[Btrfs-devel] 3 thoughts about important and outstanding features

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at computergmbh.de
Mon Jan 21 08:58:00 PST 2008

On Jan 21 2008 11:46, Chris Mason wrote:
>> So basically I'm looking for functions to:
>> - insert a chunk into a file
>> - delete a chunk from a file
>> - move a chunk from one file into another
>Like most filesystems, btrfs stores metadata for extents keyed by the offset 
>into the file.  So, in order to insert one byte in the middle of the file, 
>you have to change all of the extent pointers after that byte in the file by 
>one.   This can be slow, although it is certainly faster than copying all the 
>It is very hard to provide slicing operations in place due to races with 
>truncate.  I'm not eager to dive into all of those corner cases.

Would not it work if we just lock the full inode? In other words...

int btrfs_slicemenice(...)
	/* possibly length slice operation */

int btrfs_truncate(...)
	inode->i_size = smaller;

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