[El-errata] ELEA-2007:0104 Enterprise Linux 3 tzdata enhancement update

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Thu Mar 22 22:10:09 PDT 2007

Enterprise Linux Enhancement Advisory ELEA-2007:0104


The following updated rpms for Enterprise Linux 3 have been uploaded to 
the Unbreakable Linux Network:




Description of changes:

- Upstream 2007c
  - Pulaski County, Indiana, switched back to eastern time.
  - Turkey switches at 01:00 standard time, not at 01:00 UTC.
- Upstream 2007b
  - Changes to the commentary in "leapseconds".
- Upstream 2007a
  - Updates to Bahamas, they will be in sync with 2007 US DST change
  - New zone Australia/Eucla
  - Africa/Asmera renamed to Africa/Asmara, link created
  - Atlantic/Faeroe renamed to Atlantic/Faroe, link created
- Upstream 2006p
  - Latitude/longitude changes for Europe/Jersey and Europe/Podgorica
- Upstream 2006o
  - Cuba has ended its three years of permanent DST.
  - Updates in historical timestamps for Chile.
- Resolves: #230087

- Patch for Western Australia DST trial (bz 216691)

- Proposed upstream patch (#210131)
  - Jordan will switch to winter time on October 27, not September 29
  - Brazil's DST this year is the first Sunday in November to the last
    Sunday in February.  (Thanks to Frederico A. C. Neves.)
  - ISO 3166 codes for Serbia and Montenegro, zone Europe/Podgorica
  - Commentary and past timestamps changes
- Upstream 2006m:
  - Adjustments for Egypt, Palestine, Uruguay
  - Better description of `until' field in zic (8) manpage
- Upstream 2006k, 2006l:
  - Adjustments for Egypt, Palestine, Cuba, Honduras
  - Documentation changes

- Upstream 2006j
  - Honduras stopped observing DST on Monday at 00:00
  - America/Bermuda will follow the US's lead next year
  - America/Moncton will use US-style rules next year
  - New Zone America/Blanc-Sablon, for Canadians who observe AST all
  - New zone: America/Atikokan instead of America/Coral_Harbour
  - New zones: Europe/Jersey, Europe/Guernsey, Europe/Isle_of_Man
  - Historical changes
  - Commentary updates
- Upstream 2006i
  - localtime.c fixes
- Upstream 2006h
  - zic leapsecond fix

- Upstream 2006g (#199926); updates:
  - America: Edmonton, Guatemala, Indiana/Vincennes, Thule
  - Canada, Haiti, Honduras, Iran, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Tunisia

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