[El-errata] ELSA-2018-4109 Important: Oracle Linux 6 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Tue May 15 13:56:47 PDT 2018

Oracle Linux Security Advisory ELSA-2018-4109


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 6 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- media: imon: Fix null-ptr-deref in imon_probe (Arvind Yadav)  [Orabug: 
27208380]  {CVE-2017-16537}
- Input: gtco - fix potential out-of-bound access (Dmitry Torokhov) 
[Orabug: 27215090]  {CVE-2017-16643}
- usb: usbtest: fix NULL pointer dereference (Alan Stern)  [Orabug: 
27602324]  {CVE-2017-16532}
- x86/spectre_v2: Fix cpu offlining with IPBP. (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk)
- fuse: fix deadlock caused by wrong locking order (Junxiao Bi) 
[Orabug: 27760268]
- jbd: don't wait (forever) for stale tid caused by wraparound (Jan 
Kara)  [Orabug: 27842289]
- netfilter: ebtables: CONFIG_COMPAT: don't trust userland offsets 
(Florian Westphal)  [Orabug: 27774015]  {CVE-2018-1068}
- RDS: IB: Fix null pointer issue (hui.han)  [Orabug: 27843171]
- ext4: add validity checks for bitmap block numbers (Theodore Ts'o) 
[Orabug: 27854376]  {CVE-2018-1093} {CVE-2018-1093}
- USB: core: prevent malicious bNumInterfaces overflow (Alan Stern) 
[Orabug: 27898074]  {CVE-2017-17558}
- netfilter: nfnetlink_cthelper: Add missing permission checks (Kevin 
Cernekee)  [Orabug: 27898167]  {CVE-2017-17448}
- KEYS: don't let add_key() update an uninstantiated key (David Howells) 
  [Orabug: 27913332]  {CVE-2017-15299}
- RDS: Heap OOB write in rds_message_alloc_sgs() (Mohamed Ghannam) 
[Orabug: 27934073]  {CVE-2018-5332}
- x86/entry/64: Dont use IST entry for #BP stack (Andy Lutomirski) 
- perf/hwbp: Simplify the perf-hwbp code, fix documentation (Linus 
Torvalds)  [Orabug: 27947608]  {CVE-2018-100199}
- x86/microcode: probe CPU features on microcode update (Ankur Arora) 
[Orabug: 27806667]
- x86/microcode: microcode_write() should not reference boot_cpu_data 
(Ankur Arora)  [Orabug: 27806667]
- x86/cpufeatures: use cpu_data in init_scattered_cpuid_flags() (Ankur 
Arora)  [Orabug: 27806667]
- Drivers: hv: fcopy: set .owner reference for file operations (Joe Jin) 
  [Orabug: 21191022]
- ALSA: usb-audio: Kill stray URB at exiting (Takashi Iwai)  [Orabug: 
27148281]  {CVE-2017-16527}
- HID: usbhid: fix out-of-bounds bug (Jaejoong Kim)  [Orabug: 27207929] 
- [media] cx231xx-cards: fix NULL-deref on missing association 
descriptor (Johan Hovold)  [Orabug: 27208072]  {CVE-2017-16536}
- net: cdc_ether: fix divide by 0 on bad descriptors (Bjørn Mork) 
[Orabug: 27215201]  {CVE-2017-16649}
- x86/microcode/intel: Extend BDW late-loading with a revision check 
(Jia Zhang)  [Orabug: 27343577]
- x86/microcode/intel: Disable late loading on model 79 (Borislav 
Petkov)  [Orabug: 27343577]
- Bluetooth: bnep: bnep_add_connection() should verify that it's dealing 
with l2cap socket (Al Viro)  [Orabug: 27344793]  {CVE-2017-15868}
- Bluetooth: hidp: verify l2cap sockets (David Herrmann)  [Orabug: 
27344793]  {CVE-2017-15868}
- ALSA: pcm: prevent UAF in snd_pcm_info (Robb Glasser)  [Orabug: 
27344843]  {CVE-2017-0861} {CVE-2017-0861}
- ptrace: use fsuid, fsgid, effective creds for fs access checks (Jann 
Horn)  [Orabug: 27364691]  {CVE-2017-14140}
- sctp: do not peel off an assoc from one netns to another one (Xin 
Long)  [Orabug: 27387001]  {CVE-2017-15115}
- Revert "x86/spec_ctrl: Add 'nolfence' knob to disable fallback for 
spectre_v2 mitigation" (Ankur Arora)  [Orabug: 27601787]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- Revert "x86/spec: Add 'lfence_enabled' in sysfs" (Ankur Arora) 
[Orabug: 27601787]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- Revert "x86/mitigation/spectre_v2: Add reporting of 'lfence'" (Ankur 
Arora)  [Orabug: 27601787]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/mitigation/spectre_v2: Add reporting of 'lfence' (Konrad Rzeszutek 
Wilk)   {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/spec: Add 'lfence_enabled' in sysfs (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk) 
- x86/spec_ctrl: Add 'nolfence' knob to disable fallback for spectre_v2 
mitigation (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk)   {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/spectre: bring spec_ctrl management logic closer to UEK4 (Ankur 
Arora)  [Orabug: 27516512]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/cpufeatures: Clean up Spectre v2 related CPUID flags (David 
Woodhouse)  [Orabug: 27516357]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/spectre_v2: Remove 0xc2 from spectre_bad_microcodes (Darren Kenny) 
  [Orabug: 27516419]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/cpufeature: Blacklist SPEC_CTRL/PRED_CMD on early Spectre v2 
microcodes (David Woodhouse)  [Orabug: 27516419]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86: intel-family.h: Add GEMINI_LAKE SOC (Len Brown)  [Orabug: 27516419]
- x86/cpu/intel: Introduce macros for Intel family numbers (Dave Hansen) 
  [Orabug: 27516419]
- x86/spectre: expose 'stibp' (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk)  [Orabug: 
27516419]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/speculation: Add basic IBPB (Indirect Branch Prediction Barrier) 
support (David Woodhouse)  [Orabug: 27516379]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/speculation: Use Indirect Branch Prediction Barrier in context 
switch (Tim Chen)  [Orabug: 27516379]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/spectre: fix spectre_v1 mitigation indicators (Ankur Arora) 
[Orabug: 27509932]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/ia32/syscall: Clear extended registers %r8-%r15 (Ankur Arora) 
[Orabug: 27452028]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/ia32/syscall: Save full stack frame throughout the entry code 
(Ankur Arora)  [Orabug: 27452028]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/ia32/syscall: cleanup trailing whitespace (Ankur Arora)  [Orabug: 
27452028]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/syscall: Clear callee saved registers (%r12-%r15, %rbp, %rbx) 
(Ankur Arora)  [Orabug: 27452028]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/syscall: Save callee saved registers on syscall entrance (Ankur 
Arora)  [Orabug: 27452028]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- gre: fix a possible skb leak (Eric Dumazet)  [Orabug: 26403972] 
- ipv6: Fix leak in ipv6_gso_segment(). (David S. Miller)  [Orabug: 
26403972]  {CVE-2017-9074}
- ipv6: xfrm: Handle errors reported by xfrm6_find_1stfragopt() (Ben 
Hutchings)  [Orabug: 26403972]  {CVE-2017-9074}
- ipv6: Check ip6_find_1stfragopt() return value properly. (David S. 
Miller)  [Orabug: 26403972]  {CVE-2017-9074}
- ipv6: Prevent overrun when parsing v6 header options (Craig Gallek) 
[Orabug: 26403972]  {CVE-2017-9074}
- tcp: initialize rcv_mss to TCP_MIN_MSS instead of 0 (Wei Wang) 
[Orabug: 26813390]  {CVE-2017-14106}
- rxrpc: Fix several cases where a padded len isn't checked in ticket 
decode (David Howells)  [Orabug: 26880517]  {CVE-2017-7482} {CVE-2017-7482}
- xen/mmu: Call xen_cleanhighmap() with 4MB aligned for page tables 
mapping (Zhenzhong Duan)  [Orabug: 26883322]
- KVM: x86: fix deadlock in clock-in-progress request handling (Marcelo 
Tosatti)  [Orabug: 27065995]
- ocfs2: fstrim: Fix start offset of first cluster group during fstrim 
(Ashish Samant)  [Orabug: 27099835]
- USB: serial: console: fix use-after-free after failed setup (Johan 
Hovold)  [Orabug: 27206837]  {CVE-2017-16525}
- uwb: properly check kthread_run return value (Andrey Konovalov) 
[Orabug: 27206897]  {CVE-2017-16526}
- ALSA: usb-audio: Check out-of-bounds access by corrupted buffer 
descriptor (Takashi Iwai)  [Orabug: 27206928]  {CVE-2017-16529}
- USB: fix out-of-bounds in usb_set_configuration (Greg Kroah-Hartman) 
[Orabug: 27207240]  {CVE-2017-16531}
- USB: core: fix out-of-bounds access bug in usb_get_bos_descriptor() 
(Alan Stern)  [Orabug: 27207983]  {CVE-2017-16535}
- dccp: CVE-2017-8824: use-after-free in DCCP code (Mohamed Ghannam) 
[Orabug: 27290301]  {CVE-2017-8824}
- x86: Add another set of MSR accessor functions (Borislav Petkov) 
[Orabug: 27444923]  {CVE-2017-5753}
- userns: prevent speculative execution (Elena Reshetova)  [Orabug: 
27444923]  {CVE-2017-5753}
- udf: prevent speculative execution (Elena Reshetova)  [Orabug: 
27444923]  {CVE-2017-5753}
- fs: prevent speculative execution (Elena Reshetova)  [Orabug: 
27444923]  {CVE-2017-5753}
- qla2xxx: prevent speculative execution (Elena Reshetova)  [Orabug: 
27444923]  {CVE-2017-5753}
- p54: prevent speculative execution (Elena Reshetova)  [Orabug: 
27444923]  {CVE-2017-5753}
- carl9170: prevent speculative execution (Elena Reshetova)  [Orabug: 
27444923]  {CVE-2017-5753}
- uvcvideo: prevent speculative execution (Elena Reshetova)  [Orabug: 
27444923]  {CVE-2017-5753}
- locking/barriers: introduce new observable speculation barrier (Elena 
Reshetova)  [Orabug: 27444923]  {CVE-2017-5753}
- x86/cpu/AMD: Remove now unused definition of MFENCE_RDTSC feature 
(Elena Reshetova)  [Orabug: 27444923]  {CVE-2017-5753}
- x86/cpu/AMD: Make the LFENCE instruction serialized (Elena Reshetova) 
[Orabug: 27444923]  {CVE-2017-5753}
- x86/rsb: add comment specifying why we skip STUFF_RSB (Ankur Arora) 
[Orabug: 27451658]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/rsb: make STUFF_RSB jmp labels more robust (Ankur Arora)  [Orabug: 
27451658]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/spec: Also print IBRS if IBPB is disabled. (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk) 
- x86/spectre: Drop the warning about ibrs being obsolete. (Konrad 
Rzeszutek Wilk)   {CVE-2017-5715}
- Add set_ibrs_disabled and set_ibpb_disabled (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk) 
[Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/spec: Don't print the Missing arguments for option spectre_v2 
(Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/boot: Add early cmdline parsing for options with arguments (Tom 
Lendacky)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86, boot: Carve out early cmdline parsing function (Borislav Petkov) 
[Orabug: 27376697]
- x86: Add command-line options 'spectre_v2' and 'nospectre_v2' (Kanth 
Ghatraju)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86: Fix kABI build breakage (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk)  [Orabug: 
27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/mm: Only set IBPB when the new thread cannot ptrace current thread 
(Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86: Use PRED_CMD MSR when ibpb is enabled (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk) 
[Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/mm: Set IBPB upon context switch (Brian Maly)  [Orabug: 27376697] 
- x86: Display correct settings for the SPECTRE_V[12] bug (Kanth 
Ghatraju)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715} {CVE-2017-5753}
- x86/cpu: Implement CPU vulnerabilites sysfs functions (Thomas 
Gleixner)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715} {CVE-2017-5753}
- x86/IBRS/IBPB: Set sysctl_ibrs/ibpb_enabled properly (Boris Ostrovsky) 
  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/spec_ctrl: Disable if running as Xen PV guest (Konrad Rzeszutek 
Wilk)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- sysfs/cpu: Add vulnerability folder (Thomas Gleixner)  [Orabug: 
27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715} {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86, cpu: Expand cpufeature facility to include cpu bugs (Borislav 
Petkov)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/cpufeatures: Add X86_BUG_SPECTRE_V[12] (Kanth Ghatraju)  [Orabug: 
27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/cpufeatures: Add X86_BUG_CPU_MELTDOWN (Kanth Ghatraju)  [Orabug: 
27376697]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/entry: STUFF_RSB only after switching to kernel CR3 (Ankur Arora) 
[Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/entry: Stuff RSB for entry to kernel for non-SMEP platform (Tim 
Chen)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/IBRS: Make sure we restore MSR_IA32_SPEC_CTRL to a valid value 
(Boris Ostrovsky)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86: Use IBRS for firmware update path (David Woodhouse)  [Orabug: 
27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/microcode: Recheck IBRS features on microcode reload (Tim Chen) 
[Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/idle: Disable IBRS entering idle and enable it on wakeup (Tim 
Chen)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/spec_ctrl: Add sysctl knobs to enable/disable SPEC_CTRL feature 
(Tim Chen)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/enter: Use IBRS on syscall and interrupts (Tim Chen)  [Orabug: 
27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/enter: MACROS to set/clear IBRS (Tim Chen)  [Orabug: 27376697] 
- x86/feature: Detect the x86 IBRS feature to control Speculation (Tim 
Chen)  [Orabug: 27376697]  {CVE-2017-5715}
- x86/pti/efi: broken conversion from efi to kernel page table (Pavel 
Tatashin)  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- PTI: unbreak EFI old_memmap (Jiri Kosina)  [Orabug: 27333764] [Orabug: 
27333760]  {CVE-2017-5754} {CVE-2017-5754}
- kaiser: Set _PAGE_NX only if supported (Lepton Wu)  [Orabug: 27333764] 
- kaiser: rename X86_FEATURE_KAISER to X86_FEATURE_PTI (Mike Kravetz) 
[Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- KPTI: Rename to PAGE_TABLE_ISOLATION (Kees Cook)  [Orabug: 27333764] 
- x86/kaiser: Check boottime cmdline params (Mike Kravetz)  [Orabug: 
27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- kaiser: x86: Fix NMI handling (Jiri Kosina)  [Orabug: 27333764] 
- kaiser: move paravirt clock vsyscall mapping out of kaiser_init (Mike 
Kravetz)  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- kaiser: disable if xen PARAVIRT (Mike Kravetz)  [Orabug: 27333764] 
- x86/kaiser: Reenable PARAVIRT (Borislav Petkov)  [Orabug: 27333764] 
- kaiser: kaiser_flush_tlb_on_return_to_user() check PCID (Hugh Dickins) 
  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- kaiser: asm/tlbflush.h handle noPGE at lower level (Hugh Dickins) 
[Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- kaiser: use ALTERNATIVE instead of x86_cr3_pcid_noflush (Hugh Dickins) 
  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/kaiser: Rename and simplify X86_FEATURE_KAISER handling (Borislav 
Petkov)  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- kaiser: add "nokaiser" boot option, using ALTERNATIVE (Hugh Dickins) 
[Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/alternatives: add asm ALTERNATIVE macro (Mike Kravetz)  [Orabug: 
27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- kaiser: alloc_ldt_struct() use get_zeroed_page() (Hugh Dickins) 
[Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86: kvmclock: Disable use from vDSO if KPTI is enabled (Ben 
Hutchings)  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- kaiser: Fix build with CONFIG_FUNCTION_GRAPH_TRACER (Kees Cook) 
[Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm/kaiser: re-enable vsyscalls (Andrea Arcangeli)  [Orabug: 
27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- KAISER: Kernel Address Isolation (Richard Fellner)  [Orabug: 27333764] 
- kprobes: Prohibit probing on .entry.text code (Masami Hiramatsu) 
[Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm/64: Fix reboot interaction with CR4.PCIDE (Andy Lutomirski) 
[Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm: Enable CR4.PCIDE on supported systems (Andy Lutomirski) 
[Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm: Add the 'nopcid' boot option to turn off PCID (Andy 
Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm: Disable PCID on 32-bit kernels (Andy Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 
27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm: Remove the UP asm/tlbflush.h code, always use the (formerly) 
SMP code (Andy Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm: Fix flush_tlb_page() on Xen (Andy Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 
27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm: Disable preemption during CR3 read+write (Sebastian Andrzej 
Siewior)  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- sched/core: Idle_task_exit() shouldn't use switch_mm_irqs_off() (Andy 
Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm, sched/core: Turn off IRQs in switch_mm() (Andy Lutomirski) 
[Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm, sched/core: Uninline switch_mm() (Andy Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 
27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm: Build arch/x86/mm/tlb.c even on !SMP (Andy Lutomirski) 
[Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- sched/core: Add switch_mm_irqs_off() and use it in the scheduler (Andy 
Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- mm/mmu_context, sched/core: Fix mmu_context.h assumption (Ingo Molnar) 
  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm: If INVPCID is available, use it to flush global mappings (Andy 
Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm: Add a 'noinvpcid' boot option to turn off INVPCID (Andy 
Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm: Fix INVPCID asm constraint (Borislav Petkov)  [Orabug: 
27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/mm: Add INVPCID helpers (Andy Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 27333764] 
- x86: Clean up cr4 manipulation (Andy Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 27333764] 
- x86/paravirt: Dont patch flush_tlb_single (Thomas Gleixner)  [Orabug: 
27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754}
- x86/ldt: Make modify_ldt synchronous (Andy Lutomirski)  [Orabug: 
27333764]  {CVE-2017-5754} {CVE-2015-5157}

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