[El-errata] ELBA-2012-2042 Oracle Linux 6 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel bug fix update (Quarterly Update 2)

Errata Announcements for Oracle Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Mon Oct 29 15:14:13 PDT 2012

Oracle Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2012-2042

The following updated rpms for Oracle Linux 6 have been uploaded to the 
Unbreakable Linux Network:




Description of changes:

Please refer to release notes at 

- ocfs2: submit disk heartbeat bio using WRITE_SYNC (Srinivas Eeda) 
[Orabug: 14776207]

- x86, UV: Clean up uv_mmrs.h (Jack Steiner) [Orabug: 14751013]
- x86, UV: Fix UV2 hub part number (Jack Steiner) [Orabug: 14751013]
- x86/uv: Fix uninitialized spinlocks (Maxim Uvarov) [Orabug: 14751013]
- x86/UV: Lower UV rtc clocksource rating (Dimitri Sivanich) [Orabug: 
- config - clean up NBD selecting (Maxim Uvarov) [Orabug: 14547051]
- [PATCH] ocfs2: fix NULL pointer dereference in
ocfs2_duplicate_clusters_by_page v2 (Xiaowei.Hu) [Orabug: 14752693]
- xen/pv-on-hvm kexec: add quirk for Xen 3.4 and shutdown watches. (Konrad
Rzeszutek Wilk)

- xen/m2p: do not reuse kmap_op->dev_bus_addr (Stefano Stabellini) 
[Orabug: 14706608]

- xen/boot: Disable BIOS SMP MP table search. (Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk) 

- [ovmapi] changed instances of strncmp to strcmp (Cathy Avery) [Orabug:

- cciss: Update HPSA_BOUNDARY. (Joe Jin) [Orabug: 14681165]

- ocfs2: Fix oops in ocfs2_fast_symlink_readpage() code path (Xiaowei.Hu)

- htrimer: fix kabi break. (Joe Jin)
- timekeeping: Add missing update call in timekeeping_resume() (Thomas
- hrtimer: Update hrtimer base offsets each hrtimer_interrupt (John Stultz)
- timekeeping: Provide hrtimer update function (Thomas Gleixner)
- hrtimers: Move lock held region in hrtimer_interrupt() (Thomas Gleixner)
- timekeeping: Maintain ktime_t based offsets for hrtimers (Thomas 
- timekeeping: Fix leapsecond triggered load spike issue (John Stultz)
- hrtimer: Provide clock_was_set_delayed() (John Stultz)
- time: Move common updates to a function (Thomas Gleixner)
- timekeeping: Fix CLOCK_MONOTONIC inconsistency during leapsecond (John
- ntp: Correct TAI offset during leap second (Richard Cochran)
- Revert "3.0.x: hrtimer: Fix clock_was_set so it is safe to call from irq
context" (Joe Jin)
- Revert "3.0.x: time: Fix leapsecond triggered hrtimer/futex load spike 
(Joe Jin)
- Revert "3.0.x: hrtimer: Update hrtimer base offsets each 
(Joe Jin)
- scsi/lpfc: Resolve spinlock issue (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Update lpfc version for driver release (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Fix null pointer error for piocbq (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Add missing jumps to mempool_free to fix potential memory leak
(Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed leaking memory from pci dma pool (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Logged XRI of the SCSI command to be aborted on abort handler
timeout (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix bug with driver logging too many fcp underrun messages 
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed unnecessary SCSI device reset escalation due to LLD 
of I/O abort (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed system panic due to midlayer abort and driver 
complete race
on SCSI cmd (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix unable to create vports on FCoE SLI4 adapter (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Fix BlockGuard lpfc_printf_vlog messages (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix parameter field in CQE to mask for LOCAL_REJECT status 
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed new requirement compatibility with Resource and Capacity
Descriptors (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed incomplete list of SLI4 commands with extended 300 
timeout value (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix switching ports on Fabric causing additional fc_host rport
entries (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix conflicts in log message numbers (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed kernel panic after scsi_eh escalation by checking the 
return status (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix driver not checking data transfered on write commands 
- scsi/lpfc: Fix bug with message 2520 appearing in the messages file 
- scsi/lpfc: Fix bug with rrq_pool not being destroyed during driver 
(Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix Driver not attaching to OCe14000 adapters (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Fix bug with driver not setting the diag set valid bit for
loopback testing (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix bug with driver does not reporting misconfigured ports for
Ganymede (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix System Panic During IO Test using Medusa tool (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Fix fcp_imax module parameter to dynamically change FCP EQ 
multiplier (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix successful aborts returning incorrect status (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed system held-up when performing resource provsion through
same PCI function (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed debug helper routine failed to dump CQ and EQ entries in
non-MSI-X mode (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed system crash due to not providing SCSI error-handling 
reset handler (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix bug with driver using the wrong xritag when sending an els
echo (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Increment capability to dump various SLI4 queues via debug 
routines (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix unsol abts xri lookup (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Bug fixes for LPe16000 to LPe16000 discovery (CR 130446) 
- scsi/lpfc: Reregister VPI for SLI3 after cable moved to new 8Gb FC 
port (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix driver crash during back-to-back ramp events (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Fix log message 2597 displayed when no error is detected 
- scsi/lpfc: Address FCP LOG support for Finisar trace correlation (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Fix kernel panic when going into to sleep state (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Fix error message displayed even when not an error (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Fix Read Link status data (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix initiator sending flogi after acking flogi from target 
- scsi/lpfc: Fix bug with driver not supporting the get controller 
command (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Incremented capability for handling SLI4-port XRI resource-
provisioning profile change (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Sync driver base with upstream code (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Change default DA_ID support from disabled to enabled (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Fix bug with driver unload leaving a scsi host for a vport 
(Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Incremented capability for T10 DIF debugfs error injection (CR
123966) (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Update copyright date for files modified in 2012 (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Refine T10 DIF debugfs error injection capability for 
usage (CR 123966) (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Update copyright date for files modified in 2012 (Vaios
- scsi/lpfc: Make BA_ACC work on a fully qualified exchange (CR 126289) 
- scsi/lpfc: Fix KERNEL allocation while lock held (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Incorrect usage of bghm for BlockGuard errors (CR 127022) 
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed capability to inject T10 DIF errors via debugfs (CR 
(Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fix SLI4 BlockGuard behavior when protection data is 
generated by
HBA (CR 121980) (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed driver logging in area of SLI4 port error attention and
reset recovery (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed the ability to process T10 DIF/Blockguard with SLI4 
16Gb FC
Adapters (CR 121980) (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Fixed the ability to process T10 DIF/Blockguard with SLI4 
16Gb FC
Adapters (CR 121980) (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- scsi/lpfc: Merge from upstream: scsi: Fix up files implicitly 
depending on
module.h inclusion (Vaios Papadimitriou)
- xen/p2m: Fix one by off error in checking the P2M tree directory. (Konrad
Rzeszutek Wilk)
- [kabi] update kabi (Maxim Uvarov)
- [config] clean up NBD settings in kernel config (Maxim Uvarov)
- xen/p2m: When revectoring deal with holes in the P2M array. (Konrad 
- xen/mmu: Recycle the Xen provided L4, L3, and L2 pages (Konrad Rzeszutek
- qla2xxx: Update the driver version to (Saurav Kashyap)
[Bugdb: 13653]
- qla2xxx: Correct loop_id_map allocation-size and usage. (Andrew Vasquez)
[Bugdb: 13653]
- dm mpath: delay retry of bypassed pg (Mike Christie) [Orabug: 14478983]
- [kabi] update kabi for ASM and ACFS (Maxim Uvarov) [Orabug: 14547312]
- be2iscsi: Bump the driver version. (John Soni Jose)
- be2iscsi: Fix a kernel panic because of TCP RST/FIN received. (John Soni
- be2iscsi: Configure the VLAN settings on the adapter. (John Soni Jose)
- be2iscsi: Format the MAC_ADDR with sysfs_format_mac. (John Soni Jose)
- be2iscsi: Logging mechanism for the driver. (John Soni Jose)
- be2iscsi: Issue MBX Cmd for login to boot target in crashdump mode 
(John Soni
- be2iscsi: Removing the iscsi_data_pdu setting. (John Soni Jose)
- be2iscsi: fix dma free size mismatch regression (John Soni Jose)
- x86/nmi: Clean up register_nmi_handler() usage (Maxim Uvarov)
- x86/nmi: Fix page faults by nmiaction if kmemcheck is enabled (Li Zhong)
- [hpwdt] add include NMI (Maxim Uvarov)
- be2net: Add functionality to support RoCE driver (Parav Pandit)
- [igb] uek2 fix driver merge (Maxim Uvarov)
- [igb] update to version 3.4.8 (Maxim Uvarov)
- ocfs2: use list_for_each_entry in ocfs2_find_local_alias() (Al Viro)
- ocfs2: fix NULL pointer dereference in __ocfs2_change_file_space() (Luis
- ocfs2: Fix bogus error message from ocfs2_global_read_info (Jan Kara)
- ocfs2: Misplaced parens in unlikley (roel)
- ocfs: simplify symlink handling (Al Viro)
- ocfs2: kill endianness abuses in blockcheck.c (Al Viro)
- ocfs2: deal with __user misannotations (Al Viro)
- ocfs2: trivial endianness misannotations (Al Viro)
- ocfs2: ->rl_count endianness breakage (Al Viro)
- ocfs: ->rl_used breakage on big-endian (Al Viro)
- ocfs2: fix leaks on failure exits in module_init (Al Viro)
- ... and the same failure exits cleanup for ocfs2 (Al Viro)
- ocfs2: remove the second argument of k[un]map_atomic() (Cong Wang)
- ocfs2: deal with wraparounds of i_nlink in ocfs2_rename() (Al Viro)
- ocfs2: propagate umode_t (Al Viro)
- dlmfs: use inode_init_owner() (Al Viro)
- ocfs2: avoid unaligned access to dqc_bitmap (Akinobu Mita)
- ocfs2: Use filemap_write_and_wait() instead of write_inode_now() (Jan 
- ocfs2: honor O_(D)SYNC flag in fallocate (Mark Fasheh)
- ocfs2: Add a missing journal credit in ocfs2_link_credits() -v2 
- ocfs2: Commit transactions in error cases -v2 (Wengang Wang)
- ocfs2: make direntry invalid when deleting it (Wengang Wang)
- fs/ocfs2/dlm/dlmlock.c: free kmem_cache_zalloc'd data using 
(Julia Lawall)
- ocfs2: remove unnecessary nlink setting (Miklos Szeredi)
- ocfs2: Fix ocfs2_page_mkwrite() (Wengang Wang)
- ocfs2: Add comment about orphan scanning (Sunil Mushran)
- ocfs2: Clean up messages in the fs (Sunil Mushran)
- ocfs2: Clean up messages in stack_o2cb.c (Sunil Mushran)
- ocfs2_init_acl(): fix a leak (Al Viro)
- ocfs2: use proper little-endian bitops (Akinobu Mita)
- ocfs2: checking the wrong variable in ocfs2_move_extent() (Dan Carpenter)
- e1000e: disable rxhash when try to enable jumbo frame also rxhash and 
have enabled (Joe Jin)
- r8169: verbose error message. (Francois Romieu)
- r8169: remove rtl_ocpdr_cond. (Hayes Wang)
- r8169: fix argument in rtl_hw_init_8168g. (Hayes Wang)
- r8169: support RTL8168G (Joe Jin)
- r8169: abstract out loop conditions. (Francois Romieu)
- r8169: ephy, eri and efuse functions signature changes. (Francois Romieu)
- r8169: csi_ops signature change. (Francois Romieu)
- r8169: mdio_ops signature change. (Francois Romieu)
- r8169: add RTL8106E support. (Hayes Wang)
- r8169: RxConfig hack for the 8168evl. (françois romieu)
- r8169: avoid NAPI scheduling delay. (françois romieu)
- r8169: call netif_napi_del at errpaths and at driver unload (Devendra 
- 8139cp/8139too: terminate the eeprom access with the right opmode (Jason
- 8139cp: set ring address before enabling receiver (Jason Wang)
- r8169: support the new RTL8411 chip. (Hayes Wang)
- r8169: adjust some functions of 8111f (Hayes Wang)
- r8169: support the new RTL8402 chip. (Hayes Wang)
- r8169: add device specific CSI access helpers. (Hayes Wang)
- r8169: modify pll power function (Hayes Wang)
- r8169: 8168c and later require bit 0x20 to be set in Config2 for PME
signaling. (Francois Romieu)
- r8169: Config1 is read-only on 8168c and later. (Francois Romieu)
- 8139too: dev->{base_addr, irq} removal. (Joe Jin)
- 8139cp: stop using net_device.{base_addr, irq}. (Joe Jin)
- r8169.c: fix comment typo (Justin P. Mattock)
- r8169: move rtl_cfg_info closer to its caller. (Francois Romieu)
- r8169: move the netpoll handler after the irq handler. (Francois Romieu)
- r8169: move rtl8169_open after rtl_task it depends on. (Joe Jin)
- r8169: move rtl_set_rx_mode before its rtl_hw_start callers. (Joe Jin)
- r8169: move net_device_ops beyond the methods it references. (Francois
- r8169: move the driver probe method to the end of the driver file. 
(Joe Jin)
- r8169: add firmware for RTL8168G RTL8106E RTL8411 RTL8402 (Joe Jin)
- enic: replace open-coded ARRAY_SIZE with macro (Jim Cromie)
- enic: Stop using NLA_PUT*(). (David S. Miller)
- enic: Fix addr valid check in enic_set_vf_mac (Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: fix an endian bug in enic_probe() (Dan Carpenter)
- enic: Fix endianness bug. (Santosh Nayak)
- enic: Add support for fw init command on sriov vf's (Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: Fix ndo_set_vf_mac and ndo_set_vf_port to set/get the sriov vf's 
(Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: Add new fw devcmd to set mac address of an interface (Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: rename CMD_MAC_ADDR to CMD_GET_MAC_ADDR (Roopa Prabhu)
- cisco/enic: use eth_hw_addr_random() instead of random_ether_addr() 
- enic: remove assignment of random mac on enic vf (Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: Fix address deregistration for sriov vf during port profile
disassociate (Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: Check firmware capability before issuing firmware commands (Neel 
- enic: Enable support for multiple hardware receive queues (Neel Patel)
- enic: fix compile when CONFIG_PCI_IOV is not enabled (Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: fix location of vnic dev unregister in enic_probe cleanup code 
- enic: rearrange some of the port profile code (Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: Add sriov vf device id checks in port profile code (Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: This patch adds pci id 0x71 for SRIOV VF's (Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: Use kcalloc instead of kzalloc to allocate array (Thomas Meyer)
- enic: Add support for port profile association on a enic SRIOV VF (Roopa
- enic: Helper code for SRIOV proxy commands (Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: Add SRIOV support (Roopa Prabhu)
- enic: convert to SKB paged frag API. (Ian Campbell)
- bnx2fc: Bumped version to 1.0.11 (Bhanu Prakash Gollapudi)
- bnx2fc: cleanup task management IO when it times out. (Bhanu Prakash
- bnx2fc: Decrememnt io ref count when abort times out (Bhanu Prakash
- bnx2fc: Allow FLOGI to be retried when receiving bad responses. (Bhanu
Prakash Gollapudi)
- bnx2i: Removed the reference to the netdev->base_addr (Eddie Wai)
- bnx2i: Updated version and copyright year (Eddie Wai)
- bnx2i: Added the setting of target can_queue via target_alloc (Eddie Wai)
- bnx2x: fix link for BCM57711 with 84823 phy (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: fix I2C non-respondent issue (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: fix panic when TX ring is full (Eric Dumazet)
- bnx2x: fix checksum validation (Eric Dumazet)
- bnx2x: Added EEE support (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: bug fix when loading after SAN boot (Ariel Elior)
- bnx2x: fix handling single MSIX mode for 57710/57711 (Dmitry Kravkov)
- bnx2x: remove some bloat (Joe Jin)
- bnx2x: add transmit timestamping support (Joe Jin)
- bnx2x: Update driver version to 1.72.50-0 (Barak Witkowski)
- bnx2x: remove gro workaround (Dmitry Kravkov)
- bnx2x: add afex support (Joe Jin)
- firmware: use 7.2.51 for bnx2x (Joe Jin)
- bnx2x: off by one in bnx2x_ets_e3b0_sp_pri_to_cos_set() (Dan Carpenter)
- bnx2x: Fix BCM57711+BCM84823 link issue (Yaniv Rosner)
- bnx2x: Clear BCM84833 LED after fan failure (Yaniv Rosner)
- bnx2x: Fix BCM84833 PHY FW version presentation (Yaniv Rosner)
- bnx2x: Fix link issue for BCM8727 boards. (Yaniv Rosner)
- bnx2x: Restore 1G LED on BCM57712+BCM8727 designs. (Yaniv Rosner)
- bnx2x: Fix BCM57810-KR FC (Yaniv Rosner)
- bnx2x: add missing parenthesis to prevent u32 overflow (Dmitry Kravkov)
- bnx2x: Change to driver version 1.72.10-0 (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: Change comments and white spaces (Yaniv Rosner)
- bnx2x: change to the rss engine (Dmitry Kravkov)
- bnx2x: congestion management re-organization (Joe Jin)
- bnx2x: Added support for a new device - 57811 (Barak Witkowski)
- bnx2x: Add remote-fault link detection (Yaniv Rosner)
- bnx2x: added support for working with one msix irq. (Dmitry Kravkov)
- bnx2x: enable inta on the pci bus when used (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: remove unnecessary dmae code (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: remove unnecessary .h dependencies (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: previous driver unload revised (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: validate FW trace prior to its printing (Dmitry Kravkov)
- bnx2x: consistent statistics for old FW (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: changed iscsi/fcoe mac init and macros (Dmitry Kravkov)
- bnx2x: added TLV_NOT_FOUND flags to the dcb (Dmitry Kravkov)
- bnx2x: changed initial dcb configuration (Dmitry Kravkov)
- bnx2x: removed dcb unused code (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: reduced sparse warnings (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: revised driver prints (Joe Jin)
- bnx2x: code doesn't use stats for allocating Rx BDs (Dmitry Kravkov)
- bnx2x: ethtool returns req. AN even when AN fails (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: ethtool now returns unknown speed/duplex (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: use param's id instead of sp_obj's id (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: set_one_mac_e1x uses raw's state as input (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: removed unused function bnx2x_queue_set_cos_cid (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: move LLH_CAM to header, apply naming conventions (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: FCoE statistics id fixed (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: dcb bit indices flags used as bits (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: added cpu_to_le16 when preparing ramrod's data (Ariel Elior)
- bnx2x: pfc statistics counts pfc events twice (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2x: update driver version to 1.72.10-0 (Dmitry Kravkov)
- bnx2x: add gro_check (Dmitry Kravkov)
- use FW 7.2.16 (Joe Jin)
- bnx2x: consistent statistics after internal driver reload (Joe Jin)
- bnx2x: downgrade Max BW error message to debug (Joe Jin)
- drivers/net/cnic.c: remove invalid reference to list iterator variable 
- cnic: Fix mmap regression. (Joe Jin)
- cnic: Handle RAMROD_CMD_ID_CLOSE error. (Joe Jin)
- cnic: Remove uio mem[0]. (Michael Chan)
- cnic: Read bnx2x function number from internal register (Eddie Wai)
- cnic: Fix occasional NULL pointer dereference during reboot. (Joe Jin)
- ethernet/broadcom: ip6_route_output() never returns NULL. (RongQing.Li)
- bnx2: Try to recover from PCI block reset (Michael Chan)
- bnx2: Fix bug in bnx2_free_tx_skbs(). (Michael Chan)
- bnx2: set maximal number of default RSS queues (Yuval Mintz)
- net-next: Add netif_get_num_default_rss_queues (Yuval Mintz)
- bnx2: Add missing netif_tx_disable() in bnx2_close() (Michael Chan)
- bnx2: Add "fall through" comments (Michael Chan)
- bnx2: Update version 2.2.2 (Michael Chan)
- bnx2: Read PCI function number from internal register (Michael Chan)
- bnx2: Dump additional BC_STATE during firmware sync timeout. (Michael 
- bnx2: Dump all FTQ_CTL registers during tx_timeout (Michael Chan)
- broadcom: replace open-coded ARRAY_SIZE with macro (Jim Cromie)
- bnx2: stop using net_device.{base_addr, irq}. (Francois Romieu)
- bnx2: switch to build_skb() infrastructure (Joe Jin)
- bnx2: convert to SKB paged frag API. (Ian Campbell)
- tg3: Update version to 3.124 (Michael Chan)
- tg3: Fix race condition in tg3_get_stats64() (Michael Chan)
- tg3: Add New 5719 Read DMA workaround (Michael Chan)
- tg3: Fix Read DMA workaround for 5719 A0. (Michael Chan)
- tg3: Request APE_LOCK_PHY before PHY access (Michael Chan)
- tg3: Add hwmon support for temperature (Michael Chan)
- tg3: Add APE scratchpad read function (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Add common function tg3_ape_event_lock() (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Fix the setting of the APE_HAS_NCSI flag (Michael Chan)
- tg3: add device id of Apple Thunderbolt Ethernet device (Greg KH)
- tg3: Apply short DMA frag workaround to 5906 (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: remove redundant NULL test before release_firmware() call (Jesper 
- tg3: Fix 5717 serdes powerdown problem (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Fix RSS ring refill race condition (Michael Chan)
- tg3: Recode PCI MRRS adjustment as a PCI quirk (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Fix poor tx performance on 57766 after MTU change (Michael Chan)
- tg3: Add memory barriers to sync BD data (Joe Jin)
- tg3: Fix jumbo loopback test on 5719 (Michael Chan)
- tg3: Fix tg3_get_stats64 for 5700 / 5701 devs (Joe Jin)
- tg3: Create timer helper functions (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Clear RECOVERY_PENDING with reset_task_cancel (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Remove SPEED_UNKNOWN checks (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Fix link check in tg3_adjust_link (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: remove IRQF_SAMPLE_RANDOM flag (Davidlohr Bueso)
- tg3: Update copyright (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Use *_UNKNOWN ethtool definitions (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Remove unneeded link_config.orig_... members (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Remove unused link config code (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Consolidate ASIC rev detection code (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Reduce UMP event collision window (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Fix NVRAM page writes on newer devices (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Fix copper autoneg adv checks (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Fix stats while interface is down (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Disable new DMA engine for 57766 (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Move transmit comment to a better location (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Eliminate unneeded prototype (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Relocate tg3_find_peer (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Move tg3_nvram_write_block functions (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Move tg3_set_rx_mode (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Move tg3_change_mtu to a better location (Joe Jin)
- tg3: Relocate tg3_reset_task (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Move tg3_restart_hw to a better location (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Fix single-vector MSI-X code (Matt Carlson)
- tg3: Make the RSS indir tbl admin configurable (Matt Carlson)
- ethtool: Define and apply a default policy for RX flow hash 
indirection (Joe
- ethtool: Clarify use of size field for ETHTOOL_GRXFHINDIR (Ben Hutchings)
- ethtool: Centralise validation of ETHTOOL_{G, S}RXFHINDIR parameters (Joe
- bonding: comparing a u8 with -1 is always false (Joe Jin)
- bonding:update speed/duplex for NETDEV_CHANGE (Joe Jin)
- fnic: fix incorrect use of SLAB_CACHE_DMA flag (Abhijeet Joglekar)
- ixgbevf: upgrade to -2.6.2. (Joe Jin)
- ixgbe: upgrade to 3.10.16. (Joe Jin)
- igbvf: upgrade to 2.0.4 (Joe Jin)
- igb: upgrade to 3.4.8. (Joe Jin)
- e1000e: upgrade to (Joe Jin)
- e1000: upgrade to 8.0.35-NAPI (Joe Jin)
- mpt2sas: Bump driver vesion to (sreekanth.reddy)
- mpt2sas: Fix for With post diag reset same set of device gets added, 
and then again gets added with new target ids (sreekanth.reddy)
- mpt2sas: Fix for staged device discovery functionality of driver not 
- mpt2sas : MPI 2.0 Rev V(2.0.14) specification (sreekanth.reddy)
- mpt2sas: Fix for max_sectors warning message is stating the incorrect 
- mpt2sas: Provide sysfs attribute to report Backup Rail Monitor Status
- mpt2sas: Fix for Driver oops, when loading driver with max_queue_depth
command line option to a very small value (sreekanth.reddy)
- mpt2sas: To include more Intel Branding (sreekanth.reddy)
- mpt2sas: 2012 source code copyright (sreekanth.reddy)
- benet: Add a missing CR in the end of message (Masanari Iida)
- be2net: Fix to parse RSS hash from Receive completions correctly. 
- be2net: Missing byteswap in be_get_fw_log_level causes oops on PowerPC 
- be2net: Ignore physical link async event for Lancer (Padmanabh Ratnakar)
- be2net: Fix VF driver load for Lancer (Padmanabh Ratnakar)
- be2net: dont pull too much data in skb linear part (Eric Dumazet)
- be2net: update driver version (Padmanabh Ratnakar)
- be2net: Add description about various RSS hash types (Padmanabh Ratnakar)
- be2net: Enable RSS UDP hashing for Lancer and Skyhawk (Padmanabh 
- be2net: Fix port name in message during driver load (Padmanabh Ratnakar)
- be2net: Fix cleanup path when EQ creation fails (Padmanabh Ratnakar)
- be2net: Activate new FW after FW download for Lancer (Padmanabh Ratnakar)
- be2net: Fix initialization sequence for Lancer (Padmanabh Ratnakar)
- be2net : Fix die temperature stat for Lancer (Padmanabh Ratnakar)
- be2net: Fix error while toggling autoneg of pause parameters (Padmanabh
- be2net: Fix Endian (Li RongQing)
- be2net: Fix to trim skb for padded vlan packets to workaround an ASIC Bug
(Somnath Kotur)
- be2net: Regression bug wherein VFs creation broken for multiple cards.
(Somnath Kotur)
- be2net: Explicitly clear the reserved field in the Tx Descriptor (Somnath
- be2net: Increase statistics structure size for skyhawk. (Vasundhara 
- be2net: Modify error message to incorporate subsystem (Vasundhara Volam)
- be2net: reduce gso_max_size setting to account for ethernet header.
(Sarveshwar Bandi)
- be2net: fix a race in be_xmit() (Eric Dumazet)
- be2net: Fix driver load for VFs for Lancer (Padmanabh Ratnakar)
- be2net: update driver version (Sathya Perla)
- be2net: do not use SCRATCHPAD register (Sathya Perla)
- be2net: remove unnecessary usage of unlikely() (Sathya Perla)
- be2net: fix reporting number of actual rx queues (Sathya Perla)
- be2net: do not modify PCI MaxReadReq size (Sathya Perla)
- be2net: cleanup be_vid_config() (Sathya Perla)
- be2net: don't call vid_config() when there's no vlan config (Sathya 
- be2net: Fix to allow get/set of debug levels in the firmware. (Somnath 
- be2net: avoid disabling sriov while VFs are assigned (Sathya Perla)
- be2net: Add functionality to support RoCE driver (Parav Pandit)
- be2net: Add function to issue mailbox cmd on MQ (Parav Pandit)
- qla2xxx: Update the driver version to (Saurav Kashyap)
- qla2xxx: Delay for legacy interrupts not rquired for all board for 
(Giridhar Malavali)
- qla2xxx: Use the right field for container_of. (Arun Easi)

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