[El-errata] Enterprise Linux Release 5 Update 4 for x86 (32 bit) and x86_64 (64 Bit) architectures

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Wed Sep 9 16:30:53 PDT 2009

Oracle is pleased to announce the general availability of Enterprise Linux Release 5 Update 4 for x86 (32 bit) and x86_64 
(64 Bit) architectures.

This update includes the following kernel/driver changes:

Bug Fixes added  by Oracle 

    * Check to see if hypervisor supports memory reservation change  
      [orabug 7556514]
    * Add entropy support to igb  [orabug 7607479]
    * Convert ENETUNREACH to ENOTCONN  [orabug 7689332]
    * Add xen pv/bonding  netconsole support  [orabug 6993043] 
    * Shrink zone patch  [orabug 6086839]
    * Fix aacraid not to reset during kexec  [orabug 8516042]
    * Fix failure of file creation from hpux client  [orabug 7579314]

Fixes/Additions from the upstream distribution provider

     * A new tunable parameter /proc/sys/vm/max_writeback_pages  has been added
       to the kernel, allowing system administrators to change the maximum 
       number of modified pages kupdate writes to disk per iteration each time 
       it runs. It defaults to 1024 or 4MB so that a maximum of 1024 pages get 
       written out by each iteration of kupdate.
     * A new option (CONFIG_TASK_IO_ACCOUNTING=y) has been added to kernel to 
       assist in monitoring IO statistics per process.
     * The rd_blocksize option in  kernel's ramdisk driver is removed.
     * This release adds the kernel version details to oops and panic output.
     * The serial_reg.h file is included in the kernel_headers rpm.
     * Functionality has been added to sysrq-t to display backtrace information 
       about running processes.
     * This update increases the maximum length of the kernel key field from the
       arbitrary 32 character length set in previous kernels to 255 characters.
     * This  update addresses the security concern arising from non-root users 
       being able to create device nodes on filesystems exported using NFSD 
       (Network File System daemon).
     * Added code to produce a signature file that GRUB performs a checksum 
       against during the boot process.
     * Added code to change the DSA key from 512 bit to 1024 bit for module 
     * Asymmetric Logical Unit Access (ALUA) support in device-mapper-multipath
       has been updated, adding explicit ALUA support for Clariion storage.
     * Added support for raw devices. the initscripts packages is  updated to 
       add  functionality of raw devices.
     * The -fwrapv variable added to GCC CFLAGS in order to define wrapping 

Driver Updates

The following portions of OpenFabrics Alliance Enterprise Distribution (OFED) 
have been updated to the upstream version 1.4.1-rc3

    * Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) headers 
    * Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) protocol
    * Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP) 
    * SCSI RDMA Protocol (SRP) 
    * IP over InfiniBand (IPoIB) 

Additionally, the following OFED drivers have been updated to the upstream 
version 1.4.1-rc3:

    * cxgb3 and iw_cxgb3 drivers for the Chelsio T3 Family of network devices
    * mthca-based InfiniBand HCA (Host Channel Adapter) 
    * qlgc_vnic driver


    * igb driver updated to version 1.3.16-k2. This update also enables GRO 
      support for the igb driver.
    * igbvf driver updated to provide Virtual Function support for Intel 82576 
      Gigabit Ethernet Controllers.
    * ixgbe driver for Intel 10 Gigabit PBetaCI Express network devices updated
      to version 2.0.8-k2. This update also enables GRO support for the ixgbe 
    * bnx2 driver  updated to version 1.9.3
    * tg3 driver  updated to version 3.96.. This driver update adds support for
      5785F and 50610M devices.
    * cnic driver has been added, providing Internet Small Computer System 
      Interface (iSCSI) support for bnx2 network devices.
    * bnx2x driver updated to version 1.48.105.
    * bnx2i driver has been added, providing iSCSI support for bnx2x network 
    * cxgb3 driver  updated to enable iSCSI TCP Offload Engines (TOE) and 
      Generic Receive Offload (GRO) support.
    * Intel(r) I/O Acceleration Technology (Intel(r) I/OAT)  updated to 
      version 2.6.24.
    * forcedeth ethernet driver for NVIDIA nForce devices updated to 
      version 0.62.
    * sky2 driver updated.
    * enic driver updated to version
    * e1000e driver updated to the upstream version 1.0.2-k2.
    * bonding driver updated to the latest upstream version. With this updated 
      driver,  if IPv6 has been previously disabled (install ipv6 /bin/false 
      line in the /etc/modprobe.conf file)  the bonding kernel module will fail 
      to load. The install ipv6 /bin/false line needs to be replaced with 
      options ipv6 "disable=1" for the module to load properly.
    * bnx2 driver updated to  support iSCSI .
    * bnx2i version included in this release does not support IPv6
    * md driver updated to provide support for bitmap merging.
    * scsi driver  includes the upstream scsi_dh_alua module which enables  
      explicit asymmetric logical unit access (ALUA) support with this release.
      To utilize the scsi_dh_alua module when using dm-multipath, specify alua 
      as the hardware_handler type in multipah.conf.
    * rdac_dev_list structure now includes md3000 and md3000i entries.
    * resolved panic during iSCSI iBFT installations.
    * cxgb3 driver updated to  support  iSCSI TOE devices ( cxgb3i driver 
      include doesnot support IPv6).
    * new mpt2sas driver which supports the SAS-2 family of adapters from 
      LSI Logic.
    * aacraid driver  updated to version 1.1.5-2461.
    * aic7xxx driver now features an increased maximum I/O size.
    * cciss driver has been updated to include upstream fixes affecting memory 
      BAR discovery, the rebuild_lun_table and the MSA2012 scan thread.
    * fnic driver updated to version
    * ipr driver updated to support MSI-X interrupts.
    * lpfc driver updated to version
    * MPT fusion driver updated to version 3.04.07rh v2.
    * megaraid_sas driver updated to version 4.08-RH1.
    * mvsas driver  updated to version 0.5.4. This  adds support for Marvell 
      RAID bus controllers MV64460, MV64461, and MV64462.
    * qla2xxx driver updated to version, and now supports 
      Fibre Channel over Convergence Enhanced Ethernet adapters. qla24xx and 
      qla25xx firmwares included in the qla2xxx driver  updated to 
      version 4.04.09.
    * qla4xxx driver with improved driver fault recovery.
    * new qlge driver to provide ethernet support for QLogic FCoE 10GB adapters. 

    * i5400 driver updated with added support for Error Detection And Correction
    * i2c driver for the iic-bus interface  updated to support  the AMD SB800 
      Family of products.
    * i2c-piix4 driver updated to support  the Broadcom HT1100 chipset.
    * hpilo driver has been updated.
    * dm9601 for Davicom Ethernet Adapters  updated. 


_*Software Accessibility*_

All packages are available via ULN (http://linux.oracle.com).

Installable binary and source ISO images will be available at http://edelivery.oracle.com shortly. 

If ISO images are needed before  they are available on eDelivery, please request these via a Metalink service request.

For more information  please visit http://linux.oracle.com

Thank you


Enterprise Linux Team

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