[Btrfs-devel] On FS benchmarks

Yannick Gingras ygingras at ygingras.net
Thu Jan 3 21:00:49 PST 2008


Zach Brown pointed me to Btrfs after I published my own flawed attempt
to benchmark the too many files problem on GNU/Linux.

Bonnie++ is a popular tool to benchmark FS performances but it's hard
to extend.  As an example, I wanted to measure the impact of path
hashing and I would have had a hard time doing that with bonnie++.

Is there a need for a unified benchmarking system with easy to write
plugins?  I think so.  Over time, more plugins would be added and the
overall measurement would become less (more?) flawed.

But I digress.  On your benchmark page [1], most tests have detailed
methodology.  Aside from those, what benchmark tools do you use to
compare the performance of Btrfs with that of other file systems?

[1]: http://oss.oracle.com/projects/btrfs/dist/documentation/benchmark.html

Best regards, 

Yannick Gingras

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