[El-errata] Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 10 for i386 (32 bit) and x86_64 (64 Bit) architectures

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Tue Jun 26 13:05:26 PDT 2018

Oracle is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Linux 
6.10 for i386 (32 bit) and x86_64 (64 bit) architectures.

Oracle Linux 6 Update 10 ships with three sets of kernel packages:

           Red Hat Compatible Kernel (RHCK) for i386 and x86_64.
           Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 for x86_64.

           Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 for i386

By default, both the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and the Red Hat Compatible Kernel for the specific architecture (i386 or x86_64) are installed and the system boots the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.

Oracle Linux maintains user space compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), which is independent of the kernel version that underlies the operating system. Existing applications in user space will continue to run unmodified on Oracle Linux 6 Update 10 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and no re-certifications are needed for applications already certified with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 or Oracle Linux 6.

For more information, please refer to the online release notes available at:

Software Accessibility

All packages are available on theUnbreakable Linux Network <http://linux.oracle.com>.

Installable binary and source ISO images will available onOracle Software Delivery Cloud <http://edelivery.oracle.com/linux>   shortly.

If ISO images are needed before they are available on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud, please request these via a My Oracle Support service request.

Thank you.


The Oracle Linux Team

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