[El-errata] ELSA-2017-2299 Moderate: Oracle Linux 7 NetworkManager and libnl3 security, bug fix and enhancement update

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Wed Aug 9 14:20:31 PDT 2017

Oracle Linux Security Advisory ELSA-2017-2299


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 7 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:



Description of changes:

- device: don't change MTU unless explicitly configured (rh #1460760)
- core: don't remove external IPv4 addresses (rh #1459813)

- cli: fix output of iface in overview output (rh#1460219)
- ppp: unexport NMPPPManager instance on dispose (rh#1459579)
- cli: remove spurious device names from wifi subcommands output 

- bond: fix crash comparing mode while generating bond connection (rh 
- connectivity: fix route penalty if WWAN and BT device using ip-ifindex 
(rh #1459932)
- device: persist nm-owned in run state (rh #1376199)
- device: fix assuming master device on restart (rh #1452062)
- device: apply route metric penality only when the default route exists 
(rh #1459604)

- connectivity: fix periodic connectivity check (rh #1458399)
- bond: improve option matching on daemon restart (rh #1457909)
- device: fix touching device after external activation (rh #1457242)

- ifcfg-rh: fix writing legacy NETMASK value (rh #1445414)
- tui: fix crash during connect (rh #1456826)
- libnm: fix libnm rejecting VLAN ID 4095 (rh #1456911)

- device: update external configuration before commit (rh #1449873)
- bluetooth: fix crash on connecting to a NAP (rh #1454385)
- device: release removed devices from master on cleanup (rh #1448907)
- core: activate slaves using ifindex order by default (rh #1452585)
- nmcli: fix crash when setting 802-1x.password-raw (rh #1456362)
- po: update translations (rh #1382625)

- dhcp: don't add route to DHCP4 server (rh #1448987)
- libnm: fix NUL termination of device's description (rh #1443114)
- libnm, core: ensure valid UTF-8 in device properties (rh #1443114)
- core: fix device's UDI property on D-Bus (rh #1443114)
- ifcfg-rh: omit empty next hop for routes in legacy format (rh #1452648)

- core: fix persisting managed state of device (rh #1440171)
- proxy: fix use-after-free (rh #1450459)
- device: don't wrongly delay startup complete waiting for carrier (rh 

- Update to upstream release 1.8.0
- device: support dummy devices (rh#1398932)
- core: support attaching user-data to connection profiles (rh#1421429)
- core: fix allowing FQDN in dhcp-hostname setting (rh#1443437)
- core: fix configuring firewall while device is activating (rh#1445242)
- core: don't block activation without carrier for IPv6 DAD (rh#1446367)
- tui: force writing master key to ifcfg file when editing connection 

- Update to third Release Candidate of NetworkManager 1.8
- device: fix regressions in assuming devices on carryover from initrd 
(rh #1443878)
- device: add support for SRIOV num_vfs (rh #1398934)
- device: leave device up when setting it as unmanaged by user (rh #1371433)
- core: properly track manager, route manager and default route manager 
references (rh #1440089)
- route: properly deal with routes with non-empty host parts (rh #1439376)
- vpn: fix a crash on disconnect (rh #1442064)
- cli: fix hang on connection down (rh #1422786)
- cli: fix interactive edit of bond slaves (rh #1440957)
- vpn: fix early error handling on failed activations (rh #1440077)
- core: only persist explicit managed state in device's state file (rh 

- Update to second Release Candidate of NetworkManager 1.8
- device: don't update disconnected devices routes after connectivity 
check (rh #1436978)
- ifcfg-rh: also check BONDING_OPTS to determine the connection type (rh 
- nmcli: fix nmcli con edit crash (rh #1436993)
- nmcli: fix nmcli con down (rh #1436990)

- Update to first Release Candidate of NetworkManager 1.8
- nmcli: speedup with large numbers of VLANs (rh #1231526)
- dns: avoid cleaning resolv.conf on exit if not needed (rh #1344303, rh 
- device: bond: implement connection reapply (rh #1348198)
- platform: add support for some route options (rh #1373698)
- core: add mtu property to cdma and gsm settings (rh #1388613)
- nmcli: fix output in terse mode (rh #1391170)
- improve handling of unmanaged/assumed devices (rh #1394579)
- policy: make DHCP hostname behaviour configurable (rh #1405275)
- manager: ensure proper disposal of unrealized devices (rh #1433303)
- nmcli: fix connection down (rh #1433883)
- libnm-glib: fix memory leak (rh #1433912)
- device: deal with non-existing IP settings in get_ip_config_may_fail() 
(rh #1436601)
- nmcli: make --ask and --show-secrets global options (rh #1351263)
- nmcli: improve error handling (rh #1394334)
- device: apply a loose IPv4 rp_filter when it would interfere with 
multihoming (rh #1394344)
- core: make connectivity checking per-device (rh #1394345)
- manager: sort slaves to be autoconnected by device name (rh #1420708)
- policy: add support to configurable hostname mode (rh #1422610)
- team: support the ethernet.cloned-mac-address property (rh #1424641)
- ifcfg-rh: fix reading team slave types of vlan type (rh #1427482)
- default-route-manager: alyways force a sync of the default route (rh 
- device: fail DHCPv6 if a link-local address is not present (rh #1432251)

- Revert default behavior for clone-mac-address to permanent (rh #1413312)

- Update to a 1.7.1 snapshot:
- rebase NetworkManger package to new upstream 1.8.x version (rh #1414103)
- device: introduce support to ipv6.method=shared (rh #1256822)
- device: add support to vlan on virtual devices (rh #1312359)
- core/supplicant: introduce support to MACsec connections (rh #1337997)
- core: allow enforcing of 802-3 link properties (rh #1353612)
- manager: allow a slave connection which has slaves to autoactivate 
them (rh #1360386)
- cli: check the active-connection state to detect activation failure 
(rh #1367752, rh #1384937)
- cli: remove the separate thread when in editor mode to fix races (rh 
- ifcfg-rh: write the master device name even if the master property is 
an UUID (rh #1369008)
- ifcfg-rh: higly improved parsing of ifcfg files (rh #1369380)
- checkpoint: improved the checkpoint/rollback functionality (rh #1369716)
- core: core: don't unmanage devices on shutdown (rh #1371126, rh #1378418)
- cli: properly set multiple addresses in questionnaire mode (rh #1380165)
- manager: keep scheduling connectivity check if there is a default 
active connection (rh #1386106)
- device: allow custom MAC address on bond and bridge interfaces (rh 
- core: avoid race reading permanent MAC address before udev initialized 
(rh #1388286)
- ifcfg-rh: fix import of 802.1x connections with empty EAP-TLS identity 
(rh #1391477)
- libnm-core: remove INFERRABLE flag from dhcp-hostname property (rh 
- platform: preserve the order when multiple ip addresses are present 
(rh #1394500)
- device: avoid a crash when both IPv4 and IPv6 configurations fail (rh 
- dns: export dns state to DBUS (rh #1404594)
- ppp: moved PPP support into a separate package (rh #1404598)
- dns: don't apply DNS configuration coming from non-active devices (rh 
- vlan: inherit default MTU from parent device (rh #1414186)
- bond: fix crash when reading from sysfs 'NULL' (rh #1420244)
- build: rebuild with correct hardening flags (rh #1420771)
- platform: downgrade warning about failure to detect kernel support to 
debug (rh #1421019)
- dns: change behavior for "rc-manager=symlink" to preserve 
"/etc/resolv.conf" as file (rh #1367551)
- libnm: order the property updates (rh #1417292)

- ifcfg-rh: write the master device name even if the master property is 
an UUID (rh#1369091)

- core: avoid race reading permanent MAC address before udev initialized 

- core: don't unmanage devices on shutdown (rh#1371126)

- device: consider a device with slaves configured (rh#1333983)

- build: add RPM dependency for exact glib2 version (rh#1378809)

- device: improve connection matching for assuming bond and infiniband 

- clients: handle secret requests only for current connection (rh#1351272)
- device: fix crash reapplying connection to slave devices (rh#1376784)
- cli: fix autocompletion after ifname (rh#1375933)

- libnm: fix crash in nm_vpn_plugin_info_list_get_service_types() 
- device: wait for MAC address change before setting up interface 
(rh#1371623, rh#1374023)

- wifi: another fix activation failure due to error changing MAC address 
(rh#1371623, rh#1374023)
- dhcp: fix race condition that may cause lost lease events and DHCP 
timeouts (rh#1373276)

- po: add translations (rh#1276476)

- libnm,nmtui: fix handling empty cloned-mac-address property (rh#1372799)
- ibft: grant required CAP_SYS_ADMIN capabilities (rh#1371201)

- core: really fix wrong source interface for PropertiesChanged D-Bus 
signal (rh#1371920)

- wifi: fix activation failure due to error changing MAC address 
- core: fix wrong source interface for PropertiesChanged D-Bus signal 
- team: restore validation of JSON configuration (rh#1371967)
- device: manage firewall zone for assumed persistent connections 
- device: don't let external changes cause a release of the slave 

- ifcfg-rh: clear IP settings for slave connections (rh#1368761)
- ifcfg-rh: accept TEAM connections also without DEVICETYPE setting 

- Update to 1.4.0 release
- cli: show username when interactively connecting to a wireless network 
(rh #1351272)
- ifcfg-rh: ensure master is cleared when updating a connection (rh 
- policy: always try to update kernel hostname (rh #1362542)
- cli: return sane error message for D-Bus policy permission errors (rh 
- device: don't flush addresses when unmanaging assumed devices (rh 
- team: be more tolerant when handling invalid or empty configuration 
(rh #1366300)
- act-request: queue failing the slave when master fails (rh #1367702)
- vpn: fix ipv6 configuration of VPNs without a separate interface (rh 
- vpn: properly discard routes with invalid prefix length (rh #1368355)

- logging: default to syslog (rh #1358335)

- Update to 1.4-beta1 release
- core: fix setting hostname from DHCP (rh #1356015)
- vlan: honor the REORDER_HDR flag (rh #1312281)
- device: apply MTU setting also to devices without IPv4 configuration 
(rh #1364275)
- bond: improved connection matching (rh #1304641)
- team: check return value of g_dbus_connection_call_sync() (rh #1349749)

- Rebuild for fixed documentation directory in redhat-rpm-macros

- Update to a more recent 1.4.0 snapshot:
- bond: fix defaults and be more liberal in accepting different formats 
of option values (rh #1352131)
- bond: fix setting of "lp_interval" option (rh #1348573)
- device: don't try to generate ipv6ll address for disconnected devices 
(rh #1351633)
- device: make sure we update system hostname when DHCP configuration 
changes (rh #1356015)
- device: tune down warning about failure to set userspace IPv6LL on 
non-existing device (rh #1323571)
- nmcli: add "nmcli device modify" subcommand to do runtime 
configuration changes (rh #998000)
- nmcli: crash on connection delete/down timeout (rh $1355740)
- nmcli: fix 8021x settings tab-completion (rh #1301226)
- secrets: increase timeout for getting the secrets from the agent (rh 
- team: keep device config property up to date with actual configuration 
(rh #1310435)
- team: make synchronization with teamd more robust (rh #1257237)
- vpn: don't merge DNS properties into parent device's configuration (rh 

- Do not regenerate gtk-doc. Together with parallel make it may cause 
multilib conflicts

- enable JSON validation configure option
- Update to a more recent 1.3.0 snapshot:
- team: check return value of g_dbus_connection_call_sync() (rh #1347015)

- Update to a 1.3.0 snapshot:
- cli: hide secret certificate blobs unless --show-secrets set (rh #1184530)
- dns: add support for specifying dns priorities (rh #1228707)
- core: wait for IPv6 DAD before completing activation (rh #1243958)
- device: take care of default route of DHCP generated-assumed 
connections (rh #1265239)
- team: improve matching of team connection upon service restart (rh 
- device: apply MTU setting also to devices without IPv4 configuration 
(rh #1303968)
- device: reconfigure IP addressing after bringing up device (rh #1309899)
- team: expose current device configuration through D-Bus and nmcli (rh 
- systemd: add "After=dbus.service" to NetworkManager.service (rh #1311988)
- cli: handle device failure when activating (rh #1312726)
- core,libnm: remove gateway from connection if never-default is set (rh 
- platform: remove padding for IP address lifetimes (rh #1318945)
- manager: run dispatcher scripts on suspend/sleep (rh #1330694)
- device: remove pending dhcp actions also in IP_DONE state (rh #1330893)
- wwan: fixed multiple crashes (rh #1331395)
- nmcli: fix tab completion for libreswan import (rh #1337300)

- write /etc/resolv.conf as file by default instead of symlink (rh#1337222)
- rename package config-routing-rules to dispatcher-routing-rules (rh 

- Update to NetworkManager 1.2.0 release
- vlan: keep the hardware address synchronized with parent device (rh 
- bond: add more options (rh #1299103)

- Update to a more recent 1.2.0 snapshot

- Update to a 1.2.0 snapshot:
- core: add a connection defaults section to NetworkManager.conf (rh 
- dhcp: make timeout configurable (rh #1262922)
- pppoe: set the firewall zone on the correct ip interface (rh #1110465)
- device: properly roll back the device activation attempt on failure 
(rh #1270814)
- nmcli: add monitor command (rh #1034158)
- nmcli: fix shell completion of bluetooth device names (rh #1271271)
- ipv4: add an option to send full FQDN in DHCP requests (rh #1255507)
- core: fix a use-after-free() when activating a secondary VPN 
connection (rh #1277247)
- wifi: fix bssid cache updating (rh #1094298)
- vlan: honor the reorder-header flag (rh #1250225)
- ipv4: do a duplicate address detection (rh #1259063)
- core: add LLDP listener to the daemon and utilities (rh #1142898)
- vpn: don't fail activation when plugin supports interactive mode, but 
the VPN daemon does not (rh #1298732)
- ipv6: readd the address when the MAC address changes (rh #1286105)
- core: avoid generating excessively long names for virtual devices (rh 
- nmcli: add connection import and export (rh #1034105)
- vlan: fix matching of connections on assumption (rh #1276343)
- core: fix matching of static route metrics on connection assumption 
(rh #1302532)
- core: work around broken device drivers (AWS ENI) that initially have 
zero MAC address (rh #1288110)
- infiniband: set the link down when changing mode, some drivers need 
that (rh #1281301)
- infiniband: retry autoactivation of partitions when parent device 
changes (rh #1275875)

- wifi: fix crash due to missing BSSID (rh #1276426)

- build: update vala-tools build requirement (rh #1274000)

- wifi: emit NEW_BSS on ScanDone to update APs in Wi-Fi device (rh #1267327)

- vpn: cancel the secrets request on agent timeout (rh #1272023)
- vpn: cancel the connect timer when vpn reconnects (rh #1272023)

- device: fix problem in not managing software devices (rh #1273879)

- wake-on-lan: ignore by default existing settings (rh #1270194)

- platform: fix detection of s390 CTC device (rh #1272974)
- core: fix queuing activation while waiting for carrier (rh #1079353)

- core: fix invalid assertion in nm_clear_g_signal_handler() (rh #1183444)

- rebuild package

- device: fix race wrongly managing external-down device (2) (rh #1269199)

- device/vlan: update VLAN MAC address when parent's one changes

- dhcp6: destroy the lease when destroying a client (rh #1260727)
- device: fix race wrongly managing external-down device (rh #1269199)

- device: silence spurious errors about activation schedule (rh #1269520)

- core: really fix enslaving team device to bridge (rh #1183444)

- platform: updating link cache when moving link to other netns (rh 
- nmtui: fix possible crash during secret request (rh #1267672)
- vpn: increase the plugin inactivity quit timer (rh #1268030)
- core: fix enslaving team device to bridge (rh #1183444)

- vpn-connection: set the MTU for the VPN IP interface (rh #1267004)
- modem-broadband: update modem's supported-ip-families (rh #1263959)
- wifi: fix a crash in on_bss_proxy_acquired() (rh #1267462)

- core: increase IPv6LL DAD timeout to 15 seconds (rh #1101809)

- platform: better handle devices without permanent address (rh #1264024)

- dhcp: fix crash in internal DHCP client (rh #1260727)

- build: fix installing language files (rh #1265117)

- nmcli: allow creating ADSL connections with 'nmcli connection add' (rh 

- ifcfg-rh: ignore GATEWAY from network file for DHCP connections (rh 

- device: retry DHCP after timeout/expiration for assumed connections 
(rh #1246496)
- device: retry creation of default connection after link is initialized 
(rh #1254089)

- config: add code comments to NetworkManager.conf file
- iface-helper: enabled slaac/dhcp4 based on connection setting only (rh 
- utils: avoid generation of duplicated assumed connection for veth 
devices (rh #1256430)
- nmcli: improve handling of wake-on-lan property (rh #1260584)

- config: fix config-changed signal for s390x and ppc64 archs (rh #1062301)
- device: fix handling ignore-auto-dns for IPv6 nameservers (rh #1261428)

- vpn: fix the tunelled VPN setup (rh #1238840)

- nmcli: fix argument parsing for config subcommand

- Align with the upstream 1.0.6 release:
- device: add support for configuring Wake-On-Lan (rh #1141417)
- device: don't disconnect after DHCP failure when there's static 
addresses  (rh #1168388)
- device: provide information about metered connections (rh #1200452)
- device: fix an assert fail when cleaning up a slave connection (rh 
- team: add support for setting MTU (rh #1255927)
- config: avoid premature exit with configure-and-quit option (rh #1256772)

- supplicant: fix passing freq_list option to wpa_supplicant (rh #1254461)

- udev: fix call to ethtool in udev rules (rh #1247156)

- device: accept multiple addresses in a DHCPv6 lease (rh #1244293)

- device: fix a crash when unconfiguring a device (rh #1253744)

- ifcfg-rh: respect DEVTIMEOUT if link is not announced by udev yet (rh 

- core: avoid ethtool to autoload kernel module (rh #1247156)

- device: fix setting of a MTU (rh #1250019)

- daemon,libnm: fix handling of default routes for assumed connections 
(rh #1245648)

- cli: fix verifying flag-based properties (rh #1244048)

- Align with the upstream 1.0.4 release
- Fix the libreswan plugin (rh #1238840)

- vpn: send firewall zone to firewalld also for VPN connections (rh 

- Update to a bit newer 1.0.4 git snapshot, to fix test failures
- device: restart ping process when it exits with an error (rh #1128581)

- config: allow rewriting resolv.conf on SIGUSR1 (rh #1062301)

- Update to a bit newer 1.0.4 git snapshot, to fix test failures

- Update to a 1.0.4 git snapshot:
- bond: add support for setting a MTU (rh #1177860)
- core: delay initialization of the connection for devices without 
carrier at startup (rh #1079353)
- route-manager: ensure the routes are set up properly with multiple 
interface in the same subnet (rh #1164441)
- config: add support for reloading configuration (rh #1062301)
- device: disallow ipv6.method=shared connections early during 
activation (rh #1183015)
- device: don't save the newly added connection for a device until 
activation succeeds (rh #1174164)
- rdisc: prevent solicitation loop for expiring DNS information (rh 
- wifi: Indicate support of wireless radio bands (rh #1200451)
- nmcli: Fix client hang upon multiple deletion attempts of the same 
connection (rh #1168657)
- nmcli: Fix documentation for specifying a certificate path (rh #1182575)
- device: add support for auto-connecting slave connection when 
activating a master (rh #1158529)
- nmtui: Fix a crash when attempting an activation with no connection 
present (rh #1197203)
- nmcli: Add auto-completion and hints for valid values in enumeration 
properties (rh #1034126)
- core: load the the libnl library from the correct location (rh #1211859)
- config: avoid duplicate connection UUIDs (rh #1171751)
- device: enable IPv6 privacy extensions by default (rh #1187525)
- device: fix handling if DHCP hostname for configure-and-quit (rh #1201497)
- manager: reuse the device connection is active on when reactivating it 
(rh #1182085)
- device: reject incorrect MTU settings from an IPv6 RA (rh #1194007)
- default-route: allow preventing the connection to override externally 
configured default route (rh #1205405)
- manager: reduce logging for interface activation (rh #1212196)
- device: don't assume a connection for interfaces that only have an 
IPv6 link-local address (rh #1138426)
- device: reject hop limits that are too low (CVE-2015-2924) (rh #1217090)

- dhclient: use fqdn.fqdn for server DDNS updates (rh #1212597)

- core: use dev_id when calculating interface IID (rh #1101809)

- core: respawn teamd instead of failing when it exits unexpectedly (rh 

- dispatcher: split routing rules script into a subpackage (rh #1160013)

- core: remove IPv6LL address when deactivating managed devices (rh 
- core: recognize external IP config earlier on startup
- core: fix bridge default metric

- dispatcher: fix policy-based-routing script to run on "down" as well 
(rh #1160013)

- build: really install dispatcher script to support policy based 
routing (rh #1160013)

- team: fix bug in team device activation (rh #1184923)

- build: fix NetworkManager-libnm and old NetworkManager-glib conflict 
(rh #1066690)
- core: accept numeric bond options (rh #1171009) (rh #1133544)
- core/libnm: better validate setting properties (rh #1182567)
- core: add dispatcher script to support policy based routing (rh #1160013)

- ifcfg-rh: read custom IP address for shared connections (rh #1174632)

- platform: fix handling of routes with special metric (rh #1172780)
- ifcfg-rh: add reading and writing of route-metric property

- platform: fix draining of the event queue with old libnl (rh #1180773)

- build: remove -bluetooth and -wwan Requires to prevent unwanted 
updates (rh #1066690)
- build: remove erroneous libnm/libnm-devel dependencies

- build: fix NetworkManager-bluetooth dep on NetworkManager-wwan

- ifcfg-rh: handle DEVTIMEOUT property (rh #1171917)

- core: re-enable hardware plugins on s390 (rh #1066690)

- Update to 1.0 release
- core: split device support into sub-packages (rh #1066690)
- core: don't touch externally created software interfaces until IFF_UP 
(rh #1030947)
- tui: fix handling of "Available to all users" checkbox (rh #1176042)

- core: fix DHCP lease expiry/nak during lease acquisition
- core: don't step on external team interfaces when teamd appears

- core: fix managed slave attachment

- core: recognize layer-2 connections (rh #1141266)
- core: don't tear down assumed connections that fail (rh #1141264)
- core: clean up IP operations when restarting them after re-authentication
- core: fix some VPN issues with secrets and routing
- core: fix regression parsing gateway from addresses (rh #1170199)
- core: don't release slaves on exit (rh #1169936)
- tui: fix deletion of slaves with master (rh #1131574)
- cli: fix regression deactivating multiple connections (rh #1168383)

- core: don't bounce disable_ipv6 when assuming connections (rh #1170530)

- device: fix crash on S390(x) when setting subchannels (rh #1168764)

- tui: fix missing IPv4/IPv6 method popup (rh #1167710)
- core: inherit parent managed state for VLAN devices (rh #1114681)

- cli: fix showing secrets when editing connections
- cli: ignore timestamp when comparing connections (rh #1122995)
- core: fix a few issues with the internal DHCP client (rh #1066700)

- core: wait for IPv6LL address before starting DHCPv6-only configurations
- core: fix race with kernel IPv6LL when deactiving connections that 
ignored IPv6
- cli: fix waiting for activation success/failure
- core: silence warning about bad ifindex for non-netdev devices
- core: fix default route ordering issues
- core: don't change firewall zone for assumed devices (rh #1098281)
- libnm: fix translations in clients and non-UTF-8 encodings
- tui: fix unsetting the gateway (rh #1163896)
- cli/tui: only handle secrets for connection being activated

- core: fix DHCP PID and platform route loop issues
- cli: fix timeout disconnecting device

- core: add fast, lightweight internal DHCP client (rh #1066700)
- rpm: specfile cleanups

- core: DHCP address lifetime expires before it can be updated (rh #1139326)
- core: apply static IPv6 configuration while waiting for an RA (rh 
- core: fix activation of IP configurations on unmanaged interfaces (rh 
- core: serialize dispatcher state changes (rh #1061212)
- core: increased dispatcher timeout and blocking events (rh #1048345)
- core: add support for "lacp_rate" bonding option (rh #1061702)
- core: better handle slave state changes done externally (rh #1066706)
- core: fix checking whether NM is running for root clients (rh #1096772)
- ifcfg-rh: ignore tailing spaces (rh #1100336)
- cli: fix warning setting DCB application priority (rh #1080510)
- tui: fix inverted 'Require IPvX addressing' checkbox (rh #1108839)
- tui: fix entry of some IP address formats (rh #1090422)
- tui: fix disabled <Add> button in IP configuration (rh #1131434)

- remote-settings: Fix asynchronous initialization when using private bus

- tui: Fix up bond primary option validation (rh #1142864)

- bluetooth: don't consider bnep devices separate from the BT devices 
(rh #1147700)

- tui: fix master/slave deletion issues (rh #1131574)

- bluetooth: fix connection timeouts (rh #1147700)

- core: do not clear existing secrets on Update() without secrets (rh 

- tui: require non-empty primary option for active-backup bonding mode 
(rh #1142864)

- cli: create a connection if none exist in 'nmcli dev connect' (rh 

- platform: Increase NL buffer size for systems with a lot of interfaces 
(rh #1141256)
- tui: Remove primary option if bond mode is not active-backup (rh #1142864)

- tui: fix password handling (rh #1133967)
- tui: save LEAP username correctly (rh #1133967)
- tui: fix a crash when dismissing password dialog (rh #1132612)

- platform: fix setting preferred time for address (rh #1083283)

- tui: add support for editing DSL connections (rh #1105753)

- core: don't generate a connection for unmanaged devices (rh #1136843)
- bluetooth: don't crash when switching off bluetooth (rh #1136387)
- dhcp: fix dhclient abnormal exit due to SIGPIPE (rh #1136836)

- core: allow IPv6 configuration of interfaces when inactive (rh 
#1083133) (rh #1098319)

- cli: fix nmcli connection add (rh #1138303)

- core, ifcfg-rh, ibft: add support for iBFT VLAN connections (rh #990480)

- core, cli: D-Bus Delete() call; 'nmcli device delete <ifname>' for SW 
devices (rh #1034150)
- cli: use readline library throughout nmcli when asking for input (rh 

- ifcfg-rh: fix a crash on setting hostname with SELinux disabled (rh 
- cli: fix 'nmcli device wifi' crash with multiple wifi devices (rh 
- policy: don't use default (localhost) hostname as configured hostname 
(rh #1110436)
- ifcfg-rh: write GATEWAY instead of GATEWAY0 to be ifup-compatible (rh 
- libnm-util, cli: make explicit that we only allow VPN as secondaries 
(rh #1094296)

- build: fix issues with multilib upgrades (rh #1112367)

- core: better PPPoE connection termination handling (rh #1061641)

- core: update translations (rh #1046891)

- core: fix crash when calling DBUS function GetConnectionByUuid() (rh 

- core: fix MTU handling while merging/subtracting IP configs (rh #1093231)

- core: fix crash on failure of reading bridge sysctl values (rh #1112020)

- core: fix crash on device removal with active connection (rh #1108167)

- core: fix ZONE_CONFLICT error when setting firewall zone (rh #1103782)

- tui: fix a crash when editing IPv6 routes (rh #1103702)
- tui: fix setting Cloned MAC address

- tui: fix a crash when editing IPv6 addresses (rh #1103702)

- core: allow matching IPv6 'auto' connection to 'ignore' profile (rh 

- core: sort connections in descending timestamp order on take-over (rh 

- core: fix connection matching generally and for s390 as well (rh #1083196)
- dhcp: fix DHCPv6 address lifetime handling (rh #1086237)

- cli: allow arbitrary VPN types when creating connections (rh #1100750)

- Rebuild for Z-stream update

- core: fix connection matching with IPv6 routes (rh #1086237)
- core: wait with startup-complete for dynamic IPv4 and IPv6 addresses 
(rh #1096063, rh #1086906)

- core: ignore IPv6 cache routes to fix initial connection generation 
(rh #1083153)
- core: ensure slow DHCP emits 'dhcp4-change' and 'dhcp6-change' 
dispatcher events (rh #1091296)

- core: fix master interface DHCP handling if ignore-carrier is set (rh 
- core: fix startup state not finishing correctly (rh #1084554)

- core: additional fixes for Data Center Bridging (DCB) (rh #799241) (rh 
- core: ensure /etc/resolv.conf has the right SELinux label (rh #1070829)

- core: update NMManager:devices before emitting notify::devices (rh 

- core: fix an issue with alias support touching non-alias address 
labels (rh #1067170)

- core: fix management of some static configurations from initramfs (rh 
- ifcfg-rh: add support for alias files (rh #1067170)
- core: additional fixes for Data Center Bridging (DCB) (rh #799241)

- ifcfg-rh: give a better error on "permission denied" (rh #1070617)
- tui: allow cancelling with "Esc" from "nmtui connect" (rh #1080059)

- tui: misc fixes (rh #1078281)

- devices: send ARPs when configuring static IPv4 addresses (rh #1073447)

- core: fix startup auto-activation of slow carrier detect interfaces 
(rh #1076592)
- core: align default bridge priority with kernel defaults (rh #1073664)

- core: read and assume team port configuration (rh #1035859)
- core: looser IPv6 existing configuration assumption (rh #1073824)
- core: follow network interface renames (rh #907836)
- core: add support for VXLAN interfaces (rh #1066705)
- wifi: fix connections to hidden SSIDs (rh #1069844)
- cli: allow using master connection name when creating slaves (rh #1057494)
- ifcfg-rh: fix reading and writing of Team port configurations (rh 

[ 1:]
- core: fix adding gateway route for IPv6 (rh #1072410)
- core: unschedule deletion of sw device when activating request (rh 
- cli: fix a crash when trying to set a white-space string as IP (rh 
- core: correctly handle pre-activation dependency failure (rh #1069695)
- libnm-util, libnm-glib: Add master/slave-matching utils (rh #1045203)
- rdisc: set the expiration timer correctly (rh #1073560)
- core,libnm-glib: support 'type', 'id' properties in NMActiveConnection 
(rh #1061822)
- core: reenable auto activation for slave connections with a matching 
UUID master
- core: implement function nm_active_connection_get_uuid()
- core: rename function nm_active_connection_get_name() to 
- libnm-glib: fix a double free in NMDeviceVlan
- platform: fix converting address flags in 
- core: postpone non-static master IP configuration until carrier
- core: match IPv4 'disabled' method to 'auto' when device has no link
- core: refactor connection matching and add testcase
- policy: fix crash caused by calling functions on connection==NULL

- rdisc: obey rtr_solicitations and rtr_solicitation_interval (rh #1071446)

- new snapshot version
- cli: show warning when setting band/channel for infrastructure mode 
wifi (rh #1000096)
- cli: better checking of WEP key types in interactive editor (rh #1040964)
- core: fix crash while wrongly switching device to state NEED_AUTH (rh 
- core: fix crash during re-activation with pending activation request 
(rh #1058843)
- cli: support set/appending container types in modify command and 
interactive editor (rh #1044027)

- core: fix startup tracking (rh #1030583)

- core: fix crash getting secrets in libnm-glib

- dbus: kill at_console usage in permissions (rh #979416)
- policy: allow inactive (remote/SSH) sessions to perform some actions 
(rh #979416)
- cli: consolidate active and configured connections (rh #997999)
- core/rdisc: add support for IPv6 privacy (rh #1003859)
- core/platform: revise failure to activate connection on error of 
setting route (rh #1005416)
- core/platform: sort routes before adding them in 
nm_platform_ipX_route_sync() (rh #1005416)
- vpn: handle missing tunnel interface for IP-based VPNs (rh #1030068)
- core: make NMDeviceTun 'mode' immutable and set at construct time (rh 
- core/rdisc: add autoconf addresses as /64 (instead of /128) (rh #1044590)
- ifcfg-rh: unescape Team configuration (rh #1051517)
- core: fix a crash with autoconnect masters with autoconnect slaves (rh 
- libnm-glib: additional functions to get nameservers (rh #1056146)

- core: fix managing IPv6 connections without disruption on startup (rh 

- Mass rebuild 2014-01-24

- core: various fixes to autoconnect retry handling (rh #1029480)

- platform: fix physical_port_id handling (rh #804527)

- core: add host route for DHCPv4 server if outside assigned subnet (rh 
- core: set classful prefix length for DHCPv4 static routes
- core: only request wired 802.1x secrets during initial connection
- cli: fix crash when edited connection removed by another client (rh 
- cli: add help for second-level commands (rh #1034119)

- tui: various bugfixes (rh #1025021)

- core: ignore public-suffix search domains like ".com" or ".net" (#851521)
- core: don't touch virtual devices on suspend/resume (rh #1038158)
- core: fix handling of local nameservers in resolv.conf on startup (rh 
- core: fix race with 'network' service at boot (rh #1034983)
- core: fix stale information in dispatcher DHCP lease change events
- cli: more compact 'nmcli dev' output format (rh #998003)
- cli: make some mandatory parameters actually mandatory (rh #953397)
- cli: enhance help documentation and bash completion (rh #1036545)
- cli: show VPN connection information (rh #1036132)

- Mass rebuild 2013-12-27

- core: fix auto-activation after deactivation (rh #1033187)
- core: delay startup complete for initial carrier (rh #1030583)
- wifi: fix possible crashes checking associated AP (rh #1025371)
- core: fix sending of hostname to DHCP server (rh #1001529)
- core: don't retry a failed connection indefinitely (rh #1040528)
- core: add reconnect delay for PPPoE connections (rh #1023503)
- core: fix handling of routes with gateway in keyfiles (bgo #719851)
- core: fix wierd profile doubling on restart (rh #1029859)
- core: ensure software connections can be auto-activated after 
creationg (rh #1035814)
- core: fix setting broadcast address (rh #1032819)
- core: fix handling of PtP addresses for VPNs (rh #1018317)
- cli: fix help command for connection object (rh #1036545)
- core: fix connection auto-activation based on timestamp order (rh 
- core: fix connecting VLAN interfaces without a specific interface name 
(rh #1034908)
- core: fix crash canceling secrets requests (rh #922855)
- libnm-glib: fix crash when connections are deleted remotely (rh #1030403)
- cli: add "nmcli con load file..." (bgo #709830)
- core: use disable_ipv6 in the right situations (rh #1004255)
- cli: fix crash on editing 'lo' connection (rh #1030395)
- core: ignore RA-provided IPv6 default routes (rh #1042402)
- core: fix various issues found by Coverity (rh #1025894)
- cli: add bash completion for hostname commands (rh #1018510)
- core: require secondary connections to be VPNs (rh #997039)
- core: don't crash if ethernet device has no MAC address (rh #1029053)

- nmtui: update to latest snapshot

- cli: add "nmcli con load" to fix ifup (rh #1022256)

- core: stop touching the loopback device (rh #1031794)

- core: read DNS information when reading initial interface 
configurations (rh #1031763)

- core: run reverse-DNS hostname lookups even if IP config has no DNS 
servers (rh #1031763)

- core: allow same connection reactivations on the same device (rh #997998)

- core: fix default wired connection changes causing disconnection (rh 

- core: fix possible crash with WiFi (rh #1025371)
- core: fix crash cleaning up Team devices

- core: fix various issues with ignore-carrier configuration (rh #1018403)
- core: improve handling of NPAR/SRIOV devices in bonds (rh #804527)
- ifcfg-rh: fix crash when reading connection (rh #1025007)
- core: better handling of unrecognized connections (rh #1022256)
- cli: add 'nmcli dev connect eth0' functionality (rh #961543)
- core: add support for DCB/FCoE configuration (rh #799241)
- cli: add 'activate' menu command for interactive editor (rh #1004883)
- core: fix segfault when setting default IPv6 route for VPNs (rh #1019021)
- core: track autoconnect for software devices that are removed (rh 
- ifcfg-rh: always read and write static IP addresses (rh #998135)
- cli: copy remove connection to local one on save (rh #997958)
- core: don't crash when no DHCP client is available (rh #1015809)
- libnm-glib: fix crash in nm_client_new() (rh #1010288)

- Add an explicit versioned NM-glib requirement to NM-tui, per rpmdiff

- Add NetworkManager-tui package with the (still-alpha) curses UI (rh 

- core: fix IPv4 addressing when IPv6 is disabled at boot time (rh #1012151)
- ifcfg-rh: fix handling of default routes in route6 files (rh #991807)
- core: fix PropertiesChanged signals for IP-related properties
- ifcfg-rh: make minimal ifcfg file handling consistent with initscripts

- core: add support for 'primary' bond option (rh #1013727)
- cli: fix creation of Dynamic WEP configurations (rh #1005171)

- core: fix DHCPv6 address prefix length (rh #1013583)
- cli: enhance bonding questionaire (rh #1007355)
- core: fix crash with Bluez5 if PAN connection is not defined (rh #1014770)
- libnm-glib: fix various memory leaks that could cause UIs to 
mis-report state
- core: fix issues with mis-configured IPv6 router advertisements (rh 
- cli: fix potential crash editing connections (rh #1011942)
- core: fix crash deactivating team devices (rh #1013593)

- core: fix bridge device creation (#1012532)
- core,settings: do not call functions with connection==NULL (rh #1008151)
- cli: accept gateway in the IP questionnaire of 'nmcli -a con add' (rh 
- cli: always print success message (not only in --pretty mode) (rh 
- cli: fix bond questionnaire to be able to set miimon (rh #1007355)
- ifcfg-rh: if IPv4 is disabled put DNS domains (DOMAIN) into IPv6 (rh 
- platform: fix a crash when nm_platform_sysctl_get() returns NULL (rh 
- platform: fix InfiniBand partition handling (rh #1008568)
- infiniband: only check the last 8 bytes when doing hwaddr matches (rh 
- bluez: merge adding support for BlueZ 5 (bgo #701078)
- api: clarify lifetime and behavior of ActiveConnection's 
SpecificObject property (rh #1012309)
- vpn: fix connecting to VPN (bgo #708255) (rh #1014716)
- rdisc: do not crash on NDP init failures (rh #1012151)
- cli: be more verbose when adding IP addresses in questionnaire (rh 
- team: chain up parent dispose() in NMDeviceTeam dispose() (rh #1013593)
- translation updates

- drop wimax subpackage

- core: actually enable ModemManager 1.0 support
- libnm-glib: fix nm_remote_connection_delete() not calling callback (rh 
- cli: ensure terminal is reset after quitting
- cli: set wep-key-type properly when editing (rh #1003945)
- man: fix typo in nmcli examples manpage (rh #1004117)
- core: fix setting VLAN ingress/egress mappings
- core: allow creating VLANs from interfaces other than Ethernet (rh 
- cli: fix input/output format conversion (rh #998929)

- core: fix bug which disallowed deleting connections (rh #997568)
- core: add support for Team devices
- core: enable NetworkManager-wait-online by default (rh #816655)
- core: fix crash when 'gre' and 'macvlan' links change (rh #997396)
- core: fail activation when invalid static routes are configured (rh 
- core: enhance connectivity checking to include portal detection
- core: allow hyphens for MAC addresses (rh #1002553)
- core: remove NetworkManager-created software devices when they are 
deactivated (rh #953300)
- core: fix handling of some DHCP client identifiers (rh #999503)
- core: correctly handle Open vSwitch interfaces as generic interfaces 
(rh #1004356)
- core: better handle Layer-2-only connections (rh #979288)
- cli: enhanced bash completion
- cli: make the 'describe' command more visible (rh #998002)
- cli: fix bug rejecting changes to Wi-Fi channels (rh #999999)
- cli: update bash completion to suggest connection names (rh #997997)
- cli: fix tab completion for aliases in edit mode
- cli: ask whether to switch IP method to 'auto' when all addresses are 
deleted (rh #998137)
- cli: request missing information when --ask is passed (rh #953291)
- cli: add 'remove' command to edit mode
- cli: fix creation of secure Wi-Fi connections (rh #997969) (rh #997555)
- cli: default autoconnect to no and ask whether to activate on save (rh 
- man: clarify manpage text (rh #960071) (rh #953299)
- man: fix errors in the nmcli help output and manpage (rh #997566)
- ifcfg-rh: only write IPV6_DEFAULTGW when there's actually a default 
gateway (rh #997759)
- ifcfg-rh: fix handling of legacy-format routes file with missing gateway

- core: fix assert on multi-hop routes (rh #989022)
- core: fix dispatcher systemd unit enabling (rh #948433)
- ifcfg-rh: ignore emacs temporary lockfiles (rh #987629)
- core: fix various routing issues and interaction with kernel events
- cli: confirm saving connections when autoconnect is enabled (rh #953296)
- cli: automatically change method when static IP addresses are added
- core: preserve externally added IPv4 routes and addresses

- Create NetworkManager-config-server package

- Update to git snapshot

- Belatedly update udev directory for UsrMove
- Fix incorrect dates in old changelog entries to avoid rpm warnings

- build support for connectivity checking (rh #810457)

- disable building WiMax for RHEL

- Update to new 0.9.10 snapshot

- Update for systemd network-online.target (rh #787314)
- Add system service for the script dispatcher (rh #948433)

- Enable hardened build
- Update to 0.9.10 snapshot
- cli: new capabilities and somewhat re-arranged syntax
- core: generic interface support
- core: split config support; new "server mode" options
- core: allow locking connections to interface names

- core: fix issue with UI not showing disconnected on rfkill
- core: memory leak fixes
- core: silence warning about failure reading permanent MAC address (rh 
- core: wait up to 120s for slow-connecting modems
- core: don't crash on PPPoE connections without a wired setting
- core: ensure the AvailableConnections property is always correct
- keyfile: ensure all-default VLAN connections are read correctly
- core: suppress kernel's automatic creation of bond0 (rh #953466)
- libnm-glib: make NMSecretAgent usable with GObject Introspection
- libnm-util: fix GObject Introspection annotations of 
- core: documentation updates

- Update to snapshot
- core: fix VLAN parent handling when identified by UUID
- core: quiet warning about invalid interface index (rh #920145)
- core: request 'static-routes' from DHCP servers (rh #922558)
- core: fix crash when dbus-daemon is restarted (rh #918273)
- core: copy leasefiles from /var/lib/dhclient to fix netboot (rh #916233)
- core: memory leak and potential crash fixes
- ifcfg-rh: ensure missing STP property is interpreted as off (rh #922702)

- Update to the release
- cli: fix a possible crash

- core: use systemd for suspend/resume, not upower

- Update to 0.9.8-beta2
- core: ignore bridges managed by other tools (rh #905035)
- core: fix libnl assert (rh #894653)
- wifi: always use Proactive Key Caching with WPA Enterprise (rh #834444)
- core: don't crash when Internet connection sharing fails to start (rh 

- Set correct systemd KillMode to fix anaconda shutdown hangs (rh #876218)

- ifcfg-rh: write missing IPv6 setting as IPv6 with "auto" method (rh 

- Build vapi files and add them to the devel package

- Apply patch from master to read hostname from /etc/hostname (rh #831735)

- Apply patch from master to update hostname (rh #875085)
- spec: create /etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d (rh #873621)

- Don't bring up uninitialized devices (fd #56929)

- Actually apply the patch from the previous commit...

- Apply patch from master to fix a crash (rh #865009)

- Apply patch from master so connections finish connecting properly (bgo 

- Forward-port some forgotten fixes from F17
- Fix networked-filesystem systemd dependencies (rh #787314)
- Don't restart NM on upgrade, don't stop NM on uninstall (rh #811200)

- Update to git snapshot

- Update to snapshot

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_18_Mass_Rebuild

- Update to 0.9.6-rc2
- core: fix race between parallel DHCP client invocations
- core: suppress a useless warning (rh #840580)
- ifcfg-rh: fix segfault with malformed values (rh #841391)
- ifcfg-rh: ignore IP config on bond slave configurations (rh #838907)

- Update to (0.9.6-rc1) snapshot
- core: add autoconnect, driver-versioni and firmware-version properties 
to NMDevice
- core: various IPv6 improvements
- core: reduce number of changes made to DNS information during 
connection setup
- core: add Vala language bindings
- vpn: support IPv6 over VPNs
- wifi: add on-demand WiFi scan support

- Update to git snapshot

- NM no longer uses /var/run/NetworkManager, so don't claim to own it.
   (rh #656638)

- Update to git snapshot

- Add _isa for internal requires; otherwise depsolving may pull in an
   arbitrary architecture.

- Update to 0.9.4

- libnm-glib: updated for new symbols the applet wants

- applet: move to network-manager-applet RPM
- editor: move to nm-connection-editor RPM
- libnm-gtk: move to libnm-gtk RPM

- Update to (0.9.4-rc1)
- core: fix possible WiFi hang when connecting to Ad-Hoc networks
- core: enhanced IPv6 compatibility
- core: proxy DNSSEC data when using the 'dnsmasq' caching nameserver plugin
- core: allow VPNs to specify multiple domain names given by the server
- core: fix an issue creating new InfiniBand connections
- core/applet/editor: disable WiFi Ad-Hoc WPA connections until kernel 
bugs are fixed

- core: fix issue with carrier changes not being recognized (rh #800690)
- editor: warn user if CA certificate is left blank

- core: fix a crash with ipw2200 devices and adhoc networks
- core: fix IPv6 addressing on newer kernels
- core: fix issue with VPN plugin passwords (rh #802540)
- cli: enhancements for Bonding, VLAN, and OLPC mesh devices
- ifcfg-rh: fix quoting WPA passphrases that include quotes (rh #798102)
- libnm-glib: fix some issues with duplicate devices shown in menus

- Update to (0.9.4-beta1)
- core: add support for bonding and VLAN interfaces
- core: add support for Internet connectivity detection
- core: add support for IPv6 Privacy Extensions
- core: fix interaction with firewalld restarts

- disable WiMAX plugin on s390(x)

- Put WiMAX plugin files in the right subpackage

- Update to 0.9.4 snapshot
- wimax: enable optional support for Intel WiMAX devices
- core: use nl80211 for WiFi device control
- core: add basic support for Infiniband IP interfaces
- core: add basic support for bonded interfaces
- core: in-process IP configuration no longer blocks connected state

- Rebuild

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_17_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuild for libgnome-bluetooth.so.9

- core: fix possible crash when talking to ModemManager
- core: improve handling of rfkill on some machines (eeepc 1005HA and 
- ifcfg-rh: don't use spaces in ifcfg file names (rh #742273)
- core: accept IPv6 Router Advertisements when forwarding is on
- core: bump dnsmasq cache size to 400 entries
- core: ensure IPv6 static routes are flushed when device is deactivated
- ifcfg-rh: fix changing WPA connections to WEP
- core: fix setting hostname from DHCP (rh #719100)
- libnm-glib: fix various GObject introspection issues (rh #747302)
- core: don't change routing or DNS if no devices are managed
- core: ensure IPv6 RA-provided routes are honored

- Rebuilt for glibc (rh #747377)
- core: fix setting hostname from DHCP options (rh #719100)
- skip a release to keep up with F16

- core: fix location of wifi.ui (rh #741448)

- core: ifcfg-rh: remove newlines when writing to ifcfg files 
(CVE-2011-3364) (rh #737338)
- core: change iscsiadm path to /sbin/iscsiadm in ifcfg-rh plugin (rh 
- core: fix refcounting when deleting a default wired connection (lp:797868)

- Update to (0.9.2-beta1)
- core: fix IPv6 link-local DNS servers in the dnsmasq DNS plugin
- cli: add ability to delete connections
- keyfile: fix an issue with duplicated keyfile connections
- core: ensure the 'novj' option is passed through to pppd
- core: store timestamps for VPN connections too (rh #725353)

- fix systemd scriptlets and trigger

- Update to 0.9 release
- core: fix issue where scan results could be ignored
- core: ensure agent secrets are preserved when updating connections
- core: don't autoconnect disabled modems
- core: fix race when checking modem enabled/disabled status after disabling
- core: ensure newly installed VPN plugins can actually talk to NM
- core: add support for 802.1X certificate subject matching
- libnm-glib: various introspection fixes
- applet/editor: updated translations

- Add some patches for some blocker (rh #727501)

- core: updated Russian translation (rh #652904)
- core: fix possible crash if secrets are missing
- core: append interface name for IPv6 link-local DNS server addresses 
(rh #720001)
- core: fix setting hostname from DHCP options (rh #719100)
- libnm-util: GObject introspection annotation fixes
- libnm-util: ensure IP address/route prefixes are valid
- ifcfg-rh: read anonymous identity for 802.1x PEAP connections (rh #708436)
- applet: show notifications on CDMA home/roaming changes
- applet: fix various issues saving VPN secrets
- editor: allow exporting VPN secrets
- editor: default to IPv6 "automatic" addressing mode

- core: ensure users are authorized for shared wifi connections 
(CVE-2011-2176) (rh #715492)
- core: retry failed connections after 5 minute timeout
- core: immediately request new 802.1x 'always ask' passwords if they fail
- core: add MAC blacklisting capability for WiFi and Wired connections
- core: retry failed connections when new users log in (rh #706204)
- applet: updated translations
- core: drop compat interface now that KDE bits are updated to NM 0.9 API

- core: don't cache "(none)" hostname at startup (rh #706094)
- core: fix handling of VPN connections with only system-owned secrets
- core: fix optional waiting for networking at startup behavior (rh #710502)
- ifcfg-rh: fix possible crashes in error cases
- ifcfg-rh: fix various IPv4 and IPv6 handling issues
- applet: add notifications of GSM mobile broadband registration status
- editor: move secrets when making connections available to all users or 
- applet: don't show irrelevant options when asking for passwords

- keyfile: better handling of missing certificates/private keys
- core: fix issues handling "always-ask" wired and WiFi 802.1x 
connections (rh #703785)
- core: fix automatic handling of hidden WiFi networks (rh #707406)
- editor: fix possible crash after reading network connections (rh #706906)
- editor: make Enter/Return key close WiFi password dialogs (rh #708666)

- Bump for CVE-2011-1943 (no changes, only a rebuild)

- editor: fix resizing of UI elements (rh #707269)
- core: retry wired connections when cable is replugged
- core: fix a few warnings and remove some left-over debugging code

- compat: fix activation/deactivation of VPN connections (rh #699786)
- core: fix autodetection of previously-used hidden wifi networks
- core: silence error if ConsoleKit database does not yet exist (rh #695617)
- core: fix Ad-Hoc frequency handling (rh #699203)
- core: fixes for migrated OpenConnect VPN plugin connections
- core: various fixes for VPN connection secrets handling
- core: send only short hostname to DHCP servers (rh #694758)
- core: better handling of PKCS#8 private keys
- core: fix dispatcher script interface name handling
- editor: fix potential crash when connection is invalid (rh #704848)
- editor: allow _ as a valid character for GSM APNs

- core: fix possible crash when connections are deleted
- core: fix exported symbols in libnm-util and libnm-glib
- core/applet: updated translations

- core: ensure DER format certificates are correctly recognized (rh #699591)
- core: fix WINS server handling in client helper libraries
- core: enhance dispatcher script environment to include IPv6 and VPN 
- applet: migrate openswan connections to 0.9
- editor: improve usability of editing IP addresses (rh #698199)

- core: enable optimized background roaming for WPA Enterprise configs
- core: better handling of WiFi and WiMAX rfkill (rh #599002)
- applet: fix crash detecting Bluetooth DUN devices a second time
- ifcfg-rh: fix managed/unmanaged changes when removing connections (rh 

- core: systemd and startup enhancements for NFS mounts
- core: more efficient startup process
- core: fix handling of multiple logins when one is inactive
- core: fix handling of S390/Hercules CTC network interfaces (rh #641986)
- core: support Easytether interfaces for Android phones
- core: fix handling of WWAN enable/disable states
- ifcfg-rh: harmonize handling if IPADDR/PREFIX/NETMASK with initscripts 
(rh #658907)
- applet: fix connection to WPA Enterprise networks (rh #694765)

- core: fix handling of infinite IPv6 RDNSS timeouts (rh #689291)

- Update to 0.8.998 (0.9.0-rc1)
- core: fix near-infinite requests for passwords (rh #692783)
- core: fix handling of wired 802.1x connections
- core: ignore Nokia PC-Suite ethernet devices we can't use yet
- applet: migrate 0.8 OpenVPN passwords to 0.9 formats

- core: resurrect default VPN username
- core: don't stomp on crypto library users by de-initing the crypto library

- core: fix creation of default wired connections
- core: fix requesting new secrets when old ones fail (ex changing WEP keys)
- editor: ensure all pages are sensitive after retrieving secrets
- editor: fix crash when scrolling through connection lists (rh #693446)
- applet: fix crash after using the wifi or wired secrets dialogs (rh 

- Fix trigger to enable the systemd service for upgrades (rh #678553)

- core: fix connection deactivation on the compat interface
- core: give default wired connections a more friendly name
- core: fix base type of newly created wired connections
- applet: many updated translations

- core: fix possible libnm-glib crash when activating connections
- applet: fix various naming and dialog title issues

- nm-version.h should be in NetworkManager-devel, not -glib-devel (rh 

- core: add compatibility layer for KDE Plasma network infrastructure

- Update to 0.8.997 (0.9-beta3)
- ifcfg-rh: fix reading and writing of Dynamic WEP connections using 
LEAP as the eap method
- wifi: fix signal strength for scanned access points with some drivers
- applet: translation updates

- Update to 0.8.996 (0.9-beta2)

- applet: fix bus name more

- applet: fix bus name

- Fix systemd requires

- Update to NetworkManager 0.9-beta1
- core: consolidate user and system settings services into NM itself
- core: add WiMAX support
- applet: support Fast User Switching

- Rebuild against newer gtk

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_15_Mass_Rebuild

- Rebuild against new gtk

- Handle modem IP interface changes after device is recognized

- Rebuild against new gtk3

- use --force in autoreconf to fix FTBFS

- Rebuild against newer gtk

- Update to 0.8.2

- Rebuild against libnotify 0.7
- misc gtk build fixes

- core: preserve WiFi Enabled state across reboot and suspend/resume

- core: fix suspend/resume regression (rh #638640)
- core: fix issue causing some nmcli requests to be ignored

- core: preserve custom local-mapped hostnames in /etc/hosts (rh #627269)

- core: remove stale /etc/hosts mappings (rh #630146)

- core: add dispatcher events on DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 lease changes
- core: enforce access permissions when enabling/disabling WiFi and WWAN 
(rh #626337)
- core: listen for UPower suspend/resume signals
- applet: fix disabled Enable Networking and Enable Wireless menu items 
(rh #627365)
- applet: updated translations
- applet: obscure Mobile Broadband PIN in secondary unlock dialog

- core: fix some systemd interaction issues

- core: rebuild to fix polkit 0.97 build issue
- applet: updated translations

- core: rebuild to fix dbus-glib security issue (CVE-2010-1172) (rh #585394)

- core: quiet annoying warnings (rh #612991)
- core: fix retrieval of various IP options in libnm-glib (rh #611141)
- core: ship NetworkManager.conf instead of deprecated 
nm-system-settings.conf (rh #606160)
- core: add short hostname to /etc/hosts too (rh #621910)
- core: recheck autoactivation when new system connections appear
- core: enable DHCPv6-only configurations (rh #612445)
- core: don't fail connection immediately if DHCP lease expires (rh 
#616084) (rh #590874)
- core: fix editing of PPPoE system connections
- core: work around twitchy frequency reporting of various wifi drivers
- core: don't tear down user connections on console changes (rh #614556)
- cli: wait a bit for NM's permissions check to complete (rh #614866)
- ifcfg-rh: ignore BRIDGE and VLAN configs and treat as unmanaged (rh 
- man: add manpage for nm-online
- applet: fix crash saving ignore-missing-CA-cert preference (rh #619775)
- applet: hide PIN/PUK by default in the mobile PIN/PUK dialog (rh #615085)
- applet: ensure Enter closes the PIN/PUK dialog (rh #611831)
- applet: fix another crash in ignore-CA-certificate handling (rh #557495)
- editor: fix handling of Wired/s390 connections (rh #618620)
- editor: fix crash when canceling editing in IP address pages (rh #610891)
- editor: fix handling of s390-specific options
- editor: really fix crash when changing system connections (rh #603566)

- core: read nm-system-settings.conf before NetworkManager.conf (rh #606160)
- core: fix editing system DSL connections when using keyfile plugin
- core: work around inconsistent proprietary driver associated AP reporting
- core: ensure empty VPN secrets are not used (rh #587784)
- core: don't request WiFi scans when connection is locked to a specific 
- cli: show IPv6 settings and configuration
- applet: updated translations
- editor: fix a PolicyKit-related crash editing connections (rh #603566)
- applet: fix saving the ignore-missing-CA-cert preference (rh #610084)
- editor: fix listing connections on PPC64 (rh #608663)
- editor: ensure editor windows are destroyed when closed (rh #572466)

- Rebuild against new gnome-bluetooth

- Update to 0.8.1 release candidate
- core: fix WWAN hardware enable state tracking (rh #591622)
- core: fix Red Hat initscript return value on double-start (rh #584321)
- core: add multicast route entry for IPv4 link-local connections
- core: fix connection sharing in cases where a dnsmasq config file exists
- core: fix handling of Ad-Hoc wifi connections to indicate correct network
- core: ensure VPN interface name is passed to dispatcher when VPN goes down
- ifcfg-rh: fix handling of ASCII WEP keys
- ifcfg-rh: fix double-quoting of some SSIDs (rh #606518)
- applet: ensure deleted connections are actually forgotten (rh #618973)
- applet: don't crash if the AP's BSSID isn't availabe (rh #603236)
- editor: don't crash on PolicyKit events after windows are closed (rh 

- core: fix nm-online crash (rh #593677)
- core: fix failed suspend disables network (rh #589108)
- core: print out missing firmware errors (rh #594578)
- applet: fix device descriptions for some mobile broadband devices
- keyfile: bluetooth fixes
- applet: updated translations (rh #589230)

- core: use GIO in local mode only (rh #588745)
- core: updated translations (rh #589230)
- core: be more lenient in IPv6 RDNSS server expiry (rh #590202)
- core: fix headers to be C++ compatible (rh #592783)
- applet: updated translations (rh #589230)
- applet: lock connections with well-known SSIDs to their specific AP

- core: fix handling of IPv6 RA flags when router goes away (rh #588560)
- bluetooth: fix crash configuring DUN connections from the wizard (rh 

- core: restore initial accept_ra value for IPv6 ignored connections (rh 
- bluetooth: fix bad timeout on PAN connections (rh #586961)
- applet: updated translations

- core: treat missing IPv6 configuration as ignored (rh #588814)
- core: don't flush IPv6 link-local routes (rh #587836)
- cli: update output formatting

- core: allow IP configuration as long as one method completes (rh #567978)
- core: don't prematurely remove IPv6 RDNSS nameservers (rh #588192)
- core: ensure router advertisements are only used when needed (rh #588613)
- editor: add IPv6 gateway editing capability

- core: IPv6 autoconf, DHCP, link-local, and manual mode fixes
- editor: fix saving IPv6 address in user connections

- core: fix crash when IPv6 is enabled and interface is deactivated

- core: fix issues with IPv6 router advertisement mishandling (rh #530670)
- core: many fixes for IPv6 RA and DHCP handling (rh #538499)
- core: ignore WWAN ethernet devices until usable (rh #585214)
- ifcfg-rh: fix handling of WEP passphrases (rh #581718)
- applet: fix crashes (rh #582938) (rh #582428)
- applet: fix crash with multiple concurrent authorization requests (rh 
- editor: allow disabling IPv4 on a per-connection basis
- editor: add support for IPv6 DHCP-only configurations

- core: fix crash during install (rh #581794)
- wifi: fix crash when supplicant segfaults after resume (rh #538717)
- ifcfg-rh: fix MTU handling for wired connections (rh #569319)
- applet: fix display of disabled mobile broadband devices

- core: fix automatic WiFi connections on resume (rh #578141)

- core: more flexible logging
- core: fix crash with OLPC mesh devices after suspend
- applet: updated translations
- applet: show mobile broadband signal strength and technology in the icon
- applet: fix continuous password requests for 802.1x connections (rh 
- applet: many updated translations

- core: fix modem enable/disable
- core: fix modem default route handling

- core: don't exit early on non-fatal state file errors
- core: fix Bluetooth connection issues (rh #572340)
- applet: fix some translations (rh #576056)
- applet: better feedback when wrong PIN/PUK is entered
- applet: many updated translations
- applet: PIN2 unlock not required for normal modem functionality
- applet: fix wireless secrets dialog display

- man: many manpage updates
- core: determine classful prefix if non is given via DHCP
- core: ensure /etc/hosts is always up-to-date and correct (rh #569914)
- core: support GSM network and roaming preferences
- applet: startup speed enhancements
- applet: better support for OTP/token-based WiFi connections (rh #526383)
- applet: show GSM and CDMA registration status and signal strength when 
- applet: fix zombie GSM and CDMA devices in the menu
- applet: remove 4-character GSM PIN/PUK code limit
- applet: fix insensitive WiFi Create... button (rh #541163)
- applet: allow unlocking of mobile devices immediately when plugged in

- core: update to final 0.8 release
- core: fix Bluetooth DUN connections when secrets are needed
- ifcfg-rh: add helper for initscripts to determine ifcfg connection UUIDs
- applet: fix Bluetooth connection secrets requests
- applet: fix rare conflict with other gnome-bluetooth plugins

- core: fix mobile broadband PIN handling (rh #543088) (rh #560742)
- core: better handling of /etc/hosts if hostname was already added by 
the user
- applet: crash less on D-Bus property errors (rh #557007)
- applet: fix crash entering wired 802.1x connection details (rh #556763)

- core: validate the autostart .desktop file
- build: fix nmcli for the stricter ld (fixes FTBFS)
- build: fix nm-connection-editor for the stricter ld (fixes FTBFS)
- applet: don't autostart in KDE on F13+ (#541353)

- core: add Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking (DUN) support (rh #136663)
- core: start DHCPv6 on receipt of RA 'otherconf'/'managed' bits
- nmcli: allow enable/disable of WiFi and WWAN

- ifcfg-rh: read and write DHCPv6 enabled connections (rh #429710)
- nmcli: update

- core: clean NSS up later to preserve errors from crypto_init()

- core: support for managed-mode DHCPv6 (rh #429710)
- ifcfg-rh: gracefully handle missing PREFIX/NETMASK
- cli: initial preview of command-line client
- applet: add --help to explain what the applet is (rh #494641)

- build: fix for new pppd (rh #548520)
- core: add WWAN enable/disable functionality
- ifcfg-rh: IPv6 addressing and routes support (rh #523288)
- ifcfg-rh: ensure connection is updated when route/key files change
- applet: fix crash when active AP isn't found (rh #546901)
- editor: fix crash when editing connections (rh #549579)

- core: fix recognition of standalone 802.1x private keys
- applet: clean notification text to ensure it passes libnotify validation

- core: remove haldaemon from initscript dependencies (rh #542078)
- core: handle PEM certificates without an ending newline (rh #507315)
- core: fix rfkill reporting for ipw2x00 devices
- core: increase PPPoE timeout to 30 seconds
- core: fix re-activating system connections with secrets
- core: fix crash when deleting automatically created wired connections
- core: ensure that a VPN's DNS servers are used when sharing the VPN 
- ifcfg-rh: support routes files (rh #507307)
- ifcfg-rh: warn when device will be managed due to missing HWADDR (rh 
- ifcfg-rh: interpret DEFROUTE as never-default (rh #528281)
- ifcfg-rh: handle MODE=Auto correctly
- rpm: fix rpmlint errors
- applet: don't crash on various D-Bus and other errors (rh #545011) (rh 
- editor: fix various PolicyKit-related crashes (rh #462944)
- applet+editor: notify user that private keys must be protected

- nm: better pidfile handing (rh #517362)
- nm: save WiFi and Networking enabled/disabled states across reboot
- nm: fix crash with missing VPN secrets (rh #532084)
- applet: fix system connection usage from the "Connect to hidden..." dialog
- applet: show Bluetooth connections when no other devices are available 
(rh #532049)
- applet: don't die when autoconfigured connections can't be made (rh 
- applet: allow system administrators to disable the "Create new 
wireless network..." menu item
- applet: fix missing username connecting to VPNs the second time
- applet: really fix animation stuttering
- editor: fix IP config widget tooltips
- editor: allow unlisted countries in the mobile broadband wizard (rh 
- ifcfg-rh: ignore .rpmnew files (rh #509621)

- nm: fix PPPoE connection authentication (rh #532862)

- install: better fix for (rh #526519)
- install: don't build Bluetooth bits on s390 (rh #529854)
- nm: wired 802.1x connection activation fixes
- nm: fix crash after modifying default wired connections like "Auto eth0"
- nm: ensure VPN secrets are requested again after connection failure
- nm: reset 'accept_ra' to previous value after deactivating IPv6 
- nm: ensure random netlink events don't interfere with IPv6 connection 
- ifcfg-rh: fix writing out LEAP connections
- ifcfg-rh: recognize 'static' as a valid BOOTPROTO (rh #528068)
- applet: fix "could not find required resources" error (rh #529766)

- install: fix -gnome package pre script failures (rh #526519)
- nm: fix failures validating private keys when using the NSS crypto backend
- applet: fix crashes when clicking on menu but not associated (rh #526535)
- editor: fix crash editing wired 802.1x settings
- editor: fix secrets retrieval when editing connections

- nm: fix connection takeover when carrier is not on
- nm: handle certificate paths (CA chain PEM files are now fully usable)
- nm: defer action for 4 seconds when wired carrier drops
- ifcfg-rh: fix writing WPA passphrases with odd characters
- editor: fix editing of IPv4 settings with new connections (rh #525819)
- editor: fix random crashes when editing due to bad widget refcounting
- applet: debut reworked menu layout (not final yet...)

- Install GConf schemas

- nm: allow disconnection of all device types
- nm: ensure that wired connections are torn down when their hardware 
goes away
- nm: fix crash when canceling a VPN's request for secrets
- editor: fix issues changing connections between system and user scopes
- editor: ensure changes are thrown away when editing is canceled
- applet: ensure connection changes are noticed by NetworkManager
- applet: fix crash when creating new connections
- applet: actually use wired 802.1x secrets after they are requested

- nm: IPv6 zeroconf support and fixes
- nm: port to polkit (rh #499965)
- nm: fixes for ehea devices (rh #511304) (rh #516591)
- nm: work around PPP bug causing bogus nameservers for mobile broadband 
- editor: fix segfault with "Unlisted" plans in the mobile broadband 

- nm: add iSCSI support
- nm: add connection assume/takeover support for ethernet (rh #517333)
- nm: IPv6 fixes
- nm: re-add OLPC XO-1 mesh device support (removed with 0.7.0)
- applet: better WiFi dialog focus handling

- Add patch to fix service detection on phones

- nm: IPv6 support for manual & router-advertisement modes

- Move some big docs to -devel to save space

- Update to upstream 'master' branch
- Use modem-manager for better 3G modem support
- Integrated system settings with NetworkManager itself
- Use udev instead of HAL

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Mass_Rebuild

- applet: fix certificate validation in hidden wifi networks dialog (rh 

- nm: fixes for ZTE/Onda modem detection
- nm: prevent re-opening serial port when the SIM has a PIN
- applet: updated translations
- editor: show list column headers

- nm: fix serial port settings

- nm: fix AT&T Quicksilver modem connections (rh #502002)
- nm: fix support for s390 bus types (rh #496820)
- nm: fix detection of some CMOtech modems
- nm: handle unsolicited wifi scans better
- nm: resolv.conf fixes when using DHCP and overriding search domains
- nm: handle WEP and WPA passphrases (rh #441070)
- nm: fix removal of old APs when none are scanned
- nm: fix Huawei EC121 and EC168C detection and handling (rh #496426)
- applet: save WEP and WPA passphrases instead of hashed keys (rh #441070)
- applet: fix broken notification bubble actions
- applet: default to WEP encryption for Ad-Hoc network creation
- applet: fix crash when connection editor dialogs are canceled
- applet: add a mobile broadband provider wizard

- drop ExcludeArch s390 s390x, we need at least the header files

- nm-save-the-leases.patch: Use per-connection lease files, and don't delete
   them on interface deactivate.

- ifcfg-rh: fix problems noticing changes via inotify (rh #495884)

- ifcfg-rh: enable write support for wired and wifi connections

- nm: update to 0.7.1
- nm: fix startup race with HAL causing unmanaged devices to sometimes 
be managed (rh #494527)

- nm: fix recognition of Option GT Fusion and Option GT HSDPA (nozomi) 
devices (rh #494069)
- nm: fix handling of spaces in DHCP 'domain-search' option
- nm: fix detection of newer Option 'hso' devices
- nm: ignore low MTUs returned by broken DHCP servers

- Update to 0.7.1-rc4
- nm: use PolicyKit for system connection secrets retrieval
- nm: correctly interpret errors returned from chmod(2) when saving 
keyfile system connections
- editor: use PolicyKit to get system connection secrets

- nm: fix crashes with out-of-tree modules that provide no driver link 
(rh #492246)
- nm: fix USB modem probing on recent udev versions

- nm: fix communication with Option GT Max 3.6 mobile broadband cards
- nm: fix communication with Huawei mobile broadband cards (rh #487663)
- nm: don't look up hostname when HOSTNAME=localhost unless asked (rh 
- nm: fix crash during IP4 configuration (rh #491620)
- nm: ignore ONBOOT=no for minimal ifcfg files (f9 & f10 only) (rh #489398)
- applet: updated translations

- nm: work around unhandled device removals due to missing HAL events 
(rh #484530)
- nm: improve handling of multiple modem ports
- nm: support for Sony Ericsson F3507g / MD300 and Dell 5530
- applet: updated translations

- Missing ONBOOT should actually mean ONBOOT=yes (rh #489422)

- Fix conflict with NetworkManager-openconnect (rh #489271)
- Fix possible crash when resynchronizing devices if HAL restarts

- nm: make default wired "Auto ethX" connection modifiable if an enabled 
system settings
     plugin supports modifying connections (rh #485555)
- nm: manpage fixes (rh #447233)
- nm: CVE-2009-0365 - GetSecrets disclosure
- applet: CVE-2009-0578 - local users can modify the connection settings
- applet: fix inability to choose WPA Ad-Hoc networks from the menu
- ifcfg-rh: add read-only support for WPA-PSK connections

- Fix getting secrets for system connections (rh #486696)
- More compatible modem autodetection
- Better handle minimal ifcfg files

- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_11_Mass_Rebuild

- Use IFF_LOWER_UP for carrier detect instead of IFF_RUNNING
- Add small delay before probing cdc-acm driven mobile broadband devices

- Fix PEAP version selection in the applet (rh #468844)
- Match hostname behavior to 'network' service when hostname is 
localhost (rh #441453)

- Fix 'noreplace' for nm-system-settings.conf

- Update to 0.7.1rc1
- nm: support for Huawei E160G mobile broadband devices (rh #466177)
- nm: fix misleading routing error message (rh #477916)
- nm: fix issues with 32-character SSIDs (rh #485312)
- nm: allow root to activate user connections
- nm: automatic modem detection with udev-extras
- nm: massive manpage rewrite
- applet: fix crash when showing the CA certificate ignore dialog a 
second time
- applet: clear keyring items when deleting a connection
- applet: fix max signal strength calculation in menu (rh #475123)
- applet: fix VPN export (rh #480496)

- applet: fix blank VPN connection message bubbles
- applet: better handling of VPN routing on update
- applet: silence pointless warning (rh #484136)
- applet: desensitize devices in the menu until they are ready (rh #483879)
- nm: Expose WINS servers in the IP4Config over D-Bus
- nm: Better handling of GSM Mobile Broadband modem initialization
- nm: Handle DHCP Classless Static Routes (RFC 3442)
- nm: Fix Mobile Broadband and PPPoE to always use 'noauth'
- nm: Better compatibility with older dual-SSID AP configurations (rh 
- nm: Mark nm-system-settings.conf as config (rh #465633)
- nm-tool: Show VPN connection information
- ifcfg-rh: Silence message about ignoring loopback config (rh #484060)
- ifcfg-rh: Fix issue with wrong gateway for system connections (rh #476089)

- Update to 0.7.1 pre-release
- Allow connections to be ignored when determining the default route (rh 
- Own /usr/share/gnome-vpn-properties (rh #477155)
- Fix log flooding due to netlink errors (rh #459205)
- Pass connection UUID to dispatcher scripts via the environment
- Fix possible crash after deactivating a VPN connection
- Fix issues with editing wired 802.1x connections
- Fix issues when using PKCS#12 certificates with 802.1x connections

- API and documentation updates
- Fix PIN handling on 'hso' mobile broadband devices

- Fix PIN/PUK issues with high-speed Option HSDPA mobile broadband cards
- Fix desensitized OK button when asking for wireless keys

- Fix issues reading ifcfg files
- Previously fixed:
- Doesn't send DHCP hostname (rh #469336)
- 'Auto eth0' forgets settings (rh #468612)
- DHCP renewal sometimes breaks VPN (rh #471852)
- Connection editor menu item in the wrong place (rh #471495)
- Cannot make system-wide connections (rh #471308)

- Update to NetworkManager 0.7.0 RC2
- Handle gateways on a different subnet from the interface
- Clear VPN secrets on connection failure to ensure they are requested 
again (rh #429287)
- Add support for PKCS#12 private keys (rh #462705)
- Fix mangling of VPN's default route on DHCP renew
- Fix type detection of qemu/kvm network devices (rh #466340)
- Clear up netmask/prefix confusion in the connection editor
- Make the secrets dialog go away when it's not needed
- Fix inability to add system connections (rh #471308)

- More reliable mobile broadband card initialization
- Handle mobile broadband PINs correctly when PPP passwords are also used
- Additional PolicyKit integration for editing system connections
- Close the applet menu if a keyring password is needed (rh #353451)

- Fix issues with hostname during anaconda installation (rh #461933)
- Fix Ad-Hoc WPA connections (rh #461197)
- Don't require gnome-panel or gnome-panel-devel (rh #427834)
- Fix determination of WPA encryption capabilities on some cards
- Fix conflicts with PPTP and vpnc plugins
- Allow .cer file extensions when choosing certificates

- Fix conflicts for older PPTP VPN plugins

- Ensure that mobile broadband cards are powered up before trying to use 
- Hostname changing support (rh #441453)
- Fix mobile broadband secret requests to happen less often
- Better handling of default devices and default routes
- Better information in tooltips and notifications
- Various UI cleanups; hide widgets that aren't used (rh #465397, rh 
- Accept different separators for DNS servers and searches
- Make applet's icon accurately reflect signal strength of the current AP

- Fix connection comparison that could cause changes to get overwritten 
(rh #464417)

- Fix handling of VPN settings on upgrade (rh #460730, bgo #553465)

- Fix hang when reading system connections from ifcfg files

- Fix WPA Ad-Hoc connections

- Fix parsing of DOMAIN in ifcfg files (rh #459370)
- Fix reconnection to mobile broadband networks after an auth failure
- Fix recognition of timeouts of PPP during mobile broadband connection
- More compatible connection sharing (rh #458625)
- Fix DHCP in minimal environments without glibc locale information 
- Add support for Option mobile broadband devices (like iCON 225 and 
iCON 7.2)
- Add IP4 config information to dispatcher script environment
- Merge WEP ASCII and Hex key types for cleaner UI
- Pre-fill PPPoE password when authentication fails
- Fixed some changes not getting saved in the connection editor
- Accept both prefix and netmask in the conection editor's IPv4 page

- Fix issue with mobile broadband connections that don't require 

- Expose DHCP-returned options over D-Bus and to dispatcher scripts
- Add support for customized static routes
- Handle multiple concurrent 3G or PPPoE connections
- Fix GSM/CDMA username and password issues
- Better handling of unmanaged devices from ifcfg files
- Fix timeout handling of errors during 3G connections
- Fix some routing issues (rh #456685)
- Fix applet crashes after removing a device (rh #457380)

- Convert stored IPv4 static IP addresses to new prefix-based scheme 
- Fix pppd connections to some 3G providers (rh #455348)
- Make PPPoE "Show Password" option work
- Hide IPv4 config options that don't make sense in certain configurations

- Expose server-returned DHCP options via D-Bus
- Use avahi-autoipd rather than old built-in IPv4LL implementation
- Send hostname to DHCP server if provided (DHCP_HOSTNAME ifcfg option)
- Support sending DHCP Client Identifier to DHCP server
- Allow forcing 802.1x PEAP Label to '0'
- Make connection sharing more robust
- Show status for shared and Ad-Hoc connections if no other connection 
is active

- Drop explicit hal dep in -gnome

- Move VPN configuration into connection editor
- Fix mobile broadband username/password issues
- Fix issues with broken rfkill setups (rh #448889)
- Honor APN setting for GSM mobile broadband configurations
- Fix adding CDMA connections in the connection editor

- Update to latest SVN
- Enable connection sharing
- Respect VPN-provided routes

- Move NM later in the shutdown process (rh #449070)
- Move libnm-util into a subpackage to allow NM to be removed more 
easily (rh #351101)

- Read global gateway from /etc/sysconfig/network if missing (rh #446527)
- nm-system-settings now terminates when dbus goes away (rh #444976)

- Fix initial carrier state detection on devices that are already up (rh 

- Restore behavior of marking wifi devices as "down" when disabling wireless
- Fix a crash on resume when a VPN was active when going to sleep

- Fix issues with the Fedora plugin not noticing changes made by
     system-config-network (rh #444502)
- Allow autoconnection of GSM and CDMA connections
- Multiple IP address support for user connections
- Fixes for Mobile Broadband cards that return line speed on connect
- Implement PIN entry for GSM mobile broadband connections
- Fix crash when editing unencrypted WiFi connections in the connection 

- Clean up the dispatcher now that it's service is gone (rh #444798)

- Fix asking applets for the GSM PIN/PUK

- Guess WEP key type in applet when asking for new keys
- Correct OK button sensitivity in applet when asking for new WEP keys

- Fix issues with Mobile Broadband connections caused by device init 
race patch

- Fix device initialization race that caused ethernet devices to get 
stuck on
- Fix PPPoE connections not showing up in the applet
- Fix disabled OK button in connection editor some wireless and IP4 settings
- Don't exit if HAL isn't up yet; wait for it
- Fix a suspend/resume crash

- Don't ask for wireless keys when the driver sends disconnect events during
	association; wait until the entire assocation times out
- Replace dispatcher daemon with D-Bus activated callout
- Fix parsing of DNS2 and DNS3 ifcfg file items
- Execute dispatcher scripts in alphabetical order
- Be active at runlevel 2
- Hook up MAC address widgets for wired & wireless; and BSSID widget for 
- Pre-populate anonymous identity and phase2 widgets correctly
- Clear out unused connection keys from GConf

- Don't select devices without a default gateway as the default route 
(rh #437338)
- Fill in broadcast address if not specified (rh #443474)
- Respect manual VPN IPv4 configuration options
- Show Connection Information for the device with the default route only

- Add dbus-glib-devel BuildRequires for NetworkManager-glib-devel (rh 
- Add PPP settings page to connection editor
- Fix a few crashes with PPPoE
- Fix active connection state changes that confused clients

- Fix build in pppd-plugin

- PPPoE authentication fixes
- More robust handing of mobile broadband device communications

- Honor options from /etc/sysconfig/network for blocking until network is up

- Turn on Add/Edit in the connection editor
- Don't flush or change IPv6 addresses or routes
- Enhance nm-online tool
- Some serial communication fixes for mobile broadband

- Fix issues with VPN passwords not getting found

- Fix builds due to glib2 breakage of GStaticMutex with gcc 4.3

- Fix WEP key index handling in UI
- Fix handling of NM_CONTROLLED in ifcfg files
- Show device managed state in applet menu
- Show wireless enabled state in applet menu
- Better handling of default DHCP connections for wired devices
- Fix loading of connection editor on KDE (rh #435344)

- Honor MAC address locking for wired & wireless devices

- Show VPN failures
- Support Static WEP key indexes
- Fix parsing of WEP keys from ifcfg files
- Pre-fill wireless security UI bits in connection editor and applet

- Grab system settings from /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, not from 

- Fix crashes when returning VPN secrets from the applet to NM

- Fix crashes on suspend/resume and exit (rh #437426)
- Ensure there's always an option to chose the wired device
- Never set default route via an IPv4 link-local addressed device (rh 

- Fix DHCP rebind behavior
- Preliminary PPPoE support

- Fix gnome-icon-theme Requires, should be on gnome subpackage

- Honor DHCP rebinds
- Multiple active device support
- Better error handling of mobile broadband connection failures
- Allow use of interface-specific dhclient config files
- Recognize system settings which have no TYPE item

- Fix crash of nm-system-settings on malformed ifcfg files (rh #434919)
- Require gnome-icon-theme to pick up lock.png (rh #435344)
- Fix applet segfault after connection removal via connection editor or 

- Don't create multiple connections for hidden access points
- Fix scanning behavior

- Rework connection editor connection list

- Better handling of changes in the profile directory by the system settings

- Enable system settings service
- Allow explicit disconnection of mobile broadband devices
- Fix applet memory leaks (rh #430178)
- Applet Connection Information dialog tweaks (gnome.org #505899)
- Filter input characters to passphrase/key entry (gnome.org #332951)
- Fix applet focus stealing prevention behavior

- Add CDMA mobile broadband support (if supported by HAL)
- Rework applet connection and icon handling
- Enable connection editor (only for deleting connections)

- Fix crash when activating a mobile broadband connection
- Better handling of non-SSID-broadcasting APs on kernels that support it
     (gnome.org #464215) (rh #373841)
- Honor DHCP-server provided MTU if present (gnome.org #332953)
- Use previous DNS settings if the VPN concentrator doesn't provide any
     (gnome.org #346833)

- Fix WPA passphrase hashing on big endian (PPC, Sparc, etc) (rh #426233)

- Fixes to work better with new libnl (rh #401761)

- Fix WPA/WPA2 Enterprise Phase2 connections (rh #388471)

- Fix applet connection comparison which failed to send connection updated
     signals to NM in some cases
- Make VPN connection applet more robust against plugin failures

- 64-bit -Wall compile fixes

- Fix applet crash when choosing to ignore the CA certificate (rh #359001)
- Fix applet crash when editing VPN properties and VPN connection 
failures (rh #409351)
- Add file filter name in certificate file picker dialog (rh #410201)
- No longer start named when starting NM (rh #381571)

- Fix upgrading from an earlier rawhide snap

- Fix device descriptions shown in applet menu

- Fix crash when deactivating VPN connections

- Fix crash and potential infinite nag dialog loop when ignoring CA 

- Fix crash when ignoring CA certificate for EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, and EAP-PEAP

- Fix connections when picking a WPA Enterprise AP from the menu
- Fix issue where applet would provide multiple same connections to NM

- Add support for EAP-PEAP (rh #362251)
- Fix EAP-TLS private key handling

- Clarify naming of WPA & WPA2 Personal encryption options (rh #374861, 
rh #373831)
- Don't require a CA certificate for applicable EAP methods (rh #359001)
- Fix certificate and private key handling for EAP-TTLS and EAP-TLS (rh 
- Fix applet crash with USB devices (rh #337191)
- Support upgrades from NM 0.6.x GConf settings

- Fix applet crash with USB devices that don't advertise a product or vendor
     (rh #337191)

- Fix crash when getting WPA secrets (rh #355041)

- Bring up ethernet devices by default if no connections are defined (rh 
- Fix crash when switching networks or bringing up secrets dialog (rh 
- Fix crash when editing VPN connection properties a second time
- Fix crash when cancelling the secrets dialog if another connection was
     activated in the mean time
- Fix disembodied notification bubbles (rh #333391)

- Handle PEM certificates
- Hide WPA-PSK Type combo since it's as yet unused
- Fix applet crash when AP security options changed and old secrets are 
     in the keyring
- Fix applet crash connecting to unencrypted APs via the other network 

- Fix WPA Enterprise connections that use certificates
- Better display of SSIDs in the menu

- Fix getting current access point
- Fix WPA Enterprise connections
- Wireless dialog now defaults to sensible choices based on the connection
- Tell nscd to restart if needed, don't silently kill it

- Suppress excessive GConf updates which sometimes caused secrets to be 
     at the wrong times, causing connections to fail
- Various EAP and LEAP related fixes

- Make WPA-EAP and Dynamic WEP options connect successfully
- Static IPs are now handled correctly in NM itself

- Add Dynamic WEP as a supported authentication/security option

- Re-enable "Connect to other network"
- Switch to new GUI bits for wireless security config and password entry

- Add rfkill functionality
- Fix applet crash when choosing wired networks from the menu

- Fix segfault with deferred connections
- Fix default username with vpnc VPN plugin
- Hidden SSID fixes

- Fix merging of non-SSID-broadcasting APs into a device's scan list
- Speed up opening of the applet menu

- New snapshot
	- Add timestamps to networks to connect to last used wireless network
	- Turn autoconnect on in the applet
	- Hidden SSID support
	- Invalidate failed or cancelled connections again
	- Fix issues with reactivation of the same device
	- Handle connection updates in the applet (ex. find new VPN connections)
	- Fix vertical sizing of menu items
	- Fix AP list on wireless devices other than the first device in the applet
	- Fix matching of current AP with the right menu item

- New snapshot
	- Add WPA passphrase support to password dialog
	- Applet now reflects actual VPN behavior of one active connection
	- Applet now notices VPN active connections on startup
	- Fix connections with some WPA and WEP keys

- New snapshot
	- VPN support (only vpnc plugin ported at this time)

- New snapshot
	- Make wired device carrier state work in the applet
	- Fix handling of errors with unencrypted APs
	- Fix "frozen" applet icon by reporting NM state better
	- Fix output of AP frequency in nm-tool

- New snapshot
	- Fix applet icon sizing on start (mclasen)
	- Fix nm-tool installation (mclasen)
	- Fix 'state' method call return (#303271)
	- Fix 40-bit WEP keys (again)
	- Fix loop when secrets were wrong/invalid
	- Fix applet crash when clicking Cancel in the password dialog
	- Ensure NM doesn't get stuck waiting for the supplicant to re-appear
		if it crashes or goes away
	- Make VPN properties applet work again
	- Increase timeout for network password entry

- New snapshot (fix unencrypted & 40 bit WEP)

- New snapshot

- New snapshot

- New SVN snapshot of 0.7 that sucks less

- Update to SVN snapshot of 0.7

- Update the license tag

- Own /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d and /etc/NetworkManager/VPN (#234004)

- Fix Wireless Enabled checkbox when no killswitches are present

- Update to stable branch snapshot:
     - More fixes for ethernet link detection (gnome #354565, rh #194124)
     - Support for HAL-detected rfkill switches

- Fix applet crash on 64-bit platforms when choosing
     "Connect to other wireless network..." (gnome.org #435036)
- Add debug output for ethernet device link changes

- Fix ethernet link detection (gnome #354565, rh #194124)
- Fix perpetual credentials request with private key passwords in the applet
- Sleep a bit before activating wireless cards to work around driver bugs

- Don't spawn wpa_supplicant with -o

- Fix requires macro (237806)

- Update to 0.6.5 final
- Don't lose scanned security information

- Update from trunk
	* Updated translations
	* Cleaned-up VPN properties dialogs
	* Fix 64-bit kernel leakage issues in WEXT
	* Don't capture and redirect wpa_supplicant log output

- Close private D-Bus connections. (#232691)

- Fix a directory ownership issue.  (#233763)

- Update to pre-0.6.5 snapshot

- Guard against D-Bus LimitExceeded messages

- Move .so file to -devel package

* Sat Nov 25 2006 Matthias Clasen <mclasen at redhat.com>
- Own the /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d directory
- Require pkgconfig for the -devel packages
- Fix compilation with dbus 1.0

- Update to a stable branch snapshot
     - Gnome applet timeout/redraw suppression when idle
     - Backport of LEAP patch from HEAD (from Thiago Bauermann)
     - Backport of asynchronous scanning patch from HEAD
     - Make renaming of VPN connections work (from Tambet Ingo)
     - Dial down wpa_supplicant debug spew
     - Cleanup of key/passphrase request scenarios (from Valentine Sinitsyn)
     - Shut down VPN connections on logout (from Robert Love)
     - Fix WPA passphrase hashing on PPC

- Own /usr/share/NetworkManager and /usr/include/NetworkManager

- Don't wake up to redraw if NM is inactive (#204850)

- add epochs in requirements

- Fix FC-5 buildreqs

- Revert FC6 to latest stable NM
- Update to stable snapshot
- Remove bind/caching-nameserver hard requirement

- BuildRequire wireless-tools-devel and perl-XML-Parser
- Update the BuildRoot tag

- add patch to make networkmanager less verbose (bug 202832)

- actually make the patch in 0.7.0-0.cvs20060529.4 apply

- Don't ever elect inactive wired devices (bug 194124).

- Add patch to fix deprecated dbus functions

- Add BR for dbus-glib-devel

- rebuild

- Update to latest CVS
	o Gnome.org #333420: dialog do not have window icons
	o Gnome.org #336913: HIG tweaks for vpn properties pages
	o Gnome.org #336846: HIG tweaks for nm-vpn-properties
	o Gnome.org #336847: some bugs in nm-vpn-properties args parsing
	o Gnome.org #341306: nm-vpn-properties crashes on startup
	o Gnome.org #341263: Version 0.6.2-0ubuntu5 crashes on 
	o Gnome.org #341297: displays repeated keyring dialogs on resume from 
	o Gnome.org #342400: Building libnm-util --without-gcrypt results in 
linker error
	o Gnome.org #342398: Eleminate Gnome dependency for NetworkManager
	o Gnome.org #336532: declaration of 'link' shadows a global declaration
- Specfile fixes (#rh187489#)

- Update to latest CVS
- Drop special-case-madwifi.patch, since WEXT code is in madwifi-ng 
trunk now

- use the same 0.6.2 tarball as FC5, so we have the same VPN interface
   (did he fire ten args, or only nine?)

- use the hal device type instead of poking via ioctl so that wireless
   devices are properly detected even if the kill switch has been used

- Update to 0.6.2:
	* Fix various WPA-related bugs
	* Clean up leaks
	* Increased DHCP timeout to account for slow DHCP servers, or STP-enabled
	* Allow applet to reconnect on dbus restarts
	* Add "Dynamic WEP" support
	* Allow hiding of password/key entry text
	* More responsive connection switching

- Fix device bringup on resume

- Don't let wpa_supplicant perform scanning with non-WPA drivers

- Update to 0.6.0 release
- Move autostart file to /usr/share/gnome/autostart

- updated cvs snapshot.  seems to make airo much less neurotic

* Thu Mar 02 2006 Christopher Aillon <caillon at redhat.com>
- Move the unversioned libnm_glib.so to the -devel package

- Fix VPN-related crash
- Fix issue where NM would refuse to activate a VPN connection once it 
had timed out
- Log wpa_supplicant output for better debugging

- Tweak three-scan-prune.patch

- Don't prune networks until they've gone MIA for three scans, not one.

- Update snapshot, which fixes up the libnotify stuff.

- Move libnotify requires to NetworkManager-gnome, not core NM package

- Add BuildRequires: libnl-devel (#rh179438#)
- Fix libnm_glib to not clobber an application's existing dbus connection
	(#rh177546#, gnome.org #326572)
- libnotify support
- AP compatibility fixes

- Minor bug fixes
- Update to VPN dbus API for passing user-defined routes to vpn service

- Rebuild

- rebuilt for new gcc4.1 snapshot and glibc changes

- Workarounds for madwifi/Atheros cards
- Do better with non-SSID-broadcasting access points
- Fix hangs when access points change settings

- Own /var/run/NetworkManager, fix SELinux issues

- Switch to autostarting the applet instead of having it be session-managed
- Work better with non-broadcasting access points
- Add more manufacturer default SSIDs to the blacklist

- Longer association timeout
- Fix some SELinux issues
- General bug and cosmetic fixes

- Snapshot from CVS
- WPA Support!  Woohoo!

* Fri Dec 09 2005 Jesse Keating <jkeating at redhat.com>
- rebuilt

- rebuild for new dbus

- Don't kill the network connection when you upgrade the package.

- Split out the -glib subpackage to have a -glib-devel package as well
- Add epoch to version requirements for bind and wireless-tools
- Update URL of project

- NetworkManager 0.5.1

- NetworkManager 0.5.0

- Fix automatic wireless connections
- Remove usage of NMLoadModules callout, no longer needed
- Try to fix deadlock when menu is down and keyring dialog pops up

- Update to latest CVS
	o Integrate connection progress with applet icon (Chris Aillon)
	o More information in "Connection Information" dialog (Robert Love)
	o Shorten time taken to sleep
	o Make applet icon wireless strength levels a bit more realistic
	o Talk to named using DBUS rather than spawning our own
		- You need to add "-D" to the OPTIONS line in /etc/sysconfig/named
		- You need to set named to start as a service on startup

- Update to current CVS to fix issues with routing table and /sbin/ip

- update to current CVS and rebuild (workaround for #168120)

- Fix occasional hang in NM caused by the applet

- Update to NetworkManager 0.4.1

- Rebuild against new cairo/gtk

- Update to latest CVS
	o Use DHCP server address as gateway address if the DHCP server doesn't 
		us a gateway address #rh165698#
	o Fixes to the applet (Robert Love)
	o Better caching of information in the applet (Bill Moss)
	o Generate automatic suggested Ad-Hoc network name from machine's hostname
		(Robert Love)
	o Update all network information on successfull connect, not just
		authentication method

- Update to latest CVS to get fix for bug 165683.

- Move pkgconfig file to devel package (#162316, thanks to Michael Schwendt)

- Update to latest CVS to get latest VPN interface settings to satisfy
   BuildReq for NetworkManager-vpnc in Fedora Extras Development
- Latest CVS also contains various bug- and UI-fixes

- Update to latest CVS
	o VPN connection import/export capability
	o Fix up some menu item names
- Move nm-vpn-properties.glade to the gnome subpackage

- Update to latest CVS
	o Clean up wording in Wireless Network Discovery menu
	o Robert Love's applet beautify patch

- Update to latest CVS

- Fix dispatcher and applet CFLAGS so they gets compiled with FORTIFY_SOURCE

- Fix segfault in NetworkManagerDispatcher, add an initscript for it

- Fix condition that may have resulted in DHCP client returning success
	when it really timed out

- Enable OK button correctly in Passphrase and Other Networks dialogs when
	using ASCII or Hex WEP keys

- #rh154391# NetworkManager dies on startup (don't force-kill nifd)

- Fix leak of a socket in DHCP code

- Fix some memory leaks (Tom Parker)
- Join to threads rather than spinning for their completion (Tom Parker)
- Fix misuse of a g_assert() (Colin Walters)
- Fix return checking of an ioctl() (Bill Moss)
- Better detection and matching of hidden access points (Bill Moss)
- Don't use varargs, and therefore don't crash on PPC (Peter Jones)

- fix build with newer dbus

- silence %post

- #rh153234# NetworkManager quits/cores just as a connection is made

- Update from latest CVS HEAD

- Update the GTK+ theme icon cache on (un)install

- Pull from latest CVS HEAD

- Upload new source tarball (woops)

- Pull from latest CVS HEAD (hopefully works again)

- Pull from latest CVS HEAD
- Commit broken NetworkManager to satisfy to dbus dependency

- Pull from latest CVS HEAD
- Rebuild for gcc 4.0

- Update from CVS

- Fix free of invalid pointer for multiple search domains

- Never automatically choose a device that doesn't support carrier detection
- Add right-click menu to applet, can now "Pause/Resume" scanning through it
- Fix DHCP Renew/Rebind timeouts
- Fix frequency cycling problem on some cards, even when scanning was off
- Play better with IPv6
- Don't send kernel version in DHCP packets, and ensure DHCP packets are at
	least 300 bytes in length to work around broken router
- New DHCP options D-BUS API by Dan Reed
- Handle multiple domain search options in DHCP responses

- Display wireless network name in applet tooltip
- Hopefully fix double-default-route problem
- Write out valid resolv.conf when we exit
- Make multi-domain search options work
- Rework signal strength code to be WEXT conformant, if strength is
	still wierd then its 95% surely a driver problem
- Fix annoying instances of suddenly dropping and reactivating a
	wireless device (Cisco cards were worst offenders here)
- Fix some instances of NetworkManager not remembering your WEP key
- Fix some races between NetworkManager and NetworkManagerInfo where
	NetworkManager wouldn't recognize changes in the allowed list
- Don't shove Ad-Hoc Access Point MAC addresses into GConf

- Play nice with dbus 0.23
- Update our list of Allowed Wireless Networks more quickly

- Update to latest CVS
- Make sure we start as late as possible so that we ensure dbus & HAL
	are already around
- Fix race in initial device activation

- rebuilt against new wireless tool

- Fix issue where NM wouldn't recognize that access points were
	encrypted, and then would try to connect without encryption
- Refine packaging to put client library in separate package
- Remove bind+caching-nameserver dep for FC-3, use 'nscd -i hosts'
	instead.  DNS queries may timeout now right after device
	activation due to this change.

- Update to latest CVS
- Fixes to DHCP code
- Link-Local (ZeroConf/Rendezvous) support
- Use bind in "caching-nameserver" mode to work around stupidity
	in glibc's resolver library not recognizing resolv.conf changes
- #rh144818# Clean up the specfile (Patch from Matthias Saou)
- Ad-Hoc mode support with Link-Local addressing only (for now)
- Fixes for device activation race conditions
- Wireless scanning in separate thread

- Update to CVS
- Updates to link detection, DHCP code
- Remove NMLaunchHelper so we start up faster and don't
	block for a connection.  This means services that depend
	on the network may fail if they start right after NM
- Make sure DHCP renew/rebinding works

- Update to CVS
- Fixes to link detection
- Better detection of non-ESSID-broadcasting access points
- Don't dialog-spam the user if a connection fails

- Update to CVS
- Much better link detection, works with Open System authentication
- Blacklist wireless cards rather than whitelisting them

- #rh134893# NetworkManagerInfo and the panel-icon life-cycle
- #rh134895# Status icon should hide when in Wired-only mode
- #rh134896# Icon code needs rewrite
- #rh134897# "Other Networks..." dialog needs implementing
- #rh135055# Menu highlights incorrectly in NM
- #rh135648# segfault with cipsec0
- #rh135722# NetworkManager will not allow zaurus to sync via usb0
- #rh135999# NetworkManager-0.3.1 will not connect to 128 wep
- #rh136866# applet needs tooltips
- #rh137047# lots of applets, yay!
- #rh137341# Network Manager dies after disconnecting from wired network 
second time
- Better checking for wireless devices
- Fix some memleaks
- Fix issues with dhclient declining an offered address
- Fix an activation thread deadlock
- More accurately detect "Other wireless networks" that are encrypted
- Don't bring devices down as much, won't hotplug-spam as much anymore
	about firmware
- Add a "network not found" dialog when the user chooses a network that 
	not be connected to

- Fix escaping of ESSIDs in gconf

- minor point release to improve error handling and translations

- Update from CVS, version 0.3

- Update from CVS
- Improvements:
	o Better link checking on wireless cards
	o Panel applet now a Notification Area icon
	o Static IP configuration support

- Update from CVS

- Require gnome-panel, not gnome-panel-devel
- Turn off by default

- Update to 0.2

* Thu Aug 26 2004 Florian La Roche <Florian.LaRoche at redhat.de>
- spec-changes to req glib2 instead of glib

- First public release

- po: update Japanese translation (rh #1383163)

* lib: check for integer overflow in nl_reserve() (rh#1440788, rh#1442723)

- editor: fix crash when destroying 802.1x page (rh #1458567)

- po: update Japanese translation (rh #1379642)

- Update to 1.8.0 release (rh #1441621)

- Update to network-manager-applet 1.8 snapshot
- c-e: add missing mnemonic characters to buttons (rh #1434317)
- c-e: fix handling of devices without permanent MAC address in devices 
combo box (rh #1380424)

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