[El-errata] Enterprise Linux Release 5 Update 2 for x86 (32 bit) and x86_64 (64 Bit) architectures

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Mon Jun 2 18:01:26 PDT 2008

Oracle is pleased to announce the general availability of Enterprise Linux Release 5 Update 2 for x86 (32 bit) and x86_64 (64 Bit)  architectures.

This update includes the following kernel/driver changes:

Bug fixes added by Oracle   

        * Add entropy module option to e1000 and bnx2  [ORA 6045759]
    * Fix bad unlock_page() in error case   [ORA 6263574]
    * Fix error-path crashes in dio  [ORA 6242289]
    * Fix netpoll race condition

Fixes/Additions from upstream distribution provider

    * Fixed issue with executing binaries with more than 2GB of debug information.
    * All allocated hugepages are getting released on database shutdown.
    * Fixed soft lockup warnings caused when allocating memory on a system with 

      large memory and invalidate_mapping_pages() calls
    * 64-bit inode numbers are properly processed by 32-bit NFS clients.
    * Enumeration order of PCI devices has changed to have NICs appear in the 
      order they are labeled on the chassis and how the BIOS numbers them. 
      Impacted platforms are:
          o     Dell PowerEdge R900
          o     HP ProLiant DL385 G2
          o     HP ProLiant DL585 G2
          o     HP Proliant DL580 G5
      Other platforms may see similar behavior if there is a combination of PCI 
      and PCI Express devices (e.g. Intel's e1000 & e1000e drivers). Use kernel parameter 
      pci=nobfsort to use old enumeration order.

    * Added following two new kernel parameters
          o /proc/sys/vm/flush_mmap_pages (kupdate to flush or not to flush 
            memory-mapped file pages should be flushed to disk while the memory
            map is active. Possible value 0 ,1 . 0 means not to flush)

          o /proc/sys/kernel/sched_interactivity (allows interactive processes 
            to acquire more CPU time without causing CPU starvation in other 
            processes. 2 fully active, 1 weaker affinity, 0 disabled).

    * Core dump masking is supported  (core dump process to skip the shared 
      memory segments of a process when creating a core dump file). Use 
      /proc/[pid]/coredump_filter to set bitmask of memory types. Supported 
      memory types are:

          o 0x0  anonymous private memory
          o 0x1  anonymous shared memory
          o 0x2  file-backed private memory
          o 0x3  file-backed shared memory

    *  For systems with large number of CPUs, maximum soft lockup timeout is now
       increased from 60 seconds to 300 seconds.

    *  MSI-X is disabled by default. To enable it use the kernel module 
       parameter ql2xenablemsix.

    * Support added for lock contention tracing and lockdep.

      flags are enabled to enhance kernel panic handling for IPMI (Intelligent 
      Platform Management Interface)

    * Support  added for Intel's dynamic acceleration technology.

    * Boot command size  is increased to 2048.

    * Driver Updates:
          o bnx2x (Included support for bcm5710 hardware)
          o e1000 driver support  Intel 82540 – 82547 network cards, while e1000e driver support the following network cards:

              * Intel 82571 – 82573
              * Intel 82562
              * Intel 82566
              * Intel 80003eslan

          o tg3 (Included BroadCom 5761 & 5784 devices support)

          o Added PCI IDs to support Intel E7221 graphic controller

          o Added sub-device IDs to support PCI-Express icom WAN adapter

          o AMD SBX00 SMBus supported by enabling i2c-piix4 kernel module

          o tlclk ( support Intel MPCBL0050 systems)

          o aacraid  (version 1.1.5-2453)

          o lpfc ( version, Included support for NPIV virtual ports )

          o qla2xxx  (Version 8.02.00-k5, Included support for 8 Gb/s adapters, NPIV)

          o mpt fusion (Version 3.04.05)

          o megaraid_sas (version 3.15)


_*Software Accessibility*_

All packages are available via ULN (http://linux.oracle.com).

Installable binary and source ISO images will be available at http://edelivery.oracle.com shortly. 

If ISO images are needed before  they are available on eDelivery, please request these via a Metalink service request.

For more information  please visit http://linux.oracle.com

Thank you


Enterprise Linux Team

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