[El-errata] New updates available via Ksplice (ELSA-2015-3067)

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Sat Aug 8 10:32:25 PDT 2015

Synopsis: ELSA-2015-3067 can now be patched using Ksplice
CVEs: CVE-2014-9715 CVE-2015-5697

Users with Oracle Linux Premier Support can now use Ksplice to patch
against the latest Oracle Security Advisory, ELSA-2015-3067.


We recommend that all users of Ksplice Uptrack on EL 6 install these

On systems that have "autoinstall = yes" in /etc/uptrack/uptrack.conf,
these updates will be installed automatically and you do not need to
take any action.

Alternatively, you can install these updates by running:

# /usr/sbin/uptrack-upgrade -y


* Kernel hang on UDP flood with wrong checksums.

A flaw in the UDP handling of wrong checksums could lead to a kernel hang
under a UDP flood attack.  A remote attacker could use this flaw to cause a

* CVE-2014-9715: Remote code execution in the netfilter connection 
tracking subsystem.

The netfilter connection tracking subsystem uses a too small type to store
the size and offset of an extension which could lead to memory corruptions.
A remote attacker could potentially use this flaw to cause a
denial-of-service or to gain code execution.

* CVE-2015-5697: information leak in RAID/LVM GET_BITMAP_FILE ioctl().

Missing initialization of the buffer used for reading bitmaps could
result in leaking up to 4095 of kernel heap memory to userspace.  A
local user with access to an MD device could use this flaw to gain
information about kernel layout.


Ksplice support is available at ksplice-support_ww at oracle.com.

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