correct value for 
'vif_num' (Ajay Singh) - staging: comedi: ni_660x: fix missing break in 
switch statement (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add ID 
for Hjelmslund Electronics USB485 (Mans Rullgard) - USB: serial: cp210x: 
add ID for Ingenico 3070 (Ivan Mironov) - USB: serial: option: add Telit 
ME910 ECM composition (Daniele Palmas) - cpufreq: Use struct 
kobj_attribute instead of struct global_attr (Viresh Kumar)

- scsi: qede Fix the queue select callback for UEK5 (Jack Vogel) 
[Orabug: 29908586]

- AMD: Change CONFIG_EDAC_DECODE_MCE to built-in (George Kennedy) 
[Orabug: 29922372] - watchdog: sp5100_tco: Add support for recent FCH 
versions (Guenter Roeck) [Orabug: 29779936] - watchdog: sp5100-tco: 
Abort if watchdog is disabled by hardware (Guenter Roeck) [Orabug: 
29779936] - watchdog: sp5100_tco: Use bit operations (Guenter Roeck) 
[Orabug: 29779936] - watchdog: sp5100_tco: Convert to use watchdog 
subsystem (Guenter Roeck) [Orabug: 29779936] - watchdog: sp5100_tco: 
Clean up function and variable names (Guenter Roeck) [Orabug: 29779936] 
- watchdog: sp5100_tco: Use dev_ print functions where possible (Guenter 
Roeck) [Orabug: 29779936] - watchdog: sp5100_tco: Match PCI device early 
(Guenter Roeck) [Orabug: 29779936] - watchdog: sp5100_tco: Clean up 
sp5100_tco_setupdevice (Guenter Roeck) [Orabug: 29779936] - watchdog: 
sp5100_tco: Use standard error codes (Guenter Roeck) [Orabug: 29779936] 
- watchdog: sp5100_tco: Use request_muxed_region where possible (Guenter 
Roeck) [Orabug: 29779936] - watchdog: sp5100_tco: Always use 
SP5100_IO_PM_{INDEX_REG,DATA_REG} (Guenter Roeck) [Orabug: 29779936] - 
i2c: piix4: Use request_muxed_region (Guenter Roeck) [Orabug: 29779936] 
- i2c: piix4: Use usleep_range() (Guenter Roeck) [Orabug: 29779936] - 
i2c: piix4: Fix port number check on release (Jean Delvare) [Orabug: 
29779936] - rds: ib: Fix dereference of conn when NULL and cleanup 
thereof (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29765337] - qedi: update driver version 
to (Nilesh Javali) [Orabug: 29908586] - qedi: Check targetname 
while finding boot target information (Nilesh Javali) [Orabug: 29908586] 
- scsi: qedf: remove set but not used variables (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Update the driver version to (Saurav 
Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Add return value to log 
message if scsi_add_host fails (Saurav Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
scsi: qedf: Print fcport information on wait for upload timeout (Saurav 
Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Check the return value of 
start_xmit (Saurav Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Log message 
if scsi_add_host fails (Saurav Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: 
Check for fcoe_libfc_config failure (Saurav Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] 
- scsi: qedf: Add comment to display logging levels (Saurav Kashyap) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Add port_id for fcport into 
initiate_cleanup debug message (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: 
qedf: Add LBA to underrun debug messages (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Print scsi_cmd backpointer in good completion 
path if the command is still being used (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] 
- scsi: qedf: Add driver state to 'driver_stats' debugfs node (Chad 
Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Change MSI-X load error message 
(Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: remove memset/memcpy to 
nfunc and use func instead (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: 
qedf: Remove set but not used variable 'fr_len' (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Update the driver version to (Saurav 
Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Fix lport may be used 
uninitialized warning (Saurav Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: 
Correctly handle refcounting of rdata (Saurav Kashyap) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Cleanup rrq_work after QEDF_CMD_OUTSTANDING is 
cleared (Shyam Sundar) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Check for 
tm_flags instead of cmd_type during cleanup (Saurav Kashyap) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Add a flag to help debugging io_req which could 
not be cleaned (Shyam Sundar) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Don't 
send ABTS for under run scenario (Saurav Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
scsi: qedf: Don't queue anything if upload is in progress (Shyam Sundar) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Check both the FCF and fabric ID before 
servicing clear virtual link (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: 
qedf: fc_rport_priv reference counting fixes (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Add missing return in qedf_scsi_done() (Chad 
Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Wait for upload and link down 
processing during soft ctx reset (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
scsi: qedf: Add additional checks for io_req->sc_cmd validity (Chad 
Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: fixup bit operations (Hannes 
Reinecke) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: fixup locking in 
qedf_restart_rport() (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: 
missing kref_put in qedf_xmit() (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
scsi: qedf: Check for link state before processing LL2 packets and send 
fipvlan retries (Saurav Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Add 
missing fc_disc_init call after allocating lport (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Correct the memory barriers in 
qedf_ring_doorbell (Andrew Vasquez) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Use 
a separate completion for cleanup commands (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Modify abort and tmf handler to handle edge 
condition and flush (Saurav Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: 
Modify flush routine to handle all I/Os and TMF (Shyam Sundar) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Simplify s/g list mapping (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Add missing return in qedf_post_io_req() in the 
fcport offload check (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: 
Correct xid range overlap between offloaded requests and libfc requests 
(Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Do not retry ELS request 
if qedf_alloc_cmd fails (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: 
no need to check return value of debugfs_create functions (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: NULL check before some 
freeing functions is not needed (Thomas Meyer) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
scsi: qedf: fully convert to the generic DMA API (Christoph Hellwig) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qedf: Add get_generic_tlv_data handler. (Chad 
Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - qedf: Add support for populating ethernet 
TLVs. (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Update version 
number to (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: 
Update copyright for 2018 (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: 
Add more defensive checks for concurrent error conditions (Chad Dupuis) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Add additional checks when restarting 
an rport due to ABTS timeout (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: 
qedf: If qed fails to enable MSI-X fail PCI probe (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Honor default_prio module parameter even if DCBX 
does not converge (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Improve 
firmware debug dump handling (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: 
qedf: Remove setting DCBX pending during soft context reset (Saurav 
Kashyap) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Add task id to 
kref_get_unless_zero() debug messages when flushing requests (Chad 
Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Check if link is already up 
when receiving a link up event from qed (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] 
- scsi: qedf: Return request as DID_NO_CONNECT if MSI-X is not enabled 
(Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Release RRQ reference 
correctly when RRQ command times out (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
scsi: qedf: Honor priority from DCBX FCoE App tag (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Add dcbx_not_wait module parameter so we won't 
wait for DCBX convergence to start discovery (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedf: Sanity check FCoE/FIP priority value to make 
sure it's between 0 and 7 (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: 
Add check for offload before flushing I/Os for target (Chad Dupuis) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Fix VLAN display when printing sent FIP 
frames (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Add missing skb 
frees in error path (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: 
Increase the number of default FIP VLAN request retries to 60 (Chad 
Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Synchronize rport restarts when 
multiple ELS commands time out (Chad Dupuis) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: 
qedf: use correct strncpy() size (Arnd Bergmann) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
scsi: qedf: fix LTO-enabled build (Arnd Bergmann) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
scsi: qedf: remove redundant initialization of 'fcport' (Colin Ian King) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedf: Fix error return code in __qedf_probe() 
(Wei Yongjun) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: remove set but not used 
variables 'cdev' and 'udev' (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: 
qedi: remove memset/memcpy to nfunc and use func instead (YueHaibing) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: Adjust termination and offload ramrod 
timers (Manish Rangankar) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: Abort ep 
termination if offload not scheduled (Manish Rangankar) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedi: fix spelling mistake "oflload" -> "offload" 
(Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: Remove set but not 
used variable 'cls_sess' (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: 
Update driver version to (Nilesh Javali) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
scsi: qedi: Move LL2 producer index processing in BH. (Manish Rangankar) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: add module param to set ping packet 
size (Nilesh Javali) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: Add packet filter 
in light L2 Rx path. (Manish Rangankar) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: 
Check for session online before getting iSCSI TLV data. (Manish 
Rangankar) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: Replace PAGE_SIZE with 
QEDI_PAGE_SIZE (Nilesh Javali) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: Fix 
spelling mistake "OUSTANDING" -> "OUTSTANDING" (Nilesh Javali) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedi: Cleanup redundant QEDI_PAGE_SIZE macro 
definition (Nilesh Javali) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: fully 
convert to the generic DMA API (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
scsi: qedi: Initialize the stats mutex lock (Nilesh Javali) [Orabug: 
29908586] - scsi: qedi: Fix a potential buffer overflow (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: Fix misleading indentation 
(Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 29908586] - qedi: Add get_generic_tlv_data 
handler. (Manish Rangankar) [Orabug: 29908586] - qedi: Add support for 
populating ethernet TLVs. (Manish Rangankar) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: 
qedi: fix build regression (Arnd Bergmann) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: 
qedi: fix building with LTO (Arnd Bergmann) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: 
qedi: Cleanup local str variable (Nilesh Javali) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
scsi: qedi: Drop cqe response during connection recovery (Manish 
Rangankar) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: Use zeroing allocator 
instead of allocator/memset (Himanshu Jha) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: 
qedi: Fix a possible sleep-in-atomic bug in qedi_process_tmf_resp 
(Jia-Ju Bai) [Orabug: 29908586] - scsi: qedi: Delete redundant variables 
(Christos Gkekas) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Display port_id in the UFP 
debug messages. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix 
spelling mistake "faspath" -> "fastpath" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Fix the DORQ's attentions handling (Denis Bolotin) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix missing DORQ attentions (Denis Bolotin) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix the doorbell address sanity check (Denis 
Bolotin) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Delete redundant doorbell recovery 
types (Denis Bolotin) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: fix write to free'd 
pointer error and double free of ptp (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] 
- qed: Define new MF bit for no_vlan config (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Populate mbi version in ethtool driver query 
data. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Fix internal 
loopback failure with jumbo mtu configuration (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Read device port count from the shmem 
(Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix iWARP syn packet 
mac address validation. (Michal Kalderon) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix 
iWARP buffer size provided for syn packet processing. (Michal Kalderon) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix indentation issue with statements in an 
if-block (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Add ethtool 
interface for SmartAN query. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Add API for SmartAN query. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed*: Advance drivers version to (Manish 
Chopra) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Change verbosity for coalescing 
message. (Rahul Verma) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Fix system crash on 
configuring channels. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
qed: Consider TX tcs while deriving the max num_queues for PF. 
(Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Assign UFP TC value 
to vlan priority in UFP mode. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Fix EQ full firmware assert. (Manish Chopra) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Fix stack out of bounds bug (Manish Chopra) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Fix system crash in ll2 xmit (Manish Chopra) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Fix VF probe failure while FLR (Manish Chopra) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Fix LACP pdu drops for VFs (Manish Chopra) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Fix bug in tx promiscuous mode settings (Manish Chopra) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Error recovery process (Tomer Tayar) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Add infrastructure for error detection and recovery 
(Tomer Tayar) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Revise load sequence to avoid 
PCI errors (Tomer Tayar) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Mark expected switch 
fall-through (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: remove 
duplicated include from qed_if.h (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: 
Fix command number mismatch between driver and the mfw (Sudarsana Reddy 
Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix spelling mistake "Dispalying" -> 
"Displaying" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Register l2 
queues with doorbell overflow recovery mechanism (Ariel Elior) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Expose the doorbell overflow recovery mechanism to the 
protocol drivers (Ariel Elior) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Register light 
L2 queues with doorbell overflow recovery mechanism (Ariel Elior) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Register slowpath queue doorbell with doorbell 
overflow recovery mechanism (Ariel Elior) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Use 
the doorbell overflow recovery mechanism in case of doorbell overflow 
(Ariel Elior) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add doorbell overflow recovery 
mechanism (Ariel Elior) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede - Add a statistic for 
a case where driver drops tx packet due to memory allocation failure. 
(Michael Shteinbok) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix spelling mistake 
"attnetion" -> "attention" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: 
Add support for MBI upgrade over MFW. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qede: Update link status only when interface is ready. 
(Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Simplify the usage 
of qede-flags. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix 
rdma_info structure allocation (Michal Kalderon) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
qed: Fix overriding offload_tc by protocols without APP TLV (Denis 
Bolotin) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix SPQ entries not returned to pool 
in error flows (Denis Bolotin) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix link config 
error handling (Arnd Bergmann) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix static 
checker warning (Rahul Verma) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix spelling 
mistake "transcevier" -> "transceiver" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Prevent link getting down in case of autoneg-off. 
(Rahul Verma) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Check available link modes 
before link set from ethtool. (Rahul Verma) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: 
Add supported link and advertise link to display in ethtool. (Rahul 
Verma) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Added supported transceiver modes, 
speed capability and board config to HSI. (Rahul Verma) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Align local and global PTT to propagate through the 
APIs. (Rahul Verma) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix spelling mistake 
"Ireelevant" -> "Irrelevant" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: 
Add support for virtual link. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Avoid implicit enum conversion in 
qed_ooo_submit_tx_buffers (Nathan Chancellor) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: 
Add driver support for 20G link speed. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add driver support for 20G link speed. 
(Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - RDMA/qedr: Remove 
enumerated type qed_roce_ll2_tx_dest (Nathan Chancellor) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: fix spelling mistake "b_cb_registred" -> 
"b_cb_registered" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix shmem 
structure inconsistency between driver and the mfw. (Sudarsana Reddy 
Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Remove set but not used variable 
'p_archipelago' (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix spelling 
mistake "toogle" -> "toggle" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] - net: 
qed: list usage cleanup (zhong jiang) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add 
missing device config for RoCE EDPM in UFP mode. (Sudarsana Reddy 
Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Do not add VLAN 0 tag to untagged 
frames in multi-function mode. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Fix populating the invalid stag value in multi function 
mode. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - net: qede: Use 
FIELD_SIZEOF directly instead of reimplementing its function (zhong 
jiang) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: remove duplicated include from 
qed_cxt.c (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed*: Utilize FW 
(Denis Bolotin) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Lower the severity of a dcbx 
log message. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix 
spelling mistake "comparsion" -> "comparison" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qede: Add destination ip based flow profile. (Manish Chopra) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed/qede: Multi CoS support. (Manish Chopra) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qede: qede_fp: Mark expected switch fall-through 
(Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: qed_dev: Mark expected 
switch fall-throughs (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add 
Multi-TC RoCE support (Denis Bolotin) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add a 
flag which indicates if offload TC is set (Denis Bolotin) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Add DCBX API - qed_dcbx_get_priority_tc() (Denis 
Bolotin) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Make some functions static 
(YueHaibing) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: remove redundant functions 
qed_get_cm_pq_idx_rl (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: remove 
redundant functions qed_set_gft_event_id_cm_hdr (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qede: Add driver callbacks for eeprom module query. 
(Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add qed APIs for PHY 
module query. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix 
spelling mistake "successffuly" -> "successfully" (Ewan D. Milne) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed: off by one in qed_parse_mcp_trace_buf() (Dan 
Carpenter) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix reading stale configuration 
information (Denis Bolotin) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: remove redundant 
pointer 'name' (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed*: Utilize FW (Michal Kalderon) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: use 
dma_zalloc_coherent instead of allocator/memset (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Add srq core support for RoCE and iWARP (Yuval Bason) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix use of incorrect shmem address. (Sudarsana 
Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix shared memory inconsistency 
between driver and the MFW. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] 
- qed*: Add link change count value to ethtool statistics display. 
(Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed*: Support drop action 
classification (Manish Chopra) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Support flow 
classification to the VFs. (Manish Chopra) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed*: 
Support other classification modes. (Manish Chopra) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
qede: Validate unsupported configurations (Manish Chopra) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qede: Refactor ethtool rx classification flow. (Manish 
Chopra) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Add support for populating ethernet 
TLVs. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add driver 
infrastucture for handling mfw requests. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add support for processing iscsi tlv request. 
(Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add support for 
processing fcoe tlv request. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Add support for tlv request processing. (Sudarsana 
Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add MFW interfaces for TLV 
request support. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: 
Add build_skb() support. (Manish Chopra) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix 
LL2 race during connection terminate (Michal Kalderon) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Fix possibility of list corruption during rmmod flows 
(Michal Kalderon) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: LL2 flush isles when 
connection is closed (Michal Kalderon) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Fix 
ref-cnt usage count (Michal Kalderon) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix 
spelling mistake: "taskelt" -> "tasklet" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Add support for Unified Fabric Port. (Sudarsana Reddy 
Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add support for multi function mode 
with 802.1ad tagging. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
qed: Remove unused data member 'is_mf_default'. (Sudarsana Reddy 
Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed*: Refactor mf_mode to consist of bits. 
(Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: fix spelling 
mistake: "offloded" -> "offloaded" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
qed: fix spelling mistake: "checksumed" -> "checksummed" (Colin Ian 
King) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix copying 2 strings (Denis Bolotin) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Add configuration information to register dump 
and debug data (Denis Bolotin) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Delete unused 
parameter p_ptt from mcp APIs (Denis Bolotin) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed* 
: Add new TLV to request PF to update MAC in bulletin board (Shahed 
Shaikh) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed* : use trust mode to allow VF to 
override forced MAC (Shahed Shaikh) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Ethtool 
flash update support. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
qed: Adapter flash update support. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Add APIs for flash access. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix PTT entry leak in the selftest error flow. 
(Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Populate nvm image 
attribute shadow. (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed*: 
Utilize FW (Michal Kalderon) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Use 
true and false for boolean values (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qede: fix spelling mistake: "registeration" -> 
"registration" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Fix MPA 
unalign flow in case header is split across two packets. (Michal 
Kalderon) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: Use after free in qed_rdma_free() 
(Dan Carpenter) [Orabug: 29908586] - qlogic/qed: Constify 
*pkt_type_str[] (Hernán Gonzalez) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: code indent 
should use tabs where possible (Rohit Visavalia) [Orabug: 29908586] - 
qed: Free reserved MR tid (Michal Kalderon) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: 
Remove reserveration of dpi for kernel (Michal Kalderon) [Orabug: 
29908586] - qed: Fix potential use-after-free in qed_spq_post() (Roland 
Dreier) [Orabug: 29908586] - xdp/qede: setup xdp_rxq_info and intro 
xdp_rxq_info_is_reg (Jesper Dangaard Brouer) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed: 
Use zeroing memory allocator than allocator/memset (Himanshu Jha) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed*: Advance drivers' version to (Tomer 
Tayar) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed*: Utilize FW (Tomer Tayar) 
[Orabug: 29908586] - qed*: HSI renaming for different types of HW (Tomer 
Tayar) [Orabug: 29908586] - qed*: Refactoring and rearranging FW API 
with no functional impact (Tomer Tayar) [Orabug: 29908586] - qede: Use 
NETIF_F_GRO_HW. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29908586] - net/mlx5: FW tracer, 
Enable tracing (Feras Daoud) [Orabug: 29717186] - net/mlx5: FW tracer, 
parse traces and kernel tracing support (Feras Daoud) [Orabug: 29717186] 
- net/mlx5: FW tracer, events handling (Feras Daoud) [Orabug: 29717186] 
- net/mlx5: FW tracer, register log buffer memory key (Saeed Mahameed) 
[Orabug: 29717186] - net/mlx5: FW tracer, create trace buffer and copy 
strings database (Feras Daoud) [Orabug: 29717186] - net/mlx5: FW tracer, 
implement tracer logic (Feras Daoud) [Orabug: 29717186] - net/mlx5: FW 
tracer, add hardware structures (Feras Daoud) [Orabug: 29717186] - 
net/mlx5: Mkey creation command adjustments (Ariel Levkovich) [Orabug: 
29717186] - x86/platform/UV: Mark tsc_check_sync as an init function 
(mike.travis at hpe.com) [Orabug: 29700910]

- config: enable PSI (Tom Hromatka) [Orabug: 29896477] - net/mlx5: Set 
FW pre-init timeout to 120k (Yuval Shaia) [Orabug: 28730784] - nvme.h: 
fixup ANA group descriptor format (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 29750801] - 
nvme: validate cntlid during controller initialisation (Christoph 
Hellwig) [Orabug: 29750801] - nvme: change locking for the per-subsystem 
controller list (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29750801] - EDAC/amd64: 
Adjust printed chip select sizes when interleaved (Yazen Ghannam) 
[Orabug: 29859705] - EDAC/amd64: Support more than two controllers for 
chip select handling (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 29859705] - EDAC/amd64: 
Recognize x16 symbol size (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 29859705] - 
EDAC/amd64: Set maximum channel layer size depending on family (Yazen 
Ghannam) [Orabug: 29859705] - EDAC/amd64: Support more than two Unified 
Memory Controllers (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 29859705] - EDAC/amd64: Use 
a macro for iterating over Unified Memory Controllers (Yazen Ghannam) 
[Orabug: 29859705] - EDAC/amd64: Add Family 17h Model 30h PCI IDs (Yazen 
Ghannam) [Orabug: 29859705] - hyperv: fix kABI breakage due to symbol 
renaming (Dan Duval) [Orabug: 29868272] - Revert "x86/paravirt: Use a 
single ops structure" (Dan Duval) [Orabug: 29868272] - 9p: validate PDU 
length (Tomas Bortoli) [Orabug: 29719158] - net/9p/virtio: Fix hard 
lockup in req_done (jiangyiwen) [Orabug: 29719158] - libnvdimm: Fix 
compilation warnings with W=1 (Qian Cai) [Orabug: 29879375] - 
libnvdimm/pmem: Bypass CONFIG_HARDENED_USERCOPY overhead (Dan Williams) 
[Orabug: 29879375] - dax: Arrange for dax_supported check to span 
multiple devices (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - 
tools/testing/nvdimm: add watermarks for dax_pmem* modules (Vishal 
Verma) [Orabug: 29879375] - dax/pmem: Fix whitespace in dax_pmem (Vishal 
Verma) [Orabug: 29879375] - drivers/dax: Allow to include DEV_DAX_PMEM 
as builtin (Aneesh Kumar K.V) [Orabug: 29879375] - device-dax: Add a 
'modalias' attribute to DAX 'bus' devices (Vishal Verma) [Orabug: 
29879375] - device-dax: "Hotplug" persistent memory for use like normal 
RAM (Dave Hansen) [Orabug: 29879375] - mm/resource: Let 
walk_system_ram_range() search child resources (Dave Hansen) [Orabug: 
29879375] - mm/memory-hotplug: Allow memory resources to be children 
(Dave Hansen) [Orabug: 29879375] - mm/resource: Move HMM pr_debug() 
deeper into resource code (Dave Hansen) [Orabug: 29879375] - 
mm/resource: Return real error codes from walk failures (Dave Hansen) 
[Orabug: 29879375] - device-dax: Add a 'target_node' attribute (Dan 
Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - device-dax: Auto-bind device after 
successful new_id (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - acpi/nfit, 
device-dax: Identify differentiated memory with a unique numa-node (Dan 
Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - device-dax: Add /sys/class/dax backwards 
compatibility (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - device-dax: Add 
support for a dax override driver (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - 
device-dax: Move resource pinning+mapping into the common driver (Dan 
Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - device-dax: Introduce bus + driver model 
(Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - device-dax: Start defining a dax bus 
model (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - device-dax: Remove 
multi-resource infrastructure (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - 
device-dax: Kill dax_region base (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - 
device-dax: Kill dax_region ida (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - mm, 
hmm: replace hmm_devmem_pages_create() with devm_memremap_pages() (Dan 
Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - mm/hmm.c: remove superfluous RCU 
protection around radix tree lookup (Tejun Heo) [Orabug: 29879375] - 
mm/hmm.c: remove unused variables align_start and align_end (Colin Ian 
King) [Orabug: 29879375] - mm/hmm: remove redundant variable align_end 
(Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29879375] - mm, devm_memremap_pages: add 
MEMORY_DEVICE_PRIVATE support (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - mm, 
devm_memremap_pages: fix shutdown handling (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 
29879375] - mm, devm_memremap_pages: kill mapping "System RAM" support 
(Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29879375] - kernel/memremap, kasan: make 
ZONE_DEVICE with work with KASAN (Andrey Ryabinin) [Orabug: 29879375] - 
IB/mlx5: Removed an empty file introduced by Mellanox backport (Qing 
Huang) [Orabug: 29891077] - Linux 4.14.105 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
x86/uaccess: Don't leak the AC flag into __put_user() value evaluation 
(Andy Lutomirski) - MIPS: eBPF: Fix icache flush end address (Paul 
Burton) - MIPS: fix truncation in __cmpxchg_small for short values 
(Michael Clark) - mm: enforce min addr even if capable() in 
expand_downwards() (Jann Horn) - mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: correct the fix 
of ERR004536 (BOUGH CHEN) - mmc: tmio: fix access width of Block Count 
Register (Takeshi Saito) - mmc: tmio_mmc_core: don't claim spurious 
interrupts (Sergei Shtylyov) - mmc: spi: Fix card detection during probe 
(Jonathan Neuschäfer) - powerpc: Always initialize input array when 
calling epapr_hypercall() (Seth Forshee) - KVM: nSVM: clear events 
pending from svm_complete_interrupts() when exiting to L1 (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) - svm: Fix AVIC incomplete IPI emulation (Suravee 
Suthikulpanit) - cfg80211: extend range deviation for DMG (Chaitanya 
Tata) - mac80211: Add attribute aligned(2) to struct 'action' (Mathieu 
Malaterre) - mac80211: don't initiate TDLS connection if station is not 
associated to AP (Balaji Pothunoori) - ibmveth: Do not process frames 
after calling napi_reschedule (Thomas Falcon) - net: 
dev_is_mac_header_xmit() true for ARPHRD_RAWIP (Maciej Żenczykowski) - 
net: usb: asix: ax88772_bind return error when hw_reset fail (Zhang Run) 
- hv_netvsc: Fix ethtool change hash key error (Haiyang Zhang) - net: 
altera_tse: fix connect_local_phy error path (Atsushi Nemoto) - scsi: 
csiostor: fix NULL pointer dereference in csio_vport_set_state() (Varun 
Prakash) - writeback: synchronize sync(2) against cgroup writeback 
membership switches (Tejun Heo) - direct-io: allow direct writes to 
empty inodes (Ernesto A. Fernández) - staging: android: ion: Support cpu 
access during dma_buf_detach (Liam Mark) - serial: fsl_lpuart: fix 
maximum acceptable baud rate with over-sampling (Tomonori Sakita) - 
drm/amd/powerplay: OD setting fix on Vega10 (Kenneth Feng) - 
locking/rwsem: Fix (possible) missed wakeup (Xie Yongji) - futex: Fix 
(possible) missed wakeup (Peter Zijlstra) - sched/wait: Fix 
rcuwait_wake_up() ordering (Prateek Sood) - mac80211: fix miscounting of 
ttl-dropped frames (Bob Copeland) - staging: rtl8723bs: Fix build error 
with Clang when inlining is disabled (Nathan Chancellor) - drivers: 
thermal: int340x_thermal: Fix sysfs race condition (Aaron Hill) - ARC: 
fix __ffs return value to avoid build warnings (Eugeniy Paltsev) - 
selftests: gpio-mockup-chardev: Check asprintf() for error (Geert 
Uytterhoeven) - selftests: seccomp: use LDLIBS instead of LDFLAGS (Fathi 
Boudra) - ASoC: imx-audmux: change snprintf to scnprintf for possible 
overflow (Silvio Cesare) - ASoC: dapm: change snprintf to scnprintf for 
possible overflow (Silvio Cesare) - genirq: Make sure the initial 
affinity is not empty (Srinivas Ramana) - usb: gadget: Potential NULL 
dereference on allocation error (Dan Carpenter) - usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix 
the uninitialized link_state when udc starts (Zeng Tao) - usb: dwc3: 
gadget: synchronize_irq dwc irq in suspend (Bo He) - thermal: 
int340x_thermal: Fix a NULL vs IS_ERR() check (Dan Carpenter) - clk: 
vc5: Abort clock configuration without upstream clock (Marek Vasut) - 
ASoC: Variable "val" in function rt274_i2c_probe() could be 
uninitialized (Yizhuo) - ALSA: compress: prevent potential divide by 
zero bugs (Dan Carpenter) - ASoC: Intel: Haswell/Broadwell: fix setting 
for .dynamic field (Rander Wang) - drm/msm: Unblock writer if reader 
closes file (Kristian H. Kristensen) - scsi: libsas: Fix rphy 
phy_identifier for PHYs with end devices attached (John Garry) - net: 
stmmac: Disable ACS Feature for GMAC >= 4 (Jose Abreu) - net: stmmac: 
Fix reception of Broadcom switches tags (Florian Fainelli) - Revert 
"loop: Fold __loop_release into loop_release" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
Revert "loop: Get rid of loop_index_mutex" (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - Revert 
"loop: Fix double mutex_unlock(&loop_ctl_mutex) in loop_control_ioctl()" 
(Greg Kroah-Hartman) - Linux 4.14.104 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - net: 
phylink: avoid resolving link state too early (Russell King) - 
sched/sysctl: Fix attributes of some extern declarations (Matthias 
Kaehlcke) - phy: tegra: remove redundant self assignment of 'map' (Colin 
Ian King) - pinctrl: max77620: Use define directive for 
max77620_pinconf_param values (Nathan Chancellor) - netfilter: ipv6: 
Don't preserve original oif for loopback address (Eli Cooper) - 
netfilter: nft_compat: use-after-free when deleting targets (Pablo Neira 
Ayuso) - netfilter: nf_tables: fix flush after rule deletion in the same 
batch (Pablo Neira Ayuso) - Revert "bridge: do not add port to router 
list when receives query with source" (Hangbin Liu) - net: avoid 
false positives in untrusted gso validation (Willem de Bruijn) - net: 
validate untrusted gso packets without csum offload (Willem de Bruijn) - 
drm/i915/fbdev: Actually configure untiled displays (Chris Wilson) - 
ARC: define ARCH_SLAB_MINALIGN = 8 (Alexey Brodkin) - ARC: U-boot: check 
arguments paranoidly (Eugeniy Paltsev) - ARCv2: Enable unaligned access 
in early ASM code (Eugeniy Paltsev) - parisc: Fix ptrace syscall number 
modification (Dmitry V. Levin) - KEYS: always initialize 
keyring_index_key::desc_len (Eric Biggers) - KEYS: user: Align the 
payload buffer (Eric Biggers) - RDMA/srp: Rework SCSI device reset 
handling (Bart Van Assche) - inet_diag: fix reporting cgroup classid and 
fallback to priority (Konstantin Khlebnikov) - net/mlx4_en: Force 
CHECKSUM_NONE for short ethernet frames (Saeed Mahameed) - sit: check if 
IPv6 enabled before calling ip6_err_gen_icmpv6_unreach() (Hangbin Liu) - 
team: avoid complex list operations in team_nl_cmd_options_set() (Cong 
Wang) - sctp: call gso_reset_checksum when computing checksum in 
sctp_gso_segment (Xin Long) - net: sfp: do not probe SFP module before 
we're attached (Russell King) - net/packet: fix 4gb buffer limit due to 
overflow check (Kal Conley) - net/mlx5e: Don't overwrite pedit action 
when multiple pedit used (Tonghao Zhang) - ipv6: propagate genlmsg_reply 
return code (Li RongQing) - batman-adv: fix uninit-value in 
batadv_interface_tx() (Eric Dumazet) - isdn: avm: Fix string plus 
integer warning from Clang (Nathan Chancellor) - net/mlx5e: Fix wrong 
(zero) TX drop counter indication for representor (Tariq Toukan) - 
mlxsw: spectrum_switchdev: Do not treat static FDB entries as sticky 
(Ido Schimmel) - bpf: bpf_setsockopt: reset sock dst on SO_MARK changes 
(Peter Oskolkov) - leds: lp5523: fix a missing check of return value of 
lp55xx_read (Kangjie Lu) - hwmon: (tmp421) Correct the misspelling of 
the tmp442 compatible attribute in OF device ID table (Cheng-Min Ao) - 
atm: he: fix sign-extension overflow on large shift (Colin Ian King) - 
drm/meson: add missing of_node_put (Julia Lawall) - always clear the 
X2APIC_ENABLE bit for PV guest (Talons Lee) - scsi: qedi: Add ep_state 
for login completion on un-reachable targets (Manish Rangankar) - scsi: 
ufs: Fix system suspend status (Stanley Chu) - isdn: i4l: isdn_tty: Fix 
some concurrency double-free bugs (Jia-Ju Bai) - net: stmmac: Fix PCI 
module removal leak (Jose Abreu) - bpf: correctly set initial window on 
active Fast Open sender (Yuchung Cheng) - MIPS: jazz: fix 64bit build 
(Thomas Bogendoerfer) - scsi: isci: initialize shost fully before 
calling scsi_add_host() (Logan Gunthorpe) - scsi: qla4xxx: check return 
code of qla4xxx_copy_from_fwddb_param (YueHaibing) - netfilter: 
nf_tables: fix leaking object reference count (Taehee Yoo) - MIPS: 
ath79: Enable OF serial ports in the default config (Alban Bedel) - net: 
hns: Fix use after free identified by SLUB debug (Yonglong Liu) - qed: 
Fix qed_ll2_post_rx_buffer_notify_fw() by adding a write memory barrier 
(Denis Bolotin) - qed: Fix qed_chain_set_prod() for PBL chains with non 
power of 2 page count (Denis Bolotin) - xen/pvcalls: remove set but not 
used variable 'intf' (YueHaibing) - mfd: mc13xxx: Fix a missing check of 
a register-read failure (Kangjie Lu) - mfd: tps65218: Use 
devm_regmap_add_irq_chip and clean up error path in probe() (Keerthy) - 
mfd: wm5110: Add missing ASRC rate register (Charles Keepax) - mfd: 
qcom_rpm: write fw_version to CTRL_REG (Jonathan Marek) - mfd: 
bd9571mwv: Add volatile register to make DVFS work (Dien Pham) - mfd: 
ab8500-core: Return zero in get_register_interruptible() (Dan Carpenter) 
- mfd: mt6397: Do not call irq_domain_remove if PMIC unsupported 
(Nicolas Boichat) - mfd: db8500-prcmu: Fix some section annotations 
(Nathan Chancellor) - mfd: twl-core: Fix section annotations on 
{,un}protect_pm_master (Nathan Chancellor) - pvcalls-back: set -ENOTCONN 
in pvcalls_conn_back_read (Stefano Stabellini) - mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: 
Use PLATFORM_DEVID_AUTO while registering mfd cells (Vignesh R) - KEYS: 
allow reaching the keys quotas exactly (Eric Biggers) - proc, oom: do 
not report alien mms when setting oom_score_adj (Michal Hocko) - numa: 
change get_mempolicy() to use nr_node_ids instead of MAX_NUMNODES (Ralph 
Campbell) - ceph: avoid repeatedly adding inode to mdsc->snap_flush_list 
(Yan, Zheng) - libceph: handle an empty authorize reply (Ilya Dryomov) - 
mac80211: Free mpath object when rhashtable insertion fails (Herbert Xu) 
- mac80211: Restore vif beacon interval if start ap fails (Rakesh 
Pillai) - MIPS: eBPF: Always return sign extended 32b values (Paul 
Burton) - tracing: Fix number of entries in trace header (Quentin 
Perret) - ARM: 8834/1: Fix: kprobes: optimized kprobes illegal 
instruction (Mathieu Desnoyers) - Linux 4.14.103 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
ax25: fix possible use-after-free (Eric Dumazet) - mISDN: fix a race in 
dev_expire_timer() (Eric Dumazet) - net/x25: do not hold the cpu too 
long in x25_new_lci() (Eric Dumazet) - sunrpc: fix 4 more call sites 
that were using stack memory with a scatterlist (Scott Mayhew) - tcp: 
clear icsk_backoff in tcp_write_queue_purge() (Eric Dumazet) - net: Do 
not allocate page fragments that are not skb aligned (Alexander Duyck) - 
tcp: tcp_v4_err() should be more careful (Eric Dumazet) - net: Add 
header for usage of fls64() (David S. Miller) - vhost: correctly check 
the return value of translate_desc() in log_used() (Jason Wang) - sky2: 
Increase D3 delay again (Kai-Heng Feng) - net: stmmac: handle endianness 
in dwmac4_get_timestamp (Alexandre Torgue) - net: stmmac: Fix a race in 
EEE enable callback (Jose Abreu) - net: phy: xgmiitorgmii: Support 
generic PHY status read (Paul Kocialkowski) - net: Fix 
for_each_netdev_feature on Big endian (Hauke Mehrtens) - net: crypto set 
sk to NULL when af_alg_release. (Mao Wenan) - mlxsw: 
__mlxsw_sp_port_headroom_set(): Fix a use of local variable (Petr 
Machata) - hwmon: (lm80) Fix missing unlock on error in set_fan_div() 
(Wei Yongjun) - vxlan: test dev->flags & IFF_UP before calling 
netif_rx() (Eric Dumazet) - vsock: cope with memory allocation failure 
at socket creation time (Paolo Abeni) - net: ipv4: use a dedicated 
counter for icmp_v4 redirect packets (Lorenzo Bianconi) - net: fix IPv6 
prefix route residue (Zhiqiang Liu) - dsa: mv88e6xxx: Ensure all pending 
interrupts are handled prior to exit (John David Anglin) - Linux 
4.14.102 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - uapi/if_ether.h: move __UAPI_DEF_ETHHDR 
libc define (Hauke Mehrtens) - pinctrl: msm: fix gpio-hog related boot 
issues (Christian Lamparter) - futex: Cure exit race (Thomas Gleixner) - 
sched, trace: Fix prev_state output in sched_switch tracepoint 
(Pavankumar Kondeti) - drm/i915: Prevent a race during I915_GEM_MMAP 
ioctl with WC set (Joonas Lahtinen) - dm thin: fix bug where bio that 
overwrites thin block ignores FUA (Nikos Tsironis) - dm crypt: don't 
overallocate the integrity tag space (Mikulas Patocka) - x86/a.out: 
Clear the dump structure initially (Borislav Petkov) - md/raid1: don't 
clear bitmap bits on interrupted recovery. (Nate Dailey) - signal: 
Restore the stop PTRACE_EVENT_EXIT (Eric W. Biederman) - 
x86/platform/UV: Use efi_runtime_lock to serialise BIOS calls (Hedi 
Berriche) - tracing/uprobes: Fix output for multiple string arguments 
(Andreas Ziegler) - alpha: Fix Eiger NR_IRQS to 128 (Meelis Roos) - 
alpha: fix page fault handling for r16-r18 targets (Sergei Trofimovich) 
- mm: proc: smaps_rollup: fix pss_locked calculation (Sandeep Patil) - 
Input: elantech - enable 3rd button support on Fujitsu CELSIUS H780 
(Matti Kurkela) - Input: bma150 - register input device after setting 
private data (Jonathan Bakker) - kvm: vmx: Fix entry number check for 
add_atomic_switch_msr() (Xiaoyao Li) - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix implicit fb 
endpoint setup by quirk (Manuel Reinhardt) - ALSA: hda - Add quirk for 
HP EliteBook 840 G5 (Jurica Vukadin) - perf/x86: Add check_period PMU 
callback (Jiri Olsa) - perf/core: Fix impossible ring-buffer sizes 
warning (Ingo Molnar) - Input: elan_i2c - add ACPI ID for touchpad in 
Lenovo V330-15ISK (Mauro Ciancio) - Revert "Input: elan_i2c - add ACPI 
ID for touchpad in ASUS Aspire F5-573G" (Dmitry Torokhov) - cifs: Limit 
memory used by lock request calls to a page (Ross Lagerwall) - 
drm/nouveau/falcon: avoid touching registers if engine is off (Ilia 
Mirkin) - drm/nouveau: Don't disable polling in fallback mode (Takashi 
Iwai) - gpio: pl061: handle failed allocations (Nicholas Mc Guire) - 
ARM: dts: kirkwood: Fix polarity of GPIO fan lines (Linus Walleij) - 
ARM: dts: da850-lcdk: Correct the sound card name (Peter Ujfalusi) - 
ARM: dts: da850-evm: Correct the sound card name (Peter Ujfalusi) - 
nvme-pci: use the same attributes when freeing host_mem_desc_bufs. 
(Liviu Dudau) - drm/bridge: tc358767: fix output H/V syncs (Tomi 
Valkeinen) - drm/bridge: tc358767: reject modes which require too much 
BW (Tomi Valkeinen) - drm/bridge: tc358767: fix initial DP0/1_SRCCTRL 
value (Tomi Valkeinen) - drm/bridge: tc358767: fix single lane 
configuration (Tomi Valkeinen) - drm/bridge: tc358767: add defines for 
DP1_SRCCTRL & PHY_2LANE (Tomi Valkeinen) - cpufreq: check if policy is 
inactive early in __cpufreq_get() (Sudeep Holla) - perf test shell: Use 
a fallback to get the pathname in vfs_getname (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) 
- ACPI: NUMA: Use correct type for printing addresses on i386-PAE (Chao 
Fan) - bnx2x: disable GSO where gso_size is too big for hardware (Daniel 
Axtens) {CVE-2018-1000026}
- net: create skb_gso_validate_mac_len() (Daniel Axtens) {CVE-2018-1000026}
- ARM: fix the cockup in the previous patch (Russell King) - ARM: ensure 
that processor vtables is not lost after boot (Russell King) - ARM: 
spectre-v2: per-CPU vtables to work around big.Little systems (Russell 
King) - ARM: add PROC_VTABLE and PROC_TABLE macros (Russell King) - ARM: 
clean up per-processor check_bugs method call (Russell King) - ARM: 
split out processor lookup (Russell King) - ARM: make 
lookup_processor_type() non-__init (Russell King) - ARM: 8810/1: vfp: 
Fix wrong assignement to ufp_exc (Julien Thierry) - ARM: 8797/1: 
spectre-v1.1: harden __copy_to_user (Julien Thierry) - ARM: 8796/1: 
spectre-v1,v1.1: provide helpers for address sanitization (Julien 
Thierry) - ARM: 8795/1: spectre-v1.1: use put_user() for __put_user() 
(Julien Thierry) - ARM: 8794/1: uaccess: Prevent speculative use of the 
current addr_limit (Julien Thierry) - ARM: 8793/1: signal: replace 
__put_user_error with __put_user (Julien Thierry) - ARM: 8792/1: 
oabi-compat: copy oabi events using __copy_to_user() (Julien Thierry) - 
ARM: 8791/1: vfp: use __copy_to_user() when saving VFP state (Julien 
Thierry) - ARM: 8790/1: signal: always use __copy_to_user to save iwmmxt 
context (Julien Thierry) - ARM: 8789/1: signal: copy registers using 
__copy_to_user() (Julien Thierry) - uapi/if_ether.h: prevent 
redefinition of struct ethhdr (Hauke Mehrtens) - blk-mq: fix a hung 
issue when fsync (Jianchao Wang) - eeprom: at24: add support for 24c2048 
(Adrian Bunk) - dt-bindings: eeprom: at24: add "atmel,24c2048" 
compatible string (Adrian Bunk) - Linux 4.14.101 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - 
Revert "exec: load_script: don't blindly truncate shebang string" (Linus 

- mm: account managed pages to correct zone during deferred page init 
(Daniel Jordan) [Orabug: 29910767]

- CVE numbers for build v4.14.35-1924 and fixup (Jack Vogel) [Orabug: 
29889057] [Orabug: 29882565] [Orabug: 29882565] {CVE-2019-11477} 
{CVE-2019-11478} {CVE-2019-11479}

- tcp: fix fack_count accounting on tcp_shift_skb_data() (Joao Martins) 
[Orabug: 29889057] - tcp: enforce tcp_min_snd_mss in tcp_mtu_probing() 
(Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 29886583]

- tcp: add tcp_min_snd_mss sysctl (Eric Dumazet) [Orabug: 29882565] - 
tcp: tcp_fragment() should apply sane memory limits (Eric Dumazet) 
[Orabug: 29882565] - tcp: limit payload size of sacked skbs (Eric 
Dumazet) [Orabug: 29882565]

- libnvdimm/namespace: Fix label tracking error (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 
29656038] - net: unpollute priv_flags space (Paolo Abeni) [Orabug: 
29838474] - ipvlan: use per device spinlock to protect addrs list 
updates (Paolo Abeni) [Orabug: 29838474] - hugetlbfs: boot failure if 
gigantic pages allocated on command line (Mike Kravetz) - ipmi: Fix NULL 
pointer dereference in ssif_probe (Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 
29660614] - block: delete part_round_stats and switch to less precise 
counting (Mikulas Patocka) [Orabug: 29826994] - dm: simplify start of 
block stats accounting for bio-based (Mike Snitzer) [Orabug: 29826994] - 
EDAC: Drop per-memory controller buses (Borislav Petkov) [Orabug: 
29721307] - EDAC: Don't add devices under /sys/bus/edac (Tony Luck) 
[Orabug: 29721307] - EDAC: Raise the maximum number of memory 
controllers (Justin Ernst) [Orabug: 29721307] - EDAC, skx_edac: Handle 
systems with segmented PCI busses (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 29721307] - KVM: 
x86: Allow Qemu/KVM to use PVH entry point (Maran Wilson) [Orabug: 
29783847] - xen/pvh: Add memory map pointer to hvm_start_info struct 
(Maran Wilson) [Orabug: 29783847] - xen/pvh: Move Xen code for getting 
mem map via hcall out of common file (Maran Wilson) [Orabug: 29783847] - 
xen/pvh: Move Xen specific PVH VM initialization out of common file 
(Maran Wilson) [Orabug: 29783847] - xen/pvh: Create a new file for Xen 
specific PVH code (Maran Wilson) [Orabug: 29783847] - xen/pvh: Move PVH 
entry code out of Xen specific tree (Maran Wilson) [Orabug: 29783847] - 
xen/pvh: Split CONFIG_XEN_PVH into CONFIG_PVH and CONFIG_XEN_PVH (Maran 
Wilson) [Orabug: 29783847] - x86/acpi, x86/boot: Take RSDP address from 
boot params if available (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 29783847] - x86/boot: 
Mostly revert commit ae7e1238e68f2a ("Add ACPI RSDP address to 
setup_header") (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 29783847] - x86/acpi, x86/boot: 
Take RSDP address for boot params if available (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 
29783847] - ACPI, x86/boot: Introduce the ->reduced_hw_early_init() ACPI 
callback (Andy Shevchenko) [Orabug: 29783847] - ACPI, x86/boot: Split 
out acpi_generic_reduce_hw_init() and export (Andy Shevchenko) [Orabug: 
29783847] - x86/boot: Add ACPI RSDP address to setup_header (Juergen 
Gross) [Orabug: 29783847] - x86/xen: Move pv irq related functions under 
CONFIG_XEN_PV umbrella (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 29783847] - Revert 
"net_failover: delay taking over primary device to accommodate udevd 
renaming" (Si-Wei Liu) [Orabug: 29666734] - failover: allow name change 
on IFF_UP slave interfaces (Si-Wei Liu) [Orabug: 29666734] - iversion: 
make inode_cmp_iversion{+raw} return bool instead of s64 (Jeff Layton) 
[Orabug: 29822843] - xfs: implement the lazytime mount option (Christoph 
Hellwig) [Orabug: 29822843] - fs: don't clear I_DIRTY_TIME before 
calling mark_inode_dirty_sync (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29822843] - 
fs: handle inode->i_version more efficiently (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 
29822843] - btrfs: only dirty the inode in btrfs_update_time if 
something was changed (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - xfs: avoid 
setting XFS_ILOG_CORE if i_version doesn't need incrementing (Jeff 
Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - fs: only set S_VERSION when updating times 
if necessary (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - IMA: switch IMA over to 
new i_version API (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - xfs: convert to new 
i_version API (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - ufs: use new i_version 
API (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - ocfs2: convert to new i_version 
API (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - nfsd: convert to new i_version 
API (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - nfs: convert to new i_version API 
(Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - ext4: convert to new i_version API 
(Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - ext2: convert to new i_version API 
(Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - exofs: switch to new i_version API 
(Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - btrfs: convert to new i_version API 
(Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - afs: convert to new i_version API 
(Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - affs: convert to new i_version API 
(Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - fat: convert to new i_version API 
(Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - fs: don't take the i_lock in 
inode_inc_iversion (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - fs: new API for 
handling inode->i_version (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - orangefs: 
remove initialization of i_version (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - 
nilfs2: remove inode->i_version initialization (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 
29822843] - jfs: remove increment of i_version counter (Jeff Layton) 
[Orabug: 29822843] - hpfs: don't bother with the i_version counter or 
f_version (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - f2fs: don't bother with 
inode->i_version (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - ceph: remove the 
bump of i_version (Jeff Layton) [Orabug: 29822843] - libnvdimm/of_pmem: 
Fix platform_no_drv_owner.cocci warnings (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 29821577] 
- libnvdimm, pfn: Fix over-trim in trim_pfn_device() (Wei Yang) [Orabug: 
29821577] - libnvdimm/btt: Fix LBA masking during 'free list' population 
(Vishal Verma) [Orabug: 29821577] - libnvdimm/btt: Remove unnecessary 
code in btt_freelist_init (Vishal Verma) [Orabug: 29821577] - acpi/nfit: 
Update NFIT flags error message (Toshi Kani) [Orabug: 29821577] - 
libnvdimm/namespace: Clean up holder_class_store() (Dan Williams) 
[Orabug: 29821577] - libnvdimm/pfn: Remove dax_label_reserve (Dan 
Williams) [Orabug: 29821577] - dax: Check the end of the block-device 
capacity with dax_direct_access() (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29821577] - 
nfit/ars: Avoid stale ARS results (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29821577] - 
nfit/ars: Allow root to busy-poll the ARS state machine (Dan Williams) 
[Orabug: 29821577] - nfit/ars: Introduce scrub_flags (Dan Williams) 
[Orabug: 29821577] - nfit/ars: Remove ars_start_flags (Dan Williams) 
[Orabug: 29821577] - nfit/ars: Attempt short-ARS even in the no_init_ars 
case (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29821577] - nfit/ars: Attempt a short-ARS 
whenever the ARS state is idle at boot (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29821577] 
- acpi/nfit: Require opt-in for read-only label configurations (Dan 
Williams) [Orabug: 29821577] - libnvdimm/pmem: Honor force_raw for 
legacy pmem regions (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29821577] - libnvdimm/pfn: 
Account for PAGE_SIZE > info-block-size in nd_pfn_init() (Jane Chu) 
[Orabug: 29821577] - libnvdimm/dimm: Add a no-BLK quirk based on NVDIMM 
family (Jane Chu) [Orabug: 29821577] - nfit: Fix 
nfit_intel_shutdown_status() command submission (Jane Chu) [Orabug: 
29821577] - libnvdimm/label: Clear 'updating' flag after label-set 
update (Jane Chu) [Orabug: 29821577] - nfit: Add Hyper-V NVDIMM DSM 
command set to white list (Jane Chu) [Orabug: 29821577] - Linux 4.14.100 
(Greg Kroah-Hartman) - Revert "uio: use request_threaded_irq instead" 
(Xiubo Li) - uio: fix possible circular locking dependency (Xiubo Li) - 
uio: fix wrong return value from uio_mmap() (Hailong Liu) - uio: fix 
crash after the device is unregistered (Xiubo Li) - uio: change to use 
the mutex lock instead of the spin lock (Xiubo Li) - uio: use 
request_threaded_irq instead (Xiubo Li) - uio: Prevent device 
destruction while fds are open (Hamish Martin) - uio: Reduce return 
paths from uio_write() (Hamish Martin) - perf tests attr: Make hw events 
optional (Jiri Olsa) - perf tests attr: Fix group stat tests (Jiri Olsa) 
- perf tests attr: Fix task term values (Jiri Olsa) - batman-adv: Force 
mac header to start of data on xmit (Sven Eckelmann) - batman-adv: Avoid 
WARN on net_device without parent in netns (Sven Eckelmann) - xfrm: 
refine validation of template and selector families (Florian Westphal) - 
libceph: avoid KEEPALIVE_PENDING races in ceph_con_keepalive() (Ilya 
Dryomov) - Revert "ext4: use ext4_write_inode() when fsyncing w/o a 
journal" (Theodore Ts'o) - HID: debug: fix the ring buffer 
implementation (Vladis Dronov) {CVE-2019-3819}
- drm/vmwgfx: Return error code from vmw_execbuf_copy_fence_user (Thomas 
Hellstrom) - drm/vmwgfx: Fix setting of dma masks (Thomas Hellstrom) - 
drm/modes: Prevent division by zero htotal (Tina Zhang) - mac80211: 
ensure that mgmt tx skbs have tailroom for encryption (Felix Fietkau) - 
ARM: tango: Improve ARCH_MULTIPLATFORM compatibility (Marc Gonzalez) - 
ARM: iop32x/n2100: fix PCI IRQ mapping (Russell King) - MIPS: VDSO: 
Include $(ccflags-vdso) in o32,n32 .lds builds (Paul Burton) - MIPS: 
OCTEON: don't set octeon_dma_bar_type if PCI is disabled (Aaro Koskinen) 
- mips: cm: reprime error cause (Vladimir Kondratiev) - tracing: 
uprobes: Fix typo in pr_fmt string (Andreas Ziegler) - debugfs: fix 
debugfs_rename parameter checking (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - samples: mei: 
use /dev/mei0 instead of /dev/mei (Tomas Winkler) - misc: vexpress: Off 
by one in vexpress_syscfg_exec() (Dan Carpenter) - signal: Better 
detection of synchronous signals (Eric W. Biederman) - signal: Always 
notice exiting tasks (Eric W. Biederman) - iio: chemical: 
atlas-ph-sensor: correct IIO_TEMP values to millicelsius (Matt Ranostay) 
- iio: adc: axp288: Fix TS-pin handling (Hans de Goede) - mtd: rawnand: 
gpmi: fix MX28 bus master lockup problem (Martin Kepplinger) - Linux 
4.14.99 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - ath9k: dynack: check da->enabled first in 
sampling routines (Lorenzo Bianconi) - ath9k: dynack: make ewma 
estimation faster (Lorenzo Bianconi) - perf/x86/intel: Delay memory 
deallocation until x86_pmu_dead_cpu() (Peter Zijlstra) - IB/hfi1: Add 
limit test for RC/UC send via loopback (Mike Marciniszyn) - nfsd4: catch 
some false session retries (J. Bruce Fields) - nfsd4: fix cached replies 
to solo SEQUENCE compounds (J. Bruce Fields) - serial: 8250_pci: Make 
PCI class test non fatal (Andy Shevchenko) - serial: fix race between 
flush_to_ldisc and tty_open (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - perf tests 
evsel-tp-sched: Fix bitwise operator (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - perf/core: 
Don't WARN() for impossible ring-buffer sizes (Mark Rutland) - x86/MCE: 
Initialize mce.bank in the case of a fatal error in mce_no_way_out() 
(Tony Luck) - perf/x86/intel/uncore: Add Node ID mask (Kan Liang) - 
cpu/hotplug: Fix "SMT disabled by BIOS" detection for KVM (Josh 
Poimboeuf) - KVM: nVMX: unconditionally cancel preemption timer in 
free_nested (CVE-2019-7221) (Peter Shier) - kvm: fix 
kvm_ioctl_create_device() reference counting (CVE-2019-6974) (Jann Horn) 
- KVM: x86: work around leak of uninitialized stack contents 
(CVE-2019-7222) (Paolo Bonzini) - scsi: aic94xx: fix module loading 
(James Bottomley) - scsi: cxlflash: Prevent deadlock when adapter probe 
fails (Vaibhav Jain) - staging: speakup: fix tty-operation NULL derefs 
(Johan Hovold) - usb: gadget: musb: fix short isoc packets with inventra 
dma (Paul Elder) - usb: gadget: udc: net2272: Fix bitwise and boolean 
operations (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - usb: dwc3: gadget: Handle 0 xfer 
length for OUT EP (Tejas Joglekar) - usb: phy: am335x: fix race 
condition in _probe (Bin Liu) - irqchip/gic-v3-its: Plug allocation race 
for devices sharing a DevID (Marc Zyngier) - futex: Handle early 
deadlock return correctly (Thomas Gleixner) - dmaengine: imx-dma: fix 
wrong callback invoke (Leonid Iziumtsev) - dmaengine: bcm2835: Fix abort 
of transactions (Lukas Wunner) - dmaengine: bcm2835: Fix interrupt race 
on RT (Lukas Wunner) - fuse: handle zero sized retrieve correctly 
(Miklos Szeredi) - fuse: decrement NR_WRITEBACK_TEMP on the right page 
(Miklos Szeredi) - fuse: call pipe_buf_release() under pipe lock (Jann 
Horn) - ALSA: hda - Serialize codec registrations (Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: 
compress: Fix stop handling on compressed capture streams (Charles 
Keepax) - net: dsa: slave: Don't propagate flag changes on down slave 
interfaces (Rundong Ge) - net/mlx5e: Force CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY for 
short ethernet frames (Cong Wang) - net: systemport: Fix WoL with 
password after deep sleep (Florian Fainelli) - rds: fix refcount bug in 
rds_sock_addref (Eric Dumazet) - skge: potential memory corruption in 
skge_get_regs() (Dan Carpenter) - rxrpc: bad unlock balance in 
rxrpc_recvmsg (Eric Dumazet) - net: dp83640: expire old TX-skb 
(Sebastian Andrzej Siewior) - enic: fix checksum validation for IPv6 
(Govindarajulu Varadarajan) - dccp: fool proof 
ccid_hc_[rt]x_parse_options() (Eric Dumazet) - thermal: hwmon: inline 
helpers when CONFIG_THERMAL_HWMON is not set (Eduardo Valentin) - 
scripts/gdb: fix lx-version string output (Du Changbin) - exec: 
load_script: don't blindly truncate shebang string (Oleg Nesterov) - 
fs/epoll: drop ovflist branch prediction (Davidlohr Bueso) - 
kernel/hung_task.c: force console verbose before panic (Liu, Chuansheng) 
- proc/sysctl: fix return error for proc_doulongvec_minmax() (Cheng Lin) 
- kernel/hung_task.c: break RCU locks based on jiffies (Tetsuo Handa) - 
HID: lenovo: Add checks to fix of_led_classdev_register (Aditya Pakki) - 
thermal: generic-adc: Fix adc to temp interpolation (Bjorn Andersson) - 
kdb: Don't back trace on a cpu that didn't round up (Douglas Anderson) - 
thermal: bcm2835: enable hwmon explicitly (Matthias Brugger) - 
block/swim3: Fix -EBUSY error when re-opening device after unmount (Finn 
Thain) - fsl/fman: Use GFP_ATOMIC in {memac,tgec}_add_hash_mac_address() 
(Scott Wood) - gdrom: fix a memory leak bug (Wenwen Wang) - isdn: hisax: 
hfc_pci: Fix a possible concurrency use-after-free bug in HFCPCI_l1hw() 
(Jia-Ju Bai) - ocfs2: improve ocfs2 Makefile (Larry Chen) - ocfs2: don't 
clear bh uptodate for block read (Junxiao Bi) - 
scripts/decode_stacktrace: only strip base path when a prefix of the 
path (Marc Zyngier) - cgroup: fix parsing empty mount option string 
(Ondrej Mosnacek) - f2fs: fix sbi->extent_list corruption issue (Sahitya 
Tummala) - niu: fix missing checks of niu_pci_eeprom_read (Kangjie Lu) - 
um: Avoid marking pages with "changed protection" (Anton Ivanov) - cifs: 
check ntwrk_buf_start for NULL before dereferencing it (Ronnie Sahlberg) 
- MIPS: ralink: Select CONFIG_CPU_MIPSR2_IRQ_VI on MT7620/8 (Stefan 
Roese) - crypto: ux500 - Use proper enum in hash_set_dma_transfer 
(Nathan Chancellor) - crypto: ux500 - Use proper enum in 
cryp_set_dma_transfer (Nathan Chancellor) - seq_buf: Make seq_buf_puts() 
null-terminate the buffer (Michael Ellerman) - hwmon: (lm80) fix a 
missing check of bus read in lm80 probe (Kangjie Lu) - hwmon: (lm80) fix 
a missing check of the status of SMBus read (Kangjie Lu) - NFS: 
nfs_compare_mount_options always compare auth flavors. (Chris Perl) - 
kvm: Change offset in kvm_write_guest_offset_cached to unsigned (Jim 
Mattson) - powerpc/fadump: Do not allow hot-remove memory from fadump 
reserved area. (Mahesh Salgaonkar) - KVM: x86: svm: report 
MSR_IA32_MCG_EXT_CTL as unsupported (Vitaly Kuznetsov) - pinctrl: meson: 
meson8b: fix the GPIO function for the GPIOAO pins (Martin Blumenstingl) 
- pinctrl: meson: meson8: fix the GPIO function for the GPIOAO pins 
(Martin Blumenstingl) - powerpc/mm: Fix reporting of kernel execute 
faults on the 8xx (Christophe Leroy) - fbdev: fbcon: Fix unregister 
crash when more than one framebuffer (Noralf Trønnes) - ACPI/APEI: Clear 
GHES block_status before panic() (Lenny Szubowicz) - igb: Fix an issue 
that PME is not enabled during runtime suspend (Kai-Heng Feng) - i40e: 
define proper net_device::neigh_priv_len (Konstantin Khorenko) - fbdev: 
fbmem: behave better with small rotated displays and many CPUs (Peter 
Rosin) - md: fix raid10 hang issue caused by barrier (Guoqing Jiang) - 
video: clps711x-fb: release disp device node in probe() (Alexey 
Khoroshilov) - drbd: Avoid Clang warning about pointless switch statment 
(Nathan Chancellor) - drbd: skip spurious timeout (ping-timeo) when 
failing promote (Lars Ellenberg) - drbd: disconnect, if the wrong UUIDs 
are attached on a connected peer (Lars Ellenberg) - drbd: narrow 
rcu_read_lock in drbd_sync_handshake (Roland Kammerer) - powerpc/perf: 
Fix thresholding counter data for unknown type (Madhavan Srinivasan) - 
cw1200: Fix concurrency use-after-free bugs in cw1200_hw_scan() (Jia-Ju 
Bai) - scsi: smartpqi: increase fw status register read timeout (Mahesh 
Rajashekhara) - scsi: smartpqi: correct volume status (Dave Carroll) - 
scsi: smartpqi: correct host serial num for ssa (Mahesh Rajashekhara) - 
mlxsw: spectrum: Properly cleanup LAG uppers when removing port from LAG 
(Ido Schimmel) - Bluetooth: Fix unnecessary error message for HCI 
request completion (Johan Hedberg) - xfrm6_tunnel: Fix spi check in 
__xfrm6_tunnel_alloc_spi (YueHaibing) - mac80211: fix radiotap vendor 
presence bitmap handling (Johannes Berg) - powerpc/uaccess: fix 
warning/error with access_ok() (Christophe Leroy) - percpu: convert 
spin_lock_irq to spin_lock_irqsave. (Dennis Zhou) - usb: musb: dsps: fix 
otg state machine (Bin Liu) - arm64: KVM: Skip MMIO insn after emulation 
(Mark Rutland) - perf probe: Fix unchecked usage of strncpy() (Arnaldo 
Carvalho de Melo) - perf header: Fix unchecked usage of strncpy() 
(Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) - perf test: Fix perf_event_attr test failure 
(Adrian Hunter) - tty: serial: samsung: Properly set flags in autoCTS 
mode (Beomho Seo) - mmc: sdhci-xenon: Fix timeout checks (Adrian Hunter) 
- mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: Fix timeout checks (Adrian Hunter) - memstick: 
Prevent memstick host from getting runtime suspended during card 
detection (Kai-Heng Feng) - mmc: bcm2835: reset host on timeout (Michal 
Suchanek) - mmc: bcm2835: Recover from MMC_SEND_EXT_CSD (Phil Elwell) - 
KVM: PPC: Book3S: Only report KVM_CAP_SPAPR_TCE_VFIO on powernv machines 
(Suraj Jitindar Singh) - ASoC: fsl: Fix SND_SOC_EUKREA_TLV320 build 
error on i.MX8M (Fabio Estevam) - ARM: pxa: avoid section mismatch 
warning (Arnd Bergmann) - selftests/bpf: use __bpf_constant_htons in 
test_prog.c (Stanislav Fomichev) - switchtec: Fix 
SWITCHTEC_IOCTL_EVENT_IDX_ALL flags overwrite (Joey Zhang) - udf: Fix 
BUG on corrupted inode (Jan Kara) - phy: sun4i-usb: add support for 
missing USB PHY index (Icenowy Zheng) - i2c-axxia: check for error 
conditions first (Adamski, Krzysztof (Nokia - PL/Wroclaw)) - OPP: Use 
opp_table->regulators to verify no regulator case (Viresh Kumar) - 
cpuidle: big.LITTLE: fix refcount leak (Yangtao Li) - clk: imx6sl: 
ensure MMDC CH0 handshake is bypassed (Anson Huang) - sata_rcar: fix 
deferred probing (Sergei Shtylyov) - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Use explicit 
mb() when moving cons pointer (Will Deacon) - iommu/arm-smmu: Add 
support for qcom,smmu-v2 variant (Vivek Gautam) - usb: dwc3: gadget: 
Disable CSP for stream OUT ep (Tejas Joglekar) - watchdog: renesas_wdt: 
don't set divider while watchdog is running (Wolfram Sang) - ARM: dts: 
Fix up the D-Link DIR-685 MTD partition info (Linus Walleij) - media: 
coda: fix H.264 deblocking filter controls (Philipp Zabel) - mips: bpf: 
fix encoding bug for mm_srlv32_op (Jiong Wang) - ARM: dts: Fix OMAP4430 
SDP Ethernet startup (Russell King - ARM Linux) - iommu/amd: Fix 
amd_iommu=force_isolation (Yu Zhao) - pinctrl: sx150x: handle failure 
case of devm_kstrdup (Nicholas Mc Guire) - usb: dwc3: trace: add missing 
break statement to make compiler happy (Andy Shevchenko) - IB/hfi1: 
Unreserve a reserved request when it is completed (Kaike Wan) - kobject: 
return error code if writing /sys/.../uevent fails (Peter Rajnoha) - 
driver core: Move async_synchronize_full call (Alexander Duyck) - clk: 
sunxi-ng: a33: Set CLK_SET_RATE_PARENT for all audio module clocks 
(Chen-Yu Tsai) - usb: mtu3: fix the issue about SetFeature(U1/U2_Enable) 
(Chunfeng Yun) - timekeeping: Use proper seqcount initializer (Bart Van 
Assche) - usb: hub: delay hub autosuspend if USB3 port is still link 
training (Mathias Nyman) - usb: dwc3: Correct the logic for checking TRB 
full in __dwc3_prepare_one_trb() (Anurag Kumar Vulisha) - smack: fix 
access permissions for keyring (Zoran Markovic) - media: DaVinci-VPBE: 
fix error handling in vpbe_initialize() (Alexey Khoroshilov) - x86/fpu: 
Add might_fault() to user_insn() (Sebastian Andrzej Siewior) - ARM: dts: 
mmp2: fix TWSI2 (Lubomir Rintel) - arm64: ftrace: don't adjust the LR 
value (Mark Rutland) - s390/zcrypt: improve special ap message cmd 
handling (Harald Freudenberger) - firmware/efi: Add NULL pointer checks 
in efivars API functions (Arend van Spriel) - Thermal: do not clear 
passive state during system sleep (Wei Wang) - arm64: io: Ensure value 
passed to __iormb() is held in a 64-bit register (Will Deacon) - drm: 
Clear state->acquire_ctx before leaving 
drm_atomic_helper_commit_duplicated_state() (Sean Paul) - nfsd4: fix 
crash on writing v4_end_grace before nfsd startup (J. Bruce Fields) - 
soc: bcm: brcmstb: Don't leak device tree node reference (Yangtao Li) - 
sunvdc: Do not spin in an infinite loop when vio_ldc_send() returns 
EAGAIN (Young Xiao) - arm64: io: Ensure calls to delay routines are 
ordered against prior readX() (Will Deacon) - i2c: sh_mobile: add 
support for r8a77990 (R-Car E3) (Simon Horman) - f2fs: fix wrong return 
value of f2fs_acl_create (Tiezhu Yang) - f2fs: fix race between 
write_checkpoint and write_begin (Sheng Yong) - f2fs: move dir data 
flush to write checkpoint process (Yunlei He) - staging: pi433: fix 
potential null dereference (Michael Straube) - ACPI: SPCR: Consider baud 
rate 0 as preconfigured state (Andy Shevchenko) - media: 
adv*/tc358743/ths8200: fill in min width/height/pixelclock (Hans 
Verkuil) - iio: accel: kxcjk1013: Add KIOX010A ACPI Hardware-ID (Hans de 
Goede) - iio: adc: meson-saradc: fix internal clock names (Martin 
Blumenstingl) - iio: adc: meson-saradc: check for devm_kasprintf failure 
(Nicholas Mc Guire) - dmaengine: xilinx_dma: Remove __aligned attribute 
on zynqmp_dma_desc_ll (Nathan Chancellor) - ptp: Fix pass zero to 
ERR_PTR() in ptp_clock_register (YueHaibing) - media: mtk-vcodec: 
Release device nodes in mtk_vcodec_init_enc_pm() (Alexey Khoroshilov) - 
soc/tegra: Don't leak device tree node reference (Yangtao Li) - perf 
tools: Add Hygon Dhyana support (Pu Wen) - modpost: validate symbol 
names also in find_elf_symbol (Sami Tolvanen) - net/mlx5: EQ, Use the 
right place to store/read IRQ affinity hint (Saeed Mahameed) - ARM: 
OMAP2+: hwmod: Fix some section annotations (Nathan Chancellor) - 
drm/rockchip: fix for mailbox read size (Damian Kos) - usbnet: smsc95xx: 
fix rx packet alignment (Ben Dooks) - staging: iio: ad7780: update 
voltage on read (Renato Lui Geh) - platform/chrome: don't report 
EC_MKBP_EVENT_SENSOR_FIFO as wakeup (Brian Norris) - Tools: hv: kvp: Fix 
a warning of buffer overflow with gcc 8.0.1 (Dexuan Cui) - fpga: 
altera-cvp: Fix registration for CvP incapable devices (Andreas Puhm) - 
staging:iio:ad2s90: Make probe handle spi_setup failure (Matheus 
Tavares) - MIPS: Boston: Disable EG20T prefetch (Paul Burton) - ptp: 
check gettime64 return code in PTP_SYS_OFFSET ioctl (Miroslav Lichvar) - 
serial: fsl_lpuart: clear parity enable bit when disable parity (Andy 
Duan) - drm/vc4: ->x_scaling[1] should never be set to VC4_SCALING_NONE 
(Boris Brezillon) - crypto: aes_ti - disable interrupts while accessing 
S-box (Eric Biggers) - powerpc/pseries: add of_node_put() in 
dlpar_detach_node() (Frank Rowand) - x86/PCI: Fix Broadcom CNB20LE 
unintended sign extension (redux) (Colin Ian King) - dlm: Don't swamp 
the CPU with callbacks queued during recovery (Bob Peterson) - clk: 
boston: fix possible memory leak in clk_boston_setup() (Yi Wang) - ARM: 
8808/1: kexec:offline panic_smp_self_stop CPU (Yufen Wang) - scsi: lpfc: 
Fix LOGO/PLOGI handling when triggerd by ABTS Timeout event (James 
Smart) - scsi: mpt3sas: Call sas_remove_host before removing the target 
devices (Suganath Prabu) - scsi: lpfc: Correct LCB RJT handling (James 
Smart) - ath9k: dynack: use authentication messages for 'late' ack 
(Lorenzo Bianconi) - gpu: ipu-v3: image-convert: Prevent race between 
run and unprepare (Steve Longerbeam) - ASoC: Intel: mrfld: fix 
uninitialized variable access (Arnd Bergmann) - pinctrl: bcm2835: Use 
raw spinlock for RT compatibility (Lukas Wunner) - drm/vgem: Fix 
vgem_init to get drm device available. (Deepak Sharma) - staging: iio: 
adc: ad7280a: handle error from __ad7280_read32() (Slawomir Stepien) - 
drm/bufs: Fix Spectre v1 vulnerability (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - Linux 
4.14.98 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - fanotify: fix handling of events on child 
sub-directory (Amir Goldstein) - drivers: core: Remove glue dirs from 
sysfs earlier (Benjamin Herrenschmidt) - cifs: Always resolve hostname 
before reconnecting (Paulo Alcantara) - md/raid5: fix 'out of memory' 
during raid cache recovery (Alexei Naberezhnov) - mm: migrate: don't 
rely on __PageMovable() of newpage after unlocking it (David 
Hildenbrand) - mm: hwpoison: use do_send_sig_info() instead of 
force_sig() (Naoya Horiguchi) - mm, oom: fix use-after-free in 
oom_kill_process (Shakeel Butt) - oom, oom_reaper: do not enqueue same 
task twice (Tetsuo Handa) - kernel/exit.c: release ptraced tasks before 
zap_pid_ns_processes (Andrei Vagin) - mmc: sdhci-iproc: handle 
mmc_of_parse() errors during probe (Stefan Wahren) - platform/x86: 
asus-nb-wmi: Drop mapping of 0x33 and 0x34 scan codes (João Paulo Rechi 
Vita) - platform/x86: asus-nb-wmi: Map 0x35 to KEY_SCREENLOCK (João 
Paulo Rechi Vita) - IB/hfi1: Remove overly conservative VM_EXEC flag 
check (Michael J. Ruhl) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fixed hp_pin no value 
(Kailang Yang) - mmc: bcm2835: Fix DMA channel leak on probe error 
(Lukas Wunner) - gfs2: Revert "Fix loop in gfs2_rbm_find" (Andreas 
Gruenbacher) - gpio: pcf857x: Fix interrupts on multiple instances 
(Roger Quadros) - gpio: altera-a10sr: Set proper output level for 
direction_output (Axel Lin) - arm64: hibernate: Clean the __hyp_text to 
PoC after resume (James Morse) - arm64: hyp-stub: Forbid kprobing of the 
hyp-stub (James Morse) - arm64: kaslr: ensure randomized quantities are 
clean also when kaslr is off (Ard Biesheuvel) - ARM: cns3xxx: Fix 
writing to wrong PCI config registers after alignment (Koen Vandeputte) 
- NFS: Fix up return value on fatal errors in nfs_page_async_flush() 
(Trond Myklebust) - selftests/seccomp: Enhance per-arch ptrace syscall 
skip tests (Kees Cook) - iommu/vt-d: Fix memory leak in 
intel_iommu_put_resv_regions() (Gerald Schaefer) - fs/dcache: Fix 
incorrect nr_dentry_unused accounting in shrink_dcache_sb() (Waiman 
Long) - CIFS: Do not count -ENODATA as failure for query directory 
(Pavel Shilovsky) - ipvlan, l3mdev: fix broken l3s mode wrt local routes 
(Daniel Borkmann) - l2tp: fix reading optional fields of L2TPv3 (Jacob 
Wen) - l2tp: remove l2specific_len dependency in l2tp_core (Lorenzo 
Bianconi) - sctp: improve the events for sctp stream reset (Xin Long) - 
sctp: improve the events for sctp stream adding (Xin Long) - virtio_net: 
Fix not restoring real_num_rx_queues (Toshiaki Makita) - virtio_net: 
Don't call free_old_xmit_skbs for xdp_frames (Toshiaki Makita) - 
virtio_net: Don't enable NAPI when interface is down (Toshiaki Makita) - 
Revert "net/mlx5e: E-Switch, Initialize eswitch only if eswitch manager" 
(Bodong Wang) - net/mlx5e: Allow MAC invalidation while spoofchk is ON 
(Aya Levin) - ucc_geth: Reset BQL queue when stopping device (Mathias 
Thore) - net: set default network namespace in init_dummy_netdev() (Josh 
Elsasser) - net/rose: fix NULL ax25_cb kernel panic (Bernard Pidoux) - 
netrom: switch to sock timer API (Cong Wang) - net/mlx4_core: Add 
masking for a few queries on HCA caps (Aya Levin) - l2tp: copy 4 more 
bytes to linear part if necessary (Jacob Wen) - ipv6: sr: clear 
IP6CB(skb) on SRH ip4ip6 encapsulation (Yohei Kanemaru) - ipv6: Consider 
sk_bound_dev_if when binding a socket to an address (David Ahern) - Fix 
"net: ipv4: do not handle duplicate fragments as overlapping" (Greg 

- Fix "net: ipv4: do not handle duplicate fragments as overlapping" 
(Greg Kroah-Hartman) [Orabug: 29719598] - ocfs2: fix ocfs2 read inode 
data panic in ocfs2_iget (Shuning Zhang) [Orabug: 29811588] - 
x86/speculation/mds: Add 'mitigations=' support for MDS (Josh Poimboeuf) 
[Orabug: 29791025] - Parfait fixes for defects found by parfait-tools 
(Anjali Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29760268] - net: rds: force to destroy 
connection if t_sock is NULL in rds_tcp_kill_sock(). (Mao Wenan) 
[Orabug: 29760503] {CVE-2019-11815}
- scsi: megaraid_sas: return error when create DMA pool failed (Jason 
Yan) [Orabug: 29760668] {CVE-2019-11810}
- scsi: libsas: fix a race condition when smp task timeout (Jason Yan) 
[Orabug: 29760728] {CVE-2018-20836}
- Bluetooth: hidp: fix buffer overflow (Young Xiao) [Orabug: 29778095] 
- x86/speculation/mds: Check for the right microcode before setting 
mitigation (Kanth Ghatraju) [Orabug: 29791989] - x86/mds: Add empty 
commit for CVE-2019-11091 (Kanth Ghatraju) [Orabug: 29526892] 
- x86/speculation/mds: Make mds_mitigation mutable after init (Kanth 
Ghatraju) [Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} 
- x86/speculation/mds: Add debugfs for controlling MDS (Kanth Ghatraju) 
[Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation/mds: Add boot option to enable MDS protection only 
while in idle (Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} 
{CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation: Support 'mitigations=' cmdline option (Josh 
Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} 
- cpu/speculation: Add 'mitigations=' cmdline option (Josh Poimboeuf) 
[Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation/mds: Print SMT vulnerable on MSBDS with mitigations 
off (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk) [Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} 
{CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation/mds: Fix comment (Boris Ostrovsky) [Orabug: 29526892] 
{CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation/mds: Add SMT warning message (Josh Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 
29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation: Move arch_smt_update() call to after mitigation 
decisions (Josh Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} 
{CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation/mds: Add mds=full,nosmt cmdline option (Josh 
Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} 
- Documentation: Add MDS vulnerability documentation (Thomas Gleixner) 
[Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- Documentation: Move L1TF to separate directory (Thomas Gleixner) 
[Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation/mds: Add mitigation mode VMWERV (Thomas Gleixner) 
[Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation/mds: Add sysfs reporting for MDS (Thomas Gleixner) 
[Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation/mds: Add mitigation control for MDS (Thomas Gleixner) 
[Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation/mds: Conditionally clear CPU buffers on idle entry 
(Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} 
- x86/kvm/vmx: Add MDS protection when L1D Flush is not active (Thomas 
Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} 
- x86/speculation/mds: Clear CPU buffers on exit to user (Thomas 
Gleixner) [Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} 
- x86/speculation/mds: Add mds_clear_cpu_buffers() (Thomas Gleixner) 
[Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/kvm: Expose X86_FEATURE_MD_CLEAR to guests (Andi Kleen) [Orabug: 
29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation/mds: Add BUG_MSBDS_ONLY (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 
29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation/mds: Add basic bug infrastructure for MDS (Andi Kleen) 
[Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127} 
{CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation: Consolidate CPU whitelists (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 
29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/msr-index: Cleanup bit defines (Thomas Gleixner) [Orabug: 
29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
file (Will Deacon) [Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} 
- x86/cpu: Sanitize FAM6_ATOM naming (Peter Zijlstra) [Orabug: 29526892] 
{CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- Documentation/l1tf: Fix small spelling typo (Salvatore Bonaccorso) 
[Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- x86/speculation: Simplify the CPU bug detection logic (Dominik 
Brodowski) [Orabug: 29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} 
- tools include: Adopt linux/bits.h (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 
29526892] {CVE-2018-12126} {CVE-2018-12130} {CVE-2018-12127}
- hugetlbfs: don't retry when pool page allocations start to fail (Mike 
Kravetz) [Orabug: 29778806] - vxlan: test dev->flags & IFF_UP before 
accessing vxlan->dev->dev_addr (Venkat Venkatsubra) [Orabug: 29772237] - 
vxlan: test dev->flags & IFF_UP before calling gro_cells_receive() 
(Venkat Venkatsubra) [Orabug: 29772237] - bpf: update skb->protocol in 
bpf_skb_net_grow (Willem de Bruijn) [Orabug: 29754923] - bpf: reserve 
flags in bpf_skb_net_shrink (Willem de Bruijn) [Orabug: 29754923] - bpf: 
fix whitespace for ENCAP_L2 defines in bpf.h (Alan Maguire) [Orabug: 
29754923] - bpf: sync bpf.h to tools/ for BPF_F_ADJ_ROOM_ENCAP_L2 (Alan 
Maguire) [Orabug: 29754923] - bpf: add layer 2 encap support to 
bpf_skb_adjust_room (Alan Maguire) [Orabug: 29754923] - bpf: silence 
uninitialized var warning in bpf_skb_net_grow (Willem de Bruijn) 
[Orabug: 29754923] - bpf: Sync bpf.h to tools (Willem de Bruijn) 
[Orabug: 29754923] - bpf: add bpf_skb_adjust_room encap flags (Willem de 
Bruijn) [Orabug: 29754923] - bpf: add bpf_skb_adjust_room flag 
BPF_F_ADJ_ROOM_FIXED_GSO (Willem de Bruijn) [Orabug: 29754923] - bpf: 
add bpf_skb_adjust_room mode BPF_ADJ_ROOM_MAC (Willem de Bruijn) 
[Orabug: 29754923] - bpf: in bpf_skb_adjust_room avoid copy in tx fast 
path (Willem de Bruijn) [Orabug: 29754923] - bpf: only test gso type on 
gso packets (Willem de Bruijn) [Orabug: 29754923] - bpf: only adjust 
gso_size on bytestream protocols (Willem de Bruijn) [Orabug: 29754923] - 
bpf: fix bpf_skb_adjust_net/bpf_skb_proto_xlat to deal with gso sctp 
skbs (Daniel Axtens) [Orabug: 29754923] - docs: 
segmentation-offloads.txt: add SCTP info (Daniel Axtens) [Orabug: 
29754923] - bnxt_en: Reset device on RX buffer errors. (Michael Chan) 
[Orabug: 29651225]

- IB/uverbs: Add xrc_odp_caps length to total response length (Qing 
Huang) [Orabug: 29475278] - net/mlx5: ODP support for XRC transport is 
not enabled by default in FW (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 29475278] - IB/mlx5: 
Set correct write permissions for implicit ODP MR (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 
29475278] - IB/core: Abort page fault handler silently during owning 
process exit (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 29475278] - IB/mlx5: Validate correct 
PD before prefetch MR (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 29475278] - IB/mlx5: Protect 
against prefetch of invalid MR (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 29475278] - 
RDMA/umem: Add missing initialization of owning_mm (Artemy Kovalyov) 
[Orabug: 29475278] - IB/mlx5: Fix how advise_mr() launches async work 
(Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 29475278] - RDMA/device: Expose 
ib_device_try_get(() (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 29475278] - RDMA/mlx5: 
Introduce and reuse helper to identify ODP MR (Leon Romanovsky) [Orabug: 
29475278] - IB/mlx5: Fix wrong error unwind (Jason Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 
29475278] - IB/mlx5: Fix implicit ODP interrupted page fault (Artemy 
Kovalyov) [Orabug: 29475278] - RDMA/core: Sync unregistration with 
netlink commands (Parav Pandit) [Orabug: 29475278] - net/mlx5: Use multi 
threaded workqueue for page fault handling (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 
29475278] - net/mlx5: Return success for PAGE_FAULT_RESUME in internal 
error state (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 29475278] - Delay IP migration for 
failback by 10s for NETDEV_CHANGE event (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 
29761370] - scsi: flip the default on use_clustering (Christoph Hellwig) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Update driver version to (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use 
complete switch scan for RSCN events (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Restore FAWWPN of Physical Port only for loop down (Sawan 
Chandak) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Prevent memory leak for CT 
req/rsp allocation (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
SRB allocation flag to avoid sleeping in IRQ context (Giridhar Malavali) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: allow session delete to finish 
before create. (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: fix 
fcport null pointer access. (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: flush IO on chip reset or sess delete (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix session cleanup hang (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Change default ZIO threshold. (Quinn 
Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add pci function reset 
support. (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix N2N target 
discovery with Local loop (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Add new FC-NVMe enable BIT to enable FC-NVMe feature (Giridhar 
Malavali) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: no need to check return 
value of debugfs_create functions (Greg Kroah-Hartman) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add protection mask module parameters (Martin 
K. Petersen) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: deadlock by 
configfs_depend_item (Anatoliy Glagolev) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Update driver version to (Himanshu Madhani) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix for FC-NVMe discovery for NPIV 
port (Giridhar Malavali) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Enable 
FC-NVME on NPIV ports (Anil Gurumurthy) [Orabug: 29411891] - Revert 
"scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NVMe Target discovery" (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Timeouts occur on surprise removal of QLogic 
adapter (Bill Kuzeja) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix a typo in 
MODULE_PARM_DESC (Masanari Iida) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Remove two arguments from qlafx00_error_entry() (Bart Van Assche) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Make sure that 
qlafx00_ioctl_iosb_entry() initializes 'res' (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove a set-but-not-used variable (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Make 
qla2x00_sysfs_write_nvram() easier to analyze (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Declare local functions 'static' (Bart Van 
Assche) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Improve several kernel-doc 
headers (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Modify 
fall-through annotations (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: fully convert to the generic DMA API (Christoph Hellwig) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Simplify conditional check (Nathan 
Chancellor) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove unnecessary self 
assignment (Nathan Chancellor) [Orabug: 29411891] - PCI/AER: Remove 
pci_cleanup_aer_uncorrect_error_status() calls (Oza Pawandeep) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Return switch command on a timeout (Himanshu 
Madhani) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Move log messages before 
issuing command to firmware (Giridhar Malavali) [Orabug: 29411891] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix for double free of SRB structure (Giridhar Malavali) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix recursive mailbox timeout (Quinn 
Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix driver hang when FC-NVMe 
LUNs are configured (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix duplicate switch database entries (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NVMe Target discovery (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix NVMe session hang on unload 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: don't allow negative 
thresholds (Dan Carpenter) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
comment in MODULE_PARM_DESC in qla2xxx (Masanari Iida) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove set but not used variable 'ptr_dma' 
(YueHaibing) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: fix typo "CT-PASSTRHU" 
-> "CT-PASSTHRU" (Colin Ian King) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Update driver version to (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix double increment of switch scan retry 
count (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix duplicate 
switch's Nport ID entries (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix premature command free (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Reject bsg request if chip is down. (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stuck session in PLOGI state (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix early srb free on abort (Quinn 
Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix race condition for 
resource cleanup (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
dropped srb resource. (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Fix port speed display on chip reset (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Check for Register disconnect (Sawan Chandak) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Increase abort timeout value (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Allow FC-NVMe underrun to be handled 
by transport (Darren Trapp) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Update 
driver version to (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 29411891] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Move ABTS code behind qpair (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove stale ADISC_DONE event (Himanshu 
Madhani) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix Remote port 
registration (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove 
ASYNC GIDPN switch command (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Reduce holding sess_lock to prevent CPU lock-up (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Move {get|rel}_sp to base_qpair 
struct (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add support for 
ZIO6 interrupt threshold (John Donnelly) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix out of order Termination and ABTS response (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add logic to detect ABTS hang and 
response completion (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add 
appropriate debug info for invalid RX_ID (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] 
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix deadlock between ATIO and HW lock (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Serialize mailbox request (Quinn 
Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Update driver to version (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Terminate 
Plogi/PRLI if WWN is 0 (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Defer chip reset until target mode is enabled (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix iIDMA error (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove all rports if fabric scan retry fails 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Force fw cleanup on 
ADISC error (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Turn off 
IOCB timeout timer on IOCB completion (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Decrement login retry count for only plogi (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Move rport registration out of 
internal work_list (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Remove redundant check for fcport deletion (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Update rscn_rcvd field to more meaningful 
scan_needed (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Use correct 
qpair for ABTS/CMD (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
process response queue for ISP26XX and above (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix issue reported by static checker for 
qla2x00_els_dcmd2_sp_done() (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - qla2xxx: 
Update driver version to (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Migrate NVME N2N handling into state machine 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Save frame payload size 
from ICB (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stalled 
relogin (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix race 
between switch cmd completion and timeout (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix Management Server NPort handle 
reservation logic (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Flush 
mailbox commands on chip reset (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix unintended Logout (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix session state stuck in Get Port DB (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix redundant fc_rport registration (Quinn 
Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Silent erroneous message 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Prevent sysfs access 
when chip is down (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Add 
longer window for chip reset (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix login retry count (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Fix N2N link re-connect (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - 
qla2xxx: Cleanup for N2N code (Himanshu Madhani) [Orabug: 29411891] - 
qla2xxx: Fix driver unload by shutting down chip (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix inconsistent DMA mem alloc/free (Quinn 
Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: remove irq save in 
qla2x00_poll() (Sebastian Andrzej Siewior) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Spinlock recursion in qla_target (Mikhail Malygin) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix crash on qla2x00_mailbox_command (Rodrigo 
R. Galvao) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: remove the unused 
tcm_qla2xxx_cmd_wq (Andrei Vagin) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: 
Fix TMF and Multi-Queue config (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Prevent relogin loop by removing stale code 
(himanshu.madhani at cavium.com) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Remove 
stale debug value for login_retry flag (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - 
scsi: qla2xxx: Use predefined get_datalen_for_atio() inline function 
(Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix Inquiry command 
being dropped in Target mode (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: 
qla2xxx: Move GPSC and GFPNID out of session management (Quinn Tran) 
[Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Reduce redundant ADISC command for 
RSCNs (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Delete session 
for nport id change (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix 
Rport and session state getting out of sync (Quinn Tran) [Orabug: 
29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix sending ADISC command for login (Quinn 
Tran) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: fx00 copypaste typo (Meelis 
Roos) [Orabug: 29411891] - scsi: qla2xxx: fix error message on <qla2400 
(Meelis Roos) [Orabug: 29411891] - libnvdimm/pmem: fix a possible OOB 
access when read and write pmem (Li RongQing) [Orabug: 29745462] - 
libnvdimm/namespace: Fix a potential NULL pointer dereference (Kangjie 
Lu) [Orabug: 29745462] - tools/testing/nvdimm: Retain security state 
after overwrite (Dave Jiang) [Orabug: 29745462] - libnvdimm/security, 
acpi/nfit: unify zero-key for all security commands (Dave Jiang) 
[Orabug: 29745462] - libnvdimm/security: provide fix for secure-erase to 
use zero-key (Dave Jiang) [Orabug: 29745462] - acpi/nfit: Always dump 
_DSM output payload (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 29745462] - nfit: 
acpi_nfit_ctl(): Check out_obj->type in the right place (Dexuan Cui) 
[Orabug: 29745462] - RoCE:KVM guest: failover doesn't work if an 
interface isn't configured (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29476868] - 
Add more debug messages in Resilient RDMAIP (Sudhakar Dindukurti) 
[Orabug: 29683262] - rds: Introduce a pool of worker threads for 
connection management (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29629971] - rds: Use 
rds_conn_path cp_wq when applicable (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29629971] - 
rds: ib: Implement proper cm_id compare (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29629971] 
- Revert "net/rds: prevent RDS connections using stale ARP entries" 
(Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29629971] - rds: ib: Flush ARP cache when needed 
(Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29629971] - rds: Add simple heuristics to 
determine connect delay (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29629971] - rds: Fix 
one-sided connect (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 29629971] - rds: Consolidate 
and align ftrace related to connection management (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 
29629971] - rdmaip: Fix gratuitous ARP storm (Håkon Bugge) [Orabug: 
29629971] - IB/mlx4: Increase the timeout for CM cache (Håkon Bugge) 
[Orabug: 29629971] - bpf: add perf event notificaton support for 
sock_ops (Alan Maguire) [Orabug: 28923252] - x86/platform/uv/BAU: 
Replace hard-coded values with MMR definitions (Andrew Banman) [Orabug: 
29701123] - x86/platform/UV: Fix UV4A BAU MMRs (Mike Travis) [Orabug: 
29701123] - x86/platform/UV: Add kernel parameter to set memory block 
size (mike.travis at hpe.com) [Orabug: 29721361] - x86/platform/UV: Use new 
set memory block size function (mike.travis at hpe.com) [Orabug: 29721361] 
- x86/platform/UV: Add adjustable set memory block size function 
(mike.travis at hpe.com) [Orabug: 29721361] - x86/platform/UV: Fix critical 
UV MMR address error (mike.travis at hpe.com) [Orabug: 29721378] - nvme-fc: 
fix numa_node when dev is null (James Smart) [Orabug: 29742678] - nvme: 
add a numa_node field to struct nvme_ctrl (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 
29742678] - nvme-multipath: round-robin I/O policy (Hannes Reinecke) 
[Orabug: 29742678] - nvme-multipath: relax ANA state check (Martin 
George) [Orabug: 29742678] - nvme-multipath: drop optimization for 
static ANA group IDs (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 29742678] - 
nvme-multipath: zero out ANA log buffer (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 
29742678] - rds: Incorrect locking in rds_tcp_conn_path_shutdown() 
(Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 29493617] - rds: Add per namespace RDS/TCP 
accept work queue (Ka-Cheong Poon) [Orabug: 29493617] - HID: debug: fix 
the ring buffer implementation (Vladis Dronov) [Orabug: 29552057] 
{CVE-2019-3819} {CVE-2019-3819}
- vfio/type1: Limit DMA mappings per container (Alex Williamson) 
[Orabug: 29623024] {CVE-2019-3882} {CVE-2019-3882}
- KVM: x86: Emulate MSR_IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES on AMD hosts (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29679040] - bnxt_en: Use NETIF_F_GRO_HW. 
(Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29319556] - net: Disable GRO_HW when generic XDP 
is installed on a device. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29319556] - net: 
Introduce NETIF_F_GRO_HW. (Michael Chan) [Orabug: 29319556]

- x86/perf/amd: Remove need to check "running" bit in NMI handler 
(Lendacky, Thomas) [Orabug: 29700849] - x86/perf/amd: Resolve NMI 
latency issues for active PMCs (Lendacky, Thomas) [Orabug: 29700849] - 
x86/perf/amd: Resolve race condition when disabling PMC (Lendacky, 
Thomas) [Orabug: 29700849] - x86/speculation: RSB stuffing with 
retpoline on Skylake+ cpus (William Roche) [Orabug: 29173479] - 
x86/speculation: reformatting RSB overwrite macro (William Roche) 
[Orabug: 29173479] - x86/speculation: Dynamic enable and disable of RSB 
stuffing with IBRS&!SMEP (William Roche) [Orabug: 29173479] - 
x86/speculation: STUFF_RSB dynamic enable (William Roche) [Orabug: 
29173479] - int3 handler better address space detection on interrupts 
(William Roche) [Orabug: 29173479] - x86/speculation: Rename 
STUFF_RSB_NON_SMEP code to STUFF_RSB (William Roche) [Orabug: 29173479] 
- KVM: VMX: Nop emulation of MSR_IA32_POWER_CTL (Liran Alon) [Orabug: 
29642730] - xfs: update ctime and remove suid before cloning files 
(Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 29642883] - xfs: zero posteof blocks when 
cloning above eof (Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 29642883] - xfs: refactor 
clonerange preparation into a separate helper (Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 
29642883] - xfs: add lazytime mount option (Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 
29662222] - ecryptfs: remove unnecessary i_version bump (Jeff Layton) 
[Orabug: 29662222] - repairing kmodstd to support cross compilation 
(Mark Nicholson) [Orabug: 29676746] - xfs: don't overflow xattr listent 
buffer (Darrick J. Wong) [Orabug: 29343180] - Linux 4.14.97 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - btrfs: dev-replace: go back to suspended state if 
target device is missing (Anand Jain) - btrfs: fix error handling in 
btrfs_dev_replace_start (Jeff Mahoney) - f2fs: read page index before 
freeing (Pan Bian) - xen: Fix x86 sched_clock() interface for xen 
(Juergen Gross) - x86/xen/time: Output xen sched_clock time from 0 
(Pavel Tatashin) - x86/xen/time: setup vcpu 0 time info page (Joao 
Martins) - x86/xen/time: set pvclock flags on xen_time_init() (Joao 
Martins) - x86/pvclock: add setter for pvclock_pvti_cpu0_va (Joao 
Martins) - ptp_kvm: probe for kvm guest availability (Joao Martins) - 
xhci: Fix leaking USB3 shared_hcd at xhci removal (Mathias Nyman) - usb: 
dwc3: gadget: Clear req->needs_extra_trb flag on cleanup (Jack Pham) - 
nvmet-rdma: fix null dereference under heavy load (Raju Rangoju) - 
nvmet-rdma: Add unlikely for response allocated check (Israel Rukshin) - 
s390/smp: Fix calling smp_call_ipl_cpu() from ipl CPU (David 
Hildenbrand) - KVM: x86: Fix a 4.14 backport regression related to 
userspace/guest FPU (Sean Christopherson) - net: stmmac: Use correct 
values in TQS/RQS fields (Jose Abreu) - Revert "seccomp: add a selftest 
for get_metadata" (Sasha Levin) - perf unwind: Take pgoff into account 
when reporting elf to libdwfl (Milian Wolff) - perf unwind: Unwind with 
libdw doesn't take symfs into account (Martin Vuille) - vt: invoke 
notifier on screen size change (Nicolas Pitre) - can: bcm: check timer 
values before ktime conversion (Oliver Hartkopp) - can: dev: 
__can_get_echo_skb(): fix bogous check for non-existing skb by removing 
it (Manfred Schlaegl) - irqchip/gic-v3-its: Align PCI Multi-MSI 
allocation on their size (Marc Zyngier) - posix-cpu-timers: Unbreak 
timer rearming (Thomas Gleixner) - x86/kaslr: Fix incorrect i8254 outb() 
parameters (Daniel Drake) - x86/selftests/pkeys: Fork() to check for 
state being preserved (Dave Hansen) - x86/pkeys: Properly copy pkey 
state at fork() (Dave Hansen) - KVM: x86: Fix single-step debugging 
(Alexander Popov) - dm crypt: fix parsing of extended IV arguments 
(Milan Broz) - dm thin: fix passdown_double_checking_shared_status() 
(Joe Thornber) - acpi/nfit: Fix command-supported detection (Dan 
Williams) - acpi/nfit: Block function zero DSMs (Dan Williams) - Input: 
uinput - fix undefined behavior in uinput_validate_absinfo() (Dmitry 
Torokhov) - compiler.h: enable builtin overflow checkers and add 
fallback code (Rasmus Villemoes) - Input: xpad - add support for 
SteelSeries Stratus Duo (Tom Panfil) - CIFS: Do not reconnect TCP 
session in add_credits() (Pavel Shilovsky) - CIFS: Fix credit 
calculation for encrypted reads with errors (Pavel Shilovsky) - CIFS: 
Fix credits calculations for reads with errors (Pavel Shilovsky) - CIFS: 
Fix possible hang during async MTU reads and writes (Pavel Shilovsky) - 
Drivers: hv: vmbus: Check for ring when getting debug info (Dexuan Cui) 
- hv_balloon: avoid touching uninitialized struct page during tail 
onlining (Vitaly Kuznetsov) - tty/n_hdlc: fix __might_sleep warning 
(Paul Fulghum) - uart: Fix crash in uart_write and uart_put_char (Samir 
Virmani) - tty: Handle problem if line discipline does not have 
receive_buf (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - staging: rtl8188eu: Add device code 
for D-Link DWA-121 rev B1 (Michael Straube) - char/mwave: fix potential 
Spectre v1 vulnerability (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - s390/smp: fix CPU 
hotplug deadlock with CPU rescan (Gerald Schaefer) - s390/early: improve 
machine detection (Christian Borntraeger) - ARC: perf: map generic 
branches to correct hardware condition (Eugeniy Paltsev) - ARC: adjust 
memblock_reserve of kernel memory (Eugeniy Paltsev) - ARCv2: lib: 
memeset: fix doing prefetchw outside of buffer (Eugeniy Paltsev) - ALSA: 
hda - Add mute LED support for HP ProBook 470 G5 (Anthony Wong) - ASoC: 
rt5514-spi: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference (Gustavo A. R. Silva) 
- ASoC: atom: fix a missing check of snd_pcm_lib_malloc_pages (Kangjie 
Lu) - USB: serial: pl2303: add new PID to support PL2303TB (Charles Yeh) 
- USB: serial: simple: add Motorola Tetra TPG2200 device id (Max 
Schulze) - mei: me: add denverton innovation engine device IDs (Tomas 
Winkler) - mmc: Kconfig: Enable CONFIG_MMC_SDHCI_IO_ACCESSORS (Vijay 
Viswanath) - ipfrag: really prevent allocation on netns exit (Paolo 
Abeni) - tcp: allow MSG_ZEROCOPY transmission also in CLOSE_WAIT state 
(Willem de Bruijn) - net: ipv4: Fix memory leak in network namespace 
dismantle (Ido Schimmel) - vhost: log dirty page correctly (Jason Wang) 
- openvswitch: Avoid OOB read when parsing flow nlattrs (Ross Lagerwall) 
- net_sched: refetch skb protocol for each filter (Cong Wang) - net: 
phy: mdio_bus: add missing device_del() in mdiobus_register() error 
handling (Thomas Petazzoni) - net: Fix usage of pskb_trim_rcsum (Ross 
Lagerwall) - net: bridge: Fix ethernet header pointer before check skb 
forwardable (Yunjian Wang) - amd-xgbe: Fix mdio access for non-zero 
ports and clause 45 PHYs (Lendacky, Thomas)

- swiotlb: save io_tlb_used to local variable before leaving critical 
section (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 29637503] - swiotlb: dump used and total 
slots when swiotlb buffer is full (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 29637503] - 
KVM: x86: nVMX: fix x2APIC VTPR read intercept (Marc Orr) [Orabug: 
29617950] {CVE-2019-3887}
- KVM: x86: nVMX: close leak of L0's x2APIC MSRs (CVE-2019-3887) (Marc 
Orr) [Orabug: 29617950] {CVE-2019-3887}
- net/mlx5: E-Switch, fix syndrome (0x678139) when turn on vepa (Huy 
Nguyen) [Orabug: 29455429] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Fix access to invalid 
memory when toggling esw modes (Roi Dayan) [Orabug: 29455429] - 
net/mlx5: Avoid panic when setting vport mac, getting vport config 
(Tonghao Zhang) [Orabug: 29455429] - net/mlx5: Support ndo 
bridge_setlink and getlink (Huy Nguyen) [Orabug: 29455429] - net/mlx5: 
E-Switch, Add support for VEPA in legacy mode. (Huy Nguyen) [Orabug: 
29455429] - net/mlx5: Split FDB fast path prio to multiple namespaces 
(Paul Blakey) [Orabug: 29455429] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Remove unused 
argument when creating legacy FDB (Eli Cohen) [Orabug: 29455429] - 
net/mlx5: E-switch, Create a second level FDB flow table (Chris Mi) 
[Orabug: 29455429] - net/mlx5: Add cap bits for flow table destination 
in FDB table (Chris Mi) [Orabug: 29455429] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, 
Reorganize and rename fdb flow tables (Chris Mi) [Orabug: 29455429] - 
net/mlx5: Add destination e-switch owner (Shahar Klein) [Orabug: 
29455429] - net/mlx5: Properly handle a vport destination when setting 
FTE (Shahar Klein) [Orabug: 29455429] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Reload IB 
interface when switching devlink modes (Mark Bloch) [Orabug: 29455429] - 
net/mlx5: E-Switch, Optimize HW steering tables in switchdev mode (Mark 
Bloch) [Orabug: 29455429] - net/mlx5: E-Switch, Increase number of FTEs 
in FDB in switchdev mode (Mark Bloch) [Orabug: 29455429] - net/mlx5: 
Separate ingress/egress namespaces for each vport (Gal Pressman) 
[Orabug: 29455429] - net/mlx5: Fix ingress/egress naming mistake (Gal 
Pressman) [Orabug: 29455429] - net/mlx5: Initialize destination_flow 
struct to 0 (Rabie Loulou) [Orabug: 29455429] - Disable module unload by 
default (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29620296] - backout commit 
f93d6b6 from bnxt_compat.[ch] (George Kennedy) [Orabug: 29631401] - 
x86/bugs, kvm: don't miss SSBD when IBRS is in use. (Mihai Carabas) 
[Orabug: 29642105] - uek-rpm: Fix mce-inject.ko path in nano kernel 
modules list (Somasundaram Krishnasamy) [Orabug: 29667299] - kvm: 
properly check debugfs dentry before using it (Greg Kroah-Hartman) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: MMU: record maximum physical address width in 
kvm_mmu_extended_role (Yu Zhang) [Orabug: 29384527] - x86/kvm/mmu: fix 
switch between root and guest MMUs (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] 
- kvm: vmx: Fix entry number check for add_atomic_switch_msr() (Xiaoyao 
Li) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nVMX: Restore a preemption timer 
consistency check (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
x86/kvm/nVMX: read from MSR_IA32_VMX_PROCBASED_CTLS2 only when it is 
available (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - cpu/hotplug: Fix "SMT 
disabled by BIOS" detection for KVM (Josh Poimboeuf) [Orabug: 29384527] 
- KVM: x86: Mark expected switch fall-throughs (Gustavo A. R. Silva) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: fix TRACE_INCLUDE_PATH and remove -I. 
header search paths (Masahiro Yamada) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: 
selftests: check returned evmcs version range (Vitaly Kuznetsov) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - x86/kvm/hyper-v: nested_enable_evmcs() sets 
vmcs_version incorrectly (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: 
VMX: Move vmx_vcpu_run()'s VM-Enter asm blob to a helper function (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: selftests: Fix region overlap 
check in kvm_util (Ben Gardon) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: vmx: fix some 
-Wmissing-prototypes warnings (Yi Wang) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nSVM: 
clear events pending from svm_complete_interrupts() when exiting to L1 
(Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: Fix PV IPIs for 32-bit 
KVM host (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - x86/kvm/hyper-v: 
recommend using eVMCS only when it is enabled (Vitaly Kuznetsov) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - x86/kvm/hyper-v: don't recommend doing reset via 
synthetic MSR (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: x86/vmx: Use 
kzalloc for cached_vmcs12 (Tom Roeder) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: 
Use the correct field var when clearing 
VM_ENTRY_LOAD_IA32_PERF_GLOBAL_CTRL (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29384527] - KVM: x86: Fix single-step debugging (Alexander Popov) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - x86/kvm/hyper-v: don't announce GUEST IDLE MSR 
support (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - x86/kvm/nVMX: don't skip 
emulated instruction twice when vmptr address is not backed (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: sev: Fail KVM_SEV_INIT if already 
initialized (David Rientjes) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: validate 
userspace input in kvm_clear_dirty_log_protect() (Tomas Bortoli) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: Fix bit shifting in update_intel_pt_cfg 
(Gustavo A. R. Silva) [Orabug: 29384527] - tools headers uapi: Sync 
linux/kvm.h with the kernel sources (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 
29384527] - kvm: selftests: ucall: fix exit mmio address guessing 
(Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Move VM-Enter + VM-Exit 
handling to non-inline sub-routines (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29384527] - KVM: VMX: Explicitly reference RCX as the vmx_vcpu pointer 
in asm blobs (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM/x86: Use SVM 
assembly instruction mnemonics instead of .byte streams (Uros Bizjak) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - KVM/MMU: Flush tlb directly in the 
kvm_zap_gfn_range() (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM/MMU: Flush tlb 
directly in kvm_set_pte_rmapp() (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
KVM/MMU: Move tlb flush in kvm_set_pte_rmapp() to 
kvm_mmu_notifier_change_pte() (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: 
Make kvm_set_spte_hva() return int (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
KVM: Replace old tlb flush function with new one to flush a specified 
range. (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM/MMU: Add tlb flush with 
range helper function (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM/VMX: Add hv 
tlb range flush support (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 29384527] - x86/hyper-v: 
Add HvFlushGuestAddressList hypercall support (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 
29384527] - KVM: Add tlb_remote_flush_with_range callback in kvm_x86_ops 
(Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: Disable Intel PT when VMXON 
in L1 guest (Luwei Kang) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: Set intercept 
for Intel PT MSRs read/write (Chao Peng) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: 
Implement Intel PT MSRs read/write emulation (Chao Peng) [Orabug: 
29384527] - KVM: x86: Introduce a function to initialize the PT 
configuration (Luwei Kang) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: Add Intel PT 
context switch for each vcpu (Chao Peng) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: 
Add Intel Processor Trace cpuid emulation (Chao Peng) [Orabug: 29384527] 
- KVM: x86: Add Intel PT virtualization work mode (Chao Peng) [Orabug: 
29384527] - perf/x86/intel/pt: add new capability for Intel PT (Luwei 
Kang) [Orabug: 29384527] - perf/x86/intel/pt: Add new bit definitions 
for PT MSRs (Luwei Kang) [Orabug: 29384527] - perf/x86/intel/pt: 
Introduce intel_pt_validate_cap() (Luwei Kang) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
perf/x86/intel/pt: Export pt_cap_get() (Chao Peng) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
perf/x86/intel/pt: Move Intel PT MSRs bit defines to global header (Chao 
Peng) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: selftests: aarch64: dirty_log_test: 
support greater than 40-bit IPAs (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
kvm: selftests: add pa-48/va-48 VM modes (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 
29384527] - kvm: selftests: dirty_log_test: improve mode param 
management (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: selftests: 
dirty_log_test: reset guest test phys offset (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 
29384527] - kvm: selftests: dirty_log_test: always use -t (Andrew Jones) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: selftests: dirty_log_test: don't identity map 
the test mem (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: selftests: x86_64: 
dirty_log_test: fix -t (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: fix some 
typos (Wei Yang) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: Remove KF() macro 
placeholder (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: vmx: Allow 
guest read access to IA32_TSC (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: 
nVMX: NMI-window and interrupt-window exiting should wake L2 from HLT 
(Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: Change offset in 
kvm_write_guest_offset_cached to unsigned (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 
29384527] - kvm: Disallow wraparound in kvm_gfn_to_hva_cache_init (Jim 
Mattson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Remove duplicated include from 
vmx.c (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 29384527] - selftests: kvm: report failed 
stage when exit reason is unexpected (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 
29384527] - KVM: x86: svm: report MSR_IA32_MCG_EXT_CTL as unsupported 
(Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: fix size of 
x86_fpu_cache objects (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: 
selftests: ucall: improve ucall placement in memory, fix unsigned 
comparison (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: x86: Dynamically 
allocate guest_fpu (Marc Orr) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: x86: Use task 
structs fpu field for user (Marc Orr) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nVMX: 
Move the checks for Guest Non-Register States to a separate helper 
function (Krish Sadhukhan) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nVMX: Move the 
checks for Host Control Registers and MSRs to a separate helper function 
(Krish Sadhukhan) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nVMX: Move the checks for 
VM-Entry Control Fields to a separate helper function (Krish Sadhukhan) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nVMX: Move the checks for VM-Exit Control 
Fields to a separate helper function (Krish Sadhukhan) [Orabug: 
29384527] - KVM: nVMX: Remove param indirection from 
nested_vmx_check_msr_switch() (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
KVM: nVMX: Move the checks for VM-Execution Control Fields to a separate 
helper function (Krish Sadhukhan) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nVMX: 
Prepend "nested_vmx_" to check_vmentry_{pre,post}reqs() (Krish 
Sadhukhan) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM/VMX: Check ept_pointer before 
flushing ept tlb (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM nVMX: MSRs should 
not be stored if VM-entry fails during or after loading guest state 
(Krish Sadhukhan) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: x86: Don't modify 
MSR_PLATFORM_INFO on vCPU reset (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: 
vmx: add cpu into VMX preemption timer bug list (Wei Huang) [Orabug: 
29384527] - x86/hyper-v: Stop caring about EOI for direct stimers 
(Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - x86/kvm/hyper-v: avoid 
open-coding stimer_mark_pending() in kvm_hv_notify_acked_sint() (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - x86/kvm/hyper-v: direct mode for 
synthetic timers (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
x86/kvm/hyper-v: use stimer config definition from hyperv-tlfs.h (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - x86/hyper-v: move synic/stimer control 
structures definitions to hyperv-tlfs.h (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 
29384527] - x86/hyper-v: Drop HV_X64_CONFIGURE_PROFILER definition 
(Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: selftests: Add hyperv_cpuid 
test (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: selftests: implement 
an unchecked version of vcpu_ioctl() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 
29384527] - x86/kvm/hyper-v: Introduce KVM_GET_SUPPORTED_HV_CPUID 
(Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - x86/kvm/hyper-v: Introduce 
nested_get_evmcs_version() helper (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] 
- x86/hyper-v: Do some housekeeping in hyperv-tlfs.h (Vitaly Kuznetsov) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - x86/hyper-v: Mark TLFS structures packed (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29384527] - x86: kvm: hyperv: don't retry message 
delivery for periodic timers (Roman Kagan) [Orabug: 29384527] - x86: 
kvm: hyperv: simplify SynIC message delivery (Roman Kagan) [Orabug: 
29384527] - kvm: x86: remove unnecessary recalculate_apic_map (Peng Hao) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: svm: remove unused struct definition (Peng 
Hao) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: vmx: Skip all SYSCALL MSRs in 
setup_msrs() when !EFER.SCE (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: vmx: 
Don't set hardware IA32_CSTAR MSR on VM-entry (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 
29384527] - kvm: vmx: Document the need for MSR_STAR in i386 builds (Jim 
Mattson) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: vmx: Set IA32_TSC_AUX for legacy mode 
guests (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nVMX: Move nested code to 
dedicated files (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] {CVE-2019-7221}
- KVM: VMX: Expose nested_vmx_allowed() to nested VMX as a non-inline 
(Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Expose various 
getters and setters to nested VMX (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29384527] - KVM: VMX: Expose misc variables needed for nested VMX (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nVMX: Move "vmcs12 to 
shadow/evmcs sync" to helper function (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29384527] - KVM: nVMX: Call nested_vmx_setup_ctls_msrs() iff @nested is 
true (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nVMX: Set callbacks 
for nested functions during hardware setup (Sean Christopherson) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Move the hardware {un}setup functions to 
the bottom (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: nVMX: 
Allow nested_enable_evmcs to be NULL (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29384527] - KVM: VMX: Move nested hardware/vcpu {un}setup to helper 
functions (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Move VMX 
instruction wrappers to a dedicated header file (Sean Christopherson) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Move eVMCS code to dedicated files (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Add vmx.h to hold VMX 
definitions (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nVMX: Move 
vmcs12 code to dedicated files (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] 
- KVM: VMX: Move VMCS definitions to dedicated file (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Expose various module 
param vars via capabilities.h (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
KVM: VMX: Move capabilities structs and helpers to dedicated file (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Pass vmx_capability 
struct to setup_vmcs_config() (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
KVM: VMX: Properly handle dynamic VM Entry/Exit controls (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Move caching of 
MSR_IA32_XSS to hardware_setup() (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29384527] - KVM: VMX: Drop the "vmx" prefix from vmx_evmcs.h (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: rename 
vmx_shadow_fields.h to vmcs_shadow_fields.h (Sean Christopherson) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Move VMX specific files to a "vmx" 
subdirectory (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: x86: Add 
requisite includes to hyperv.h (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] 
- KVM: x86: Add requisite includes to kvm_cache_regs.h (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: VMX: Alphabetize the includes 
in vmx.c (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: nVMX: Allocate 
and configure VM{READ,WRITE} bitmaps iff enable_shadow_vmcs (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: introduce manual dirty log 
reprotect (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: rename last argument 
to kvm_get_dirty_log_protect (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: 
make KVM_CAP_ENABLE_CAP_VM architecture agnostic (Paolo Bonzini) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - kvm: nVMX: Set VM instruction error for VMPTRLD of 
unbacked page (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 29384527] - nVMX x86: Check 
VMX-preemption timer controls on vmentry of L2 guests (Krish Sadhukhan) 
[Orabug: 29384527] - KVM/nVMX: Remove unneeded forward jump in 
nested_vmx_check_vmentry_hw asm (Uros Bizjak) [Orabug: 29384527] - KVM: 
nVMX: Unrestricted guest mode requires EPT (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 
29384527] - KVM: x86: Trace changes to active TSC offset regardless if 
vCPU in guest-mode (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 29384527] - rcutorture: 
Automatically create initrd directory (Connor Shu) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
KVM: vmx: speed up MSR bitmap merge (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
Fix merge of 80f97c79f3e1 ("kvm: nVMX: Fix fault vector for VMX 
operation at CPL > 0") from v4.14.70 (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 29384527] - 
Fix merge of 63aff65573d7 ("kvm: x86: vmx: fix vpid leak") from v4.14.61 
(Liam Merwick) [Orabug: 29384527] - bonding: ratelimit no-delay 
interface up messages (Shamir Rabinovitch) [Orabug: 29631452] - kcov: 
convert kcov.refcount to refcount_t (Elena Reshetova) [Orabug: 29558684] 
- kcov: no need to check return value of debugfs_create functions (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) [Orabug: 29558684] - kernel/kcov.c: mark 
write_comp_data() as notrace (Anders Roxell) [Orabug: 29558684] - 
kernel/kcov.c: mark funcs in __sanitizer_cov_trace_pc() as notrace 
(Anders Roxell) [Orabug: 29558684] - sched/core / kcov: avoid kcov_area 
during task switch (Mark Rutland) [Orabug: 29558684] - kcov: prefault 
the kcov_area (Mark Rutland) [Orabug: 29558684] - kcov: fix comparison 
callback signature (Dmitry Vyukov) [Orabug: 29558684] - Makefile: 
support flag -fsanitizer-coverage=trace-cmp (Victor Chibotaru) [Orabug: 
29558684] - kcov: support comparison operands collection (Victor 
Chibotaru) [Orabug: 29558684] - kcov: remove pointless current != NULL 
check (Andrey Ryabinin) [Orabug: 29558684]

- acpi/nfit: Fix bus command validation (Dan Williams) [Orabug: 
29613992] - rds: Add per peer RDS socket send buffer (Ka-Cheong Poon) 
[Orabug: 28314151] - xen/netfront: tolerate frags with no data (Juergen 
Gross) [Orabug: 29632035] - x86/mce: Handle varying MCA bank counts 
(Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 29636318] - x86/mce: Fix machine_check_poll() 
tests for error types (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 29636318] - x86/mce: Improve 
error message when kernel cannot recover, p2 (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 
29636318] - x86/MCE: Initialize mce.bank in the case of a fatal error in 
mce_no_way_out() (Tony Luck) [Orabug: 29636318] - x86/MCE/AMD, 
EDAC/mce_amd: Add new error descriptions for some SMCA bank types (Yazen 
Ghannam) [Orabug: 29636318] - x86/MCE/AMD, EDAC/mce_amd: Add new 
McaTypes for CS, PSP, and SMU units (Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 29636318] - 
x86/MCE/AMD, EDAC/mce_amd: Add new MP5, NBIO, and PCIE SMCA bank types 
(Yazen Ghannam) [Orabug: 29636318] - x86/MCE/AMD: Carve out the MC4_MISC 
thresholding quirk (Shirish S) [Orabug: 29636318] - x86/MCE/AMD: Turn 
off MC4_MISC thresholding on all family 0x15 models (Shirish S) [Orabug: 
29636318] - x86/MCE: Switch to use the new generic UUID API (Andy 
Shevchenko) [Orabug: 29636318] - x86/mce: Restore MCE injector's module 
name (Borislav Petkov) [Orabug: 29636318] - x86/mce: Unify pr_* prefix 
(Borislav Petkov) [Orabug: 29636318] - x86/mce: Streamline MCE 
subsystem's naming (Borislav Petkov) [Orabug: 29636318] - USB: hso: Fix 
OOB memory access in hso_probe/hso_get_config_data (Hui Peng) [Orabug: 
29525491] {CVE-2018-19985} {CVE-2018-19985}
- mm: hwpoison: fix thp split handing in soft_offline_in_use_page() 
(zhongjiang) [Orabug: 29546723] {CVE-2019-10124}
- x86/apic/x2apic: set back affinity of a single interrupt to one cpu 
(Mridula Shastry) [Orabug: 29618932] - Linux 4.14.96 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - ipmi:ssif: Fix handling of multi-part return messages 
(Corey Minyard) - PCI: dwc: Move interrupt acking into the proper 
callback (Marc Zyngier) - drm/i915/gvt: Fix mmap range check (Zhenyu 
Wang) - cifs: allow disabling insecure dialects in the config (Steve 
French) - ipmi:pci: Blacklist a Realtek "IPMI" device (Corey Minyard) - 
nfs: fix a deadlock in nfs client initialization (Scott Mayhew) - mm, 
proc: be more verbose about unstable VMA flags in /proc/<pid>/smaps 
(Michal Hocko) - mm/swap: use nr_node_ids for avail_lists in 
swap_info_struct (Aaron Lu) - mm/page-writeback.c: don't break integrity 
writeback on ->writepage() error (Brian Foster) - ocfs2: fix panic due 
to unrecovered local alloc (Junxiao Bi) - scsi: megaraid: fix 
out-of-bound array accesses (Qian Cai) - scsi: smartpqi: call 
pqi_free_interrupts() in pqi_shutdown() (Yanjiang Jin) - scsi: smartpqi: 
correct lun reset issues (Kevin Barnett) - IB/usnic: Fix potential 
deadlock (Parvi Kaustubhi) - sysfs: Disable lockdep for driver 
bind/unbind files (Daniel Vetter) - ALSA: bebob: fix model-id of unit 
for Apogee Ensemble (Takashi Sakamoto) - 
clocksource/drivers/integrator-ap: Add missing of_node_put() (Yangtao 
Li) - quota: Lock s_umount in exclusive mode for Q_XQUOTA{ON,OFF} 
quotactls. (Javier Barrio) - dm snapshot: Fix excessive memory usage and 
workqueue stalls (Nikos Tsironis) - tools lib subcmd: Don't add the 
kernel sources to the include path (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) - dm 
kcopyd: Fix bug causing workqueue stalls (Nikos Tsironis) - dm crypt: 
use u64 instead of sector_t to store iv_offset (AliOS system security) - 
netfilter: ipt_CLUSTERIP: check MAC address when duplicate config is set 
(Taehee Yoo) - perf parse-events: Fix unchecked usage of strncpy() 
(Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) - perf svghelper: Fix unchecked usage of 
strncpy() (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) - perf intel-pt: Fix error with 
config term "pt=0" (Adrian Hunter) - tty/serial: do not free trasnmit 
buffer page under port lock (Sergey Senozhatsky) - btrfs: improve error 
handling of btrfs_add_link (Johannes Thumshirn) - mmc: atmel-mci: do not 
assume idle after atmci_request_end (Jonas Danielsson) - kconfig: fix 
memory leak when EOF is encountered in quotation (Masahiro Yamada) - 
kconfig: fix file name and line number of warn_ignored_character() 
(Masahiro Yamada) - arm64: Fix minor issues with the dcache_by_line_op 
macro (Will Deacon) - clk: imx6q: reset exclusive gates on init (Lucas 
Stach) - selftests: do not macro-expand failed assertion expressions 
(Dmitry V. Levin) - scsi: target: use consistent left-aligned ASCII 
INQUIRY data (David Disseldorp) - net: call sk_dst_reset when set 
SO_DONTROUTE (yupeng) - media: venus: core: Set dma maximum segment size 
(Vivek Gautam) - media: firewire: Fix app_info parameter type in 
avc_ca{,_app}_info (Nathan Chancellor) - powerpc/pseries/cpuidle: Fix 
preempt warning (Breno Leitao) - powerpc/xmon: Fix invocation inside 
lock region (Breno Leitao) - pstore/ram: Do not treat empty buffers as 
valid (Joel Fernandes (Google)) - clk: imx: make mux parent strings 
const (A.s. Dong) - jffs2: Fix use of uninitialized delayed_work, 
lockdep breakage (Daniel Santos) - rxe: IB_WR_REG_MR does not capture 
MR's iova field (Chuck Lever) - selinux: always allow mounting submounts 
(Ondrej Mosnacek) - usb: gadget: udc: renesas_usb3: add a safety 
connection way for forced_b_device (Yoshihiro Shimoda) - arm64: perf: 
set suppress_bind_attrs flag to true (Anders Roxell) - MIPS: SiByte: 
Enable swiotlb for SWARM, LittleSur and BigSur (Maciej W. Rozycki) - 
x86/mce: Fix -Wmissing-prototypes warnings (Borislav Petkov) - ALSA: 
oxfw: add support for APOGEE duet FireWire (Takashi Sakamoto) - serial: 
set suppress_bind_attrs flag only if builtin (Anders Roxell) - 
writeback: don't decrement wb->refcnt if !wb->bdi (Anders Roxell) - 
e1000e: allow non-monotonic SYSTIM readings (Miroslav Lichvar) - 
platform/x86: asus-wmi: Tell the EC the OS will handle the display off 
hotkey (João Paulo Rechi Vita) - gpio: pl061: Move irq_chip definition 
inside struct pl061 (Manivannan Sadhasivam) - net: dsa: mv88x6xxx: 
mv88e6390 errata (Andrew Lunn) - ipv6: Take rcu_read_lock in 
__inet6_bind for mapped addresses (David Ahern) - r8169: Add support for 
new Realtek Ethernet (Kai-Heng Feng) - qmi_wwan: add MTU default to qmap 
network interface (Daniele Palmas) - net, skbuff: do not prefer skb 
allocation fails early (David Rientjes) - mlxsw: spectrum_switchdev: Set 
PVID correctly during VLAN deletion (Ido Schimmel) - mlxsw: spectrum: 
Disable lag port TX before removing it (Jiri Pirko) - ipv6: Consider 
sk_bound_dev_if when binding a socket to a v4 mapped address (David 
Ahern) - Linux 4.14.95 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - nbd: Use set_blocksize() 
to set device blocksize (Jan Kara) - media: vb2: be sure to unlock mutex 
on errors (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) - drm/fb-helper: Ignore the value of 
fb_var_screeninfo.pixclock (Ivan Mironov) - loop: drop caches if offset 
or block_size are changed (Jaegeuk Kim) - loop: Fix double 
mutex_unlock(&loop_ctl_mutex) in loop_control_ioctl() (Tetsuo Handa) - 
loop: Get rid of loop_index_mutex (Jan Kara) - loop: Fold __loop_release 
into loop_release (Jan Kara) - block/loop: Use global lock for ioctl() 
operation. (Tetsuo Handa) - block/loop: Don't grab "struct file" for 
vfs_getattr() operation. (Tetsuo Handa) - tipc: fix uninit-value in 
tipc_nl_compat_doit (Ying Xue) - tipc: fix uninit-value in 
tipc_nl_compat_name_table_dump (Ying Xue) - tipc: fix uninit-value in 
tipc_nl_compat_link_set (Ying Xue) - tipc: fix uninit-value in 
tipc_nl_compat_bearer_enable (Ying Xue) - tipc: fix uninit-value in 
tipc_nl_compat_link_reset_stats (Ying Xue) - sctp: allocate 
sctp_sockaddr_entry with kzalloc (Xin Long) - blockdev: Fix livelocks on 
loop device (Jan Kara) - selinux: fix GPF on invalid policy (Stephen 
Smalley) - netfilter: ebtables: account ebt_table_info to kmemcg 
(Shakeel Butt) - sunrpc: handle ENOMEM in rpcb_getport_async (J. Bruce 
Fields) - media: vb2: vb2_mmap: move lock up (Hans Verkuil) - LSM: Check 
for NULL cred-security on free (James Morris) - bpf: in 
__bpf_redirect_no_mac pull mac only if present (Willem de Bruijn) - 
media: vivid: set min width/height to a value > 0 (Hans Verkuil) - 
media: vivid: fix error handling of kthread_run (Hans Verkuil) - 
omap2fb: Fix stack memory disclosure (Vlad Tsyrklevich) - Disable MSI 
also when pcie-octeon.pcie_disable on (YunQiang Su) - arm64: kaslr: 
ensure randomized quantities are clean to the PoC (Ard Biesheuvel) - 
pstore/ram: Avoid allocation and leak of platform data (Kees Cook) - 
media: v4l: ioctl: Validate num_planes for debug messages (Sakari Ailus) 
- mfd: tps6586x: Handle interrupts on suspend (Jonathan Hunter) - OF: 
properties: add missing of_node_put (Julia Lawall) - MIPS: lantiq: Fix 
IPI interrupt handling (Hauke Mehrtens) - mips: fix n32 
compat_ipc_parse_version (Arnd Bergmann) - crypto: talitos - fix 
ablkcipher for CONFIG_VMAP_STACK (Christophe Leroy) - crypto: talitos - 
reorder code in talitos_edesc_alloc() (Christophe Leroy) - scsi: sd: Fix 
cache_type_store() (Ivan Mironov) - scsi: core: Synchronize request 
queue PM status only on successful resume (Stanley Chu) - Yama: Check 
for pid death before checking ancestry (Kees Cook) - btrfs: wait on 
ordered extents on abort cleanup (Josef Bacik) - Revert "btrfs: balance 
dirty metadata pages in btrfs_finish_ordered_io" (David Sterba) - 
crypto: authenc - fix parsing key with misaligned rta_len (Eric Biggers) 
- crypto: bcm - convert to use crypto_authenc_extractkeys() (Eric 
Biggers) - crypto: authencesn - Avoid twice completion call in decrypt 
path (Harsh Jain) - crypto: caam - fix zero-length buffer DMA mapping 
(Aymen Sghaier) - ip: on queued skb use skb_header_pointer instead of 
pskb_may_pull (Willem de Bruijn) - bonding: update nest level on unlink 
(Willem de Bruijn) - packet: Do not leak dev refcounts on error exit 
(Jason Gunthorpe) - net: bridge: fix a bug on using a neighbour cache 
entry without checking its state (JianJhen Chen) - ipv6: fix 
kernel-infoleak in ipv6_local_error() (Eric Dumazet) - arm64: Don't trap 
host pointer auth use to EL2 (Mark Rutland) - arm64/kvm: consistently 
handle host HCR_EL2 flags (Mark Rutland) - scsi: target: iscsi: cxgbit: 
fix csk leak (Varun Prakash) - Revert "scsi: target: iscsi: cxgbit: fix 
csk leak" (Sasha Levin) - sched/fair: Fix bandwidth timer clock drift 
condition (Xunlei Pang) - media: em28xx: Fix misplaced reset of 
dev->v4l::field_count (Ben Hutchings) - mmc: sdhci-msm: Disable CDR 
function on TX (Loic Poulain) - can: gw: ensure DLC boundaries after CAN 
frame modification (Oliver Hartkopp) {CVE-2019-3701}
- tty: Don't hold ldisc lock in tty_reopen() if ldisc present (Dmitry 
Safonov) - tty: Simplify tty->count math in tty_reopen() (Dmitry 
Safonov) - tty: Hold tty_ldisc_lock() during tty_reopen() (Dmitry 
Safonov) - tty/ldsem: Wake up readers after timed out down_write() 
(Dmitry Safonov) - Linux 4.14.94 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) - KVM: arm/arm64: 
Fix VMID alloc race by reverting to lock-less (Christoffer Dall) - 
sunrpc: use-after-free in svc_process_common() (Vasily Averin) - ext4: 
track writeback errors using the generic tracking infrastructure 
(Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: use ext4_write_inode() when fsyncing w/o a 
journal (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: avoid kernel warning when writing the 
superblock to a dead device (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: fix a potential 
fiemap/page fault deadlock w/ inline_data (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: make 
sure enough credits are reserved for dioread_nolock writes (Theodore 
Ts'o) - rbd: don't return 0 on unmap if RBD_DEV_FLAG_REMOVING is set 
(Ilya Dryomov) - drm/fb-helper: Partially bring back workaround for bugs 
of SDL 1.2 (Ivan Mironov) - i2c: dev: prevent adapter retries and 
timeout being set as minus value (Yi Zeng) - ACPI / PMIC: xpower: Fix 
TS-pin current-source handling (Hans de Goede) - ACPI: power: Skip 
duplicate power resource references in _PRx (Hans de Goede) - mm, memcg: 
fix reclaim deadlock with writeback (Michal Hocko) - mm: page_mapped: 
don't assume compound page is huge or THP (Jan Stancek) - slab: alien 
caches must not be initialized if the allocation of the alien cache 
failed (Christoph Lameter) - USB: Add USB_QUIRK_DELAY_CTRL_MSG quirk for 
Corsair K70 RGB (Jack Stocker) - USB: storage: add quirk for SMI SM3350 
(Icenowy Zheng) - USB: storage: don't insert sane sense for SPC3+ when 
bad sense specified (Icenowy Zheng) - usb: cdc-acm: send ZLP for Telit 
3G Intel based modems (Daniele Palmas) - cifs: Fix potential OOB access 
of lock element array (Ross Lagerwall) - CIFS: Do not hide EINTR after 
sending network packets (Pavel Shilovsky) - CIFS: Fix adjustment of 
credits for MTU requests (Pavel Shilovsky) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Disable 
headset Mic VREF for headset mode of ALC225 (Kailang Yang) - ALSA: 
hda/realtek - Add unplug function into unplug state of Headset Mode for 
ALC225 (Kailang Yang) - ALSA: hda/realtek - Support Dell headset mode 
for New AIO platform (Kailang Yang) - x86, modpost: Replace last 
remnants of RETPOLINE with CONFIG_RETPOLINE (WANG Chao) - x86,kvm: move 
qemu/guest FPU switching out to vcpu_run (Rik van Riel) - Linux 4.14.93 
(Greg Kroah-Hartman) - tools: power/acpi, revert to LD = gcc (Jiri 
Slaby) - bnx2x: Fix NULL pointer dereference in bnx2x_del_all_vlans() on 
some hw (Ivan Mironov) - drm/vc4: Set ->is_yuv to false when num_planes 
== 1 (Boris Brezillon) - lib: fix build failure in CONFIG_DEBUG_VIRTUAL 
test (Christophe Leroy) - power: supply: olpc_battery: correct the 
temperature units (Lubomir Rintel) - intel_th: msu: Fix an off-by-one in 
attribute store (Alexander Shishkin) - genwqe: Fix size check (Christian 
Borntraeger) - ceph: don't update importing cap's mseq when handing cap 
export (Yan, Zheng) - sched/fair: Fix infinite loop in 
update_blocked_averages() by reverting a9e7f6544b9c (Linus Torvalds) - 
iommu/vt-d: Handle domain agaw being less than iommu agaw (Sohil Mehta) 
- rxe: fix error completion wr_id and qp_num (Sagi Grimberg) - 9p/net: 
put a lower bound on msize (Dominique Martinet) - powerpc/tm: Set 
MSR[TS] just prior to recheckpoint (Breno Leitao) - arm64: relocatable: 
fix inconsistencies in linker script and options (Ard Biesheuvel) - 
arm64: drop linker script hack to hide __efistub_ symbols (Ard 
Biesheuvel) - scripts/kallsyms: filter arm64's __efistub_ symbols (Ard 
Biesheuvel) - lockd: Show pid of lockd for remote locks (Benjamin 
Coddington) - selinux: policydb - fix byte order and alignment issues 
(Ondrej Mosnacek) - b43: Fix error in cordic routine (Larry Finger) - 
gfs2: Fix loop in gfs2_rbm_find (Andreas Gruenbacher) - gfs2: Get rid of 
potential double-freeing in gfs2_create_inode (Andreas Gruenbacher) - 
dlm: memory leaks on error path in dlm_user_request() (Vasily Averin) - 
dlm: lost put_lkb on error path in receive_convert() and 
receive_unlock() (Vasily Averin) - dlm: possible memory leak on error 
path in create_lkb() (Vasily Averin) - dlm: fixed memory leaks after 
failed ls_remove_names allocation (Vasily Averin) - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix 
an out-of-bound read in create_composite_quirks (Hui Peng) - ALSA: 
usb-audio: Avoid access before bLength check in build_audio_procunit() 
(Takashi Iwai) - ALSA: cs46xx: Potential NULL dereference in probe (Dan 
Carpenter) - dm zoned: Fix target BIO completion handling (Damien Le 
Moal) - dm verity: fix crash on bufio buffer that was allocated with 
vmalloc (Mikulas Patocka) - vhost/vsock: fix uninitialized 
vhost_vsock->guest_cid (Stefan Hajnoczi) - raid6/ppc: Fix build for 
clang (Joel Stanley) - powerpc/boot: Set target when cross-compiling for 
clang (Joel Stanley) - Makefile: Export clang toolchain variables (Joel 
Stanley) - kbuild: consolidate Clang compiler flags (Masahiro Yamada) - 
kbuild: add -no-integrated-as Clang option unconditionally (Masahiro 
Yamada) - md: raid10: remove VLAIS (Matthias Kaehlcke) - ftrace: Build 
with CPPFLAGS to get -Qunused-arguments (Joel Stanley) - powerpc: 
Disable -Wbuiltin-requires-header when setjmp is used (Joel Stanley) - 
powerpc: avoid -mno-sched-epilog on GCC 4.9 and newer (Nicholas Piggin) 
- sunrpc: use SVC_NET() in svcauth_gss_* functions (Vasily Averin) - 
sunrpc: fix cache_head leak due to queued request (Vasily Averin) - mm, 
swap: fix swapoff with KSM pages (Huang Ying) - mm, hmm: mark 
hmm_devmem_{add, add_resource} EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL (Dan Williams) - mm, 
hmm: use devm semantics for hmm_devmem_{add, remove} (Dan Williams) - 
mm, devm_memremap_pages: kill mapping "System RAM" support (Dan 
Williams) - mm, devm_memremap_pages: mark devm_memremap_pages() 
EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL (Dan Williams) - hwpoison, memory_hotplug: allow 
hwpoisoned pages to be offlined (Michal Hocko) - zram: fix double free 
backing device (Minchan Kim) - fork: record start_time late (David 
Herrmann) - tools: fix cross-compile var clobbering (Martin Kelly) - 
genirq/affinity: Don't return with empty affinity masks on error (Thomas 
Gleixner) - scsi: lpfc: do not set queue->page_count to 0 if 
pc_sli4_params.wqpcnt is invalid (Ewan D. Milne) - scsi: zfcp: fix 
posting too many status read buffers leading to adapter shutdown 
(Steffen Maier) - serial/sunsu: fix refcount leak (Yangtao Li) - 
qmi_wwan: Fix qmap header retrieval in qmimux_rx_fixup (Daniele Palmas) 
- net: netxen: fix a missing check and an uninitialized use (Kangjie Lu) 
- Input: synaptics - enable SMBus for HP EliteBook 840 G4 (Mantas 
Mikulėnas) - gpio: mvebu: only fail on missing clk if pwm is actually to 
be used (Uwe Kleine-König) - virtio: fix test build after uio.h change 
(Michael S. Tsirkin) - kbuild: fix false positive warning/error about 
missing libelf (Masahiro Yamada) - mac80211: free skb fraglist before 
freeing the skb (Sara Sharon) - vxge: ensure data0 is initialized in 
when fetching firmware version information (Colin Ian King) - lan78xx: 
Resolve issue with changing MAC address (Jason Martinsen) - net: macb: 
fix dropped RX frames due to a race (Anssi Hannula) - net: macb: fix 
random memory corruption on RX with 64-bit DMA (Anssi Hannula) - qed: 
Fix an error code qed_ll2_start_xmit() (Dan Carpenter) - SUNRPC: Fix a 
race with XPRT_CONNECTING (Trond Myklebust) - net: hns: Fix ping failed 
when use net bridge and send multicast (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: Add 
mac pcs config when enable|disable mac (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: Fix 
ntuple-filters status error. (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: Avoid net reset 
caused by pause frames storm (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: Free irq when 
exit from abnormal branch (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: Clean rx fbd when 
ae stopped. (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: Fixed bug that netdev was opened 
twice (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: Some registers use wrong address 
according to the datasheet. (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: All ports can not 
work when insmod hns ko after rmmod. (Yonglong Liu) - net: hns: 
Incorrect offset address used for some registers. (Yonglong Liu) - 
w90p910_ether: remove incorrect __init annotation (Arnd Bergmann) - 
drivers: net: xgene: Remove unnecessary forward declarations (Nathan 
Chancellor) - x86, hyperv: remove PCI dependency (Sinan Kaya) - scsi: 
target: iscsi: cxgbit: add missing spin_lock_init() (Varun Prakash) - 
scsi: target: iscsi: cxgbit: fix csk leak (Varun Prakash) - bnx2x: Send 
update-svid ramrod with retry/poll flags enabled (Sudarsana Reddy 
Kalluru) - bnx2x: Remove configured vlans as part of unload sequence. 
(Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) - bnx2x: Clear fip MAC when fcoe offload 
support is disabled (Sudarsana Reddy Kalluru) - netfilter: nat: can't 
use dst_hold on noref dst (Florian Westphal) - netfilter: ipset: do not 
call ipset_nest_end after nla_nest_cancel (Pan Bian) - i40e: fix mac 
filter delete when setting mac address (Stefan Assmann) - 
x86/dump_pagetables: Fix LDT remap address marker (Kirill A. Shutemov) - 
x86/mm: Fix guard hole handling (Kirill A. Shutemov) - ieee802154: 
ca8210: fix possible u8 overflow in ca8210_rx_done (YueHaibing) - 
ibmvnic: Fix non-atomic memory allocation in IRQ context (Thomas Falcon) 
- Input: synaptics - enable RMI on ThinkPad T560 (Yussuf Khalil) - 
Input: omap-keypad - fix idle configuration to not block SoC idle states 
(Tony Lindgren) - scsi: bnx2fc: Fix NULL dereference in error handling 
(Dan Carpenter) - netfilter: seqadj: re-load tcp header pointer after 
possible head reallocation (Florian Westphal) - xfrm: Fix NULL pointer 
dereference in xfrm_input when skb_dst_force clears the dst_entry. 
(Steffen Klassert) - xfrm: Fix bucket count reported to userspace 
(Benjamin Poirier) - xfrm: Fix error return code in xfrm_output_one() 
(Wei Yongjun) - checkstack.pl: fix for aarch64 (Qian Cai) - Input: 
restore EV_ABS ABS_RESERVED (Peter Hutterer) - ARM: dts: 
imx7d-nitrogen7: Fix the description of the Wifi clock (Fabio Estevam) - 
ARM: imx: update the cpu power up timing setting on i.mx6sx (Anson 
Huang) - HID: ite: Add USB id match for another ITE based keyboard 
rfkill key quirk (Hans de Goede) - powerpc/mm: Fix linux page tables 
build with some configs (Michael Ellerman) - powerpc: Fix COFF zImage 
booting on old powermacs (Paul Mackerras) - pinctrl: meson: fix pull 
enable register calculation (Jerome Brunet) - Linux 4.14.92 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - MIPS: Only include mmzone.h when 
CONFIG_NEED_MULTIPLE_NODES=y (Paul Burton) - spi: bcm2835: Unbreak the 
build of esoteric configs (Lukas Wunner) - tpm: tpm_i2c_nuvoton: use 
correct command duration for TPM 2.x (Tomas Winkler) - tpm: 
tpm_try_transmit() refactor error flow. (Tomas Winkler) - rtc: m41t80: 
Correct alarm month range with RTC reads (Maciej W. Rozycki) - 
arm/arm64: KVM: vgic: Force VM halt when changing the active state of 
GICv3 PPIs/SGIs (Marc Zyngier) - arm64: KVM: Avoid setting the upper 32 
bits of VTCR_EL2 to 1 (Will Deacon) - CIFS: Fix error mapping for 
SMB2_LOCK command which caused OFD lock problem (Georgy A Bystrenin) - 
MIPS: OCTEON: mark RGMII interface disabled on OCTEON III (Aaro 
Koskinen) - MIPS: Expand MIPS32 ASIDs to 64 bits (Paul Burton) - MIPS: 
Align kernel load address to 64KB (Huacai Chen) - MIPS: Ensure 
pmd_present() returns false after pmd_mknotpresent() (Huacai Chen) - 
MIPS: c-r4k: Add r4k_blast_scache_node for Loongson-3 (Huacai Chen) - 
MIPS: math-emu: Write-protect delay slot emulation pages (Paul Burton) - 
media: v4l2-tpg: array index could become negative (Hans Verkuil) - 
media: vivid: free bitmap_cap when updating std/timings/etc. (Hans 
Verkuil) - serial: uartps: Fix interrupt mask issue to handle the RX 
interrupts properly (Nava kishore Manne) - f2fs: fix validation of the 
block count in sanity_check_raw_super (Martin Blumenstingl) - netfilter: 
nf_conncount: don't skip eviction when age is negative (Florian 
Westphal) - netfilter: nf_conncount: fix garbage collection confirm race 
(Florian Westphal) - netfilter: nf_conncount: Fix garbage collection 
with zones (Yi-Hung Wei) - netfilter: nf_conncount: expose connection 
list interface (Pablo Neira Ayuso) - netfilter: xt_connlimit: don't 
store address in the conn nodes (Florian Westphal) - Btrfs: fix fsync of 
files with multiple hard links in new directories (Filipe Manana) - 
cdc-acm: fix abnormal DATA RX issue for Mediatek Preloader. (Macpaul 
Lin) - cgroup: fix CSS_TASK_ITER_PROCS (Tejun Heo) - crypto: 
cavium/nitrox - fix a DMA pool free failure (Wenwen Wang) - clk: 
rockchip: fix typo in rk3188 spdif_frac parent (Johan Jonker) - spi: 
bcm2835: Avoid finishing transfer prematurely in IRQ mode (Lukas Wunner) 
- spi: bcm2835: Fix book-keeping of DMA termination (Lukas Wunner) - 
spi: bcm2835: Fix race on DMA termination (Lukas Wunner) - ext4: check 
for shutdown and r/o file system in ext4_write_inode() (Theodore Ts'o) - 
ext4: force inode writes when nfsd calls commit_metadata() (Theodore 
Ts'o) - ext4: include terminating u32 in size of xattr entries when 
expanding inodes (Theodore Ts'o) - ext4: fix EXT4_IOC_GROUP_ADD ioctl 
(ruippan (潘睿)) - ext4: missing unlock/put_page() in 
ext4_try_to_write_inline_data() (Maurizio Lombardi) - ext4: fix possible 
use after free in ext4_quota_enable (Pan Bian) - ext4: add 
ext4_sb_bread() to disambiguate ENOMEM cases (Theodore Ts'o) - perf pmu: 
Suppress potential format-truncation warning (Ben Hutchings) - 
platform-msi: Free descriptors in platform_msi_domain_free() (Miquel 
Raynal) - KVM: nVMX: Free the VMREAD/VMWRITE bitmaps if alloc_kvm_area() 
fails (Sean Christopherson) - KVM: x86: Use jmp to invoke 
kvm_spurious_fault() from .fixup (Sean Christopherson) - x86/mm: Drop 
usage of __flush_tlb_all() in kernel_physical_mapping_init() (Dan 
Williams) - x86/speculation/l1tf: Drop the swap storage limit 
restriction when l1tf=off (Michal Hocko) - Input: elan_i2c - add ACPI ID 
for touchpad in ASUS Aspire F5-573G (Patrick Dreyer) - s390/pci: fix 
sleeping in atomic during hotplug (Sebastian Ott) - qmi_wwan: apply 
SET_DTR quirk to the SIMCOM shared device ID (Bjørn Mork) - staging: 
wilc1000: fix missing read_write setting when reading data (Colin Ian 
King) - usb: r8a66597: Fix a possible concurrency use-after-free bug in 
r8a66597_endpoint_disable() (Jia-Ju Bai) - USB: serial: option: add 
Fibocom NL678 series (Jörgen Storvist) - USB: serial: pl2303: add ids 
for Hewlett-Packard HP POS pole displays (Scott Chen) - ALSA: hda/tegra: 
clear pending irq handlers (Sameer Pujar) - ALSA: firewire-lib: use the 
same print format for 'without_header' tracepoints (Takashi Sakamoto) - 
ALSA: firewire-lib: fix wrong assignment for 'out_packet_without_header' 
tracepoint (Takashi Sakamoto) - ALSA: firewire-lib: fix wrong handling 
payload_length as payload_quadlet (Takashi Sakamoto) - ALSA: fireface: 
fix for state to fetch PCM frames (Takashi Sakamoto) - ALSA: hda: add 
mute LED support for HP EliteBook 840 G4 (Mantas Mikulėnas) - mtd: 
atmel-quadspi: disallow building on ebsa110 (Arnd Bergmann) - ALSA: 
emux: Fix potential Spectre v1 vulnerabilities (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - 
ALSA: pcm: Fix potential Spectre v1 vulnerability (Gustavo A. R. Silva) 
- ALSA: emu10k1: Fix potential Spectre v1 vulnerabilities (Gustavo A. R. 
Silva) - ALSA: rme9652: Fix potential Spectre v1 vulnerability (Gustavo 
A. R. Silva) - IB/hfi1: Incorrect sizing of sge for PIO will OOPs 
(Michael J. Ruhl) - sock: Make sock->sk_stamp thread-safe (Deepa 
Dinamani) - net/smc: fix TCP fallback socket release (Myungho Jung) - 
qmi_wwan: Add support for Fibocom NL678 series (Jörgen Storvist) - 
qmi_wwan: Added support for Fibocom NL668 series (Jörgen Storvist) - 
tipc: compare remote and local protocols in tipc_udp_enable() (Cong 
Wang) - tipc: use lock_sock() in tipc_sk_reinit() (Cong Wang) - 
net/mlx5e: Remove the false indication of software timestamping support 
(Alaa Hleihel) - mlxsw: core: Increase timeout during firmware flash 
process (Shalom Toledo) - net/mlx5e: RX, Fix wrong early return in 
receive queue poll (Tariq Toukan) - net/mlx5: Typo fix in del_sw_hw_rule 
(Yuval Avnery) - xen/netfront: tolerate frags with no data (Juergen 
Gross) - VSOCK: Send reset control packet when socket is partially bound 
(Jorgen Hansen) - vhost: make sure used idx is seen before log in 
vhost_add_used_n() (Jason Wang) - tipc: fix a double kfree_skb() (Cong 
Wang) - tcp: fix a race in inet_diag_dump_icsk() (Eric Dumazet) - sctp: 
initialize sin6_flowinfo for ipv6 addrs in sctp_inet6addr_event (Xin 
Long) - qmi_wwan: Added support for Telit LN940 series (Jörgen Storvist) 
- ptr_ring: wrap back ->producer in __ptr_ring_swap_queue() (Cong Wang) 
- packet: validate address length if non-zero (Willem de Bruijn) - 
packet: validate address length (Willem de Bruijn) - net/wan: fix a 
double free in x25_asy_open_tty() (Cong Wang) - netrom: fix locking in 
nr_find_socket() (Cong Wang) - net: phy: Fix the issue that netif always 
links up after resuming (Kunihiko Hayashi) - net: macb: restart tx after 
tx used bit read (Claudiu Beznea) - net: ipv4: do not handle duplicate 
fragments as overlapping (Michal Kubecek) - isdn: fix kernel-infoleak in 
capi_unlocked_ioctl (Eric Dumazet) - ipv6: tunnels: fix two 
use-after-free (Eric Dumazet) - ipv6: explicitly initialize udp6_addr in 
udp_sock_create6() (Cong Wang) - ieee802154: lowpan_header_create check 
must check daddr (Willem de Bruijn) - ibmveth: fix DMA unmap error in 
ibmveth_xmit_start error path (Tyrel Datwyler) - gro_cell: add 
napi_disable in gro_cells_destroy (Lorenzo Bianconi) - ax25: fix a 
use-after-free in ax25_fillin_cb() (Cong Wang) - ip6mr: Fix potential 
Spectre v1 vulnerability (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - ipv4: Fix potential 
Spectre v1 vulnerability (Gustavo A. R. Silva) - Linux 4.14.91 (Greg 
Kroah-Hartman) - drm/ioctl: Fix Spectre v1 vulnerabilities (Gustavo A. 
R. Silva) - proc/sysctl: don't return ENOMEM on lookup when a table is 
unregistering (Ivan Delalande) - mm: don't miss the last page because of 
round-off error (Roman Gushchin) - ubifs: Handle re-linking of inodes 
correctly while recovery (Richard Weinberger) - spi: imx: mx51-ecspi: 
Move some initialisation to prepare_message hook. (Uwe Kleine-König) - 
spi: imx: add a device specific prepare_message callback (Uwe 
Kleine-König) - iwlwifi: add new cards for 9560, 9462, 9461 and killer 
series (Ihab Zhaika) - iwlwifi: mvm: don't send GEO_TX_POWER_LIMIT to 
old firmwares (Emmanuel Grumbach) - panic: avoid deadlocks in re-entrant 
console drivers (Sergey Senozhatsky) - x86/mtrr: Don't copy 
uninitialized gentry fields back to userspace (Colin Ian King) - 
Drivers: hv: vmbus: Return -EINVAL for the sys files for unopened 
channels (Dexuan Cui) - KVM: Fix UAF in nested posted interrupt 
processing (Cfir Cohen) - kvm: x86: Add AMD's EX_CFG to the list of 
ignored MSRs (Eduardo Habkost) - posix-timers: Fix division by zero bug 
(Thomas Gleixner) - gpiolib-acpi: Only defer request_irq for GpioInt 
ACPI event handlers (Hans de Goede) - gpio: max7301: fix driver for use 
with CONFIG_VMAP_STACK (Christophe Leroy) - mmc: omap_hsmmc: fix DMA API 
warning (Russell King) - mmc: core: Use a minimum 1600ms timeout when 
enabling CACHE ctrl (Ulf Hansson) - mmc: core: Allow BKOPS and CACHE 
ctrl even if no HPI support (Ulf Hansson) - mmc: core: Reset HPI enabled 
state during re-init and in case of errors (Ulf Hansson) - scsi: sd: use 
mempool for discard special page (Jens Axboe) - USB: serial: option: add 
Telit LN940 series (Jörgen Storvist) - USB: serial: option: add Fibocom 
NL668 series (Jörgen Storvist) - USB: serial: option: add Simcom 
SIM7500/SIM7600 (MBIM mode) (Jörgen Storvist) - USB: serial: option: add 
HP lt4132 (Tore Anderson) - USB: serial: option: add GosunCn ZTE WeLink 
ME3630 (Jörgen Storvist) - USB: xhci: fix 'broken_suspend' placement in 
struct xchi_hcd (Nicolas Saenz Julienne) - xhci: Don't prevent USB2 bus 
suspend in state check intended for USB3 only (Mathias Nyman) - USB: 
hso: Fix OOB memory access in hso_probe/hso_get_config_data (Hui Peng) 
- cifs: integer overflow in in SMB2_ioctl() (Dan Carpenter) - perf 
record: Synthesize features before events in pipe mode (Jiri Olsa) - 
ib_srpt: Fix a use-after-free in __srpt_close_all_ch() (Bart Van Assche) 
- ubifs: Fix directory size calculation for symlinks (Richard 
Weinberger) - ASoC: sta32x: set ->component pointer in private struct 
(Daniel Mack) - block: fix infinite loop if the device loses discard 
capability (Mikulas Patocka) - block: break discard submissions into the 
user defined size (Jens Axboe)

- scsi: lpfc: Default fdmi_on to on (James Smart) [Orabug: 29611023] - 
Bluetooth: Verify that l2cap_get_conf_opt provides large enough buffer 
(Marcel Holtmann) [Orabug: 29272044] {CVE-2019-3459}
- scsi: t10-pi: Return correct ref tag when queue has no integrity 
profile (Martin K. Petersen) [Orabug: 29592574] - ext4: fix data 
corruption caused by unaligned direct AIO (Lukas Czerner) [Orabug: 
29598576] - swiotlb: checking whether swiotlb buffer is full with 
io_tlb_used (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 29582575] - swiotlb: add debugfs to 
track swiotlb buffer usage (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 29582575] - swiotlb: 
fix comment on swiotlb_bounce() (Dongli Zhang) [Orabug: 29582575]

- IB/mlx5: Advertise XRC ODP support (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 29318334] - 
IB/mlx5: Advertise SRQ ODP support for supported transports (Moni Shoua) 
[Orabug: 29318334] - IB/mlx5: Add ODP SRQ support (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 
29318334] - IB/mlx5: Let read user wqe also from SRQ buffer (Moni Shoua) 
[Orabug: 29318334] - IB/mlx5: Add XRC initiator ODP support (Moni Shoua) 
[Orabug: 29318334] - IB/mlx5: Clean 
mlx5_ib_mr_responder_pfault_handler() signature (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 
29318334] - IB/mlx5: Remove useless check in ODP handler (Moni Shoua) 
[Orabug: 29318334] - IB/uverbs: Expose XRC ODP device capabilities (Moni 
Shoua) [Orabug: 29318334] - IB/core: Allocate a bit for SRQ ODP support 
(Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 29318334] - IB/mlx5: Fix the locking of SRQ 
objects in ODP events (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 29318334] - net/mlx5: Set 
ODP SRQ support in firmware (Moni Shoua) [Orabug: 29318334] - net/mlx5: 
Add XRC transport to ODP device capabilities layout (Moni Shoua) 
[Orabug: 29318334] - rdmaip: Potential race conditions in the module 
unload path (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29301129] - rdmaip: Avoid 
calling ib_query_gid() by holding the dev_base_lock (Sudhakar 
Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29350401] - rdmaip: ib_query_port() sleeping 
function called in a invalid context (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 
29391490] - rdmaip: Sleeping function mutex_lock() called in invalid 
context (Sudhakar Dindukurti) [Orabug: 29430627] - x86/speculation: Keep 
enhanced IBRS on when prctl is used for SSBD control (Alejandro Jimenez) 
[Orabug: 29526386] - net/rds: Whitelist rdma_cookie and rx_tstamp for 
usercopy (Dag Moxnes) [Orabug: 29550910] - x86/platform/UV: Use 
efi_runtime_lock to serialise BIOS calls (Hedi Berriche) [Orabug: 
29536296] - kvm: remove vmx_msr_bitmap entries mismerged during backport 
(Liam Merwick) [Orabug: 29222682] - vmbus: fix subchannel removal 
(Dexuan Cui) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM/VMX: Avoid return error when flush 
tlb successfully in the hv_remote_flush_tlb_with_range() (Lan Tianyu) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - Drivers: hv: vmbus: Return -EINVAL for the sys 
files for unopened channels (Dexuan Cui) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86, 
hyperv: remove PCI dependency (Sinan Kaya) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
uio_hv_generic: set callbacks on open (Stephen Hemminger) [Orabug: 
29222682] - scsi: storvsc: Fix a race in sub-channel creation that can 
cause panic (Dexuan Cui) [Orabug: 29222682] - Drivers: hv: vmbus: Remove 
the useless API vmbus_get_outgoing_channel() (Dexuan Cui) [Orabug: 
29222682] - Drivers: hv: kvp: Fix the recent regression caused by 
incorrect clean-up (Dexuan Cui) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/hyper-v: Fix 
indentation in hv_do_fast_hypercall16() (Yi Wang) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
hv_netvsc: fix vf serial matching with pci slot info (Haiyang Zhang) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - hv_balloon: Replace spin_is_locked() with lockdep 
(Lance Roy) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/hyperv: Enable PV qspinlock for 
Hyper-V (Yi Sun) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/hyperv: Add GUEST_IDLE_MSR 
support (Yi Sun) [Orabug: 29222682] - hv_netvsc: remove 
ndo_poll_controller (Stephen Hemminger) [Orabug: 29222682] - Drivers: 
hv: kvp: Fix two "this statement may fall through" warnings (Dexuan Cui) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - Drivers: hv: kvp: Fix the indentation of some 
"break" statements (Dexuan Cui) [Orabug: 29222682] - Drivers: hv: vmbus: 
Fix the descriptions of some function parameters (Dexuan Cui) [Orabug: 
29222682] - hv_netvsc: Fix rndis_per_packet_info internal field 
initialization (Haiyang Zhang) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/hyperv: Remove 
unused include (YueHaibing) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/hyperv: Suppress 
"PCI: Fatal: No config space access function found" (Dexuan Cui) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - uio_hv_generic: defer opening vmbus until first use 
(Stephen Hemminger) [Orabug: 29222682] - hv_uio_generic: map ringbuffer 
phys addr (Stephen Hemminger) [Orabug: 29222682] - uio: introduce 
UIO_MEM_IOVA (Stephen Hemminger) [Orabug: 29222682] - vmbus: split ring 
buffer allocation from open (Stephen Hemminger) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
vmbus: keep pointer to ring buffer page (Stephen Hemminger) [Orabug: 
29222682] - vmbus: pass channel to hv_process_channel_removal (Stephen 
Hemminger) [Orabug: 29222682] - hv_netvsc: Update document for LRO/RSC 
support (Haiyang Zhang) [Orabug: 29222682] - hv_netvsc: Add handler for 
LRO setting change (Haiyang Zhang) [Orabug: 29222682] - hv_netvsc: Add 
support for LRO/RSC in the vSwitch (Haiyang Zhang) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
Drivers: hv: vmbus: Fix synic per-cpu context initialization (Michael 
Kelley) [Orabug: 29222682] - uio_hv_generic: drop #ifdef DEBUG (Stephen 
Hemminger) [Orabug: 29222682] - uio_hv_generic: increase size of receive 
and send buffers (Stephen Hemminger) [Orabug: 29222682] - vmbus: add 
driver_override support (Stephen Hemminger) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
x86/paravirt: Use a single ops structure (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 
29222682] - xen: setup pv irq ops vector earlier (Juergen Gross) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - x86/xen: Delay get_cpu_cap until stack canary is 
established (Jason Andryuk) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/paravirt: Remove 
clobbers from struct paravirt_patch_site (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 
29222682] - x86/paravirt: Remove clobbers parameter from paravirt patch 
functions (Juergen Gross) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/paravirt: Make 
paravirt_patch_call() and paravirt_patch_jmp() static (Juergen Gross) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: x86: nSVM: fix switch to guest mmu (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: X86: Fix NULL deref in 
vcpu_scan_ioapic (Wanpeng Li) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: fix 
unregistering coalesced mmio zone from wrong bus (Eric Biggers) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: nVMX: vmcs12 revision_id is always VMCS12_REVISION even 
when copied from eVMCS (Liran Alon) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: 
Verify eVMCS revision id match supported eVMCS version on eVMCS VMPTRLD 
(Liran Alon) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX/nSVM: Fix bug which sets 
vcpu->arch.tsc_offset to L1 tsc_offset (Leonid Shatz) [Orabug: 29222682] 
- KVM: nVMX: Fix kernel info-leak when enabling 
KVM_CAP_HYPERV_ENLIGHTENED_VMCS more than once (Liran Alon) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: VMX: re-add ple_gap module parameter (Luiz Capitulino) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - tools headers: Sync the various kvm.h header copies 
(Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86: Clean up 'sizeof x' 
=> 'sizeof(x)' (Jordan Borgner) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm_config: add 
CONFIG_VIRTIO_MENU (Lénaïc Huard) [Orabug: 29222682] - selftests: kvm: 
Fix -Wformat warnings (Andrea Parri) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: 
selftests: fix spelling mistake "Insufficent" -> "Insufficient" (Colin 
Ian King) [Orabug: 29222682] - Revert "kvm: x86: optimize dr6 restore" 
(Radim Krčmář) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/kvm/nVMX: tweak shadow fields 
(Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - selftests/kvm: add missing 
executables to .gitignore (Anders Roxell) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: VMX: 
enable nested virtualization by default (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM/x86: Use 32bit xor to clear registers in svm.c (Uros 
Bizjak) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: x86: Introduce 
KVM_CAP_EXCEPTION_PAYLOAD (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: vmx: 
Defer setting of DR6 until #DB delivery (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 29222682] 
- kvm: x86: Defer setting of CR2 until #PF delivery (Jim Mattson) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: x86: Add payload operands to 
kvm_multiple_exception (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: x86: Add 
exception payload fields to kvm_vcpu_events (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 
29222682] - kvm: x86: Add has_payload and payload to 
kvm_queued_exception (Jim Mattson) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: 
Documentation: Fix omission in struct kvm_vcpu_events (Jim Mattson) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: selftests: add Enlightened VMCS test (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - tools/headers: update kvm.h (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/kvm/nVMX: nested state migration for 
Enlightened VMCS (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: selftests: 
state_test: test bare VMXON migration (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 
29222682] - x86/kvm/nVMX: allow bare VMXON state migration (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/kvm/lapic: preserve gfn_to_hva_cache 
len on cache reinit (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
x86/kvm/hyperv: don't clear VP assist pages on init (Vitaly Kuznetsov) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: optimize prepare_vmcs02{,_full} for 
Enlightened VMCS case (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: 
implement enlightened VMPTRLD and VMCLEAR (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: nVMX: add enlightened VMCS state (Vitaly Kuznetsov) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: add KVM_CAP_HYPERV_ENLIGHTENED_VMCS 
capability (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: VMX: refactor 
evmcs_sanitize_exec_ctrls() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: 
hyperv: define VP assist page helpers (Ladi Prosek) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
KVM: refine the comment of function gfn_to_hva_memslot_prot() (Wei Yang) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: x86: reintroduce pte_list_remove, but 
including mmu_spte_clear_track_bits (Wei Yang) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: 
x86: rename pte_list_remove to __pte_list_remove (Wei Yang) [Orabug: 
29222682] - kvm/x86 : add coalesced pio support (Peng Hao) [Orabug: 
29222682] - kvm/x86 : add document for coalesced mmio (Peng Hao) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - kvm/x86 : fix some typo (Peng Hao) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM/VMX: Change hv flush logic when ept tables are 
mismatched. (Lan Tianyu) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM/x86: Use 32bit xor to 
clear register (Uros Bizjak) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM/x86: Use assembly 
instruction mnemonics instead of .byte streams (Uros Bizjak) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM/x86: Fix invvpid and invept register operand size in 
64-bit mode (Uros Bizjak) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/kvm/mmu: check if MMU 
reconfiguration is needed in init_kvm_nested_mmu() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - x86/kvm/mmu: check if tdp/shadow MMU 
reconfiguration is needed (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
x86/kvm/nVMX: introduce source data cache for kvm_init_shadow_ept_mmu() 
(Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/kvm/mmu: make space for 
source data caching in struct kvm_mmu (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 
29222682] - x86/kvm/mmu: get rid of redundant kvm_mmu_setup() (Paolo 
Bonzini) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/kvm/mmu: introduce guest_mmu (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/kvm/mmu.c: add kvm_mmu parameter to 
kvm_mmu_free_roots() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
x86/kvm/mmu.c: set get_pdptr hook in kvm_init_shadow_ept_mmu() (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - x86/kvm/mmu: make vcpu->mmu a pointer to 
the current MMU (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: x86: 
optimize dr6 restore (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: x86: 
hyperv: optimize sparse VP set processing (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: x86: hyperv: fix 'tlb_lush' typo (Vitaly Kuznetsov) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: WARN if nested run hits VMFail with 
early consistency checks enabled (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: nVMX: add option to perform early consistency checks 
via H/W (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: vmx: write 
HOST_IA32_EFER in vmx_set_constant_host_state() (Sean Christopherson) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: call kvm_skip_emulated_instruction in 
nested_vmx_{fail,succeed} (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
KVM: nVMX: do not call nested_vmx_succeed() for consistency check VMExit 
(Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: do not skip 
VMEnter instruction that succeeds (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: nVMX: do early preparation of vmcs02 before 
check_vmentry_postreqs() (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: 
nVMX: initialize vmcs02 constant exactly once (per VMCS) (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: split pieces of 
prepare_vmcs02() to prepare_vmcs02_early() (Sean Christopherson) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: VMX: remove ASSERT() on vmx->pml_pg validity 
(Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: vVMX: rename label for 
post-enter_guest_mode consistency check (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: nVMX: assimilate nested_vmx_entry_failure() into 
nested_vmx_enter_non_root_mode() (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: nVMX: move check_vmentry_postreqs() call to 
nested_vmx_enter_non_root_mode() (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: nVMX: rename enter_vmx_non_root_mode to 
nested_vmx_enter_non_root_mode (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] 
- KVM: nVMX: try to set EFER bits correctly when initializing controls 
(Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: vmx: do not 
unconditionally clear EFER switching (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: nVMX: reset cache/shadows when switching loaded VMCS 
(Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: use 
vm_exit_controls_init() to write exit controls for vmcs02 (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: move vmcs12 EPTP 
consistency check to check_vmentry_prereqs() (Sean Christopherson) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: move host EFER consistency checks to 
VMFail path (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: leverage 
change to adjust slots->used_slots in update_memslots() (Wei Yang) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: Always reflect #NM VM-exits to L1 (Jim 
Mattson) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: x86: hyperv: implement PV IPI send 
hypercalls (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: x86: hyperv: 
optimize kvm_hv_flush_tlb() for vp_index == vcpu_idx case (Vitaly 
Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: x86: hyperv: valid_bank_mask should 
be 'u64' (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: x86: hyperv: keep 
track of mismatched VP indexes (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
KVM: x86: hyperv: consistently use 'hv_vcpu' for 'struct kvm_vcpu_hv' 
variables (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: x86: hyperv: 
optimize 'all cpus' case in kvm_hv_flush_tlb() (Vitaly Kuznetsov) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: x86: hyperv: enforce vp_index < KVM_MAX_VCPUS 
(Vitaly Kuznetsov) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm/x86: return meaningful value 
from KVM_SIGNAL_MSI (Paolo Bonzini) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: x86: move 
definition PT_MAX_HUGEPAGE_LEVEL and KVM_NR_PAGE_SIZES together (Wei 
Yang) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM/VMX: Remve unused function 
is_external_interrupt(). (Tianyu Lan) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: x86: 
return 0 in case kvm_mmu_memory_cache has min number of objects (Wei 
Yang) [Orabug: 29222682] - nVMX x86: Make 
nested_vmx_check_pml_controls() concise (Krish Sadhukhan) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: x86: adjust kvm_mmu_page member to save 8 bytes (Wei 
Yang) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: restore host state in 
nested_vmx_vmexit for VMFail (Sean Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
kvm: selftests: support high GPAs in dirty_log_test (Andrew Jones) 
[Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: selftests: stop lying to aarch64 tests about 
PA-bits (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: selftests: 
dirty_log_test: also test 64K pages on aarch64 (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 
29222682] - kvm: selftests: port dirty_log_test to aarch64 (Andrew 
Jones) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: selftests: introduce new VM mode for 
64K pages (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: selftests: add vcpu 
support for aarch64 (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: selftests: 
add virt mem support for aarch64 (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
kvm: selftests: add vm_phy_pages_alloc (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29222682] 
- kvm: selftests: tidy up kvm_util (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
kvm: selftests: add cscope make target (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29222682] 
- kvm: selftests: move arch-specific files to arch-specific locations 
(Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: selftests: introduce ucall 
(Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29222682] - kvm: selftests: vcpu_setup: set 
cr4.osfxsr (Andrew Jones) [Orabug: 29222682] - tools: introduce 
test_and_clear_bit (Peter Xu) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: LAPIC: Tune 
lapic_timer_advance_ns automatically (Wanpeng Li) [Orabug: 29222682] - 
KVM: nVMX: Do not flush TLB on L1<->L2 transitions if L1 uses VPID and 
EPT (Liran Alon) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: Flush linear and 
combined mappings on VPID02 related flushes (Liran Alon) [Orabug: 
29222682] - KVM: nVMX: Use correct VPID02 when emulating L1 INVVPID 
(Liran Alon) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: nVMX: Flush TLB entries tagged by 
dest EPTP on L1<->L2 transitions (Liran Alon) [Orabug: 29222682] - KVM: 
vmx: rename KVM_GUEST_CR0_MASK tp KVM_VM_CR0_ALWAYS_OFF (Sean 
Christopherson) [Orabug: 29222682] - drm/amdkfd: fix amdkfd 
use-after-free GP fault (Randy Dunlap) [Orabug: 29017589] - kabi fix for 
device_add_disk (Alan Adamson) [Orabug: 29481766] - nvme-core: declare 
local symbols static (Bart Van Assche) [Orabug: 29481766] - nvme: 
register ns_id attributes as default sysfs groups (Hannes Reinecke) 
[Orabug: 29481766] - block: genhd: add 'groups' argument to 
device_add_disk (Hannes Reinecke) [Orabug: 29481766] - nvme: validate 
controller state before rescheduling keep alive (James Smart) [Orabug: 
29481766] - nvme-rdma: fix double freeing of async event data (Prabhath 
Sajeepa) [Orabug: 29481766] - nvme: warn when finding multi-port 
subsystems without multipathing enabled (Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 
29481766] - nvme-pci: fix surprise removal (Igor Konopko) [Orabug: 
29481766] - nvme-fc: initialize nvme_req(rq)->ctrl after calling 
__nvme_fc_init_request() (Ewan D. Milne) [Orabug: 29481766] - nvme: Free 
ctrl device name on init failure (Keith Busch) [Orabug: 29481766] - 
nvme-fc: resolve io failures during connect (James Smart) [Orabug: 
29481766] - Revert "nvmet-rdma: use a private workqueue for delete" 
(Christoph Hellwig) [Orabug: 29481766] - nvme: make sure ns head 
inherits underlying device limits (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 29481766] - 
nvme-rdma: always have a valid trsvcid (Sagi Grimberg) [Orabug: 
29481766] - nvmet: Introduce helper functions to allocate and free 
request SGLs (Logan Gunthorpe) [Orabug: 29481766] - nvme-pci: remove 
duplicate check (Chaitanya Kulkarni) [Orabug: 29481766] - nvme-pci: fix 
hot removal during error handling (Kei