[Btrfs-devel] Somthing like "userlevel transactions"? [WAS Booting from snapshot and more...]

sftf sftf-misc at mail.ru
Mon Jan 21 19:58:36 PST 2008

Sorry, I was wrong thinking about booting from snapshot...
So now, will be possible with btrfs scenario like this:
- make (writable?) snapshots of whole system (all filesystems) before
dangerous things
- do what we want (upgrade, install new software...)
- then "apply" these changes and remove those snapshots or
"rollback" changes by (re)booting, mounting snapshots and discarding changes
since these snapshots.

Or even:
- explicitly start transaction(s) on filesystem(s) with userspace tool (btrfsctl)
- do what we want
- commit or rollback transaction (like in RDBMS)


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