[El-errata] New updates available via Ksplice (ELBA-2013-2582)

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Tue Nov 26 08:13:13 PST 2013

Synopsis: ELBA-2013-2582 can now be patched using Ksplice

Users with Oracle Linux Premier Support can now use Ksplice to patch
against the latest Oracle kernel update, ELBA-2013-2582.


We recommend that all users of Ksplice Uptrack on EL 6 install these

On systems that have "autoinstall = yes" in /etc/uptrack/uptrack.conf,
these updates will be installed automatically and you do not need to
take any action.

Alternatively, you can install these updates by running:

# /usr/sbin/uptrack-upgrade -y


* Invalid mmap in Xen Infiniband network driver.

The Xen network driver does not correctly map memory when initializing an
Infiniband device inside a Xen guest which cause the device to fail to initialize.

* Kernel warning with NFS lazy unmounts.

Incorrect initialization in the Linux virtual filesystem could result in
a kernel warning when accessing a lazily unmounted NFS filesystem.

* SCSI enclosure device remove+replace failure.

Incorrect removal of an existing device when adding a new one would
result in a kernel warning and failure to delete the old device.

* Synchronous I/O hang on SCSI device removal.

Removing a SCSI device could cause synchronous I/O's to hang in an
uninterruptible state resulting in an unrecoverable soft lockup.

* ext4 filesystem corruption during sparse file truncation.

Truncating a sparse file on an ext4 filesystem with extents could result
in filesystem corruption when removing the last extent.  This could be
triggered by a local, unprivileged user.

* ServerEngines BladeEngine controller probe failure with recent firmware.

Missing support for newer firmware versions of the BladeEngine network
controller could result in failure to create the transmit queues and
probe devices.

* Link sense failure in Mellanox Ethernet driver.

Incorrect device initialization could result in Mellanox Ethernet
devices failing to probe correctly and being unusable.

* Incorrect NumVFs reporting in PCI I/O Single Root Virtualization support.

Incorrect handling of the NUM_VM SRIOV register during initialization
and enabling could result in incorrect reporting of the number of
virtual functions.

* Soft lockup during block layer I/O submission.

A high I/O load could cause a soft lockup during block layer I/O


Ksplice support is available at ksplice-support_ww at oracle.com.

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