[El-errata] ELSA-2007-0436 Important: Updated kernel packages Enterprise Linux 3 Update 9

el-errata at oss.oracle.com el-errata at oss.oracle.com
Wed Jun 20 15:27:17 PDT 2007

Enterprise Linux Security Advisory ELSA-2007-0436


The following updated rpms for Enterprise Linux 3 have been uploaded to 
the Unbreakable Linux Network:





The following packages were rebuilt to be in sync with the updated kernel version:





Description of changes:

- improve IGMP join processing during bonding failover (Andy Gospodarek)
- fix EHCI period handling for high-speed USB HID devices (Pete Zaitcev)

- fix dput() crash regression caused in -47.5.EL (Eric Sandeen)
- add ifcfg-bond0 documentation in bonding.txt (Andy Gospodarek)
- fix nfs.o symbol regression caused in -47.5.EL (Steve Dickson)

- revise megaraid_sas reboot notifier fix made in -47.7.EL (Chip Coldwell)
- rename RHEL_RELEASE created in -47.7.EL to RHEL_VERSION (Ernie Petrides)
- prevent stuck Alt-SysRq-active state with USB keyboards (Ernie Petrides)

- prevent igmp multicast messages as interface is going down (Thomas Graf)
- allow PAL_HALT_LIGHT idle loop for ia64 use under Xen (Aron Griffis)
- correct i/o resource allocations in acpiphp driver (Prarit Bhargava)
- fix __dget_locked() race leading to nr_unused underflow (Jeff Layton)
- allow LauS to audit init when audit_all_processes is 2 (Bryn Reeves)
- do not share ipv6 flow label list with new sockets (Neil Horman)
- avoid sleeping with spinlock in aacraid driver (Chip Coldwell)

- fix shmat() addr wrap for 32-bit-compat tasks on x86_64 (Larry Woodman)
- add oprofile recognition for Xeon cpu models 4 and 6 (Radovan Augustin)
- fix bonding failover w/e1000 under heavy UDP traffic (Andy Gospodarek)
- add megaraid_sas reboot notifier for cache flushing (Chip Coldwell)
- fix ext2/ext3 wrong-group block allocation problem (Eric Sandeen)
- add RHEL_RELEASE/UPDATE for 3rd-party modules (Konrad Rzeszutek)
- add LauS support for auditing detach events (Bryn Reeves)
- fix year-2007 time table overflow in tux (Jason Baron)

- add netdump support to 8139cp driver for use under Xen (Chris Lalancette)
- fix U7 e1000 Wake-on-LAN regression caused in -37.7.EL (Andy Gospodarek)
- prevent dup2() EBUSY errors from m/t fork() fd race (Radovan Augustin)
- avoid possible data corruption after swap i/o errors (Larry Woodman)
- update SCSI whitelist for STK OPENstorage 9176 devices (Tomas Henzl)
- reduce high TCP latency when transferring small packets (Adam Stokes)
- fix interrupt-interval for high-speed USB HID devices (Pete Zaitcev)
- prevent NT cpu flag leak to other tasks on x86_64 (Ernie Petrides)

- fix ACL effect on modes of newly created files on NFS (Peter Staubach)
- skip ext3 orphan inode recovery on read-only snapshots (Eric Sandeen)
- reduce stack usage when validating NFS file attributes (Thomas Graf)
- add ext2 dir size sanity checks in ext2_find_entry() (Eric Sandeen)
- avoid more races between unmount and dcache pruning (Eric Sandeen)
- fix Committed_AS accounting w/32-bit-compat execs (Ernie Petrides)
- prevent ipmi_si oops w/no underlying IPMI h/w (Peter Martuccelli)
- remove x86_64 debugging messages during SMP start-up (Jeff Burke)

- fix USB handling of 6-byte payloads from PowerMate devs (Pete Zaitcev)
- correct file descriptor limit check for poll() syscalls (Chris Snook)
- prevent crash in md multipath alias sb update checking (Doug Ledford)
- avoid EOVERFLOW errors from fstat() with 64-bit inums (Jeff Layton)
- validate buffer len in cramfs_readpage() for safety (Eric Sandeen)
- enable GFP_ATOMIC retries via vm-defragment sysctl (Larry Woodman)
- unmap amd64 GART window to avoid memory corruption (Chip Coldwell)
- fix potential uidhash_lock/tasklist_lock deadlock (Ernie Petrides)

- force BIOS call in acpi_power_off() to run on boot cpu (Jim Paradis)
- update dcache when NFS server returns ENOENT on remove (Jeff Layton)
- allow more UDP mounts by reworking xprt_bindresvport() (Jeff Layton)
- fix ipmi_kcs_drv module regression caused in -41.EL (Andy Gospodarek)
- fix kscand_work_percent regression caused in -32.12.EL (Larry Woodman)
- add zero-padding logic for s390,x copy_from_user() faults (Jan Glauber)
- add e1000 PCI device id for Intel 82572EI network card (John Linville)
- prevent submit_bh_rsector() from using freed buf head (Larry Woodman)

- fix forcedeth driver to scan PHY 0 for xw9400 NICs (Prarit Bhargava)
- fix clock drift by disabling C1 clock ramping on AMD (Prarit Bhargava)
- update NVIDIA PCI quirk handling for nForce chipsets (Prarit Bhargava)
- fix checksum bug with multicast/broadcast IP packets (Andy Gospodarek)
- prevent potential memory corruption from ATM/clip_mkip() (Thomas Graf)
- avoid bogus MAC addresses with some tg3 5703X cards (Andy Gospodarek)
- fix autofs4 clean-up/restart when automount daemon aborts (Ian Kent)
- fix netconsole message timeouts following tg3 netdumps (Jeff Moyer)

- (this is the first build for RHEL 3 Update 9)
- fix buflen assignment for DVD BDA read requests (Chip Coldwell)
- prevent write permission w/read-only shm segments (Ernie Petrides)
- dump all regs in x86_64 multi-threaded core dumps (Chris Lalancette)
- fix tty_wakeup() arg in hvsi and bluetooth drivers (Andy Gospodarek)
- fix message logging bug with /proc/s390dbf/dasd/sprintf (Jatin Nansi)
- prevent possible deadlock with shmat()/shm-rmid races (Sachin Prabhu)
- prevent smbfs chroot hole by prohibiting backslashes (Peter Staubach)
- fix losing of kmap entries during aborted core dumps (Ernie Petrides)

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