[El-errata] ELSA-2013-0630 Important: Oracle Linux 6 kernel security and bug fix update

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Tue Mar 12 23:00:52 PDT 2013

Oracle Linux Security Advisory ELSA-2013-0630


The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 6 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:




Description of changes:

- [kernel] utrace: ensure arch_ptrace/ptrace_request can never race with 
SIGKILL (Oleg Nesterov) [912073 912074] {CVE-2013-0871}

- [netdrv] mlx4: Set number of msix vectors under SRIOV mode to firmware 
defaults (Michal Schmidt) [911663 904726]
- [netdrv] mlx4: Fix bridged vSwitch configuration for non SRIOV mode 
(Michal Schmidt) [910998 903644]
- [net] rtnetlink: Fix IFLA_EXT_MASK definition (regression) (Thomas 
Graf) [909815 903220]
- [x86] msr: Add capabilities check (Nikola Pajkovsky) [908698 908699] 
- [x86] msr: Remove incorrect, duplicated code in the MSR driver (Nikola 
Pajkovsky) [908698 908699] {CVE-2013-0268}
- [virt] xen: don't assume ds is usable in xen_iret for 32-bit PVOPS 
(Andrew Jones) [906310 906311] {CVE-2013-0228}
- [kernel] cputime: Avoid multiplication overflow on utime scaling 
(Stanislaw Gruszka) [908794 862758]
- [net] sunrpc: When changing the queue priority, ensure that we change 
the owner (Steve Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [net] sunrpc: Ensure we release the socket write lock if the rpc_task 
exits early (Steve Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [fs] nfs: Ensure that we free the rpc_task after read and write 
cleanups are done (Steve Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [net] sunrpc: Ensure that we free the rpc_task after cleanups are done 
(Steve Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [net] sunrpc: Don't allow low priority tasks to pre-empt higher 
priority ones (Steve Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [fs] nfs: Add sequence_priviliged_ops for nfs4_proc_sequence() (Steve 
Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [fs] nfs: The NFSv4.0 client must send RENEW calls if it holds a 
delegation (Steve Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [fs] nfs: nfs4_proc_renew should be declared static (Steve Dickson) 
[910370 902965]
- [fs] nfs: nfs4_locku_done must release the sequence id (Steve Dickson) 
[910370 902965]
- [fs] nfs: We must release the sequence id when we fail to get a 
session slot (Steve Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [fs] nfs: Add debugging messages to NFSv4's CLOSE procedure (Steve 
Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [net] sunrpc: Clear the connect flag when socket state is 
TCP_CLOSE_WAIT (Steve Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [fs] nfs: cleanup DS stateid error handling (Steve Dickson) [910370 
- [fs] nfs: handle DS stateid errors (Steve Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [fs] nfs: Fix potential races in xprt_lock_write_next() (Steve 
Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [fs] nfs: Ensure correct locking when accessing the 'lock_states' list 
(Steve Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [fs] nfs: Fix the handling of NFS4ERR_SEQ_MISORDERED errors (Steve 
Dickson) [910370 902965]
- [netdrv] be2net: fix unconditionally returning IRQ_HANDLED in INTx 
(Ivan Vecera) [910373 909464]
- [netdrv] be2net: fix INTx ISR for interrupt behaviour on BE2 (Ivan 
Vecera) [910373 909464]
- [netdrv] be2net: fix a possible events_get() race on BE2 (Ivan Vecera) 
[910373 909464]
- [fs] gfs2: Get a block reservation before resizing a file (Robert S 
Peterson) [908398 875753]
- [net] ipv6: do not create neighbor entries for local delivery (Jiri 
Pirko) [909159 896020]
- [net] bonding: check for assigned mac before adopting the slaves mac 
address (Veaceslav Falico) [908737 905126]
- [fs] nfs: nfs4_xdr_enc_layout{commit, return} must return status 
(Steve Dickson) [908733 907227]
- [fs] set s_type before destroy_super in sget() (Eric Sandeen) [909813 
- [scsi] ses: Avoid kernel panic when lun 0 is not mapped (Ewan Milne) 
[908739 886867]
- [block] avoid divide-by-zero with zero discard granularity (Mike 
Snitzer) [911000 901705]
- [block] discard granularity might not be power of 2 (Mike Snitzer) 
[911000 901705]
- [netdrv] tg3: Fix crc errors on jumbo frame receive (Ivan Vecera) 
[909816 895336]
- [netdrv] igb: set E1000_IMS_TS interrupt bit in igb_irq_enable (Stefan 
Assmann) [909818 871795]
- [pci] intel-iommu: Prevent devices with RMRRs from being placed into 
SI Domain (Tony Camuso) [908744 678451]
- [scsi] sd: Reshuffle init_sd to avoid crash (Ewan Milne) [911655 888417]
- [mm] add numa node symlink for cpu devices in sysfs (Neil Horman) 
[909814 878708]

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