[El-errata] ELSA-2018-1929 Low: Oracle Linux 6 libvirt security update

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Tue Jun 26 13:21:02 PDT 2018

Oracle Linux Security Advisory ELSA-2018-1929


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 6 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:




Description of changes:

- Replace docs/et.png in tarball with blank image

- cpu: define the 'ssbd' CPUID feature bit (CVE-2018-3639)
- cpu: define the 'virt-ssbd' CPUID feature bit (CVE-2018-3639)

- qemu: avoid denial of service reading from QEMU monitor (CVE-2018-5748)
- qemu: avoid denial of service reading from QEMU guest agent 

- util: Implement virFileReadHeaderFD (CVE-2017-5715)
- util: add virFileReadHeaderQuiet wrapper around virFileReadHeaderFD 
- util: introduce virHostCPUGetMicrocodeVersion (CVE-2017-5715)
- conf: include x86 microcode version in virsh capabiltiies (CVE-2017-5715)
- cpu: add CPU features and model for indirect branch prediction 
protection (CVE-2017-5715)

- qemu: fix return value of qemuDomainBlockPivot on errors (rhbz#1300159)
- qemu: Fix virsh freeze when blockcopy storage file is removed 
- migration: add support for migrateURI configuration (rhbz#1347389)

- virsh: Properly display block job type (rhbz#1326653)
- spec: proper soft static allocation of qemu uid (rhbz#1351792)
- Revert "qemu: snapshot: Fix modification of vm object without job" 
- qemu: snapshot: Fix job handling when creating snapshots (rhbz#1326652)
- tls: remove support for gnutls 1.x.x, require 2.2.0 (rhbz#1333415)
- configure: allow setting default TLS priority string (rhbz#1333415)
- rpc: allow priority string to be passed to TLS context (rhbz#1333415)
- libvirtd: add config option for TLS priority (rhbz#1333415)
- remote: allow TLS protocol/cipher priority override in URI (rhbz#1333415)
- Pass config file object through to driver open methods (rhbz#1333415)
- remote: allow TLS priority to be customized (rhbz#1333415)
- qemu: -numa doesn't (yet) support disjoint range (rhbz#1310122)

- util: avoid getting stuck on macvtapN name created outside libvirt 

- qemu: Always format model for host-model CPUs (rhbz#1307094)

- qemu: Don't compare host-passthrough CPU to host CPU (rhbz#1307094)

- vmx: Relax virtualHW.version check (rhbz#1300574)
- qemu: snapshot: Don't leak XML definition and forget to unlock job 
- qemu: Fix formatting flags in qemuDomainSaveImageOpen (rhbz#1307094)
- network: Resolve some issues around vlan copying (rhbz#1300843)
- network: fix connections count in case of allocate failure (rhbz#1300843)
- network: consolidate connection count updates for device pool 
- network: consolidated info log for all network allocate/free 
operations (rhbz#1300843)
- util: increase libnl buffer size (rhbz#1276478)
- util: reduce debug log in virPCIGetVirtualFunctions() (rhbz#1276478)
- util: improve error reporting in virNetDevVPortProfileGetStatus 
- util: add missing newline (rhbz#1276478)
- util: eliminate bogus error log in virNetDevVPortProfileGetStatus 
- util: clean up and expand 802.1QbX negotiation logging (rhbz#1276478)
- util: report the MAC address that couldn't be set (rhbz#1276478)
- util: reset MAC address of macvtap passthrough physdev after 
disassociate (rhbz#1276478)
- bitmap: add way to find next clear bit (rhbz#1276478)
- Introduce virBitmapIsBitSet (rhbz#1276478)
- util: Introduce flags field for macvtap creation (rhbz#1276478)
- virnetdevmacvlan.c: Introduce mutex for macvlan creation (rhbz#1276478)
- util: keep/use a bitmap of in-use macvtap devices (rhbz#1276478)

- qemu: snapshot: Fix return value of external checkpoint with no disks 
- qemu: snapshot: Fix modification of vm object without job (rhbz#1290647)
- virsh-domain: Add --live, --config, --current logic to 
cmdAttachInterface (rhbz#1229128)
- RHEL: virsh: remove duplicate --config for 'virsh update-device' 
- Update ESX driver to always use privateData (rhbz#1213348)
- esx: Simplify VI (vSphere) API and VMware product version handling 
- conf: net: Correctly switch how to format address fields (rhbz#1299700)
- qemu: Refuse to create snapshot of a disk without source (rhbz#1299411)
- Build all binaries with PIE (rhbz#1242156)
- Enable full RELRO mode (rhbz#1242156)
- Don't duplicate compiler warning flags when linking (rhbz#1242156)
- Simplify RELRO_LDFLAGS (rhbz#1242156)
- Fix AM_LDFLAGS typo (rhbz#1242156)
- Pass AM_LDFLAGS to driver modules too (rhbz#1242156)
- RHEL: Enable RELRO for python modules (rhbz#1242156)

- daemon: Suppress logging of VIR_ERR_NO_DOMAIN_METADATA (rhbz#1260864)
- Allow <source> for type=block to have no dev (rhbz#1220197)
- qemu: event: Properly handle spice events (rhbz#1236581)
- qemu: event: Clean up VNC monitor handling (rhbz#1236581)
- qemu: split out cpuset.mems setting (rhbz#1263263)
- qemu: leave restricting cpuset.mems after initialization (rhbz#1263263)
- virNetDev{Replace, Restore}MacAddress: Fix memory leak (rhbz#1251532)
- util: make virNetDev(Replace|Restore)MacAddress public functions 
- util: don't use netlink to save/set mac for 
macvtap+passthrough+802.1Qbh (rhbz#1251532)
- qemu: fix hotplugging cpus with strict memory pinning (rhbz#1263263)
- storage: Track successful creation of LV for removal (rhbz#1232170)

- util: set MAC address for VF via netlink message to PF+VF# when 
possible (rhbz#1113474)
- util: set macvtap physdev online when macvtap is set online (rhbz#1113474)

- RHEL: Avoid memory leak when virCgroupSetCpusetMemoryMigrate fails 
- qemu: cgroup: Fix memory leak when there's no vCPU pinning (rhbz#1198096)

- qemu: Keep QEMU host drive prefix in BlkIoTune (rhbz#1203633)
- qemu: Fix name comparison in qemuMonitorJSONBlockIoThrottleInfo() 
- virsh: fix typos in virsh man page (rhbz#1130835)
- schemas: Allow all generic elements and attributes for all interfaces 
- RNG: Allow multiple parameters to be passed to an interface filter 
- qemu_domain: fix startup policy for disks (rhbz#1203542)
- Create directory for lease files if it's missing (rhbz#1200991)
- qemu: cgroup: Properly set up vcpu pinning (rhbz#1198096)
- cgroup: Add accessors for cpuset.memory_migrate (rhbz#1198497)
- qemu: Fix possible crash (rhbz#1198497)
- qemu: Migrate memory on numatune change (rhbz#1198497)
- qemu: fix crash when removing <filterref> from interface with 
update-device (rhbz#1205042)
- nwfilter: Fix rule priority problem (rhbz#1210183)
- qemuProcessHook: Call qemuProcessInitNumaMemoryPolicy only when needed 

- sanlock: Don't spam logs with "target pid not found" (rhbz#1189414)
- nwfilter: fix crash when adding non-existing nwfilter (rhbz#1202703)
- util: more verbose error when failing to create macvtap device 

- conf: Don't format actual network definition in migratable XML 
- network: don't allow multiple portgroups with the same name in a 
network (rhbz#1115858)
- build: fix build with latest rawhide kernel headers (rhbz#1198698)

- nwfilter: utility function virNWFilterVarValueEqual (rhbz#1126487)
- qemu: support live update of an interface's filter (rhbz#1126487)
- qemu: Update fsfreeze status on domain state transitions (rhbz#1136251)
- virsh: Fix semantics of --config for "update-device" command 
- virsh: Don't use legacy API if --current is used on device hot(un)plug 
- qemu: Avoid double serial output with RHEL 6 qemu (rhbz#1162759)
- storage: Check the partition name against provided name (rhbz#1138523)
- qemu: Don't unconditionally delete file in qemuOpenFileAs (rhbz#1158036)
- conf: Don't mangle vcpu placement randomly (rhbz#1170495)

- networkValidate: Disallow bandwidth in portgroups too (rhbz#1115292)
- qemu: Fix checking of ABI stability when restoring external 
checkpoints (rhbz#834196)
- qemu: Use "migratable" XML definition when doing external checkpoints 
- qemu: Fix memleak after commit 
59898a88ce8431bd3ea249b8789edc2ef9985827 (rhbz#834196)
- qemu: blkiotune: Avoid accessing non-existing disk configuration 
- qemu: Fix build error introduced in 
653137eb957a278b556c6226424aad5395a (rhbz#1131821)
- qemu: snapshot: Use better check when reverting external snapshots 
- virsh: domain: Use global constant for XML file size limit (rhbz#1134671)
- selinux: Avoid label reservations for type = none (rhbz#1138488)
- Clean up chardev sockets on QEMU shutdown (rhbz#1122367)
- Don't include @LIBS@ in libvirt.pc.in file (rhbz#1134455)
- qemu: save domain state to XML after reboot (rhbz#1169405)
- virsh: Honour -q in domblklist, vcpupin and emulatorpin (rhbz#1135171)
- virsh-domain: Flip logic in cmdSetvcpus (rhbz#1139114)
- Fix possible memory leak in util/virxml.c (rhbz#1136729)
- esx_vi: fix possible segfault (rhbz#1136729)
- sasl: Fix authentication when using PLAIN mechanism (rhbz#1171521)
- Fix leak in x86UpdateHostModel (rhbz#1144304)

- Revert "qemu: export disk snapshot support in capabilities" (rhbz#1149667)
- qemu: allow restore with non-migratable XML input (rhbz#1141838)
- qemu: Introduce qemuDomainDefCheckABIStability (rhbz#1141838)
- Make ABI stability issue easier to debug (rhbz#1141838)
- domain_conf: fix domain deadlock (CVE-2014-3657)
- CVE-2014-3633: qemu: blkiotune: Use correct definition when looking up 
disk (CVE-2014-3633)
- CVE-2014-7823: dumpxml: security hole with migratable flag (CVE-2014-7823)
- sanlock: Avoid freeing uninitialized value (rhbz#1136788)
- virsh: Print cephx and iscsi usage (rhbz#1156327)
- Fix bug with loading bridge name for active domain during libvirtd 
start (rhbz#1146310)
- conf: Fix even implicit labels (rhbz#1138500)
- tests: Add test cases for previous commit (rhbz#1138500)

- cpu: separate host-model and host-passthrough (rhbz#1138222)
- Don't include non-migratable features in host-model (rhbz#1138222)
- Don't add dhcp hosts to hostsfile twice (rhbz#1137011)

- metadata: track title edits across libvirtd restart (rhbz#1122205)

- network: make networkCreateInterfacePool more robust (rhbz#1111455)

- Fix blkdeviotune for shutoff domain (rhbz#1122819)
- rpc: message related sizes enlarged (rhbz#1126393)
- Fix max stream packet size for old clients (rhbz#1126393)
- Adjust legacy max payload size to account for header information 
- rpc: Correct the wrong payload size checking (rhbz#1126393)

- conf: Fix backport of metadata API code (rhbz#1115039)
- conf: Always format seclabel's model (rhbz#1113860)

- Add invariant TSC cpu flag (rhbz#996772)
- Fix segfault when starting a domain with no cpu definition (rhbz#996772)
- qemu: copy: Accept 'format' parameter when copying to a non-existing 
img (rhbz#1113828)
- Bind connection close callback APIs to python binding (rhbz#1114619)
- qemu: Factor out body of qemuDomainGetMetadata for universal use 
- qemu: Factor out body of qemuDomainSetMetadata for universal use 
- conf: Factor out setting of metadata to simplify code (rhbz#1115039)
- util: Add helper to convert libxml2 nodes to a string (rhbz#1115039)
- conf: Add support for requesting of XML metadata via the API 
- conf: allow to add XML metadata using the virDomainSetMetadata api 
- conf: Avoid false positive of uninitialized variable use (rhbz#1115039)
- lib: Don't force the key argument when deleting metadata (rhbz#1115039)
- test: Add <metadata> support into the test drivera (rhbz#1115039)
- tests: Add metadata tests (rhbz#1115039)
- conf: Don't corrupt metadata on OOM (rhbz#1115039)
- Ignore additional fields in iscsiadm output (rhbz#1116741)
- conf: net: Fix helper for applying new network definition (rhbz#1116754)
- blockjob: wait for pivot to complete (rhbz#1119385)
- virsh: Introduce macros to reject mutually exclusive arguments 
- virsh-domain: Add --live, --config, --current logic to cmdAttachDisk 
- virsh-domain: Add --live, --config, --current logic to cmdDetachDevice 
- virsh-domain: Add --live, --config, --current logic to cmdDetachDisk 
- virsh: Use inactive definition when removing disk from config 
- virsh-domain: Add --live, --config, --current logic to cmdAttachDevice 

- formatdomain.html.in: Document implementation limitation of QoS 
- Fix error in qemuDomainSetNumaParamsLive (rhbz#857312)
- cpu: Add new Broadwell CPU model (rhbz#1100381)
- docs: publish correct enum values (rhbz#1113316)
- qemu: blockcopy: Don't remove existing disk mirror info (rhbz#1113828)
- qemu: fix guestfwd chardev option back how it was (rhbz#1112066)

- Fix crash when saving a domain with type none dac label (rhbz#1108590)
- Initialize threading & error layer in LXC controller (rhbz#1109120)

- remote: Don't leak priv->tls object on connection failure (rhbz#1099075)
- Fix invalid read in virNetSASLSessionClientStep debug log (rhbz#1100173)
- Tie SASL callbacks lifecycle to virNetSessionSASLContext (rhbz#1100173)
- fix leak in memoryStats with older python (rhbz#1099860)
- hooks: let virCommand do the error reporting (rhbz#1105397)
- SELinux: don't fail silently when no label is present (rhbz#1105954)
- qemu: Add qemuDomainReleaseDeviceAddress to remove any address 
- qemu: Separate disk device removal into a standalone function 
- qemu: Separate controller removal into a standalone function (rhbz#807023)
- qemu: Separate net device removal into a standalone function (rhbz#807023)
- qemu: Separate host device removal into a standalone function 
- Add VIR_DOMAIN_EVENT_ID_DEVICE_REMOVED event (rhbz#807023)
- examples: Handle VIR_DOMAIN_EVENT_ID_DEVICE_REMOVED event (rhbz#807023)
- Clarify virDomainDetachDeviceFlags documentation (rhbz#807023)
- Add virDomainDefFindDevice for looking up a device by its alias 
- qemu: Add support for DEVICE_DELETED event (rhbz#807023)
- qemu: Remove devices only after DEVICE_DELETED event (rhbz#807023)
- qemu: Emit VIR_DOMAIN_EVENT_ID_DEVICE_REMOVED events (rhbz#807023)
- Add function to find a needle in a string array (rhbz#807023)
- util: Non-existent string array does not contain any string (rhbz#807023)
- conf: Make error reporting in virDomainDefFindDevice optional 
- qemu: Introduce qemuMonitorGetDeviceAliases (rhbz#807023)
- qemu: Unplug devices that disappeared when libvirtd was down (rhbz#807023)
- qemu: Finish device removal in the original thread (rhbz#807023)
- qemu: Process DEVICE_DELETED event in a separate thread (rhbz#807023)
- qemu: Remove interface backend only after frontend is gone (rhbz#807023)
- qemu: Remove disk backend only after frontend is gone (rhbz#807023)
- qemu: Return in from qemuDomainRemove*Device (rhbz#807023)

- udev: consider the device a CDROM when ID_CDROM=1 (rhbz#1016878)
- Add support for timestamping QEMU logs (rhbz#997010)
- Detect -msg-timestamp capability from QEMU help output (rhbz#997010)
- qemu: Avoid leak in qemuDomainCheckRemoveOptionalDisk (rhbz#1014730)
- Return right error code for baselineCPU (rhbz#1097969)
- Add a port allocator class (rhbz#1018695)
- Avoid integer wrap on remotePortMax in QEMU driver (rhbz#1018695)
- Followup fix for integer wraparound in port allocator (rhbz#1018695)
- Don't spam logs with "port 0 must be in range" errors (rhbz#1018695)
- qemu: Avoid assigning unavailable migration ports (rhbz#1018695)
- qemu: Make migration port range configurable (rhbz#1018695)
- qemu: Fix augeas support for migration ports (rhbz#1018695)
- qemu: clean up migration ports when migration cancelled (rhbz#1018695)
- qemuDomainObjBeginJobInternal: Return -2 for temporary failures 
- qemu: Make qemuProcess{Start, Stop}CPUs easier to follow (rhbz#1083238)
- qemu: Ignore temporary job errors when checking migration status 
- qemu: Send migrate_cancel when aborting migration (rhbz#1098833)

- virSecuritySELinuxSetFileconHelper: Don't fail on read-only NFS 
- storage: Resolve issues in failure path (rhbz#1092882)
- interface: Introduce netcfInterfaceObjIsActive (rhbz#1095774)
- interface: dump inactive xml when interface isn't active (rhbz#1095774)
- qemu: add host-pci-multidomain capability (rhbz#1092390)
- qemu: specify domain in host-side PCI addresses when needed/supported 
- util: fix virFileOpenAs return value and resulting error logs 
- qemu: check actual netdev type rather than config netdev type during 
init (rhbz#1012834)
- Fix parsing of bond interface XML (rhbz#1067062)
- qemuSetupCgroup: Fix reference to cgroup (rhbz#1012846)
- apibuild: Disallow 'returns' return decription (rhbz#808463)
- ESX: Add support for virtualHW version 10 (rhbz#1089389)
- storage: Ensure 'qemu-img resize' size arg is a 512 multiple 
- qemu: Adjust size for qcow2/qed if not on sector boundary (rhbz#1002813)
- sanlock: code movement in virLockManagerSanlockAcquire (rhbz#1088034)
- sanlock: don't fail with unregistered domains (rhbz#1088034)
- sanlock: avoid leak in acquire() (rhbz#1088034)
- networkStartNetwork: Be more verbose (rhbz#1064831)
- network_conf: Expose virNetworkDefFormatInternal (rhbz#1064831)
- Avoid crash when LXC start fails with no interface target (rhbz#1064831)
- lxc_process: Avoid passing NULL iface->iname (rhbz#1064831)
- network: Introduce network hooks (rhbz#1064831)
- bridge_driver.h: Fix build --without-network (rhbz#1064831)
- networkRunHook: Run hook only if possible (rhbz#1064831)
- conf: clarify what is returned for actual bandwidth and vlan 
- conf: handle null pointer in virNetDevVlanFormat (rhbz#1064831)
- conf: make virDomainNetDefFormat a public function (rhbz#1064831)
- conf: re-situate <bandwidth> element in <interface> (rhbz#1064831)
- conf: new function virDomainActualNetDefContentsFormat (rhbz#1064831)
- Slightly refactor hostdev parsing / formating (rhbz#1064831)
- conf: output actual netdev status in <interface> XML (rhbz#1064831)
- network: include plugged interface XML in "plugged" network hook 
- network: don't even call networkRunHook if there is no network 

- qemu: export disk snapshot support in capabilities (rhbz#1081032)
- qemu: extract guest capabilities initialization (rhbz#1081032)
- qemu: add unit tests for the capabilities xml (rhbz#1081032)
- qemu: properly quit migration with abort_on_error (rhbz#1045833)
- conf: restrict external snapshots to backing store formats (rhbz#1019926)
- qemu: don't check for backing chains for formats w/o snapshot support 
- qemu: don't call virFileExists() for network type disks (rhbz#1019926)
- net: Change argument type of virNetworkObjIsDuplicate() (rhbz#1057321)
- net: Move creation of dnsmasq hosts file to function starting dnsmasq 
- net: Re-use checks when creating transient networks (rhbz#1057321)
- network: prevent a few invalid configuration combinations (rhbz#1057321)
- network: disallow <bandwidth>/<mac> for bridged/macvtap/hostdev 
networks (rhbz#1057321)
- virsh-domain: Fix cmdSetvcpus error message (rhbz#1092412)
- spice: detect if qemu can disable file transfer (rhbz#983018)
- spice: expose the QEMU disable file transfer option (rhbz#983018)
- qemu_caps: detect if qemu can disable file transfer for spice 
- Device{Attach, Detach}: Document S4 limitations (rhbz#808463)
- storageVolCreateXMLFrom: Allow multiple accesses to origvol (rhbz#1058700)
- LSN-2014-0003: Don't expand entities when parsing XML (CVE-2014-0179)

- nwfilter: Remove error report in virNWFilterDHCPSnoopEnd (rhbz#903480)
- conf: introduce generic ISA address (rhbz#1033984)
- conf: add support for panic device (rhbz#1033984)
- qemu: add support for -device pvpanic (rhbz#1033984)
- PanicCheckABIStability: Need to check for existence (rhbz#1033984)
- use virBitmapFree instead of VIR_FREE for cpumask (rhbz#1088165)
- Properly free vcpupin info for unplugged CPUs (rhbz#1088165)
- Save domain status after cpu hotplug (rhbz#1088703)
- Document behavior of setvcpus during guest boot (rhbz#1088748)
- qemu: Use maximum guest memory size when getting NUMA placement advice 
- qemu: Properly format the uuid string in error messages (rhbz#947974)
- qemu: Split out code to generate SPICE command line (rhbz#953126)
- qemu: Improve handling of channels when generating SPICE command line 
- qemu: Split out SPICE port allocation into a separate function 
- qemu: Do sensible auto allocation of SPICE port numbers (rhbz#953126)
- qemu: fix failure to start with spice graphics and no tls (rhbz#953126)
- qemu: Do not ignore address for USB disks (rhbz#985166)
- qemu: pass -usb and usb hubs earlier, so USB disks with static address 
are handled properly (rhbz#985166)
- qemu: refactor qemuDomainCheckDiskPresence for only disk presence 
check (rhbz#1014730)
- qemu: add helper functions for diskchain checking (rhbz#1014730)
- qemu: check presence of each disk and its backing file as well 
- conf: add startupPolicy attribute for harddisk (rhbz#1014730)
- qemu: support to drop disk with 'optional' startupPolicy (rhbz#1014730)
- qemu: Avoid overflow when setting migration speed (rhbz#1083483)
- qemu: Avoid overflow when setting migration speed on inactive domains 
- caps: Add helpers to convert NUMA nodes to corresponding CPUs 
- qemu: Set cpuset.cpus for domain process (rhbz#1012846)
- qemu: Unbreak p2p migration with complete migration URI (rhbz#1073227)
- maint: don't lose error on canceled migration (rhbz#1073227)
- virsh: suppress aliases in group help (rhbz#956968)

- conf: fix error for parallel port mismatch (rhbz#950830)
- virDomainReboot: Document that migration might be unsafe (rhbz#744967)
- interface: list all interfaces with flags == 0 (rhbz#884382)
- Fix the syntax-check failure (rhbz#884382)
- Crash of libvirtd by unprivileged user in virConnectListAllInterfaces 
- qemuDomainObjStart: Warn on corrupted image (rhbz#1022008)
- QoS: make tc filters match all traffic (rhbz#1084477)
- conf: add support for booting from redirected USB devices (rhbz#1035190)
- Add redirdevs to ABI stability check (rhbz#1035529)
- Fix incorrect values in redirdev ABI check error (rhbz#1035529)
- virSecurityLabelDefParseXML: Don't parse label on model='none' 
- storage: Skip inactive lv volumes (rhbz#748282)
- Check for existence of interface prior to setting terminate flag 
- storage: Avoid forward declaration of virStorageVolDelete (rhbz#1024159)
- storage: Don't update pool available/allocation if buildVol fails 
- conf: Report errors on cputune parameter parsing (rhbz#1040784)
- Treat zero cpu shares as a valid value (rhbz#1040784)
- Show the real cpu shares value in live XML (rhbz#1040784)

- virsh-snapshot: Reject --no-metadata together with --print-xml 
- snapshot: Mention disk-only snapshots in error message (rhbz#880521)
- qemu: snapshot: Report better error message if migration isn't allowed 
- qemu: snapshot: Remove memory image if external checkpoint fails 
- virsh-snapshot: Fix XPath query to determine snapshot state (rhbz#890457)
- conf: Check if number of vCPUs fits in the storage variable (rhbz#902652)
- conf: Improve error messages if parsing of vCPU count fails (rhbz#902652)
- qemu: snapshot: Don't kill access to disk if snapshot creation fails 
- qemu: Un-mark volume as mirrored/copied if blockjob copy fails 
- qemu-blockjob: Fix limit of bandwidth for block jobs to supported 
value (rhbz#927160)
- virsh: Fix typo in docs (rhbz#949776)
- virsh-domain: Report errors on invalid --holdtime value for cmdSendKey 
- qemu: Don't update count of vCPUs if hot-plug fails silently 
- virsh: man: Mention that volumes need to be in storage pool for 
undefine (rhbz#1044790)
- Disable nwfilter driver when running unprivileged (rhbz#1029299)
- storage: reduce number of stat calls (rhbz#977706)
- Ignore missing files on pool refresh (rhbz#977706)
- sanlock: add missing test command in virt-sanlock-cleanup.in 
- virt-sanlock-cleanup; Fix augtool usage (rhbz#1000890)
- conf: Fix typo in error message in ABI stability check (rhbz#961655)
- qemu: Improve error when setting invalid count of vcpus via agent 
- doc: Clarify usage of SELinux baselabel (rhbz#954245)
- selinux: Don't mask errors of virSecuritySELinuxGenNewContext 
- qemu: Return meaningful error when qemu dies early (rhbz#844378)
- sanlock: Forbid VIR_DOMAIN_LOCK_FAILURE_IGNORE (rhbz#905280)
- Remove the redundant parentheses in migrate help (rhbz#927497)
- virt-xml-validate: add missing schemas (rhbz#1006699)
- tools: add missing 'interface' type and update man page (rhbz#1006699)
- qemu: Don't require a block or file when looking for an alias 

- doc: schema: Add basic documentation for the virtual RNG device 
support (rhbz#786408)
- conf: Add support for RNG device configuration in XML (rhbz#786408)
- conf: Add RNG device ABI compatibility check (rhbz#786408)
- qemu: Implement support for default 'random' backend for virtio-rng 
- qemu: Implement support for EGD backend for virtio-rng (rhbz#786408)
- docs: domain: /dev/urandom isn't a valid rng patch (rhbz#786408)
- tests: Add tests for virtio-rng device handling (rhbz#786408)
- docs: Fix attribute name for virtio-rng backend (rhbz#786408)
- rng: restrict passthrough names to known-good files (rhbz#786408)
- Resolve valgrind error (rhbz#786408)
- Fix crash parsing RNG device specification (rhbz#786408)
- rng: allow default device in RNG grammar (rhbz#786408)
- virtio-rng: Add rate limiting options for virtio-RNG (rhbz#786408)
- qemu_caps: Enable virtio-rng for RHEL-6.6 qemu-kvm downstream 
- audit: Audit resources used by VirtIO RNG (rhbz#786408)
- virtio-rng: Remove double space in error message (rhbz#786408)
- doc: fix XML for the RNG device example (rhbz#786408)
- conf: Don't crash on invalid chardev source definition of RNGs and 
other (rhbz#786408)
- conf: Fix XML formatting of RNG device info (rhbz#786408)
- libvirt: fix error message when connection can't be opened (rhbz#851413)
- conf: fix error for parallel port mismatch (rhbz#950830)
- virsh: clarify vol-{down, up}load description (rhbz#955539)
- virsh: fix doc typos (rhbz#1022872)
- util: use string libvirt to prefix error message instead of libvir 
- docs: use MiB/s instead of Mbps for migration speed (rhbz#948821)
- schema: require target path in storage pool xml (rhbz#893273)
- schema: make source optional in volume XML (rhbz#893273)
- Add qxl ram size to ABI stability check (rhbz#1035134)
- qemu: fix default spice password setting (rhbz#953721)
- Expose ownership ID parsing (rhbz#963881)
- Make qemuOpenFile aware of per-VM DAC seclabel. (rhbz#869053)
- Use qemuOpenFile in qemu_driver.c (rhbz#963881)
- virsh: Fix heading in manpage (rhbz#996840)
- qemu: Change the default unix monitor timeout (rhbz#1051364)
- qemu: fix live pinning to memory node on NUMA system (rhbz#857312)
- qemu: Clean up qemuDomainSetNumaParameters (rhbz#857312)

- Fix race in starting transient VMs (rhbz#1022924)
- qemuDomainDestroyFlags: Don't allow @vm to disappear while executing 
API (rhbz#1030736)
- python: return dictionary without value in case of no blockjob 
- remote: fix regression in event deregistration (rhbz#1020372)
- Add virtio-scsi to fallback models of scsi controller (rhbz#1014943)
- qemu: Avoid operations on NULL monitor if VM fails early (rhbz#1047659)
- qemu: Do not access stale data in virDomainBlockStats (CVE-2013-6458)
- qemu: Avoid using stale data in virDomainGetBlockInfo (CVE-2013-6458)
- qemu: Fix job usage in qemuDomainBlockJobImpl (CVE-2013-6458)
- qemu: Fix job usage in qemuDomainBlockCopy (rhbz#1043069)
- qemu: Fix job usage in virDomainGetBlockIoTune (CVE-2013-6458)
- Don't crash if a connection closes early (CVE-2014-1447)
- Really don't crash if a connection closes early (CVE-2014-1447)
- Block info query: Add check for transient domain (rhbz#1040507)
- network: only prevent forwarding of DNS requests for unqualified names 
- network: change default of forwardPlainNames to 'yes' (rhbz#1037741)
- sanlock: Truncate domain names longer than SANLK_NAME_LEN (rhbz#1060557)
- Remove contiguous CPU indexes assumption (rhbz#1066473)
- qemu: monitor: Fix error message and comment when getting cpu info 
- qemu: monitor: Filter out thread ids of CPUS that were unplugged 
- qemu: monitor: Fix invalid parentheses (rhbz#1076719)
- virNetClientSetTLSSession: Restore original signal mask (rhbz#1078589)
- spec: Switch to "git am" for applying patches (rhbz#1076719)

- virNetDevBandwidthEqual: Make it more robust (rhbz#1014198)
- qemu_hotplug: Allow QoS update in qemuDomainChangeNet (rhbz#1014198)
- qemu: Generate correct name for hostdev network devices (rhbz#1001881)

- libvirt-guests: status: Return non-zero when stopped (rhbz#1011981)
- qemu: Drop qemuDomainMemoryLimit (rhbz#1013758)
- docs: Discourage users to set hard_limit (rhbz#1013758)
- docs: Clean 09adfdc62de2b up (rhbz#1013758)
- qemuSetupMemoryCgroup: Handle hard_limit properly (rhbz#1013758)
- qemuBuildCommandLine: Fall back to mem balloon if there's no 
hard_limit (rhbz#1013758)

- qemu: Fix seamless SPICE migration (rhbz#1009886)

- Fix crash in remoteDispatchDomainMemoryStats (CVE-2013-4296)
- Introduce APIs for splitting/joining strings (rhbz#1006266)
- Rename virKillProcess to virProcessKill (rhbz#1006266)
- Rename virPid{Abort, Wait} to virProcess{Abort, Wait} (rhbz#1006266)
- Rename virCommandTranslateStatus to virProcessTranslateStatus 
- Move virProcessKill into virprocess.{h, c} (rhbz#1006266)
- Move virProcess{Kill, Abort, TranslateStatus} into virprocess.{c, h} 
- Include process start time when doing polkit checks (rhbz#1006266)
- Add support for using 3-arg pkcheck syntax for process (CVE-2013-4311)

- migration: Do not restore labels on failed migration (rhbz#895826)
- qemu: Use default machine type if missing it in qemu command line 
- qemu: Don't leak vm on failure (rhbz#995312)
- virDomainDefParseXML: Set the argument of virBitmapFree to NULL after 
calling virBitmapFree (rhbz#1006710)
- tests: Files named '.*-invalid.xml' should fail validation (rhbz#1006710)
- tests: Use portable shell code (rhbz#1006710)
- Add test for the nodemask double free crash (rhbz#1006710)

- security: Provide supplemental groups even when parsing label 
- qemu: Remove hostdev entry when freeing the depending network entry 
- virsh: Correct DESCRIPTION for virsh help blockcopy (rhbz#1002790)
- Add '<nat>' element to '<forward>' network schemas (rhbz#1004365)
- build: More workarounds for if_bridge.h (rhbz#1002735)

- virnettlscontext: Resolve Coverity warnings (UNINIT) (rhbz#975201)
- Fix qemuProcessReadLog with non-zero offset (rhbz#991334)
- virSecurityManagerGenLabel: Skip seclabels without model (rhbz#997818)
- bitmap: Add virBitmapCountBits (rhbz#997367)
- virbitmap: Refactor virBitmapParse to avoid access beyond bounds of 
array (rhbz#997367)
- virbitmaptest: Add test for out of bounds condition (rhbz#997367)
- network: Allow <vlan> in type='hostdev' networks (rhbz#999107)
- python: Fix bindings that don't raise an exception (rhbz#912170)
- storage: Update pool metadata after adding/removing/resizing volume 
- storage: Fix coverity warning (rhbz#965442)
- storage: Fix the use-after-free memory bug (rhbz#965442)
- network: Permit upstream forwarding of unqualified DNS names (rhbz#928638)

- virsh: Fix change-media bug on disk block type (rhbz#923053)
- Fix patches for multiple graphics and spice migration (rhbz#975751)
- Revert "qemu: Remove maximum cpu limit when setting processor count 
using the API" (rhbz#855296)
- Remove VIR_DOMAIN_SHUTDOWN_CRASHED from public API (rhbz#822306)
- Improve LXC startup error reporting (rhbz#903092)
- qemu: Take error path if acquiring of job fails in 
qemuDomainSaveInternal (rhbz#928661)
- util: Improve user lookup helper (rhbz#964359)
- util: Add virGetGroupList (rhbz#964359)
- util: Make virSetUIDGID async-signal-safe (rhbz#964359)
- Fix potential deadlock across fork() in QEMU driver (rhbz#964359)
- security: Framework for driver PreFork handler (rhbz#964359)
- security_dac: Compute supplemental groups before fork (rhbz#964359)
- security: Fix deadlock with prefork (rhbz#964359)
- Split TLS test into two separate tests (rhbz#975201)
- Avoid re-generating certs every time (rhbz#975201)
- Change data passed into TLS test cases (rhbz#975201)
- Fix validation of CA certificate chains (rhbz#975201)
- Fix parallel runs of TLS test suites (rhbz#975201)
- tests: Fix parallel runs of TLS test suites (rhbz#975201)

- conf: Avoid NULL deref for pmsuspended domain state (rhbz#822306)
- libvirt: Define domain crash event types (rhbz#822306)
- qemu: Refactor processWatchdogEvent (rhbz#822306)
- qemu: Expose qemuProcessShutdownOrReboot() (rhbz#822306)
- qemu: Implement 'oncrash' events when guest panicked (rhbz#822306)
- qemu: Implement 'oncrash' coredump events when guest panicked 
- conf: Fix a memory leak when parsing nat port XML nodes (rhbz#851455)
- security_manager: Fix comparison (rhbz#984793)
- qemu: Prevent crash of libvirtd without guest agent configuration 
- qemu: Fix double free of returned JSON array in qemuAgentGetVCPUs() 
- qemu_agent: Add support for appending arrays to commands (rhbz#924400)
- Add support for locking domain's memory pages (rhbz#947118)
- qemu: Implement support for locking domain's memory pages (rhbz#947118)
- qemu: Check for -realtime mlock=on|off support (rhbz#947118)
- qemu: Move memory limit computation to a reusable function (rhbz#947118)
- util: New virCommandSetMax(MemLock|Processes|Files) (rhbz#947118)
- qemu: Set RLIMIT_MEMLOCK when memoryBacking/locked is used (rhbz#947118)
- Add Gluster protocol as supported network disk backend (rhbz#849796)
- qemu: Add support for gluster protocol based network storage backend. 
- tests: Add tests for gluster protocol based network disks support 

- qemu: Don't force port=0 for SPICE (rhbz#975751)
- qemu: Refactor graphics code to not hardcode a single display 
- qemu: Graphics support for simultaneous one of each sdl, vnc, spice 
- qemu: Don't miss errors when changing graphics passwords (rhbz#975751)
- qemu: Allow seamless migration for domains with multiple graphics 
- qemu_migration: Move waiting for SPICE migration (rhbz#920205)
- util: Refactor iptables command construction into multiple steps 
- net: Support set public ip range for forward mode nat (rhbz#851455)
- net: Add support for specifying port range for forward mode nat 
- qemu_migrate: Dispose listen address if set from config (rhbz#971485)
- qemu: Remove maximum cpu limit when setting processor count using the 
API (rhbz#855296)
- qemu_agent: Introduce helpers for agent based CPU hot(un)plug 
- virsh-domain: Refactor cmdVcpucount and fix output on inactive domains 
- API: Introduce VIR_DOMAIN_VCPU_AGENT, for agent based CPU hot(un)plug 
- qemu: Implement request of vCPU state using the guest agent (rhbz#924400)
- qemu: Implement support for VIR_DOMAIN_VCPU_AGENT in 
qemuDomainSetVcpusFlags (rhbz#924400)
- qemuDomainGetVcpusFlags: Initialize ncpuinfo (rhbz#924400)
- Fix commit 29c1e913e459058c12d02b3f4b767b3dd428a498 (rhbz#924400)
- qemu: Make qemuMigrationIsAllowed more reusable (rhbz#972675)
- qemu: Cancel migration if guest encoutners I/O error while migrating 
- qemu: Forbid migration of machines with I/O errors (rhbz#972675)
- migration: Make erroring out on I/O error controllable by flag 
- migration: Don't propagate VIR_MIGRATE_ABORT_ON_ERROR (rhbz#972675)
- Paused domain should remain paused after migration (rhbz#972675)
- qemu: New vnc display sharing policy caps flag (rhbz#803602)
- conf: Add 'sharePolicy' attribute to graphics element for vnc 
- qemu: Add ', share=<policy>' to qemu commandline (rhbz#803602)
- virsh: Distinguish errors between missing argument and wrong option 
- virsh: Fix incorrect argument errors for long options (rhbz#924596)
- virsh: Resolve Coverity 'MISSING_BREAK' (rhbz#924596)
- virnetdev: Need to initialize 'pciConfigAddr' (rhbz#980339)
- qemu: Fix double free in qemuMigrationPrepareDirect (rhbz#977961)
- sec_manager: Refuse to start domain with unsupported seclabel 
- usb: Don't spoil decimal addresses (rhbz#981503)
- storage: Return -1 when fs pool can't be mounted (rhbz#983539)

- xen: Resolve resource leak with 'cpuset' (rhbz#888503)
- schema: Make the cpuset type reusable across schema files (rhbz#888503)
- schemas: Add schemas for more CPU topology information in the caps XML 
- conf: Split out NUMA topology formatting to simplify access to data 
- capabilities: Switch CPU data in NUMA topology to a struct (rhbz#888503)
- capabilities: Add additional data to the NUMA topology info (rhbz#888503)
- test: Add support for thread and core information for the test driver 
- xen: Initialize variable before using (rhbz#888503)
- xen: Actually fix the uninitialized variable (rhbz#888503)
- spice: Properly reserve tlsPort when no port specified (rhbz#913244)
- qemu_agent: Ignore expected EOFs (rhbz#892079)
- qemu: Nicer error message if live disk snapshot unsupported (rhbz#882077)
- qemu: Destroy domain on decompression binary error (rhbz#894723)
- qemu: Run lzop with '--ignore-warn' (rhbz#894723)
- Don't ignore return value of qemuProcessKill (rhbz#903238)
- Fix race condition when destroying guests (rhbz#903238)
- Log warning if storage magic matches, but version does not (rhbz#903248)
- Add lots of debugging to storage file probing code (rhbz#903248)
- Fix probing of QED file format (rhbz#903248)
- util: Add virendian.h macros (rhbz#903248)
- util: Use new virendian.h macros (rhbz#903248)
- storage: Rearrange functions (rhbz#903248)
- storage: Prepare for refactoring (rhbz#903248)
- storage: Refactor metadata lookup (rhbz#903248)
- storage: Don't follow backing chain symlinks too eagerly (rhbz#903248)
- storage: Test backing chain traversal (rhbz#903248)
- qemu: Check backing chains even when cgroup is omitted (rhbz#896013)
- python: Fix bindings for virDomainSnapshotGet{Domain,Connect} 
- qemu: Add checking in helpers for sgio setting (rhbz#908073)
- qemu: Merge qemuCheckSharedDisk into qemuAddSharedDisk (rhbz#908073)
- qemu: Record names of domain which uses the shared disk in hash table 
- qemu: Update shared disk table when reconnecting qemu process 
- qemu: Move the shared disk adding and sgio setting prior to attaching 
- qemu: Remove the shared disk entry if the operation is ejecting or 
updating (rhbz#908073)
- qemu: Fix the memory leak (rhbz#908073)
- Fix crash changing CDROM media (rhbz#908073)
- qemu: Avoid NULL dereference in qemuSharedDiskEntryFree (rhbz#908073)
- qemu: Do not set unpriv_sgio if neither supported nor requested 
- Use size_t instead of int for virDomainDefPtr struct (rhbz#896604)
- util: Add VIR_(APPEND|INSERT|DELETE)_ELEMENT (rhbz#896604)
- qemu: Fix QMP detection of QXL graphics (rhbz#896604)
- qemu: Add qemu vga devices caps and one cap to mark them usable 
- conf: Add optional attribte primary to video <model> element (rhbz#896604)
- qemu: Use newer -device video device in qemu commandline (rhbz#896604)
- tests: Add one -device video device testcase (rhbz#896604)
- qemu: Detect VGA_QXL capability correctly (rhbz#896604)
- qemu: Support ram bar size for qxl devices (rhbz#896604)
- conf: Don't leak 'primary' video property on error (rhbz#896604)
- storage: lvm: Don't overwrite lvcreate errors (rhbz#912179)
- storage: lvm: Lvcreate fails with allocation=0, don't do that 
- storage: Cleanup logical volume creation code (rhbz#912179)
- docs: Clarify semantics of sparse storage volumes (rhbz#912179)
- storage: Fix memory leak with regfree(reg) call. (rhbz#906299)
- storage: Resource resource leak using 'tmp_vols' (rhbz#906299)
- interface: Resolve resource leak wth 'tmp_iface_objs' (rhbz#906299)
- locking: Resolve resource leaks on non error path (rhbz#906299)
- selinux: Resolve resource leak using the default disk label (rhbz#906299)
- storage: Resolve resource leaks with cmd processing (rhbz#906299)
- domain_conf: Resolve resource leaks found by Valgrind (rhbz#906299)
- qemu_command: Resolve resource leaks found by Valgrind (rhbz#906299)
- storage: Need to add virCommandFree() (rhbz#906299)
- qemu: Fix startupPolicy regression (rhbz#896013)
- util: Retry NLM_F_REQUEST with different values of IFLA_EXT_MASK 
- security_manager: Don't manipulate domain XML in 
virDomainDefGetSecurityLabelDef (rhbz#923946)
- security: Don't add seclabel of type none if there's already a 
seclabel (rhbz#923946)
- libvirt_private.syms: Correctly export seclabel APIs (rhbz#923946)
- security_manager.c: Append seclabel iff generated (rhbz#923946)
- rpc: Fix client crash when server drops connection (rhbz#921538)
- storage: Fix volume cloning for logical volume. (rhbz#948678)
- qemu: Allow migration over IPv6 (rhbz#846013)
- qemu: Set IPv6 migration capability when dump-guest-core is present 
- remote: Don't call NULL closeFreeCallback (rhbz#911609)
- libvirt: Increase connection reference count for callbacks (rhbz#911609)
- virsh: Unregister the connection close notifier upon termination 
- virsh: Move cmdConnect from virsh-host.c to virsh.c (rhbz#911609)
- virsh: Register and unregister the close callback also in cmdConnect 
- rpc: Fix connection close callback race condition and memory 
corruption/crash (rhbz#911609)
- tests: Fix qemumonitorjsontest deadlock when the machine is under load 
- Avoid use of free'd memory in auto destroy callback (rhbz#950286)
- Fix crash in QEMU auto-destroy with transient guests (rhbz#950286)
- daemon: Fix leak after listing volumes (CVE-2013-1962)
- Don't try to add non-existant devices to ACL (rhbz#922153)
- Avoid spamming logs with cgroups warnings (rhbz#922153)
- audit: Properly encode device path in cgroup audit (rhbz#922203)
- qemu: Set correct migrate host in client_migrate_info (rhbz#920441)
- qemu: Fix crash in migration of graphics-less guests. (rhbz#920441)
- Fix F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC operation args (rhbz#961034)
- cgroup: Be robust against cgroup movement races (rhbz#903433)
- virsocket: Introduce virSocketAddrIsWildcard (rhbz#920441)
- qemuDomainMigrateGraphicsRelocate: Use then new 
virSocketAddrIsWildcard (rhbz#920441)
- virSocketAddrIsWildcard: Use IN6_IS_ADDR_UNSPECIFIED correctly 
- libvirt: lxc: Don't mkdir when selinux is disabled (rhbz#915485)
- Don't mount selinux fs in LXC if selinux is disabled (rhbz#915485)
- virsh: Don't print --(null) in vol-name and vol-pool (rhbz#924571)
- virsh: Fix docs for "virsh setmaxmem" (rhbz#924648)
- qemu: Remove managed save flag from VM when starting with --force-boot 
- qemu: Don't update count of vCPUs if hot-unplug has failed (rhbz#895424)
- conf: net: Fix deadlock if assignment of network def fails (rhbz#921777)
- RPC: Support up to 16384 cpus on the host and 4096 in the guest 
- conf: Don't fail to parse <boot> when parsing a single device 
- conf: Allow for non-contiguous device boot orders (rhbz#889961)
- qemuDomainChangeGraphics: Check listen address change by listen type 
- build: Fix build with -Werror (rhbz#976401)
- qemuDomainBlockStatsFlags: Guard disk lookup with a domain job 
- qemu: Don't fail to shutdown domains with unresponsive agent (rhbz#889635)
- qemu: Wrap controllers code into dummy loop (rhbz#870003)
- qemu: Add controllers in specified order (rhbz#870003)
- tests: Add test for controller order (rhbz#870003)
- bandwidth: Attach sfq to leaf node (rhbz#895340)
- bandwidth: Create hierarchical shaping classes (rhbz#895340)
- remote: Forbid default "/session" connections when using ssh transport 
- remote: Fix client crash when URI path is empty when using ssh 
- udev: Fix crash in libudev logging (rhbz#971904)
- iscsi: Don't leak portal string when starting a pool (rhbz#975392)
- storage: Avoid double virCommandFree in 
virStorageBackendLogicalDeletePool (rhbz#921387)
- manual: Fix copy-paste errors (rhbz#923613)
- esx: Support virtualHW version 9 (rhbz#955575)
- manual: Add info about migrateuri in virsh manual (rhbz#878765)
- conf: Fix cpumask leak in virDomainDefFree (rhbz#977430)
- qemu: Avoid leaking uri in qemuMigrationPrepareDirect (rhbz#977961)
- Document that runtime changes may be lost after S4 suspend (rhbz#872419)
- virsh iface-bridge: Ignore delay if stp is turned off (rhbz#892403)
- virsh: Obey pool-or-uuid spec when creating volumes (rhbz#970495)
- Add method for checking if a string is (probably) a log message 
- Convert QEMU driver to use virLogProbablyLogMessage (rhbz#954248)
- util: Escapes special characters in VIR_LOG_REGEX (rhbz#954248)
- qemu: Move QEMU log reading into a separate function (rhbz#954248)
- qemu: Ignore libvirt logs when reading QEMU error output (rhbz#954248)
- logging: Make log regexp more compact (and readable) (rhbz#954248)
- qemu: Do not report unsafe migration for local files (rhbz#913363)
- Plug leak in virCgroupMoveTask (rhbz#978352)
- Fix invalid read in virCgroupGetValueStr (rhbz#978356)
- pci: Initialize virtual_functions array pointer to avoid segfault 
- Node device driver: update driver name during dumpxml (rhbz#979330)

- rpc: Fix crash on error paths of message dispatching (CVE-2013-0170)
- spec: Disable libssh2 support (rhbz#513363)

- storage: Fix lvcreate parameter for backingStore. (rhbz#896398)
- qemu: Don't return success if creation of snapshot save file fails 
- qemu: Reject attempts to create snapshots with names containig '/' 

- qemu_agent: Remove agent reference only when disposing it (rhbz#892079)
- Add RESUME event listener to qemu monitor. (rhbz#894085)

- snapshot: conf: Make virDomainSnapshotIsExternal more reusable 
- snapshot: qemu: Separate logic blocks with newlines (rhbz#889407)
- snapshot: qemu: Fix segfault and vanishing snapshots when redefining 
- snapshot: qemu: Allow redefinition of external snapshots (rhbz#889407)
- util: Prepare helpers for unpriv_sgio setting (rhbz#878578)
- qemu: Add a hash table for the shared disks (rhbz#878578)
- docs: Add docs and rng schema for new XML tag sgio (rhbz#878578)
- conf: Parse and format the new XML (rhbz#878578)
- qemu: Set unpriv_sgio when starting domain and attaching disk 
- qemu: Check if the shared disk's cdbfilter conflicts with others 
- qemu: Relax hard RSS limit (rhbz#891653)

- util: Add missing error log messages when failing to get netlink 
VFINFO (rhbz#889319)
- util: Fix functions that retrieve SRIOV VF info (rhbz#889319)
- util: Fix botched check for new netlink request filters (rhbz#889319)
- blockjob: Fix memleak that prevented block pivot (rhbz#888426)
- sanlock: Chown lease files as well (rhbz#820173)

- network: Prevent dnsmasq from listening on localhost (rhbz#886821)
- sanlock: Re-add lockspace unconditionally (rhbz#820173)
- Fix "virsh create" example (rhbz#887187)
- docs: Fix some typos in examples (rhbz#887187)
- network: Don't require private addresses if dnsmasq uses 
SO_BINDTODEVICE (rhbz#882265)

- qemu: Eliminate bogus error log when changing netdev's bridge 
- remote: Avoid the thread race condition (rhbz#866524)
- storage: Error out earlier if the volume target path already exists 
- dnsmasq: Fix parsing of the version number (rhbz#885727)
- qemu: Restart CPUs with valid async job type when doing external 
snapshots (rhbz#885081)
- examples: Fix balloon event callback (rhbz#884650)
- util: Don't fail virGetGroupIDByName when group not found (rhbz#883832)
- util: Don't fail virGetUserIDByName when user not found (rhbz#883832)
- util: Rework error reporting in virGet(User|Group)IDByName (rhbz#883832)
- util: Fix warning message in previous patch (rhbz#883832)

- Fix uninitialized variable in virLXCControllerSetupDevPTS (rhbz#880064)
- storage: Fix device detach regression with cgroup ACLs (rhbz#876828)
- storage: Fix bug of fs pool destroying (rhbz#878400)
- qemu: Fix a crash when save file can't be opened (rhbz#880919)
- bitmap: Fix typo to use UL type of integer constant in 
virBitmapIsAllSet (rhbz#876415)
- virsh: Rewrite cmdDomDisplay (rhbz#878779)
- network: Fix crash when portgroup has no name (rhbz#879473)
- util: Capabilities detection for dnsmasq (rhbz#882265)
- util: New virSocketAddrIsPrivate function (rhbz#882265)
- network: Use dnsmasq --bind-dynamic when available (rhbz#882265)
- storage: Fix scsi detach regression with cgroup ACLs (rhbz#876828)
- libssh2_session: Support DSS keys as well (rhbz#878376)
- virsh: Fix error messages in iface-bridge (rhbz#878376)
- virsh: Check the return value of virStoragePoolGetAutostart (rhbz#878376)
- conf: Check the return value of virXPathNodeSet (rhbz#878376)
- conf: snapshot: Check return value of virDomainSnapshotObjListNum 
- util: Fix virBitmap allocation in virProcessInfoGetAffinity (rhbz#878376)
- virsh: Use correct sizeof when allocating cpumap (rhbz#878376)
- rpc: Don't destroy xdr before creating it in virNetMessageEncodeHeader 
- virsh: Do timing even for unusable connections (rhbz#878376)
- conf: Fix uninitialized variable in virDomainListSnapshots (rhbz#878376)
- Fix error handling in virSecurityManagerGetMountOptions (rhbz#878376)
- conf: Prevent crash with no uuid in cephx auth secret (rhbz#878376)
- conf: Fix virDomainNetGetActualDirect*() and BridgeName() (rhbz#881480)
- virsh: Report errors if arguments of the schedinfo command are 
incorrect (rhbz#882915)
- systemd: Require dbus service (rhbz#830201)
- spec: Require dbus-daemon when using libvirtd in Fedora (rhbz#830201)
- qemu: Don't free PCI device if adding it to activePciHostdevs fails 
- util: Slightly refactor PCI list functions (rhbz#877095)
- qemu: Fix memory (and FD) leak on PCI device detach (rhbz#877095)
- util: Do not keep PCI device config file open (rhbz#877095)
- node_memory: Improve the docs (rhbz#872656)
- node_memory: Do not fail if there is parameter unsupported (rhbz#872656)
- node_memory: Fix bug of node_memory_tune (rhbz#872656)

- Add note about numeric domain names to manpage (rhbz#824253)
- Use virNetServerRun instead of custom main loop (rhbz#867246)
- qemu: Fix RBD attach regression (rhbz#878862)
- qemu: Stop recursive detection of image chains when an image is 
missing (rhbz#878862)
- Fix exiting of libvirt_lxc program on container quit (rhbz#879360)
- snapshot: qemu: Add support for external inactive snapshots (rhbz#876816)
- conf: Fix private symbols exported by files in conf (rhbz#876816)
- snapshot: qemu: Fix detection of external snapshots when deleting 
- snapshot: Require user to supply external memory file name (rhbz#876816)
- snapshot: Add two more filter sets to API (rhbz#876817)
- snapshot: Add virsh back-compat support for new filters (rhbz#876817)
- snapshot: Implement new filter sets (rhbz#876817)
- snapshot: Expose location through virsh snapshot-info (rhbz#876817)
- sanlock: Retry after EINPROGRESS (rhbz#820173)
- storage: Fix logical volume cloning (rhbz#879780)
- cpu: Add Intel Haswell cpu model (fix previous downstream definition) 
- virsh: Report error when taking a snapshot with empty --memspec 
argument (rhbz#879130)
- lxc: Don't crash if no security driver is specified in libvirt_lxc 
- lxc: Avoid segfault of libvirt_lxc helper on early cleanup paths 

- util: Improve error reporting from absolutePathFromBaseFile helper 
- storage: Fix broken backing chain (rhbz#874860)
- nodeinfo: Add check and workaround to guarantee valid cpu topologies 
- nodeinfotest: Add test data for 2 processor host with broken NUMA 
- nodeinfotest: Add test data from a AMD bulldozer machine. (rhbz#874050)
- virsh: save: Report an error if XML file can't be read (rhbz#876868)
- virsh: Fix uninitialized variable in cmdSnapshotEdit (rhbz#877303)
- qemu: Allow larger discrepency between memory & currentMemory in 
domain xml (rhbz#873134)

- iohelper: Don't report errors on special FDs (rhbz#866369)
- esx: Yet another connection fix for 5.1 (rhbz#873538)
- qemu: Don't corrupt pointer in qemuDomainSaveMemory() (rhbz#873537)
- build: Place attributes in correct location (rhbz#873934)
- Introduce new VIR_DOMAIN_EVENT_SUSPENDED_API_ERROR event (rhbz#866388)
- qemu: Emit event if 'cont' fails (rhbz#866388)
- virsh: Make ,, escape parsing common (rhbz#874171)
- virsh: Add snapshot-create-as memspec support (rhbz#874171)
- qemu: Fix domain ID numbering race condition (rhbz#874330)
- qemu: Allow migration to be cancelled at prepare phase (rhbz#873792)
- AbortJob: Fix documentation (rhbz#873792)

- sanlock: Introduce 'user' and 'group' conf variables (rhbz#820173)
- esx: Fix connection to ESX 5.1 (rhbz#865670)
- cpu: Fix definition of flag smap (rhbz#797283)
- util: Do a better job of matching up pids with their binaries 
- qemu: Fix EmulatorPinInfo without emulatorpin (rhbz#871312)
- build: Fix RPM build for non-x86 platforms (rhbz#820173)
- qemu: Report errors from iohelper (rhbz#866369)
- build: Fix linking with systemtap probes (rhbz#866369)
- iohelper: Fdatasync() at the end (rhbz#866369)
- net-update docs: S/domain/network/ (rhbz#872104)
- cpu: Add newly added cpu flags (rhbz#838127)
- cpu: Add AMD Opteron G5 cpu model (rhbz#838127)
- cpu: Add Intel Haswell cpu model (rhbz#843087)
- snapshot: New XML for external system checkpoint (rhbz#638512)
- snapshot: Improve disk align checking (rhbz#638512)
- snapshot: Populate new XML info for qemu snapshots (rhbz#638512)
- snapshot: Merge pre-snapshot checks (rhbz#638512)
- qemu: Fix possible race when pausing guest (rhbz#638512)
- qemu: Clean up snapshot retrieval to use the new helper (rhbz#638512)
- qemu: Split out domain memory saving code to allow reuse (rhbz#638512)
- snapshot: Add flag to enable creating checkpoints in live state 
- snapshot: qemu: Add async job type for snapshots (rhbz#638512)
- snapshot: qemu: Rename qemuDomainSnapshotCreateActive (rhbz#638512)
- snapshot: qemu: Add support for external checkpoints (rhbz#638512)
- snapshot: qemu: Remove restrictions preventing external checkpoints 

- xml: Omit domain name from comment if it contains double hyphen 
- cpu: Add recently added cpu feature flags. (rhbz#797283)
- esx: Update version checks for vSphere 5.1 (rhbz#865670)
- qemu: Add helper to prepare cpumap for affinity setting (rhbz#869096)
- qemu: Keep the affinity when creating cgroup for emulator thread 
- qemu: Prohibit chaning affinity of domain process if placement is 
'auto' (rhbz#870099)
- network: Fix networkValidate check for default portgroup and vlan 
- qemu: Fix attach/detach of netdevs with matching mac addrs (rhbz#862515)
- snapshot: Improve snapshot-list error message (rhbz#869100)
- virsh: Remove --flags from nodesuspend (rhbz#869508)
- virsh: Fix POD syntax (rhbz#870273)
- xml: Print uuids in the warning (rhbz#868692)
- blockjob: Support both RHEL and upstream qemu drive-mirror (rhbz#871055)

- qemu: Clear async job when p2p migration fails early (rhbz#867412)
- qemu: Pin the emulator when only cpuset is specified (rhbz#867372)
- qemu: Correctly wait for spice to migrate (rhbz#867724)
- qemu: Fixed default machine detection in qemuCapsParseMachineTypesStr 
- conf: Make tri-state feature options more universal (rhbz#864606)
- conf: Add support for HyperV Enlightenment features (rhbz#864606)
- qemu: Add support for HyperV Enlightenment feature "relaxed" (rhbz#864606)
- network: Set to NULL after virNetworkDefFree() (rhbz#866364)
- qemu: Always format CPU topology (rhbz#866999)
- qemu: Don't fail without emulatorpin or cpumask (rhbz#867372)
- qemu: Allow migration with host USB devices (rhbz#843560)
- qemu: Do not require hostuuid in migration cookie (rhbz#863059)
- network: Free/null newDef if network fails to start (rhbz#866364)
- migrate: v2: Use VIR_DOMAIN_XML_MIGRATABLE when available (rhbz#856864)
- qemu: Avoid holding the driver lock in trivial snapshot API's 
- storage: List more file types (rhbz#772088)
- storage: Treat 'aio' like 'raw' at parse time (rhbz#772088)
- storage: Match RNG to supported driver types (rhbz#772088)
- storage: Use enum for default driver type (rhbz#772088)
- storage: Use enum for disk driver type (rhbz#772088)
- storage: Use enum for snapshot driver type (rhbz#772088)
- storage: Don't probe non-files (rhbz#772088)
- storage: Get entire metadata chain in one call (rhbz#772088)
- storage: Don't require caller to pre-allocate metadata struct 
- storage: Remember relative names in backing chain (rhbz#772088)
- storage: Make it easier to find file within chain (rhbz#772088)
- storage: Cache backing chain while qemu domain is live (rhbz#772088)
- storage: Use cache to walk backing chain (rhbz#772088)
- blockjob: Remove unused parameters after previous patch (rhbz#772088)
- blockjob: Manage qemu block-commit monitor command (rhbz#772088)
- blockjob: Wire up online qemu block-commit (rhbz#772088)
- blockjob: Implement shallow commit flag in qemu (rhbz#772088)
- blockjob: Refactor qemu disk chain permission grants (rhbz#772088)
- blockjob: Properly label disks for qemu block-commit (rhbz#772088)
- blockjob: Avoid segv on early error (rhbz#772088)
- blockjob: Accommodate early RHEL backport naming (rhbz#772088)
- virsh: Fix segfault of snapshot-list (rhbz#837544)
- network: Always create dnsmasq hosts and addnhosts files, even if 
empty (rhbz#868389)
- network: Don't allow multiple default portgroups (rhbz#868483)
- selinux: Use raw contexts (rhbz#851981)
- selinux: Add security selinux function to label tapfd (rhbz#851981)
- selinux: Use raw contexts 2 (rhbz#851981)
- selinux: Fix wrong tapfd relablling (rhbz#851981)
- selinux: Remove unused variables in socket labelling (rhbz#851981)
- selinux: Relabel tapfd in qemuPhysIfaceConnect (rhbz#851981)
- storage: Let format probing work on root-squash NFS (rhbz#856247)
- snapshot: Sanity check when reusing file for snapshot (rhbz#856247)
- blockjob: Add qemu capabilities related to block jobs (rhbz#856247)
- blockjob: React to active block copy (rhbz#856247)
- blockjob: Return appropriate event and info (rhbz#856247)
- blockjob: Support pivot operation on cancel (rhbz#856247)
- blockjob: Make drive-reopen safer (rhbz#856247)
- blockjob: Implement block copy for qemu (rhbz#856247)
- blockjob: Allow for existing files in block-copy (rhbz#856247)
- blockjob: Allow mirroring under SELinux and cgroup (rhbz#856247)
- blockjob: Relabel entire existing chain (rhbz#856247)

- node_memory: Add new parameter field to tune the new sysfs knob 
- daemon: Fix removing abstract namespaces (rhbz#859331)
- tests: Fix domain-events python test (rhbz#839661)
- conf: Fix crash with cleanup (rhbz#866288)
- spec: Add runtime requirement for libssh2 (rhbz#866508)
- spec: Require newer sanlock on recent distros (rhbz#832156)
- spec: Require newer sanlock on recent distros 2 (rhbz#832156)

- conf: Rename life cycle actions to event actions (rhbz#832156)
- conf: Add on_lockfailure event configuration (rhbz#832156)
- locking: Add const char * parameter to avoid ugly typecasts (rhbz#832156)
- locking: Pass hypervisor driver name when acquiring locks (rhbz#832156)
- locking: Add support for lock failure action (rhbz#832156)
- locking: Implement lock failure action in sanlock driver (rhbz#832156)
- conf: Add support for startupPolicy for USB devices (rhbz#843560)
- qemu: Introduce qemuFindHostdevUSBDevice (rhbz#843560)
- qemu: Add option to treat missing USB devices as success (rhbz#843560)
- qemu: Implement startupPolicy for USB passed through devices (rhbz#843560)
- Add MIGRATABLE flag for virDomainGetXMLDesc (rhbz#843560)
- qemu: Make save/restore with USB devices usable (rhbz#843560)
- conf: Mark missing optional USB devices in domain XML (rhbz#843560)
- security: Also parse user/group names instead of just IDs for DAC 
labels (rhbz#860519)
- doc: Update description about security labels on formatdomain.html 
- util: Extend virGetUserID and virGetGroupID to support names and IDs 
- security: Update user and group parsing in security_dac.c (rhbz#860519)
- doc: Update description about user/group in qemu.conf (rhbz#860519)
- Fix kvm_pv_eoi with kvmclock (rhbz#860971)
- Change qemuSetSchedularParameters to use AFFECT_CURRENT (rhbz#852260)
- Fix handling of itanium arch name in QEMU driver (rhbz#863115)
- Add a qemu capabilities cache manager (rhbz#863115)
- Switch over to use cache for building QEMU capabilities (rhbz#863115)
- Remove probing of flags when launching QEMU guests (rhbz#863115)
- Remove probing of machine types when canonicalizing XML (rhbz#863115)
- Remove probing of CPU models when launching QEMU guests (rhbz#863115)
- Make qemuCapsProbeMachineTypes & qemuCapsProbeCPUModels static 
- Remove xenner support (rhbz#863115)
- Refactor guest init to support qemu-system-i386 binary too (rhbz#863115)
- Add a qemuMonitorGetVersion() method for QMP query-version command 
- Add a qemuMonitorGetMachines() method for QMP query-machines command 
- Add a qemuMonitorGetCPUDefinitions method for QMP 
query-cpu-definitions command (rhbz#863115)
- Add a qemuMonitorGetCommands() method for QMP query-commands command 
- Add a qemuMonitorGetEvents() method for QMP query-events command 
- Add a qemuMonitorGetObjectTypes() method for QMP qom-list-types 
command (rhbz#863115)
- Add a qemuMonitorGetObjectProps() method for QMP 
device-list-properties command (rhbz#863115)
- Add a qemuMonitorGetTargetArch() method for QMP query-target command 
- Remove some unused includes in QEMU code (rhbz#863115)
- Move command/event capabilities detection out of QEMU monitor code 
- Fix regression starting QEMU instances without query-events (rhbz#863115)
- Refactor qemuCapsParseDeviceStr to work from data tables (rhbz#863115)
- Fix QEMU test with 1.2.0 help output (rhbz#863115)
- Ignore error from query-cpu-definitions (rhbz#863115)
- Fix potential deadlock when agent is closed (rhbz#859712)
- Fix (rare) deadlock in QEMU monitor callbacks (rhbz#859712)
- Convert virLXCMonitor to use virObject (rhbz#864336)
- Remove pointless virLXCProcessMonitorDestroy method (rhbz#864336)
- Simplify some redundant locking while unref'ing objects (rhbz#859712)
- Fix deadlock in handling EOF in LXC monitor (rhbz#864336)
- Avoid bogus I/O event errors when closing the QEMU monitor (rhbz#859712)
- qemu: Fix parsing of x86 CPU models (rhbz#864097)
- python: Keep consistent handling of Python integer conversion 
- esx: Fix and improve esxListAllDomains function (rhbz#864384)
- virsh: Block SIGINT while getting BlockJobInfo (rhbz#845448)
- spec: Add support for libssh2 transport (rhbz#513363)
- Revert "Use XDG Base Directories instead of storing in home directory" 
- doc: Sort out the relationship between <vcpu>, <vcpupin>, and 
<emulatorpin> (rhbz#855218)
- conf: Ignore vcpupin for not onlined vcpus when parsing (rhbz#855218)
- conf: Initialize the pinning policy for vcpus (rhbz#855218)
- qemu: Create or remove cgroup when doing vcpu hotpluging (rhbz#857013)
- qemu: Initialize cpuset for hotplugged vcpu as def->cpuset (rhbz#855218)
- conf: Ignore emulatorpin if vcpu placement is auto (rhbz#855218)
- qemu: Ignore def->cpumask if emulatorpin is specified (rhbz#855218)
- Avoid straying </cpuset> (rhbz#855218)
- conf: Fix virDevicePCIAddressEqual args (rhbz#805071)
- conf: VirDomainDeviceInfoCopy utility function (rhbz#805071)
- qemu: Reorganize qemuDomainChangeNet and qemuDomainChangeNetBridge 
- Add support for SUSPEND_DISK event (rhbz#839661)

- qemu: Wait for SPICE to migrate (rhbz#836135)
- lxc: Correctly report active cgroups (rhbz#860907)
- network: Backend for virNetworkUpdate of interface list (rhbz#844404)
- Fix start of containers with custom root filesystem (rhbz#861564)
- Correct checking of virStrcpyStatic() return value (rhbz#864122)

- New build based on upstream release 0.10.2 (rhbz#836934)
- network: define new API virNetworkUpdate
- add support for QEmu sandbox support
- blockjob: add virDomainBlockCommit
- New APIs to get/set Node memory parameters
- new API virConnectListAllSecrets
- new API virConnectListAllNWFilters
- new API virConnectListAllNodeDevices
- new API virConnectListAllInterfaces
- new API virConnectListAllNetworks
- new API virStoragePoolListAllVolumes
- Add PMSUSPENDED life cycle event
- new API virStorageListAllStoragePools
- Add per-guest S3/S4 state configuration
- qemu: Support for Block Device IO Limits
- a lot of bug fixes, improvements and portability work

- New build based on upstream release candidate 1 of 0.10.2 (rhbz#836934)

- Don't assume use of /sys/fs/cgroup (rhbz#842979)

- New build based on upstream release 0.10.1 (rhbz#836934)
- many fixes on top of 0.10.0

- New build based on upstream release 0.10.0 (rhbz#836934)
- agent: add qemuAgentArbitraryCommand() for general qemu agent command
- Introduce virDomainPinEmulator and virDomainGetEmulatorPinInfo functions
- network: use firewalld instead of iptables, when available
- network: make network driver vlan-aware
- esx: Implement network driver
- Various LXC improvements
- Add virDomainGetHostname
- a lot of bug fixes, improvements and portability work

- New build based on upstream snapshot 0.10.0-0rc1 (rhbz#836934)

- New build based on upstream snapshot 0.10.0-0rc0 (rhbz#836934)
- Cleanup and rebase of the few RHEL-only patches

- fix the package split to be similar to 6.3 one instead of upstream

- fix a package dependency problem making -1 uninstallable

- first rebase for 6.4 more to come
- kvm-guest failed to start; double-close bug in libvirt (rhbz#823716)
- potential to deadlock libvirt on EPIPE (rhbz#827234)
- fix keepalive issues (rhbz#832081)
- CPU topology parsing bug on special NUMA platform (rhbz#828729)
- libvirtd will crash when tight loop of hotplug/unplug PCI device 

- avoid closing uninitialized fd (rhbz#827050)
- avoid fd leak (rhbz#827050)
- command: avoid double close bugs (rhbz#827050)
- fdstream: avoid double close bug (rhbz#827050)
- command: check for fork error before closing fd (rhbz#827050)
- qemu: avoid closing fd more than once (rhbz#827050)
- Disable keepalives by default (rhbz#832184)

- qemu: Rollback on used USB devices (rhbz#743671)
- qemu: Don't delete USB device on failed qemuPrepareHostdevUSBDevices 
- Revert "rpc: Discard non-blocking calls only when necessary" (rhbz#821468)

- Fix virDomainDeviceInfoIsSet() to check all struct fields (rhbz#820869)
- Fix logic for assigning PCI addresses to USB2 companion controllers 
- Set a sensible default master start port for ehci companion 
controllers (rhbz#820869)

- build: Fix the typo in configure.ac (rhbz#820461)
- qemu: Fix build when !HAVE_NUMACTL (rhbz#820461)
- usb: Fix crash when failing to attach a second usb device (rhbz#815755)
- qemu: Use the CPU index in capabilities to map NUMA node to cpu list. 
- qemu: Set memory policy using cgroup if placement is auto (rhbz#820461)

- numad: Set memory policy from numad advisory nodeset (rhbz#810157)
- numad: Copy 'placement' of <numatune> to <vcpu> by default (rhbz#810157)
- numad: Always output 'placement' of <vcpu> (rhbz#810157)
- qemu: Avoid the memory allocation and freeing (rhbz#810157)
- numad: Divide cur_balloon by 1024 before passing it to numad (rhbz#810157)
- numad: Check numactl-devel if compiled with numad support (rhbz#810157)

- qemu: Don't modify domain on failed blockiotune (rhbz#819014)
- qemu: Reject blockiotune if qemu too old (rhbz#819014)
- qemu: Don't use virDomainDefFormat* directly (rhbz#815503)
- qemu: Emit compatible XML when migrating a domain (rhbz#815503)
- usb: Create functions to search usb device accurately (rhbz#815755)
- qemu: Call usb search function for hostdev initialization and hotplug 
- virsh: Avoid heap corruption leading to virsh abort (rhbz#819636)
- util: Fix libvirtd startup failure due to netlink error (rhbz#816465)
- util: Allow specifying both src and dst pid in virNetlinkCommand 
- util: Function to get local nl_pid used by netlink event socket 
- util: Set src_pid for virNetlinkCommand when appropriate (rhbz#816465)
- domain_conf: Add "usbredir" to list of valid spice channels (rhbz#819498)
- domain_conf: Add "default" to list of valid spice channels (rhbz#819499)
- snapshot: Allow block devices past cgroup (rhbz#810200)
- blockjob: Allow block devices past cgroup (rhbz#810200)
- util: Avoid libvirtd crash in virNetDevTapCreate (rhbz#817234)
- python: Fix the forward_null error in Python binding codes (rhbz#771021)
- xen: Fix resource leak in xen driver (rhbz#771021)
- test: Fix resource leak in test driver (rhbz#771021)
- node: Fix resource leak in nodeinfo.c (rhbz#771021)
- virnet: Fix resource leak in virnetlink.c (rhbz#771021)
- vmx: Fix resource leak (rhbz#771021)
- qemu: Fix resource leak (rhbz#771021)
- uuid: Fix possible non-terminated string (rhbz#771021)
- node_device: Fix possible non-terminated string (rhbz#771021)

- qemuOpenFile: Don't force chown on NFS (rhbz#810241)
- util: Fix crash when starting macvtap interfaces (rhbz#815270)
- qemu: Fix segfault when host CPU is empty (rhbz#817078)
- blockjob: Allow speed setting in block copy (rhbz#815791)
- blockjob: Fix block-stream bandwidth race (rhbz#815791)

- qemu: Improve errors related to offline domains (rhbz#816662)
- blockjob: Check for active vm before checking blockcopy bits (rhbz#816662)
- qemu: Preserve original error during migration (rhbz#807907)
- rpc: Discard non-blocking calls only when necessary (rhbz#807907)
- qemu: Fix detection of failed migration (rhbz#807907)
- qemu: Avoid bogus error at the end of tunnelled migration (rhbz#807907)
- qemu: Make sure qemu can access its directory in hugetlbfs (rhbz#815206)
- virsh: Fix docs for list command (rhbz#814021)
- virsh: Fix and clarify the --title flag for the list command in man 
page (rhbz#814021)

- blockjob: Add new API flags (rhbz#638506)
- blockjob: Add 'blockcopy' to virsh (rhbz#638506)
- blockjob: Enhance xml to track mirrors across libvirtd restart 
- blockjob: React to active block copy (rhbz#638506)
- blockjob: Add qemu capabilities related to block jobs (rhbz#638506)
- blockjob: Return appropriate event and info (rhbz#638506)
- blockjob: Support pivot operation on cancel (rhbz#638506)
- blockjob: Make drive-reopen safer (rhbz#638506)
- blockjob: Implement block copy for qemu (rhbz#638506)
- blockjob: Allow for existing files (rhbz#638506)
- blockjob: Allow mirroring under SELinux (rhbz#638506)
- blockjob: Accommodate RHEL backport names (rhbz#638506)
- virsh: Avoid strtol (rhbz#813972)
- conf: Tighten up XML integer parsing (rhbz#813972)
- snapshot: Fix memory leak on error (rhbz#782457)
- virsh: Avoid uninitialized memory usage (rhbz#814080)

- Fix a problem in the patchset, rhbz#811497 one was applied twice in -12
- qemu, util: On restart of libvirt restart vepa callbacks (rhbz#812430)
- qemu, util: Fix netlink callback registration for migration (rhbz#812430)
- util: Only register callbacks for CREATE operations in 
virnetdevmacvlan.c (rhbz#812430)

- blockjob: Add qemu capabilities related to block pull jobs (rhbz#811683)
- blockjob: Add API for async virDomainBlockJobAbort (rhbz#811683)
- blockjob: Optimize JSON event handler lookup (rhbz#811683)
- blockjob: Wire up qemu async virDomainBlockJobAbort (rhbz#811683)
- blockjob: Allow for fast-finishing job (rhbz#811683)
- virsh: Minor syntactic cleanups (rhbz#811683)
- qemu: Use consistent error when qemu binary is too old (rhbz#811683)
- blockjob: Add virsh blockpull --wait (rhbz#811683)
- qemu: Fix deadlock when qemuDomainOpenConsole cleans up a connection 
- qemu: Fix deadlock when qemuDomainOpenConsole cleans up a connection 
- qemu: Fix mem leak in qemuProcessInitCpuAffinity (rhbz#810157)
- numad: Convert node list to cpumap before setting affinity (rhbz#810157)
- numad: Ignore cpuset if placement is auto (rhbz#810157)
- conf: Do not parse cpuset only if the placement is auto (rhbz#810157)

- test: Fix segfault in networkxml2argvtest (rhbz#810100)
- conf: Plug memory leaks on virDomainDiskDefParseXML (rhbz#575160)
- qemu_ga: Don't overwrite errors on FSThaw (rhbz#808527)
- Fix parallel build in docs/ directory (rhbz#810559)
- qemu: Make migration fail when port profile association fails on the 
dst host (rhbz#811026)
- Wire up <loader> to set the QEMU BIOS path (rhbz#811227)

- python: Add new helper functions for python to C conversion (rhbz#807751)
- python: Make python APIs use these helper functions (rhbz#807751)
- python: Improve conversion validation (rhbz#807751)
- qemu_agent: Issue guest-sync prior to every command (rhbz#808527)
- qemu: Fix memory leak in virDomainGetVcpus (rhbz#808979)
- qemu: Reflect any memory rounding back to xml (rhbz#808522)
- conf: Allow fuzz in XML with cur balloon > max (rhbz#808522)
- qemu: Start nested job in qemuDomainCheckEjectableMedia (rhbz#803186)
- virsh: Clarify escape sequence (rhbz#808652)
- virsh: Plug memory leaks on failure path (rhbz#807555)
- conf: Prevent crash of libvirtd without channel target name (rhbz#808371)
- qemu: Don't leak temporary list of USB devices (rhbz#808459)
- qemu: Delete USB devices used by domain on stop (rhbz#808459)
- qemu: Build activeUsbHostdevs list on process reconnect (rhbz#808459)
- qemu: Fix virtio+macvtap migration from 6.3 to older hosts (rhbz#806633)

- qemu: Avoid entering monitor with locked driver (rhbz#803186)
- snapshot: Don't pass NULL to QMP command creation (rhbz#807147)

- rebuild, forgot to apply part of the patch
- spec: Add missed dependancy for numad (rhbz#769930)

- snapshot: Make quiesce a bit safer (rhbz#804210)
- python: Avoid memory leaks on libvirt_virNodeGetMemoryStats (rhbz#770944)
- qemu: Use unlimited speed when migrating to file (rhbz#740099)
- qemu: Add support for domain cleanup callbacks (rhbz#795305)
- qemu: Avoid dangling migration-in job on shutoff domains (rhbz#795305)
- qemu: Add connection close callbacks (rhbz#795305)
- qemu: Make autodestroy utilize connection close callbacks (rhbz#795305)
- qemu: Avoid dangling migration-out job when client dies (rhbz#795305)
- python: Avoid memory leaks on libvirt_virNodeGetCPUStats (rhbz#770943)
- util: Consolidate duplicated error messages in virnetlink.c (rhbz#693842)
- python: Add virDomainGetCPUStats python binding API (rhbz#800366)
- snapshot: Add qemu capability for 'transaction' command (rhbz#782457)
- snapshot: Add atomic create flag (rhbz#782457)
- snapshot: Make offline qemu snapshots atomic (rhbz#782457)
- snapshot: Rudimentary qemu support for atomic disk snapshot (rhbz#782457)
- snapshot: Add support for qemu transaction command (rhbz#782457)
- snapshot: Wire up qemu transaction command (rhbz#782457)
- snapshot: Improve qemu handling of reused snapshot targets (rhbz#782457)
- Clarify virsh freecell manpage entry (rhbz#698521)
- Add support for event tray moved of removable disks (rhbz#575160)
- docs: Add documentation for new attribute tray of disk target 
- conf: Parse and for the tray attribute (rhbz#575160)
- qemu: Do not start with source for removable disks if tray is open 
- qemu: Prohibit setting tray status as open for block type disk 
- qemu: Update tray status while tray moved event is emitted (rhbz#575160)
- build: Fix incorrect enum declaration (rhbz#575160)
- spec: Add missed dependancy for numad (rhbz#769930)

- cpu: Add new flag supported by qemu to the cpu definition (rhbz#767364)
- Added support for AMD Bulldozer CPU (rhbz#767364)
- graphics: Cleanup port policy (rhbz#801443)
- qemu: Reverse condition in qemuDomainCheckDiskPresence (rhbz#798938)
- cpu: Add cpu definition for Intel Sandy Bridge cpu type (rhbz#761005)
- cpu: Disable tsc-deadline feature not supported in qemu on RHEL 6.3 
- qemu: Support numad (rhbz#769930)
- numad: Fix typo and warning (rhbz#769930)
- qemu: Use scsi-block for lun passthrough instead of scsi-disk 
- util: Make virDomainLeaseDefFree global (rhbz#802851)
- qemu: Don't 'remove' hostdev objects from domain if operation fails 
- util: Eliminate device object leaks related to virDomain*Remove*() 
- virsh: Fix invalid free (rhbz#803591)
- qemu: Eliminate memory leak in qemuDomainUpdateDeviceConfig (rhbz#802854)
- qemu: Support persistent hotplug of <hostdev> devices (rhbz#802856)
- qemu: Fix segfault when detaching non-existent network device 
- remote: Fix migration leaks (rhbz#798497)
- virsh: Trim aliases from -h output (rhbz#796526)
- Fix handling of blkio deviceWeight empty string (rhbz#804028)

- Avoid global variable shadowed (rhbz#737726)
- Add nodeGetCPUmap() for getting available CPU IDs in a cpumap. 
- Qemu driver for virDomainGetCPUstats using cpuacct cgroup. (rhbz#737726)
- Cpu-stats command shows cpu statistics information of a domain. 
- Ensure max_id is initialized in linuxParseCPUmap() (rhbz#737726)
- rpc: Allow truncated return for virDomainGetCPUStats (rhbz#737726)
- qemu: Don't parse device twice in attach/detach (rhbz#770031)
- sanlock: Fix condition left crippled while debugging (rhbz#785736)
- sanlock: Use STREQ_NULLABLE instead of STREQ on strings that may be 
null (rhbz#785736)
- qemu: Fix startupPolicy for snapshot-revert (rhbz#798938)
- util: Don't overflow on errno in virFileAccessibleAs (rhbz#798938)
- blockResize: Add flag for bytes (rhbz#796526)
- docs: Use correct terminology for 1024 bytes (rhbz#796526)
- api: Add overflow error (rhbz#796526)
- util: New function for scaling numbers (rhbz#796526)
- xml: Share 'unit' in RNG (rhbz#796526)
- xml: Output memory unit for clarity (rhbz#796526)
- storage: Support more scaling suffixes (rhbz#796526)
- xml: Drop unenforced minimum memory limit from RNG (rhbz#796526)
- xml: Use long long internally, to centralize overflow checks (rhbz#796526)
- xml: Use better types for memory values (rhbz#796526)
- xml: Allow scaled memory on input (rhbz#796526)
- virsh: Add option aliases (rhbz#796526)
- virsh: Use option aliases (rhbz#796526)
- virsh: Add command aliases, and rename nodedev-detach (rhbz#796526)
- virsh: Improve storage unit parsing (rhbz#796526)
- virsh: Improve memory unit parsing (rhbz#796526)
- qemuBuildCommandLine: Don't add tlsPort if none set (rhbz#801443)
- Removed more AMD-specific features from cpu64-rhel* models (rhbz#768450)
- qemu: Support disk filenames with comma (rhbz#801970)
- cpustats: Collect VM user and sys times (miss python bindings) 
- cpustats: Report user and sys times (rhbz#800366)
- qemu: Fix (managed)save and snapshots with host mode CPU (rhbz#801160)
- qemu: Make block io tuning smarter (rhbz#770683)

- Improve error reporting when virsh console is run without a TTY 
- pidfile: Make checking binary path in virPidFileRead optional 
- Add flags for virDomainOpenConsole (rhbz#729940)
- virsh: Add support for VIR_DOMAIN_CONSOLE_* flags (rhbz#729940)
- fdstream: Emit stream abort callback even if poll() doesnt. (rhbz#729940)
- fdstream: Add internal callback on stream close (rhbz#729940)
- util: Add helpers for safe domain console operations (rhbz#729940)
- qemu: Add ability to abort existing console while creating new one 
- Fixed service handling in specfile (rhbz#786770)
- qemu: Don't emit tls-port spice option if port is -1 (rhbz#798220)
- docs: Comments wiping supported algorithms (rhbz#725013)
- libvirt-guests: Add documentation and clean up to use virsh's improved 
list (rhbz#693758)
- libvirt-guests: Don't try to do a managed-save of transient guests 
- virsh: Enhance list command to ease creation of shell scripts 
- libvirt-guests: Check if URI is reachable before launching commands 
- hooks: Add support for capturing hook output (rhbz#795127)
- qemu: Add pre-migration hook (rhbz#795127)
- Support for cpu64-rhel* qemu cpu models (rhbz#768450)
- util: Add netlink event handling to virnetlink.c (rhbz#693842)
- Add de-association handling to macvlan code (rhbz#693842)
- qemu: Add ibmvscsi controller model (rhbz#782034)
- qemu: Add virtio-scsi controller model (rhbz#782034)
- conf: Add helper function to look up disk controller model (rhbz#782034)
- conf: Introduce new attribute for device address format (rhbz#782034)
- qemu: New cap flag to indicate if channel is supported by scsi-disk 
- qemu: Build command line for the new address format (rhbz#782034)
- tests: Add tests for virtio-scsi and ibmvscsi controllers (rhbz#782034)
- virsh: Two new helper functions for disk device changes (rhbz#713932)
- virsh: Use vshFindDisk and vshPrepareDiskXML in cmdDetachDisk 
- virsh: New command cmdChangeMedia (rhbz#713932)
- qemu: Require json for block jobs (rhbz#799055)
- qemu: Pass block pull backing file to monitor (rhbz#799055)
- virsh: Expose partial pull (rhbz#799055)
- libvirt-guests: Add parallel startup and shutdown of guests (rhbz#625362)
- qemu: Shared or readonly disks are always safe wrt migration (rhbz#751631)
- util: Eliminate crash in virNetDevMacVLanCreateWithVPortProfile 
- rpc: Fix client crash on connection close (rhbz#800185)
- conf: Add missing device types to virDomainDevice(Type|Def) (rhbz#691539)
- conf: Relocate virDomainDeviceDef and virDomainHostdevDef (rhbz#691539)
- conf: Reorder static functions in domain_conf.c (rhbz#691539)
- qemu: Rename virDomainDeviceInfoPtr variables to avoid confusion 
- conf: Add device pointer to args of virDomainDeviceInfoIterate 
callback (rhbz#691539)
- conf: Make hostdev info a separate object (rhbz#691539)
- conf: HostdevDef parse/format helper functions (rhbz#691539)
- conf: Give each hostdevdef a parent pointer (rhbz#691539)
- conf: Put subsys part of virDomainHostdevDef into its own struct 
- conf: Hostdev utility functions (rhbz#691539)
- qemu: Re-order functions in qemu_hotplug.c (rhbz#691539)
- qemu: Refactor hotplug detach of hostdevs (rhbz#691539)
- conf: Parse/format type='hostdev' network interfaces (rhbz#691539)
- qemu: Support type='hostdev' network devices at domain start (rhbz#691539)
- conf: Change virDomainNetRemove from static to global (rhbz#691539)
- qemu: Use virDomainNetRemove instead of inline code (rhbz#691539)
- qemu: Support type=hostdev network device live hotplug attach/detach 
- util: Two new pci util functions (rhbz#691539)
- util: Support functions for mac/portprofile associations on hostdev 
- util: Changes to support portprofiles for hostdevs (rhbz#691539)
- qemu: Install port profile and mac address on netdev hostdevs 
- Fix build after commit e3ba4025 (rhbz#693842)

- storage: Allow runtime detection of scrub missing build dep (rhbz#725013)
- daemon: Plug memory leak (rhbz#795978)
- daemon: Fix logic bug with virAsprintf (rhbz#795978)
- util: Fix virFileAccessibleAs return path from parent (rhbz#795093)
- Add support for unsafe migration (rhbz#751631)
- virsh: Add --unsafe option to migrate command (rhbz#751631)
- Introduce virStorageFileIsClusterFS (rhbz#751631)
- qemu: Forbid migration with cache != none (rhbz#751631)
- qemu: Nicer error message on failed graceful destroy (rhbz#795656)
- Error out when using SPICE TLS with spice_tls=0 (rhbz#790436)
- Revert "spec: Mark directories in /var/run as ghosts" (rhbz#788985)
- Fixed URI parsing (rhbz#785164)
- virsh: Fix informational message in iface-bridge command (rhbz#797066)

- qemu: Set capabilities based on supported monitor commands (rhbz#766958)
- qemu: Implement DomainPMSuspendForDuration (rhbz#766958)
- snapshot: Fix snapshot deletion use-after-free (rhbz#790744)
- storage: Allow runtime detection of scrub (rhbz#725013)
- qemu: Unlock monitor when connecting to dest qemu fails (rhbz#783968)
- qemu: Prevent crash of libvirtd without guest agent (rhbz#790745)
- python: Expose virDomain{G,S}etInterfaceParameters APIs in python 
binding (rhbz#770971)

- Rebase to upstream 0.9.10 (rhbz#752433)
- Add support for sVirt in the LXC driver
- block rebase: add new API virDomainBlockRebase
- API: Add api to set and get domain metadata
- virDomainGetDiskErrors public API
- conf: add rawio attribute to disk element of domain XML
- Add new public API virDomainGetCPUStats()
- Introduce virDomainPMSuspendForDuration API
- resize: add virStorageVolResize() API
- Add a virt-host-validate command to sanity check HV config
- Add new virDomainShutdownFlags API
- QEMU guest agent support
- many improvements and bug fixes

- Rebase to upstream 0.9.10 release candidate 2 (rhbz#752433)

- Rebase to upstream 0.9.10 release candidate 1 (rhbz#752433)

- Remove dependancy to dmidecode for non PC arches (rhbz#782444)

- Rebase to upstream 0.9.9 (rhbz#752433)

- Rebase to upstream 0.9.9 release candidate 1 (rhbz#752433)

- Rebase to upstream 0.9.8 (rhbz#752433)
- some cleanups on the few remaining RHEL-only patches

- Rebase to upstream 0.9.8 release candidate 2 (rhbz#752433)

- Revert "Set qemu migration speed unlimited when migrating to file" 

- conf: Don't free uninitialized pointer (rhbz#751287)

- docs: Document managed=yes of hostdev passthrough (rhbz#740686)
- ServerClient: Flush cached data (rhbz#748025)

- qemu: Avoid leaking uninit data from hotplug to dumpxml (rhbz#747516)
- storage: Plug iscsi memory leak (rhbz#747516)

- snapshot: Detect when qemu lacks disk-snapshot support (rhbz#747115)

- virDomainCoreDump: Introduce VIR_DUMP_RESET flag (rhbz#632498)
- qemu: Implement VIR_DUMP_RESET (rhbz#632498)
- qemu: Check for domain being active on successful job acquire 
- Set to NULL members that have been freed to prevent crashes (rhbz#746075)
- virFDStream: Close also given errfd (fd leak) (rhbz#746075)
- qemu: Silence Coverity false positive (rhbz#739704)
- command: Avoid fd leak on failure (rhbz#739704)
- build: Add compiler attributes to virUUIDParse (rhbz#739704)
- qemu: Check for json allocation failure (rhbz#739704)
- qemu: Fix text block info parsing (rhbz#739704)
- storage: Plug memory leak on error (rhbz#739704)
- conf: Plug memory leak on error (rhbz#739704)
- qemu: Plug memory leak on migration (rhbz#739704)
- macvtap: Plug memory leak for 802.1Qbh (rhbz#739704)
- macvtap: Avoid invalid free (rhbz#739704)
- Update to require sanlock 1.8 for license compliance (rhbz#739518)
- events: Propose a separate lock for event queue (rhbz#743817)
- util: Make getaddrinfo failure nonfatal in virGetHostname (rhbz#738915)
- qemu: Make sure BeginJob is always followed by EndJob (rhbz#746268)
- pci: Fix pciDeviceListSteal on multiple devices (rhbz#733587)
- qemu: Do not reattach PCI device used by other domain when shutdown 
- qemu: Honor the orginal PCI dev properties when reattaching (rhbz#736214)
- daemon: Always advertise libvirtd service (rhbz#726616)

- Fix deadlock when the RPC program is unknown (rhbz#743843)
- qemuDomainAttach: Initialize pidfile variable (rhbz#744548)
- storage: Do not use comma as seperator for lvs output (rhbz#727474)
- snapshot: Avoid accidental renames with snapshot-edit (rhbz#744724)

- qemu: Enable multifunction for older qemu (rhbz#738388)
- qemu: Don't fail virDomainGetInfo if we can't update balloon info 
- qemu: Leave rerror policy at default when enospace is requested 
- snapshot: Fix virsh error message typo (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Let virsh edit disk snapshots (rhbz#744071)
- snapshot: Simplify redefinition of disk snapshot (rhbz#744071)

- Add virFileLock and virFileUnlock APIs (rhbz#728153)
- Move pidfile functions into util/virpidfile.{c, h} (rhbz#728153)
- Introduce functions for checking whether a pidfile is valid (rhbz#728153)
- Add some APIs which use locking for crashsafe pidfile handling 
- Convert libvirtd to use crash-safe pidfile APIs (rhbz#728153)
- build: Fix recent build failures (rhbz#728153)
- daemon: Don't remove pidfiles in init scripts (rhbz#728153)
- daemon: Modify init script to detect upstart managed libvirtd 
- qemu: Check for outstanding async job too (rhbz#742277)
- qemu: Make PCI multifunction support more manual (rhbz#727530)
- network: Fill in bandwidth from portgroup for all forward modes 
- snapshot: Refactor virsh snapshot parent computation (rhbz#742410)
- snapshot: Better virsh handling of missing current, parent (rhbz#742410)
- qemu: Fix migration with dname (rhbz#740533)
- qemu: Correct misspelled 'enospc' option, and only use for werror 
- snapshot: Add REVERT_FORCE to API (rhbz#742615)
- snapshot: Use qemu-img on disks in use at time of snapshot (rhbz#742615)
- snapshot: Enforce REVERT_FORCE on qemu (rhbz#742615)
- init: Raise default system aio limits (rhbz#740899)

- Fix synchronous reading of stream data (rhbz#741337)
- qemu: Add ability to set PCI device "rombar" on or off (rhbz#738095)
- virsh: Better document --copy-storage migrate options (rhbz#677220)
- virsh: Enhance documentation of commands starting jobs (rhbz#705237)
- qemu: Always remove domain object if MigratePrepare fails (rhbz#741251)
- security: Properly chown/label bidirectional and unidirectional fifos 
- qemu: Check domain status details when reconnecting monitor (rhbz#617890)
- qemu: Finish domain shutdown on reconnect (rhbz#617890)
- qemu: Avoid loop of fake reboots (rhbz#617890)
- qemu: Preserve fakeReboot flag in domain status (rhbz#617890)
- snapshot: Fix man page typos (rhbz#740686)
- docs: Document virsh nodedev-* commands (rhbz#740686)
- docs: Document node device XML (rhbz#740686)
- qemu: Add return value check (rhbz#739704)
- qemu: Check for ejected media during startup and migration (rhbz#725673)
- virsh: Update man page for cpu_shares parameter (rhbz#639591)
- virsh: Describe attach-interface parameter target (rhbz#698899)

- Fix crash on events due to allocation errors (rhbz#737881)
- remote: Fix crash on OOM (rhbz#737881)
- Fix persistent migration config save (rhbz#738148)
- qemu: Transfer inactive XML among cookie (rhbz#738148)
- storage: Ensure the device path exists before refreshing disk pool 
- Store max migration bandwidth in qemuDomainObjPrivate struct (rhbz#740099)
- Save migration speed in qemuDomainMigrateSetMaxSpeed (rhbz#740099)
- Set qemu migration speed unlimited when migrating to file (rhbz#740099)
- Use max bandwidth from qemuDomainObjPrivate struct when migrating 
- build: Silence warning on 32-bit build (rhbz#740099)
- conf: Assign newDef of active domain as persistent conf if it is NULL 
- qemu: Avoid dereferencing a NULL pointer (rhbz#739704)
- sanlock: Fix memory leak (rhbz#739704)
- virsh: Fix regression in argv parsing (rhbz#740168)
- snapshot: Fix logic bug in qemu undefine (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Prepare to remove transient snapshot metadata (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Remove snapshot metadata on transient exit (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Also delete empty directory (rhbz#735457)
- virsh: Do not ignore the specified flags for cmdSaveImageDefine 
- selinux: Correctly report warning if virt_use_nfs not set (rhbz#589922)
- qemu: Properly hot-unplug drives (rhbz#696596)

- selinux: Detect virt_use_nfs boolean set (rhbz#589922)
- virnetsocket: Pass KRB5CCNAME env variable (rhbz#737176)
- snapshot: Fix double free of qemuImgBinary (rhbz#737010)
- qemu_api: Modify apibuild.py to generate docs for QEMU APIs (rhbz#736040)
- qemu_api: Update Makefile for subdir docs (rhbz#736040)
- qemu_api: Add comments for API virDomainQemuMonitorCommand (rhbz#736040)
- qemu_api: Add override XML and C files for QEMU APIs (rhbz#736040)
- qemu_api: Update Py binding generator to generate files for QEMU APIs 
- qemu_api: Update Makefile to generate libvirtmod_qemu lib (rhbz#736040)
- qemu_api: Update libvirt spec file (rhbz#736040)
- Remove two references to files not generated (rhbz#736040)
- qemu_api: Doc improvements (rhbz#736040)
- python: Fix libvirt.py generation to include virterror info (rhbz#736040)
- snapshot: New APIs for inspecting snapshot object (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Use new API for less work (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: ABI stability must include memory sizing (rhbz#735553)
- spec: Require augeas for sanlock (rhbz#738314)
- sanlock: Add missing test command in virt-sanlock-cleanup.in (rhbz#738534)
- snapshot: Tweak snapshot-create-as diskspec docs (rhbz#738411)
- qemu: Hold conn open for all threads started by 
qemuProcessReconnectAll (rhbz#738778)
- rpc: Convert unknown procedures to VIR_ERR_NO_SUPPORT (rhbz#738439)
- Prevent crash from dlclose() of libvirt.so (rhbz#739167)
- doc: Add statment about permissions needed to do a core dump (rhbz#738146)
- snapshot: Affect persistent xml after disk snapshot (rhbz#738676)
- snapshot: Allow disk snapshots of qcow2 disks (rhbz#738676)
- qemu: Prevent disk corruption on domain shutdown (rhbz#734773)
- qemu: Introduce shutdown reason for paused state (rhbz#734773)
- qemu: Fix shutoff reason when domain crashes (rhbz#739641)
- qemu: Properly detect crash of a rebooted domain (rhbz#739641)
- qemu: Avoid memory leak (rhbz#739704)
- remote: Avoid memory leak (rhbz#739704)
- util: Avoid memory leak (rhbz#739704)
- Fix memory leak parsing 'relabel' attribute in domain security XML 
- Don't leak memory if a cgroup is mounted multiple times (rhbz#739704)
- network: Eliminate potential memory leak on parse failure (rhbz#739704)
- virsh: doc: Fix supported driver types for attach-disk command 
- Do not log invalid operations in libvirtd logs (rhbz#590807)

- blockinfo: Fix qemu regression in handling disk name (rhbz#736603)
- doc: Fix incorrect option in send-key (rhbz#736297)
- virsh: Fix typo in opts_send_key (rhbz#736297)
- rpc: Avoid memory leak on virNetTLSContextValidCertificate (rhbz#735650)
- tests: Avoid memory leak on testTLSSessionInit (rhbz#735650)
- qemu: Fix seamless SPICE migration with older qemu (rhbz#730753)
- snapshot: Fix regression with system checkpoints (rhbz#736682)

- virterror: Fix error message for VIR_ERR_INVALID_ARG (rhbz#689388)
- remote: Refuse connecting to remote socket (rhbz#689388)
- Threadpool: Initialize new dynamic workers (rhbz#692663)

- adds a missing patch in previous build (rhbz#735498)

- qemu: Fix a regression of domain save (rhbz#735011)
- virsh: Improve send-key documentation (rhbz#699847)
- start: Allow discarding managed save (rhbz#730750)
- virsh: Support 'virsh start --force-boot' on older servers (rhbz#730750)
- maint: Fix comment typos (rhbz#730750)
- qemu: Refactor file opening (rhbz#730750)
- qemu: Detect incomplete save files (rhbz#730750)
- virsh: Avoid memory leak on cmdVolCreateAs (rhbz#735008)
- snapshot: Fix corner case on OOM during creation (rhbz#674537)
- Ensure stream is aborted when exiting console (rhbz#731673)
- following for (rhbz#731583, rhbz#731579, rhbz#731584, rhbz#731673):
- Ensure client streams are closed when marking a client for close
- Fix race condition in abort of stream
- Tweak debugging message in RPC client code
- Don't attempt to read from a stream if it is closed
- Ensure async packets never get marked for sync replies
- Ignore unused streams in virStreamAbort
- rpc: Don't close connection if program is unknown
- rpc: Fix a typo in debugging log in virNetServerProgramSendStreamData
- stream: Remove redundant reference to client while sending stream data
- Fix memory leak dispatching domain events
- Avoid use-after-free on streams, due to message callbacks
- Fix tracking of RPC messages wrt streams
- Fix parted sector size assumption (rhbz#735441)
- Fix incorrect path length check in sanlock lockspace setup (rhbz#735443)
- Fix sanlock socket security labelling (rhbz#735442)
- Remove bogus virSecurityManagerSetProcessFDLabel method (rhbz#735442)
- security: Fix build (rhbz#735442)
- Fix keymap used to talk with QEMU (rhbz#632499)
- virsh: Fix snapshot-create-as to handle arbitrary names (rhbz#735495)
- virsh: Add virsh snapshot-current --name (rhbz#735495)
- virsh: Add snapshot-parent (rhbz#735495)
- virsh: Don't reject undefine on active domain (rhbz#735495)
- virsh: Fix logic bug (rhbz#735495)
- virsh: Fix dead store (rhbz#735495)
- virsh: Tweak misleading wording (rhbz#735495)
- virsh: Concatenate qemu-monitor-command arguments (rhbz#735495)
- maint: Treat more libxml2 functions as free-like (rhbz#735495)
- xml: Add another convenience function (rhbz#735495)
- maint: Simplify lots of libxml2 clients (rhbz#735495)
- virsh: Add list --managed-save (rhbz#735495)
- virsh: Prefer unsigned flags (rhbz#735495)
- snapshot: Add snapshot-list --parent to virsh (rhbz#735495)
- qemu: Allow to undefine a running domain (rhbz#735498)
- test: Allow to undefine a running domain (rhbz#735498)
- build: Fix typo in recent test patch (rhbz#735498)
- test: Rewrite test to match change in behavior (rhbz#735498)
- virsh: Properly interleave shared stdout and stderr (rhbz#735498)
- snapshot: Better events when starting paused (rhbz#733762)
- snapshot: Fine-tune ability to start paused (rhbz#733762)
- snapshot: Expose --running and --paused in virsh (rhbz#733762)
- snapshot: Fine-tune qemu saved images starting paused (rhbz#733762)
- snapshot: Improve reverting to qemu paused snapshots (rhbz#733762)
- snapshot: Properly revert qemu to offline snapshots (rhbz#733762)
- snapshot: Fine-tune qemu snapshot revert states (rhbz#733762)
- snapshot: Properly revert qemu to offline snapshots (rhbz#733762)
- snapshot: Fine-tune qemu snapshot revert states (rhbz#733762)
- snapshot: Speed up snapshot location (rhbz#733529)
- snapshot: Avoid crash when deleting qemu snapshots (rhbz#733529)
- snapshot: Track current domain across deletion of children (rhbz#733529)
- snapshot: Simplify acting on just children (rhbz#733529)
- snapshot: Allow deletion of just snapshot metadata (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Let qemu discard only snapshot metadata (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Identify which snapshots have metadata (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Reflect new dumpxml and list options in virsh (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Identify qemu snapshot roots (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Allow recreation of metadata (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Refactor virsh snapshot creation (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Improve virsh snapshot-create, add snapshot-edit (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Add qemu snapshot creation without metadata (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Add qemu snapshot redefine support (rhbz#735457)
- vbox, xenapi: Add virDomainUndefineFlags (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Prevent stranding snapshot data on domain destruction 
- snapshot: Teach virsh about new undefine flags (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Refactor some qemu code (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Cache qemu-img location (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Support new undefine flags in qemu (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Prevent migration from stranding snapshot data (rhbz#735457)
- snapshot: Refactor domain xml output (rhbz#735553)
- snapshot: Allow full domain xml in snapshot (rhbz#735553)
- snapshot: Correctly escape generated xml (rhbz#735553)
- snapshot: Update rng to support full domain in xml (rhbz#735553)
- snapshot: Store qemu domain details in xml (rhbz#735553)
- schedinfo: Update man page about virsh schedinfo command (unknown)
- snapshot: Additions to domain xml for disks (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Reject transient disks where code is not ready (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Introduce new deletion flag (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Expose new delete flag in virsh (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Allow halting after snapshot (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Expose halt-after-creation in virsh (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Support extra state in snapshots (unknown)
- snapshot: Add <disks> to snapshot xml (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Also support disks by path (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Add virsh domblklist command (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Add flag for requesting disk snapshot (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Wire up disk-only flag to snapshot-create (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Reject unimplemented disk snapshot features (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Make it possible to audit external snapshot (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Wire up new qemu monitor command (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Wire up live qemu disk snapshots (rhbz#638510)
- snapshot: Use SELinux and lock manager with external snapshots 
- daemon: Create priority workers pool (rhbz#692663)
- qemu: Introduce job queue size limit (rhbz#692663)
- qemu: Deal with stucked qemu on daemon startup (rhbz#692663)

- qemu: Properly label outgoing pipe for tunneled migration (rhbz#733998)
- snapshot: Forbid snapshot on autodestroy domain (rhbz#733806)

- daemon: Move TLS initialization to virInitialize (rhbz#732893)
- Fix command test wrt gnutls initialize & fix debugging (rhbz#732893)
- qemu: Init reattaching related members pciDevice before reattach 
- qemu: error if qemu monitor command not found for BlockJob (rhbz#727502)
- virsh: error if specified bandwidth is invalid for blockjob (rhbz#727502)
- util: Only fchown newly created files in virFileOpenAs (rhbz#534010)
- screenshot: Implement multiple screen support (rhbz#710489)
- security: Rename SetSocketLabel APIs to SetDaemonSocketLabel (rhbz#731243)
- security: Introduce SetSocketLabel (rhbz#731243)
- qemu: Correctly label migration TCP socket (rhbz#731243)
- snapshot: Don't leak resources on qemu snapshot failure (rhbz#733499)
- Fix memory leak while scanning snapshots (rhbz#674537)
- qemu: Minor formatting cleanup (rhbz#674537)
- Swap virDomain and virDomainSnapshot declaration (rhbz#674537)
- snapshot: Only pass snapshot to qemu command line when reverting 
- snapshot: Track current snapshot across restarts (rhbz#674537)
- send-key: Fix scan keycode map (rhbz#733597)

- patch problem for seamless SPICE migration (rhbz#730753)
- macvtap: Fix getPhysfn to get the PF of a direct attach network 
interface (rhbz#732082)
- SSL spice session can't be kept during migration (rhbz#729874)
- Storage driver should flush host cache after cloning volumes (rhbz#689416)
- Documentation for CFS bandwidth limiting cgroup (rhbz#692769)
- libvirt error message should show the uri content but not (null) 
- libvirtd.conf error causes libvirtd to exit silently (rhbz#728654)

- Bugfix: Check stdoutWatch before removing the handler. (rhbz#730600)
- daemon: Fix regression of libvirtd reloading support (rhbz#730428)
- libvirtd.init.in: Stop/restart() - wrong return value in case of 
failure (rhbz#730510)
- Add API for duplicating a socket/client file descriptor (rhbz#720269)
- Add backlog parameter to virNetSocketListen (rhbz#720269)
- Support changing UNIX socket owner in virNetSocketNewListenUNIX 
- qemu: Refactor do{Tunnel, Native}Migrate functions (rhbz#720269)
- qemu: Use virNetSocket for tunneled migration (rhbz#720269)
- qemu: Use fd: protocol for migration (rhbz#720269)
- qemu: Support event_idx parameter for virtio disk and net devices 

- Fix large files support (rhbz#728992)
- qemu: Avoid overwriting errors from virGetHostname (rhbz#729567)
- qemu: Fix -chardev udp if parameters are omitted (rhbz#689761)
- managedsave: Prohibit use on transient domains (rhbz#729714)
- nwfilter: Tolerate disappearing interfaces while instantiating filter 
- docs: Describe new virtual switch configuration in network XML docs 
- storage: Directory shouldn't be listed as type 'file' (rhbz#727088)
- virsh: Add dir type for listing volumes with vol-list (rhbz#727088)
- qemu: Avoid crash on process attach (rhbz#730615)

- daemon: Unlink unix socket paths on shutdown (rhbz#725702)
- rpc:Fix sasl session relocking intead of unlocking it (rhbz#729198)
- network: Eliminate lag in updating dnsmasq hosts files (rhbz#727982)
- Don't mount /dev for application containers (rhbz#728835)
- support connected parameter in set_password (rhbz#707212)

- Rebased to upstream 0.9.4 (rhbz#705814)
- The rebase also fixes the following bugs:
     rhbz#634653, rhbz#707212, rhbz#722806, rhbz#723862, rhbz#726304,
     rhbz#726398, rhbz#727047, rhbz#727094

- rebased to upstream 0.9.4 release candidate 2 (rhbz#705814)
- the rebase also fixes the following bugs:
     rhbz#667624, rhbz#669586, rhbz#682084, rhbz#707155, rhbz#707212,
     rhbz#725322, rhbz#725935, rhbz#725950

- add a fix for a refcounting bug leading to a crash (rhbz#723811)

- rebased to upstream 0.9.4 release candidate 1 (rhbz#705814)
- the rebase also fixes the following bugs:
     rhbz#603039, rhbz#632499, rhbz#632760, rhbz#643947, rhbz#678027,
     rhbz#697742, rhbz#697841, rhbz#704836, rhbz#707530, rhbz#720350,
     rhbz#720889, rhbz#721335, rhbz#722862

- libvirt crash when running domains and vdsm is restarted (rhbz#723811)
- connect to hypervisor with unconfigured tls/tcp connection pbm 
- virsh list produced segmentation fault when libvirtd is not up 
- clientcert.pem validation failure cause libvirtd crash (rhbz#723881)

- Fix TLS certificate checking problems (rhbz#723447)

- Fix migration with TLS bugs (rhbz#722738 and rhbz#722748)
- assorted small fixes from upstream

- Fix migrating domain error (rhbz#721411)

- storage: Avoid memory leak on metadata fetching (rhbz#707155)
- graphics: Add support for action_if_connected in qemu (rhbz#707212)
- qemu: Save domain status ASAP after creating qemu process (rhbz#707894)
- bios: Add support for SGA (rhbz#711598)
- pci: Initialize state values on reattach (rhbz#713697)
- Keep consistence between code and doc on log level and usage (rhbz#716888)

- util: Avoid duplicating virFileOpenAsNoFork in virFileOpenAs (rhbz#707257)

- Fix mistaken order of server cert/key parameters in constructor 
- qemu: Don't chown files on NFS share if dynamic_ownership is off 
- util: Don't try to fchown files opened as non-root (rhbz#707257)

- Rebased to upstream 0.9.3 (rhbz#705814)
- The rebase also fixes the following bugs:
     rhbz#591974, rhbz#632499, rhbz#641087, rhbz#664629, rhbz#679668,
     rhbz#682121, rhbz#693648, rhbz#693650, rhbz#693661, rhbz#698340,
     rhbz#698825, rhbz#698861, rhbz#701394, rhbz#707439, rhbz#707530,
     rhbz#715355, rhbz#716826, rhbz#717203, rhbz#718143, rhbz#712050,

- Rebased to upstream 0.9.3 prerelease 2 (rhbz#705814)

- Rebased to upstream 0.9.2 (rhbz#705814)
- The rebase also fixes the following bugs:
     rhbz#569567, rhbz#691830, rhbz#607526, rhbz#609650, rhbz#632495,
     rhbz#640603, rhbz#658713, rhbz#669549, rhbz#677229, rhbz#678548,
     rhbz#640603, rhbz#682237, rhbz#683005, rhbz#684848, rhbz#688859,
     rhbz#690695, rhbz#692355, rhbz#693203, rhbz#694516, rhbz#697650,
     rhbz#698133, rhbz#702044, rhbz#704124, rhbz#704144, rhbz#705405,
     rhbz#706869, rhbz#706883, rhbz#706966, rhbz#707173, rhbz#707257,
     rhbz#707298, rhbz#709576, rhbz#709776, rhbz#710150, rhbz#711151

- Rebased to upstream 0.9.1 (rhbz#705814)
- The rebase also fixes the following bugs:
     rhbz#587276, rhbz#591058, rhbz#592170, rhbz#598792, rhbz#673814,
     rhbz#677228, rhbz#681458, rhbz#682237, rhbz#692745, rhbz#693932,
     rhbz#694382, rhbz#695653, rhbz#698071, rhbz#698197, rhbz#698208,
     rhbz#698490, rhbz#701305

- network: Fix NULL dereference during error recovery (rhbz#696660)
- virsh: Fix regression in parsing optional integer (rhbz#693963)
- util: Fix crash when removing entries during hash iteration (rhbz#693385)
- Experimental libvirtd upstart job (rhbz#678084)

- Don't return an error on failure to create blkio controller (rhbz#689030)
- Fix possible infinite loop in remote driver (rhbz#691514)
- qemu: Remove the managed state file only if restoring succeeded 
- docs: Tweak virsh restore warning (rhbz#692998)

- nwfilter: Enable rejection of packets (rhbz#681948)
- Revert all previous error log priority hacks (rhbz#587603)
- Filter out certain expected error messages from libvirtd (rhbz#587603)
- qemu: Unlock qemu driver before return from domain save (rhbz#688774)
- Do not send monitor command after monitor meet error (rhbz#688774)
- qemu: Ignore libvirt debug messages in qemu log (rhbz#681492)
- virsh: Fix memtune's help message for swap_hard_limit (rhbz#680190)
- virsh: Fix documentation for memtune command (rhbz#680190)
- docs: Fix typo (rhbz#680190)
- Fix typo in systemtap tapset directory name (rhbz#693701)
- qemu: Ignore unusable binaries (rhbz#676563)
- qemu: Support for overriding NPROC limit (rhbz#674602)

- Fix return value for virJSONValueFromString if it fails (rhbz#688723)
- Fix positioning to end of qemu log file (rhbz#689986)
- Initialization error of qemuCgroupData in Qemu host usb hotplug 
- 8021Qbh: Use preassociate-rr during the migration prepare stage 
- Make error reporting in libvirtd thread safe (rhbz#689374)
- Add missing dependencies (rhbz#690022)
- Fix restoring a compressed save image (rhbz#691034)
- Fix label restore bugs in qemu driver (rhbz#690737)

- Fix delayed events when SASL is active (rhbz#624252)
- Fix ref-counting bugs (rhbz#688774)
- Log an error if on failure to connect to netlink socket (rhbz#689001)
- Log error and abort network startup when radvd isn't found (rhbz#688957)
- Add PCI sysfs reset access rights to qemu (rhbz#689002)
- Fix regression with qemu:///session URI (rhbz#684655)
- Avoid leaking PCI config fd into qemu (rhbz#687993)

- Properly report error in virConnectDomainXMLToNative (CVE-2011-1146)
- Handle DNS over IPv6 (rhbz#687896)
- Start dnsmasq even if no dhcp ranges/hosts are specified (rhbz#687291)
- Use a separate dhcp leases file for each network (rhbz#687551)
- Fix a possible crash in storage driver (rhbz#684712)

- Fix vram settings for qxl graphics (rhbz#673578)
- Free stream when domain shuts down while its console is open (rhbz#682741)
- Use hardcoded python path in libvirt.py (rhbz#684204)
- Add missing checks for read only connections (CVE-2011-1146)
- Eliminate potential null pointer deref when auditing macvtap devices 
- Insert error messages to avoid a quiet abortion of commands (rhbz#605660)

- Support vram specification for qxl graphics (rhbz#673578)
- Fix parsing int options in virsh (rhbz#639587)
- Use -o encryption=on instead of -e for qemu-img (rhbz#676984)
- Support domain snapshots with current QMP (rhbz#589076)
- Update auditing support (rhbz#642785)
- Only request sound cgroup ACL when required (rhbz#680398)
- Allow fine-tuning of device ACL permissions (rhbz#683163)
- Support vhost in attach-interface (rhbz#683276)
- Don't request cgroup ACL access for /dev/net/tun (rhbz#683305)

- Fix deadlock caused by a fix for rhbz#670848

- Reorder nwfilter match extensions relative to state match (rhbz#678139)
- Avoid overwriting error message in qemu driver (rhbz#678870)
- Allow removing hash entries in virHashForEach (rhbz#681459)
- Avoid double close on qemu domain restore (rhbz#672725)
- Fix DomainObj refcounting/hashtable races in qemu driver (rhbz#670848)
- Fix several memory leaks (rhbz#682249)

- Fix --all flag of virsh freecell to really show all cells (rhbz#653530)
- Add txmode attribute to interface XML for virtio backend (rhbz#629662)
- Give each virtual network bridge its own fixed MAC address (rhbz#609463)
- Fix virsh snapshot-list with --quiet option (rhbz#678833)
- Delay IFF_UP'ing 802.1Qbh interface until migration final stage 
- Fix several memory bugs (rhbz#679164)
- Fix virt-pki-validate when CERTTOOL is missing (rhbz#679153)
- Fix memory corruption in virFileAbsPath (rhbz#680281)

- Properly escape special characters in domain names (rhbz#676908)
- Fix enum type declaration (rhbz#628940)
- Fix cleanup on VM state after failed QEMU startup (rhbz#673588)
- Fix XML generation for smartcards (rhbz#677308)
- Ignore failure of "qemu -M ?" on older qemu (rhbz#676563)
- Fix typo in setting up SPICE passwords (rhbz#677709)
- Avoid NULL dereference in virDomainMemoryStats (rhbz#677484)
- Avoid NULL dereference on error in qemu driver (rhbz#677493)
- Fix error message when saving a shutoff domain (rhbz#677547)
- Create enough volumes for mpath pool (rhbz#677231)
- Allow to delete device mapper disk partition (rhbz#611443)

- Fix typo in parsing of spice 'auth' data (rhbz#676374)
- Fix attach-interface regression (rhbz#676686)
- Block I/O tunables via blkio cgroups controller (rhbz#632492)
- Support SCSI RAID type & lower log level for unknown types (rhbz#675771)
- Only initialize/cleanup libpciaccess once (rhbz#675698)
- Imprint all logs with version + package build information (rhbz#673226)

- Docs for customizable x509 certificate paths for client (rhbz#629510)
- Fix tests for VNC over a unix domain socket (rhbz#651415)
- Fix problems with peer-to-peer migration (rhbz#673434)
- Fix tunneled migration broken since 0.8.7-2 (rhbz#672199)
- Update docs for cpu_shares setting (rhbz#641187)
- Fix possible hang if SASL is used (rhbz#672226)
- Cancel migration in progress when virsh gets Ctrl-C (rhbz#635353)
- Enhance virsh migrate command (rhbz#619039)
- Support for specifying AIO mode for qemu disks (rhbz#591703)
- Don't leave domain paused after restore (rhbz#670278)
- Fix possible deadlock/crash in qemu driver (rhbz#673588)
- Add shortcut for qemu HMP pass through (rhbz#628940)
- Fix error message when attach device fails (rhbz#675030)
- Support for booting from assigned PCI devices (rhbz#646895)
- Improve handling of unlimited value for memory tunables (rhbz#669069)
- Add smartcard support (rhbz#641834)
- Remove some RHEL-specific patches which are no longer required 
- Support for disabling/enabling KSM per domain (rhbz#635419)
- Add --all flag to virsh freecell command (rhbz#653530)

- Fix event-handling data race (rhbz#671567)
- Add support for VNC over a unix domain socket (rhbz#651415)
- Support intel 'ich6' model (rhbz#648486)
- Do not use virtio-serial port 0 for generic ports (rhbz#670394)
- Set SELinux context label of pipes used for qemu migration (rhbz#667756)
- Support customizable x509 certificate paths for client (rhbz#629510)
- Round up capacity for LVM volume creation (rhbz#670529)
- Show error prompt when trying to managed save a shutoff domain 
- Report more proper error for unsupported graphics (rhbz#671319)
- Expand the man page text for virsh setmaxmem (rhbz#622534)
- Fix event-handling allocation crash (rhbz#671564)
- Require --mac to avoid detach-interface ambiguity (rhbz#671050)

- Report error if invalid type specified for character device (rhbz#638968)
- Improve log for domain related APIs (rhbz#640202)
- Reject SDL graphic if it's not supported by qemu (rhbz#633326)
- Don't lose track of events when callbacks are slow (rhbz#624252)
- Fail if per-device boot is used but deviceboot is not supported 
- Avoid sending STOPPED event twice (rhbz#666158)
- Fix issues introduced by dependency patches for rhbz#646895

- Fix spec file which was not fully rebased to 0.8.7 (rhbz#653985, 
- Skip IB700 watchdog device when assigning PCI slots (rhbz#667091)
- Improve error reporting when parsing dhcp info (rhbz#653300)
- Don't chown saved image back to root if dynamic_ownership=0 (rhbz#661720)
- Fix core dumps if unix_sock_group is set (rhbz#623166)
- Add support for Westmere CPU model (rhbz#656248)
- Add XML config switch to enable/disable vhost-net support (rhbz#643050)
- Enable tuning of qemu network tap device "sndbuf" size (rhbz#665293)
- Support for explicit boot device ordering (rhbz#646895)
- Avoid qemu holding migration fd indefinitely (rhbz#620363)

- Rebased to upstream 0.8.7 (rhbz#653985)
- The following bugs got fixed by the rebase:
     rhbz#586124, rhbz#595350, rhbz#611793, rhbz#611822, rhbz#617439,
     rhbz#620363, rhbz#626873, rhbz#627143, rhbz#628772, rhbz#639595,
     rhbz#639603, rhbz#656795, rhbz#658657, rhbz#659855, rhbz#660706,
     rhbz#664406, rhbz#665446

- Rebased to upstream 0.8.6 (rhbz#653985)

- spec file cleanups (rhbz#649523)
- Fix deadlock on concurrent multiple bidirectional migration (rhbz#659310)
- Fix funny error in clock-variable (rhbz#660194)
- Export host information through SMBIOS to guests (rhbz#526224)
- Ensure device is deleted from guest after unplug (rhbz#644015)
- Distinguish between QEMU domain shutdown and crash (rhbz#656845)

- Fix JSON migrate_set_downtime command (rhbz#561935)
- Make SASL work over UNIX domain sockets (rhbz#641687)
- Let qemu group look below /var/lib/libvirt/qemu/ (rhbz#643407)
- Fix save/restore on root_squashed NFS (rhbz#643884)
- Fix race on multiple migration (rhbz#638285)
- Export host information through SMBIOS to guests (rhbz#526224)
- Support forcing a CDROM eject (rhbz#626305)

- build -26 hit a miscompilation error c.f. 624895 drop -j15
- Resolves: rhbz#620847
- Resolves: rhbz#623877

- Fix problem with capabilities XML generation
- Resolves: rhbz#620847
- Correctly reserve and release PCI slots
- Resolves: rhbz#623877

- fix PXE booting on the virtual network
- Resolves: rhbz#623951
- fix tunelled migration
- Resolves: rhbz#624062

- do not call balloon info command if balloon is desactivated
- Resolves: rhbz#617286

- give a way to desactivate memory balloon support
- Resolves: rhbz#617286

- Mitigate asynchronous device_del
- Resolves: rhbz#609437
- Fix PCI address allocation
- Resolves: rhbz#618484
- Make nodeinfo skip offline CPUs
- Resolves: rhbz#622515

- Fix multiple PCI device assignment bugs
- Resolves: rhbz#617116
- Fix the ACS checking in the PCI code
- Resolves: rhbz#615218
- Disable boot=on when not using KVM
- Resolves: rhbz#594068
- Don't leak delay string when freeing virInterfaceBridgeDefs
- Resolves: rhbz#620837

- Fix error message in guests init script when libvirtd isn't installed
- Resolves: rhbz#617527

- Add character device backend activating QEMU internal spice agent
- Resolves: rhbz#615757
- Make libvirt-guests initscript Fedora compliant
- Resolves: rhbz#617300

- Fix patch for PIIX3 slot 1 reservation, in case it's already reserved
- Resolves: rhbz#592026

- Set a stable & high MAC addr for guest TAP devices
- Resolves: rhbz#616517
- Fix bogus commit of -16 patches
- Related: rhbz#592026
- Related: rhbz#599590

- Make PCI device ordering consistent with older releases
- Resolves: rhbz#592026
- Fix libvirtd hang during concurrent bi-directional migration
- Resolves: rhbz#599590

- Add iptables rule to fixup DHCP response checksum
- Resolves: rhbz#612588

- Support virtio disk hotplug in JSON mode
- Resolves: rhbz#573946
- Fix QEMU monitor JSON crash
- Resolves: rhbz#604585
- CVE-2010-2237 CVE-2010-2238 CVE-2010-2239
- Resolves: rhbz#607817
- CVE-2010-2242 Apply a source port mapping to virtual network masquerading
- Resolves: rhbz#608049
- Fix hang if QEMU exits (almost) immediately
- Resolves: rhbz#610056
- Support new CPU models provided by qemu-kvm
- Resolves: rhbz#605830
- Fix comparison of two host CPUs
- Resolves: rhbz#611401
- Don't mess with the CPU returned by arch driver
- Resolves: rhbz#613014
- Fail when CPU type cannot be detected from XML
- Resolves: rhbz#613760
- Use -nodefconfig when probing for CPU models
- Resolves: rhbz#613764
- cpuCompare: Fix crash on unexpected CPU XML
- Resolves: rhbz#613765
- Properly report failure to create raw storage volume files
- Related: rhbz#547543
- Fix IOErrorReasonCallback python bindings
- Related: rhbz#586353
- Parthelper: canonicalize block device paths
- Related: rhbz#593785

- Don't invoke destroy callback from qemuMonitorOpen() failure paths (v2)
- Related: rhbz#609060

- Don't invoke destroy callback from qemuMonitorOpen() failure paths
- Resolves: rhbz#609060
- virFileResolveLink: guarantee an absolute path
- Resolves: rhbz#608092
- SPICE patches have translatable strings without format args
- Resolves: rhbz#608917
- No way to pass disk format type to pool-define-as nor pool-create-as
- Resolves: rhbz#597790
- Fix enforcement of direction of traffic for rules describing incoming 
- Resolves: rhbz#606889
- Clarify virsh help pool-create-as text
- Resolves: rhbz#609044

- Do not block during incoming migration
- Resolves: rhbz#579440
- Label serial devices
- Resolves: rhbz#585249
- parthelper: fix compilation without optimization
- Related: rhbz#593785
- Fix name/UUID uniqueness checking in storage/network
- Resolves: rhbz#593951
- Don't squash file permissions when migration fails
- Resolves: rhbz#607922
- Properly handle 'usbX' sysfs files
- Resolves: rhbz#603867
- add pool support to vol-key command & improve vol commands help
- Resolves: rhbz#598365
- document attach-disk better
- Resolves: rhbz#601143
- Config iptables to allow tftp port if network <tftp> element exists
- Resolves: rhbz#607294
- Fix failure to generate python bindings when libvirt.h.in is updated
- Related: rhbz#589465
- Allow all interface names
- Resolves: rhbz#593907
- Fix nodedevice refcounting
- Resolves: rhbz#608753
- Move nwfilter functions inside extern C and fix a locking bug
- Resolves: rhbz#597391
- Fix failure to restore qemu domains with selinux enforcing
- Resolves: rhbz#590975
- Check for presence of qemu -nodefconfig option before using it
- Resolves: rhbz#608859

- Add multiIQN XML output
- Resolves: rhbz#587700
- Fix udev node device parent-child device relationships
- Resolves: rhbz#593995
- Fix leaks in udev device add/remove
- Resolves: rhbz#595490
- Fix device destroy return value
- Resolves: rhbz#597998
- Update nodedev scsi_host data before use
- Resolves: rhbz#600048
- Display wireless devices in nodedev list
- Resolves: rhbz#604811
- Show pool and domain persistence
- Resolves: rhbz#603696
- Fix cleanup after failing to hotplug a PCI device
- Resolves: rhbz#605168
- Add '-nodefconfig' command line arg to QEMU
- Resolves: rhbz#602778
- Switch to private redhat namespace for QMP I/O error reason
- Resolves: rhbz#586353
- Improve error messages for missing drivers & unsupported functions
- Resolves: rhbz#595609
- macvtap: get interface index if not provided
- Resolves: rhbz#605187
- Fix leaks in remote code
- Resolves: rhbz#603442
- Add an optional switch --uuid to the virsh vol-pool command
- Resolves: rhbz#604929
- Change per-connection hashes to be indexed by UUIDs
- Resolves: rhbz#603494
- Run virsh from libvirt-guests script with /dev/null on stdin
- Resolves: rhbz#606314
- Increase dd block size to speed up domain save
- Resolves: rhbz#601775
- Fix reference counting bugs on qemu monitor
- Resolves: rhbz#602660
- Add missing action parameter in IO error callback
- Resolves: rhbz#607157

- Touch libvirt-guests lockfile
- Resolves: rhbz#566647
- Add qemu.conf option for clearing capabilities
- Resolves: rhbz#593903
- Add support for launching guest in paused state
- Resolves: rhbz#589465
- Add virsh vol-pool command
- Resolves: rhbz#602217
- Add vol commands to virsh man page
- Resolves: rhbz#600640
- Remove bogus migrate error messages
- Resolves: rhbz#601575

- Ensure virtio serial has stable addressing
- Resolves: rhbz#586665
- SELinux socket labelling on QEMU monitor socket for MLS
- Resolves: rhbz#593739
- Fix enumeration of partitions in disks with a trailing digit in path
- Resolves: rhbz#593785
- Enable probing of VPC disk format type
- Resolves: rhbz#597981
- Delete UNIX domain sockets upon daemon shutdown
- Resolves: rhbz#598163
- Fix Migration failure 'canonical hostname pointed to localhost'
- Resolves: rhbz#589864
- Fix up the python bindings for snapshotting
- Resolves: rhbz#591839
- Sanitize pool target paths
- Resolves: rhbz#593565
- Prevent host network conflicts
- Resolves: rhbz#594494
- Support 802.1Qbg and bh (vnlink/VEPA) (refresh)
- Resolves: rhbz#590110

- Fix sign extension error in libvirt's parsing of qemu options
- Resolves: rhbz#592070
- Graceful shutdown/suspend of libvirt guests on host shutdown
- Resolves: rhbz#566647
- Fix pci device hotplug
- Resolves: rhbz#572867
- Support 802.1Qbg and bh
- Resolves: rhbz#532760, rhbz#570949, rhbz#590110, rhbz#570923

- Support seamless migration of SPICE graphics clients (refresh)
- Resolves: rhbz#591551
- Fix swapping of PCI vendor & product names in udev backend
- Resolves: rhbz#578419
- Fix cgroup setup code to cope with root squashing NFS
- Resolves: rhbz#593193
- Fix startup error reporting race
- Resolves: rhbz#591272

- Don't reset user/group/security label for any files on shared filesystems
- Resolves: rhbz#578889
- Make saved state labelling ignore the dynamic_ownership parameter
- Resolves: rhbz#588562
- Fix & protect against NULL pointer dereference in monitor code
- Resolves: rhbz#591076
- Fix virFileResolveLink return value
- Resolves: rhbz#591363
- Add support for SSE4.1 and SSE4.2 CPU features
- Resolves: rhbz#592977

- query QEMU to get the actual allocated extent of a block device
- Resolves: rhbz#526289

- missing python bindings due to older XML api
- Resolves: rhbz#589453
- Fix two possible crashes in JSON event dispatch
- Resolves: rhbz#586353
- Fix handling of disk backing stores with cgroups
- Resolves: rhbz#581476
- virsh schedinfo --set error handling on unknow parameters
- Resolves: rhbz#586632
- Apply extra patches for nwfilter
- Resolves: rhbz#588554
- Fix hang during concurrent guest migrations
- Resolves: rhbz#582278

- Don't wipe generated iface target in active domains (588046)
- Fix LXC domain lookup and error handling (586361)
- Fix a protocol breakage introduced in libvirt-0.8.0
- Add support for nic hotplug in QEMU/KVM (589978)
- Seemless migration of spice graphics clients (589989)
- fix build with ESX support
- Resolves: rhbz#581966
- fix multilib problem (587231)

- Rebase to upstream 0.8.1
- Resolves: rhbz#558761

- Fix libvirtd startup when avahi failed to look up local host name
- CPU selection fixes
- Resolves: rhbz#581627
- fix migration poll value
- Resolves: rhbz#584928
- crash dump job caused libvirt hang
- Resolves: rhbz#580853
- Fix initial VCPU pinning in qemu driver
- Resolves: rhbz#578434
- fix cpu hotplug command names

- Build ESX support in
- Resolves: rhbz#581966
- a batch of network filter fixes, IBM request and upstream fixes
- Resolves: rhbz#579993
- couple of patchs to fix device handling with QMP
- Related: rhbz#563189
- fix python binding for snapshotting
- spec file fixes for nwfiler build and RHEL-5 virt-v2v specific rebuild

- Refresh SPICE patches to fix test failures
- Related: rhbz#515265, rhbz#524623, rhbz#573382
- Enable test suite during build, disabling tests that don't work in mock
- Related: rhbz#558761

- official 0.8.0 upstream release
- Resolves: rhbz#558761
- new patch set of patches for RHEL-6 SPICE and addons
- Enable QMP/ JSON mode in the QEMU monitor
- Resolves: rhbz#563189
- Support configuration of SPICE as a graphics protocol
- Resolves: rhbz#515265
- vnc (and spice) ticketing
- Resolves: rhbz#524623
- enable spice tls encryption in domainXML, and which channels are encrypted
- Resolves: rhbz#573382
- notification of VNC/SPICE client disconnect/connect events
- Resolves: rhbz#515268

- preview #4 for 0.8.0 rebase
- snapshot API
- domain with disk on root-squashing nfs and security driver mismatch
- Resolves: rhbz#578630
- Fail to read xml when restore domain
- Resolves: rhbz#577719
- loop "virsh cd" in virsh interactive terminal generate unknown error
- Resolves: rhbz#572380
- support setting qemu's -drive werror=stop/enospc with configuration
- Resolves: rhbz#526231

- preview #3 for 0.7.8 rebase
- kvm hpet support
- Resolves: rhbz#576973
- hook scripts support
- Resolves: rhbz#569965
- Need to add time keeping abstraction
- Resolves: rhbz#557285
- notification of guest reboot
- Resolves: rhbz#527572
- Ability to preserve RTC clock adjustments across guest reboots
- Resolves: rhbz#515273
- Notifications of guest stopping due to disk I/O errors
- Resolves: rhbz#515270
- VNC ticketing support (524623) spice still needed
- VNC client disconnect/connect events (515268) spice still needed

- preview #2 for 0.7.8 rebase
- migration max downtime API
- Resolves: rhbz#561935
- allow suspend during migration
- Resolves: rhbz#561934
- support vhost net mode at qemu startup for net devices
- Resolves: rhbz#540391
- read-only device access support for qemu
- Resolves: rhbz#556769
- LSB compliance of libvirtd init script
- Resolves: rhbz#538701
- No domain vcpu information output when using JSON monitor
- Resolves: rhbz#572051
- "qemudDomainSetMaxMemory" does not work and should be removed
- Resolves: rhbz#572146
- after setvcpus, any virsh command will be hung
- Resolves: rhbz#572193
- virsh interactive terminal crash or hung
- Resolves: rhbz#572376
- virsh hangs after core dump
- Resolves: rhbz#572544
- Fix very slow file allocation on ext3

- preview for 0.7.8 rebase
- Extra non upstream basic patch for spice and XQL
- Resolves: rhbz#515264
- Resolves: rhbz#515265
- connected virsh dies with a SIGPIPE after libvirtd restart
- Resolves: rhbz#526656
- error when running logrotate on s/390x arch
- Resolves: rhbz#547514

- macvtap support (rhbz#553348)
- async job handling (rhbz #515278)
- virtio channel (rhbz#515281)
- computing baseline CPU
- virDomain{Attach,Detach}DeviceFlags
- Improve libvirt error reporting for failed migrations (rhbz#528793)
- qemu driver support CPU hotplug (rhbz#533138)
- wrong (octal) device number for attaching USB devices (rhbz#549840)
- cannot save domain into root_squashing nfs export (rhbz#558763)
- assorted bug fixes and lots of cleanups

- Fix balloon parameter name handling in JSON mode (rhbz #566261)

- Fix balloon units handling in JSON mode (rhbz #566261)
- Invoke qmp_capabilities at monitor startup (rhbz #563189)

- enable JSON interface, desactivated by default in 0.7.6
- Resolves: rhbz#563189
- make sure cgroups are installed and that cgconfig service is on
- Resolves: rhbz#531263

- upstream release of 0.7.6
- Use QEmu new device adressing when possible
- Implement CPU topology support for QEMU driver
- Implement SCSI controller hotplug/unplug for QEMU
- Implement support for multi IQN
- a lot of fixes and improvements
- Resolves: rhbz#558761

- push updated prerelease version of 0.7.6 for testing in Beta1
- Resolves: rhbz#515213

- Push a prerelease version of 0.7.6 for testing in Beta1
- Allow specifying -cpu model/flags for qemu
- Resolves: rhbz#515213
- Add async qemu machine protocol to libvirt based on JSON QEmu API
- Resolves: rhbz#518701
- Allow for static PCI address assignment to all devices
- Resolves: rhbz#481924
- expose qemu's -fda fat:floppy feature (525074)
- configuration of virtual CPU topology (sockets, threads, cores) (538015)
- rewrite file chown'ing code to use security driver framework (547545 )
- cannot create a headless KVM virtual machine (548127)
- Improve virsh schedular parameters documentation (548485)
- Fail to delete a inactive pool using command "virsh pool-delete" (530985)
- virsh man page updation for using container (lxc:///) (528709)
- Command 'virsh vcpuinfo' returns libvirt error in RHEL6 with KVM (522829)
- Expose information about host CPU flags in capabilities (518062)

- Rebuild for libparted soname change (rhbz #555741)

- Add new API virDomainMemoryStats
- Public API and domain extension for CPU flags
- vbox: Add support for version 3.1
- Support QEMU's virtual FAT block device driver
- a lot of fixes

- upstream release of 0.7.4
- udev node device backend
- API to check object properties
- better QEmu monitor processing
- MAC address based port filtering for qemu
- support IPv6 and multiple addresses per interfaces
- a lot of fixes

- Really fix restore file labelling this time

- Disable numactl on s390[x]. Again.

- Fix QEMU save/restore permissions / labelling

- Avoid compressing small log files (#531030)

- Make libvirt-devel require libvirt-client, not libvirt
- Fix qemu machine types handling

- Upstream release of 0.7.2
- Allow to define ESX domains
- Allows suspend and resulme of LXC domains
- API for data streams
- many bug fixes

- Fix restore of qemu guest using raw save format (#523158)

- Fix libvirtd memory leak during error reply sending (#528162)
- Add several PCI hot-unplug typo fixes from upstream

- Create /var/log/libvirt/{lxc,uml} dirs for logrotate
- Make libvirt-python dependon on libvirt-client
- Sync misc minor changes from upstream spec

- Change logrotate config to weekly (#526769)

- Disable sound backend, even when selinux is disabled (#524499)
- Re-label qcow2 backing files (#497131)

- Fix USB device passthrough (#522683)

- rebuild for libssh2 1.2

- Don't set a bogus error in virDrvSupportsFeature()
- Fix raw save format

- A couple of hot-unplug memory handling fixes (#523953)

- disable numactl on s390[x]

- revamp of spec file for modularity and RHELs

- Upstream release of 0.7.1
- ESX, VBox driver updates
- mutipath support
- support for encrypted (qcow) volume
- compressed save image format for Qemu/KVM
- QEmu host PCI device hotplug support
- configuration of huge pages in guests
- a lot of fixes

- Update to newer snapshot of 0.7.1
- Stop libvirt using untrusted 'info vcpus' PID data (#520864)
- Support relabelling of USB and PCI devices
- Enable multipath storage support
- Restart libvirtd upon RPM upgrade

- Update to pre-release git snapshot of 0.7.1
- Drop upstreamed patches

- Fix migration completion with newer versions of qemu (#516187)

- Add PCI host device hotplug support
- Allow PCI bus reset to reset other devices (#499678)
- Fix stupid PCI reset error message (bug #499678)
- Allow PM reset on multi-function PCI devices (bug #515689)
- Re-attach PCI host devices after guest shuts down (bug #499561)
- Fix list corruption after disk hot-unplug
- Fix minor 'virsh nodedev-list --tree' annoyance

- Rewrite policykit support (rhbz #499970)
- Log and ignore NUMA topology problems (rhbz #506590)

- Don't fail to start network if ipv6 modules is not loaded (#516497)

- Make sure qemu can access kernel/initrd (bug #516034)
- Set perms on /var/lib/libvirt/boot to 0711 (bug #516034)

- ESX, VBox3, Power Hypervisor drivers
- new net filesystem glusterfs
- Storage cloning for LVM and Disk backends
- interface implementation based on netcf
- Support cgroups in QEMU driver
- QEmu hotplug NIC support
- a lot of fixes

- release of 0.6.5

- release of 0.6.4
- various new APIs

- release of 0.6.3
- VirtualBox driver

- release of 0.6.2

- release of 0.6.1

- release of 0.6.0

- release of 0.5.0

- release of 0.4.6

- release of 0.4.5

- release of 0.4.4
- mostly a few bug fixes from 0.4.3

- release of 0.4.3
- lots of bug fixes and small improvements

- release of 0.4.2
- lots of bug fixes and small improvements

- Release of 0.4.1
- Storage APIs
- xenner support
- lots of assorted improvements, bugfixes and cleanups
- documentation and localization improvements

- Release of 0.4.0
- SASL based authentication
- PolicyKit authentication
- improved NUMA and statistics support
- lots of assorted improvements, bugfixes and cleanups
- documentation and localization improvements

- Release of 0.3.3
- Avahi support
- NUMA support
- lots of assorted improvements, bugfixes and cleanups
- documentation and localization improvements

- Release of 0.3.2
- API for domains migration
- APIs for collecting statistics on disks and interfaces
- lots of assorted bugfixes and cleanups
- documentation and localization improvements

- Release of 0.3.1
- localtime clock support
- PS/2 and USB input devices
- lots of assorted bugfixes and cleanups
- documentation and localization improvements

- Release of 0.3.0
- Secure remote access support
- unification of daemons
- lots of assorted bugfixes and cleanups
- documentation and localization improvements

- Release of 0.2.3
- lot of assorted bugfixes and cleanups
- support for Xen-3.1
- new scheduler API

- Release of 0.2.2
- lot of assorted bugfixes and cleanups
- preparing for Xen-3.0.5

- don't require xen; we don't need the daemon and can control non-xen now
- fix scriptlet error (need to own more directories)
- update description text

- Release of 0.2.1
- lot of bug and portability fixes
- Add support for network autostart and init scripts
- New API to detect the virtualization capabilities of a host
- Documentation updates

- Fix loading of guest & network configs

- Disable kqemu support since its not in Fedora qemu binary
- Fix for -vnc arg syntax change in 0.9.0  QEMU

- Fixed path to qemu daemon for autostart
- Fixed generation of <features> block in XML
- Pre-create config directory at startup

- support for KVM and QEmu
- support for network configuration
- assorted fixes

- finish inactive Xen domains support
- memory leak fix
- RelaxNG schemas for XML configs

- support for inactive Xen domains
- improved support for Xen display and vnc
- a few bug fixes
- localization updates

- rebuild against python 2.5

- better error reporting
- python bindings fixes and extensions
- add support for shareable drives
- add support for non-bridge style networking
- hot plug device support
- added support for inactive domains
- API to dump core of domains
- various bug fixes, cleanups and improvements
- updated the localization

- it's pkgconfig not pgkconfig !

- fixing spec file, added .el6, -devel requires pkgconfig and xen-devel
- Resolves: rhbz#202320

- fix missing page size detection code for ia64
- fix mlock size when getting domain info list from hypervisor
- vcpu number initialization
- don't label crashed domains as shut off
- fix virsh man page
- blktapdd support for alternate drivers like blktap
- memory leak fixes (xend interface and XML parsing)
- compile fix
- mlock/munlock size fixes

- Fix bug when running against xen-3.0.3 hypercalls
- Fix memory bug when getting vcpus info from xend

- Support for localization
- Support for new Xen-3.0.3 cdrom and disk configuration
- Support for setting VNC port
- Fix bug when running against xen-3.0.2 hypercalls
- Fix reconnection problem when talking directly to http xend

- patch from danpb to support new-format cd devices for HVM guests

- reactivating ia64 support

- new release
- bug fixes
- support for new hypervisor calls
- early code for config files and defined domains

- add patch to address dom0_ops API breakage in Xen 3.0.3 tree

- add patch to support paravirt framebuffer in Xen

- another patch to fix network handling in non-HVM guests

- patch to fix virParseUUID()

- vCPUs and affinity support
- more complete XML, console and boot options
- specific features support
- enforced read-only connections
- various improvements, bug fixes

- add patch from pvetere to allow getting uuid from libvirt

- build on ia64 now

- don't BR xen, we just need xen-devel

- need rebuild since libxenstore is now versionned

- Add BuildRequires: xen-devel

- rebuild

- support for HVM Xen guests
- various bugfixes

- added a proxy mechanism for read only access using httpu
- fixed header includes paths

- extend and cleanup the driver infrastructure and code
- python examples
- extend uuid support
- bug fixes, buffer handling cleanups
- support for new Xen hypervisor API
- test driver for unit testing
- virsh --conect argument

- various fixes
- new APIs: for Node information and Reboot
- virsh improvements and extensions
- documentation updates and man page
- enhancement and fixes of the XML description format

- added error handling APIs
- small bug fixes
- improve python bindings
- augment documentation and regression tests

- new domain creation API
- new UUID based APIs
- more tests, documentation, devhelp
- bug fixes

- fixes some problems in 0.0.3 due to the change of names

- changed library name to libvirt from libvir, complete and test the python

- upstream release of 0.0.2, use xend, save and restore added, python 

- created

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