[El-errata] ELBA-2019-2358 Oracle Linux 7 libguestfs bug fix update (aarch64)

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Fri Aug 16 16:59:25 PDT 2019

Oracle Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2019-2358


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 7 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- Set DISTRO_ORACLE_LINUX corresponding to ol
- Remove 0001-update-distro-for-oracle.patch
To support OL, update related code about /etc/os-release [Orabug: 28760753]
- Update packagelist.in for OL

- v2v: fix a couple of Python 2 porting issues in the nbdkit Python script
for 'rhv-upload'
resolves: rhbz#1726168

- Rebase to libguestfs 1.40.2 in RHEL 7.7.
resolves: rhbz#1621895
- v2v: uninstall the VMware Tools correctly
resolves: rhbz#1465849
resolves: rhbz#1481930
- v2v: fix VMware vCenter roles needed for conversion
resolves: rhbz#1530967
- v2v: preserve the VM Generation ID
resolves: rhbz#1598350
- Query QEMU to known whether KVM is supported
resolves: rhbz#1605071
- v2v: add --mac option
resolves: rhbz#1607274
- v2v: install ovirt-guest-agent-common on Linux guests migrated to RHV
resolves: rhbz#1619665
resolves: rhbz#1691659
- v2v: provide a way to query for the estimated size of the disks
resolves: rhbz#1622785
- Correctly inspect the newer versions of openSUSE (15, Factory, 
resolves: rhbz#1634248
- p2v: add an option to Shutdown the machine after the conversion
resolves: rhbz#1642044
- v2v: fix epoch when querying installed RPM packages
resolves: rhbz#1669395
- Use a better icon for RHEL >= 7 guests
resolves: rhbz#1679482
- v2v: improve the architecture detection of Linux kernel modules
resolves: rhbz#1690574
- v2v: ship a newer version of rhev-apt.exe
resolves: rhbz#1688155
- v2v: update nbdkit information in documentation
resolves: rhbz#1605242
- v2v: warn when a guest has 'direct' network interfaces
resolves: rhbz#1151902
- v2v: use proper SELinux label for nbdkit sockets
resolves: rhbz#1698437

- v2v: update documentation regarding SHA-2 certificates in Windows 7 and
Windows Server 2008 R2
resolves: rhbz#1632788
- v2v: fix rhev-apt firstboot command for Windows
resolves: rhbz#1625216

- Rebase to libguestfs 1.38.2 in RHEL 7.6.
resolves: rhbz#1551055
- v2v: warn about unknown VMware controller types
resolves: rhbz#1510801
- df: show correct sizes in human-readable mode for filesystems with
block size = 512
resolves: rhbz#1525262
- v2v: fix example URL in man page
resolves: rhbz#1540535
- Fix SELinux relabelling when the SELinux config has no SELINUXTYPE key
resolves: rhbz#1541525
- Fix qemu-img-ma dependency in non-x86_64 architectures
resolves: rhbz#1568676
- v2v: update "resume=/dev/sdaX" entries in GRUB command lines
resolves: rhbz#1532224
- v2v: fix virtio-rng and memballoon OVF fragment for RHV
resolves: rhbz#1550168
- v2v: detect whether the root filesystem was not mounted in read-write mode
resolves: rhbz#1567763
- v2v: import OVAs with snapshots
resolves: rhbz#1570407
- v2v: ship a newer version of rhev-apt.exe
resolves: rhbz#1571237
- Move the osinfo-db dependency to libguestfs-tools-c, since it's the only
place where it used now (by virt-builder-repository).
- v2v: new 'rhv-upload' method to stream images directly to oVirt/RHV using
resolves: rhbz#1557273
- Start lvmetad earlier when booting the appliance
resolves: rhbz#1581810
- v2v: fix kernel detection in Ubuntu guests since 18.04
resolves: rhbz#1591248
- v2v: convert the CPU topology correctly
resolves: rhbz#1541908
- Add a new inspect_get_osinfo API, and add its result to the output of
resolves: rhbz#1544842
- Pass absolute paths to NBD sockets when using the libvirt backend
resolves: rhbz#1588451
- v2v: do not write only <vendor> without <model> in libvirt XMLs
resolves: rhbz#1591789
- v2v: depend on nbdkit, nbdkit-plugin-python2, and nbdkit-plugin-vddk,
used for -it vddk, and -o rhv-upload
resolves: rhbz#1589776
resolves: rhbz#1608718
- v2v/p2v: disable on aarch64, since it is not supported (nor even working)
resolves: rhbz#1601488
- v2v: handle srN devices in libvirt XML (for virt-p2v)
resolves: rhbz#1612785
- Do not use the -cpu parameter under any circumstances for ppc64le.
resolves: rhbz#1605071

- Rebase to libguestfs 1.36.10 in RHEL 7.5.
resolves: rhbz#1472272
- Build against OCaml 4.05
resolves: rhbz#1447981
- Enable the copyonread flag when running the appliance using libvirt.
resolves: rhbz#1466563
- Make sure kernel-rt is never used as Requires.
resolves: rhbz#1471651
- v2v: disable unconfiguration of manually installed VMware tools.
resolves: rhbz#1477905
- v2v: prefer pigz or pxz for uncompressing OVA files, if available
resolves: rhbz#1448739
- resize: handle empty UUIDs for swap partitions
resolves: rhbz#1482737
- v2v: remove mention of --dcpath in an error message
resolves: rhbz#1486197
- Disables the QEMU image file locking when opening disks as read-only
resolves: rhbz#1417306
resolves: rhbz#1503497
- Briefly document the format used for URIs
resolves: rhbz#1450325
- v2v: deal with grub2 configurations without a default set
resolves: rhbz#1472288
- v2v: warn when a guest has passthrough devices
resolves: rhbz#1472719
- v2v: fix three regular expressions
resolves: rhbz#1494555
- v2v: enable conversion of full-disk LUKS-encrypted Linux guests
resolves: rhbz#1451665
- v2v: new 'vddk' import method
resolves: rhbz#1477912
resolves: rhbz#1513884
- Enable libguestfs to work on z Systems
resolves: rhbz#1479526
- p2v: fx check for sudo requiring a password
resolves: rhbz#1500673
- v2v: handle disks with snapshots in vCenter
resolves: rhbz#1172425
- rescue: backport improved version
resolves: rhbz#1438710
- v2v: improve bootloader detection
resolves: rhbz#1508299
- v2v: parse MAC address of network interfaces in OVF files
resolves: rhbz#1506572
- Unconditionally depend on libvirt-daemon-kvm >= 3.9.0-1, which will always
pull the right qemu-kvm too, and thus remove the unversioned dependencies
on it
resolves: rhbz#1500870
- v2v: fix RPM file owned test
resolves: rhbz#1503958
- Do not open read-only disks using <shareable/> in the libvirt backend
resolves: rhbz#1518517
- v2v: handle better when grubby does not report any default kernel
resolves: rhbz#1519204
- v2v: enhance vmx import method to access via SSH
resolves: rhbz#1523767
- builder: fix caching of templates when using --cache-all-templates
resolves: rhbz#1523650

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