[El-errata] ELBA-2013-0664 Oracle Linux 6 libvirt bug fix and enhancement update

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Thu Mar 21 21:42:58 PDT 2013

Oracle Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2013-0664


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 6 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:




Description of changes:

- Replace docs/et.png in tarball with blank image

- qemu: Fix startupPolicy regression (rhbz#915349)

- xen: Resolve resource leak with 'cpuset' (rhbz#908836)
- schema: Make the cpuset type reusable across schema files (rhbz#908836)
- schemas: Add schemas for more CPU topology information in the caps XML 
- conf: Split out NUMA topology formatting to simplify access to data 
- capabilities: Switch CPU data in NUMA topology to a struct (rhbz#908836)
- capabilities: Add additional data to the NUMA topology info (rhbz#908836)
- test: Add support for thread and core information for the test driver 
- xen: Initialize variable before using (rhbz#908836)
- xen: Actually fix the uninitialized variable (rhbz#908836)
- spice: Properly reserve tlsPort when no port specified (rhbz#913624)
- qemu_agent: Ignore expected EOFs (rhbz#915344)
- qemu: Nicer error message if live disk snapshot unsupported (rhbz#915363)
- qemu: Destroy domain on decompression binary error (rhbz#915347)
- qemu: Run lzop with '--ignore-warn' (rhbz#915347)
- Don't ignore return value of qemuProcessKill (rhbz#915353)
- Fix race condition when destroying guests (rhbz#915353)
- Log warning if storage magic matches, but version does not (rhbz#915354)
- Add lots of debugging to storage file probing code (rhbz#915354)
- Fix probing of QED file format (rhbz#915354)
- util: Add virendian.h macros (rhbz#915354)
- util: Use new virendian.h macros (rhbz#915354)
- storage: Rearrange functions (rhbz#915354)
- storage: Prepare for refactoring (rhbz#915354)
- storage: Refactor metadata lookup (rhbz#915354)
- storage: Don't follow backing chain symlinks too eagerly (rhbz#915354)
- storage: Test backing chain traversal (rhbz#915354)
- qemu: Check backing chains even when cgroup is omitted (rhbz#915349)
- python: Fix bindings for virDomainSnapshotGet{Domain,Connect} 
- qemu: Add checking in helpers for sgio setting (rhbz#919504)
- qemu: Merge qemuCheckSharedDisk into qemuAddSharedDisk (rhbz#919504)
- qemu: Record names of domain which uses the shared disk in hash table 
- qemu: Update shared disk table when reconnecting qemu process 
- qemu: Move the shared disk adding and sgio setting prior to attaching 
- qemu: Remove the shared disk entry if the operation is ejecting or 
updating (rhbz#919504)
- qemu: Fix the memory leak (rhbz#919504)
- Fix crash changing CDROM media (rhbz#919504)
- qemu: Avoid NULL dereference in qemuSharedDiskEntryFree (rhbz#919504)
- qemu: Do not set unpriv_sgio if neither supported nor requested 
- Use size_t instead of int for virDomainDefPtr struct (rhbz#915352)
- util: Add VIR_(APPEND|INSERT|DELETE)_ELEMENT (rhbz#915352)
- qemu: Fix QMP detection of QXL graphics (rhbz#915352)
- qemu: Add qemu vga devices caps and one cap to mark them usable 
[element (rhbz#915352)]
- qemu: Use newer -device video device in qemu commandline (rhbz#915352)
- tests: Add one -device video device testcase (rhbz#915352)
- qemu: Detect VGA_QXL capability correctly (rhbz#915352)
- qemu: Support ram bar size for qxl devices (rhbz#915352)
- conf: Don't leak 'primary' video property on error (rhbz#915352)
- storage: lvm: Don't overwrite lvcreate errors (rhbz#918754)
- storage: lvm: Lvcreate fails with allocation=0, don't do that 
- storage: Cleanup logical volume creation code (rhbz#918754)
- docs: Clarify semantics of sparse storage volumes (rhbz#918754)
- storage: Fix memory leak with regfree(reg) call. (rhbz#922095)
- storage: Resource resource leak using 'tmp_vols' (rhbz#922095)
- interface: Resolve resource leak wth 'tmp_iface_objs' (rhbz#922095)
- locking: Resolve resource leaks on non error path (rhbz#922095)
- selinux: Resolve resource leak using the default disk label (rhbz#922095)
- storage: Resolve resource leaks with cmd processing (rhbz#922095)
- domain_conf: Resolve resource leaks found by Valgrind (rhbz#922095)
- qemu_command: Resolve resource leaks found by Valgrind (rhbz#922095)
- storage: Need to add virCommandFree() (rhbz#922095)

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