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Tue Jun 26 09:41:35 PDT 2007

Oracle is pleased to announce the general availability of
Enterprise Linux Release 5 for x86 (32 bit) and x86_64 (64 Bit) 

This update includes the following kernel changes:

 Bug Fixes added  by Oracle

    * Fix bonding primary=ethX so it picks correct network [IT 101532] [ORA 5136660]
    * Add entropy module option to e1000  [ORA 6045759]
    * Add entropy module option to bnx2  [ORA 6045759]

Fixes/Additions from upstream distribution provider

    * kexec and kdump
             These replace netdump and kdump of Enterprise Linux 4
    * High resolution timers.
    * kernel-headers package - Replaces glibc-kernheaders package
    * libhugetlbfs
    * Generic RTC (RealTime Clock) subsystem
    * Device mapper multipath support
    * ACL support for NFSv3 and NFSv4
    * NFS: supports large reads and writes on the wire
    * Multilevel security implementation for SELinux
    * IPv4/IPv6: UFO (UDP Fragmentation Offload) Scatter-gather approach
    * Added nf_conntrack subsystem
    * IPV6:RFC 3484-compliant source address selection
    * IPV6:added support for Router Preference (RFC4191)
    * IPV6:added Router Reachability Probing (RFC4191)
    * IPV6:added support for Multiple Routing Tables and Policy Routing
    * Infiniband support
    * hardware crypto and fragmentation offload support
    * QoS (WME) support, "wireless spy support"
    * CCMP/TKIP support and WE-19 HostAP support
    * BCM43xx wireless driver
    * ZD1211 wireless driver
    * hardware-independent software MAC layer, "Soft MAC"
    * LEAP authentication type
    * DCCPv6
    * EDAC support
    * generic memory add/remove and supporting functions for memory hotplug
    * hot plug CPU support for physically adding new processors
    * new ioatdma driver for the Intel(R) I/OAT DMA engine
    * NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) enhancements

_*Software Accessibility*_

Installable binary and source iso images are available at 

Current subscribers to Unbreakable Linux Network can update their systems 
via ULN (http://linux.oracle.com).

To get email notification on any updates/patches released for Enterprise Linux please subscribe to mailing list 
el-errata at oss.oracle.com.

For more information  please visit http://linux.oracle.com

Thank you


Enterprise Linux Team

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