Oracle Enterprise Linux Release Notes

Release 4.8


This document covers the following topics regarding Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 Update 8.

For the latest updates please refer to the online version of release notes available at:

NOTE: Upgrading Oracle Enterprise Linux from a beta release is not supported. Further, in-place upgrades between major versions of Oracle Enterprise Linux are not supported. Oracle does not recommend upgrading from earlier major versions of Oracle Enterprise Linux, although anaconda provides an option do to this upgrade. A fresh installation is strongly recommended, rather than a system upgrade between major versions.

Changes from Upstream Release

The following RPMs are modified from the upstream. All changes are related to trademarks, and look and feel, unless otherwise noted below under the specific RPM.

New Packages Added

Oracle Enterprise Linux includes the following additional packages:

Kernel and Driver Updates

This section includes significant changes in the kernel in this release.

Bug Fixes added by Oracle

Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 Update 8 ships with two sets of kernel packages. One [kernel-2.6.9-] with bug fixes added by Oracle and the other [kernel-2.6.9-89.EL] is unmodified RHEL kernel. The default installation installs the kernel [kernel-2.6.9-] with fixes added by Oracle. The unmodified kernel (without bug fixes added by Oracle) [kernel-2.6.9-89.EL] needs to be manually installed. The following steps are required to install this kernel.

  1. Mount Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 Update 8 CD 1 or DVD.

  2. Copy the RPMs from <mount_point>/extra-kernel to your system.

  3. Install the required kernel using the rpm command. For example:
  4. rpm -ihv kernel-2.6.18-89.x86_64.rpm

Fixes/Additions from Upstream Distribution Provider

Kernel Updates:

Driver Updates:

Other Updates:

Technology Preview Features

The following technology preview features are currently not supported under Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 and may not be functionally complete:
These features are not suitable for production use. However, these features are included to provide the feature with wider exposure.

Unbreakable Linux Support

Oracle Enterprise Linux offers an option to keep your operating system up-to-date with the latest operating system patches using up2date. To use this option you need to have Unbreakable Linux Support. For more information, please visit

Note: Prior to using up2date, import the RPM-GPG-KEY for Oracle Enterprise Linux:

rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY

Known Issues

    up2date compat-dapl
    up2date -u

error: %preun(openmpi-[version]) scriptlet failed, exit status 2
Manually remove openmpi and lam packages before upgrading to avoide above issue.