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Fri Jan 8 10:31:36 PST 2016

The Oracle Linux team is pleased to announce the general availability of 
the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) Release 4 for Oracle Linux 6 and 
Oracle Linux 7.  This release, based on the 4.1 mainline kernel, 
delivers many important new features and enhancements engineered for 
modern cloud infrastructure.

  * Significant performance improvements through enhancements to
    features like automatic NUMA balancing and CPU schedulers, and the
    introduction of new features like zswap, zram, the LZ4 compression
    algorithm, network batch transmissions and low-latency network polling.
  * More options for boosting the security of systems and the
    applications they host. UEK Release 4 now includes kernel address
    space randomization, a new random number system call and updates in
    key areas like SELinux, nftables, SHA256 and SHA512.
  * Real-time kernel and userspace patching with Ksplice for Oracle
    Linux to simplify managing cloud infrastructure and improve security.
  * Support for key cloud technologies. Xen host and guest domain
    feature and performance enhancements, Open vSwitch and VXLAN
    improvements for networking, cgroups and namespace enhancements for
    linux containers and Docker.
  * Enhancements to Oracle Linux DTrace for dynamic, real-time system
    tracing on production systems
  * The production release and support of Ceph Storage for Oracle Linux
    Release 1.0, based on the upstream Firefly release
  * New real-time kernel features including timerless (tickless)
    multitasking and the addition of the deadline scheduling class
  * Enhanced infiniband features including improved protocols, drivers
    and firmware.
  * A number of updates to key areas such as XFS, Btrfs, Ext4, NFS, FUSE
    and the Overlay file systems.
  * A number of driver updates supporting the latest hardware.

For more information on this release, please review the release notes 
here <https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E52668_01/E69348/html/index.html>.

Software Accessibility

All packages are available on theUnbreakable Linux Network <http://linux.oracle.com>  

Thank You


The Oracle Linux Team

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