[El-errata] ELBA-2007:2006 Important ocfs2-tools bug fix

el-errata at oss.oracle.com el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Fri Mar 2 13:44:29 PST 2007

Enterprise Linux Bug Fix Advisory ELBA-2007:2006

The following updated rpms for Enterprise Linux 4 have been uploaded to the Unbreakable Linux Network:





Description of changes:

- Backup superblock support added
- Local mount support added (works with OCFS2 in kernel 2.6.20 and higher)
- icheck command in debugfs shows the inode# that is using a given block#
- Heartbeat thread's io priority can now be set
- O2CB service no longer offline's cluster when hb is active (bug fix)
- Bugs fixed in fsck, debugfs and console

r1306 tunefs: manpage refreshed
r1305 mkfs: manpage refreshed
r1304 debugfs: manpage refreshed
r1303 debugfs: Allow case insensitivity when toggling tracebits
r1302 debugfs: Fix logdump command
r1301 debugfs: Display descriptions of compat/incompat/rocompat flags
r1300 debugfs: stats dumps backup superblock
r1273 debugfs: icheck command added
r1308 fsck: i_last_eb_blk set to a wrong value for tree_depths > 1
r1299 fsck: manpage refreshed
r1298 fsck: checks manpage refreshed
r1290 fsck: Add the mechanism for bitmap scan in fsck.ocfs2.
r1269 fsck: Add mechanism of clearing block in pass1.
r1268 fsck: Clean the unused chain record.
r1265 fsck: Add file type when create dot or dotdot.
r1264 fsck: Add judgement for ocfs2_free.
r1297 mount: manpage refreshed
r1280 mount: fixed type definition
r1279 mount: call o2hb_hb_ctl to set i/o priority (Zhen Wei <zwei at novell.com>)
r1284 tools: Add backup-super facilities for ocfs2-tools.
r1281 tools: Add macro OCFS2_SB in ocfs2-tools.
r1277 tools: Reserve sparse alloc incompat flag
r1276 tools: Sync ocfs2_fs.h to kernel
r1275 tools: RPM uses "License", not "Copyright" these days.
r1274 tools: Fix build issues with offsetof(3)
r1272 tools: compute_groups ignored
r1271 tools: added support for local mounts
r1267 tools: compute_groups added in extras
r1270 tools: offsetof defined
r1295 o2cb_ctl: manpage refreshed
r1294 o2hb_ctl: manpage refreshed
r1278 hb_ctl: Allow the ocfs2 heartbeat thread to prioritize I/O (Zhen Wei <zwei at novell.com>)
r1293 mounted: manpage refreshed
r1292 console: manpage refreshed
r1283 console: mount and unmount buttons don't get disabled when supposed to
r1291 cdsl: manpage refreshed
r1289 fswreck: Add a new corrupt code 43 in fswreck.
r1266 fswreck: Add other corruptions for fswreck
r1288 faq: doh....
r1287 faq: updated
r1263 faq: faq updated with a blurb on resize and hotfix kernels
r1286 user's guide updated
r1285 ocfs2: sync ocfs2_fs.h from the kernel tree
r1282 o2cb.init: Do not offline cluster if hb still active

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