[El-errata] ELBA-2009-2002 Enterprise Linux 4 oracle-validated bug fix update

Errata Announcements for Enterprise Linux el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Mon Apr 27 16:48:35 PDT 2009

Enterprise Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2009-2002

The following updated rpms for Enterprise Linux 4 have been uploaded to 
the Unbreakable Linux Network:





Description of changes:

- Set stack's hard limit to 32MB on X86 Architectures.
- Removed enterprise-release package dependency and added 
/etc/redhat-release file dependency
  to support RHEL
- Moved oracle-validated log location to /var/log from /etc/sysconfig 
- Encrypted oracle user account password.
- Added oraclevalidated service to fix issue related to boot parameter 
modification during
  oracle-validated selectedfrom iso.

- Modified License of oracle-validated to GPL from oracle

- Modifed patch oracle-validated-1.0.0-miscellaneous-fixes.patch to 
remove PAM settings, Fixed issue re
lated to numa=off setting on x86_64 AMD machines.

- Modifed patch oracle-validated-1.0.0-miscellaneous-fixes.patch to 
include PAM settings,shmax,shmall s
ettings and change in oracle group.

- Added patch oracle-validated-1.0.0-miscellaneous-fixes.patch for 
shmmax, shmall values, error
  handling of code.

- Added patch oracle-validated-1.0.0-awk-fixes.patch for minor fixes in 
config file changes
- Removed control-center and xscreensaver dependency
- Added bc package dependency as oracle-validated depends on it

- Added patch oracle-validated-1.0.0-hangcheck.patch to remove 
hangcheck-timer related functionality
- Added gdb package dependency

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